Memphis “Ian, if I get the opportunity to get that motherf**ker out, he is out! I will have zero love lost for that guy!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – ENZO YO!
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Spoilers – Enzo is not using the veto as of Sunday morning. The plan is to evict Keesha.

3:40pm bedroom. Memphis and Daniele.
Memphis – I have this thought I wanted to run by you.. I want to create this partnership with some people.. a group of people and I have an idea who .. the idea of what I have is I want to take 5 or 6 people that everyone else is not going to suspect. The unusual suspects. The problem with watching Janelle, Kaysar and DaV and it becomes like this old vs new. And I don’t think that’s smart. Daniele – I don’t think its smart for anybody. Memphis – and my thought was grab a couple of these young people .. 5 or 6 people to the end like bullsh*t because its not going to be people that you’re going to sit down and have a full conversation with necessarily but someone that can look out for your best interest. But I don’t necessarily know who those 6 people are. Tyler would be a good person to have because he is good on his own. I hate the idea of having 5 or 6 people and having to always meet in a group. Daniele – this game is hard because some many people have so many weird connections that we don’t know about. Memphis – I can tell you right now that Keesha and I have zero connection to each other because I burned her too hard. And I don’t trust her. Daniele – its just really dangerous to have 5 different people telling every little thing. Who do you think? Memphis – keep people that do not have to have this group thing and need to have group therapy. Daniele – so what you’re saying you don’t want Ian. Memphis – Oh Ian scares the sh*t out of me. Daniele – I think that Ian is one of the best players of all time. Literally of all time! Memphis – Ian, if I get the opportunity to get that motherf**ker out, he is out! I will have zero love lost for that guy! You are going to blink and he is going to be at final four. I think Tyler is good socially. Bay the same .. she scares me sort of. Daniele – I think Bay and Day are close outside the house and they’re trying to downplay it. So then that’s two. Memphis – then that’s the kind of stuff I wouldn’t want to touch. The other person that I was thinking was Cody. He can socially fit in anywhere. I was kind of thinking David. And I was going back and forth with Christmas and or NicoleF.. Daniele – I would definitely say no to Bay unless you wanted to bring in Day.

4:20pm Enzo and NicoleF.
Enzo – lets play, its all stars. Once the backyard opens up we can talk more. Nicole – and hopefully its open today. Enzo – It is killing me because I want people to be on the same page as me. Nicole – its killing me to not be able to play the damn game. Enzo – and people are creeping and doing their sh*t too.. f**k .. but lets not panic.. we’re four strong already. I think Bay and Day love me .. you know what I mean. Nicole – I do too! That would be seven of us. But I don’t think we can get Bay without Day. Enzo – definitely, their a pair. Tyler is by himself. Unless Tyler and Bay are close because they were on the same season. Nicole – the only reason I trust Cody is because his brother was the best ally I ever had. Nicole – its not a bad idea to get something on the side we can influence the decision. But what I think is important is that us four are always first. We tell each other everything. Enzo – put some side cushion.

5pm Kevin and DaVonne.
Kevin – don’t spread this. DaVonne – you need to trust me. Kevin – I do. I only trust you and Nicole at this point. I am trying to figure out if him taking me off the block is even an option. He (Cody) was saying I am not going to take you off the block .. like it wasn’t even an option when it was like Enzo wasn’t the one that won the veto. DaVonne – maybe he wants Keesha to go home and you’re the security. Kevin – I have the same vibe with Dani and Nicole that I have with you. NicoleA told me that .. I love Nicole. NicoleA told me that Keesha came up to her and said if I could get 6 votes would you be my 7th? DaVonne – what six votes does she have? Kevin – she is going to try and find out who the six are.

Storage room. Tyler and David.
David – I don’t know what the f**k I am doing. I feel like I am walking around the house and I get along with everyone. Tyler – everyone is saying good sh*t about you. David – you know the anxiety of walking into rooms.. you know because of last year. Tyler – oh no you’re good. Everyone f**king loves you. And if they do, I make sure I say good things about you. You’re good, you got this sh*t man.

5:50pm Nicole, Dani and Tyler.
They’re all just chatting. Tyler – twitter does not like me at all. Dani – the Jeff and Jordan fans were totally me to me. And I’m like its a show! And we’re like totally cool now. I don’t get any of that anymore now though. It is just so strange to me. Tyler – I didn’t have it that bad but Swaggy / Bay fans would come after me. Dani – just scroll on by and don’t pay any attention to me. I will never get that.

5:55pm Bedroom. Bay and Christmas.
Bay – are there any boys you like? Christmas – Like for different reasons.. I really like hanging out with Memphis and Kaysar. Like just rad and goofy. I dig that. Tyler is super cool. I like his energy. I need a little chill. Those are my top. Bay – you think they would mesh well together. Christmas – I think Memphis and Kaysar are already really good together .. I think they were on the same season together. Cody, I like him too. Funny and super sweet.

6:08pm Bedroom. Christmas talking to herself – Tyler, Bay .. final 3 .. that would be nice!

6:20pm – 7pm Bathroom. Christmas and NicoleF.
Nicole – have you heard anything? Christmas – no, everyone is just waiting. Nicole – what the heck! Christmas – we’re the most chill. Christmas – I am just kind of asking around and everyone is just saying the same thing. So either I am just completely out of the loop or its really not happening. Nicole – okay, yeah same. Good, so me too. Christmas – who do you feel really comfortable with? Nicole – really comfortable .. not that many people. I feel like I would be really scared of a lot of people in that HOH because I don’t know where there head is at. Christmas – there are some really good game players here. Nicole – its a hard question because I feel like I need to get it. Christmas – same. Nicole – I would feel good if you got it obviously. Christmas – if I get it, you’re safe. Nicole – and I can’t promise other people that because I don’t know what they’re doing. Nicole – everyone will offer you safety right now.. like why wouldn’t they. If I go up to people I don’t connect with and ask that .. they would say yes but then they would go tell other people. That’s what I’m worried about. Christmas – do you have any favorite people so far? Nicole – yeah, I like Bay a lot .. and Day… and I really like Ian a lot. He is so special. I think Enzo is hilarious. Christimas agrees. Nicole – And I really like Dani. And Tyler but I haven’t really talked to him. Who do you really like. Christmas – Bay and Day. And Kaysar. Memphis is pretty cool. I haven’t really spoke a lot with Tyler. Cody is chill. Nicole – yeah, he handled this HOH really well. He is a good dude. Nicole – they(Production) are being very lenient this year. Christmas – yeah because she (Janelle) doesn’t have to wear her hat. Big Brother switches the feeds.

7pm Bedroom. Dani and Cody.
Cody – I think Memphis is .. but the only thing that makes me nervous is he would bite your head off. Dani – But he isn’t going to go against us. Tell me to F off every morning and I’ll go away .. just don’t nominate me. Cody – I think we’re in a pretty good spot .. the only person I want to get closer too is Janelle because she is someone that if she starts steam rolling competitions I don’t want to be on her bad side. Dani – I feel like no one is going to let them go super far. It would be stupid. Cody – Janelle – I can have a conversation with but Kaysar I can’t without thinking this is calculated. He is too analytical and he is calculated. I can’t have a conversation and think that its genuine. Like yesterday they were trying to have a conversation and his question was what was the one job that got away. He was judging Janelle for Dennys and Nicole for Dollar Tree. Something about him and I know that he doesn’t trust me. He is going to be one that plays himself out of the game. Christmas too.

Nicole and Dani.
Dani tells Nicole about her conversation with Cody. He goes I really like Nicole and I go A or F and he goes F. I totally thought he was going to say A. And I go I don’t really know her that well.. she seems really nice. I was like I could talk to her and feel her out and then he said Christmas. Nicole – lets pull her in. I just talked to her. She says that she trusts me more than anyone else. Dani – perfect. Nicole – and she was mad about Janelle’s costume because she got in trouble again. She came up and said that she doesn’t like trust her. Dani – wait, why? Nicole – she goes its so annoying because they were.. Dani – yeah because they had to wear a bunch eh!? She doesn’t like Janelle? Nicole – she doesn’t trust her. She likes Kaysar. I think Christmas is a good choice. I felt her up. She likes Bay, Day and Memphis. Dani – then perfect. Nicole – she talks to Memphis a lot. Dani – perfect, the OG alliance .. you, me, Enzo, Cody.. and we were already thinking of bringing in Memphis, Tyler and Christmas.. then thats perfect we have the majority of the house. Nicole – the only thing I am scared of is that the other side is Kaysar, Janelle, Bay, DaV, .. NicoleA wants to work with them. Dani – oh and I came up with a code. I told Cody that any time I need to talk to him I will come up and tap him three times. So if you need to talk to me .. you can just tap me. Its just so hard to talk to people in here because there is no space. Nicole – okay that’s a really good group so I am happy about it.

8pm Big Brother FINALLY opens up the back yard and all the house guests go nuts and run outside.

8:15pm – 8:25pm Backyard. NicoleA talks to Kevin and Ian about how she isn’t feeling well (because of the slop like how Ian wasn’t feeling well yesterday). Keesha and Christmas join them. Christmas, Kevin and Keesha talk about how their significant other didn’t want them to come back into the BB house.

By the pool. Memphis and NicoleF are talking. Memphis is asking about Nicole’s wedding that she’s planning. She tells him that its going to be at the Turks and Caicos Beaches Resort.

8:45pm Kitchen – Kevin and Bay.
Kevin – what are your thoughts on Keesha because I have a feeling its going to come down to votes not veto. Bay agrees – 100% because no one is going to rock the boat. Kevin – so I was hoping that maybe I could get your vote to keep me to stay because I really want to work with you. I love NicoleA.. I actually love NicoleF too. Bay – David really likes you too. He thinks you’re really sweet. Kevin – ohhh! I love when I hear those little feed backs. You’re really good with that.. you’re so social. Bay – I was feeling really insecure today.

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Dani is so pretty. Shes also playing the best game so far. I just hope Nicobra wont screw her over.

So far no girls alliance, but thats a good thing as we all know that how goes when they start that early on.

Feeds Gold

i actually think derrick has played the best game so far haha

the pregaming has one goal: get cody the $500k he didnt get in bb16


Christmas says she thinks that Kaysar and Memphis are already really good together and she thinks they were on the same season!. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY SHE’S ON THIS SHOW?


Well she’s a comp beast…well, she might have been if she didn’t break her foot during a piggy back ride. Also, reasons…and apparently Big Brother needed warm bodies.

another name

Josh requested her as his season partner… then he wasn’t allowed to play??

Smitten Kitten

Janelle said on the feeds that Kaycee & Josh were confirmed for the season and they must’ve gotten diagnosed with Covid-19, because they didn’t end up coming. ????
Also, production had to call Keesha & Memphis very last minute to come.

She also said that Christmas and Tyler were shocked that they weren’t in the house, as they 100% expected to see Josh and Kaycee walk in (you can see on their faces that they were shook they weren’t there).


The Challenge starts filming in September, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Josh and Kaycee aren’t doing BB.


Am I understanding this correctly that… every single possible alliance is considering Tyler as a possible member? I might just root for him because this entire cast has been put under the FOUTTE-moron-itis spell if they think “he’s chill, we should keep him around” all the way to final four.

Big Jim

Yes Tyler is great. You would think people would want him out based on his season but everyone wants to work with him. He is my favorite to win along with Ian at this point

Jets Jets Jets

He’s got those dreamy eyes. I could look into them all night long. Oh and I’m not even gay.

Miss Impression

It would be shocking if Tyler got away with playing the exact same way in an all star season.

Feeds Gold

janelle in dr…”sorry to ruin your plaaaans, cody” haha


NOT HAVING HER ON ALL STARS IS A TRAVESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jets Jets Jets



Am i wrong or did Kaysar and Janelle make a huge mistake? He should have been the only one to participate in that safety competition. It just about guaranteed a win didn’t it? Then she could have done it next week keeping them safe 2 weeks in a row?

Smitten Kitten

Exactly… they were the only two to play!
If Janelle hadn’t played, Kaysar would have won by default which guaranteed safety for him +1.

It made absolutely no sense for them to essentially compete against each other, as Janelle could have then played next week and tried to save them for week 2.

Why would they compete against themselves, leaving them SOL for next week??


They both said you couldn’t win by default IE that there was a minimum time you had to complete it by. So they wanted to increase their chances that at least one of them would.

Feeds Gold

now the backyard is open for the first time im looking forward to ians late night thoughts out loud alone on the hammock to see his view of the house dynamics and what he plans to do upcoming

The Beef

Unless that dumbass Memphis gets his way and Ian goes home early. Ian is truly an “All-Star” player, and one of the few in the house that truly qualifies as one on merit. I hope he doesn’t fall to some puscatore like Memphis, just because he did very well in his previous season and beat a BB legend (legitimately IMO) in winning it.

another name

(how far from feeds reality is tv reality?)
Tonight’s episode includes Safety Suite and Noms. And covering the ep.1 gaff of locked have not room.
Opinion: Prefer the new open credits style to the usual stand in place dance / hand signal crap.
Part One: Catch Up With the Houseguests and the Games Begin
usual d/r stuff. Then you get to Nicole crying because Da changed her life (oh, yeah, they’re pulling on that tired nice girl routine uh-gain). LOL. Now we’re getting Da’s take as mentioned on feeds. include any Da gif you desire.
Have not reveal. It’s been worse. No, seriously, it’s been worse.
Nicole Cody ride or die (d’uh) talk. Keesha, Kaysar targets mentioned. (ed Q: how did they edit out that his name has been effinkaysar when Cody says it since night one? kidding.)
Part Two: The Game Continues and Safety Suite Details Revealed
(ed.Tyler outlasts Enzo for the HOH one on one.) Cody’s nom criteria to Tyler: who comes to me and pays hommage?(paraphrase). d/r Tyler cool with Cody win. d/r Cody wants Tyler to prove himself. (ed.: ride or die Final 2 part of convo excluded in edit.)
Safety Suite Criteria. 3 weeks. One VIP play per houseguest. Winner and Plus one safe. Punishment for the Plus One.
(ed.: By this point Kaysar is the target. The house pretty much assumes Janelle and Kaysar are the target. Janelle and Kaysar know.)
Part Three: Safety Suite Call
Keesha point of view about Safety Suite. Didn’t want to come on too strong too fast.
Kaysar says he doesn’t know what’s going on in Cody’s head in d/r. (ed: HE KNEW.)
Dani saying too early (excluding that she was already good with Cody).
Jersey Boys talk. (There’s already plans to build a couple alliances by now including Cody and Enzo and Tyler (excluded)).
David trauma first out talk.
Keesha / Janelle play who’s the target talking in the bedroom.
Kaysar / Cody talk. Kaysar olive branch. Cody knocks it down. Body language was BAD.
Cody / Janelle talk. Janelle asking if she’s a target. Cody doesn’t say no. He asks someone that just proposed working together if they are going for safety. Red Flag.
Memphis / Cody talk not seen on feeds (we played similar d/r explanation… uhkay). Cody nom idea: Kaysar Janelle. (ed. We Knew). Memphis scared of old school game style.
Kaysar goes for safety. Janelle goes for safety. Keesha doesn’t want to make waves.
Cody doesn’t get how his one on one’s might have spooked them? (ed…..Really?)
Part Four: Safety Suite Play / Winner Revealed
Mixing beats. Isn’t this a beats version of the 70’s electronic game Simon?
Time lapse doesn’t tell us how long this takes. and doesn’t presuppose it doesn’t matter which of Kaysar and Janelle is the winner. They’re both safe. Wonder if they would have put Kaysar in the Star costume?
Kaysar wins. 7 minute+ vs. Janelle 16 minute +
(ed. despite d/r, Cody already had Keesha as a target idea. Look back to part one Nicole / Cody one on one talk.)
Part Five: Nominations
So. Kaysar thumps his chest.
Cody talks about noms with Nicole. (ed. He’s already had versions of this talk with the guys.)
So Kevin and Keesha. Shoulda gone for safety.
Janelle says she likes the costume. (ed. She spends about 2 hours in it over the next few days.)
Kevin teary d/r. Heart in hand to Cody. About being awkward. (ed. as a cynic: Meanwhile Cody is nominating him without a heads up… for being awkward. Insert Cody has a moral dilema brought to you by big brother moment).
(ed.: Keesha and Kaysar have discussed the noms. Correctly, before nom ceremony.)
Nomination Results
Keesha and Kevin
Cody d/r not personal it’s a game.
Keesha and Kevin reaction. Keesha game on d/r. Kevin d/r vows revenge. (ed. Kevin isn’t acting too vengeful in feeds… he blamed Tyler and Janelle more fiik why.)
Kaysar chest thumps some more.
Skipping the Alliance building and majority of Final 2’s that was going on Probably because nothing is set in stone, but the scramble was notable for the first 2 days. Pushing Cody Nicole as the new school Kaysar Janelle dynamic for parity.
Building a Kaysar Cody early season antagonism. Expect it to be a plot point for the next episode as well.

Miss Impression

My initial misimpressions were that Janelle and Kaysar came in working together but then played against eachother for safety.
And that Cody wasn’t very bright but coming in with Memphis as his right hand and Nichole as his left hand he could be setting himself up pretty well.

another name

Kaysar revealed on feeds that he and Janelle each knew the other was coming.
Not sure Why they both played as the only safety suite players this week. should have done one this week, one next.
The conspiracy theorist in me thinks Cody had pre arrangements with more than just Nicole and Memphis. But i’m overly suspicious.

Feeds Gold

i know day/bay and memphis are targeting ian

snakeole/dani/enzo are targeting kaysar/janelle

kaysar/janelle perhaps going for cody/snakeole or david

who is tyler, christmas, david, ian, nicole a, kevin targeting if they won hoh?

another name

lol. you think Tyler is going to rock the boat when he now has 5 final 2 deals, and 3 more work together deals? He’s not going for HOH until he loses safe vote majority.
Christmas seems to be wary of women that can win comps in her earlier talk to cams. After her talk with Nicolef where Nicole said Janelle would target women i’m guessing Janelle.
David: no clue. Even David has no clue who he would target.
Nicole A? What, are they going to call her to d/r for two hours the night before HOH and lead her outside to practice the comp (Tinfoil hat opinion: go back to season 21 and see who disappears for a d/r for a longass time the night before comps and then wins the next day).
Kevin would target Tyler and Janelle for being the ringleaders in the conspiracy to get him nominated. This is the guy they’re keeping so far? smart move for them if they are going to make him a pawnstar.
Sorry. almost completely joke because I have no clue who they’d target.

Feeds Gold

i agree tyler will throw, but who is he most wary of right now? (lets say he wins a crapshoot hoh you cant throw like rolling a ball into numbers)

kevin just said to nicole a he would target kaysar/janelle

another name

yeah, my kevin point was based on his secret three meeting with nicole and da’vonne from the night after noms. Now he wants to go after pairs or power pods or whatever. I still say his house read is tragic, not from the sense of he’s targeting old school, but from the sense that he’s kissing up to all of the right people, but kissing up to them by saying he’s weak. Good salesmanship, the might keep him, but would they trust their bblife to him if he’s so weak?
excluding everyone he has an alliance with, and judging by what he is hearing from his allies? Tyler’d go with the flow and probably go after Kaysar and Janelle because Nicolef, Cody, Dani, and Enzo would go after them. Nobody knows about his little side talk to Kaysar, or his side talk to ian. So Ian might be a possible renom. Tyler’s pool of no deals is pretty much down to: Janelle, Nicole A, and secret talks he can deny with Ian, Kevin and Kaysar.

Feeds Gold

thanks for your thoughts

now erratic kevin just said to nicole a he wants to work with kaysar/janelle soon after saying he would nom them haha

The Beef

Which just goes to show how on top of things Kevin is, and why he shouldn’t even be there for an “All-Star” season. Like several others in the house, he has no clue what is going on in there, and even though Cody just nominated his ass, he decides it would be a good idea to target the ones Cody was going after BEFORE they guaranteed themselves safety. But of course, he doesn’t know that, because he is clueless. Maybe he should worry about saving himself FIRST, and worry about who his targets are later?


I know it’s only week one in the house and a lot can change depending on who gets power.

However, the house really needs to watch out for both Danielle and Tyler both look like real front runners right now.

At this point it wouldn’t surprise me to see both getting to the end and one of them winning it.

If the other half of the house doesn’t wake the hell and join forces with Janelle and Kaysar. There’s a real chance Danielle and Tyler do make it that far.

another name

The problem is the other half of the house knows Janelle and Kaysar are the targets.
Big Brother new school is more apt to sit and wonder why they aren’t with the cool kids, or to try to get in with the power, rather than old school methodology of band together and fight the power. Float game and Coast game people are FAR less likely to ever draw a line in the sand.

The Beef

Dani is a good player and one I enjoy watching, but she is scheming with a lot of different players, and one in particular (Nicole F.) who will backstab her in a New York minute! She better be careful or she may be scrambling to save herself from the treachery that is Nicole F.!


While I will totally agree that Dani is a big brother legend- heck of a player. She has shown as well that she has turned on her alliances. So I don’t doubt she would do the same to Nicole. You can bounce checks in the Big Brother House – people break deals and turn on alliances all time. When you look at the greats in Big Brother history you consider LYING a sport. Nicole is nowhere near as bad as you might think.

And you have to remember to it wasn’t Nicole’s fault about Christine joining an all boys alliance the bomb squad and getting backdoored by Christine even when production came out physically in the backyard in the middle of the BOB to prevent Caleb to throw it so that they could lose so that Frankie could get evicted which meant Nicole still would been HOH in yet Christine remains HOH and backdoors Nicole the same week.

In Big Brother 18, The eight pack alliance fell apart as a result of the relationships amongst Frank, DaVonne and Tiffany. Ultimately, their inability to work with each other in an alliance they couldn’t communicate at all!!! It was so bizarre that there was a triangle amongst three different houseguest where they all just had it out for one another equally it was insane. At multiple points they hated each other the exact same amount as far as getting each other out of the big brother house. That relationship triangle really became a huge Achilles for the eight pack alliance and ultimately made huge impact in deterring how the direction of that season 18 went because it fractured the eight pack alliance and it left the remaining five people in that alliance in a horrible position. Because it makes everybody remaining have to pick a side. Though the three (Frank, Tiffany, And Davonne) all wanted each other out already just as much.
If your Nicole, you can be put in a horrible situation as a former alliance member because they come constantly come to you for information because you were in an a personal alliance with him for almost a month you can’t just stop talking to them with three or four weeks in the season when you were obviously close without them thinking somethings up and you’re trying to conspire against them.

When the reality is it’s not your fault that those three players have a communication problem and they can’t work with each other in an Alliance any more that shouldn’t be put on Nicole.

And with the roadkill nomination when Tiffany got put on the block they all wanted to turn on one another. Because their personalities didn’t mesh and mixed with the roadkill nomination thats the reason why that is why the Alliance fell apart ultimately leading to the destruction of the eight pack alliance.

And Davonne was going around to James talking about getting rid of couples when for one James was in a shownance with Natalie. That was not a good move which I’m sure got back to the other couples considering the situation James was in with Natalie.
As well as exposing the fatal five alliance to James right away After Zakiyah told Davonne about the alliance in the circus have not room. I mean Davonne even told James in the same room. As well as telling Tiffany about that same fatal five alliance at the point when Tiffany was no longer an ally and about to leave the house. Which was a huge no-no considering Tiffany was a complete liability due to her paranoia.

Nicole got put in the middle of the drama that was Frank and Davonne relationship And being a former Alliance member you almost have to keep face- because you’re going to be included in all their conversations because they’re going to assume that they can still trust you and you can’t tell them to go away immediately because it would be awkward and suspicious. At some point you’re gonna have to be put in a position to make a choice do you go with one of them or do you want them to both be evicted and once it became apparent that Frank and DaVonne were sinking their game there’s a reason why Nicole went after them. Because their drama kept rubbing off on her and putting her in situations she couldn’t protect both of them anymore because they were too DEAD SET on getting each other out which was leading to the derision of the other alliance members or people they had an association with. When all along they were supposed to be originally aligned together. It wasn’t Nicole‘s fault of how the relationship of DaVonne and Frank fell apart that relationship drama killed their game.

As well as the people that were closest to them they got mad that Nicole didn’t wanna protect them anymore. Though it was those players in Big Brother 18 (Frank, DaVonne, And Tiffany) that sunk their game- including the eight pack alliance. Nicole shouldn’t be labeled as a snake because the other people within her Alliance (Frank, Davonne, and Tiffany) had their relationships fall and apart brought the alliance down.
and unfairly because their relationship drama got in the way of Nicole‘s game she decides to not associate or for that matter want them in the house anymore because it was hurting her game to keep them in the house. in turn Frank’s parachutes of Bridgette and Michelle are being pissed because Nicole forwith Frank and Michelle at the same time supporting Davonne Completely ruined any chance for Nicole to revive that alliance. Once those parachutes didn’t realize that Frank and Davonne we’re both sinking their games-It was completely game over for Nicole to ever work with them because it was never gonna be enough for Nicole to prove to them that that drama shouldnt have been placed on her.
Frank and DaVonne only have themselves to blame for what happened in their shortcomings and big brother 18. And their parachutes mostly being Michelle reviving the snake punchline that was the result of a hot Mess that was the wanna be Messiah Jozea in calling Nicole a snake is completely unjust leading up to the when Michelle said it in the double evection considering Jozea was coming after the Veterans and it wasn’t Nicole‘s fault that the eight pack fell apart her two buddies Frank and DaVonne couldn’t work together anymore!!!

Because those two parachutes Bridgette and Michelle were unable to see that their partners were the reason why their games ultimately fell apart. I mean for Pete’s sake Frank won the roadkill put up Bridget’s number or two Ally aka SPY Girl Brontë On the block and Bridgette wins the Veto as the week and doesn’t use it to only she her Friend Bronte go home on her HOH reign when she also won the Veto and Frank won the roadkill competition to put Bronte up.
If that’s not clear case that someone is hurting your game but you wanna blame another houseguest for eventually turning on someone that could drag them down for their lack of ability to stay within a larger group. That’s exactly why Nicole couldn’t work with those girls that season.
Because of the fall out of Frank DaVonne and Tiffany And the parachutes that followed of Bridgette and Michelle not realizing that Frank and Davonne causing all the drama in the house was gonna hurt their game at same point because they were becoming a sinking ship of how much drama they were starting.

And in this season Big Brother 22 all stars if Nicole Franzel takes the strategy of trying to run back-and-forth between exposing information to Cody try to form a side alliance with another half of the house to use information to her Cody’s advantage that’s her choice

While I personally don’t like it- it’s a bold strategy- that if pulled off
Can deemed as an unbelievable strategy. Will it work I don’t know- people have won and lost the game of big brother imploring a similar strategy. I can’t say that I blame her for trying it but by no means do I think that makes her the biggest snake in big brother history.

I mean Danielle Reyes said it herself in innocent as a dove but sly as a snake. No one said you couldn’t use a relationship to your advantage and expose information from the other half of the house, the greats mastered it!!!

Julie Chen



I wish Kevin would be evicted. I didn’t like him in his season and he cries too much. I don’t really remember much about Keesha. Her, Dan, Memphis and Jerry’s season is when I started watching.

Feeds Gold

enzo is going far…good social game with decent connections, well liked, natural comedian, and an intimidating and charismatic presence…but being too emotional/hot headed could cost him, if he can control that i think he lasts a while

another name

About to crash.
Final thoughts for me about the day are about Campaigning.
Okay, the veto ceremony is tomorrow.
The nominees are starting to campaign early.
Kevin’s style of pity me i’m weak annoys me. Sorry Kevin fans. He should stick with the catty little barbs about Keesha’s bb history, because at least that’s entertaining.
Keesha. If you aren’t getting people to declaratively state their voting intentions: they aren’t voting for you to stay. How does she not see that?

I’ll be honest, I actually think Kevin brings more possible entertainment to the season as a comedic foil of bad house reads, but I’m over the woe is me that he keeps bringing. If that’s all we’re gonna get I’d much rather Keesha stays.
If i were a houseguest, and I had to constantly build up his ego and warm fuzzy him, I’d be saying oh hell no, we already have Nicolef we have to do that with, get to steppin’, here’s your life vest, there’s the plank.

As of today Kevin stays. Probable vote of 10-3 or 11-2 against is the best Keesha can hope at the moment. She’s either going to have to get feisty REALLY push girl power on the women, or hope that he has a meltdown. Either is fine with me, I’ve got popcorn.