Christine – “Donny is so weird. trying to be nice to me .. he’s my target next week”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

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BB16-2014-07-13 15-06-53-416

3:05p HOH Derrick, Amber, Victoria and Caleb
Derrick saygin he just couldn’t sit there and listen to Devin anymore he had to come back to the HOH.
Derrick Says Donny leaned over to him yesterday when they were eating noodles and Brittany was sitting over the other side and he goes “Dang everytime I look at Brittany the Camera is looking right at me it catches me everytime”
Derrick – “I was like Damn Donny and he said.. You know she arched her back and I just looked “
Amber tells them there was a bunch of them sitting in the living room and Amber said “My legs sure are ashy”
Donny – You want me and some of the guys to lotion them up for you
Amber – I said Donny are you flirting with me
Donny – he said well Christine is in mexico (Christine is his girlfriend back home)
Caleb jokes “the Cat must have taken viagra or something he’s on a roll”
Derrick – Week three he’s starting to catch up .. they laugh that come week 8 they might start coming onto Frankie. Caleb tells them he’s not going to lie to them but when he was deployed some of the less attractive women were starting to look attractive to him. He jokes even the heavy set guys in his unit started look good to him.
BB16-2014-07-13 15-10-13-863
3:20pm Photo booth Pictures

BB16-2014-07-13 15-20-32-431

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BB16-2014-07-13 15-34-13-918
3:32pm Frankie and Derrick
Derrick says Donny is confirmed he got “one” with Nicole, Derrick went to Victoria and she’s going to Brittany so that will give them “two”. Derrick will go to Caleb today and he’ll go to Amber that gives them “Three” after they get three they got to Zach and kill it that will give them four that’s enough to complete the task.
Derrick points out Jocasta is in a great move she knows she’s safe. Frankie has also noticed Amber is doing better today. Derrick says Tomorrow Jocasta is coming off the block and he’s putting Devin up as the replacement.
Derrick is more worried about them completing their Team America task because the Devin eviction is a done deal.

BB16-2014-07-13 15-51-25-383

3:47pm Backyard Christine and Victoria
Christine doesn’t know what to do about Amber she thinks she’s her best friend. Victoria thinks it’s because Amber is feeling guilty she was talking crap about people and it’s finally come out.
Victoria – I don’t think she’s a very confident girl . all she does it talk crap about me
Christine – she also talks about how good looking she is
Victoria – maybe if she was more genuine.. people see right through her fakness
Christine – Donny is so weird.. he’s been so weird recently what has happened.. weird is the only way to describe it
Christine – He’s trying to be nice to me
Victoria – ya he was trying to talk Nicole in putting you up
Victoria and Christine agree the less fake you are the better people like you on the outside. They have noticed that Cody and Hayden kiss up to Amber.
Christine – She is dangerous you don’t suck up to her she gets Caleb after you
Vic – Donny is making up so much stuff
Christine – he’s my target next week if I win HOH
Victoria – for sure
Christine thinks Donny will put her and Amber up if he wins HOH . Victoria thought Donny and Amber were close.
Christine reminds her Donny told Nicole to put up me and Amber
Victoria – oh my gosh Donny is so friggin weird
Christine – it’s crazy
Victoria Caleb doesn’t shut up about amber it’s all he talks about
Christine – its so weird
Frog and Derrick Join them.
4:09pm Derrick starts talking about police always catching him for speeding tickets. Victoria says the cops in her home town can’t get any tickets down in the city so they’ve been patrolling the gated communities because they as desperate for money.
Victoria says she is always so scared of cops. Nicole used to be until she started dating one now she’s not.

BB16-2014-07-13 16-15-04-557

4:14pm Storage room Amber and Frankie
Amber warns that Devin is still playing so everything she’s hearing may be from him stirring things up.Frankie says he trusts her with his heart. nothing bad is happening.

BB16-2014-07-13 16-17-17-591

4:15pm Have nots Caleb and Frankie
Caleb he was talking to Amber and told her “What does a man have to do to get a date with you“ he risked 500 thousand for her. She told him she’s a tough cookie. Amber told Caleb she really was craving “chic fil la” so he told her thats a date. Frankie – “Please don’t make your first date at “chic fil la”

BB16-2014-07-13 16-34-24-135

4:34pm HOH Donny, Derrick and Devin
Watching the HOH Camera. Devin says the camera has been on him a lot these last couple days. Donny notices that Amber has changed her shirt again “She changes her clothes 6 times a day” Devin brings up Dan’s book wonders why anyone would buy it because it’s kinda a crap shoot. Derrick says Dan’s sold more books than him, “To be honest I think he sold a lot of books”

BB16-2014-07-13 16-50-19-086

4:50pm Brittany and Christine
Brittany – oh my god why did they give us tripe
Christine did they really think we were going to eat that.

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YES YES......

I see the NOSE girls just have to talk trash about Amber, I have not seen Amber talk about Victoria or Christine. Don’t hate her because she is beautiful…..


I was just going to say the same … I don’t know what Amber is saying bad about them… It’s a lot of Christine, Victoria, Nicole and Brittany who do a lot of trash talking … That whole convo with Victoria was a joke!


Victoria literally has nothing to say unless it is something negative about someone else in the house. Brittany Haynes did some trash talk but it was witty and entertaining. Victoria’s is just representative of how insecure she is.


and, if nicole didn’t complain or whine all the time she’d have nothing to say at all

Julies's Glitter

Then don’t you hate because someone isn’t beautiful.

Baby Firefly

Amber’s nose isn’t exactly small, just saying…


Amber nose looks good on her, the others, not even close.

practice what you preach

Your absolutely right…. attacking someones based on their physical features is a low class move….


Hahaha! I love it The “nose girls.” lol I’m glad you and others can see through their jealousy. Vic is very middle school immature. I don’t think I ever heard Amber bash anyone it’s more game than anything.


I think with Christine it is game. Keep a moving target on other people who are also under the radar will keep attention away from her being under the radar. I can’t think of a single thing that Amber or Donny have done or said to anyone that would warrant such a ton of skepticism comments.

On the level

Now that Devin seems to be on his way out they need to find someone to gang up on (Amber and Donny.) Classic mob mentality/behavior. This is all done by calling them “weird” and “annoying” which are really ambigious terms but nevertheless cast a shadow of the “other” on that person. That is why I love big brother because it is the ultimate social experiment!!!!


Christine and Victoria talk so much smack. Why did Derrick end up on TA, he’s a snake and so greedy for money. All he talks about is making 5k a week. TA SUCKS.

Not a PHD Student

Who’s Victoria??


I agree with the rest of the comment, especially TA sucking hard, but I don’t blame Derrick for that… that’s why he’s on the show! It’s ALL about the money!

Self Awareness is Overrated

VICTORIA is talking about AMBER having low self esteem and being fake? I wonder if she learned from Caleb that speaking your delusions aloud will make them feel more real?

Victoria is the most forgettable person in the house. She isn’t intetesting, funny or notably attractive and seems totally unaware that she even playing a game. Perhaps they could give her a notable accessory to sport, which would serve as a handy reminder to viewers of her existence. A bow tie is taken, but maybe a top hat or some kind of giant bell that she could wear around her neck?


Lmao. Comment of the season.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Let her beard grow out.


So true, all she does is whine.


I think when Christine see’s Amber she has high school flashbacks. I havent heard Amber do half the things she and Victoria say she does. They are so jealous its getting hilarious. And guess what Victoria is scared of someone else, Im wondering if she even leaves her mansion in Miami, she is scared of everything. Im expecting her to say she is scared of Donny’s beard before she is evicted. That pic of Christine laughing is hilarious. I now know why she acts so jealous. Her personality is making her uglier by the minute. I really dont like mocking the HG’s but she is getting on my last nerve. Victoria needs to self evict please and do us a favor cause she is a waste of player. God forbid the makes it to jury. She must have one of those really expensive miami lifevest. Hayden will win this game.

Gold Dust Woman

Why do you have an apostrophe in “see’s”? The word is “sees”.


I hope Christine goes home soon. She is acting like this master game player when she had done as much as pow pow did.


Why is Christine complaining about Donny and saying he is creepy? Because she knows he’s figured out her game. She’s peeved that her trustworthiness was called into question, and revenge is in her sights. Totally understand her play here. I honestly can’t wait to see her squirm when she’s on the block. We’ll see what kind of BB player / superfan she really is.


NO… Nicole and Cristiane are the ones that figured out Donny`s game.

Donny which is clueless told Nicole to put up Christiane… BAD MOVE>

and he is doing a horrible job with Team America.. so Bad that Nicole is telling everybody she things he is America`s player.

And now Christiane wants him gone. and THAT IS GREAT

I guess Donny won`t be floating around for long… CBS gave Team America to keep him safe, but things went on the way around



You won’t see that anytime soon. She has 2 core alliances neither targeting the other. She has weeks before she’ll have to pick. She is a mortal lock to make jury barring a Donny HOH.

Be interesting to see if the guys get back to girl targets or go after Caleb/Donny next. Appears Nicole/Christine want both out. Funny they could have worked with Donny at some point earlier. Nicole is going to get in a really bad spot if she pushes to get off solo’s/floaters. Not sure we have a real floater yet. Christine has protection either way Nicole does not. Forget the Derrick talks during HOH as positive. It reinforces he has her game down When its not convenient to keep her Nicole goes up.

My usual early season predictions….Get your laugh on 😛

Christine- Lock F9(jury) if she doesn’t overplay 50/50 F4. She’ll run out of gas on comp competitiveness she’ll need a big social and a comp knight. She wants Caleb out big mistake!
Caleb- Bad strategy volunteering he doesn’t make jury. I like him though because he is 1/2 nuts!
Nicole- Towards the top of my list of disliked. Another 50/50 jury member but she can be seen as expendable as BOB shows as she gets nom’d. Christine may need to cut her loose early if the guys go girl hunting for eviction.
Jacosta- She can make jury only if bigger targets keep popping up. She’s done nothing which is her best game. Think she becomes the evictee when the target saves themselves or a weak HOH has power.
Derrick- F9 with a bullet. Cannot have a talk like he had with Nicole in HOH again. Exposed way to much about his game. He has social, reeled Victoria in but that won’t last. 50/50 F4 and like Christine not sure he has the comp chops to get F2.
Frankie- Surprise, surprise this may be an F2 candidate. Sounds crazy but his social is good. He has had to win nothing. Bridges all sides of the house socially. He will continue to throw comps til absolutely necessary. One thing to remember is he is a professional dancer. We are talking fit and a possible endurance beast when it matters.
Zach- The summer of the unstable part 2. I think next blow up they’ll see the liability and evict him. Maybe 35% to make jury no F4.
Cody- When Zach goes we’ll see how tight the Derrick/Cody bond is. I see a solid top 6 player. Maybe even good at comps. How the girls do or do not get picked off will have a lot to do with how far he goes.
Donny- The beard had them fooled but some are figuring out the good old boy. The GOB hasn’t got the game right. He needed a 3/4 person alliance early. No opportunities now he will be a casualty soon. Don’t think Americas team will help in the end.
Victoria- Waste of air I have no use for her before the catty stuff started. Threat to win nothing might get her jury. She’s an after thought as I see the guys dominating the season when it matters.
Britney- Nice “kini” but really nothing as far as BB game is concerned. I thought perhaps BB house mom but that never happened. She was brilliant conning Devin but now the house knows she can lie really good. Nasty mouth like most of the girls this season.
Hayden- the enigma of the season. I like his vibe and his sense of individuality. His deal with Christine/Nicole could get him F4 if you believe Derrick and friends implode. I for 1 do not. I like him jury on social. Then those famous words…. he’s dangerous will surface and bam …jury time
Amber- Sweet, pretty out the door before jury amber.

Christine- F4
Frankie- F2
Derrick- F4
Cody- F4(replace with Hayden or Nicole as options)

3 weeks in the book time for a double eviction likely not Thursday but next Thursday. Always a highlight of BB for me. I for 1 don’t think the BOB/4 nom thing is going on more than a couple weeks more. Likely 2nd 1/2 of the double eviction will see us go back to the original format. AG might wait til 11/10 left rather than next week.
I have Amber, Caleb, Donny and Brittany or Jocasta going before jury. I like Donny a lot I just think key people are on to him.
As for the Kasting a much better year. Interested to see how people play when the pressures on. Doubles tend to do that. Derrick and Christine look like they both have more bullets in their guns. Who aims 1st the question and the answer…. who can shot and not miss?


personally, id love to see a “Second chances” theme. Where the first evictees from each season could come back or a a season where people who had potential and got evicted early could come back.

If there was a “Second Chance ” theme I’d like to see Annie( that saboteur who got evicted S12), Cassie(s13), Dominik(s13), Howard, Nick Uhas, Kalia(only because she never even got a chance to enter the BB house) and Keith( the guy who IMO had potential but played too hard too fast and got evicted first week in BB13)


ack I’m just getting all my seasons mixed up. I meant Jodi not Kalia


I’d love to hear other people’s opinion on who else should go in a second chance season


Actually, I have always wanted to see a ” best of the best” season. Have all the winners compete. I know many may disagree, but I think it would be exciting.

Gold Dust Woman

I voted with a Thumbs Down.


I would love a season like that.
But I dont like any of these people you like. Nick was a horrible player, he was blinded side . Howard had no game at all.

I wanna see Laura ( season 11) for example.

new to BB 14

Devin gets booted Thursday the next three big targets should be Victoria,Christine,and Brittany none of them deserve to make it to the jury!!!!!!!!!


Brittany and Victoria will make to final 2

Donny, Frankie, Derrick and Zack should not make to the jury

grizzle t

I fee like team america might end up hurting Donnys game. the girls say hes acting weird and nicole wad talking about americas player shortly after the talk with donny about zach. he needs to lay low and win comps


Awwww. I just shed a couple of tears when I saw Donny and Nicole talking and crying. How could you not love Donny? He had a good point when he asked Nicole, ‘ did you tell me not to tell nobody?’ He is right. And just by the way, Zach kinda look like Amanda. They have the same shape of mouth when they talk loud. Lol.

TA Sucks

Nicole did say not to say anything. Donny didn’t listen and broke her trust. His nomination was justified.


christine why is she there is to do what people want her to do talking about donny like that i guest you want him to be mean i hope to all us fans that jocasta and donny win hoh next then let the talking begins means backsatble eatchother donny will know about nicole and christina and derrick will tell him in he tell nicloe and christina about it then they want derrick out but one problem nobody whould vote him out so that leave you two i think like i saide before nicole want last past week 5 or 6


It seems the mean (#@$%) girls are making crap up about Amber, but that happens a lot in BB. No way in hell is Amber going around saying how beautiful she is, that’s frakin ridiculous. It seems evident that the trash talk is coming from the jealous and insecure idiots in the looks department. Nose job anyone?


Victoria is the one who kept saying she was beautiful and sh*t and now she is saying amber says she is beautiful? God, I hate Victoria ugh! Amber is gorgeous! <3


Christina, Victoria and Nicole are definitely jealous of the attention Amber gets from the guys. This immaturity is the main reason why girl alliances never work.


I really had high hopes for these people, but frankly
they are becoming unwatchable especially
Frankie & Christine


Now that would be entertaining to see the two of them up on the block at the same time. Really see a scramble. I’m sure they would both be sucking up to Donny then to get his vote. Christine talks about not liking fake people but wait tell she is on the block. She would be as fake as anyone


I would really like to see Amber pull a Janelle in this house, I think she has the comp strength to do it but she doesn’t have the balls

She needs to wake up and realize at this point the girls hate her and want her out, and after Caleb and Devin she’s next on the boy’s hitlist too

I just feel like she had so much potential, she needs to get it together and start asserting some authority, playing overly nice like she has been will last her two more weeks


Could not help but notice tonight how prominent Derrick’s nostrils are. It is more like a snout than a nose. FIFA could have requested his nostrils to use as a net for the footie. Argentina probably would have scored.


Amber needs to realize playing overly nice isn’t going to get her anywhere.
The girls already all have her in their crosshairs and after Devin the boys will too.

It would be extremely entertaining to watch her pull a Janelle and get these girls out one by one.

She has the comp strength to do it but I don’t think she has the personality for it, she’s too afraid to actually doing anything yet fails to realize the house has made their mind up about her already anyway.

Evel Dick's Ghost

CBS has turned on Donny!!!!!!!


I didnt think he had a bad edit tonight. They showed him n Nicole talking after the nom ceremony, and she teared up because she felt so bad for putting him up and when he saw her tearing up, he started crying n told her not to worry about it. He told her he wasnt crying because she nominated him, but he was crying because she was crying.

Gold Dust Woman

Yeah, he had the total Nut Job Edit!!! Finally!

Captain Crunch

these girls are so jealous of Amber, Victoria actually thinks she’s the hottest girl in the house (lmao) if u remember the first ep of BB, she’s not even close and Christine reminds me of that witch from snow white and the 7 dwarfs with her features.

JulIes glitter

Right, only beautiful, young people should be on BB. We should make fun of any female who dares to go on TV unless she’s a model.


I wouldn’t make fun of her for her looks. I dislike her because she seems to be a thoroughly nasty person.


Don’t forget Nicole. She’s been jealous of Amber for awhile. Victoria has a Gonzo nose (from the muppets). Well, Christine does too (based off the pictures above showing her laughing). Nicole’s nose looks like she has a clothespin holding it closed, or a nose like the synchronized swimmers. She sounds funny too. Seems like whiny. less

Amanda's dog Woofie

Vic has figured out who Frankie’s sister is. She is his #1 target now.


Ya, I couldnt believe all the questions victoria asked frankie about his sister. Is she pretty, what color hair does she have, do they look alike, is she tanned, etc. After he answered about five questions about his sister, he changed the subject and started talking about his brother and she said ” WAIT,” Im not done asking about your sister. She then asked, whats her name, and he said Ari. She then gave him the biggest sh!t eating grin. If I was Franki, I would have said, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, she’s taller than me and her name is Lydia.

grizzle t

What did nicole tell donny not to tell anyone? i missed the whole thing. he lied and they cried what happen?


Before the nom ceremony, nicole knew she was putting amber up but didnt know who else to put up, she was planning to put victoria up with amber. She pulled donny aside and ran this info by him along with telling him that the plan was for derrick to put up jocasta and caleb and caleb would throw the bob comp so that amber and whoever else nicole would put up with amber would come off the block. Donny then went and told this info to brittany and jocasta. Nicole found out that donny told this to brittany and jocasta right before the nom ceremkny and nicole decided to put donny up because he told this info to others . After the ceremony , nicole explained to donny why she put him up and donny said, well nicole, you didnt tell me not to say anything to anyone else. She was crying because she felt so bad about putting him up and he stared crying not because she put him up but because she was crying about it .

the truth

Christine mentioned in the pass that she was bullied in school. Her of all people should know what its like to be bullied.. and her saying Donny is creepy and is a pervert is being a bully.. Christine isn’t a nice person and she’s a bully.. I guess she isn’t use to nice people like Donny. She’s going feel like a fool after she leaves the house… She’s a nasty girl, mean catty girl.


Donny is so weird because he is being nice? …..really Christine? Stfu!!! Damn!


Smh at Victoria I hope she doesn’t fly under the radar because the others think they she’s harmless. I have a hard time believing Amber has been bragging about how pretty she is. And I wasn’t feeling Christine a week and half ago. She’s one of those people who likes to tout the bully I’m weird flag. When she is probably doing okay for herself in life and has her niche of peole she’s comfortablem with. It’s called being an adult. And just chooses to not keep up her appearance, get dirtly looking tats on her arms , and pick frames that don’t complement her face.She doesn’t have to look as bad as she does. She’s cowardly. Collectively, these women are making me miss people like Britney Haynes and even Rachel.


You say how bad Christine is and then you go on to insult her entire appearance… those tattoos may look dirty to you but I actually like them, and I wear glasses that to me look nice but to my father for example look horrible. So it’s just a difference of opinion of what looks nice. Do you honestly think that anyone intentionally tries to look bad? Your post should have ever right after the word adult.

A Name

I agree that Christine and Victoria are just awful but Brittany was not better than them. She was horrible on season 12. All she ever did was bash Rachel. She’s basically the same as these girls now

Charlie Moonves

Oh look, Gonzo 1 and Gonzo 2 are being insecure. Must be a day that ends in y.


Did Nicole really have to tell Donny not to say anything? Once again , this guy is a gamer and I am not sure why people are feeling sorry for him wtf. I think the crowd is making him out to be more pathetic then he really is.

All Stars season 7 was one of my all time favorites. I think the idea of having all the winners back for an all stars type thing is good. I just don’t think a lot of them are interesting enough to watch again. Some of them won by default.


Never mind the way Donny said it to her (Nicole). “Did you tell me not to say anything” with his condescending ass. Take a look at it again.

A Name

First Devin is “scary” now Amber is “jealous & fake” and Donny is “creepy”?? Christine, Nicole, Cody, and Victoria are so pathetic and disgusting.