Naeha tries to flip the votes “Britt will not help our game. We’re going to carry her.”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin Cindy and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 07-02-55-453

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Willow says I would like to be pregnant in this house and be passionately in love. Willow comments that they still need to get the 5 hour announcement. I wasn’t even supposed to sleep over. Britt says that last night was the coldest night ever in the havenot room. Willow asks where did Pilar go. She jokingly says she hates Pilar and Kevin. Willow says she hopes they play it one more time. I forget it. Zach and Pilar join them. Zach comments on how the live eviction message isn’t up on the tv screens yet. Graig says he didn’t even hear them building anything in the backyard.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 07-03-41-528

Ash says that Bobby was trying to cuddle her last night. She says it was so hot and all she wanted was her space. Johnny says he doesn’t understand why he didn’t sleep in the HOH room. He didn’t want to miss anything. Johnny says I feel like I have zero energy because of the slop and being woken up. Johnny comments on how today is April fools. Jordan says what if they came over and announced remember all those videos you watch, its not for the HOH!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 07-14-56-799

10:35am The Live Eviction Today sign appears on the living room screen. Up in the HOH room. Bruno says the chop shop going down today G. Graig says oh yeah, The chop shop is officially open! Graig says who would you like to evict Graig ..Oh my god I am so stoked to evict that Cindy with an S! Bobby says S is for SEE YA!!! Graig says oh sh*t!! That is so sick!! I call her baby too because she hates it!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 07-36-06-762

10:50am – 11am In the bedroom – Sarah and Naeha are talking about tonight’s eviction. Naeha is trying to flip the votes to evict Brittnee and keep Cindy. Naeha says that Britt will not help our game. She can not help us in competitions. We are going to carry her. She is not going to help us at all. Sarah says I would rather have someone here that can’t win competitions. Naeha says Brittnee isn’t going to help our game. You’ve talked to her, she knows nothing about the game. Sarah says Cindy’s emotional and will flip flop back and forth. Naeha says if you’re on the block with Brittnee you will go home. If she’s on the block against any of us we will go home. Naeha and Johnny talk about the video. Graig joins them and tells Naeha and Johnny that he just wanted to clear the air. I have never said Willow’s name, your name or Johnny’s name. I swear to god. I am with you. I am not going after you for weeks, months! Months! Naeha says ok.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 08-00-29-808

11:30am – 11:40am In the bedroom – Bruno talks to Cindy and tells her that he wish they could have worked together. Bruno asks Cindy who he needs to watch out for? Cindy says Graig. Bruno says oh yeah I know that, who else? Cindy says Graig and Godfrey. Bruno says he’s been trying to keep his distance. Cindy says she knows he has. Bruno says he’s sorry for the way things went down yesterday. Cindy says at least Godfrey apologized. Bruno tells Cindy to keep in touch when they get out of here.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-01 08-26-50-378

In the bedroom – Sarah and Ash are studying the Zoo video. Meanwhile Bruno and Zach are going around the house getting everyone to say goodbye to Rocky the stuffed dog.

We also get a live feed leak of the backyard for tonight’s HOH competition.

12:25pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

1:30pm Still blocked..

3:15pm Still blocked without any more feed leaks..

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What is Naeha doing? While she makes some good points about the pawn being used to take out everyone else, it is too late. The morning of the eviction? At this point, the only way Naeha makes it through next week is to win HOH or Veto.


I think Naeha is making a mistake, She better hope her side wins HOH becuase she’s a target.

another name

imo she’s thinks she’s been a target for over a week (and she has to an extent), it’s just that there were other targets. I agree she’s making a mistake pushing so hard, but she’d be a target to at least seven people regardless. hasn’t she subtley been pushing for scindy since she went on the block?


Prettiest girl in the house is?????????


Zach, of course.


Hey “watcher” Didn’t know I had a Twin!
As far as best looking female …


Couldn’t care less.


Naeha is completely correct. If Sindy goes, she will be the biggest female target in the house.


How bout the prettiest girl last season?


Topaz is the prettiest of all time for BBCAN


Are we going to overlook the fact that Willow said that she wishes she could get pegnant in the house?? Wtf is wrong with that girl? She is getting weider and weider everyday lool


I just think she is sexually frustrated.


nope never notta – it’s far more than a sexual thing. This gal has problems. Sad but true.


Yo dawg can you make list of all the alliances


Random question but does anyone know what day they actually moved into the house? Would today be day 14?


Awesome, thanks! That’s what I thought ๐Ÿ™‚

Miss Naeha

Naeha is not a good player, she plays based on fear. She showed zero loyalty, if Sarah wants to make it far in the game she has to leave Naeha behind. Naeha basically told Sarah when you are on the block if the person sitting next to you offers me a better deal or is better for my game you are gone. Naeha made the same mistake Cindy made, she spoke to much and constantly changed her targets. BB is about working with people who will win HOH to keep you safe, but it’s also about making strong bonds. Strong enough not to get voted out when you are the biggest threat. Zach is playing it smarter than Naeha he is establishing connections which will make people think twice before putting him up. Naeha is out this next week unless she wins HOH. I think even Sarah would vote her out at this point.


Did any closure ever come with the broken camera? are they still on slop for it?

another name

question for dawg or simon: weren’t there instant evictions during the easter weekend in bbcan 1 and 2? not trying to spoil or anything… just trying to plan ahead in case.


You’re right there was. Looking at the slice website shows there is no After dark until Sunday so I’m suspecting tongiht during the show we’ll find out the feeds are blocked ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

another name

it sucks that the feeds would/might go down… not that feeds one and two have had much sound. has anyone else had near constant sound issues or am I just technologically impaired? been sort of embarrassed to ask since i’m worried it’s the latter and don’t want to appear a fool (at least for that reason, lol).


I have plenty of audio issues.. At night around midnight PST 1/2 the cams lose audio. Fan Feed audio is crap and there’s plenty of audio bleeding in from other conversations. With that said when the feeds are on and the audio is right the quality is fantastic.

another name

thank you SO much simon. I’ve been checking my speakers, checking my volume control, checking the feed volume, looking for mystery buttons…. so now I know it’s not just that i’m not incredibly tech saavy.


I’m not feeling it this season, I really don’t, I don’t know if I should keep watching or not.. so far it’s a huge disappointment!
I still have no idea what Bruno and Godfrey bring to the table, they’re nonentities in the house
I think Jordan is playing a good game and is safe.. but he’s insufferable, I can’t stand him

this house is nothing but a bunch of wannabees , I get some of them are super fans.. but kevin did you really needed to kiss Johnny?? it’s just so fake and annoying.. and I like the kid, but he’s obviously craving for attention which makes him a terrible player, because he’s trying too hard to be someone he’s not, and everyone is on to him

anyway, I feel bad for the girls, I really hope they can outmaneuver the boys, but at this point I’m having BB16 flashbacks.. it’s tough!

I’m hoping for a powershift tonight


I agree with you but it’s only the first week (well second but first week was weird) and there’s a lot that can change.
Hated BB16 more than BB9… So I really hope the girls mix it up and win some HoH’s


First week is either insane (BB14) or complete crap. Can’t judge a season from the first week.


While I appreciate Naeha trying to flip the vote…it’s too late. I thought Naeha had a better read on the house, there is no way Sarah is going to evict Britt (who she trusts more than Naeha). Oh and doesn’t Naeha know if she was on the block with Sindy, that she would be going home because she is the bigger target (not Sindy).


Unconfirmed Spoilers via @hamsterwatch (Which are almost always correct)
Sindy evicted 12-0
Kevin wins HOH
Instant eviction this weekend


Well here we go Kev as HOH. He was the target wonder if he has the stones to put up Bobby. An insta eviction and shake up chop shop mostly interesting. Who lil Kev gonna put up? Soft girls easy choice or get the game started.

See you Naeha…. who the heck is Kev playing with? Don’t think he has a real alliance I have no idea on noms.


Why does it say logged in as Simon??


hmm it does that sometimes a glitch in the website caching.


I hope he puts up Bobby and Godfrey then backdoors Graig.