“Nicole/Christine setting themselves up, developing wedges, you know old school strategies

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-21 19-55-31-375

7:42pm Pool table Hayden and Zach
Zach – Dude the HOh is the biggest one by far
Hayden – Dude it can be double eviction
Zach – Do you know who you are putting up if you win HOH
Hayden – I want Amber gone.. I don’t know maybe Jocasta and Victoria
Zach says that is what he’s got planned.
Hayden leaves and Donny joins Zach to play.
Zach els him he’s not going home “it did not go like we wanted to .. i talked to him to and he was thinking about it..but…”
Donny talks about Cookie pudding , cookie, milk, and cool whip let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours and all the milk gets absorbed.. called Cookie pudding.
Donny says they have to come up with a plan collectively before the HOH. He doesn’t want them to say right now who they will put up because things might get around and people get paranoid.
Donny says his plan this week is talk nothing about nothing..” people lie and lie”
Zach says what is getting him is how everyone thinks they know what people will do.they don’t know sh1t.

BB16-2014-07-21 20-06-23-255

8:01pm Backyard Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody

Cody tells him all that sh1t Zach was saying about amber went back to Amber.
Zach – Dude Caleb is such a b1tch dude..
They are trying to think about who they need out first Caleb or Amber. Derrick says Amber will crumble if Caleb goes. Derrick mentions she may blow them up if she goes me. Frankie says they need to take them both out in a double eviction.
Cody says he likes Nicole shes “Ride or die”
They agree it will be a 10 zero vote. Derrick says Donny told him Jocasta told Brittany to her face she didn’t have her vote.
Cody tells them they need Brittany to think she has a fighting chance. the last thing they need is Brittany blowing people up
Zach questions what does she have to blow them up with
Derick – we never worked with her
Cody – we don’t need any more dissension
Cody and Derick saying that Amber has come back to them. Derrick points out he still sees Jocasta and Amber talking a lot.
Amber joins them
Cody start talking about hoping Brittany doesn’t blow up. Amber – “I just need to know how we are voting”

BB16-2014-07-21 20-39-42-564

8:36pm Frankie and Derrick
Derrick says Brittany is going to be hell to deal with, he thinks there is zero chance of her staying.
Frankie almost would rather Brittany doesn’t think she has a chance.
Derrick – “Ya well she does so she will be working it
Frankie – in her mind she does
Derrick – she has two votes.
Derrick says if Caleb had gone up he was going home. Frankie says they were guaranteed 5 votes to evict Brittany. Frankie just didn’t want to have to deal with Caleb on the block the house would be a mess.
Derrick points out that Caleb has no idea how close he came to going home today.
Frankie brings up a talk he had with Caleb,he’s going to put up Jocasta and Victoria and use Donny as replacement
Derrick – Perfect
Frankie – He’s 100% locked
Derrick that should get us to jury

BB16-2014-07-21 20-43-26-466

8:43pm Hammock Zach and Victoria
I can’t stand Amber I don’t know why I hate her
Zach I don’t like Amber, Brittany and Caleb
Vic all he does is talk about himself
Zach doesn’t he realize.. hasn’t someone said something
Victoria has noticed Caleb’s ego has gone down a lot. “I won more competition than him”
Zach says Caleb is realizing caleb knows nobody likes him because he’s always by himself.

BB16-2014-07-21 20-56-56-025

8:57pm Bathroom
Christine is showing Frankie her spider bite. He tells her to draw a circle around it and if the discolouration goes beyond that circle she needs antibiotics. She doesn’t’ think it’s growing just changing colour.

BB16-2014-07-21 21-04-58-462

8:59pm Hayden showing us all that he’s not a physical beast. ( He’s been trying to make it across the backyard on his hands it’s absolutely incredibly hard to do. Caleb tries and can’t)

BB16-2014-07-21 21-03-33-161

9:02pm Backyard Caleb and Derrick
Derrick saying she’s going to try but she doesn’t have the numbers and she’s not going to get them.
Caleb – Every Time I yawn I taste pickle
Caleb says he’s going to make it across the backyard before he leaves. Caleb says he’ll try tomorrow.

BB16-2014-07-21 21-05-03-465

9:05pm Backyard Hayden makes it walks the entire distance of the backyard on his hands.
With a live feed subscription you can go back and rewatch all the events we highlight in this blog.
Try It Free! Get 24/7 access to the house for 48hrs before you decide!

BB16-2014-07-21 21-18-47-154

9:20pm backyard Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, Amber, Cody, Caleb and Hayden
Caleb saying he killed a fly and ate it was training for survivor, “It was on the table put it on a chip with Humus and ate it.. survivor here I come
Hayden – Caleb do you think they will give you chips and hummus on survivor.
Caleb – I’ve eaten worms i’ve eaten grasshoppers”
Donny points at a dead beetle on the ground tells Caleb to eat it “Eat that eat that beetle”
They all look and find it covered in ants. Caleb gets the raid can and sprays it to kill the ants. Caleb tells them if he gets on survivor he would eat that bug.
Caleb “I had a tough decision I had 3 days to choose Survivor or this.. they wanted me for survivor”
Caleb adds that he is going to do ‘naked and afraid’ after survivor. (Burt before he goes to the moon which will happen right after he climbs everest on his hands)
They talk about last season a crew member got bit by a snake and died because it got infected.

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I so over darreck being in control! Lets shake the house!




Yeah, it isn’t so much that Derrick’s good, it’s that these other people are so dumb. He’s used that “I only talk to you” line on at least a dozen people so far. How could Victoria possibly believe she’s the only girl he talks game with when he was just HoH with Nicole. They didn’t talk game at all? Do these people not have eyes or brains? Uggghhhh.

Big Jacket

I hope Donny and Jocasta win HOH next week. Donny puts up Derrick and Frankie and J puts up Cody and Zack. If you want to see a major earthquake in the house, this would do it.


The only way Jocasta wins……..bow tying competition.

Number D

Haha, the best comment of the day!


or talking in tongue


Every time I yawn, I taste pickle.


Victoria has got to be the absolute most empty-headed imbecile person ever to disgrace Big Brother – I think people are secretly working together? No way you don’t say? Where did they find this chimp?
She trusts Derrick because he’s the only one that talks to her that much. Has she stopped fondling people?


OMG… Funniest comment today! One of the producers found her in a bar. They were looking for some diversity, so they picked her. She has said herself that she is not a fan of the show. She lies all of the time and says that she watches the one is Israel, I don’t think that she’s every seen an episode in any country until the producers told her that she had to watch at least one season or couldn’t be on the show.

mr ed

Don”t insult the chimp!!!lol.


Hope Derrick goes next week.


i want Derrick and Frankie on the block together. I want both of them to stop throwing Donny’s name out there as being untrustworthy, in an alliance, and other really stupid stuff, because it isn’t actually making people think that F and D are not working with Donny with TA, it makes people think that Donny is masterminding some kind of coup, is dangerous, and should be evicted asap. once that happens, so do the challenges and the $$. And now, after setting all that Donny might be dangerous coming after us BS, he’s up on the block?
Unbelievably short sighted. hey as long as I’m not, they both say, but they could easily have gotten Cody to put up anyone else and B would still have gone home.


One good thing has not happen is Hayden has not told Derrick that Donny said he would put him and Frankie up on the block. Perhaps because he doesn’t want them to know and get Donny out. He has to know that nobody is saying they would put Derrick and Frankie up. There is hope for Hayden if he keeps to most powerful secret in the game right now.

Derrick and Frankie you’re on the block. Lol


Perhaps you noticed that as soon as Donny was nominated as the replacement, both Derrick and Frankie said, independently of one another, that it was good that Caleb did not go on the Block because he would have been evicted. This is contrary to what they said before Cody made his decision about who the replacement nominee was going to be. D & F insisted that Cody would not get enough votes to evict Caleb and Cody fell for it.


YAYYYYYY!!! “FINALLY!” I haven’t liked Derrick “from the beginning.” He is so pompous..so “sure of himself” and his “hold” and “control” over most of the people in the house…because this is what he does for a living. Ugg, when I watch BBAD and he comes on I fast forward. I “think” some of his puppets are on to him. Does any one remember when Big Brother first came on..the viewers got to evict the house guests. They stopped doing that because some house guests had more friends and or relatives then others OR some people voted more than once. It was a looong time ago so I am “not sure” WHY they stopped doing it. All I know is that if I were in the house I would can his butt. How would people know it was me..I’d lie just like the rest of them.


Cody just signed his death warrant he better hope Caleb doesn’t win HoH
I hope Donny doesn’t trust Cody anymore he has proven to be Derrick and Frankie’s puppet


How much you wanna bet that Caleb asks Amber to be on Naked and Afraid with him.


Ha ha ha ha!!! ..Rylie you are funny. Thanks for the laugh..I “needed” that. Poor Calab.


Why do people on this website like Nicole? I think only because she is white and blonde. So sad!

Donny FTW!

Every time I listen to Nicole’s high pitched caterwauling, I see white lights and lose my equilibrium! She’s a chronic, whining complainer!



She’s a useless mean girl.


Hopefully it was a black widow that bit that rat, Christine.


I’m with you MissBBcan. She is an idiot. She and Derrick make a good pair. She thinks she is so cool. “I” think her husband is going to have a hard time with her ego when she gets back home. She’s “another” one that should go home “NOW!!!”

Caleb has poopy pants

I hope the spider is ok. Poor thing coulda got sick, considering all that hate that runs through her.


I not wishing anything bad to happen to her, but her leaving the game for a medical emergency wouldn’t be a bad thing for the viewers


Zach so loyal to Cody and Derrick but zach has no clue that Cody and Derrick are snakes. Zach gotta work with Donny and get Them out

Roisen Dubh

Zach knows what’s up. Don’t forget that this was the guy who had a complete meltdown, dared to get put on the block, gets put on the block, flipped the house against the leader, blew up everyone’s game in the process, stayed in the house and got rid of the leader. He’s knows everybody in that house is a scared wabbit and knows the exact level of fear on everyone. When he starts struttin around, it should make good TV. He’s gonna rip Derrick a new one and destroy Hayden.


I wouldnt give him that much credit. If he hears anyone utter his name he automatically declares hatred toward them. He acts like a child, he keeps pushing to get amber out even though the next HOH hasn’t even happened…. and of course she found out that he hates her so now he’s got a target on his back. He literally needs to stop with the tantrums and CHILL OUT. His reactions are not thought out they’re manic.


I’m so over this cast!!

Come on!

Am I the only one that likes Zach? Stop blaming him for everything. Every group needs a wild card!

Come on!

Oh yeah! Really Derrick? You’re going to punch someone in the mouth? Don’t think you’re slick just because you got back shaved.

Michael from Canada

I know right? Easy there psycho. Isn’t that assault? He’d probably get away with it though. Probably wouldn’t be the first time.


Zach reminds me of Dr. Will with a wicked mean streak. I don’t remember once where Will Kirby humiliated or talked nasty about anyone – not once. Zach is definitely playing the game.
Can someone tell me why everyone is so threatened by Brittany? I don’t get it at all.


I think Derrick saw all the people that supported Brittany when Devin went after her and he’s pulling the strings this week. Even Devin backed off after talking to her for a couple of hours. She’s very pretty, and she is one of those women that is good at getting guys to “rescue” her. Derrick is smart to want her out. She could come between him and Cody.


That is exactly why Derrick wants Brit out. He’s separating anyone (mostly women) who comes between him and his puppet Cody. I think Derrick may try to keep Victoria for final 2 and cut Cody at that point. Someone mentioned in an earlier comment that they thought Derrick secretly wants to be in final 2 with Caleb but I doubt that. I think he wants to take Cody but will cut him over Victoria. Derrick wants to take a woman standing beside him and what better one than that dimwit. Derrick knows the stats on women/ men winners. All jury members would know that Derrick was the puppetmaster for either of them but Derrick won’t give up the opportunity to win and therefore knows he would have better chances with Vic. Afterall, “no one takes food from his baby’s mouth”. I’m not rooting for Derrick – just my investigative mind workin overtime ;P


Great analysis/observation. You know this guy well.


Zach and Donny would make a great alliance Cuz they are not afraid of making big moves, Come on zach ditch Cody and Derrick already and work with Donny.


He also needs to ditch Frankie…


Donny and Zach would make a great team to get rid of Frankie, Derrick, Christine, and Caleb! They’d rule ! I really hope that Donny win HOH and put up Frankie and Christine; and Derrick as the replacement nominee!! I swear Donny would win the 500K and Zach for the 50K!

The Odd Couple Alliance

I’m hoping that production pushes Zach to align with Donny and have his back. They know America loves Donny and “loves to hate” Zach. America’s favorite could be pushed further to the end with Zach in tow to keep everything “turnt up”. It would be a win win for ratings. Plus, Donny really needs a solid alliance right now.

Caleb Puts The Lotion In the Bucket

Good job spider!!! Go bite that Rat again! Do it for all of us!


Good on ya, Spidey! Hope you’ve bitten the shit outta her, but kina wished you’ve bitten her on that honker of hers! LOL!!!!


You guys are horrible. You’re no better than them.


The only reason I still watch this season is cuz of Donny and zach if they leave everyone’s just gonna play what’s good for derricks game. Dumbasses


I don’t get why Derrick and Frankie are team America ? It should have been Donny zach and Hayden

Your Lame

What in the hack will Hayden bring to Team America! He is just plain boring white bread.


Is much as I DISLIKE Derrick, him and his nostrils are are playing the best game in the house. He is in good with everyone. You never really hear anyone every talking about Derrick being a threat to their game. As much as I can’t stand him, I think he came here to actually play, unlike some other people. (I’m looking at you Victoria)


Derrick looks like he is playing the best game… He has some severe leaks in his game and their names are Christine, Frankie and Zach.
This is what happens… the blood is on the HoH’s hands… but this Season like last Season there is a mastermind that talks everybody on what to think. Last Season it was Amanda queen of the Season of Slime… but what happened is other people exposed her as the chief or the boss… it made her a target.
Trust me Derrick is going to be a huge target come jury… He is the chief, the blood is on his hands and the rest will act like they where unknowing pawns… there is already a general vibe in the House that Cody was controlled by someone else. It will come out, my guess it will be Christine or Frankie. Derrick isn’t the winner this Season, he will be picked off and I bet it will be by Cody and Zach.


Most definitely! Derrick will not win this game. People who actually play the game usually get knocked out right before final, usually by the people that they have been working with. Usually by a floater that hid behind that person all season. This is how Andy won last year. That’s how Porsche made it to finals the year before.


Would it not be funny if Derrick was picked off by Victoria? Lol the chimp takes the boer out.

Stupid season

Derrick wants to punch zach if he opens his mouth? Duno why people even like Cody and Derrick ?


Amber – “I just need to know how we are voting”

I’m so sick of hearing “WE”. Vote the way YOU want 2 vote. I’m not positive but I can only imagine that a big brother casting call consists of thousands upon thousands of ppl waiting in a line 2 have their chance 2 audition 4 the show.

So, these ppl stood in line probably for hours, probably completed tons of ppw & had countless interviews just 2 get in the house & play follow the leader??? R u kidding me… Does anyone possess a mind & backbone of their own?!

**NEWSFLASH** No one besides the viewers can see who ur voting for. Grow a set already!!! Vote 4 the person that doesn’t benefit ur game & the house will scramble trying 2 find out who did what. If they ask u deny deny deny… Or give them a taste of their own medicine & blame it on someone within their alliance & watch them turn on one another


I know that Frankie is kinda awful and a rat, and I don’t like his gameplay. But for some reason, I really feel that Zach and Frankie are loyal to each other. I feel that they bring out their better selves when they are hanging out.

Evil-Gay-Clown is on Team America #shameful

Derrick is becoming VERY annoying, but the Evil-Gay-Clown is the worst still: apparently it was him who talked Cody into picking Donny over Caleb. Cody, on the other hand, showed he has no balls at all. He needs to grow a pair of tits.


Oh no not another man in the house growing tits – Caleb is already got a head start with his left breast.

Gayden Voss

I want Nicole, Hayden, Christine, and Victoria Gone! They are a bunch of evil lazy do nothing peoples.


I don’t think these houseguests understand that they’re on this show is to keep BB viewers entertained.. yeah you’re competing for 500k but at least show us you deserve it. what’s this nonsense of making easy moves, keeping peace in the house, lying to Brittany about the votes to keep the drama low, etc. They must think us viewers are 80 year old grandmas sitting at home knitting christmas sweaters. I take that back.. comparing this one-sided, predictable snoozeville of a season thus far is an insult to all grandmas out there.


My mom is 80 years old and she is saying, “put dat sucka up! And take the boer down! When they going to get that pink lollipop out! Zzzz. Zzzz


Smack all you want about Derrick but he’s playing a good game so far. He’s working all angles and is in good with everyone. He has a plan and so far it’s working. I know there is a lot if hate for him but this is BB and if you can control so many people and still have them trust you… That my friends is good game okay. I’m not saying I like him, I just like the game of BB! I didn’t like Dr Will either but respected his game play! I like Donny and Hayden. Zach is growing in me because he’s entertaining. I can’t stand Frankie. Ugh, the girls. I really wanted to pull for Nicole. I was one of the crazy ones that actually liked Rachel Reilly toward the end of the season she won because she came to play.

I Don't Like Derrick

You mean you respect other peoples’ stupidity? I think his gameplay is way overrated. The smartest thing I’ve heard him talk about was using other people (Donny) to take out members of his so called alliance ( Frankie, Hayden). He doesn’t want to do it himself, because it would obviously clue them in on where they stand. He’s only going to be loyal to Cody to the end. He doesn’t want them to know it. Ironically, the person he thinks he can use to do his dirty work will actually be gunning for him, and hopefully will be his downfall.


Wow… Zach is growing in you…
That’s a new one.


I began to see Rachel in an entirely new (positive light) after last year’s crop o’ gals, and it has grown with this year’s crop. I’d take a Rachel any day over Christine, Nicole and Victoria. In fact, she could easily replace all three of them and make things happen. I wonder what she thinks of this year?


Donny is the only one catching on to Derrick and if he could pull in Zach and Hayden. Derricks game would be done for


all the big game players talking about what giant move they will make, they are all chumps….


Damn! Derrick is quite the player and now he can reel in an alternative to Christine as a nailed down side alliance at a key point in the game. Well played. D is for Danger! I still would like to see Derrick, Frankie, and Caleb on the block.


What next, caleb? Did Chris Harrison ask you to be the next Bachelor too?


Ha! He is also guaranteed to be the next contestant on the Price is Right…Caleb, come on down!


No Caleb will be on a new reality show called, Survivor the Titters!

Michael from Canada

Christine and Nicole aren’t half as smart as Derrick’s making them out to be. They’re just dumb girls that can’t keep their mouths shut.

Evil-Gay-Clown is on Team America #shameful

Oh Cody is SOOOOOO disingenuous, spineless and disgusting! It makes me sick — especially after watching him talking with Donny.

Apparently the next one to get rid of is Amber and so Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Evil-Gay-Clown can make the RFC alliance – REALLY Fugly Chicks.


And we thought BB15 was bad!!


Oh no, BB15 was the worst EVER.


The hapless wonder Victoria said Nicole doesn’t know anything about the game? That’s rich. But really, I wouldn’t call Nicole, Christine’s shadow bc its the other way around, she always seems to be in the way when I’m watching scenes with Nicole and someone else. Gamewise it might be different I’m not sure, Christine bores me so I don’t really pay attention to her if I don’t have to.


I just try to avoid looking at Christine in general. She’s got a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road.

new to BB 14

As Long as Hayden keeps his yap shut about the conversation he had with Donny and Donny hayden Jocasta or Amber or even Calib win HOH next this will be a coup of the season especially if Donny wins cause you know he’ll nominate Derrick and Frankie and whoever else wins nominates Cody and say Christine ka ka ka BOOOOM goes the house !!


Serious question, just would like to know from other viewers. Why does everyone inside the house and outside the house hate Caleb? Yes I get he is high on himself, all he does it either talk about himself , or Amber (and I agree he is very creepy with her) but aren’t a lot of people like that everywhere? Their favorite subject themselves? So why hate the guy, has he done something or said something I have missed..other then talk about himself? Yes he took the money in the VETO, but they are there for money. I guess I just do not get the complete hatered for a guy that is a jerk yes, but not a huge threat. So if someone out there could tell me, that would be cool.


Honestly i dont get it too… he talks about himself… so what? he should talk about others like christine and frankie always do?… he is my fav player after Donny. Ride on Caleb!!!

Caleb has poopy pants

I don’t hate Caleb. Without him I have no name. Which is a take-off of his standard statement B east M ode cowboy
I think people are skeveed by his stalking Amber. But, his self involvement, seems kinda sad. Like if he doesn’t talk himself up, no one will. Which shows a general lack do self esteem. Of course, on the other hand, he could just be your standard narcissist. Whatever is wrong with him, I find him infinitely more interesting than cry baby Cody, flaming Frankie, bitter party of 3 grim sitters Christine, nicole, Victoria, ect…

I Don't Like Derrick

Why do people use the word stalk to blow up situations? It is not that serious. DAMN!! I think “stalking” became popular after facebook, and dumbasses used it to describe people who came on their page too often. And now the word is just thrown around, to blow things out of proportion. Talk about low self esteem. Following is a sign of low self esteem.

Derrick Is Annoying

Why do people use the word stalk to blow up situations? It is not that serious. DAMN!! I think “stalking” became popular after facebook, and dumbasses used it to describe people who came on their page too often. And now the word is just thrown around, to blow things out of proportion. Talk about low self esteem. Following is a sign of low self esteem.


I call Christine, Parrot Beak. Not only does her nose look like a parrots beak but she repeats just like a trained parrot.


Hey Simon, I literally Lol at your comment about Caleb: (But before he goes to the moon which will happen right after he climbs everest on his hands).


I hope this Thursday Julie announces that Battle of the Block is over! If that Happens, come on, Donny for HOH!!!!


Quick question if some one put up Frankie & Christine with the regular HOH who runs first to snitch on the other ? either way a rat goes homes lol .




Really wish we could renominate Team America!! ( Besides Donny). In the first place there should not have been such a twist


Team America should have been Derrick, Cody and Hayden.


I think if they ever renominated now, Donny and Zach would probably be in TA. Dunno about the other one though

TA is just silly

Just get rid of it!!
It’s not even a twist, it’s just down right ridiculous…


I honestly cannot stand Frankie and I hope he goes on the block next week


Everyone in this house is so fake except for jacosta, brittany and donny. But thats the game right!?
Opinions on houseguests:
Frankie: control freak, but very skilled socially.
Nicole: socially awkward. rather be carried to final than makes some waves.
Zach: manic at times; especially when paranoid (all the time). Extremely brash.
Christine: big ego, brings nothing to the game except a free vote. Jealous and has vendettas on the girls she finds physically intimidating.
Jacosta: Nice but will never win. Predictable and really doesnt stand a chance.
Caleb: Honest to a fault, which will get him eliminated. Lack of focus on the game itself.
Brittany: Doesn’t try to be likeable. Blunt which is perceived as rude.
Derrick: Great social game, comparable with Frankies. Control freak, like Frankie. Poses himself as a competitive threat even though he isnt successfully.
Cody: sheep. Afraid to make waves, listens to his elders.
Hayden: not genuine even thought he smiles 24/7. good at making himself not noticeable , even though he is a major physical threat.
Donny: Likeable. If given the opportunity he would change things up in the house BUT i do feel he is too trusting and would jump at an alliance if approached when in power right away (w/ derrick or frankie)
Amber: needs to be her own hero. trys to be likeable at all times, subconsciously aware that people in the house are gunning for her but is unwilling to accept the fact> tries to rationalize the situation. Afraid to go against the grain.
Victoria: no chance in hell of winning.

Stupid Twist Idea

Since everything seems to boil to “what the house wants,” they could have a twist on the double eviction. They compete for the two HOH spots, immediate nominations of four houseguests with a quick BOB. The HOH of the losing nominee “team” is immediately evicted, no POV comp. (since technically the BOB is the chance to come off the block), immediate voting, and a third eviction for the night. The idea of throwing the competition is out the window… unless, of course, they want the HOH out – but then they risk going home because they would be on the block. Alliances would be tested. It would never be done, but it is twisted.

The Truth

Big Brother has been on t.v for 14 years and yet every year the houseguests can never figure out who is in an alliance. If you see a group of people hanging out together constantly, guess what they’re in an alliance. If everyone stops talking when you enter the room or starts behaving awkwardly, guess what that means they were probably talking about you and will be nominating you for eviction. If two people are clearly best friends in the house guess what don’t start talking sh*t about one of them to the other because they will report back. If after 30 days no one has approached you to start an alliance or says it’s too early ,guess what that means you’re f*cked!

Victoria get a clue.


hate to say it, but we need production to do more than tell Zach to be mean

we need them to either get hayden and Zach to team up, or we need SOMEONE to get a clue about cody and derrick

the REAL problem here, is simple. in Rachel’s winning season, she was a beast, but she had people after her. that is how it should be, Derrick and Cody….I am not sure there is a single HOH combo that puts them on the block, that drives me insane. its not like cody has played some great game. and Derrick? stop with the “ill knock his teeth out” stuff when as a cop you would simply lose your ability to be a cop. so go punch more civilians, I am sure that will be great for your BB game and real life

no one will even nom them in a double eviction. its freaking disgusting. instead the “big move” will be to eliminate Zach….woo hoo a less interesting show!


I think Frankie is with Zach #1. I think Derrick is with cody and if you watch the feeds you see less and less cody/Zach hanging out.

the problem with Zach and the rest is that Zach spends the week trying to get in with some floaters, and they simply go tell derrick or cody whatever they hear. Victoria, WTF is wrong with you

Daydream Believer

Donny should rally Caleb, Amber, Zach, Jo, and Cody, and take down Derricks people. (Frankie, Vic,Nicole,Chris, and Hayden) If he wins HOH put up Nicole and Cody make a deal with Cody and Zach to back door Christine -last minute switch to Derrick, then convince Hay and Frankie its good for their game.

Daydream Believer

I meant say hes going to back door Caleb then switch to Derrick last minute. Hay will keep Nicole and so might Christine.

Honestly this is the worst Big Brother ever (my opinion) as far as Frankie he is a rat playing like Andy surely to goodness someone other than Donny can figure all this out...Derrick to me is a snake and karma is a b----h.....Christine oh please she is a

Honestly this is the worst Big Brother ever (my opinion) as far as Frankie he is a rat playing like Andy surely to goodness someone other than Donny can figure all this out…Derrick to me is a snake and karma is a b—-h…..Christine oh please she is a floater and does not realize she is at the bottom of the alliance….I am disappointed at America for their chose of Derrick and Frankie…Donny I like if he is voted out would consider stop watching the show……its time someone outside of the so called alliance wins …give them a taste of their own medicine…bet it would not go down so good…let the back stabbing begin….Derrick and Frankie would go balistic..now that would be something to watch.ratings would sky rocket .Come on Big Brother… be something to watch..as far as Victoria does ever eat with her mouth closed she smacks so loud I cant believe no one in the house has the guts to tell her so…Big Brother keep her away from the apples and nuts.

I don't Understand

I don’t understand why everyone hates Amber! Is she getting a good edit on CBS? What gives?


I think it’s funny that Cody thinks Nicole is “ride or die” – uh, no, she’s jealous and hateful. She didn’t take that veto from Brittany for them; she took it because she hates Brittany for no real reason.

I fully understand that this is a game and that everyone is in it to win the $500k (well at lest the ones who understand that that’s the reason they’re there…cough….Victoria…cough), but to constantly personally attack people and feel such hatred for them I just cannot understand. If they want Brittany out because it’s better for their game (Derrick), I understand; however, just to want her out because you’re an insecure little child is simply pathetic.