Big Brother Canada No Feed Weekend Results

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During Thursday nights show Arlie Shaban was the first Jury member and Neda won the Head of Household. Big Brother Canada Tweeted out that the feeds will be down starting Friday morning until Sunday after the show. THis is because there is a instant Eviction going on in the house over the weekend. Feeds will most likely come on After the show airs on the west cost, around midnight.

Neda Wins HOH

Neda is taken into the war room. In side she is told it is instant eviction she has 5 minutes to decide who to put up. The nominees do not get to play in a Power of Veto.

Neda nominates Allison and Sabrina for instant Eviction Her target is Allison.

Rachelle votes to evict Allison
Jon votes to evict Allison
Adel votes to evict Allison
Heather votes to evict Allison

Allison is evicted from the Big Brother Canada House

HOH Winner is Adel
He tells them right away he’s putting up the Gremlins.

Adel Nominates Sabrina and Rachelle

Neda wins the POV

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190 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada No Feed Weekend Results

  1. Ali, this game would have been so much more exciting if you had of kept Arlie. It was a huge mistake and you paid the price for it. Enjoy the jury house.

    1. Has she saved Arlie or at least stuck with Neda, Jon and Heather and not try to get the gremlins in her side she would’ve been staying. Allison deserved the boot after those mistakes. For some weird reason she wanted to play for Sabrina and she has done a great job doing that, Sabrina’s still in the house and she’s out. :)))

  2. Let’s see Allison get slobbering drunk in jury and rip apart Arlie again! He doesn’t have to take it this time or humour her. There was no reasoning with her that night and that was her downfall! Too bad so sad! She wasn’t a good/smart player she claimed!

    1. Artie wouldn’t have kept his word. He’s a classic liar, like the rest. ( although I do believe, Allison would have kept hers.) What is the matter with these ppl.?? They have no understanding of Jury votes! Would it hurt to be a little nicer?

    1. I just wish he didn’t tell Sabs and Rochelle so early so that he can keep 1 as a pawn …to better his game….


        1. It was clever in the sense that he didn’t waste time reading and saw it as a puzzle and knew it was evicted houseguests. So while everyone else was wasting time reading and figuring out the riddles he just saw it as a puzzle and used process of elimination. Hey, sometimes that could work and it obviously did here.

          But, also I recall him saying that it does take him extra time to read or something along those lines.

          I’m just glad he won because I really wanted to see his HOH room and letter.

          1. Also remember that English isn’t Adel’s first language. He’s said in the past that he still doesn’t think he’s ‘good at English’, (spoken) and still really has trouble reading it. He was right to put his energy into the part of the challenge he was better at -as would anyone else At least he didn’t throw it!

  3. If Adel puts up Rachelle and Sabrina and won of them win POV, Adel will have to put up someone from his own alliance and then they will be quick to figure out who is on the bottom. These people are so stupid. They think they are such a tight 4some. Wait until they start having to go after each other. I can’t wait

    1. Oh, come on! They all know they are playing Big Brother … not Best Buddy! Of course they have to turn on each other! I think that Sabrina sealed Heather’s fate when she proclaimed that she would receive all of their votes!

    1. Adel is no dummy, he’s got a strategy going, and we will see it after the POV is played. If Heather, the Gremlins or Adel wins veto, Neda or Jon will be backdoored. In the meantime, he has to pretend that he would never work with the Gremlins, so that neither Jon or Neda would question his loyalty to Sloppy Seconds.

      1. Problem here is that Neda is tight with Heather and Jon. One of the gremlins will still go home with Neda and Heather/Jon voting. Adel made a very wrong move by putting the two gremlins up. If he really wanted to break Jon and Neda, he should have put them up easily.

        I’m gushing again on how smart Neda played her HOH, although she may lost the jury vote of Allison with her speech she still has a chance of getting the jury votes of Sabrina and Rachelle.

      2. Backdoor might be in play but no guarantee. Takes 2 votes to evict if a Gremlin comes off with POV who ever is put up is at risk if 1 HG flips. Could be big Jon if Deli put him up. The thing is other than the natural renom if either Gremlin wins are any of the others really going to backdoor by using POV. They would need Deli on board to start with unless he wins POV. Think of Joneda taking off either Gremlin doesn’t make sense. Neda has no tight bond with Deli. Jon does to a point but who is he targeting Heather or Neda I don’t see that at all happening. Neda would need to be going after Jon and need Deli to go along if she won POV. I just don’t see that.

        Deli and Heather? Well they have spent time together by default with the pairs. I guess it’s possible the 2 could cook up a plan to likely backdoor Jon but not Neda IMO. Gremlin plus Heather evict Jon. It’s pretty remote and I certainly don’t see Heather turning on Neda so no way she is in danger this HOH from a backdoor move. As for Heather being the target the question is why? Keep two Gremlins to backdoor Heather makes no sense for Deli, Neda or Jon’s game. The rest of the week looks like a snooze fest to me. Maybe Sabby can convince them to keep her or she wins POV which is unlikely on both cases.

        I guess the one variable is which Gremlin stays. If Neda wants F2 with Sabby it’s Ro that needs to hit the jury. Neda would need Jon or Heather to vote with her. Might be an easy sell on comp competitiveness I guess. Wake me up Thursday :P

  4. Sabrina is mad cus everyone LIED?! LOOOOOOOL
    It’s time for Sabrina to go, seriously, she’s had waaaay to long of a ride. She has to go now, no ifs or buts.

    1. Actually I think Sabrina is pissed because the rest of that awful, BORING alliance shunned her for lying yet it’s just a game when they do it! Please – they are hypocrites! Adel agreed that he was lying when he swore on the Quaram … what does that say about his character!

      1. oh adel’s character… you mean the person with palestinian roots who sat down to a passover meal attributed to the person who bolted from his hoh room after the letter was read because she was nominated. its like being nominated is not a component of big brother to sabrina and rachelle. their egos are so inflated that being on the block is a travesty of the game apparently. adel has shown far more patience and restraint with sabrina than im sure most people could (that borderline insane circular argument by the hot tub). adel is a model canadian and lying/scheming big brother is not a reflection of your character its a part of the game. sabrina and rachelles sense of entitlement is not however and that says a lot about their character

      2. Quran. Not Quram.

        Or Qu’ran if you’d prefer.

        I don’t think you’re qualified to make any sort of judgement against Adel for what he does or doesn’t swear on.

        1. from my understanding, and please, educate me if i am misinformed:
          falsely swearing on the quran is not considered sinful.
          if he had sworn to allah or Mohamed falsely, that would be a completely different story.
          i ask because i want to know, not because i’m trying to be a jerk.

          1. came back to this post today with the hopes that someone would have answered because I truly wanted to learn something… no answer but a couple dislikes… well thanks for disliking an honest question? wth?

          2. Hi, swearing on the Koran is sinful in my opinion , no one ever swears by mohomed he is just the final prophet after Jesus the seal of the prophets, just a man, Arabs actually say wallah which is on Adels shirts and hat that means I swear by Allah by god! Hope that answers your question !

    2. So glad that Allison went before Sabrina, I want Sabrina to walk through that door and hear the boos!!! What goes around comes around. She’s by far the worst player that was in the house!!! No social game, can’t win physical comps, can’t win mental comps even though she confesses about how smart she is! Gonna be so glad to see her walk out that door and go to the psych house, I mean jury house. Go Adel!!!

  5. Allison – one of the worst players of all time – fitting that she’s such a huge Peter fan.

    And I am back on Team ADEL – WAKE UP CANADA – ROFL loved his HOH strategy or lack thereof. #Delimeatball #Deliamore #Tasco

    1. Unfortunately she didn’t leave early enough to get hammered by Peter on the side show (as if he played any better) while wearing her Sheyld shirt. Wah-wah-wah

  6. This episode played out so BEAUTIFULLY! Almost perfect!

    I am still loving how Adel and Jon pulled the wool over Sabrina’s eyes with the whole, “this season has been the Arlie Show” campaign, that made Sabrina use her ego in voting Arlie out, rather than take the much better strategic move of keeping Arlie and gunning for Jon, Neda and Heather.

    I think this season will play out beautifully, and don’t plan on missing a minute of it!

  7. Wow Adel i;m very impressed that you put up sabrina and rachelel, lmao what a moron hes done next week fucking douchebag

      1. I think that’s part of the plan….. The speech was either to make him hated so he would be a final two option for everyone OR it’s a ruse and after the POV is won and possibly played he tells Slabs that his intention was to side with the gremlins and back door John (Adel will convince Heather to get rid of the threat – Jon) it was all show for his alliance.

    1. really? because all she does is sit there, bite her cheek and listen to sabrina whine about how mean everyone is….

      whereas jon, heather and neda just spent the whole night studying what day/week every competition was… they’re working pretty hard at this and so they do deserve to be in there right now

      i don’t have a favourite in the house anymore but the rest of the HGs aren’t as stupid as you keep posting they are….

  8. I kinda hate everyone left. I wish the Gremlins were the final 2 but it doesn’t look like that is happening. I can’t wait until Adele goes, he is such an idiot, all he does is play Jon and Neda’s game for them.

    1. Sabrina hasn’t even won any HOH’s yet. At least Adel won an HOH. And if you watch the live feeds, Adel told his whole alliance that he would put up the gremlins no matter what.

    2. I think it really is poor form that with so much production interference this season they could not come up with a nicer way to see Allison Canadas vote out the door….every eviction this season has left on good terms knowing in advance they were going and having a chance of some sort to defend themselves and canadas vote doesnt get it? Or an audience? Or good bye messages? Someone please tell me she screwed up and gave away the secret room and thats why she really left cause this makes zero sense to make someone lokk so bad AND allow Neda to come in to do an instant eviction and say the two lines that told everyone in the room who she wanted them to vote for….so what if they couldnt talk to each other they knew by what she said who to vore for and even the gremlins did it. There is no one worth watching at this point and deli winning hoh by not reading the questions leaves me wondering if again its just interference. It wasnt live…none of it so it could have been rehearsed and taped or whatever they wanted and what the heck was the point of neda being in secret room all that time they could have taken her out for five min and done same thing and no one threatened her with eviction if she talked about the room…i just think they could have shown more decency to canadas vote when she was leaving and sabrina still stays it just stinks

      1. well… it also would’ve shown more decency to canada’s vote if the person voted in didn’t waste the first 2 weeks kissing a guy instead of playing the game… not that it should be a reason for someone to “not have an audience” when being evicted but all that stuff you mentioned is pretty standard for an instant eviction

        I’ve felt bad for people who got instantly evicted because they do seem to get the shorter end of the stick to their BB experience, it sucks not getting a grand exit if you really do have to leave…. but anyways just wanted to clarify for you that this was not production hating on allison (I thought arisa made her sound pretty good during her convo actually…) but this was expected regardless of whichever HG got instantly evicted

      2. I thought Allison played a horrible game, but I think this was the kindest way for her to go. Imagine the reaction of the crowd? She might not realize how much of her showmance we saw.
        I was glad I didn’t have to cringe at whatever they might have said to her. She knows she made stupid mistakes, she knows she let Canada down, she doesn’t have to find out everything Sabrina said about her, or how gross Andrew was in front of Canada. I don’t know how/why she was fooled in the house, but I’m happy she won’t find out everything at once on a literal side show…and that she was the only one not laughing at the ‘HANDJ” alliance (I still am!)

        I hope BBeverywhere learns that the secret 3/2 weeks late HG was a disaster. It made her a target from (her) day 1, and between that and the secret veto, it was too much to expect her (having seen how badly she was doing) to keep both secrets. I think that’s why she lost it so completely. The twist was a mistake.

  9. John saying on the show tonight that the jury votes really don’t hold any power in the game, really shows that he doesn’t really understand how this game works. If Arlie, Allison, Rachelle & Sabs all go to jury they will decide the winner of this game. He should be stroking the gremlin’s ego’s and playing nice now that he’s not in power anymore. Also, as a side note, I am a little disappointed in Adel swearing on the Quran and lying. I know it is a game and they lie, I just had hoped he was above crossing that line.

    1. Jon/Neda are a bit to confident with their dismissal of Jury votes. They are not playing for 100K they are playing for the 20K. Each probably ok with one of them winning.

      And what was up with that nomination speech. DELI! You just became a target.

      1. Adel’s nomination speech was justified. He had to watch his allies (Paul, Kyle & Ika) walk out the door because of that FIRST 5 alliance. Ika went home because Rachelle put her up on the block. Did she really think that he had forgotten?

        1. adel admitted to helping sabotage kyle’s game last week.
          his reach outs to the people at the bottom of the totem pole? strategy. he was going for the underdog position from the moment his alliance with paul and kyle was shown to be a failed alliance. once he got the buzzworthy award the whole underdog strategy went into high gear.
          nominating Sabrina and Rachelle, hey, all is fair. it’s a game.
          they aren’t on his side.
          the entire speech: that was playing up to the camera tripe. if it weren’t, he would have said it when he told them he was nominating them in that whole exchange in the bedroom. he wanted his big tv moment for people to eat up with a spoon.

    2. How do you swear on the Qu’ran if you don’t have your hand on it? Or the Bible or anything for that matter? Its just a game. This is a TV show. Not real life. Although we all get very emotional about Big Brother its best for us fans and players to try to remember that.

    3. How do you swear on the Qur’an if you don’t have your hand on it? Or the Bible or anything for that matter? Its just a game. This is a TV show. Not real life. Although we all get very emotional about Big Brother its best for us fans and players to try to remember that.

  10. Arlie, will be stoked to see Allison walk into the jury house right after him. I have a hard time believing Allison is a superfan of this game, because a superfan would not have made such an amateur move by getting rid of Arlie. I mean, Stevie Wonder could see that the minute Arlie was gone, Allison was next to go; for Geez sake, they tried to backdoor her and she fell for a fake final four afterwards. She totally screwed her game and the Gremlins game. On another note, why are the Gremlins so angry at Adel, they should be trying to convince him to that its better for his game to backdoor either Jon or Neda.

  11. hey, this is about to be the most disliked post…. I actually thought that Sabrina calling out the other people’s lies was fair play. completely hypocritical for sure. but she didn’t lie in this case. adel did swear to go after jon and neda. if her lies are fair play, so are his. just saying. it’s part of the game, that is a complete given. but once a player starts to call out lies, they’d better be prepared to have their own lies exposed.

    1. Completely agree! And for Adel to say that he is lying and that Sabrina really did say nothing wrong and is not against his religion is soooooo wrong. He is tarnishing her outside reputation on lies. I completely lost respect for Adel and Sabrina got a whole lot more respect from me.

      1. OMG! Your frickin kidding right? What is it that you respect Sabrina for? Everybody lies in this game. You have too! Theres no other way of playing it. It’s not the lying that makes Sabrina a despicable person, it’s just the fact that she’s a despicable person. Jealous, petty, constant immature behaviour, little baby. There’s a reason people like Adel in the house and there’s a reason why everyone hates Sabrina.

    2. Sabrina’s lying is malicious. Her lying is way beyond game. To quote Neda she said to Sabrina “it’s the extent of your lies”. Sabrina’s lies have become vicious to the point where Big Brother had to make an announcement to the house that Sabrina was lying. Why did Big Brother make this announcement? Sabrina convinced the other houseguests that her safety had been threatened. Big Brother had to state no threat had been made otherwise other houseguests would not have felt safe and Big Brother was not enforcing the rules. Her pattern of behaviour has been to lie for game but to also lie simply to be cruel and to make things up that have nothing to do with protecting “…my first five alliance”. Yes it’s a game and Sabrina plays dirty. She doesn’t just get down in the mud she plays in the sewer!

  12. That nomination speech was a little over the top but it’s going to be an interesting week. Sabrina is going to lose it

    1. Wow! I’s amazing how everyone thinks that Adel’s disrespectful and untruthful speech was amazing. Adel was trying to use his strength as HOH to intimidate the gremlins using aggressive behavior to intend to hurt them. Look up the definition of bullying …. it’s all the above!!!! Adel is a bully and doesn’t realize he’s up next! Masking his “good” behavior with his religion yet he’s just another bully! Can’t wait to see him leave!

  13. I know. Heather is stupid if she thinks Neda is taking her to final 2 over Jon. Same with Adel, If he thinks Jon will take him to final 2 over Neda. Like have they never watched Big Brother before??? You never leave a strong pair this late in the game. That is Big Brother 101. I can’t believe how stupid all of these house guests are.

    1. Your right and I think wrong as well. BB 101 no strong pairs late was/is spot on. Where I disagree is your assessment of Neda going F2 with Jon. I see Neda’s choices running something like this. First choice F2 would be a Gremlin. My opinion of her is well known but that said she is focused on the coin. Best F2 for the money is a Gremlin, easy….. easy win Neda. I think her second option is Heather. I see Heather as being a lay about and reliable vote for Joneda. She sure hasn’t done much else so far. Neda has a really good argument why she should win over Heather. I think she’d rather F2 with Adel over Jon as well. She loses Canada’s vote but might get a 4-2 jury. As for big Jon I keep coming out with Jon beating Neda and I think something like 5-2. I always come back to the same 2 factors. Bitter jury syndrome and my fav it’s a social game. Jon’s social is on another planet than Neda’s which has been terrible. She has a lot of company by the way.

      I see Neda as very cold hearted and I’m still predicting if Jon doesn’t run the table he’ll be on the jury. Options for getting a Gremlin F2 are dropping like a boot anchor we might be seeing a Heather/Neda final as the HGs are almost clueless on game play.

  14. Adel should put up Jon and Neda. But he should talk to the gremlins and make sure he has the votes first. That way it’s sure one of them is going home. Getting out Jon or Neda is a big move at this point.

  15. My guess is that those 4left of slobby seconds they have so much love for each other and having lots of fun together that’s why they really don’t care which one of them wins the game.

        1. they don’t care who wins? cool. cancel the cheques.
          they can all leave as friends, no need for jury. no need for vote. they can just have a pizza party instead of a final hoh challenge.
          propose that to them, lets see if any of them says that’s fine with me, because we’re friends.

          they are all there for the money. they’ve each said it multiple times.
          and given that they’ve mentioned evicting adel before Sabrina?
          yup. all about the friendship.

  16. Im really glad Rachelle is the target for the sole reason I can’t wait for the epic Sabrina meltdown next week once she has nobody left in the game willing listen to the bullshit she feeds

    1. Except that if Sabrina remains, she could well make it to the final two. Everyone’s going to think they could beat her in the end.

  17. Adel makes me sick. He finally gets power
    In the game and look at what he says to sabrina
    And Rochelle. That just showed his true
    Colours of being a fuckin asshole and I
    Hope it puts a huge target on his back.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if he backdoored Jon?

    I know it seems like keeping Arlie was the best
    Move, but that guy just couldn’t be trusted. He probably
    Would of still stuck with Jon and neda after all that. Agree?

  18. Adel’s speech showed an utter lack of self-control on his part. Yes, you may dislike Sabrina and Rachelle personally, but the name of the game is JURY MANAGEMENT. How can you get rid of people in a way where they will still want to give you the money at the end? There was absolutely no reason for him to go after them like that, even if it was true and deserved. IMO, Adel just sealed his own fate in this game.

      1. I 100% agree that he had those feelings (and deservedly so after all the crap that went on). But at the same time, you have to remember that you’re playing for $100,000 and that just wasn’t a good GAME move. He didn’t think it through from a strategic perspective. He may get to Final 2 (and could’ve perhaps increased his odds playing the goat role), but he will NOT win this game.

        1. Agreed. They know that the jury started with Arlie and correctly guessed that Canada will be the 7th juror yet none of them are working for jury votes which is ultimately everyone’s goal. Piss of the jurors, they will vote for anyone except you. The only vote Adel seems to be trying to get is Canada’s. He knows that Canada doesn’t like Sabrina because she and Andrew were nominated by the public. He played the underdog and now wants to play the hero by nominating the last member of the 1st5. He’s unnecessarily overplaying the hand he was dealt. If he were smart, he’d take Heather to final 2. He would get Canada’s vote, Arlie’s vote, Jon’s vote and possibly Neda’s vote (she may be the deciding vote for whoever ends up in the finale).

    1. Adel to Sabrina- You pinned me against religion. I cannot wait to break up the Gremlins.
      Adel to Rachelle- You are the co-founder of the Gremlins and nothing more than the mere shadow of Sabrina
      way to go Deliii :)

        1. actually, yeah. I can.
          his entire strategy has been to play the underdog. he has lavishly presented himself as the poor underdog and called out for Canada’s assistance in the game multiple times.
          if the strategy is to play the beleaguered victim, then every single thing that you go through is part of that strategy.
          he has taken on the role of Canada’s player, rising from being an underdog to power.
          his eviction statements were posturing. right down to the point at the door pose. most likely because he was playing out the finale in that strategy.
          Canada likes to see an underdog rise through adversity; but Canada hates to see someone let power go to their head.
          if things turn on him next week, and he gets put on the block… does he suddenly go back to playing victim? and knowing how he treats others when the power is in his hands, should he have sympathy? you may say yes, I say no.

    2. after two people have been told they are going on the block… what’s the point of going ballistic on them during nomination speeches? oh wait…. mug for the camera’s for a Canada moment. oh. right.
      do any of these players understand that the jury decides their ultimate fate?
      before all the pro adels and the pro nedas go crazy with the responses saying nothing was meant in cruelty, they shouldn’t be judged, juries will be objective…. um… really? they are on a television show where we watch not only competitions and gameplay, but also their behavior. numerically they are moving forward in the game. strategically they are allowing ego and face for the camera to harm their jury likability. considering juries get to question the top two finalists… maybe they should try to do things with grace, dignity and integrity in victory.
      it would be a pleasant surprise to find a competitor whose character isn’t corrupted by power. if that’s even possible.

    1. what? During Neda’s HOH, both Kenny and Allison were evicted within 24 hours. I’d say she’s had the best HOHs.

  19. Good job Adel on winning HoH! But you just wasted it by nominating Sabrina and Rachelle. You are probably going home next week!

  20. I know, Adele could have taken out Jon or Neda easily. He puts them both on the block, if one wins veto, he puts Heather up and he and the Gremlins would decide who went home.

  21. LOL at the gremlins crying because they got lied to. ROFLMAO at the gremlins coming to the realization that their fatal mistake was sending Arlie out. I don’t see why they are so upset that Adel told them straight up that they were going on the block. Would they have liked it better if he lied to them about it? I thought they were crying because they got lied to! So funny. I hope they are smart enough to put Rachelle out this week, she is an endurance threat, and it would be funny to see Sabrina all by herself with no lap dog to wag its tail at her and lick her face.

    1. I think your missing something. Sabby may not be alone next week. She’ll be a vote with 5 left if the 4 go after each other. They could just get her out at 5 of course but it’s not a given. I think Jon and certainly Neda will target Adel before Sabby. Still a shot at a Sabby/Neda F2. Villain versus Villain could be delicious for Neda any way easy win.

  22. Adel…ugh he is so annoying…how he won Canada’s fav is beyond me. His nomination speech was unnecessary. At this point I prefer crazy Sabrina!

    1. Uh, Adel did not win Canada’s favourite. So far there has not been a vote for that.
      Adel did win a “Buzzworthy” challenge…that is not the same regardless of the spin Deli or any other HG tries to put on that challenge.

  23. Am I the only one who does not and has never liked Adel? He comes across as so incredibly full of himself. Newsflash Adel, you’re NOT Canada’s golden child! The Sloppy Second alliance has been running the game for weeks now much like the First Five did in the beginning. Where is production? Why are they not stepping in with another twist to shift the power as they did when allowing Canada to become HoH? It’s becoming such a snore-fest! In my opinion they may as well write the cheque for Neda or Heather now and spare us the boring 3 weeks that lie ahead.

  24. Hi Simon and Dawg! Wondering why you didn’t post a blurp about Evil Dick getting hit by a car, (pic is nasty) and did you see the full frontal bare selfie of Kenny? Can’t wait for BBUS since I cant watch BBC, thanks for the updates on it though, great job as usual!

  25. Honestly though what did they think was going to happen when they evicted Arlie? Everyone knows Adel, Heather, Jon & Neda are a squad, so why didn’t they break them up when they had the chance? They had a super strong player they could have saved that would have head hunted all of them. I really just don’t don’t understand where their head was at in that decision (especially Allison). I mean come on, are you kidding me? Literally anyone with half of brain would have saved Arlie in Allisons situation. Mind is completely blown at her stupidity.

    I’m really hoping Canada gets to vote in a jury member again. Arlie deserves to still be in that house.

  26. The house just watching felt so better to watch without Allison there really—im not exactly sure why–but we gave her every opportunity to actually play the game and make “common-sense” smart moves and she didn’t! She even could have pulled Arlie off the block even tho seconds before he was put up! (with the red veto)—–and she was too drunk to hear what Arlie was offering her that nite in bathroom. Canada gave her a chance to play and ultimately we gave her the red veto (she was indeed smart there for finding it!)
    Why does atmosphere appear better with allison gone even in the midst of a gremlin war? Lol

    1. Adel said to Sabrina- You pinned me against religion. I cannot wait to break up the Gremlins.
      Then to Rachelle- You are the co-founder of the Gremlins and nothing more than the mere shadow of Sabrina

    1. Just checked They’re now saying that it’ll be the POV winner who gets the strategy reward. Why was Neda in there so long, and why was Scott on the Side Show, when we were expecting Jemmet. I think something went wrong.
      Hope that helps

  27. NEDA admitted previously that she had a nasty mouth, and has proven in the past week that she was (for once) telling the truth. ADEL, has shown through his interaction with MARSHA THE MOOSE and through his speech in his nomination ceremony, that he has no filter and doesn’t know when to stop. He went too far. Making someone cry is never right, and his attitude will be his downfall. He has a big mouth! As far as I am concerned, this season will end up just like last year………..a snooze fest once we get to final 4. Jon and Neda will rule and go to the end. END OF STORY!!!!

    1. He was just try to make fun to the moose.
      to the ceremony speech, I think his stratgy was makeing gemeline break down.


      1. To each there own. But I give you a couple thoughts. I’ve had more than one season where the ones I enjoyed got sent out early. Brit and Boggie for example. Like every season I kept watching and found Wee Ian late and for me a salvaged season that I enjoyed…. to a point. Maybe one of the remaining HGs will have that effect on you?

        As for production anyone ragging on them for game changing I agree. But the players have had choices going forward especially Sabby/Ro/Allison they didn’t take advantage of. Allison wouldn’t be gone if she made a reasonable guess on HOH could have changed the game. Ro won one HOH on an endurance comp based in part on weight. Hardly something for all to fear. Sabby just doesn’t get close to winning anything. She needs the “Laval mist” to the end.

        Canada basically traded 1 group of nasty win everything bullies for another. Thank you casting!!! The game would likely be no better if 1/5 was still here instead of slops. Kasting just dropped the ball this season. It’s happened in BB USA before just gotta role with the punches..

        While killing time this weekend read some things about BB USA 16 with some suggesting All Stars again. The official leaks had been about some sort of “couples format”. Wonder if they are thinking BB all star couples. Man would that be a terrible idea. I should give myself a thumbs down for even suggesting it. :P

      2. Umm.. seriously you call them floaters? They bust their butt toget HOH /POV .
        Unless you are talking about sab or her boogie catty f5’s! they were just bitching/complaininig grown up complete douche bags.

  28. Okay …. Adel’s speech was a bit of over acting …. i seen everyones comments of eg . how he screwd himself to loving it … but i feel he still plays the game in the back of his head and he two plans … plan a) make everyone think how loyal he is to the final four or b) really he wants to put a power player up and just in case the veto doesnt go his way he still looks strong to his alliance . Because if one the Gremlins wins the veto > Who do you think he will put up to replace ? Jon ? or Heather ? he wont do Neda because Jon will go after him .

  29. Even if Adel backdoored Jon it wouldn’t work. Neda and Heather would vote to keep him, I know some people debate where Heather’s loyalty lies but I think she has proved that it’s with Neda and that she will vote with Neda.

    1. If Heather is smart and wants a shot at winning the $100 grand she will vote out Jon. I don’t think Neda wouldn’t mind seeing Jon go this week, because next week the girls can target Adel. If they are successful at getting rid of Adel, Neda wins against anyone left, if she makes final two.

  30. OK. this is it for me. I am sick and tired of Slice controlling this game.

    Andrew wasnt ever going home, unless they found a way to get rid of him…surprise, Canada is HOH and Andrew happens to get nominated. He didnt win veto, and left. In my opinion, Canada is watching this game, and should not, in any way, shape or form have a say inside the house. The US game has never done this Even last year in the states with all the bigotry etc inside the house, they DID NOT interfere in any way, shape or form in the game. The game has always been decided INSIDE the house, not from outside. There is almost $150,000.00 worth of cash and prizes at stake here..come on…

    Point 2; Allison was a strong player…surprise, instant eviction and she goes home. again, slice sticking their nose into this game. They are not letting the players in the house play their game.

    Point 3: Canada has a jury vote..are you kidding me..why? because Kenny would have went into the Jury house.

    And my final Point: ADEL – shame on you. you claim to be this deeply religious gentleman, and yet you railed into those 2 women at the nomination ceremony. I dont know which pulpit you thought you were preaching from, but to flat our lie and state that Sabrina was against your religion…you disgust me.

    1. Actually Sabrina said Adel was fake praying and bashed him more than once.

      Everybody in that house lies, deceives and hey that is the game. Sabs getting all pissy that she felt lied to by Adel? Well, as Neda said it’s no different than what Sabs did for1st 5, she tried to manipulate others FOR her alliance. Adel did the same thing for his alliance and she is upset and feels betrayed? WTF.

      1. if adel had called out Sabrina about religion with integrity it would be a fair comment. he pulled a paul. he admitted to pulling a paul with his dr comment less than a minute later. stand down with the righteous fury.
        as far as lying. yup. everyone lies. its a game.
        every time someone is deceived, they react to being hurt or angry at the deception.
        so, if everyone lies, and everyone is hurt by being lied to….
        why take exception to any of the players following the logical course.

  31. and everyone who keeps sayig heather r vs neda , Neda woulkd take Jon over heather so its most likely going too be JoN VS NEDA final

    1. If Neda takes Jon to the finals, Neda has little chance, because the house have been gunning for Jon for weeks now. Neda has never been in hot water.

      1. doesn;t matter Neda and JON will go too finals cause Neda is closer too Jon than Heather and will take him too the finals Neda won;t care about winning or losing by the point

          1. Based on Alli & Arlie hangout, they do not seem opposed to voting for Neda at all and they seem to be more bitter towards Adel & Jon respectively

        1. jon’s comment to the jury would be exactly that: I was a major threat in your eyes and yet here I stand. I deserve to win because I made it to the end despite the fact that you all considered me a threat.
          neda’s comment to the jury would be I did everything I had to do to get me here. she can’t claim loyalty, because she broke a promise to every jury member.
          heather’s comment to jury would be none of you thought I would make it here, and the fact that you all underestimated me is why I should win, since my strategy was to be underestimated.
          adels’s comment to jury would be I took out a gremlin, and we all hated them. I was an underdog and Canada had my back.
          Sabrina’s comment to jury would be I did everything I had to do to get me here. I was loyal to my alliances. she’d probably say a lot more. but that would be the main points unless she touched on being one of canada’s nominees, but still managed to make it to final two.
          rachelle’s comment to jury would be…
          sorry for not putting in a comment for rachelle. i just have no clue what she could say to a jury to justify her being in final two.


  33. Do you think Adel did that for show and is really
    Going to backdoor Jon? Hmmm… He’d be smart
    If he did. I really am wanting sabrina to win but
    Do you see how she took her time in the HOH
    Competition? Hurry up!!!

  34. neda winning veto pretty much sealed the gremlins faith… no way in hell neda uses the veto on the gremlins, shes not going to risk the chance that adel puts up jon and get voted out…..

  35. My problem with Adel is he thinks Canada loves him, when they gave him a power for the same reason they voted Suzette off the block last year: Canada hated the muscle-headed douche who was running the house and has nothing to do with them.

    If Neda doesn’t win this, i’ll be shocked.

    Just the amount of stupid decisions that have happened over the last few weeks just blows my mind. First rule of BB is always go with the 100% and that was Arlie over Adel.

    I hate all these people…

  36. the jill and emmett “strategy session ” or otherwise known as a waste of time……was cancelled due to lack of interest.

  37. I cannot believe why people are getting so bend out of shape over Adel speech… This guy was shunned by all of them, he lost all his best mate n last week his behind was nearly out the door. I think Adel limited English was is downfall ie making him seem passive aggressive.. but all in all I love his speech and he is not a bully.What u call bulling I call payback..

    1. What happened to ‘I will avenge you, My friend Artie? I’ll put Jon and Neda up ON That Blocl! He’s all mouth, and no substance!

  38. I had mixed feelings watching tonight’s episode. I really wanted Allison to stay but she made a huge mistake keeping Adel and she is obviously paying for it. I loved the heritage portion of the show because it really showed how proud they are of their backgrounds and how they are proud to be Canadians as well, and it felt familiar. Tonight’s episode made me want to root for heather , Jon, and adel to win. For some reason, even though I think Neda is a smart girl who has positioned herself best in the game…I don’t know if I necessarily want her to win. For the first time I felt bad for the gremlins. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it is true. Even though they are down, they’re still not out and so, anything can happen. If by some miracle one of the gremlins win the veto…Adel should be smart enough to break Neda and Jon and back door one. That would make this week so much interesting. I think Arlie really told Adel what to do from here on and best case scenario for Adel is to put up Neda because Jon without a doubt would take him to final. But Neda would have the votes to stay and that sucks…best case is for him to put Jon if by some miracle the gremlins win veto……I can totally see Neda voting Jon out because she knows he is a guaranteed vote for her if she makes it to final two….once again she has positioned herself in the best case scenario to make it all the way.

  39. Neda got the Jemmett strategy session by the sounds of it which means she won PoV

    EW if they told her/hinted that she needs to target Heather next week

  40. Anyone else feel like lots of things just don’t add up this season? For one, why did rachelle vote against Sabrina? No one even talked about that after did they? And why did Allison and Adel use their power for apparently no reason? And why was Neda in her pjs before the feeds went out, but the show made it seem like she only had 5 minutes to decide? Almost seems like she had an entire night to decide.

    And why did the houseguests know that she was in the secret room? Why was Jon’s gf at the after show? It wasn’t just like she was there just to be in the audience because Arissa knew she was there. She was pre-informed.

    I realize that production has a lot to do with he show, but I feel like it’s been manipulated to the point where nothing really makes sense anymore?

    1. And…they are such bad actors. During the last double eviction, they “surprised” them, but they all knew it was a double beforehand. I had to laugh at Jon tonight when he was acting scared that Neda was gone. With his hands over his mouth in disbelief. Did he expect us to believe he might be going home on Nedas account? They are all such bad actors. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew exactly where Neda was and were told to act surprised. That’s prob part of the reason the feeds were down.

    2. Adel & Alli used their powers they way they did for stupid reason, their might have been a nudge in DR but it is up to them to use it wisely.
      Neda was in her live show dress when she was taken to the WR. When the feeds came back and we saw her in WR, she was still in that dress and later had to ask to go to bathroom and when the feeds are back, she had her PJ on.
      I heard from Jon, saying his GF might come for some sporting thingy…dont remember what. So i assume she just drop by the studio?

        1. No, she was in her Thursday eviction cloth, did the HOH comp, not sure how long ago but was taken to WR on Thursday, she stayed there pretty much till Friday afternoon, feeds went down….during which Neda nominated, Alli got evicted,Adel won HOH & Neda won POV…

    1. i only ask out of confusion, not to be argumentative: when you say ‘no matter what you do for them, nothing is good enough’ what are you referring to?
      what’s been done for them?
      i don’t have sympathy for them because they have stopped playing strategically and logically. but i don’t see where anyone has done anything for them since before canada’s hoh. did i miss an episode? was there a moment in the feeds?

  41. Why are so many ppl saying they are upset that production :apparently interfered with hand job Alllison’s departure?? how many times did she say she was sick of all this and wanted to return to real life and self evict????

  42. The only thing that would make this week worth watching is to have one of them win POV and the other be given a veto power as well. Then Adel would have to put up one of his possee. Then watch the house scramble like little mice. Please Adel don’t pray on the Quron this week. All the lies on it are getting really old.

  43. I think the reason Adel was guessing most of the answers in the hoh competition is because he can’t read very well. In fact he says it himself on the Slice site in his profile. It’s under the “brain vs brawn, which challenges do you fear the most?” He answered “brain, because I can’t read or write worth a damn” He read his letter from home just fine though. *Shrug*

    1. That’s a good point. He read his letter very well.

      And it seems highly improbably that he could have won that HOH through luck. There are so many different variations of how that puzzle could have went. There’s just no way that he could do it randomly, faster than people who knew the answers.

  44. You don’t understand the comment of stodel.. cuz he is an idiot… he couldn’t think of anything else so go after them on a personal lying level. Some of the other players from the start seemed a bit much… but I would much rather see Andrew, arlie Alison to name a few… it would be sweet to have Alison back in the game…. but of course production won’t do that… cuz they do fix the game. this season is a total waste… but I have been hooked on bb since 2000. really hope neda doesn’t win, of all the ppl left… either Jon or gremlins even though the two ladies haven’t done squat. much rather them than adel, neda or heather.

  45. Adele did not follow the rules set forth for the HOH competition. The house guests were instructed to put all the face cares in the holder and then drop the ball down the chute. Adele saw a blockage and removed that card, he then dropped the ball to test the results. He then just kept changing the top card until the first slot was correct.
    HOH Winner……. ……… ……… I think not!

    1. No points for style, but somehow he managed the win. Tonight’s episode was the best ever. Loved every minute of it, and absolutely LOVED Deli’s nomination speech. Hahaha….way to rattle the cages of the detestable Slobrina and her lap dog. Best part? when the she devil melted down in the DR…oh man. I’ve been waiting for that all season. Love me some Adel.

  46. Allison’s slip ups caught up to her about the secret room and saying afterwards, “I’m guessing..” is why there was an instant eviction. The truth of this will come out once the show is over.

    The truth hurts. Rachelle has been Sab’s shadow. And Sab did slam Adel’s religion. It really pisses me off, those crocodile tears of Sab. As much as she needs to leave, she is no threat to win an HOH or POV challenge. Rachelle’s time to go out the door next.

    I am giving those Jury members the benefit of doubt, hoping they will use their heads logically and not emotionally, not hold grudges. Judge who should win by their game play period.

    1. Rachelle never did nothing wrong to Adel to get screamed at like that. The guy’s a maniac.

      I’m not really a fan of Ro but I felt bad for in that case.

    2. It was funny how Neda was trying to justify her hatred of Allison, saying how she was acting sketchy on the TV. “Doesn’t she trust me after we just made this final 4?” Like that had anything to do with it! No she doesn’t trust you, but you were gonna evict her anyways and are just trying to make yourself look good!

  47. I know I won’t get any one agreeing with me… but at this point… I would like to see neda and adel go…. anywhere but in that house.. and it would be priceless to have jon turn on her…. at the end of the day… ppl… u didn’t come to win 20 g… u came to win 100 of them…. if in the process u get 20 well that isn’t anything to look down at. But jon and neda are like ooohh as long as we have each other…. that is ok… please kids…. grow up… once u hit ur 20’s start using some of them so called brain cells.

  48. to the commenters who say players don’t care about the money, and they’d be happy to lose: get real. they all want the money.
    to the commenters who say that acting in poor character shouldn’t be judged: then why the hate for the first five?
    to the commenters that try to explain away or make excuses for rotten behavior: nobody’s perfect, suck it up and hold them accountable for what they do. doesn’t mean you have to like them any less if they aren’t perfect. liking your favorite despite their flaws is more admirable than overlooking those flaws.
    to the commenters that applaud or condemn production for their manipulation: you can both be right. depending on your perspective. that doesn’t mean the other person’s perspective is wrong.
    to the commenters that repeatedly attack appearance, religion and lifestyle of the players of the game: grow up. your ignorance is appalling.
    this is a social experiment, I wholeheartedly agree, I wonder with dread if our reactions are a social experiment as well.


  50. Tid bit: Adel in Arabic means ‘fairness and justice’. In German it means ‘noble’. That’s a lot to live up to.

    I’d actually like to see Adel and Heather in finale 2 simply to see the look on the jurors face as they have to give the money to the two people everyone wanted out of the game since the first week (the outcasts they all thought they would beat).

  51. Allison told Arisa that she ruined her game by making a final four with Jon, Neda & Heather. No Hunny, you ruined your game the moment you came into the house and stuck to Andrew like a fly on sh!t! Your second bad move, flipping with the power, and your third game mistake, which drove the last nail in your coffin, taking Sabrina off the block with your scarlet power of veto! For a superfan you were honestly the worst big brother player in history!! I helped vote you into that house and I regreted it after watching you the first week. I am sure your a great person however you got what you deserve and it looks good on you. Great game move Neda!!

    Adel is hilarious but he is a horible strategist! Heather is just riding along because shes not a threat, however like Sabrina clearly said, if she goes to final 3, she will get the votes!!

    I think Neda & Jon played the best game so far and either of them deserve to win the $100,000! Everyone in the house lied to someone at some point and time so their backstabbing and game playing is no different than anyone else. ITS A GAME !!

    1. We don’t know as the live feeds were blocked all weekend. Unless they talk about it we won’t know until the episode airs on Wednesday night. For sure it was: Adel, Sabrina & Rachelle.

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