Zach says You best believe! I am going to scare the f**king sh*t out of you!

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 04-09-05-748

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1:15am – 2am Up in the HOH room – Caleb, Amber, Derrick and Cody are talking about Brittany going home and what they need to tell her. Caleb says if Brittany asks me I am telling her that I am going with the house. I can’t put a target on my back. Caleb says I feel like the whole alliance is voting to evict her. Caleb says that Nicole, Christine won’t vote for her to stay either. Amber says Victoria might vote to keep her but it doesn’t matter either way which way she votes. Caleb says there is no hope in keeping her. She is going out on an 11-0 vote. Cody says people were saying why did Caleb feel so safe in the veto to take the money over the veto. Cody says because I told people who ever kept me safe is safe. Caleb didn’t put me up so I am not going to put him up. Caleb asks who was asking why did I feel so safe to take the money? Cody says Victoria and Donny. Caleb says Brittany deserves to be here longer than Victoria Derrick says long story short.. everyone not in the alliance needs to go home. It doesn’t matter which order. Derrick says she could be playing up that mother card. Her house is bigger than most of ours and she drives a 5 series BMW. She could have come in her saying I’m doing good but I could always be doing better. If she’s not with us she’s against us! Caleb starts talking about the date he is going to have with Amber and after dinner he is going to tell her there is a second part to this date – a 4 day 5 night cruise to Atlantis. I’ll ask her if she wants to go AND if she doesn’t want to go I will drop kicker in the face and she can pay for her own food. Then I will post on face book who what’s to go on a cruise.. do you know how many girls will want to go with me.

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Caleb flips his eye lids:
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 02-07-17-409

2am UP in the HOH room – Christine, Frankie and Caleb are taking. Frankie and Caleb are looking at Christine’s spider bite. Caleb says if you squeeze it all the green puss will come out. Christine says oh I want to but they told me not to. Caleb says if you put heat on it, it will draw it right out. Christine says that Amber cleaned the whole bathroom all by herself. Caleb says that’s why she’s a keeper. Zach joins them. They all laugh at how Victoria thinks Amsterdam is a part of Germany. Zach says Victoria kept saying its part of my history I know 1050% sure. Zach says its a part of the Netherlands. They laugh that Victoria even went to the diary room to ask because she didn’t believe them. Cody comes out from having a shower and Caleb and Zach start dancing. Frankie asks what’s going one??!

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Out in the backyard – Nicole is talking to Hayden. Nicole says that she can’t trust Victoria. I can’t trust people that are always happy. Cody joins Nicole outside. Cody says that he thinks Hayden and Nicole could have a sneaky showmance. Nicole says no. Cody asks if they’ve kissed. Nicole says no. Cody says I am going to go ask Hayden the same question and if I think you’re lying then you’re going to be my next target. Nicole says we haven’t done anything. Cody says okay you’re my next target. Just kidding. Nicole says that Victoria has done more than I have. She’s had her hand up his shirt and .. I’m not going to step on anyone’s toes. Nicole says I’m here to play the game man! Cody starts talking about how Caleb was trying to convince Victoria that what he did in the veto competition was a good decision and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know the game. Cody says its literally killing me to not blow up on him. Derrick says kill’em with kindness. Amber comes out and says that if you guys don’t stop peeing on the toilet seat I am going to set up cheerios for you to aim at. Cody says well its not me I sit down when I pee. Caleb makes fun of Cody. Cody says that he was tramatized when he was younger that he and his brother used to pee on the seat when they were younger and their dad said I sit when I pee so, so do you! I sit down with the ladies so they don’t have to live with pigs! Cody comments that he whips the tip with toilet paper too. Caleb starts asking Hayden if he wipes. Cody says go ahead and ask, you’re just proving my pen!s is cleaner than yours. Cody says that’s how you get UTI’s. Cody gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 02-42-42-115

3am – 3:35am In the kitchen – Nicole and Christine talk about how annoying Brittany and how they’re not changing their votes. Chirstine says freaking Amber and Caleb think Brittany should stay. Nicole says that Caleb is so embarrassing. Christine says its all because of Amber. Nicole says its embarrassing for his family, I really hope they show it like it is. Christine says oh they are. They talk about how hilarious it will be to see on tv. Christine and Nicole head to bed. Derrick joins them. Nicole goes and scares Zach when he comes out of the storage room. Zach comes back into the bedroom with a butter knife and tells her that she better be scared of him. I am going to scare the sh*t out of you! You best believe! I am going to scare the f**king Sh*t out of you! Zach leaves. Nicole says that it was actually scaring her that he had a knife. That’s why were not allow to have knives.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 03-36-25-870

3:40am Out in the backyard – Zach asks Brittany if she is okay. Brittany says no. I feel like I didn’t even get to prove myself. Zach says its not over. Brittany says I feel like that’s the direction it is going. Zach says you need to start cutting deals. Brittany says I just don’t know how I got stuck as one of the outsides here. I got stuck being so alone. Here I am on the outside and I’ve been fighting to be here. I am loyal and keep my word. Nobody can say they see me as a personal threat, especially against Donny. Brittany says I know you guys have your group that’s going to make it to jury. I deserve to go to jury. Zach says its lose, lose. You have to campaign your a$$ off. Brittany says people won’t even sit next to me. Zach says I am right now. Brittany says its not fair. I won’t even try for HOH. Its not fair for me to be away from my kids for this long. I have f**king kids I need to be here as long as I can. Zach says I am 50/50 on my vote as long as you promise not to come after me. Brittany says I won’t come after you. Zach says okay you have my vote. Zach says tomorrow you need to campaign to Christine because Donny is coming directly after her. If you can get Nicole and Christine you’re golden. Zach heads inside. Zach tells Caleb that he feels bad and says that Brittany isn’t coming after us.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 03-44-50-138

4am – 4:35am Cody comes out to ask Brittany what she is doing all solo. Brittany says I am shunned right now. I don’t even think I have the votes any more. Do you think Zach will vote for me? Cody says I’m not sure, I haven’t talked to him. Brittany says he just told me he would vote for me. Amber said now that she doesn’t even know. That she needs to wait and see what the house is doing. Brittany says I have tried the sad look, the happy look and the mad look and nothing is working. Cody says oh I see, so you’re an actor. Cody and Brittany talk about life outside the house.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 04-30-24-113

5am In the HOH room – Zach and Amber talk about relationships. Zach says I haven’t been in a relationship since grade 10. He says that he feels you don’t really get into relationships until you’re done college. Zach asks I’ll get lots of girls when we get out of here right!? Frankie says not if they watch the show. Zach laughs. Zach tells Frankie if I was gay I would be obsessed with you. Well even though I’m not I’m obsessed with you. Cody joins them and they jokingly ask him if he can leave the room so they can finishing talking. Cody says am I allowed to use my room or no? I cant even hang out in my own room. Cody jokingly says get the f**k out of my room. Zach says I actually felt bad for Brittany for a second and then I was like wait no I’m Zach-Attack! Amber asks what do you think about me Zach? Zach says what do you mean, what do I think about you. You’re in my alliance that’s what I think about you.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 04-46-48-694

5:20am Amber leaves the HOH. Zach and Cody talk about how Brittany said to Zach that she know everything about their alliance. AND guess who told her everything.. Amber! Zach says she is such a f**king snake! Frankie joins them. Cody says that Caleb honestly wants Brittany to stay. He is a f**king idiot. Cody tells Zach to not tell anything to Caleb because it gets backs to Amber. He literally tells her everything. Frankie starts laughing about how Caleb said he’s going take Amber to Atlantis. Frankie says that Caleb said he can’t wait to be in the jury with Amber because she will be honest in there. Frankie says you’re right! Let me send you there! They laugh. Zach says I don’t think I’ve lied, I said white lies. Frankie says I lie, I lie all the time.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 05-07-42-833

Zach says that Caleb wondered who would get America’s favorite. Zach says I figured Donny, Nicole, Frankie. Zach says that Caleb said he would get it beacuse he put his life on the line for a girl. Zach says Caleb said right now, there are shirts being printed saying “Beast Mode Cowboy” Cody says Caleb is so full of himself. Cody comments that Amber says that she tries to see the good in people, .. but wasn’t she talking crap about Victoria?! They laugh.Cody says I wish Brittany’s picture was a lot hotter. Frankie says maybe it looks better in black and white, we’ll see on Thursday! Zach says that he love how Caleb says he is going to win every competition but he has only won one. They laugh.

6:45am All of the house guests head to bed..
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 08-15-39-452

9:40am All the house guests are still sleeping. No wake up call yet..

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-22 09-40-48-625

10am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return only Donny and Jocasta are awake.

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I know this is a little after the fact, but I don’t understand Brittany’s punishment. So did she just have to kick the goals or did she have go get the ball first? If she had to get the ball each time then that was double punishment. I think they should at least give her something for completing the task.


She had to get the ball each time she kicked it whether or not she made the goal.


If they would give her some way to take herself off and put someone else up it would shake the house up for the next 4-5 weeks. If not it will be the same boring stuff for the next4-5 weeks, getting rid of Victoria, Jacosta, Amber, etc. Yawn!!!

No Way

It didn’t even have to be a punishment…
Better players would have said they are not even going to do it.
You think Dr Will or Dan would have done it? NO WAY!
Those greats would have turned it around on the house saying now they can’t even play in Veto next week so why bother coming after them.
She did not and probably should not have even attempted the task…
Greatest players ever def would not have completed that task.
please stop the Brittany pity party…
Not to mention you don’t reward someone for a punishment Wow! The world has become a scary place.


She had to kick the ball and go bend down and retrieve the ball 2400 times plus ALL the times she kicked and missed the goal…..she had to go walk, bend down, and get the ball. It was hard to watch. She completed the task with blisters on her toes, one toe nail half falling off. Sore from the waist down. She got no sleep on Fri, started with the punishment Sat night till like 3:00am. Got very little sleep then got up at 8:00am and kicked balls until about 5:00 pm. And no one in the house is giving her a second thought or chance for completing the punishment. Zack tells Hayden that a guy would have completed the punishment in 3 hours. 3 hours my a$$.


No one was allowed to help Brittany. They were not allowed to retieve the balls for her. Hayden told Brit that when he first heard of her punishment that he planned to stand in the net and kick the ball back to her all night but then, they found out that no one was allowed to assist her. The punishment was over the top. I bet it was hard for her family to watch. If she didnt complete the punishment, the penalty was that she would not be allowed to compete in the next weeks veto comp. she did it all for nothing because she will not be there next week any way since the plan is to vote her out.

Michael from Canada

They’re clearly morons. 2400 kicks in 3 hours is just over 13 kicks a minute. That’s one every 4.5 seconds for 3 hours straight. They’d barely be able to keep that pace for 20 minutes; let alone 3 hours.

Even 5 hours is once every 7.5 seconds. For 5 hours. Not even Beast Mode Cowboy could pull that one off.


Christine and Nicole were saying anyone can do that easily. Christine said she was out there and Brittnay was complaining – she is so over her. Then she was outside kissing up to Brittnay saying I know how you feel I was tired after 1 hour of practice. These girls are just so catty. They wouldn’t last!! Christine is complaining about her spider bite and Nicole is complaining all the time about having to carry her stein around all the time which is 5 pounds. I can’t wait to see how these girls react when they are the target!! I liked Nicole in the beginning but not so much now. It’s a wonder why she didn’t have any friends in high school. I do think that Christine and Hayden bring out the worst in her. I hope Brittnay somehow gets rewarded for doing this challenge.


I did the math and realistically most people could do it in 10-14 hours. Nobody can do it in less than 8!!


She did it in 16 actual hours. I believe she finished 3 hours early, slept for 5 hours.

TA Sucks

They are giving her something. They are giving her the ability to go see her kids sooner.


I don’t get it either and why it was that extreme. It would be a little different if all the punishments were at that level. Or I could see it being a HOH comp .Something the whole house could compete in since they were taking it to that level. The only thing I could thing of is maybe it game that arm band a high activity time and that person would less likely be a HaveNot next week???. But it didn’t give any cushion for someone going home if that’s even part of the thinking. Or maybe some wiseguy in production thought it would be a good idea when it could have been 1000 kicks instead of


I think it was an extreme punishment that BB didn’t think thru. Maybe they assumed someone would refuse to do it. but in the event that they did, there was a real chance of serious injury, like a broken toe, foot or sprain. They made no allowance for that, and they didn’t even seem to realize it was a potential danger. This is BB not Survivor, people aren’t supposed to break anything.

Julie's glitter

Britany drew that punishment in the luxury POV. If she didn’t kick 2400 goals in 24hours, she would not be able to play in next weeks POV. It did suck that they wouldn’t let anyone return the ball. As Donnie said, “Soccer is a team sport.”


I think the activity tracker ends this week and Brittany is in first place because of that ball punishment, so maybe she’ll end up getting something after all.


Is Brittany in lead with tracker? If she is then there is a possibility of a twist coming that will save her somehow. I probably would have refused to kick the ball if I was in Brit’s shoes. But yeah, would be funny if that kicking punishment ends up saving her…that would make it the most twisted summer.

They really need to have 2 strong groups going after each other. Donny seems to be the only one from his group realizing they are going to be picked off one by one. I get bored with Derrick and his boiz just sitting around being all metro and feeling superior. They need to be slapped down a peg and make it more interesting.

PS.. like many of you, I thought Derrick getting his back shaved by Nicole was bizarre and gross.


the only result of the trackers is who is going to be a Have NOt or not. Britney will not benefit in any way from doing all that activity.


from what simon and dawg described as her punishment it was that she had to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours or she would not be able to play in the next POV comp (which she won’t be around to see anyways with how the house is looking like it will be voting come thursday). So she most likely had to walk and pick up the ball everytime, which would be, in my opinion, an added incentive to actually try and score because if she missed she would have to travel further to get it.

Baby Firefly

Thanks for putting what Caleb said about Amber if she rejects him in BOLD. If any more people want to know why people hate Caleb, that’s why!



I had to laugh at the pic of Nicole you captured in the germitard because it made her look like she had a peni$.


LOL – I was thinking the SAME thing!


It’s bad enough pu$$y Cody put Donny up, but now he is throwing him under the bus with Caleb. He’s such a dou@he!


Christine & Nicole are sickening!!! As soon as they get together they bash everyone & they’re so concerned with how the others will be shown on TV. CBS needs to put this on blast.

Instead of always showing Caleb’s obsession with Amber show Nicole/Christine’s obsession w/ saying horrible things about Brittany / Amber.


Exactly! I’m so over their fake edit of people. I get that they can’t show everything, but IMO they made Brittany seem kind of b*tchy this past episode when they’ve protected Nicole. And I noticed Nicole was barely in the last episode – probably because they didn’t have enough footage of her being nice!

BTW, I’m curious if they’re going to show America that she and Hayden were making out. If they don’t, then it’s obvious they’re protecting her for some reason.


And what about all the guys sitting in the HoH talking crap about everyone? That’s what is funny. People talk about the girls being “catty” but in reality it is all of them. It’s pretty much human nature anyway….I mean, all the commenters here are doing it right now. “I hate this person. He/she is so fake. She is so ugly. What a rat.” Honestly, how is that different?


So Brittany has resorted to Devin’s tactics of talking incessantly about her kids.
Caleb has more love for himself than Hayden has for Nicole. His obsession for himself rivals that of his obsession for amber.

4 percent

So Brittany has resorted to Devin’s tactics of talking incessantly about her kids.
Caleb has more love for himself than Hayden has for Nicole. His obsession for himself rivals that of his obsession for amber.


Every time we think Caleb can’t get any dumber, he goes and proves us all wrong.


I am hoping that with Brittany completing the task, her activity level will be the highest and that will be rewarded just as the lowest four people will be have nots next week. If she does get a reward and manages to stay in the house, she owes it all to Donny for giving her good advice.


There would be no reward for Brittany that would help her stay because Big Brother dished out the punishment, she wouldn’t have been doing that extraneous exercise if BB hadn’t told her to, so it wouldn’t make sense. Also she’ll be gone by the time they announce what the trackers are for to the HGs considering it revolves around the havenot situation for next week. I wonder if there is a reward though.

Big Jim

Looks like it’s a wrap for poor Brit. Don’t let ?the door hit you on ?the ass in ?the way out to Julie


Well at least it looks like Donny’s staying. So sick of Derrick calling all the shots. Sure hope Donny wins Head of House this week so he can shake the house up and let em squirm! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I totally agree. I guess letting Derrick pull the strings lets everyone else off the hook. I’m sure at some point people will start defending what they did with, “but Derrick told me to…” and maybe they will start to see they have been playing Derrick’s game all along. For now they feel safe and aren’t gonna rock the boat and poor Donny can’t turn things around because the few he trusts don’t have is back or are repeating what he says to the “alliance” (whatever one is in vogue now). I’m glad he’s keeping his mouth shut.


I hate this “lets give brit something for completing her punishment”


this house doesn’t have enough punishments as is. they did make it too much ,but that is NO reason at all to give her some house advantage. it bought her a TON of sympathy, she failed to use that correctly, she failed to pick the right player for Veto. she has earned her trip home, lets end the madness that is giving brit some sort of special power to be safe because she completed a punishment that came in a comp

its stupid, then people are going to start asking for big punishments hoping fans feel bad and convince production to give them something. boo hoo

Totally Agree with you

I think it was actually a game strategy test she failed by doing it in the first place.
All this whining it was unfair or too hard
It isn’t like they were whipping her.
Give something for a punishment
Man i hate to see how you discipline your children WOW maybe all of you are children


Zach proving that even at 5 am he is the most interesting HG there


I really think “Team America” failed their mission this week. How can they justify the physical threat by putting up these players. I guess I can see Amber maybe, but Jocasta, Victoria, Britney, and Donny?? Seriously? I don’t think they deserve the money for this one…. Mission failed, lol


This TA task doesn’t sound ok to me. I thought TA was supposed to pick their own nomination and at the end there would be 3 HGs on the block. That was what I thought initially. But the way it turned out just don’t make any sense. That means Frankie’s nominations were useless because he actually wanted to nominate Amber before they got the task. What if Frankie wasn’t one of the HOH, would TA nomination still stand? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Mister E

It was a waste of a good task. Hopefully they do not get the money for it, because it was just a cowardly way out of doing what they were supposed to. So what if Amber is the best physical female. There are a lot bigger physical threats in the house. I think almost half the house is a bigger physical threat than Amber.


We already know they’re getting money for it because on the last episode, BB showed it as mission complete (or task – whatever language they used).


they only had to get one physical threat up on the block. Considering Amber tends to win physical challenges, it wasn’t that much of a stretch to call it a win. It was totally lame tho, because they simply made it totally obvious that they were aligned with specific people in the house, and they made that obvious to Donny. Donny didn’t appear to say anything, but he must have known that you don’t choose all girls as noms when the TA challenge is to put up one physical challenge.

Also seems very obvious to me that that challenge was specifically designed to make them fail, since I doubt America meant that Amber was a physical threat so she should be the one going up. Clearly America wanted TA to get Caleb up on the block at the very least.


Imagine if Donny won HOH next week…


It won’t do hm any good with this 2-person HOH system – if he puts up strong players they will likely win BOB & he will be dethroned & they will be safe. Would only work if he had a like-minded fellow HOH or he could somehow convince them to do the same.


I dont know why Brit chose to complete the challenge.
i would have faked an injury and used it as a reason to saty in the house.
#1 i cant compete in next weeks POV
#2 I cant even compete in HOH if its anything physical
Thay way they can always get me out next week and I’ll be fine with it. Then watch me kill it in the HOH comp. lol


I seriously beleive that once production saw the punishment that she had, that they thought she would be smart enough to not complete the task and use it as a reason to campaign. They may have even instated those rules about noone helping her or being able to sleep outside with her to give her more of a reason not to complete the task; there by helping her find a ground in which to base a stategy on. Unfortanately Brittany’s stubborness and ignorance of the game has now cost her her game.


Really hope that the outsiders win HOH next week. Would love to see a power shift and the majority alliance scrambling


Still kinda pissed at Cody’s cowardice. Would have loved to see Caleb go home


I used to like some people in the majority alliance but now i absolutely despise them. I hate how they talk shit about people behind their backs, and have no respect for some of the other houseguests at all. Currently the one person in the majority alliance I like is Zach.


You want “nice” Houseguests on BB??? Where have you been? Try watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood instead.


It’s sad to see brittany go home before Victoria because brittany work her butt off espcially having being on the block 3 times and she’s one of my favorite. It’s also frustrating to say that “the detonater” may make it to the end because they have the votes and all and I really don’t want to see that happening and neither does America!!

It’s time for someone new to get HOH outside of that alliance!!And Christine and Nicole needs to stop talking smack about Brittany!!

TA sucks

Boo Frankie and Derrick!! Go Donny!! If they renominated TA now, who do u think will get nominated?


My daughter will get nominated

Donny rocks

Thumbs up if you love Donny




I think this can become a better season if they just have an outsider win an HOH, i’m sure if Brittney or Jocasta had won an HOH this week, it definitely would been a different and more entertaining season just from this week., it’s just that the same power has been in control week after week that’s why this season has been a drag, hopefully things can change on the live show and Donny, Jocasta, Amber, or even Hayden wins HOH someone who isn’t in the powerhouse. Or even let America nominate for one week just for drama purposes.


Omg I hate Frankie, Derrick and I don’t even know why people vote for them to be team America. Some dumbass people even voted for Frankie cuz of Ariana. God, I hate him so much!

Belives everything she hears

I’m sorry but Caleb is Fantasmagorical! What can’t that guy do? I heard that he singlehandedly went back in time and rescued everyone on the Titanic. He was at a disadvantage in that cold water too, what with only 4% body fat. One word Amazing!


You don’t get rewards for completing punishments. You get rewards for doing well in comps.


Brittany is annoying as much as I wish the bomb squad would turn on each other she is the worst.. she says I deserve it more blah blah bitch u drive a BMW u are dating an actor.. ur house rent is 3k a month ur tits are fake. Please tell me why u are in need of this more than anyone else. And she hasn’t ever seen the show! !! I’m sorry if your not even a fan of the show why do you deserve money it’s like winning the lottery when you don’t play!

Mister E

I would like to see Donny win hoh, Derrick and Frankie come into the hoh room first talking about “team America”. Derrick and Frankie would think they are in good shape because they are in a alliance together. Then Donny puts them on the block because they were the first 2 to come up to the hoh room. Would be epic.

Shake It Up

Ugh.. getting tired of unanimous votes. Please no more “what the house wants”. Do what is best for you, vote how you want. My idea of twist: America gets 1 vote. Just 1 vote, and Julie needs to say vote to TV viewers before any house members vote. Then, house guests could vote how they want and then “blame” America for it if needed. And counting numbers after the eviction to see how each person voted will be much tougher.


I wish the twist was one from this years BB Canada2…. Canada was HOH for a twist…it turned the whole major alliance upside down!! Something like that for this season would change things for sure….but there were those that thought it was against bb format too much. I loved it personally. If that was a twist ( Live feeders were HOH next week): who would you put up??? (If one of the mom’s won POV, then the third place mom was to be put up…) I would put up Dereck and Cody.


That should read: “Noms” not moms ..sorry autocorrect…Lol but the pun is kind of funny too! Lol


If we could be hoh like bbcan2 id nominate christine and frankie. Id love to see hayden win. I really dislike Victoria, Christine, Nicole and caleb.

Shake It Up

Liking the BBCan Twist! If America nominated, I would definitely vote to put up Derrick, then either Frankie or Cody. Since the house is starting to get a feel for Frankie’s rat behavior, I would let the house deal with him later and nominate Cody with Derrick. Frankie if C or D win POV.


Nicole wines a lot like grow up and derricks getting annoying.

Belives everything she hears

Caleb is Fantasmagorical! I heard that he traveled back in time and single handedly rescued everyone on the Titanic. It couldn’t have been easy swimming in those frigid temperatures with only 4% body fat! Amazing!


Wait… Is Amber African-American?


she is half african american and half german


That doesn’t add up – half African and half German maybe?
African American is two parts.


African-American isn’t two parts. It means that you’re of African descent but you don’t know which African country your ancestors came from because of the slave trade. So you’re African by ethnicity and American by nationality. Amber’s simply biracial: black and white (going by German people’s skin colour)


Clearly. What white girl do you know has olive skin?


I am ready for Brit to depart. She just plays the “poor me, I have kids, I am divorced,I have sacrificed soooo much to be here” card one too many times for me. Cut her loose like a deuce so she does not have to go to jury…..


So Frankie openly admits to people in his alliance that he lies all the time and that doesn’t throw up a red flag for them? The dumbest move to make was not nominating Caleb. I’m not saying it was a power move because VICTORIA’s won more comps than him but it was the smartest. Why are they trying to keep them until jury? If anything I’d want the so called ‘floaters’ in the jury because they could be easily swayed. Does Cody really think he’ll have Caleb’s vote in the end? WRONG, he’ll have derrick’s vote. Caleb plays with his heart in his sleeve & mind changes with the wind. Cody isn’t honestly thinking about taking Derrick to the final 2 is he?? I’m not even rooting for anyone in particular anymore just someone with a brain and eyes that can comprehend what’s happening in the house! HEADS UP TO WHOEVER get as many people out from that ‘alliance’ + Nicole as you canb/c as we’ve seen with both the guys and girls this season is full of catty insecure people. They won’t vote for you in the end solely based on that one time they walked by and you forgot to tell them how nice their hair looked. MARK MY WORDS this is going to be a BITTER jury, everyone always gets so butthurt over everything already. Dumb move Cody should’ve taken out Caleb when you had a prime chance, it’s like all the stars were perfectly aligned, there wasno way he wouldn’t get sent home. You’ll be kicking yourself in the butt , no pun intended, for the rest of your life when you realize you just handed a $500,000 check to your so called bestie Derrick who just so happens to be ‘besties’ with everyone in the house and is everyone’s superhero for getting out ‘devil Devin’ & oh did your best friend forget to tell you about his secret identity? how he’s an undercover cop, so he plays people like him all the time? Oh he did forget, whoops must’ve slipped his mind!


This is getting boring, watching the testosterone take out the outsiders. There needs to be a twist soon or Derrick will run away with the prize. I am very disappointed in Cody. He gains nothing putting Donny on the block. Good for Derricks game, good for Caleb but bad for him. Derrick is running things. He ran Nicole’s nominations, and now Cody’s. Cody, Zack and Frankie need Brittany because she is the only person that would put up Derrick. Once she is gone, Caleb will target Cody out of jealousy. He is the one that should have gone on the block instead of Donny. Zack and Cody knew it, but Cody let Derrick talk him out of it. My prediction is that Cody is the first guy to go. Probably even before Caleb. What a dummy!

I liked Christine week one, but she is steadily going down in my opinion. She is letting the guys shield her, but being such a super fan, she should realize that she is the bottom of the pecking order in her alliance. She says she is loyal to Nicole and Hayden, but her actions don’t back that up. Once Donny, Jacosta, Brittany are gone, Nicole is going to be the target.and there won’t be enough numbers to keep her safe. How is she planning to make it to the end when she is the last girl left with all the big guys? Especially when Christine hasn’t done well at any competitions so far. Doesn’t she remember what happened to Brittany and the Brigade?

Derrick and Frankie don’t lose an opportunity to try to make Donny look bad. Donny sees what is happening but nobody is listening to him until they find themselves on the block and its too late. I really want Donny to get a coup de etat to shake things up. Take both noms off the block and put up Derrick and Frankie.

As for the big alliance, it is a stupid move. Yeah, they will all probably make jury, but then what? Then it comes down to competition wins. The way things are going Victoria, Jacosta, Donny, Amber, Nicole and Hayden go in that order. Then Christine. We will end up with Cody, Zack, Derrick, Caleb and Frankie as final 5. Boring! I want someone to grow a pair and stop voting with the house, which seems to be the way the game is played since last season. Once they have to turn on each other, I see Derrick cruising to the end. He can win competitions and I don’t think Cody, Zack or Frankie will ever put him up as a target. Derrick would put any of them up and they are too dumb to see it. Nobody in the house will win unless Derrick goes. I liked him before he was HOH, but not anymore, He is playing the best game, but it’s all so one sided that I am losing interest.

I do like Zack more and more because he is unpredictable and I like Hayden too. None of the girls have done anything to gain my respect, so those two and Donny are the only ones I hope will win. There needs to be a shake up. The double HOH made people scared to put up who they needed to get out and forced them to put up people that aren’t really threats. I hope the twist ends on Thursday.


Somebody the other day on this site mentioned reading this as a morning newspaper and that’s what I do. And this summary had some some real gems.

Nicole says that Caleb is so embarrassing. Christine says its all because of Amber.
(UM that doesn’t explain why he calls himself Beastmode Cowboy. So maybe he’s just embarrassing because his delusional ,ridiculous, and has so self awareness)

I’ll ask her if she wants to go AND if she doesn’t want to go I will drop kicker in the face and she can pay for her own food. Then I will post on face book who what’s to go on a cruise.. do you know how many girls will want to go with me.
(Let’s just say he isn’t going to drop kick her in her face for real. Smash a banana in her face etc etc. I don’t know too many MEN who even would verbalize or joke like that.Oh I forgot about Spencer. Either way, that’s pretty f*cked up. But this is the same person admitting he ate a damn fly and didn’t even go on Survivor so maybe I just don’t “get” him and his brand of romance and courting. But he seems to have some ingredients to a making of a LIfetime Movie. They can cast Spencer as his best friend)

Nicole says that she can’t trust Victoria. I can’t trust people that are always happy.
( Really? I could have sworn Victoria was catty and whiny just like you but maybe you have been having conversations with a Victoria cut out in your petty bashing sessions)

Mister E

If Nicole can not trust someone who is happy all the tiem, then do not forget who is the happiest in the house and is always grinning like a kid on christmas. That would be Hayden who she seems to trust and like more than anyone in the house


America likes weak people. They hate strong players like Devin, Caleb, Amber and Brittany. That is why America is crumbling. Weak people like nicole, christine, zach and cody are loved.


Totally agree!!


I’m glad you agree with yourself “Anonymous”


What utter BS – Christine et al are thoroughly disliked by most people here & on other BB sites & none of Devin, Caleb, Amber & Brittany are strong players


Agree 100%. Sick of all the whiners in here, they relate to the weak players on the show.


And how exactly are Hayden & Nicole number one in the favorite bb16 alliance poll? What have they ever done that’s mirrors what an alliance even remotely is? All they do is kiss under the covers… really, that’s what makes them the best alliance. Nicole might as well be the pillows on the couch, she is useless, & I almost have to fast forward her parts on the CBS show because her voice is so eww. ‘ STAWWUUP HAAYDUN’ & when she put up Donny ‘ I DOON’T KNOW THIS JOWST SOOUKKS’ no, what sucks is how people like you for no apparent reason, she is on the same level as Christine as they both partake in these unnecessary bashing sessions, I mean Nicole has no type of personality or brain so she literally had nothing going for her except her long blonde hair which’ll probably get her far in this house. I thought Hayden was going to be one of my favorites but the moment he sold his soul to Derrick & Frankie & became invested in Nicole for no apparent reason was when I just gave up. All I’m saying is to be an alliance you have to make moves or at least plan to make moves, the only thing they plan is when to have their next makeout seshh.


I think it’s because there aren’t any good alliances in the house. Most of them are fake, and the real ones have people I don’t like in them. I automatically dislike any alliance with; Frankie, Nicole, Christine, Caleb, Derrick, Brittany, Jocasta, or Victoria. If Hayden, Donny, Cody, and Zach had a legitimate alliance, I would be on board. I think Donny tried to put it together, but he is the only one that’s serious about it.


It’s sad to see somebody work so hard to stay in the game, even though she’s knows she’s going home. Especially when there are people who do nothing but talk so much hate. Christine has no game outside being a c*nt an it pisses me off that Brittany is going.

She hardly knows about Big Brother and she wants to be there more then some of these obvious fans of the show. My heart breaks for her, but that’s the game unfortunately.


I have been watching BB since the very first episode and no season was, or probably ever will be, as bad as BB15. That being said, this could turn out to be the second worst season unless some major moves get made soon. I also think Brittany should get some kind of reward/compensation for completing her task and hoping that Donny or Zach wins HOH this week as I think they would both the only two to some bold moves and shake up the house. Would love to see the pink-headed Q-tip or Christine go this week as they are equally annoying, and I hope Derrick finally gets caught talking out of both sides of his mouth.


I also think BB9 & 12 are still worse than this season.


I’m not sure why people always say ‘we have the numbers’.If they’re up against their own ally after pov, their allies will still have to vote one of their numbers out. They’d have to have the numbers AND all the power all the time for the plan to go 100 percent as planned. So ‘we have the numbers’ is BS.


OMG, I’m so sick and tired of Frankie and Zach taking over the HOH Room (it’s like they’re Amanda/McCrae this season)!!!! Even though I do not like Cody, he need to tell them to get out and let him enjoy the HOH alone until Thursday!! Watch, if Donny win HOH this Thursday, they’re going to be his best friends in the house, try to eat up all his snacks with Derrick trying to be Puppet Master again…but Donny’s no fool! I want to see Frankie and Christine on the block, Derrick would be the replacement nom, and there’ll be tears/backstabbing galore!!!!!


Zach doesn’t always take over the HOH, that is BS. its Cody’s HOH. you think he should just not benefit from that huge bed? cmon.


if cody had a problem with it he’d tell them. he already told them the other night he wanted to sleep alone and they let him.


I know we all want the opposite but cbs will continue to give nichole and hayden a good edit.


Caleb never ceases to suprise me….

It’s getting pretty crazy at this point.

Random Question Guy

Are there any smokers this season?


no.. some chew tobacco though

Boxer Mom

People, stop complaining! There’s still al lot of people in the house. So what if there’s a big alliance, and they’re picking everyone off one by one? I mean only one person can go each week. It will get good. Just hang in there.


Exactly only 3 people have been evicted. It will be fun to see the stronger players go at each other. Zach will eventually explode on someone, it could be anyone.


Really Caleb!!!!!! Donny is front runner for America favorite houseguest. He deserve more than everyone else.


Donny deserve America favorite houseguest


ZACH ATTACK/DONNY HOH. that would open up the side of the house that needs to open up. Zach must be forced into a room with Donny. he grows on people. he just may find himself a real ally to help him get further. they can take derrick out

at the least, Zach talks so much, that he will simply tell Donny that derrick is running every alliance worth mentioning in the house