Big Brother 14 Spoilage – Ian doesn’t care about the Money he just wants his name in Wikipedia

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

5:40pm Kara and Dan Dan that right now it looks bad for them but what if next week lightning strikes and Ian wins HOH, “You’ll see all those people scatter like rats” Kara is nervous that Willie is flip flopping and she knows that Janelle and Brintey are a team. Dan thinks if Willie wanted Kara gone he would have a tough time convincing people that Frank was less of a target than Kara.

Dan says if the nominations stay the same and he thinks it will they need to not get cocky they need to lock in those votes. Dan advises Kara that after dinner she needs to grab Willie and talk to him. Dan wants Kara to offer Willie a deal if she stay then Kara will return the favor, “say if you can guarantee my safety I (Kara) will never put you up” . Kara warns dan that the girls all talk whatever he tells Britney will go to Janelle. dan wonders when the POV ceremony is, Kara was told by production that the POV Ceremony is Sunday afternoon.

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5:40pm Arcade room Boogie and Ian Boogie is worried that Ian could be next he needs to step up his social game. Ian understands, he’s trying. Boogie tells him they both need to play down their abilities in Physical and mental competitions. Boogie points out that people are talking about Ian and he’s not too popular in the house.

Boogie says there is no doubt that Ian would of been nominated if Boogie had not won the Coaches Challenge. Ian says that he loves Shane he thinks he’s a great guy but Shane told him he was safe. Boogie disagrees says Ian is a HUGE target. Boogie stresses that Ian needs to step it up or he’s gone and they don’t want that. Boogie coaches that Ian needs to do a little bit everyday build relationship with the other players.. Boogie: “treat it like a paper or homework 1 day inside this house is like 3 days on the outside.. Its a marathon not a sprint.. if they have kids ask about the kids if they are married than ask them about their spouses.. ask them about their jobs”.. Ian nods says the problem he has is that he likes everyone in the house and doesn’t want to be fake with them. Boogie understand but says an has to dig deep inside and pull out his dark side.
Boogie: “If you don’t win HOH you have a 99% chance of going up.. in the beginning of the game people want to nominate players that are no stress.. you are not close with anyone and if you go home next week nobody will be mad” Ian understand. Boogie tells him that this is a fun game at first you leave your real world problem at the door, “it’s like summer camp but this all ends very quickly.. this is for 1/2 a million dollars this is a gangster game”. Ian doesn’t care about the money he only cares about the title.. he wants to go to Wikipedia and seeing his name under winner of Big Brother 14. Boogie: “Fine good if that’s what you want.. you need to step it up because if you wait it’s gone”

Boogie says that 90% of what comes out of his mouth is to help Ian.. tells Ian not to be defensive about what boogie says he just wants to help him. boogie: “I’m not at Defcon 5 we’re at Defcon 3… we’re having this conversation now becuase in 12 days you could be nominated up against someone popular with no POV”

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6:00pm Shane, Dan and Kara
Dan and Kara are warning Shane that they he is going to get bombarded these next couple days. Shane knows he thinks he’s ready for it. Dan tells him that in this game the 2 biggest physical threats are Frank and Shane, Dan wants to know if they can band together to take out Boogie’s “Squad”.

Shane: “YES I want Mike out he’s my biggest competition… ” Shane tells them that the votes are all on Kara’s side nobody is going to keep Frank.
Dan tells him that he doesn’t play like boogie, if Shane is solid with Dan and his crew than they will ride to the end. Dan stresses that he is not with boogie and by “default” everyone things that they are together because they are not up int he HOH every day scheming.

Kara: “I want Boogie out he is BAD energy..” Shane agrees he knows that Frank and Boogie are after him next week. They start to count the votes, Shane thinks they have Danielle, himself, JOJO, and wil to vote against Frank. They all agree that the common targets are Frank than ian.

Dan really presses the strength of frank and how he’s the biggest threat in the house. Kara says she wants to offer Shane a deal, “maybe I will offer Danielle up?” Dan and Shane laugh. (there’s a joke that Shane likes danielle) Talk drifts to speculation that the coaches will be allowed to swap players later in the game.

(ohh man there is so much going on in the house, Dan is trying to get people on his side to take out Boogie, shane appears to be with him)

6:40pm dinner time

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This season has really started off with a bang!


Honestly brittneys attachment to janelle will be her downfall… I know ur in an alliance but its too early in the game to be this trusting i hope she remembers that jany is her opponent


That’s Crazy, Ian the next HOH. Careful nerd. Willie will torture you. Just like Russell torture Ronnie!

Alexander the Great

I really dislike how high and mighty Britney, Willie, Janelle, Wil, and Joe are. Shanes not horrible


@Alexander the Great.I’m not liking their attitude either.I like how calm Dan is acting.In my opinion not freaking out and staying calm like Dan is doing, is the way to go.And I also agree with his point,concerning all those people that are walking around the house,like they’re untouchable.There behaving like they will always be in power.And anyone that’s watched Big Brother should know that the power will shift.


another lesbian this season but at least she admits it unlike shelley from last season gotta respect that


I am a little bit confused on where everyone stands right now. So who is most likely to go home this week, Frank or Kara?


why frank? is it because he’s on boogies team and they are trying to knock him and his team out? I don’t have the feeds just the showtime ad to watch and on last nights ad show it really didn’t specify as to why Frank was a target as opposed to kara. thanks simon


They want frank gone cuz he is carrot top’s stepchild

Raymond j

I laughed right outloud! Ha ha ha


Good!!! I want to see Boogie humbled, then broken to where he is pleading for his existence in this game. Too much??


Me too, and to think he said he’s the best player to play the game, give me a break. Dr WILL the master manipulator is the best. They better take out Frank…..anything to cripple Boogie. Best player my ass.


He wasn’t even the best player in his seasons.


Who the fuck is mike? They keep talking about him but he’s not in the cast…


boogies real name is mike


That’d be Mike BOOGIEe aka Booger aka Chill town -1 aka the Keebler Elf


Mike is Boogie’s real name.


Mike Boogie….I got confused too, since sometimes they call him Mike and sometimes the call him Boogie

Alexander the Great

Didn’t after the veto, Britney say Karas going home?

Beyonce fan

These people are dumb wtf they mean a twist that switch teams lol the twist is the vets will be playing in the real game so get rid of dan team now so it will be one less vet but people can’t fucking. Think.

Blank XIII

My guess on what will happen is when a mentor runs out apprentices, they will be given an option to start playing for themselves possibly with some form of disadvantage, or even an advantage. This would perhaps make the players less likely to want to take out a mentor’s last apprentice.


that wont happen as the mentors team member has to win the whole show in order for the mentor to win the 1 hundred grand. I think that if the mentors teams wiped out then he just leaves the show it would only be fair that way

Head of Household

I hope Ian take’s Boogie’s advice and works on his relationships in the game :/ I would hate to see him go, especially since he loves the game and some models who barely understand it can get so far.


i agree 100%


Team Boogie FTW and Dan
I don’t think I’ll root for Janelle this season… she’s allying herself with bitches this season (Britney , JOJO, Wil and Willy Wonka)

I like Ashleigh though,

Beyonce fan

Duhhh janelle teaming up with people who has all the power duhh.


i agree i want to see dan and his angels go all the way. I do think willie is alot nicer than his bro from survivor and he’s def got the looks in that family 🙂


dan’s my favourite


@23surreal. Dan’s my favorite too.If Shane likes Danielle,then she should work that angle.That way,she can make sure Shane will help bring in the votes to keep Kara.Which,that will put Dan in a better position.

Beyonce fan

I like jojo I think janelle is playing a good game no one is even comeing for her team


because she’s well respected duhhhhh


Bb after dark game talk


Ian is so cute (: