“God I can’t believe I just told you that … f*** this is going to screw me up” – Bayleigh

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: ??? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers Brett and Rachel going up.. Bay tells the power to Rachel. Rachel tells Angela within and hour..

12:10pm Bay and Sam
bay is saying her three options for Pawns are Scottie, Rachel and JC
Bayleigh – With JC.. I don’t what that little munchkin with his name in my mouth.. (WOW)
Bay – JC likes to talk and talk a lot. if he is on the block he will be running his mouth.

Bayleigh says her and Rachel have talked the least in the house and she’s capable of winning Veto.
Bayleigh doesn’t think Rachel will be mad…
Sam – Scottie promised you his loyalty forever

Bay Scottie may be a evil manipulating genius but hes not coming for me
Sam is worried if she puts Scottie up people will think there’s a conspiracy going on between the sides..
Bay – I know people feel weird about Scottie I don’t
Sam – everyone is onto him right now
Bay – good I don’t have to be

Bay – I want Brett and Rachel up I want Brett to go home I want the nominations to stay the same.
Bay says Rachel will be alright
Sam breathes heavy
Bay – yup.. what else is there to do.. even the 5 seconds you thought about putting JC up he was a panicked mess.

Sam says JC is a nervous wreck says he hasn’t taken a shit in 3 weeks.
Bay says JC is very condescending
Sam – ohh yeah for sure
They say that gay people think they know everything.. Bayleigh has a gay relative.
Sam – they tell you all kinds of crazy sh1t even if you don’t want to hear it..
Sam says there’s no partner in the house of JC or Kaycee, “there’s no partner in the house for me because I’m not interested” (It’s weird how much she brings this up)

12:39pm Rachel and bayleigh
Rachel – I have your back moving forward..
Rachel =- putting JC up will put him in turmoil and he’ll be a Tasmanian devil

Rachel says if Scottie wins HOH it’s ll be simple for him to put up Bayleigh or Brett
Rachel – I have brett wrapped around my finger.. he’s easy to control .. he’s not coming after you he’s got bigger fish to fry..
Rachel tells her Scottie/Brett on teh block with JC as a back door..
Rachel – those people are detrimental to your game..
Rachel tells her she doesn’t have loyalty too Brett..
Rachel – we’ve talked about this whole girls thing you have always been someone I wanted to work with always someone that I trusted I want to solidify that trust tomorrow with you
bay – absolutely
Rachel goes on about how the best scnerio is Scottie on teh block.

Bayleigh says she would rather have Rahcel, KAycee and Angela to her self she doesn’t want Brett in here..
bayleigh I’m not goign to lie I want to use JC as a pawn and I am considering you as a pawn.. i’m not putting Scottie up only as a basckdoor.. I’m not having Scottie coem after me
Rachel – I’m so F***ing pissed right now..

bay _ I will tell you one thing and I need you to trust me .. I will share this with you.. OK …
Bayleigh sounds very nervous..
Feeds flip.. (WTF)

bayelgh – I have the ability to make sure the people that you think are getting away with things don’t get away with things they are getting away with.. you trust me this week next week you’ll be fine..
Bay – the problem is ok.. I’ll just tell you if you share this I will kill you
Bay – here’s what it does.. gives me the ability… God I can’t believe I just told you that … f*** this is going to screw me up
Rachel – girl I will not tell anybody ..

Bay – I want to keep you on my team I want to work with you .. I don’t have many options right now. It gives ms the opportunity to put two people on the block no matter who .. I trump the HOH nobody can argue with me..
Bay – the HOH doesn’t get to make any decisions..
Bay – I’m not coming after you I’m trying to make the least amount of Splash.. I want to make sure my long game is good..

Bay says the only other person that knows about it is Fes.. “Fess only knows because him and Swaggy were close.. ”
Bay says the power is only good for 2 more week.

Bayleigh – what I will probably do is put Tyler and Scottie up.. they are power players.. (AHHA ncie)
Bay – Rockstar has to go.. lets be real.. I told you when they came in they made an alliance and I wasn’t part of that alliance.
bay says eventually they need to get rid of Rockstar and ahaleigh that is what they need Rachel for.
Bay – when the power gets used they won’t know who .. it won’t say who’s going up..
Bayleigh says Sam’s power was the only one with the “roll over’ if her power expires “it’s gone’

As planned Kaycee comes up “Sorry am I interrupting”

Kaycee – you know we have your back..
Rachel – she knows

Bayleigh – whats it like down there..
Kaycee dead..
Bayleigh – without Kaitlyn in this game the energy is really weird..
Kaycee – it’s f*ing dead.. there’s nothing really to do..

Bayleigh says yesterday was Tyler’s dads birthday.. he’s had a rough day . he literally cried a few times
KAycee – awwwwww

Bay – I want to talk to him more about it to make sure he’s ok.. it’s been rough.. check on him..
Bay – he seems like a sweet sweet baby..
Bay – I really think Tyler loved Kailtyn.. and she embarrassed him on TV.. (ZOMG)

Bay – he was ready to protect her.. he was willing to throw away his whole game to that girl.. I pray to go she doesn’t have a boyfriend
kaycee – dude she can’t
Feeds flip

1:31pm HOH Rachel and bayleigh
Bayleigh – My alignment now is you .. you’re locked in and Fes..
Bayleigh says the only people that will come after Fes is Kaycee and Angela ..
Rachel – yeah.. .
Rachel – we have to get Scottie out before the double eviction..
Bayleigh – if you or Fes don’t win HOH I plan on using it then..

1:40pm Rachel and Bay
Rachel – I don’t want to go up.. how does that make yo feel
Bayleigh – I’ll have to talk to JC again.. Nobody wants to go up..
Bay – it’s completely fair because if I was in the same position I would feel the same thing..
Bay is glad they had a good talk..
Rachel – whatever decision you make is fine with me.. I would rather not be the person .. i’m not going to not trust you ..
Rachel – I don’t trust Scottie.. he’s proven himself to be a liar..
Bay – Yeah
Bayleigh thinks that JC and Brett on the block runs the risk of JC going home because he;’s every where.
Bay tells her that JC has dug himself a howl last week when it was ROCKSTAR and Kaitlyn on the block. He was running around talking mad sh1t about them and it’s come back.

Rachel leaves to get JC.. Bayleigh says in private she’s putting Rachel up but she just wants to make JC worry a bit.

1:50pm JC and Bay
Bay tells him there’s two possible pawns and one of them is him. If she puts the other one up they they’ll have to come up with a plan moving forward.

JC says there’s 6 people he wants out over bay..
Jc points out to her how he was always coming to her to chat before she won’t the HOH. He hopes this is sign to her that it’s real.
Bay says if she decides to not put JC up it’s because she wants to move forward with him
JC says he trusts Bayleigh more than Fes

Bayleigh says her plan is Brett and Rachel, “they’ll lose a number no matter what.. I haven’t thought about replacement nominees.. don’t worry you won’t be a replacement nominee.
Bayleigh says she’s picking Tyler if she gets houseguests choice because “he’s a beast”

Bayleigh – I love you I’m proud of you you are growing on me…

1:53pm Rachel and Angela
Rachel – I need to know if JC has the second power..
Angela – I talked to JC this morning he didn’t seem too concerned
R – I’m going to tell you something right now .. F***
A – tell me
R – I’m just putting it this way I’m not telling you anything right now but … that one thing I kept saying that I thought was true .. OK .. you klnow what I’m talking about
A – Yeah
R – we don’t need to worry for a little bit.. ok does that make sense
A – that’s all you need to tell me .. I don’t know hat you are talking about
R – We should be good.. You gotta know what I’m talking about
A – NO .. does it have to do with powers.. bayleigh
Rachel nods
A – has the power
Rachel nods..

A – I figured she did.. I think JC and Bayleigh have it
R – me too .. don’t IO did not tell you
A – my lips are sealed..
Rachel says she’s just tell Angela because she’s her final 2 nobody else. Not Kaycee even.
THey still want Scottie and Rockstar out.
Angela – I’m so done with him.. I f**Ing hate him.. he runs around here so sneaky..
R – the only reason I want to be nominated so I win the veto and his a$$ goes up.. I want a part in him going home
A – BAyleigh has to see that you can’t control Scottie no one can..

2:20pm Haleigh and Bayleigh
Bayleigh – 5 people have come to me saying Rockstar is being her a$$ kisses self wearing the swaggy shirt.. she never wore int on eviction..
Haleigh – Fes came to me last night…
She explains that Fes was getting heated with her trying to figure out what the two of them were talking about in the HOH.
bayleigh says he’s trying to confirm that they are getting the same information from her.
haleigh told Fes that her conversations in private are private

bayleigh – Im puttying Rachel against BRett.. we need the numbers and they need their numbers to go down..
Haleigh – they have Angela, Rachle, KAycee.. Brett.. and Tyler
Bayleigh – that’s too many
bayleigh mentions that Rachel is turning around.
They are convinced if JC is against Brett JC is going home.
h – he’s not with us but he’s not against us
They forgot about Sam.. they are convinced JC would go that is why she needs to put up Rachel.
bayleigh – That’s 6 people
H – this week all you need is 5 .. one of their numbers have to go

Fes joins themm. Bayleigh starts getting mad at him for being so pro JC.
Bayleigh calls JC “a little Tasmanian Devil” she tells Fes he needs to stop being TEam JC and start being Team BAy and HA

2:41 Rachel crying Bayleigh joins her says she’s open to using the veto on Rachel.

2:52pm ROCKand HAleigh. Rockstar calls JC a b1tch. Haleigh – h has too much stuff going on.
Haleigh – he was invested in Kailtyn emotional.. it’s very very said.
Haleigh – he’s just like a sweet bird

3:26pm Fes and Tyler 
Tyler was sure Kailtyn was going to get a power after the swaggy week.
Tyler asks him if he thinks bayleigh has one.
Fes – she could I don’t think so.. she would have told me after the swaggy thing.. she would have used it
T – I feel like I can finally build a relationship with Haleigh again because Kailtyn was f*ing around.. every time I would hangout with Haleigh kaitlyn would get pissed.
Fes – did you see what she was doing to scottie right here (kaitlyn)
T laughs – me and you were looking at each other laughing
Fes – she was just going off .. did you know what she was saying.. I found out what she was saying
Fes – Scottie.. are you going to vote for me to stay please keep me I’ll massage your hair
Fes – she’s just throwing everything the last f*ing thing… she’s rubbing Scottie now
T – she was doing that whinny sh1t upstairs too.. she was like I just whined to him I think it worked.
fes – she said that
T – yeah.. she did that to JC..


Tyler – I hope she didn’t have a boyfriend..
fes – she’s the one with the boyfriend in the house and she’s the one going around the most al thogh she’s not doign stuff. she’s laying all over the guys..
They both agree If she had a boyfriend and he say that.. “that sh1t is one’
T – unless they had some agreement go in there and do whatever you have to do.
Fes – if he doesn’t exist how can he go around in public with her
T – for her sake I hope they had an agreement
Fes – or she doesn’t have a boyfriend
Fes thinks Kaitlyn’s lies and manipulations were so plentiful it’s not stretch to say she lied about the boyfriend.
T – manipulative as f***

3:55pm Brett and Rachel
Rachel about Bayleigh – She has agreed if she wins the veto to use it on me and backdoor scottie
Rachel – she told me in here she say me upset.. she said I don’t want to see you upset. I was like I can’t help being upset.. you told me you are targeting one of my allies.

Brett – we f*ed up with sending Kaitlyn home
Rachel – I KNOW
Brett says if Kaitlyn was in the house that would be Bayleighs target. He says hindsight is 20/20
Rachel – everyone is wearing Swaggy C shirts today
Brett – I know it’s so insane..

4:04pm Rachel and Bay
Rachel suggests Angela as a pawn. Bayleigh tells her she’s promised loyalty day 2 and Angela will take it personally if she goes up.
Bay – If I put JC up a lot of people will be pissed at me
Rachel – of course they did JC can’t do anything wrong JC is the all mighty.. lets see Rachel suffer instead of JC suffer..
Bay – Of course..
Bay now claiming that Scottie has the power that is another reason why she doesn’t want to put him up.
bay says the only people that could have it is Scottie or Tyler but she thinks it’s Tyler
Rachel is convinced it either JC or Scottie..
RAchel is saying she offers herself as the replacement nominations..
bay – what if BRett takes himself down..
r – then it’s me ans scottie..
Bay – who you think is staying
R – I would think me.. you think scottie would stay
Bay – I don’t know
Bay mentions Sam as a pawn but add that Sam would never forgive her.
R – does fes have loyalty over Rockstar than me..
Bay – no
R – I feel his people are JC, Haleigh and you
Bay – I don’t think JC likes ROCKS

Bay – I want Scottie to be out before..
R – I know I want Scottie out too
Bay – I love SAM and I think she’s going to go far in this game but final 2 would be scary.
They agree the people they don’t want in final 2 is JC and Sam.
Bayleigh says Angela is “a hard cookie to beat”
bayleig tells her they don’t have to worry about targeting Angela because other people in the house are targeting her..
Bay says Kaycee is a jewel everyone loves her .
Bay says JC is more loyal to fes than Angela, Rachel and KAycee.

4:24pm… waiting for noms.. .

4:40pm waiting for noms..
Bayleigh doesn’t think JC got the power app because all the things he did in teh first weeks couldn’t be aired becuase of all his cussing.

4:43pm Tyler and Brett
Brett says he’s going up with a pawn. The pawn changes
Tyler says it’s changing because of who Bay talks to.
Brett brings up Bayleigh saying Scottie is the target but he thinks it’s only if he takes himself off. If he’s not taken off the block he’s the target.
Brett mentions that Rachel is trying to go up as the pawn, “Because Bayleigh promised to take her off”
T – why the f*…
Brett – she’s like I trust her
T – What if Scotty gets picked to play.. don’t do that

Tyler – As long as it’s just one of us we’re fine..


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Sakura Haruno

I hope somehow Tyler survives this week.

Stop Bayleigh

Bayleigh needs to stop calling JC every insult for a little person she can think of. She doesn’t like anyone using the n word even if it’s only used an example so you’d think she’d watch her mouth insulting JC.
Sam sure likes to talk about JC and Kaycee not having anyone in the house to hook up with and how she isn’t into anyone in the house, but if that was the case why would she mention it every single day?
Bayleigh is targeting Scottie and Rockstar too soon. They will hear about this just like everyone will hear that Bayleigh has the app now and Bayleigh will be everyone’s target.

No biggie...

Sam is just pointing out that she is alone and not in a showmance. Since the showmances and bromances are always the target.


“She doesn’t like anyone using the n word”

She didn’t mind Swaggy calling other HG’s the n word!


I don’t think she should be calling JC anything that alludes to his height in a derogatory manner. That said, y’all should not compare the gravity of the N word to any of the “insults”. Even if you want to use it as an example, don’t say the word period. Perhaps some ppl would like to reply to this and make comments, however until you have lived the experience of that word you will never really understand it.


I would need to see it live, but Bay calling JC a munchkin really rubs me the wrong way. It isn’t as bad as m*dg*t, but her level of hypocrisy is ridiculous. It would be like JC calling Swaggy-C a thug. It isn’t the n-word but the connotation is obvious. Really irked me.

Stop Bayleigh

She even continued calling his a midget to his face during that conversation they had. She doesn’t care that she hurts JC.


Right! Total hypocrite. But she is black and a minority so it is okay for her to insult other minorities. At least that’s what the logic seems to be… (btw I hate the word minority as I dont believe anyone is any bigger or lower than I am as a person)


Minority used to be the amount of people…


You’re being way too kind equating munchkin with thug…it would actually be something way worse than thug.




Bayleigh is playing a better game without Swaggy, but yikes, she has a bossy streak that may get her in trouble! Also, “loose lips sink ships” – she should have never mentioned her power to anyone!

Simon <3 Kaitlyn

You miss Kaitlyn don’t you?


I was on my couch in the fetal position for a few hours after the show ended last night.

Kaitlyn brought the crazy like no one else. And her brand of crazy (the extremely horny kind) was far more entertaining to me than say Raven or Vanessa Rousso.


Thanks for posting that link.

Carolina girl

If she is being honest with Rachel about wanting to go far with her then it would not be very smart to put her up.. If she puts her up then all bets will be off in Rachel’s mind.. I’m hoping on Thursday it’s JC and Scottie on the block with Scottie going home. (Of course Brett would have to win Veto to save himself first)


Rachel actually offered herself as the pawn. That’s basically asking to be evicted, IMHO.

Carolina girl

She did but I see Rachel being the type to take it personal after sitting on the block a few days.. I could be wrong though.


oh, yeah. SHe’s already regretting it. I like Rachel, so I hope this doesn’t end up bad for her.


Or…wouldn’t it be funny if Bayleigh got hgs choice, chose Tyler, he wins and takes Brett off the block! Never happen but it’s funny to think it.

another name

anyone else get the feeling that this week’s edit will end up looking like a tame version of mad max beyond thunderdome with everyone having to swear loyalty to the new auntie entity while master-blaster stews and plots? maybe they could have a knock out comp pov to fulfill the whole two man enters one man leaves.


Bayleigh has always had a nasty side to her when she speaks to people – but this HOH and power app have gone to her head. Listening to the Live Feeds – and she is a b$#tch. The way she speaks to people is so demeaning and nasty. I actually can’t stand her now. And her voice and the nose thing she does is beyond annoying.
And now she’s made deals with almost everyone in the house.


So what? How many deals has Tyler made?

Sam speaks her mind and Bayleigh is a b$#tch. hmmm


People have said plenty about the way Sam talked to people too. Tyler hasn’t gone around calling people midgets, munchkins, etc. Bailey is annoying, and a big hypocrite.


Not every criticism of a black person is racial, cool your jets.


Tyler can makes as many deals as he wants, but not Bayleigh?

Sam can speak her mind but Bayleigh has to be a B$#?


1)This is a game were deals are made, you aren’t going to watch a season that more than 3 ppl won’t do this
2) Everyone has a nasty side to them (sam, kaitlyn, brett, winston, Jc, swag,…)
3) You are allowed to not like her

1) If thats your reason for not liking, you have to dislike a bunch of the cast as well
2) While its not necessarily nice; when you have a bit of power in this game especially when you’ve been on the losing side, HoH is really when you get to exert dominance for better or worse. I mean where was the nice sweet sam when she won? Kaitlyn? Scottie?


Why does the worst come out whenever someone is HOH? I like Bayleigh but I’m not sure how long that will last if she keeps opening her mouth.


Interim Amnesia. They forget the fear that exists when they are vulnerable and not HOH.
The good thing is, it doesn’t last long.


Well said ppl


Bay is being quite aggressive I think. Talking about how everyone loves her and that they ALL have to be on her team. Bay doesn’t get that when you’re HOH lots of people lie so as not to go on the block.
It seems..from what I’ve heard that Kaitlyn has switched off all her social media,
That’s the best thing right now. If I was her (thankfully I’m not 🙂 ) she should lay low..come to the wrap..final..be upbeat..say her plan didn’t work..that her wounded, babyish..sexual come ons were just all game.
It may not resonate…but hiding forever will not be a good thing.
She was charging $2,700 -$11,000.for her life coach course. Crikey. There was an application for would be buyers.
I think people have to have THE LIFE COACH fill out an application. Just Saying.

Gimmie a break

Bay is already letting the power get to her head n is tanking her game… talking to ppl like that always rubs ppl the wrong way n i was jc, or scottie i wld be wanting to get rid of her… Trying to get every person to protect u is never good strategy n she is def a target now with alll her talking n telling rachel her power app was absolutely the Stupidest move… Rachel has a big mouth n wont keep it in for long, shes already told Angela… Bay is off my top n goes down by like # 5 or #6 another scotty HOH… Why cant these HoH’s just keep their mouth shut n just ask questions for info not tell everything… Bay is def a target after this Hoh reign…. Her game is all over the place, u can only trust 1 maybe 2 ppl not ur whole allience n 4 other ppl…. Def hasnt learned after Scotties HOH…

Like literally

big brother is back to the same s*** you gonna be missed Kaitlin


So if Kaitlyn starts watching the feeds, she would hear how Fes and Tyler feel about her. And she will see how much game Tyler has. She might even figure out how much he manipulated her in those early weeks. This is going to be a bad time for her.

Gigi Tomasa

Look at the link above, she knows already even before she got her phone back.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

I’m hoping that telling Rachel about the power was a way to prove she couldn’t trust her, knowing it would spread and she could catch her in a lie. Probably wishful thinking though.

Also, as a pregnant woman myself, seeing Bayleigh get those (w)itchy flashes sure does remind me of some preggo hormones… just an observation.


Quotes From Bayleigh:

Scottie- Anything you need.
Bayleigh- If I find out you flipped tonight, I will find you and cut you into pieces, gut you, and lay your intestines out.

Bayleigh: “If I don’t nom JC, THAT LITTLE THING has to be loyal. If he runs around talking, he can be the replacement.”

Bayleigh: “JC is annoying and offensive. If he says one more offensive thing to me, I’m going to step on him.”

Threatening to Gut people (in the context of playing a game) and implying that little people are insects to be stepped on if they don’t advance your game is way beneath the greatness that was Kaitlyn. This girl makes Kaitlyn seem well adjusted. LOL


She should be held accountable for all of the violent threats she has been making. Why isn’t Production doing something about this and her constant racial slurs? There should be a warning system and you get two warnings then you are evicted.

BB Lover

Where can I see the exit interview from last night

BB LoverB

Exit interview

Gigi Tomasa

CBS.com and then the link Simon posted above


It’s on youtube. . . “big brother kaitlyn interview”


Bay you idiot why would you tell the girl you’re nomming about your power. She was in such a great position to.


Kaitlyn wants Bayleigh to win. Julie says. Stay tuned !! Bayleigh won’t be there after she uses her power if she doesn’t go back into hiding and be quiet. Is she trying to turn Tyler into her platonic Swaggy ? So he can help protect her. Seems to me she wants Tyler on one side and fez on the other. Good plan. She would have HOH and veto comps covered. And then add Sam !! I don’t see her throwing Tyler up next week as long as her girls don’t come up with any dirt on him. But her mouth is going to get her evicted soon. She was doing so great for a minute.

Team Simon

Omg B is so dumb but telling the other side her power lol and that’s how she would lose the game

Carolina girl

Wow. Had high hopes for Bayleigh but it’s reminding me of Scottie’s HOH.


Because targeting strong players who are popular with the other houseguests is a terrible idea in BB. Scottie did great and so will Bay.


I’m reading the comments and i have to say it seems the vibe/trend here is a lot of stereotyping, which really negates what y’all are griping about. Sad