Derrick – “Lets go back into the shadow because right now we’re the main f***g course”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations:
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-10 19-59-12-072

7:48pm Derrick and Donny
Derrick you know Donny I made a huge mistake with you.
Donny – You made it right
Devin tells him when you are in the HOH sitting on the “john” theres a vent right above you which leads to the main bathroom downstairs you can hear entire conversations, ‘Clear as day’

BB16-2014-07-10 20-03-04-654
8:00pm Kitchen
Hayden proposes to Nicole he wants her to be his BB wife. He jokes and says this has nothing to do with her winning HOH. She says no and throws the ring. Frankie grabs the ring and jumps on HAyden says he’ll marry him. Nicole eventually says yes.

BB16-2014-07-10 20-08-10-911

8:07pm Kitchen Newly engaged Nicole straigniting Hayden’s hair.
What do you think you are going to do ?
Nicole doesn’t know.
Hayden – “I think you should put up Amber.. everyone knows she was about to vote for”
Nicole says his family is probably really happy because they know he’s safe./ Hayden tell her she’s going to be fin. Nicole – “it could be worst”
Nicole whispers at first she thought it was going to be Frankie.

BB16-2014-07-10 20-15-34-602

8:14pm Living room Zach, Devin and Caleb
Devein says he’ fully expecting to be on the block he’s never going to say anything foul he’s going to try his best to win. Devin respects them trying to win “If i’m nominated I’ll enjoy my last week.. I’ll never say anything foul” He’s still going to be at home and cheering Caleb on and he hopes Caleb gets out of this game what he wants. “I’m ready to go see my Daughter I have full confidence I’ll be successful when I leave”

BB16-2014-07-10 20-17-38-082
Hayden’s new do

BB16-2014-07-10 20-23-43-303

8:23pm Nicole and Brittany BEEHIVE
Brittany talking about putting up Devin and Amber. Nicole is worried about Christine “I always catch her in the room with Cody and Amber.. Frankie I don’t trust at all .. I can’t put Caleb on the block”
Brittany warns her that the other side of the house is trying to stir sh1t up so they are fighting each other. Brittany – “I don’t think Derrick is working with Caleb”
Nicole – “I think he is.. secretly “
Brittany is worried she’s going to get bullied.
Nicole was talking to Christine and she said she would put up Brittany and POW. Nicole explains this was pre bombsquad blow up. She didn’t throw out Amber’s name at the time because CHristine was in an alliance with her.
Nicole loves Christine but she always catches Christine always talking to people Nicole pleads with Brittany to not tell people this. Brittany sahs Victoria drives her crazy
Nicole was super paranoid by Victoria tomorrow
Brittany swears she will never ever ever tell “Those” people anything important”
Nicole – Everyone wants Devin out but I don’’t
Brittnay – “I hated Devin honestly hated him but now I can’t stand Caleb”
Nicole – I don’t want Amber here”
Nicole says Caleb has to be her target this week.
Nicole again says she cannot trust Christine. Brittany thinks she is working with “Them”
Nicole and Brittany agree that Christine will never put her up. Nicole points out that Christine came to her and told her about the bombsquad right after it was exposed so she was covering her butt. Nicole and Brittany agree they cannot trust Zach but can trust Hayden. Nicole says Caleb came up to her and told her she better vote out POW or she will be the target next week.
Frankie rolls in for a hot minute. Brittany and Nicole complains that Frankie is always walking in on their conversations.
Brittany says Calb, Devin, frankie and Devin all volunteered to be in the have nots room.
Brittany – “There s line that has been drawn in the sand”
Nicole – “I’m drawing it deeper’
Brittany – every week we’re drawing it deeper.. if everyone plays safe they will be here until the end.
Nicole knows but she doesn’t want to be the one that has to do it. because Caleb will win HOH next week
Brittany thinks nicole would go home
Nicole “I just don’t want to be backdoored next week.
Nicole- At the end of the day I will never vote for someone that never made big moves.

BB16-2014-07-10 20-48-25-166
8:46pm Devin and Derrick
Derrick says they took him off as Have nots because he’s HOH but he’s waiting till midnight to eat food to be nice to the other Have Nots.
Devin says the logical thing is to backdoor him the only thing he asks is he lets him compete in the POV in case it’s a money competition. “I’m totally cool with the situation bro”
Derrick – “I talked to Nicole briefly that last thing I want to do tonight noms…I don’t think there will be noms tonight”
Derrick even though I won HOH i’m a realist if Nicole and Brittany had won the HOH I don’t know what they would do they’d probably put all four of us up.. I’m going to be straight up to you I promise you that I’ll let you know what I’m doing
Derrick – “Right now I’m enjoying the HOH I want to see my kids and tomorrow i’m in game mode”

BB16-2014-07-10 20-58-33-859

9:00pm BEEHIVE Devin and Brittany
DEvin saying Big Brother Is not for him he’s going to play hard for the competition but he can care less with all the sneaking around that takes place.
They start talking about their kids Devin says he’s got the biggest fans and he sees them every day

BB16-2014-07-10 21-01-14-331

9:00pm Frankie and Derrick
Frankie thinks the two vote against the house were Jocasta and Donny. Derrick is going to ask Jocasta she said she would never tell a lie if it wasn’t Jocasta it would be Amber. Frankie thinks Nicole is going to put up Caleb and AMber. Adds it will be great if she does because they will win the Battle on the block and Derrick will be the HOH. He points out Brittany has been stuck to Nicole like f*** glue gun.
Frankie now thinks Nicole is going to target him, Caleb and Amber. Derrick tells him to lay low this week because people are seeing him talking to everyone, “Dude take a week off you are not going anywhere.. relax off game mode meditate.. i’m telling you again i’m not going against the people”

BB16-2014-07-10 21-11-21-457

9:10 pm Havenots Cody and Derrick *
Telling him the plan is to Backdoor Devin but obviously he has to put two people up. Derrick tells him he’s is not going up don’t sweat it. Derrick says Jocasta told him last night that she respects him but says he’s manipulating people Derrick adds that she wants to play Big Brother but she also wants to be honest so how can he make a play with her.
Derrick – ‘you think this is an opportunity to reel Brittany back in”
Cody – “Absolutely”
Caleb rolls in
Cody is saying that Christine is Nicole’s best friend so they can use that to their advantage.
Derrick mentions how he was telling Frankie to start chilling out this week.
Cody – “Dude he shot us all in the foot with Jocata.. this week he got crazy paranoid”
Derrick – “Lets go back into the shadow because right now we’re teh main f***g course”
Derrick says the only person he’s thinking about putting up right now is jocasta. Caleb suggests they get one of their guys up to throw the BOB competition.
Derrick – ‘I think we can convince the entire house except for Devin to use the POV to get rid of Devin”
Cody leaves.
Derrick tells him there are things in his past that he can’t say but they are going to have a different relationship after the show. Derrick says he’s said Caleb isn’t going up.
Caleb is going to go to Nicole and tell her if Amber and him go up they are going to take her out next week.
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BB16-2014-07-10 21-25-32-445

9:25pm Brittany saying after theres a new HOH everyone is so fake and phoney
Zach – Dude you’re straight up”
Brittany – “I’m f***ing straight up”

BB16-2014-07-10 21-28-34-107
9:28pm Derrick telling zach to relax this week dance and sleep. Zach has nothing to worry about this week. Just make sure they are there for Derrick next week.

BB16-2014-07-10 21-35-54-104

Donny “Me and Jocasta talked game for the first time yesterday”

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Just wanted to say you have the best BB update sight ever!
Thanks for all you do!


best update “site”

Hall monitor

Thanks mom.


She probably meant that he could see updates better than other people. Think before you speak. You made yourself look foolish.


Prediction time. Callin it right now. Final4 Caleb, derrick, hayden and christine. Simon and dawg, whatcha think?


Caleb will not ever make to the jurry


He’s an emotional mess i’ll admit that. But he’s got game on his mind. He’ll at least make it to jury but im callin him final 4


According to @JoeyVanPelt1, Big Brother asked Joey to be in the jury, so maybe that’s a twist too.


I like Derrick but he is going to play it too safe this week and not diverge from the plan to backdoor Devin. However if Nicole is still HOH after the BOB we are in for an interesting week. She doesn’t care about Devin! She wants Calebs blood.


Nicole’s plans doesn’t make sense to me. If she nominates Caleb he most likely will win ‘bob’ and will be safe then she loses HOH. Caleb will come after her with a vengeance.


Lmao I love Donny, he is most definitely a lock for America’s favorite. Also happy that Nicole is starting to question Christine, I want to like Christine but I can’t for some reason lol don’t really trust her.

Butters Mom

I cant like Christine for the simple reason of how she eats…. she gets a spoon full of whatever she is eating and then only sucks a portion of what is on the spoon off… then redips the spoon back into her food and fills it up again and only sucks a portion of it off… its just disgusting to watch. She did it with yogurt and then with rice… seriously… who eats like that?!


Christaine is a idiot. Her and Amber gotta go right after Caleb, Frankie and Derrick


OMG!!! I noticed how disgusting Christine looks when she is eating. I watched the entire yogurt eating thing and nearly vomited. And today, they showed her eating cereal and she did the same thing except she kept dumping what cereal was left on her spoon back into the cereal bowl and then she would load up the spoon and the disgusting sequence would start all over again. I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME so I am soooo glad you see it too. I have to turn my head away from the TV now because it is so vile to watch her eat. She fills her spoon with food, puts the spoon in her mouth and when the spoon comes out of her mouth, there’s still food on it!!!
Before you enter the House, watch yourself eat in front of a mirror and make the necessary adjustments. Eliminate all smacking sounds, licking of fingers, chewing and talking simultaneously, and TAKING FOOD THAT WAS DESTINED FOR YOUR MOUTH OUT OF YOUR MOUTH – IT’S GROSS!!!

Big Sister

I have been pointing these disgusting eating habits out since Enzo. What adults eat with their mouths open and making such awful sounds??


For some reason, I think Frankie’s gonna get it… you know, because of Grodner and Ariana Grande


Brittany is so hot.. mm.


I think Derrick should start talking Nominations with the other HoH instead of thinking she is going to do what he wants…. hell she may just screw him up by putting up Devin and Zach after He pulls the first HoH pick..

Can you imagine those two in a BoB… oh hell no. loosing would make Derrick HoH but it would give Devin either a PoV shot or a BoB safe for another week.

I don’t think Nicole is the pushover that she was reported to be.


Nicole is definitely the push over. She just goes for the ride and I can guarantee you whoever she nominates for eviction will not have derived from her own thought process.


Zach saved the house from devo this week..fortunately he’ll pay the price for it(he’s a douche) I see him out before week 5 as well as devin. I hate to break from the hatecalebtrain but when it comes down to it that cat will win comps. Especially if devo is gone. I dig the frankster but hes just another andy. Hayden has a good shot but the rest of the boys are jus janglin their egos


Christine has a good shot and I dig her gameplay. She just needs to stick with it. Dnt get too deep

Michael Scott

That’s what she said!

Michael LB

I agree that Caleb can/will be a threat in some competitions (the physical ones). But I don’t think he’s all that bright and don’t think he’s too observant so he’s at risk in mental or memory comps, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get him out.

Captain Crunch

I kinda feel like Derrick is gonna be on a power trip this week, being picked for TA inflated his ego and now that he’s HOH I can only imagine what he’ll be like.


Oh please! Everyone gets on a Power Trip when they win HOH. This is BB…I am so over you so called bb fans acting like no one tries to dictate how the house votes when it comes their time as HOH.

That’s the point! To get out your targets when you have the power. Otherwise you’re just a lame duck.

I think Derrick will play smart, nominate two people that he thinks can lose and help him keep his HOH title. And he’ll go with what the house wants in nominating Devin. I just have a feeling that somehow Production will screw with things and make a comp that favors Devin and him staying.


Well I’m glad to hear Derrick chilling a little bit! I really hope he makes a smart move with his HOH. I’m glad Nicole won, but I wish Brittany or Hayden could have won with her. That way none of them would be afraid to put up strong players instead of weak ones because it wouldn’t matter which one kept the HOH. Frankie, Zach, Caleb & Cody all need to be on the block. That way, even if Devin wins POV, one of the guys will go home. We need more GIRL POWER!!!


I would have been fine with Hayden or Brittany winning too, but this duo works too.


Why is Zack talking (nicely) to Devin on Big Brother After Dark? Wonder if Production told them they have to be nice to him. Was so much better last night when the whole house was shunning him. Making me sick now that Brittany is being really nice to Devin in the open!


Right. It’s so annoying because she goes around swearing left and right how she “isn’t a liar, she’s so loyal, she’s the ONLY person an honest game” when she’s nothing but a hypocrite.

First of all NO ONE can play an honest game in BB. And she criticized Pow Pow for making a deal with Devin, yet she made a deal with Devin too. I don’t like how these players try to act “holier than thou” because when their name is on the chopping block they too will make deals, kiss a**, and say/do just about anything to stay safe.


I think they’re straight up feeling bad for him. They know (hope) he’s going home this week. He knows (doesn’t hope) he’s going home this week. Zach said he hated him in national TV. Birtt has said some terrible things about him, which he’ll see soon. These are real people, despite all. They can feel bad for what they’ve said and likely do.

Lady D

I 100% agree with you- I think they are all feeling bad for Devin. At the end of the day, I think he does have a kind heart (and is not *intentionally a bully), unfortunately he is not very smart, and is on a constant emotional roller coaster (which makes his gameplay look like a bull in a china shop). I think we will see everybody being nicer to Devin this week- despite the fact they want to send him home.


I hope goes home this week.

I like that Derrick won HOH, because people will see his true collar. I really hope Nicole tells him she is going after Caleb, because Derrick will try hard to manipulate her. And Nicole gotta be the HOH for week. Derrick will be pissed.

I wanna see Amber and Caleb on the block.


Simon and Dawg….Just found your blog this year and this is BY FAR the BEST bb blog out there. Just wanna say a big thank you from all us readers. You guys Rock!!!

Hall monitor



I actually thought Nicole would be a sheep shes starting to win me over even if she doesnt get to go through with whatever plan she has the fact that she has her own mind and isnt blinded by the BS (bullsh!t) has me impressed


Nicole- “At the end of the day I will never vote for someone that made big moves”

Some superfan she is. I don’t like this girl. She tries to come off as dorky and quirky, but she is just awkward and has no substance. The only reason she wants Amber gone is because she’s jealous of her. I doubt she will do anything of importance with her HOH.


I’m hoping she’ll let her unwarranted hatred for Amber blind her right into putting her and Caleb up on the block. They’ll more than likely crush whoever they go against and Derrick will win HOH.

This is why you shouldn’t play based upon personal reasons. If Nicole was smart she’d set aside her one sided hatred for Amber and think twice about who she nominates because it could be all the difference between keeping HOH and handing it over to Derrick.


IMO Nicole wants to get rid of Caleb BEFORE Devin because Brittany’s in her ear all the time. They hate Amber as much as Season 15 cast hated Elissa. The two of them (Nicole and Brittany) are hoping if Devin stays, he will “protect” them against the BS. Nicole’s even turning against Christine. I bet she’ll have Brittany sleeping with her in the HoH room if she wins the BoB.


Totally. But its so twisted. I hate how all these BB fans try to act like Nicole’s such a sweet person, but she’s an absolute monster. She reminds me of one of those catty mean girls, that smiles in your face but is plotting your demise every step of the way, ALL for her pure satisfaction.

I hate players like this because they vote people out for personal reasons and not for game play. But oh wait? Isn’t this why we hate Devin because he tried to vote Brittany out for personal reasons?

The amount of Double Standards in this game is hilarious.


I agree completely…the MEAN girl syndrome is rearing it’s ugly head. Doesn’t trust Christine?? Please. Her BESTIIE two wks ago. Never ceases to amaze.


Her bestie was in an alliance that she was hiding from her. She’d be an idiot to trust Christine fully.


I’m still liking my final 6 choice of Derrick, Cody, Nicole, Zach, Donny, and either Hayden of Christine.
Cody, in my opinion, is in the best position as of right now. He has no blood on his hands, shown he is capable of competing in comps when he needs to, and currently has two HoH’s that won’t put him up. Everyone also considers him trustworthy except Devin and maybe Caleb.
He will definitely be targeted down the road, but as long as he keeps his mind focused on the game I still have him winning with Nicole in third and Zach as the runner-up.


Nicole doesn’t even deserve to make it to Jury. If she does she’ll have Christine and Hayden to thank for that…but wait isn’t that why we all hate Amber, cuz she’s using Caleb?



I don’t think she deserves it, but I see floaters like Jocasta and Victoria being targeted before her. Hayden will also protect her as will Christine. I do not want her to win, but she will make it to jury at least.


Yeah, as long as no one wears and stretches his t-shirts anymore, he should be fine and not weep like a little girl.


Derrick is my favorite player this season, hands down! I never thought he was going to be when he first went in the house but DAMN he’s impressed me this week, I’m rooting for him! Good player and good person.


I really hope Nicole stays as the HOH, Derick winning would ensure a boring week with Devin or Jocasta going while with Nicole I can see the house in a much bigger chaos than this week. I’m really liking this week’s set-up of BOB, Derick and Nicole has a silent rivalry going on and at each other’s throat, I like how they don’t actually discuss things and only tries to outmaneuver each other.


I think you have this all dead wrong.

Derrick KNOWS he has the numbers to vote Devin out, he would be an idiot not to put Devin on the block because it would show the ENTIRE house where his loyalty is. Derrick has a much better chance of flying under the radar by doing what the house wants in nominating Devin, than staying by a 1 man team in Devin.

Keeping Devin and putting someone else up would make for a boring week because a. we wouldn’t get to see Devin explode and b. Devin is the BIGGEST flip flopper in the house, he’ll do nothing but kiss a** (as noted by his sudden loyalty to Brittany.)


His reason for not nominating Devin isn’t b/c he’s loyal to Devin. It’s because he’s trying to, you know, backdoor him. If he directly nominates Devin, he would have 2 chances to take himself off the block: BOB and POV. Not putting him up means that the only way Devin couldn’t go up as a replacement is if he wins the POV (which he’s not guaranteed to be in b/c he’s not on the block, nor an hoh) or if the POV isn’t used.


Are Nicole and Hayden just going to get together yet?


First things first, what on earth did Nicole do to Hayden’s hair!??? Those beach waves should of never been touched.

Second, I just got to see the BB eviction…had to wait until 1 for it smh stupid baseball game. But as much as everyone wants to choose to hate Amber and Caleb out of the bomb squad they aren’t the hypocrites in the group. Cody calling Devin fake for putting up someone in the bomb squad alliance is an absolute farce because he was plotting to go against their promise to never put a member up. I cannot stand Devin and hope he’s voted out next week but Devin had every right to put up Zach as soon as he heard he was plotting against him.

I am so sick of this holier than thou attitude that Nicole (who talks about Amber endlessly), Zach (who has side deals with EVERYONE), and Cody who has plotted against his alliance from the beginning have. I mean it is BB, you are ALL snakes. And Jacosta only wanting to play an honest game…why one earth are you even on BB!?


I think she’s being very mean regarding Christine. Christine couldn’t have revealed the bombsquad before or it would have been her hide. Christine’s first allegiance gas always been to Nichole. I think the wooing from Hayden, snuggling from Cody and NOW winning HOH may be going to her head. Girls will turn on each other in a heartbeat! One of the reasons they aren’t very good in this game, IMO. Lots of experience with that one during my lifetime.


Nicole has a legitimate reason to doubt Christine, Christine have been saying in the diary room that she is loyal to her but if you found out that your partner is a part of the group that has nominated her without telling beforehand, that’s a crack in trust. The viewers know that Christine is loyal(?) but inside the house she looks like she is really just floating between the weirdos and Bombsquad. Also right up until Devin exploded, christine looks like she had no intentions of telling it to her.


I don’t see how backdooring Devin is a safe move? Devin can win things plus he seems unstable. Get rid of him while you can. We have seen this many many times in BB where the person who people want out ends up staying and being over looked to the point where they are at the end. HELL NO I don’t like him as a player, period. No impulse control has no place in the BB house.
I would like to see Jacosta actually compete and be on the block with the other 3. Just to remind her shes in a game.


The fact he can win things is exact reason they are trying to backdoor him. If he’s not on the block, he has lower probability of getting to play for POV, which means if you can convince the POV winner to use it…He goes up.


What Nicole needs to do is put 2 week players that won’t win Bob to put up caleb. I thought he was trustworthy but he is no different from the rest of the cast. Like it should be but he always spoked him being Hines or what not. Caleb needs to go first than devin

tyrese jones

Hopefully Devin can pull a miracle and stay for a couple more weeks. Is Devin a knuckle head? absolutely. but at the same time he is putting this show on his back in terms of entertainment. I want to see him at least reach jury for entertainment purposes only lmao.


Let’s hope Brittany eats and then goes right to bed. I have reserved making any kind of opinion of her until I see how she behaves when not sleep deprived.

new to BB 14

whoever puts Donny on the block again and the day he gets voted out will be a sad day in and outside the house. Hope Donny finds pao he may be old but they would be good for each other


Can someone tell me exactly why everyone is hating so hard on Amber? Is it her association with Devin and Caleb? She doesn’t seem like a bully or a bitch but a lot of the houseguests talk about not liking her?


I think its because Cody, and Hayden have told a couple of people things that Amber said about Caleb behind his back. She is using him(Hey, its BB) But, she has let too many people know. She also is being manipulated. Caleb wanted to stay true and not put up Devin. So, he’ll have some support in the house. Amber has convinced him that Devin is scary and Derrick is trustworthy. Derrick and Cody want Caleb out.


Neda’s gonna get voted into the house and win…


Did anyone notice on tonight’s episode after Brittany’s ball landed in number 16 – the cameras cut to Devin and when Julie said “You’re out Brittany” – this smirk/smile filled his face. Does this mean he doesn’t “like” her anymore? Those two should be interesting to watch on the feeds this week.


I think that was more self depreciating. Brittany had promised to keep him off the block. So, when she lost. He knew for sure he was gone.


Hayden is so sweet!!!


How annoying everyone up in your bed under the covers and pawing up the fresh pillows before you get a chance to sleep on them. All up in your candy hahaha, Grrrr.
I think the “Amber hate” is coming from her situation with Caleb.(maybe?) I wonder why Nicole dislikes her so much. I hope you mean good friends about Donny and Pow. I thought he had a girlfriend?
I think people have been so mean about Christine. I also think Hayden is sweet. I still like Cody I don’t G2S who doesn’t. Until he acts like a total case, I like him. I agree with whoever said that Nicole is not as “sweet” as she is coming off. Even though Victoria came in all about herself and how special and pretty she is (lols). I feel bad that’s shes kind of on her own.
Really enjoyed Thursdays show.


So, if they get rid of Devin this round, they will have Brittany to eliminate next. She is a female version of Devin. No wonder she could read him so well. I’m not buying her act. She’s as pure as the driven over snow. Funny how Frankie is becoming quickly irrelevant. I guess the players finally have evolved into being able to see the house weasel. I’m rooting for Derrick, Zach, Nicole, and Hayden. However, it would be cool to see Donny start to take a leadership role, . . and shave his beard. At least this season, we will not get stuck with having to watch a house full of B-players. With this HOH/BOB twist, I wonder if it will come down to a fight of the titans in the end.