Memphis laughs “like come on .. did you really think you (NicoleA) were going to win!?”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

DaVonne – that makes me nervous because we save her (NicoleA) .. she is pissed at you. Janelle – she’s not that pissed ..she’s got paranoia. Like I didn’t stand up for her when she has no idea how much I stood up for her and DaVonne. I have her back .. I have your back in this game. But Memphis doesn’t want to make any moves of have any blood on his hands. Christmas said that its so obvious that there are sides because David didn’t campaign to her. Davonne – he didn’t? Janelle – barely. And now he is sleeping .. looking safe. Its very easy .. we need to get the physical threats out of there.

7:27pm Bedroom. Memphis, Chrsitmas and Dani.
Memphis – she’s (NicoleA) in there cry.. I went in there and Janelle was like (throws her hands up) this girl. She (NicoleA) was covered up. Dani – she is covered up .. like her whole head? Memphis – yeah. And Janelle is like this f**king girl!? Because I think she was crying or whatever the f**k she was doing. Christmas – I don’t know .. at some point its going to happen to all of us but one. Memphis – yeah.. no sh*t! Exactly! That’s my point exactly! It is what it is. Sorry! Christmas – later a$$holes! Memphis – and whoever wins I will congratulate them. Dani – there might be some we might not congratulate. Memphis – I will. Ain’t no hard feelings here. But I don’t like it when people take it that.. like come on .. did you really think you (NicoleA) were going to win!?!?! Memphis laughs. Dani – you’re such a d*ck. Memphis leaves. Dani – he keeps feeding .. like his edits .. he is going to look like a horrible horrible.. Feeds cut.

Janelle and Kevin.
Kevin – And you’re 99% sure Memphis will break the tie for me? Janelle – I would bet my life on it. He would. Why would he lie to me. What’s the point. He is playing a whatever game by himself. I feel like we could get this together. Kevin – David is getting progressively more calm. And NicoleA is getting progressively less calm. Janelle – and he (David) is wearing sunglasses and laying on the couch.

8:38pm Backgammon..

8:40pm NicoleA and David
David – If I make it back in or stay and win HOH .. I am going to put him right on slop. I’ll be nice about it. Nicole – He (Kaysar) just turns it off for game. Kudos to him for being able to do that. I can’t do that. David – I am disappointed in Kaysar for being a part of that. He is such a nice compassionate person. Nicole – they say that they’re not associated with him.. but I don’t know.

8:43pm Bedroom. Enzo and Cody.
Cody – They never say anything to us! So you’re hanging out with them all the time. You’re whispering with them but you never have anything to say. you’re in an alliance with us .. you’re always with her and you don’t have any information. I can’t trust you. Enzo leaves. Dani and NicoleF join Cody. Nicole – so is Enzo a havenot next week? Cody – yes. Nicole – okay because I want his bed. Cody – you’re not cool enough to be in this room.

10pm HOH room. Memphis and NicoleA.
Nicole – So Janelle said that she already talked to you but I wanted to too. I just wanted to warn you that it could potentially be a tie .. unless people are just telling me what I want to hear. Memphis – okay. Nicole – in which case I think you know where I stand with you. I think you know where certain people stand about coming after you. You know where I stand, and I still stand by it. I don’t think I’m a big physical threat, I don’t think I’m a threat period. Memphis – yeah. Well lets see what happens tomorrow. Nicole – it could not be the case or it could be the case. Memphis – okay.

10:08pm DaVonne and NicoleA.
DaVonne – I feel like we’re all looking at me and I don’t understand why.. this is your game. Nicole – the thing is, I need all of you. That is where I am at. I need all of you or its a bust anyway. My game is on a thread. I need all of you with Memphis breaking the tie. DaVonne – I don’t know. Nicole – Would you be more comfortable if I talked to them (Janelle / Kaysar). DaVonne – yeah and you have to talk to Ian. Nicole – if I had 6 would you be the 7th? DaVonne – MMmmmhHHmmmm. Find out what he says. Secure your votes and we’ll see what happens. Nicole – I am too honest. DaVonne – you might have to start lying. Its big brother.

10:13pm Bedroom. Ian and NicoleA.
Ian – where is your head at do you think it is going to be close? Nicole – I think it is going to be close. I am asking for your vote. Ian – am I the swing? Nicole – you would be 7 .. 6 would be a tie so with your vote I would avoid a tie. I am not a physical threat. Ian – I am just processing this. I thought the house would be one way or another. I know that the way I was leaning was towards voting for David to stay… just leaning .. not locked in. This split vote is something I didn’t know. I imagine if it is 6 – 6 then you are good anyway. I haven’t promised David my vote. I haven’t promised anyone my vote. My reasoning is I have played chess with David a lot. Just the way things shook out with him last year was why I was leaning that way. I don’t want it to seem like your experience wasn’t bad. Nicole – I would ask that you take the personal out of it and consider your game. Ian – Just being honest .. I am always going to be honest in this game. I was leaning towards David but now this lowers the chances. Not even by David but I have been pulled around a lot. I didn’t know it was this close but that changes things. Can I talk to you tomorrow again? Nicole – yeah. If you were to vote for me and I stayed and won the safety suite would be my plus one. Ian – wow, yeah I wasn’t even thinking of that because David can’t play for it.

12am Bedroom. Bay and NicoleA.
Bay – you have good points about getting a boy out. Nicole – I’m just a small girl. Bay – you went really far too so people don’t under estimate you. Nicole – keep in mind I was brought far.. not brought far .. I shouldn’t say that. Those were physical comps that I lost in the end. You want to bring people that you can beat in the end. Do you want to be up against David or me? I need an answer from you, and Christmas. Use me and keep me here .. I can’t go out like this. If I can lock you guys (Bay and Day) in then I can go to Ian and be like I have 6 votes locked will you be my 7th. Bay – I am telling you that even the people that you think are dead set on voting you out .. they’re not. They end the conversation and run out to the kitchen to sing Dani happy birthday. They all sing her happy birthday and sit down to have cake. Dani gets upset and leaves the room for a minute because she misses her daughter.

12:30am – 12:40am Ian has to act out another scene.. after he’s done he’s told to do it again but faster. Enzo – Bro that was awesome yo!

12:46am Bathroom. Janelle and DaVonne.
Day – I don’t see it happening (Nicole staying) because from what I am hearing is that nobody is solid. Janelle – Christmas is solid. Day – she gave you a for sure? Janelle – yes. Day – okay. Here is my proposition. If she goes, you still have all of us and Kevin. That is six. Janelle – my thing with that is numbers if we’re going into this crap shoot HOH. David is 100% working with them and Nicole is a number on our side. That alliance is solid and gunning for us. That doesn’t make any sense to not take an opportunity. He is with those boys. I don’t know what he is saying to you. Day – I don’t talk to him. Janelle – that is why they are desperate to keep him. Day – so Christmas is 100%? Janelle – yes. Day – and Bay is locked in 100%. Bay leaves the room. Janelle – she just glared at me.

12:53am Bedroom. Bay and Day.
Bay – I just told you earlier.. unless you have the votes ..don’t count me! Don’t count me! Don’t say my name! I already have NicoleF asking me dumb sh*t! I already told you stop doing that! Day – that’s why I told her and why I made her say it in front of you. Bay – I don’t like that. I was going to call her out earlier but I had to stop myself because my attitude wasn’t in the right space because after Nicole did that to me… that is really f**ked up. You really love me as much as you want me to go far in the game… you want to take me down with .. no! Don’t do that sh*t! Because she said the same thing to Christmas. If you get the plan together .. cool! I will roll with it. But don’t be using me as.. Day – and that is why I asked her in front of you. Bay – and then you saw me turn around and be like OKAY!? I need to be calm because I don’t need to be going off. You already know ..say something like that and I am going to check you! And then she (Janelle) is going to get all offended. Its like Christmas today asked me do you want to be on slop with me. I said yes ..then she turned around and said I want to be on slop with Bay ..somebody choose me. DON’T DO THAT SH*T! That is pissing me off! That makes me mad! Kevin joins them. Bay – she (Janelle) is already trying to use me against her (Day). Kevin – you don’t want to reveal what you really feel. You’re doing a good job. Bay – thank you. Is hard. Kevin – but also don’t make yourself the focus of unnecessary attention. Bay – I just need to stay away from everybody.

1am Bedroom. Janelle joins Bay.
Janelle – look I didn’t mean to piss you off. Bay – yeah but this is the third time and I already had people come up to me and say Janelle is coming for me does that mean you hate me too? Janelle – WHAT?! What?! Bay – I don’t like that sh*t! Janelle – who said that?! Bay – it doesn’t matter I am not telling you about it because then you’re just going to run and.. Like that is what I am saying I am trying to stay clear of drama. I don’t mind being associated with you. It doesn’t bother me but if ya’ll are going to start taking that dumb sh*t out on me then I am going to pop off. And you know I have an attitude! Janelle – Bay I haven’t brought your name up once. Bay – its not that you’ve brought my name up .. people just assume .. you know what I’m saying. Janelle – I am sorry that happened. Bay – and I don’t want to be pissed off but if I have to look over my shoulder.. I don’t have time for that! Janelle – they’re trying to upset you. Bay – I am trying to be in this position .. like yeah I do like you. It just frustrates me. Christmas hasn’t decided one is decided .. and people are trying to base their decisions off of me and I don’t like that. Janelle – I understand.

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Christmas's rock hard implants

I really perk up whenever Memphis enters the room. I know he’s married. But that’s kind of how I roll. Just like when I rolled around with Kevin on my season.


Lol. Thanks for the laugh.


Whoa! Cody coming on strong to Enzo! Can’t wait to see this play out on the eve of eviction!


David’s favorite word…“PAINFUL”

Miss Impression

Dani is right when she says Memphis is a d#ck but it’s refreshing when someone plays without worrying about their image or edits especially since as all stars they should know that they have no control over their edits.They live and die in GrodWorld.

Purple Aki

All aboard the Memphis train!
Haha I found Memphis annoying at first. But now I’m team Memphis all the way. He’s just kinda doing whatever he feels like and it’s funny as fuck.






Dani is ridiculous. She is right, Memphis is being a d*ck, but at least he knows it and owns it. Dani, on the other hand, is such a b*tch but doesn’t even know she is.

It’s really hard to watch Janelle desperately trying to save the ungr8ful Nicole A. I mean, whenever Nic A seems to get that J&K are trying their best to save her, KEVIN makes an entrance. So frustrating. Please BB God let J or K win the next HOH. Please!!


This Cody and Enzo pre game final 2 is so annoying.


It has to get better than this.

Step 1242

Memphis might be the least favorite Houseguest of the season.


Ummm, he’s got competition

Step 1242

At least Nicole Franzel has won big brother and And there’s nothing you can do to change that until the end of all time All the complaining in the world is not gonna change the fact that Nicole won season 18 of big brother. And she’s nowhere near the worst houseguest of all time or even in the house at this point in time.

Until you realize that the game of big brother- is a social experienment So it matters if you name call people insult them especially to their face or even for that matter owning up to your moves when you get them out of the house or tried to admit that they were a threat. It is proven if you don’t own up and admit to what you do or for that matter have any sort of apologetic or understanding tone for what you did then you will lose At the end.

And most of all It who you take to the FINAL 2 !!!! and if you have anyone to blame Paul for not taking James and especially for not owning up to his moves!!!

At least Nicole Franzel has shown she has a back bone and admitting who her threats are and trying to go after them and admitting to it at some point in the jury questions or goodbye messages !!!

And unlike Memphis and especially Paul the reason why he lost (Paul) and you can say Memphis as well !!! Is you can’t personally insult people and act like anything good can come from it!!!!

The heading of this post is a prime example of why Memphis his ego, decisions, and insults are rubbing people the wrong way especially even in his alliance for god sake and it’s only week 2!!!


C’mon the two Nicoles i put at the “bottom of bottom”,
Painful to watch them!!!

Step 1242

And that Veto was a questionable setup for him to win. Or we can at least say for a man to win lol Seriously though what a terrible Veto comp that was.


Enzo has the mentality of a 16 year old and he is unbelievably irritating but
Enzo will also win this game.

Look at all these “All Stars”… Who was genuinely a great BB player during their prior season(s) ? In no particular order

— Janelle
— Ian
— Tyler
— Enzo
— Dani (not feeling her at all this year)
— Kaysar ? I know he is a massive fan favorite and a bright dude but is he an all time great ? Sure why not

Its a long season, but has anyone heard Enzo’s name at all ? Nope and he formed one of the greatest alliances in BB history. Just saying

Also I wish Matt Hoffman was on this season. All time favorite player after Dr. Will. The mofo lied about his wife having cancer lol !! Do you know how messed up in the head you have to be to do that ??? That’s what I want to see !! People who will do anything to win


Enzo will be a casualty of trying to unsuccessfully get rid of Cody


Such a good take. Especially about Dani. What happened to her? On the 1st night, I was so fired up to see her again and root for her, but she’s killed my vibe.

Also, I really like Janelle, obviously lol…and I get that NicA is a number for them…but enough. NicA is playing ONE of the worst games in the house, along w/ Kevin and David. We shouldn’t be surprised as she played an awful game last year as well. People are nice, blah blah blah…but that’s not why we watch this show.

I too, agree Enzo may very well win this game…he’s playing almost flawlessly.

Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, and Tyler all have a chance just because of their strategery, lol and physical prowess…if they can get through the obstacles.

Ian, Christmas, and Bay are in my wildcard category…they have a chance as well.

BBAS2 baby

Dani’s right, Memphis is horrible

Oh BB Gods please let Kaysar or Janelle win tonight’s HOH


PLEASE let this happen….. I just can’t with Cody’s army….. Franzel is so very f**king annoying! Would love for Ian to stab her in the back! “ Oooooohhhhh nooooooooo Eeeeeeaannnn!”

another name

Wednesday Night Thoughts.

Still holding on to my NicA leaves premonition from days ago. For a while it looked like i’d have to say wow was i wrong. but nope. Even with how much campaigning Janelle and Kaysar have put in to save her. Even with how much Bayleigh was in until she was out. Even without how much Da would like it to happen for game, but wouldn’t if NicA goes back to Janelle.

Da’vonne. what is she doing?
The night Christmas was talking about being hypervigilant to Memphis, but i was saying she’s not even noticing that Da’vonne is trying to gather an army right behind her.
That’s what Da’vonne was doing. She was attempting to gather herself some minions in the the hammock. David was there, Kevin was there, NicA was there, someone else was there. Was it Ian? I mean anything is possible.
Her goals: gather voters that will keep her safe. Become the Queen of the ‘misfits’ Get rid of Janelle because she’s too close to Bayleigh. Scoop up Kaysar. That was her original thought process.
She seems to think being room mates means something in this house… uh… oookay. That’s why she thought Keesha should have Nicf’s vote. They’re roomies. Is that a challenge thing? I know it’s a bbcan thing most seasons, but IS that a US thing in week one?
Her flaw: Da’vonne goes too far. She is not handling this whole uh oh two minions on the block what do I do situation with finesse. She’s getting better house reads finally, but she’s broadcasting them. To the wrong people. She thinks she’s not on the radar after talking to NicF. Da’vonne. Sweetie. NicF putting the knife right back in the same incision she used on you years ago, and blaming you for it.
Result: every group is saying nope she is sketch. Just like her last two times when she did this to herself.
Is she in danger? Yes. Do I think she leaves next week? NO.

Don’t get your hopes up for a Janelle Kaysar HOH. while both did well in practice seemed to be the running house theory: I am not pinning hope.
They seem to be counting on a knock out. i’ve never seen them do a knock out crapshoot. do they do that?
Or is that just what Cody is hoping because he didn’t do well in the practice, and it is said that Janelle and Kaysar did fairly well. So he wants everyone to gang up? They don’t seem to realize that pulling a Devin on two players viewed as underdogs is only going to make those underdogs more liked by fans… right?
Some of them were saying practice games are never what they actually do in HOH (whu… so why practice them??? what?) Bay says they did in her season. The hoh practices we saw on feeds in 17 were pretty close to the actual games as well. I don’t get it.

Stop. What? As i write here, Janelle is talking to Ian. She is campaigning for NicA.
I THINK Janelle just offered to not only NOT target NicF, but to keep her SAFE. WHU????
I HAD To have heard that wrong
Nope. She’s using Old School psych. Offer someone a deal that covers them AND their closest ally.
Ian isn’t enjoying being there. he says he’d rather leave in 14th than 3rd, because the pay is the same anyway.

another name

Not impressed with Cody’s strongarm Kevin to vote out NicA plan.
It sounds a little toooooo close to the b word. I’m NOT calling it the b-word.
I HATE the overuse of the b-word and only us it if it actually occurs.
Every time someone has a hurt feeling anymore in big brother the b-word flies out.
Both in the house and online.
Not here for that. It cheapens the entire concept in it’s overuse and false use. It’s what pissed me off about people saying Janelle was doing that to NicA.
I’m hoping it’s his chest thumping bravado side (I”m gonna call them out…. crickets)
and NOT what he actually does. I don’t have the patience for that foolishness. And might actually use the phrase attempted bword if that’s what he actually does.

Either I’m way more tired than I thought…
Or Kevin is making more sense than usual tonight…. what did they put in HIS swab at the testing to suddenly have Kevin making…. sense. Or, did we miss a head injury… he’s practically cognisant.
This actually disturbs me.

Bring Back Johnny Mac

So is Christmas voting David out? It seems like she has to be for it to tie but isn’t she still with Cody and them? Or is she sincerely for NicA? I feel like I haven’t seen that confirmed and that was a thought earlier in the week, Jaysar not realizing Christmas is against them.

another name

saving david: cody, nicf, tyler, enzo, dani, christmas
saving nica: kevin, janelle, kaysar,
the question marks: bayleigh, da’vonne, ian.
question marks is kind. bay and da are most likely saving david. like 90%, they are floating. original definition floating of running side to side to stay good with both. What they want is a way to vote out NicA and blame Janelle for it.
Ian is the actual question mark.
If Ian voted to save NicA it would likely be pinned on Da. By Cody.
Worst possible scenario for Memphis is a tie. He has to burn a bridge or break trust somewhere in the house.
NicA went to Memphis asking if he’d keep her if it were a tie. he grunted. end of talk.

another name

Dani got happy birthday wishes.
She took some time to cry in the bedroom.
She told Da and Kevin, coming to comfort her that she needed time alone.
a few minutes later Nicf comes in and hugs her
Dani tells Nicf that she and Xmas were talking about if she wins hoh, during her noms speech she should disinvite Janelle from her wedding.
Cheshire grin.

Almost a human moment, then right back to bitchmode. Pick a face Eve. Try for one not so completely green with envy.


Janelleousy is rampant in that house…..can’t stand these two and anxiously await their stale asses on the block

another name

Gathering of the misfits.
Bay is pissed that NicA threw her name out as a vote. Meaning deniability was gone. Meaning the other girls were saying if you’re with Janelle do you hate me too? She’s pissed at Janelle as well.
NicA asked for Christmas and Da to come.
Jan, kay, kev, bay are there with nica. da and xmas haven’t shown up by the time they start speaking.
Kaysar tells them keeping Kevin strengthens the already strong side, evicting nica going into a crapshoot hoh means by probability strengthening a group that will pick everyone in the room off one by one.
Still no da or xmas. redo your math Kaysar. Kaysar trying to inspire here.
When nicA starts to speak it turns from Revolution to Peer Counselling Group Session.
Hey da and xmas… where u at? OH wait, they’re there. I didn’t see them.
Kaysar resume viva la revolution after everyone thanks NicA for sharing (coffee and donuts will be served shortly, does anyone else have anything they’d like to share?)
Bay is wanting guarantees.
From every horse’s mouth. Not from Jaysar. Ian, Memphis, Xmas, Da, Grodner.

Dani went to bathroom overheard part of the meeting. The Photo room is now in their talks, Da Bay blah blah Janellejanellejanellejanelle blah blah da Bay are out blah blah janellesplithousesplithousejanelle but I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.
Bay outs the nicA meeting to the photoroom (she spilled water, I think she heard them as she was going to clean up).
Oh bay is wonderful we love bay (who they wanted to clip ten minutes ago) but that Da’. Dani ads to the Da’ bash before back to Janellejanellejanelling, Biggest Janellers were… Dani and Tyler. Biggest Da Bay bashes before Bay outed the meeting was Cody. Biggest Da basher: Dani.

Split house: that’s not their problem. They split the house when they formed a big alliance. They aren’t afraid of it splitting. They are afraid of the other people forming together and fighting back instead of waiting in line at the eviction chairs for their turn to sit next to Victoria.

Ba Day and Xmas tell NicA they aren’t keeping her. Because Janelle.

Still saying
NicA goes when I look at the numbers and personalities. and the end of meeting.
Would take a massive hail mary. Like Cody going off on Da size hail mary.

Kevin, Jaysar or Ian are the only HOH winners that keep Jaysar off the block at this point.
The Memphis renom is not so much a possibility… or is it?


most women stop the pettiness as they mature, it is obvious these 2 will have a child’s mentality well into their geriatric years. sad little girls they are!

Team Janelle

I wish she would disinvite her just to show the world how petty and jealous she is. What a joke.


Glad Janelle has kids so she is at least used to dealing with babies. Good gravy. Not a huge Memphis fan but at least he speaks his mind and is aware of what’s best for him and not content to be number 6 in a group.

Team Janelle

So true. She actually has to talk to them like they’re her kids sometimes. It’s ridiculous.


Yes he can speak his mind but speaking it on non players and weak insignificant players, gaining more power with veto and not making a bigger and better move, in all stars is far short of him being admirable.
I’d have much better appreciation had he the same nuts to put up bigger move and use the veto.

The Beef

It’s week TWO! Hard to tell if your so called alliance is even real at this point (in Memphis’ case, it likely isn’t). Why cover yourself in blood if you are only doing someone else’s dirty work and making a bigger target of yourself in week 2? As fans, we might enjoy more “visible” targets OTB, but let’s face it, this is the way smarter players usually play it early in the game. Memphis is no different.


I thought that Dani would have matured alot after all these years getting married and being a mom now. She acts so immature. She doesn’t even seem like a mom. She seems worse than the last time she was on the show.