NicoleA “So I am done! That’s it! Damn!” Day “You’re literally a casualty to someone else’s game.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

1:25pm Lounge room. NicoleA, Kevin, Janelle, Kaysar
Nicole pulls people into the room. Kevin – should I get Bay? Janelle – I would NOT get Bay .. she is so upset right now.. she is PMS’ing right now. Nicole – should I just ask her? Janelle – no! I would not! Nicole – but this is it.. if she doesn’t come in here. Janelle – she just freaked out on me.. Kaysar – why? Janelle – she wouldn’t tell me but I think its NicoleF.. she said Nicole is after me .. are you after me now and now she is scared that she is in Nicole’s position too. She is pissed off at the situation. Nicole – I’m going to go see where she is at? Janelle – I WOULD NOT DO THAT! I would really not do that! Kaysar – just talk to her tomorrow. Nicole – I am f**ked then! They don’t seem willing …they would have come in here.. hesitation is not conviction. That’s it, I’m done. Bay is scared of something that is inevitable. Janelle – if you don’t want to take a stand that is fine but you have an opportunity. Nicole – GOOD LUCK! That is my message to everybody because YOU’RE ALL F**KED! I am going to sit at home and watch you all go out one by one and you better not cry to any of these cameras that you wish I was here because I am going to be sitting at home laughing… yeah b***hes you wish I was there! And when you’re in a comp facing off against him and these other beasts and you all lose.. you’re going to wish Nicole the sucky comp beast was here. Janelle – Nicole I am a vote for you to stay no matter what. Even if it is just me and Kevin. I am trying. These people aren’t banding together. They’re scared of being targets.

1:32am Nicole, Kaysar, Bay, Christmas, Janelle, Kevin.
Kaysar – my position is that we should save Nicole because.. I have nothing against David .. I love love love David. I think we can all agree on that. This is more about the longevity of our game play. Of the power that was created the first week that was aimed at taking out outcasts that were not part of the original alliance. So it is my hope that we can stay alive for a couple more weeks until we can figure out what to do next. It is in our best interest that we do not empower them based on sheer math and numbers. If we go into this next crap shoot game with one less person working with us and one more person working for them then that just diminishes our ability to stay alive. And we’re going to watch like every other season .. us getting picked off one by one as we bicker over whatever scraps are left. Janelle – its freaking all stars .. I don’t want them laughing at us. Kaysar – I don’t want to be in that position .. I didn’t leave my wife and kids to be picked off and be made a laughing stock and this has nothing to do with an emotional decision or else we’re going to make bad choices. I want to just be able to come together about one thing.. I know you might think this is early but it is not .. there are moments in a season where you can look back and go that is where they f**ked up! If we send her home, we are basically going to give them the edge with not only the votes to go forward but also the statistical advantage. If they get HOH they’re going to pick us off one by one!

Nicole – I do want to speak because I spoke to all of you. I was very pissed off at you two and I voiced it to all of you because I wasn’t sure where all this f**kery was coming from. But I will say that vote wise David really scared me when he said he had the votes locked in right after the veto. I wasn’t even sure how that was possible unless they are solid. Kaysar – they are solid. Nicole – and that’s why they’re getting mad at you. Janelle – they’re trying to get you scared so that.. Kaysar – if they haven’t shaken everyone of you down yet .. they will. Lets not get picked off. I don’t want to be another sheep for the slaughter. Nicole – I will repay anyone who gives me a vote. You guys know how loyal I am. Janelle – there are 7 of them. Bay – have you confirmed that he (Memphis) will break a tie in your favor? Janelle – he will, I’ll bring him down here. Bay – no, he will tell you that .. I need to hear it from her that is what he said. Nicole – and that is what scares me, he said he we would talk tomorrow. Janelle – he told me he was voting David out. Day – he said he would go eeny, meeny, miny, moe.. Kevin – he told me eeny, meeny, miny, moe .. he doesn’t give a f**k about us. Janelle – why would be lie to me though. Kaysar – lets just get this locked and then we can move onto the next milestone. Kevin – why does he give you guys the security but play us. Janelle – he is weird .. he doesn’t want an alliance till mid game. Day – I have a question .. I was talking to Janelle last night and she told me that she told you to play the safety suite. Why didn’t you take her advice? Nicole – I’m being honest.. we we were in the bathroom that night and we all said we’re good. I told Memphis as a show of faith I am not using it. If I win it next week, he would be my plus one. That was my initial offer. It was an asinine leap of faith.

Nicole – if I stay .. use me as a pawn or if they start coming after us because one of them wins offer me up. As long as I stay past this.. do what you need with me. I don’t know what else to offer .. my goose is cooked. If this doesn’t happen I will be really sad at home watching the rest of you go. Janelle – they have a really close bond because Enzo and Cody are friends, Tyler is new and NicoleF and Daniele are really good friends outside of this house. It was easy for them to connect faster than us. Nicole – what about Ian? Janelle – he is closer to NicoleF. Nicole – I am still very frustrated with you two (Janelle / Kaysar). Janelle – if they take a shot at us .. its me or him. I’m prepared. Day – my concern is the foundation of what you guys are trying to establish is very shaky .. I don’t like how it is being built. I was propositioned about this under the pretenses that they (Kevin & Christmas) were 100% locked in which is false.. I don’t like to be lied to. If I am going to trust you, we have to establish on trust. Kevin – and I have been omitted from conversations.. so if you’re asking for my support why have I been omitted from whole conversations? Kaysar – because this was not a for sure thing and we were just taking it day by day. We had to piece meal this whole thing. Nicole – I am upset that you didn’t include Kevin. I’ve said it multiple times. I am going to swallow my ego and because I do need all six of you. As frustrated as I am with you two (Janelle / Kaysar) I do need all six of you. I know the foundation is sh*t but please don’t throw me away because of all this bullsh*t. Kaysar – I don’t think the foundation is sh*t. This as you can see has never been formalized. Can we get a commitment? Can we work together? Nicole – at least for this vote? Christmas – so if we don’t know where he (Memphis) stands this puts everyone in a compromising position. Janelle – I talked to him today if it is 6 – 6 he is voting out David. Kaysar – how about this is contingent on getting that vote (Memphis tie breaker vote). Day – and tomorrow if its 6 – 6 and he (Memphis) votes to keep him (David) ..we’re (points around the room) f**ked .. and for what?! Kaysar – it is not going to happen. I promise you. Bay – don’t promise until you have it because that is how you lose peoples trust for good. Kaysar – lets talk tomorrow. Janelle and Kayar leave.

1:50am Day, Kevin, NicoleA, Bay and Christmas.
Nicole – I don’t know what to make of them (Janelle and Kaysar). Bay – and I don’t want you to take our reaction personal but the foundation of this is very shaky so what they’re asking if for us to throw our game on the line for them. Christmas – they’re (Janelle and Kaysar) are the top two on the pecking order. Nicole – if we were in a five person alliance .. with them as the two other votes.. just take them out of it. Christmas – we can’t .. its guilty by association because once you muddy the water and you get in it you get mud on you. Bay – and even if we were in a five person alliance.. the number to beat is six and if David stays that is seven. Christmas – and honestly Nicole if we were in an five person alliance you wouldn’t be sitting in that spot right there. Bay – because we wouldn’t have mislead you .. we would have told you to play safety. Nicole – so I am done! That is it! Damn! I appreciate all of you guys chatting really. Bay – I am sorry this is happening and that you’re in this position. Day – you’re literally a casualty to someone else’s game. Christmas – and Keesha was last week. Day – and this was dangerous as hell.. if anyone had seen this. Bay – if I told you I had a bad day and you seen me .. and you want to push push push .. if I pop off I am in an exposed position. I don’t appreciate being pushed to where I have to be the crazy person.. and we all know how that turned out on my season. I am trying to be zen-Bay! Kevin – and they (Janelle / Kaysar) never did anything to repair the week that they campaigned against me. Nicole – I could give a f**k if you four target them (Janelle / Kaysar). I don’t want them here. I don’t trust them. I already told all of you they’re my targets. I told them, they’re my targets. But from my biased stand point I need the six of you so I was going to try any thing I could. Thank you for chatting .. you can all go to bed .. its fine. Christmas – we love you, respect you and honor you. Nicole – its fine. Day – you are a casualty .. I do not want to be. I don’t want to be associated with them. This vote this week can be very crucial .. this coming HOH is very crucial.

2:10am – 3am Kevin and NicoleA.
Kevin – I really think there is some kind of.. Nicole – battle back?! That requires me to win a competition! Kevin – there might be still a chance but also you should be really proud of yourself. Kaysar and Janelle join them. Kevin – Christmas was making a point that by doing this we are clearly declaring sides. Kevin – for this to work you need to prove that you’re trustworthy. I think the weakest link is Christmas. She has the strongest links to the other side. Day also feels very secure. And Bay feels betrayed. Kaysar – if no one wants this.. cool. I’ve been trying to save you. Kevin – everyone thinks you’re connected to Memphis and it looks deceptive that she is on the block. It looked like she was the pawn and now she is going home. Kevin – they way you pitched sucked. Like low key. Like my job is pitching. Kaysar – I pitch all the time. Kevin – well then you made them feel small and insignificant. It came across that you’re frustrated. You have to understand their perspective. Saying its a numbers game .. makes them feel like you’re just using them. They feel used by you. Kaysar – then we don’t need to do it. Nicole – f**k it. Janelle – I am floating .. f**k it! Kaysar – somehow I’m made out to be a villain ..f**k it. Kevin – no one said a villain. They’re not trusting the angle you presented. Nicole – oh my god this is such a f**King joke. I wonder what Keesha and I will watch together.

3:18am – 3:40am Kitchen / Bathroom. Kevin and Day.
Kevin to Day – are you in an alliance with any of the other people? Day – who? Kevin – in the back room? Cody, NicoleF, Dani, etc? Day – no. In order for us to keep our sub alliances we need her to go home. She has to go. Its the only way to maintain both sides. Kevin – why? Day – Keeping David keeps me okay with them. If I am in a visible Janelle, Kaysar vote they’re going to cut me off. I am not about to do that to my game. She is in a full alliance with Janelle. I am not about to do that. She made that bed. Kevin -so moving forward. Nicole goes and we need to work with them? Day – I agree. I agree 1000%! Kevin – so we need to get Bay on board again. Day – I told Kaysar this week it is not going to happen.. but moving forward I want to work with you.

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Bayleigh's Tampon

It’s pretty clear everyone is jealous of Janelle.


Janellousy is a thing now, made it to the news…. Looks like Day has jumped on the Janelle hate train now too….. almost want Janelle to be AFP just to roast their jealous asses,lol


why would they? Everyone is younger and prettier than her.


Really, well she is my first pick of BB22 women to jump in my bed!

Not a fan of Plastics

Do you really believe the only reason women are jealous is looks or age, Janelle is successful, confident, likable, caring and independent. They can’t stand her because she doesn’t live by their compliments so she can’t die by their criticism.

Stella Smith

Amen Not a fan of Plastics. You said it all.


100% accurate


Younger and prettier does not equal better at the BB game; they’re terrible.


they are not even prettier though…

Stella Smith

Not really. They may be younger than she is, but they aren’t any prettier than she is and besides, I don’t think it’s the pretty that makes them jealous. They are jealous of her from way back in the day when she was such a comp beast. It’s their perception of her that makes them so jealous. They perceive her as this untouchable goddess and seems like no one can talk them out of it.

All Stars???

Janelle is known as a BB queen & comp beast.

We all know what Nicole Franzel is best known for, and it’s not her Comp skills. Dani is best known as Evel Dick’s spawn even though she won a lot of vetos. Bayleigh is known as Swaggy C’s woman. Memphis was Dan’s side piece and Cody was Derrick’s. Nicole A is remembered as a nice girl. David isn’t even remembered.

Yes, they are jealous. It shows every day.


At least Nicole has won a season of Big brother in the grand scheme of things I guess she is pretty good at competition especially in the overall arch of Big Brother. Nicole didn’t get nominated for over the 1st 90 days in Big Brother 18!!!

In Janelle‘s first two seasons she won six HOH and In Nicole’s first two seasons she won 5 HOH’s

Hell in season 18 Nicole was HOH twice and won two vetoes which was exactly what Janelle did to earn her spot as an all-star the first time Janelle was in Big Brother 6 she was twice HOH and won two Vetoes in season six!!! It doesn’t get any more comparable than that they won the exact same amount of competitions If you compare season 6 and season 18 for both of them!! Nicole comp skills cant that bad then!

I mean Davonne has played three seasons of big brother and has yet to win a single comp!!!! Yet she’s gets absolved as a worthy big brother competitor who’s an all-star of the game??

It doesn’t matter How much people don’t like Nicole she’ll always have big brother winner next to her name!
No Matter how much people complain about her it will always say she was a winner of big brother and people can yell and say she’s horrible and all this but she’ll always be a winner of the game big brother.
That’s more than a lot of people Can say about themselves Who either played Big Brother or followed this game!


True that I Think anybody wishes they could win big brother. And no matter what people have to give Nicole credit for winning a season of big brother. At least Nicole Franzel is a player Who earned her spot this season.

Team Janelle

Yes, Nicole’s mom. She won a season of big brother and wasn’t nominated for much of the season because everyone forgot she was there, hiding under the covers with Corey. LOL


Hey Janelles wanna be home girl haha if you think you know everything so well about big brother !!!
How about you dive in Janelles past seasons.

If I remember correctly it was Jenelle who lost twice because she got up in the wrong person aka wrong man Mike and Will oh snap !!!!! Will had girlfriend named ERIN Engine nail was routinely throwing her Alliance under the bus by keeping Will in the house because she was highly attracted to him !!! And even in season 6 Mike was hitting on all the women in the house and it got Janelle wrapped into hooking up with Mike in Gold room!!!

Because of her attraction men costed Janelle heavily in her first two seasons and has yet still never won big brother to show for it!!!!

I mean heck Janelle got in a shower with Will, boogie and Erica and did god knows what at that time!!!!
And if also you remember boogie referred it as a HO-mance with Erica.
Janelle got completely blinded by men the first two times she played and it costed her. Will had her twirled around his finger the whole season and had no intentions of pursuing anything and yet she was doing anything he wanted!! It was only because of Erica who convinced her to do it and evict Will because Erica was told by Chilltown the exact same things about their alliance to Janelle!!!

Hate to bust your feelings there sweetie pie it doesn’t work both ways your arguement about Janelle and her acquaintances and they did things too on the show haha

The difference between Janelle and Nicole is that Nicole won big brother.


Yea it’s pretty well established that Janelles attraction to Will in Big Brother 7 lead to the complete derision Of the S6 Alliance in Big Brother all-stars. For along time Janelle completely fed into Chilltown season at the cost of her alliance members S6 as well as her other potential allies aka Marceles and the remaining floaters.

And ultimately costed Janelle her own game in Big Brother 7 All Stars. Getting to the final 4 with Chilltown?!? In every sense That Is a horrible idea!!

Team Janelle

Lol I don’t really care about any of that. I just can’t stand ratcole. I don’t go through counting comps etc, because I truly don’t care. But thank you for the lifelong run down of big brother…..

Smitten Kitten

Ew, obsessed with Janelle much?

Watching Nicole F. manipulate Nicole A. and lie about Janelle was pretty disgusting.

Linguini Pants

It’s not her looks they’re jealous of. (HUGE eye roll.).

And yeah, they might be younger, but better looking? Hell no.


no true, lol. all the women there are ugly and nerdy Janelle is the only hot one. if u legit think christmas and nicole f are hotter, u need some meds!!! LOL


Keesha is the pretty one


You’re crazy! Younger? And? What does that even mean? Prettier? No way! Janelle is one of the most beautiful women to ever play BB.


Lisa Donahue And Keesha are hotter than Janelle… because they are natural beauties!!!


LOL nurk .
There’s no Brittney season 12, Kaitlin BB15, Kemi BB21 and that Christmas is the most annoying person on planet earth currently .. I say Janelle’s got them on them beat this season.

Golden Gate Granny

First 100 Thumbs DOWN I’ve seen on this site in ten years. Damn happy to have administered it to this absurdity.

Starry night

Be careful. This is the Janelle fan club discussion group. You’re treading on sacred ground. If you’re not rooting for Janelle/ or the houseguests are not on her side …it’s because you’re jealous and hate her.


You need to get your glasses checked.

Jan Nan

You actually believe Nicole F is prettier than Janelle?? You just blew my mind. Do you look at Nicole?? She’s so average and Janelle is beautiful


Uuuuuhhhhh the only girls jealous of Janelle are Nicole F and Dani. I’m pretty sure the rest of the women can hold their own. Janelle is a great player and person but she ain’t all that to be jealous of.


Thank you for typing all this. I watched the whole thing live, it was very tedious, plenty of “like”s, and other nonsensical sentences. You did an awesome job of making it sound more interesting than it was in real time. Do people really talk this way outside the house? I started hoping for Nicole to stay only because David is so unmemorable….. but they were able to flip me. LOL I know what them all to go.

Kid Rock

Nic A is playing everyone. She knows the pity party will work and is using it well.

She truly is an All-Star.

I think her and Janelle are in a tight Alliance but are keeping it hidden. I heard they are tight in their personal lives.


I wish you were right I really do but nope. NicA is delusional.


Someone let Janelle know she’s supposed to be jealous of Janelle.


Sighhhh. I really wish Vanessa was there to team up with Janelle and kick this whole house’s a**.

LO Live

Omg that would be so good.. I have faith in the queen she better win HOH !!!!


Same.. so many missed opportunists. .. seeing these all-stars play like this is a bit rough.

another name

I sent Kaysar a telepathic message that maybe they should have been given participation trophies for attending the meeting.
I guess it must not have gotten through.

Sort of waiting for the mad scramble when David stays and his buddies toss Da on the block, and he does nothing (except pull a fake tear).


This season is clearly showing how the game is completely broken. “Old School” playing = strategizing, convincing, discussing, manipulating, competing, not making things personal, taking responsibility, fighting for yourself and your team, being open to being swayed or true loyalty … it was a game – Janelle and Kaysar are showing this. “New School” playing = strong arming, bullying, gaslighting, group think, stonewalling, belittling, breaking people down, making everything deeply personal, cruel gossiping, ridicule, throwing everyone under the bus, distorting other people’s realities, word twisting, playing the victim, blame-shifting, shaming, circular conversations, induced helplessness, covert controlling, isolating certain people, smear campaigns, delusional thinking, paranoia … it’s truly awful to watch. I think Tyler said that ‘Old school playing is an underdeveloped game’ … and I can see how he thinks that because more layers have been added since the old school playing of Janelle and Kaysar – what has ‘developed’ is a psychologically abusive environment instead of a fun, strategic game. To an extent, it is a symptom of our own broken society and what happens now on social media every single day but it really needs to stop. Big Brother needs to come up with a new format because we can clearly see the game is no longer working and honestly it’s no longer fun to watch. Janelle and Kaysar (and Ian) are trying to just play straight game and are so confused by what’s happening around them – every one else’s game play is wholly toxic and that’s why we are seeing people like Nicole A breaking down before our eyes – having total paranoid thoughts, distorted reality, delusional thinking … it seriously needs to stop before someone loses their mind and ends up hurting themselves after the show. I’ve watched BB since the first season, but if it doesn’t change, I’m going to have to stop – it’s getting too hard to watch.


This is why I stopped watching. The only reason I’m watching this season is because Janelle and Kaysar are back and I had hope it could be different.


Not even wasting a second watching Feeds. If it weren’t for this page, I’d not bother at all.


Glad we’re keeping you a fan 🙂 Even throughout the worst season in history BB16 we were able to have some fun. Kraken anyone?


exactly I stopped watching since like 2013, just came back now because of kaysar and janelle, it got annoying and boring and i was hoping it would he good but the cast is awful they are not all stars other than janelle and kay, once they’re gone so am I.


Exact same as me. I didn’t watch last year. Watch the first few episodes of the last few season before that. I was done with BB for good, but the I heard Janelle and Kaysar were back and I had to watch. Unfortunately, if they leave then this will be another season I stop watching early in the game.


You are 100% correct. My sentiments exactly regarding watching this. I’m finding myself feeling the same way watching talking heads on tv…so I stopped. I keep hoping to find some enjoyment. I can’t. Sad


Well said, a sad reflection of today’s society.
For the first time I forgot BB was on last night until I came here to catch up.
Thanks to you and all the others and Dowg and Simon for watching and writing.
I enjoy reading everyone’s perspective.
Peace to all, from a baby boomer.


You’re welcome Ribbet 🙂

Kathy Boyce

I agree with you 100%. I would love for you to be able to post this so the #BB22 and the players could read this!


I totally agree! That’s one reason I enjoyed BBUK much more than ours. I wish it was still on. I like NicA, but really don’t care who goes this week. I do not like DaVonne…she’s there, not to play the game, but to use the show for her own soapbox reasons. I hope she goes soon.

Miss Impression

This is what our society has become.


Who would have thought All-Stars 2 would rank amongst the worst seasons of BB….but first, will Julie tear NicA apart or comfort her? Will this be the final season of BB due to tank ratings and continuously terrible seasons? Can J and K win alternate wins for every HOH?

Even the NFL Pro Bowl has some value. It’s looking like I will follow for a couple weeks, then read who won the season the day after it airs.

So many unlikable HGs and they are all sitting safe. How does Xmas think anyone would want to see her host?

At least MTV Challenge was beginning to gear towards true competitors, but their current cast list looks like that’s over, too.


What in the actual F is going on these idiots!?!? I swear this whole entire world has gone mad and common sense is completely irrelevant these days. Kaysar and Janelle just showed their cards and is telling them they have their backs. Besides, Kaysar and Janelle, why did CBS think these people are all stars!?? Bunch of Lawons if you ask me.


Agree. I wish America could have voted like we did in Season 7 All Stars. We would have a better cast


No, we wouldn’t.

We already have fan-favorite Nicole Anthony, and had fan-favorite Keesha. Neither had any idea what she’s doing. We’d also have crappy players like Donny and Kevin.

And why the hell is David there? Y’all are all mad at Memphis, but he said exactly what we all were thinking.


I think seeing how NicA has been this week has driven home this point for me. When it comes to houseguest likability they should only be gauged on a season to season basis. nicA was likable her season everyone else was so unlikable. Plop her into this season and she’s.. well she’s messed f up.

Like everyone else in the world with the exception of nurk and a few others I was a big Janelle/Kaysar fan on season 6-7. Those season got me really into Big Brother. Fast forward to BB14 when Janelle came back and I wasn’t a big fan of hers. It was weird. . bring that to the current season and i’m right back where I started. A fan.


The 6 that didn’t make it into the house for Season 7 All Stars would be better picks than most on this cast.

another name

‘Do You think She’s here just to get more instagram followers.’
the woman whose husband is currently selling merch
with her name on it and the ‘content creator’ woman.

I think there has been a subtle push in D/R to get a shot of all these houseguests to have a meeting about forming a resistance army.
Why? There’s only one alliance group acknowledged in the house in the Episode Edit leaving the outsiders and the add ons in the lurch in terms of plot development, As in… and the rest just sat back and did nothing? Questions that could arise about ‘All-Stars’ failing to see the big alliance trend happening again.

As I look back to the time I turned off feeds i’m discovering they were talking SO much about their relationships and who met whom vacationed with whom talked with each other about being on this season and formed ‘bonds’ with each other and pregaming and at this point i’m just saying


It’s pathetic how scared these people are playing..Janelle & Kaysar deserve a freakin medal for having to deal with these imbeciles

LO Live



This is why they get picked off every year. Kaysar was right. smh


I am saddened of the style of play by both old and new school. Too much playing emotional manipulation, jealousy, playing for the cameras and playing dumb. Can they just play Big Brother?
I wish it was forbidden to speak about nominations as it has been on other BBs. Then people would actually have to PLAY, use strategy and figure out who may vote for who and why, given little option for whiney roomers, excuses and pity parties.
Even if BB forbid nominations talks for one week, what would THAT BB look like?
One can only dream….


Here is the thing about Big Brother… The virtue signalers are generally the real villains. Janelle is the victim of “sign her name.”… It was Cody who sat up in the HoH room and helped Memphis pick Nicole A and David because they felt those two didn’t have anyone in the game and it would cause the least friction. Then when the crap hit the fan… Cody, Dani, and Nicole F made Janelle into some evil liar and that is why Nicole A and David were picked.

Cody, Nicole F, and Dani all have side alliances… and would kick each other under the bus in a heartbeat… they get sketched out about people extremely easily because they are all sketchy as hell. All of them sit around and “sign Janelles name.” to things that they would do, have done, and are planning to do… that is what they do.

Cody: “If you hear my name come out of any ones mouth… you better tell me.” but he heard peoples name come out of someones mouth and NEVER told that person. He has even thrown out Dani, Christmas, and Nicole F names out…. along with Tyler and Enzo.

Nicole F: If you ever hear Nicole F say “I don’t know….(blank) has been acting really sketchy… I think we need to get them out now…. I’m scared.” It translates into Nicole is going to backstab an alliance member that can beat her. Her word is worthless. That should always be remembered.

Dani: Has backstabbed almost every person she has ever had an alliance with, including Evil Dick… yeah Dani had no problem with Dick sacrafising his game to save her and constantly would say “When he does stuff I want you guys to understand it isn’t me.” She is already being shady and setting up alliances she can flip to. She has already backstabbed Nicole F and Christmas with Cody…

I think Tyler is starting to see their game and that is why he avoids talking game with them at times. Enzo knows to be in it forEnzo. Bay is starting to catch on and Christmas already has half a foot out the door.

My guess is if anyone outside of Nicole F, Cody, and Dani win HoH they might be at risk… I can feel a house flip coming. I think people will through the HoH if they see someone that will do the dirty win HoH… I think Da’vonne, Christmas, NicA/David, Kevin, Enzo, or Ian would throw it to Janelle or Kayser hoping for a house flip…. possibly Tyler even might throw it.

We want a house flip.

Team Janelle

If the comp is a crap shoot type of comp it may be pretty difficult to throw to a specific person. But I pray one of them wins

another name

The photo room plans for it to be a knock out comp.
No word on if it is.
Just their plan.
a. knock out… crap… shoot?
were they thinking nicA was staying?


I think a large number will try to throw it, have their shot miss completely or bounce out. How many people want someone out, but are unwilling to make the move. They only want someone else to do it and then bitch when they don’t.

Team Janelle

Well fingers crossed!!!! I wish they would at least let us vote on some sort of safety to show the house who the viewers are really rooting for.


That’s probably why Derrick told Cody to get Janelle out quick!


J and K win HOH, put up Cody and Dani….then we’ll see who says what, who goes where…


It still blows my mind that Nicole A. wants to put this on Janelle and Kaysar as if she herself has nothing to do with the awful position she is in lol. On top of that, she seems to be alright with how everyone other than THE TWO PEOPLE TRYING TO SAVE HER are handling this. Somehow Janelle and Kaysar are the only ones drawing her ire. She’s coming across like an entitled and ungrateful brat.


Once she leaves and is able to check social media, she will learn the hardest of ways.


I can’t wait til these fools watch this afterwards and see that Janelle and Keysar were the scapegoats…and have li-ter-ally done nothing to these punks. And Dani…good Lord what happened to her?! I know her and her Pops don’t care what peeps think, but at some point ya gotta realize how ugly you’re being.


Dani has never been good player and yet they keep bringing her back. Dick Donato was the worst and rudest Jerk to ever play and win and she has the nerve to say anything about Memphis!?!?

another name

Christmas to Kaysar this morning doesn’t want UNDUE TOXICITY in the house.
Has the wench even HEARD of BB19??????????????????????????????????

Nicf slept on the floor of the HOH room. I’ll just stand here and side eye for a minute while you all come up with your own take on what i’m really wanting to say here. Oh and she took Christmas’ blanket, leaving Christmas with nothing so she’d be comfortable.

Christmas nearly broke a foot (too soon to joke?) trying to speedy gonzales her way to HOH to tell Memphis Kaysar’s plan.
They take glee.
(Kaysar has been an idiot to trust Christmas. but this is the guy that gave up pressure cooker after 13 hours. To someone on the other side. Nope, still haven’t forgiven that stupidity).

Memphis doesn’t believe David would be so stupid as to say Memphis is his target as Kaysar told him. The girls agree he’d neeeever do thaaaat. oh. eyeroll. Memphis spent too much time in his HOH. doesn’t know ANYthing and has depended on updates from others… that usually aren’t allowed in his room.

Okay. I can’t with these three anymore.
going to wander.

So Kaysar is folding his convictions and voting with the house right now. again. like he isn’t a house target anyway. may as well show some backbone. What, he’s going to blend?


If he and Janelle split votes, but claim they went with the house, all the other idiots may be looking for the rogue vote..?


At this point, I don’t think anyone would be believe them. The group think is powerful.


LMAO…her and Paul were the toxic ringleaders. Unless she LEARNED a lesson from watching her season…but I doubt it.

another name

she hasn’t watched her season. she says she was so looped on painkillers she doesn’t remember a lot of her season.


I don’t believe her. But that def confirms to me that she didn’t learn.


I think that was just an excuse for her behaviour.

another name

of course it is. She has too much recall of some house events.
i believe she hasn’t watched though.

another name

should explain what i meant better.
If she had watched her season, she’d be one of those people saying the show edit doesn’t show you everything.

Jaysar all the way

Kaysar speaks calmly and rationally to everyone and it turns into he is being pushy and aggressive. I can’t help but wonder if this has anything to do with his ethnicity. I don’t see him being aggressive at all. He is making perfect sense and he is actually trying to help everyone in that room. Then they turn it into he is acting aggressively?? I hate to say this, but if he were white would they say the same?

This kind of analogy is what is wrong with this show and even the world today. The only reason they find him aggressive is because the younger generation, who have been coddled and told everything isn’t their fault can’t handle anything and most of them are self centered with a poor me attitude.


I have the same exact thought…


For example they don’t seem to mind Cody’s aggressiveness….


Nah…I don’t think it has to do w/ his ethnicity. I just think people are envious of others who are able to be calm and collected, while articulating their points properly…and just don’t know how to react to them.


Everyone wants to believe that they are the smartest in the room. Once they realize they aren’t…


Exactly! Once they realize they’re not…”oh…he’s so aggressive. He’s jelly.”

Guy From Canada

Just wow. Did they cast sheeple for this season? I’m sorry to Simon and Dawg having to listen through this and type through this. Life has been busy with a new family so these updates have been a nice reading break….despite how painful they are to read at times.

An allstar these people are not. Nicole F, pleasure to say it you will still be hated from the fans after this season too. Never liked mean girls.

Nicole A was so cute as a preschool worker, but now as a BB blogger in your parents basement…….this show may have ruined her and she should distance from it for a bit…. she’s nutty….

Kevins correct that Janelle and Kaysar should have tried to repair their personal relationship…..however he is an older player and should recognize that personal and working relationships are different. He needs a working relationship to survive further in the game. My white privileged view is showing but having a working relationship with people you dislike is part of adulting…..definitely Bay Day and Kevin have had different experiences being in the USA and a minority…..Kevin maybe doesn’t have that mature view because of sexist, racism in society had made him untrusting and jaded? Am I confusing mature with white entitlement? Hmmmm…

Christmas just sucks, is mean, hateful, and selfish…..I wish Janelle and Kaysar knew that.

one question, Why are J & K trying to keep NicoA over bringing in David to their group? They must feel the resistance of keeping NicoA? Why are they beating a dead horse?


This is my first season of BB since season 16. I did watch the last half of Tyler’s season. So because of this I have the tendancy to root for the players pre season 17. I’m having a tough time with Janelle and Kaysar though. I feel like they starting playing so hard so early. Kaysar has done this before and its why hes never gone far. Janelle most likely has no choice but to play hard because she’s a huge target right off the bat.


LOL playing too hard? J/K was sitting back enjoying the first week while the rest of the house was tripping over each other trying to form as many different alliances as they could and making sure J/K are the targets in every one in order to take them out of the game. J/K never had a chance coming into this game, I’m sure they were targeted even before they entered the house!


Kayser and Janelle always start off balls to the wall because they are always the first targets…. they are not stupid. Janelle is such a legend she knows she scares people… even if she just sits around and talks about kittens all day somebody is going to think that Janelle eats kittens or it’s a metaphor for targeting them or a threatening comment.

She literally talked less to no game with NicoleA and did a make over on her… and got the grand manipulator rap because she was being friendly to a young woman she saw bullied like she was bullied in the BB House. If you ever want to talk about a person who has been bullied in the BB house… Janelle is top of the list.


I understand what you are trying to say, but Kaysar is just as big of a target. You know J&K have played together twice and were in an alliance both times.. Kaysar placed much lower than Janelle in both seasons, but it was because he was a bigger target than other sov 6 members. It’s clear that Janelle was able to escape eviction by winning comps in season 7, but in season 6, she was the least threatening of the original sov 6 and that’s why she was the last sov 6 remaining.

So, Kaysar always was the biggest target. He is playing hard this season, and he always was. Since Howie and Rachel (also James… I guess?) are not there to work with him, he needs to work harder this season for obvious reasons… and it is sad that he is at the rock bottom.

The Beef

What a bunch of chicken sh@ts! These morons had rather be #’s 8-10 in a 10 person alliance (possible exception – Xmas – she might be #6 ahead of David and Ian), rather than form up and fight for better positioning on the other side of the house. They KNOW J&K are the #1 targets of the other side, so there is protection automatically provided in the alliance. Also the possibility of adding Ian to their side, but they may not know that (Kaysar does). Day’s idea of getting rid of Janelle first, after losing NicA, makes no sense, as they will be so far down on numbers by that point, not to mention down an extremely strong competitor in Janelle. I just don’t get their logic (or really their fear, as it should be obvious they are in trouble by this point) in not linking up to try to defend themselves against the now very open large alliance against them.


It seems to me that they all are holding out hope that their “alliance” with Cody and co is the true one so they can’t see the writing on the wall.


Will it be entertaining enough to save the season when they all have to start turning on each other and Kevin slides to the final?
Oh please, oh please fora J or K HOH tonight.


Damn! I set my expectations way to high for a season with “All Stars.”


Okay folks time to get serious.. If Kaysar/Janelle do not win HOH we’ll need GROD shrines asap.. If Cody/NICF wins HOH we’ll need Kraken shrines there’s no hope.


How bout a preemptive shrine to ward off a non Jaysar HOH…but especially no to Cody/Dani/NicF! :p

Team Janelle

If Cody/nicf win we may as well close up shop.

another name

an Ian hoh is okay for jaysar.
a kevin hoh is 5050 for jaysar.


I agree with Ian but Kevin those worms are in deep with him.

another name

he has worms too?
are they causing the hallucinations?

The Beef

I’m not sure Ian is ready to go out on that limb. Ian is one of my all time favorites, but like J&K, he’s behind the 8 ball as far as alliances go, and seems to be playing the lay low and wait game, trying to make as few waves as possible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’d love it if Ian were to hook up with Jaysar though!


Who would Ian target? Especially with NicF in his ear, she may even try to give him a few strokes in her direction…

The Beef

I’m trying to think of someone who would NOT put at least one of them up, and frankly, I can’t think of anybody who has the stones to do it. Given they all know the power alliance in the house is after J&K, they are all afraid to piss them off and paint a target on their own backs, so I expect at least one of them will be on the block, if we don’t get a Jaysar HOH tonight. And if one is up, the only way to save both is for the other to win veto and take that person down. I know, I know. I’m getting way too far ahead now.


Gee…Instead of another ALL STARS and the people that were chosen, why couldn’t they have just recruited regular people? I think it would be much more enjoyable watching people that don’t know each other (or know how they play). We could have all gotten to know a whole new crowd!


Do these idiots not see it’s in there best interests to keep Nicole and in turn that helps keep bigger numbers on there side and it also keeps J/k as much bigger targets who people will target first ? its like watching foutte all over again or the floater idiots from last season NicA included .

another name

okay. if i see a christmas hoh, a nicf hoh, or a Cody hoh,
I don’t think I’ll be able to do that.
I don’t think I can deal with that ego trip.
Any of the others in the house (Dani is a def 5050 on the bubble but I think I can deal) I can deal with. Just NOT THOSE THREE.

a retweet i just saw says that Keesha is now home. Stand down on your battle back hopes. Or at least pause them while the rest of the BB social media sphere verifies.


I forgot bout Christmas…that would kill me too. But Dani…I just can’t this season. She’s been the most shocking for me this season as I realllly liked her, prior.


I hope the lightbulb goes on over J/k heads that Memphis is scamming them. Something has to happen to make them realize the scope of this whole shit show.

another name

Or Da’vonne, who figured out Memphis was on the other side 2 days ago could have actually said something to anyone other than KEVIN.
Oh wait, Da’vonne isn’t with them. It’s a floater fakeout.
She wants Janelle gone too. So Bayleigh will be without a back up option.


DaVonne is beyond dumb so if she sees Memphis is with the other side, then that clearly tells her it was their idea to put up david and Nicole not Jan and Kay and she should tell them this so they can stop feeing Memphis info and tell Nicole too so she cans top blaming Janelle.

another name

She wants Janelle gone.
She wants Bayleigh all to herself.
She wants the minions all to herself.
She wants to scoop up Kaysar as a shield.
All while saying she’s down for the cause, and telling the alpha club she’s in with them.


Yes they should just not trust ANYONE!!! they all run and tell the other side what kay and jan say but none tell them what the other side says smh!!!! they need to wake up and stop telling Memphis and christmas and DaVonne and kevin stuff they cannot be trusted, they should just be in a 3 person alliance with ian, and tell only ian things and tell him not to tell nicole f cuz she’s on the other side!!! Don’t even tell Bay because that goes to DaVonne and DaVonne is dumb I thought she would see the BS but she does not. Only annoying thing is that Ian wants to bring Nicole F along.

Bo Man

Very disappointing season of older contestants —no sexual tensions or hook ups that usually impact the game


I honestly can’t believe day is this stupid… she is literally keeping David because he is black even though he does nothing for her game…. guess she really doesn’t care about winning money for her daughter. Not to mention the fact nobody is going to mention how racist she is??? David isn’t being targeted because he is black, its because he has no social game and is basically retarded

Rosey Posey

Day isn’t racist.

Team Janelle

On second thought maybe they are jealous of her looks as well Lol


I consider myself to be a pretty straight woman….but god damn Janelle is fine.


I was just browsing the site as I do from time to time and this is the first post I found.. I was like Damn ..


Simon, I pmed you on Twitter only to see you haven’t tweeted in a couple years. I need help getting the live feeds


Hey Lenny, yeah I don’t use that account much anymore.. You need a VPN in Canada to watch the feeds.

People might post stuff on youtube and I’m sure there are torrent sites. Getting feeds in Canada sucks.


Memphis is a dumbass!

Miss Impression

So NicA convinced everyone to vote her out and then apologized to them.

another name

very short review this time.
You can’t edit this week properly when you only acknowledge ONE alliance in the house.
It makes everything off a few degrees. like why won’t anyone not in the big alliance align? because they are in sub-alliances trying to float. David’s alliance talk to Da’vonne also no longer makes sense.
They were KIND to David in regard to his campaign.
They were KIND to NicA in regard to her shit.
Time to vote.
Enzo wonky vote. Trying to pin it on Da’vonne? Or Janelle or Kaysar? Or still going by Memphis’ order from veto ceremony day?
Bye NicA
Hey, she asked for a unanimous vote to evict her last night / this morning in the heart room.
No battle back. Julie revealed the six alliance but none of the 4 and 5 alliances.
going to watch the HOH rather than try to divide attention.
Still have the feeling it’s not J/K. just doesn’t fit with my gut.