Naeha tells Willow with Sindy gone “If you look at the pool of girls it’s just me and you”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin Cindy and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-31 19-32-07-794

10:30pm Godfrey Trimming Bobby’s hair. After using the trimmers he grabs the scissors and starts clipping
Bobbys says he wants his ear pierced. Godfrey jokers just wait it might happen
Ashleigh “I’d be shitting bricks right now”


10:35pm Backyard Sarah and Brittnee (The image shows Graig with them once he leaves they start talking about the day)

Brittnee felt it was really hard today everything that happened.
Sarah saying that Sindy could have stuck up for herself a little bit more, “All the things that needed to be said got said”
Brittnee- I wanted to avoid confrontation but I also want to stick up for my morales and protect someone that is being attacked.

Sarah points out that Bobby spoke up told Godfrey he was making himself look like an idiot.
Sarah adds she told Godfrey “You don’t know for a fact” after the was telling Sindy he knew for a fact she broke the camera.

Neaha joins them. Brittnee explaining it was a tough situation for her because she is on the block. Naeha says Graig is going around saying he was a pro baseball player more reason to get him out of the door.
They agree to start having conversations queued up so when people walk in on them while their strategy talking they are ready .
They agree their number one targets are Graig and Godfrey.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-00-33-776

11:02pm Godfrey and bobby come out of the bathroom and show everyone his hair.

Jordan yells out to the live feeders to never let Godfrey Mangwiza touch your hair

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-05-25-243

11:05pm Storage Jordan says he would rather Graig win the HOH because he’ll get rid of Naeha then the next week someone will go after Graig. Jordan – “And he’ll go nuts”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-08-10-354

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-07-34-369

11:08pm Jordan and Sindy dancing in the storage room
Sindy says they are breaking up tomorrow. Jordan asks her how long have they been dating so he can say “I dated a beauty queen” Sindy – 2 days. They start kissing

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-28-29-429

11:26pm HOH Bathroom Willow and Sindy

Sindy asks – is the consensus voting me out tomorrow.. cause you know who i’m targeting
Willow – I’m a player that tries to be as low key as I can
Sindy doesn’t want to go home, “JP pretty much told me the consensus is I’m out.. I know Naeha wants me to stay”
Sindy – I need 7 votes
Sindy counts all the girls votes says that’s only 5
Willow – you need two more
Johnny comes in Sindy asks him what is happening is she getting voted out today
Johnny doesn’t know they haven’t talked about votes today
Willow – it’s been camera camera camera

Sindy warns if she leaves Graig and Godfrey are going to go after another girl and if she stays everyone will target her.
Sindy – right now 12 people voting..
Sindy lists off Bobby, Kevin, Graig and Godfrey are all targeting her. She points out if Brittnee stays there is no clear target with the girls.

Willow and Jonny tell her they haven’t made a decision on who they will vote out
Zach joins them briefly to grab something from the bathroom.
Sindy tells them that Godfrey has made a genuine apology, “He wasn’t making sense”
Zach – that’s an understatement
Zach leaves
Sindy tells them she wants to know if everyone has made up their mind because if they have she won’t bother campaigning she doesn’t want to be that person.
Sindy says Godfrey told her Naeha and Jonny are working together and they are with Willow and going after Graig.
Sindy tells them she likes Jordan and has a legit crush on him.

Sindy wants them to tell her once they come to a conclusion on their votes to come to her and tell her.
Jonny and Willow say they will. Willow is worried that Canada may be voting again so if they say something now it could hurt their game.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-31 20-49-19-773

11:46pm Bedroom Sindy and Pilar
Sindy is saying she has 6 votes all she needs is pilar vote to stay. Points out that all the guys are coming after her and if she stays they will be completely shocked.
Pilar says she doesn’t know what to do

Sindy says Graig, Kevin, Godfrey, possibly Zach and Bruno are voting against her.
Pilar – I’m not going to lie to you..

Zach rolls in ..

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-31 20-52-06-807

11:51pm Big Brother ZOO comes on.

Graig – “Was that the same one” (It was lol)

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-31 20-56-51-109

11:56pm Naeha and Willow
Willow asks if she’s switching her vote to keep Sindy.
Naeha – Are people doing that..
Willow – I don’t know
Neaha – That would be BIG.. I love Britt.. but
Talking about keeping Sindy they know her staying is better for their game because Brittnee will never be a target. Neaha would rather Sindy wins the HOH and takes Graig out over one of them having to do it.
Naeha – “if you look at the pool of girls it’s me and you”

12:20am Graig and Godfrey BAckyard
Godfrey is bringing up the things Sindy said about Graig wanting Godfrey out of the house day 2. Graig shrugs it off says she’s just trying to put a wedge between us.

Graig – “She broke that f****g camera bro”
Godfrey – Of course she did
Graig – Buddy.. she broke that camera
Graig explains why he never told anyone he was a pro baseball player the first day. Godfrey understands knows it would have made him a HUGE target becuase people will think he’s got cash. Graig goes on to explain how little money he actually made playing baseball.

1:06am All the houseguests are clustered in the living room waiting for the Big Brother Zoo cartoon to come back. They are talking about Survivor for the past hour..

The Survivor fantasy draft continues. Jordan shows everyone his Encyclopedic knowledge of the game. (note people are already starting to talk in the house how smart Jordan is when it comes to remember TV trivia. His target is getting bigger and bigger and this 2 hour session won’t help)

1:25am Backyard Bobby, Willow and Graig

Willow tells them Neaha is freaking out sayign they have to keep Sindy because Brittnee is a floater.
Willow – “I’m like OHHH should we”
Willow smirks.
Graig and Bobby smirk Bobby – “She’s gotta go 100%”

1:53am Naeha and Johnny
Naeha asks him If he won HOH who would you put up.
Jonny says Godfrey as a pawn but he doesn’t know who to put up with him. Graig is the ultimate target to b@ckdoor.
They agree to never use each other as pawns.
Naeha says it’s her, Sarah and Britt

Feeds cut..

Zach, Johnny and Naeha studying. Main bedroom lights are going out.

2:31am houseguests are woken up for Big Brother Zoo

The house guests are woken up 2 more times throughout the night at 4am and 6am. Big Brother left the audio muted. The following video has the two events joined together.

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Oh Neaha

Neaha is basically writing her name on that block for next week. She is just making herself a bigger target defending Sindy. Hello there is no way you can make Zach, Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, Godfrey, Graig and Kevin vote Britt out. Pillar will not go with someone who plans to take Kevin out. She prove she wasn’t smart when they told her she was a target and she keeps on making it worse for herself. Sorry Neaha even though Sindy is better for your game you should have worked on it like 3 days ago not the night before when people are 100% voting her out.


Totally agree with you. Guess what,once Sarah and Britt find out what she is up too she will be kicking rocks sooner rather than later.

sunny dee

she plays way too hard. She’s done that since day one i think. She doesn’t have any alliance really, and yet she’s making plans, not just making plans but talking out loud about them. Pilar may be too far the opposite direction, but at least she isn’t making herself a target. Neaha maybe should have been more like Willow, and first get attached to a group then start talking about it. or, allowed herself to be asked to join a group, rather than starting one.


Wtf is that hair…it’s like everyone who comes into the big brother house thinks they’re a hairdresser or something.


YES I mean I know it’s too early to get excited and there’s a lot more talking that needs to happen but Willow actually seems serious trying to keep sindy now
Naeha is really smart she knows they’re coming after her next if Sindy leaves. I never understood why people voted out big targets it just keeps them around longer. Really hope Sindy can pull this off


When the big target says they are gunning for you or someone who protects you there is a big incentive to vote them out. Cindy has smack talked alot, she said she’d put up every guy in the house. And some girls like Pilar will rely entirely on a man to carry them to the end. So its not in their best interest to compete against a bunch of girls like cindy. who are physically strong and good in competitons.

Wake Up Canada

WAKE UP… (S)Cindy needs to go. It would be best for the listeners!!!!


In a perfect world, the next twistos twist is to cancel the upcoming eviction with Sindy and Britnee being safe and forcing the house guests to compete in an instant HoH. Sindy wins HoH and bam.
One can dream


I’d rather Brittnee leave solely because I feel thats one more person that helps Risha’s chances to get back in. But who knows what type of comp that will be.


I actually love Jordan and Sindy together.. they are quite cute!


LOL that haircut is horrible! There is a bald spot! If I were Bobby I’d keep my hat on for a while..


I am starting to really love Johnny.


I’d love if the BB gods pretended to evict Sssssindy tonight and then said April Fools – no evictions this week or did a double eviction instead! If not, there’s a double coming within the next 2 weeks if they go according to previous schedules.

On another note – did anyone else wonder on this production guy Kyle? I do find it rather odd that a few days back Sssssindy came up with the idea that a come-back twist could happen in the beginning and she could have a chance to come back. Then the next day Sssssindy says she has a crush on “Kyle” in production. Now last night all of a sudden Jordan is saying the same thing to Sssssindy. Is this a coincidence or did Sssssindy get a little inside hint from this Kyle person.


I feel like Naeha really has her head in the game 24-7 that’s why I like her & I just think Kevin is funny and madddd cool and out of all the guys I don’t know I just like him the best so that’s why I pick those two!!

The Truth

I think Jordan and Sindy are adorable. The way they interact with each other is far more genuine than what I have seen between Kevin and Pilar. The way Jordan always holds Sindy’s hand is cute. Even if that relationship never goes anywhere there is a definite chemistry between the two of them.


Is it me or does Naeha look a little bit like Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend?

The Truth

Naeha please stop talking to Christine…I mean Willow. She cannot be trusted.