It’s time for people to get doing something before we don’t have the numbers to do something -Donny

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-21 17-50-33-130
5:30pm Kitchen Christine, Frankie, Nicole, Derrick, Donny and Victoria
THey are laughing about Brittany spending all her time with Cody. Christine and Franke say Brittany doesn’t know Cody doesn’t get a vote. Hayden points out the dishes have really gone down since DEvin has gone.
Frankie, Donny, Derrick and Hayden leave.
Christine starts bashing Amber/Brittany the rest of the girls jump in. They are royally pissed that Brittany is spending all her time in the HOH.
Christine – ‘This pisses me off because she’s going to be with Cody all week”
Victoria – that doesn’t help anything

Christine – It just irritates the crap out of me.. She is so mean
Christine – She’s not very nice.. she’s so mean.. “
Christine tells Victoria all these “mean” things she’s said to her earlier in the day. (Brittany has been making some snide remarks about Victoria taking so long to get ready for the POV ceremony etc etc. comparable to the things, Zach, Christine and Frankie have said)
Nicole – Hate her
Victoria – Hate her
Christine – she’s mean
Victoria – She’s so vicious at least my hair doesn’t look like a birds nest every single morning.
Christine says she hates Jocasta but she can’t remember why she thinks this.
Victoria calls theses girls so boring, brings up Jocasta telling her how much she’s grown. “B1tch you don’t know me”
Christine and Victoria mention how Britney is a mother of 3 but doesn’t act very mature.
Nicole says she knows mothers that are more mature at 22. Nicole says Brittany is mad at her for taking the POV away. Victoria Says she’s pissed at her for winning it.
They agree Brittany will go home none of them are going to flip their vote, “Nobody is going to vote out Donny” they have Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Victoria, Jocasta and Nicole’s vote on lock.
They agree Sucking up to Brittany to reduce drama and prevent her from stirring up sh1t isn’t something that is going to happen this week
Christine – “Once Veto over I’m done with her”
Christine calls Brittany a Catty girl, “Guys fall for her because she’s so pretty… she’s use to getting everything she wants and her parents gave her everything”
They wonder what is going on in the HOH bed because Brittany has been up there all day/night.
Christine – “she would do him in a heartbeat if there wasn’t any cameras”
Christine keeps saying how she’s so pissed at cody and Brittany cuddling.
Nicole wonders if they have kissed
Christine says she thinks Cody is smarter than that but he’s a guy and she’s a pretty girl
Victoria – she’s a vicious person.. its so funny those catty comments are pathetic and that is how they come out on Camera”
Christine says Brittany has Amber and Caleb wrapped around her little finger.

BB16-2014-07-21 18-14-10-891

6:15pm Donny and Jocasta
Talking about the bible while Donny does his HOH power lifts.
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BB16-2014-07-21 18-38-15-237

6:36pm Hammock Christine and Zach
Zach says he just came from the HOH and Cody/Britany are passed out
Christine – At least they aren’t doing something else
Zach jokes “they did that already”
Christine goes on about how Brittany is up Cody’s butt. CHristine adds that Brittany has no idea how to play the game she’s trying what she did with Devin on Cody
Zach points out nobody will probably be voting to keep Brittany.
Christine says she has a feeling they will have 11 jury members and this week it’s double eviction with the BOB twist ending.
Zach – I hate this BOB thing because most likely i’m going up
Christine- Me to
Zach – I don’t’ think there will be a bob this week
Christine says amber is so pissed right now
Amber joins them.

BB16-2014-07-21 18-52-59-882

6:48pm Hammock Victoria and Christine
Christine mentions that Brittany is still up in the HOH with Cody and it’s driving her nuts. “She’s going to do the same thing she did with Devin but it’s not going to work”
Victoria – Why doesn’t he tell her
Christine – he’s too nice
(Christine won’t stop talking about this)
7:00pm Victoria and Christine (moments before Amber was with them talking as soon as she leaves the bashing starts)
Victoria – Her tone frustrates me so much”
Christine – “oh my gosh”
Christine says Amber keeps saying she’s board “Please stop saying that you are in the big brother house this is my dream… you’re pissing me off everytime you say that”
Victoria – her tone is so not genuine
Christine – every sentence she says has to be about her
BB16-2014-07-21 19-05-33-223
7:03pm Bathroom Amber and Jocasta
Amber doesn’t know who she’s voting for she’s friends with Donny but doesn’t know.
Amber says she was once close to Donny she thinks by tomorrow she’s going to talk to Donny. She doesn’t want to talk to him today because it’s been such an overwhelming day for him and she’s sure everyone has been wanting to talk.
Amber says she feels like Donny is targeting her.
Jocasta says Donny used the POV on her she doesn’t know how the world will view her if she voted him out. Amber says Donny has proved that he will use the veto to save people.
Amber says yesterday was a rocky day for her because she doesn’t’ feel like she can trust anyone. She she’s not trusting people to just talk to them, even non game.
Jocasta “I really miss my church”
Amber – “I really like my church out here.. Mosaic”
She talks about all the church functions they do, “It’s very welcoming.. it’s none denominations I love it”

BB16-2014-07-21 19-26-05-665
7:24pm Backyard Nicole and Donny
Donny tells her if he survives this week they name names. Nicole agrees tells him she will do everything she can to keep him safe. She will make sure of it he survives the week. Donny thanks her says he’s planning on keeping his mouth shut.
Donny tells her they need to start “doing something if things keep going the way they are going they won’t enough people to “Do something”. Once 4 people go they don’t have the numbers anymore. Donny points out flipping the house and taking the power will be very good for their Families watching back home. Donny says if he wins HOH he’s telling everyone to not come up if they do I will nominate them. Donny is going to talk to Cody and find out who was behind putting him up as a pawn.
He points out that right now he’s in the worst spot you can be in so he can’t do a thing.
Nicole suggests Donny was nominated because they didn’t think he had a chance to go now.
Nicole leaves and Victoria joins him. She tells him there is no need for him to campaign she’s not voting against him. Victoria starts talking about her father dodging the draft in Israel that is why she was born in brooklyn. Feeds flip to another camera

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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where in the hell did they find these girls (nicole, christine, victoria), maybe big brother needs to cast all pretty girls so that way the ones that arent gorgeous dont turn into jealous vicious monsters so hard to watch!


It’s so hard to support some of the girls when they sit around and dog one another like c’mon! All it does is make the guy’s game so much easier. I already didn’t like Nicole and Christine but Victoria is steadily making the list.


Someone drank some HATER-ADE! Christine is so obnoxious. Where is laryngitis when you need it? Lol.


half the time chrisstine looks like a drowned rat and brit can still look good without sleep she is so jealous its hilariously pathetic!

BB messed up

What a mess these girls are. Just so dumb. And bitchy.

The line that shows what a mess Christine is: “I hate Jocasta but I can’t remember why I think that”. Her husband must be mortified


Imagine her boss can’t be too happy over her actions. Wonder what her customers must be thinking.


In her defense, I think what the transcript was meaning was that Christine said that she thinks “Brittany doesn’t like Jocasta, but she can’t remember what makes her think that…” I had to re-read that about 4 times for it to make sense, but that’s what I took from that. 🙂 …. But yes, still disheartening how vicious and catty these girls are being. Especially because I really want to root for Nicole.


Christine, Frankie, Nicole, and Victoria are definitely this season’s mean girls (aka The Bitches of Eastwick or Eatdick,,,take your pick). They are jealous, lousy, obnoxious, and ultimate catty girls! Christine, get a makeover from Tyra Banks ASAP; Frankie need Dr. 90210 like yesterday so his face could look like a normal guy…not someone on meth; Nicole need to just give in to Hayden and have that stick taken out of her ass; and Victoria, you almost look like Kim Kardashian…NOT!!!! You look like Alice the Goon with that big ass schnozzola of yours! Amber, Btittany, Joey, and Paola aka Pao Pao are ten times more beautiful than you four dried up pseudo human beings…get over yourselves, whores!


Are you complaining about the girls being mean??? Judging by your post, it doesn’t seem like you have a problem with saying hateful things. Or is it okay as long as the mean people are attractive?

Yes, they are jealous and bitchy……… but you’re worse.


christine x nicole x victoria = JEALOUS. this is the easiest math in the house now.


Christine AKA pinocchi-nose is the worst of the three, she is as ugly inside is she is outside.


Does Christine have a crush on Cody? Is this really why she is angry with him & Britt cuddling?


Oh yes, gonzo def has a crush on Cody. Hes probably the best looking guy that ever spoke to her in her life so shes crushing hard.


I mean, honestly, what must her husband think? My husband is the most understanding, easygoing person I’ve ever met, but I read him that part about Christine b*tching over and over about Brittany being w/Cody and asked what he would think if that were me. He said: “I’d be wondering why in the heck do you care so much about a guy who is NOT your husband. Then again, I would’ve been pretty bothered with you all snuggled up in bed with that guy.” (referring to Christine cuddling with Cody)

BB Lover

I really do think she is in love with him, she is pathetic. Nicole is fake, and Victoria is a wannabe princess!


And how can nicole think Amber is such a liar, when Christine her closest ally was in an alliance and didnt bother to mention it until it was about to come out? Hate catty girls! Where are the janelle’s, and even rachels? Strong, powerful confident women are more entertaining to watch (brittany, even though shes annoying, her feisty confidence is entertaining to watch). Weak, insecure, bitchy girls are no fun to watch! Eughhhh!


I like Rachel, but she was not confident at all. She target all the girls at her first Season.
Dannielle Donato was a strong women


Danielle; who was always saying ‘It’s not fair’… her whiny voice? That is a strong woman?


Janelle was one of the strongest women to ever play BB.


WOW!!!! Christine is as ugly inside as she is outside. Sorry Christine, while beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone!!! What a obnoxious bitch.


That’s it, just LMAO


I hate that f’ing bitch so much, I usually change the camera when she’s on.

grizzle t

Its official cristine is the most jealous bitch on BB. victoria is just glad they are not talking about her anymore. i hate female drama!

the beautifulpeople cleansing the world one ugly inscure person at a time

those three girls seriously need to hear themselves. Christine and Nicole have become the catty bitch bullies they claime that have antagonized them in high school. And Victoria I wouldn’t get buddy buddy with those two once your on the block again within five days, you will be complaing about why they are mean to you again smh

Suzy SunShyne

Ironic these girls making hateful and catty remarks calling someone else catty and hateful.


I don’t even remember Amber or Britt saying rude personal things on any of the girls in the house.

Christine is a very ugly, empty, person inside.


Ironic that you and everyone else here are making comments that these people are catty and hateful when you guys are just as catty and hateful if not more

Suzy SunShyne

Hey Ironic! If I was to say something rude and hateful like those girls were, I would probably refer to them as the nerd herd or comment on made up things they really weren’t doing. However, I am making a observation that these girls were being hateful and catty about girls that don’t even sink to that level. What they accuse the other two of are exactly what they are doing. Ironic…don’t ya think!


Well, it’s not so much irony as it is hypocrisy, but whatever.

smd nicole

best alliance ever would be donny nicole hayden and jocasta!!!!! well maybe not jocasta but she could just be an extra number

Caleb has poopy pants

Really? What will Nicole bring to the table?


I would prefer to be by myself them to be with Nicole and Hayden.


These chick’s are so full of them selfes talking behind ppl all the time grow up be mature your on national tv for god sakes. Leave the catty ness alone win comps win Hoh so u could get the ppl you don’t want/like out simple as that. So far CBS did a messed up job with these season cuz it sucks. Just my opinion


Why is Christinemad about Brit going upstairs to visit Cody? Isn’t she married? She is a mean m earn girl.

Oh Donny No!

Pure loathsome jealousy, and a small, small little heart. She can’t understand that maybe Cody likes Brittney and they might want to spend a little time without the drama.


Christiane was thinking the guys brought her to the BOMB Squad, because they found her the most attractive girl in the house. And she is exploding to see Brittany is on the HOH bed again..

I know. she is even married. Who knows what kind of marriage they have. She is a nudist. She probably bangs with anybody.


Donny… Cody for putting you up!!!!!

Caleb Puts The Lotion In the Bucket

They better give Ratine the edit she deserves. Brit isn’t an angel but she’s done nothing in this house so far that’s been as bad as Christine’s behavior in this post. Beat it Rat.


They should just take the girls and put them in a separate house. Instead of competing, they should just make catty comments ALL DAY LONG. Christine should be happy with that.


All this Bashing? Wait? Am I watching Big Brother? Ok just checking! 😛


TL;DR: Christine is obsessed with Brittany and won’t shut up about her.


Christine is THE worst. I am laughing because in her pre-season interviews she was saying how she was really nice, but she is the rude one. She’s a fucking floater too, she hasn’t won any competitions and is letting the boys carry her along while she sits there being a rat. She’s literally Andy 2.0.

Oh Donny No!

Great, poor Donny just put a nail in his coffin. Nicole will tell either Hay-dum or Ratine, then off to Don Derrick. And BOOM, out the door Donny goes.
At least, the sisters grim, Ratine, Nicole, Vic-tm, would have something nice to look forward to, ya know if their best buddy, Brittney stays.

Captain Crunch

Christine is so annoying all she does is talk shit about people then when they come in the room she has nothing to say. I cant wait till the she goes home, its obvious she’s jealous of amber because she doesn’t get attention like amber does.

Big Jim

These girls make it easy for them guys. They are getting picked off one by one and all they do is talk shit about each other. Then one leaves another comes and they do ?the same thing about ?the one who just left. Sad..


I’m not sure why Donny is trusting Nicole unless something hasn’t been shown on the live feeds for him to feel comfortable to show his cards. Christine made an ironic comment about Jacosta. If you don’t know why you hate her then why would you even bring it up. I believe she thinks since the feeds are on she displaying her acting skills. LOL

Lady D

Christine is now officially tied with Spencer for WORST house guest ever. I don’t understand why she is being so awful to Brit and Amber. They act as thought Brittney has had some charmed life, but I would wager that she struggled way more than Christine ever has- being a single teenage mother is no cake walk. I am happy that Brittney will be going home this week, if only to save her from any more bullying- the girls in that house (Amber and Jocasta excepted) are disgusting human beings. I hope to see Christine walk out that door next- unfortunately, I have a feeling that she will be around for a loooong time.

Caleb has poopy pants

Well, when she starts putting her hand down her pants, we will know for sure if she’s related to good ol Spence.


Oh c’mon. Don’t try to make Brittany into some sympathy case. She got knocked up at 17. So what. She was in a rap video, has visited the Playboy mansion on multiple occasions, has an actor boyfriend (or just a guy she’s dating) who she can’t name for privacy reasons, drives a BMW, and went on a TV show she had never even heard of before she was recruited….all things that have came straight from her mouth. She’s not a struggling soccer mom.


Christine is complaining that all Amber does is talk about herself. I would much rather listen to that than hear Christine bashing people behind their backs.
Also maybe Brittany knows she is going home and is spending time with people that are actually decent toward her. I also can see her convincing Cody to go after people like Christine and Frankie.


Nicole been around Hayden and Christine to much, I really don’t think she would be acting/talking like this if she didn’t have people in her ear. If she was being all sweet she would be on there list to be voted out. Not liking how she playing but still have hope 4 her if she realiz Christine a rat.


Do you have video the 3 mean girls talking all this crap about Brittany?

Take that Christiane… you are pissed because you are ugly and you wanna be in bed with Cody,

And Christiane is even married.

Remember Christiane is a nudist. She was naked when they filmed her at he house… all the crew member saw her naked.

I would die for Brittany to stay this week, only to see Nicole and Ratine`s reaction

Bees Knees

I wonder how Amber and Brittany will react to what was said about them when they’re outside the house. I feel bad for Amber because she’s been nice to them.


The guys have been guilty of exactly the same thing the girls are doing right now so I don’t think we should cross it off as cattiness considering that’s a trait that generally is attributed to girls alone. The guys (excluding Donny) are as bad, if not worse in this department. The girls are being mean but Brittney has actually been surprisingly bitchy to a lot of the house from what I’ve seen for some time so I understand the anger.


I do think Christine is jealous to a ridiculous degree though considering she’s in a core alliance (The Detonators), she needs to chill because that it pure bitterness she’s spewing right there.


What is Donny doing talking to Nicole about alliances. He would be wise to lay low until Thursday, It would just be reported back to Derrick and the ones in power. I hope he doesn’t ruin it for himself.


These girl are horrible how twofaced they are, Christine is ugly and mad about it, They hate Amber and Brittany because of their looks.. She said she Hates Jocasta , but could not remember why????? She is a very hateful person


Random thought that just popped into my head today

Do you think that when Victoria came out crying, production let it slip about the conflict going on in the Middle East between Palestine and Israel and that’s why she was very emotional and didn’t want production to get fired….and ended up telling Zach who is also Jewish. And he wanted to confirm, but was told by production that he couldn’t tell anyone else as it would be providing them outside information????

Also I finally realized that the POV competition results was related to the World Cup…I know im slow 😀 but the trip to Germany, the German unitard, the penalty kicks and the 2400 goals.


I’ve been thinking along similar lines for the Victoria/DR drama. However, my blonde must be showing through because I completely missed the World Cup connection. Thanks for the insight.


Germany won the world cup, so they based the prizes around that and the FIFA world cup in general 🙂

Boxer mom

Christine is so UGLY! Both outside and in!


Christine’s family must be so embarrassed. What a sad and pathetic person she is. SMH.


Its funny, Christine said she was bullied in school. I think Christine was the bully. I like to hear what her former classmates have to say about her.


She was probably bullied by beautiful girls in school and she’s projecting that onto Amber and Brittany where she has some power now. I’m not saying they’re particularly nice, but they don’t deserve the nastiness from Christine especially, who they haven’t really wronged particularly harshly.


Similar to why many cops are assholes & bullies – they were formerly bullied & now have the power to do the same thing (worse) to people who have no recourse

Sausage in Nicole's Unitard

I’m poking out a bit in the picture with Donny above? Can you see me?

Just Sayin

Not that I am defending them….but there’s a ton of “commenters” here that are acting just as bad as these girls. Calling them insulting names, degrading their appearance, etc etc. I guess the girls deserve it since they did it first, hmm? It’s kind of funny to see people judging others’ behavior by exhibiting that exact same behavior themselves. lol


Is it just me or is Christine a bit racist? Every time when someone upset her…it’s always…them (Devin, Amber, And now Jocasta). Hope she doesn’t turn out to be another Aaryn!!!


I hate Hayden. Earlier he said he wanted to murder that bitch in reference to amber because she pranked him. Seriously you want to murder another human being for that? Nicole was with her too and he didn’t seem to have an issue with her. He actually deserves to be punched for that comment.


I’m not a fan of Hayden, but lets not go overboard – I expect it was said in jest/irritation. Have you never said you’d like to “kill” someone when they do something annoying or “funny”. It’s just a saying.


Us girl watching this hate girls like these mean spirited, catty, insufferable, nasty, witchy, ratty wenches, and its exactly why we dont stick together- why align with these bitches? Christine you are the worst of them. You werent bullied, the cool girls just didnt like you in school and this is why.


This whole conversation is a perfect example of what “some” girls do to each other… They truly are their own worse enemy, especially this motley crew… Christine, dang, I just watched a video on YouTube with her talking about God and how blessed she was, what a contradiction to her “real” personality. I can’t watch this season, sorry, don’t want the feeds and knew two episodes in, I wasn’t buying in to this season. Last year’s cast was the straw that broke my BB habit and I have been a fan since Season 1.

Michael from Canada

Don’t even worry about it Christine… Cody’s not gonna bang you either way.


Christine is a jealous, ugly bitch. have you seen that noise that looks like the evil witch of the west. It’s obvious that no guy in the house thinks she is cute, except they are letting her in their alliance cuz she will do anything for them and they are using her.

production rigged it

I used to think Rachel was the cattiest most jealous girl I had ever seen on BB, but Christine has taken that title over now. It’s unbelievable how she keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on oh sorry just like Christine I couldn’t stop. The ugly ones are always jealous of the pretty ones. I mean saying that you hate a minister in Jocasta but you can’t remember why, come on. Nicole, Victoria and Frankie who may be the biggest girl of them all are just as pathetic. They’re all a bunch of rats and chicken sh!ts, Cody included who chickend out at the last minute and put Donny up. It’s funny how Victoria is talking to Zach all the time and he’s talked more sh!t about her than anybody. On a side note I can’t stand Hayden either he’s just as bad as the girls hating on Amber and Caleb all time. I’m not saying I like Caleb but he would mop the floor with Hayden if they weren’t inside the house.


It’s just sad to see that these girls (Christine, Nicole, and victoria) think they are way “mature” than brittany while all they do is sit around and starts gossiping about Brittany. Like Brittany is atleast mature enough because she’s 29 and raising 3 kids of her own and she doesn’t give up. Like theses girls (Christine, Nicole, and victoria) remind me of last season (aaryn. Gina Marie, and Kaitlin) tearing down these girls. Just leave brittany alone and stop gossiping about her because she already knows she’s going home just let her spend the rest of the days in the house the way she would like. Even brittany doesn’t gossip about Christine or even Nicole.

I thought Christine and Nicole would be better than that but you know big brother got in their head and all. I’m honestly been a team brittany fan since day #1. Besides Christine you should be worrying about yourself because once jury hits I doubt you’ll make it to the final 3. And Nicole I use to be a big fan of you but once you be saying all these stuff likes “why is brittany complaining about all these goals she has to make” or “spending the time with Cody” that just says something.


Evil-Gay-Clown is on Team America #shameful

Christine is DISGUSTING in every possible sense of the word. Victoria and Nicole are full fledged airheads.

Ball-less Cody, conniving Derrick, infinitely boring Caleb, infinitely evil Frankie, hateful Hayden… you simply CANNOT but love Donny for all he is in the house and in general.


I know it’s impossible not to love Donny who is idiotically trusting the worse people in the house.


Christine=Leader of the Nerd Herd 2.0


Each night I watch BBAD all I see is that fat a$$ cow Victoria doing her make-up. Listen you ugly b#tch, there isn’t enough make-up in the world to make you look good. Same goes for the witch Christine and ugly a$$ Nicole. Just venting since all they talk about are a couple of my favs, Brittany and Amber.


Wow I never seen a married woman worry so much about a guy that wasn’t her husband. I’m confused I don’t know who Christine is obsessed with more Cody or Britney? which one is it Christine? u wish u were Britney rite now or u wish Cody would spend all his time with u that’s probably why u want Britney out first Britney then Amber then u got Cody all to ur self. guess what Christine he still wouldn’t want u Christine.


Christine, Nicole and Victoria are the most disgusting, jealous, obnoxious, and ultimate catty girls in BB history. Please have a twist this week from the activity monitors that saves Brit and Donny this week.


“Omg this person is such an ugly person. How can they be so judgemental? All they do is talk sh!t. Haters.” – Y’all need to like go outside and go on a walk before you cast stones. Chillllllll


At first i like nicole but as the times pass. Hate her.
They hate brittany but they keep on floating (christine the rat, floating nicole) , and derick keeps on manipulating the nominations just like amanda(bb15). Cant there be a reset button or pandoras box in which codys noms will be null and void


It’s really sad that Nicole and Hayden are going to go far in this game when they have done nothing! They are just an ugly couple.


Christina’s hatefulness started with Devin. So don’t attribute her latest hate targets to cattiness. It’s just in her nature to be obsessively twisted about people. Also don’t forget this is as much a social experiment as it is a game. It brings out the worst in many, and these bitter players really have started seeing themselves as victims. Nicole and Christine feel targeted by Britney, and Victoria really was bad mouthed by everybody and at this point is just projecting her frustration about it all. I’d say the guys were much more needlessly vicious about Victoria than these girls are about Brittany. Frankie behaves like he’s victorias best bud but said some very hurtful things behind her back, even bringing up the Israeli army. Also, it’s oppressive to all woman when viewers assume that the negativity is due to jealousy about physical appearances. I doubt Christina cares about that sort of thing, as her hatred is also directed at average looking people like Jocasta. Besides I would hardly classify Brittany and Amber as great beauties. Mostly hot bodies with cute faces. I’ve known much better looking people, some very beloved by everyone bc they were good people. Brittany is not a nice person. Amber is ok but somewhat shallow, and her gameplay looks somewhat shady although I think it’s not totally her fault. Caleb’s obsession is making everyone think she’s manipulative but I don’t think she did anything to bring that on.


I don’t even think that Victoria dislikes Brittney that much. She is just so desperate for a friend in the house that she will talk about her own mother if it made her feel like she belongs. Christine… I’m not even going to go there. Get a grip girl.