Big Brother Spoilers McCrae suspects JUDD told Jessie to throw the POV “he’s such a puss bag”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


3:00pm Have nots Spencer and Amanda
Amanda says that Candice is spreading her name around as a target and making her look bad by making things up. When she hears about this the red flags go up and she has to defend herself. Candice is close to Howard so it’s natural for her to be worried about him.
Howard tells her whoever the major players are they don’t talk to him So he’s had to play the game on the outside. He is not the MVP otherwise he would have used it to his advantage right now it’s to his disadvantage because everyone thinks he has it and he doesn’t.
Amanda: “Who the f*** is MVP then.. Do you have anything to say”
Howard: “Good luck”
They hug and Amanda starts to cry.

Big Brother 15 Nip Slip Flash back time stamps HERE


3:03pm HOH McCrae, Amanda, GM

Amanda going over her talk with Howard. She told him he talks in circles and in metaphors it makes people think he’s not a straight shooter. Amanda told Howard it looks like he’s the MVP blames it on Candice says she’s making him look like a target by going around spreading her name. Amanda said that Candice needs to leave her name out of her mouth it’s wrecking Howard’s game.

Amanda also brought up with him that he always said he had two girls at home then he gets close to Candice and Candice starts spreading out her name, it looked fishy to the house.
She confronted Howard about the “Bigger Fish to Fry” Comment. he told her he has no power so it doesn’t matter what fish he wants to fry. McCrea asked about the tone of the conversation Amanda Says it was very civil but he dodged the fish question.

GM: “He don’t never say names.. he just speaks metaphorically do I need a book to hear what you are f**** saying”
Amanda says there is no way that Howard got the MVP and a special power. GM doesn’t think it’s fair someone just gets a power. McCrae doubts he has a power if the fans voted it would go to Elissa.

Amanda says she thinks they’re over thinking it. McCrea: “Don’t worry I already planned it out”

Aaryn joins them says Spencer’s been in the DR for the last 30 minutes.
Amanda: “REALLY”

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3:14pm McCrae and Andy Storage room
MC saying this is Howard last chance to stay by putting up a bigger target than he is. “But she’s not.. they are all freaking out about Coup d’etat”
Andy says that Amanda is threatening Jessie to use the veto Jessie is good with everyone on and off the block so it’s tough for her. Andy thinks this approach is not good for Amanda McCrea needs to tell her to dial it back.
MC: ‘Ya ya of course of course”
Andy: “Amanda was like if you don’t use it you’ll have a lot of people coming after you”
MC: “Just win it.. all we need is for her to win it”
MC: “i know JUDD is like.. throw it just throw the competition”
A: “To Jessie”
MC: “Of course he’s such a pu$$bag to.. all they have to do is win it they don’t have to use it just win it”

Andy mentions how wild it would be if it wasn’t Howard with the MVP. MC says the only other person that would put Amanda up is Spencer. Andy: “I don’t know JUDD weirded me out this morning”
MC: “He’s a f***** .. He’s so worried about having someone even close to after him”

Andy brings up how JUDD was so mad at Helen he couldn’t be in the same room as her. The reason was Helen said she felt bad for Howard.
Andy: “He was saying I Hate that b!tch”
MC: “Dude what the f*** is wrong with you chill the f*** out”
Andy brings up how JUDD was ranting about Helen being good on both side. MC mentions how Jessie is good with both sides why doesn’t he get mad at her.
Andy: “If only seen this JUDD a couple times.. but when he loses his cool it’s so weird.. saya a lot of hateful sh!t”
MC: “He forgets he’s even in here”
MC plans on going to Jessie and talking to her about the Power of Veto competition. He wants her to try her best to win it. Doesn’t mean she has to use it.

Andy: ‘I want Amanda to stay over all of them.. but a part of me doesn’t want Aaryn or Jessie to use it” His reason is they are working with people that might get pissed if the POV is played and they go up as a pawn, he mentions ELissa. Andy points out a couple times how Amanda needs to stop threatening Aaryn and Jessie to use it. Andy: “Amanda just needs to win it”

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:20pm HOH GM JUDD, Aaryn, Amanda

Amanda saying she knew something was up with Howard that is why she’s wanted him out for so long. “I can’t f*** eat until after this competition” Aaryn: “I get really nauseous before”

Aaryn says it so funny how Spencer treats you like a douche bag one day then the next day he’s your boy.
Amanda: “Look I set this Up… We set this up so that one of them will go home.. unless there’s powers beyond fairness then one of them are going home”

Aaryn: “The fact that Helen and Elissa are making it seem like they don’t want Howard to go home.. ”
Amanda: ‘they would both have me over them”
Aaryn: ‘no they might push for Spencer ”
Amanda: ‘Doesn’t matter we have the votes”
Aaryn wants Howard to go home. Amanda mentions once Howard goes home MVP will go to someone else.


3:50pm Cockpit Andy, Elissa and Aaryn
Aaryn saying if Candice wins POV and saves Howard then She’ll put up Ginamarie. If Hwoard or Spencer are taken off Ginamarie goes up.

Elissa: “You can tell her she can give Nick a shoutout.. maybe she’ll be excited”
Aaryn says everyone thinks she’s going to put up Elissa but she doesn’t want to. She tells Elissa, “If I keep you safe can you at least keep be safe a little bit”
Elissa: “Next week I definitely will not put you up and if I have to renominated I wouldn’t either”
Elissa leaves
Aaryn tells him that Helen is trying to keep Howard

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:05pm Cockpit Amanda and Andy Amanda says she’s not trusting JUDD or Jessie as much anymore. Amanda says that Helen has precedence over Jessie because Jessie was suggesting if the POV was luxury she would go for the prizes. Amanda says she knew this was going to happen she put her neck out on the line for Elissa and Aaryn and was very vocal about it.
McCrae joins them.
AManda: ‘What teh f*** is taking so long this is insane”
MC brings up his conversation with Jessie and was telling her to not take luxuries but she pointed out that McCrae took the money last week. He told Jessie that she has a place with them now and if she wins the veto she’ll be even more important to them.
Amanda: “If she takes the luxury she’ll be low man on the totem pole”
Amanda: “I have control of Aaryn and if She(Jessie) takes the luxury and someone comes off the block then she’s f**** goes up”
MC adds that he told Jessie if she throws the comp it gives Howard a better opportunity to win it. MC: ‘If you win it and don’t use it you’ll have no blood on his hands all that matter his Howard stays on the block”
MC also told her if she doesn’t use it Amanda and McCrae will not be mad at her. McCrae adds that “Once she(Jessie) gets it we can work her”
Amanda pissed at JUDD and Jessie, “One person is a pu$$y and the other is playing for Howard.. Really ”
Andy jokes they should be mad at Aryan because she pulled the chips, “Maybe she’s working with Howard”
Andy: “I think you are freaking out about nothing come Thursday Howard or Spencer will be gone”


4:25pm Havenots Howard and Spencer

Spencer: ‘McCrae pissed me off.. He’s worried ”
Howard doesn’t believe anybody until after the fact.
Random chit chat about what the competition will be, Spencer says he would eat “bug and some Sh!t” howard: ‘You know me I would eat anything”
Howard brings up Amanda asking him if he’s MVP and if he had a relative that played in Big Brother before. Howard smirks thinks it’s funny that people use these gimmicks.

Spencer mentions how Andy hasn’t talked to him once since he’s been on the block.
Spencer says he’s tired with everyone voting with the house they need to shake things up and this is the week to do it.
Howard: “That’s all I got brother thats all I got.. thats all I need”

Spencer: ‘I don’t think Aaryn will use the veto”
Howard thinks now that they have Amanda on the block even if Veto isn’t used not all is lost.
Spencer agrees says even if the nominees stay the same there is a glimmer of hope.

Spencer says because of the noms there is a great opportunity for someone to gain 2 allies and lose 1 HUGE enemy.


4:40pm Studying the memory wall

5:12pm Milling around waiting for the Power of Veto Competition

5:23pm Helen is in the DR POV should be starting soon
5:38pm Trivia on the feeds POV Starting. Next post will have the POV winner

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Apologies Simon and Dawg.
I asked on the last post why you did not include the Howard and Amanda end of convo hug and crying.
Shoul know better than to doubt you……*I bow my head in shame*

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

Amanda pissed at JUDD and Jessie, “One person is a pu$$y and the other is playing for Howard.. Really ”
Andy jokes they should be mad at Aryan because she pulled the chips, “Maybe she’s working with Howard”
Andy: “I think you are freaking out about nothing come Thursday Howard or Spencer will be gone”

how has someone not taken a swing at amandas ugly face yet?

now with this incredibly ridiculous attitude towards judd and jess…and with helen, candace, elissa (and possibly gina) waiting with itchy trigger fingers…amanda is playing with fire…just keep swallowing the adderal amanda

i will keep voting all 10 votes for 3rd nom for amanda each week until she is evicted – hopefully this week


Bah Bah Bah

POV results leaked Howard won! Helen and Arryn already deciding renom.

Helen: “Times come to put up McCrae”.
Arryn: “But I become a target”!
Helen: “Listen sh*t for brains what do you think you’ve been for weeks”?
Helen: “Ellisa and I have your back”

Helen leaves and tells her not to mention this and they’ll talk latter. Amanda comes into the room. OK lets make this quick before Judd and Jessie get here. “Those 2 backstabbing F**ks”!

Amanda: “Candace goes up in place of Howard”.
Arryn: “I’m confused”?
Amanda “We are both racists what’s so confusing you dumb a$$ peroxide headed b**tch”?
Arryn: “Helen the douche just told me I was nominating McCrae and Ellisa has my back. Maybe I can make out with the yoga instructor after all”!

Arryn swings both ways who knew America?

Amanda: Your nominating Helen instead of Candace that b**tch is going no matter what”!

Howard interrupts the convo. An angelic halo is visable above his head.

Howard: ” it’s all in gods hands”.
Amanda: ” Listen to me expletive expletive expletive your voting out Helen on Thursday I run the house got it”?

Helen, Ellisa and Candy are alone in the bathroom dancing and singing “the witch is dead, the witch is dead”….

Dammit I’m back in Kansas and my dumba$$ dog toto just peed on the freaking carpet. Why am I wearing red pumps? Who are Simon and Dawg? I’m so confused… but that was one terrific dream!

PS… Tell Spencer to stop playing with his junk it spoils the mood!


ugh… now Mc is starting to sound like Amanda. I’m sorry, but can you say biggest. floaters. in. house. Yet they don’t even realize it. and would someone please, please tell them to GET. THE. F. OFF. THE. HOH. BED!


LOL the only way to get Amanda and MC off HOH bed is for Amanda to go home


But if she goes home do you think MC will pull a Ginamarie and make a shrine out of that bed? LOL. Yeah she needs to go like yesterday


they’ve actually won competitions and made major moves. the biggest floaters in the house are howard and spencer. they never win anything, every alliance they make fails or goes south, and they flip flop depending on who is in power. if you think mccrae and amanda have done less in this game you are delusional.


Could you please tell me what big moves MC & Skunkface have made??? Skunkface is a bully and needs to go. She’s as fake as her boobs, not attractive or intelligent and needs to GO!


1) Amanda seduces MC who was able to win HOH and veto during the first week
2) Amanda and Mc Crae created goof troop, a sub alliance inside Superfriends that would (probably) keep them safe after they get out their enemies.
3) Mc Crae went to the other side and protected Elissa by voting out Nick
4) Eliminating Kaitlyn who made a deal with Howard, Spencer, GM, and Judd: a potential threat to their alliance
5) Saving Arryn who is the current HOH
6) Continuously targeting Howard who is a threat to her game

Those are just some of the things that MCmanda did. I find it stupid that Amanda is taking heat for being a good player. I also want her to go out but this is because if she stays until jury she has a huge chance of winning it all.


well aside from the first eviction she basically decided everyone that was going to go. she broke up the moving company. she banned the outcasts together and basically demolished the “strong” side of the house who are now nothing but random weaklings being either picked off or selling out to people they hate. she is perhaps the only person who has consistently protected her allies. she may bully but it is effective and she spots all the side alliances that start to spring up and has squashed them to keep herself and her allies safe. most of the people she has “bullied” people into evicting or has been pushing to get voted out have tried to get her put up on the block or break up her alliance. howard especially has pushed to see her gone so her wanting him out is no surprise and it isn’t her being a jerk. it is her protecting herself.


they’re getting Howard to go home as we speak, that move not big enough for ya?


Only one that won anything is Mc and that was the first HOH, amanda has won nothing but think she controls everyone. They all do what she wants for some reason and let her control their HOH, its so ridiculous we know whats going to happen each week because whoever amanda eants to go home usually does. They all need to play their own HOH and tell amanda if she wants to nominate someone then she needs to win her iwn HOH comp.


i’m actually pretty impressed that she’s inspired so much loyalty, when most bonds have been systematically breached since day 1. she’s persuasive, by far the most vital quality for a bb player.

and i don’t agree at all that there have been no surprises, week to week. elissa’s ticket was all but punched twice, and at the beginning of last week we all just KNEW aaryn was on her way out.


I think people are confusing floaters with weak players. No one is really floating this season.


You’re correct in that nobody seems to know what a floater is anymore on BB. It goes back to season 1 and originally referred to a person or persons that float to the person or group in power from week to week. Fact !!


That would be Jessie then.


week 1 she was nominated by mccrae and not with them
week 2 she was already on aaryns side of the house when aaryn got hoh
week 3 she got out of that side of the house and helped helen/elissa evict nick, and took alot of heat for it, not knowing helen would then win hoh
week 4 she was aleady good friends with judd well before he got hoh and they had a mutual target to evict kaitlyn
week 5 aaryn had joined jessies group then aaryn won hoh

so tell me when jess floated to the power? she has not done that at all


Week 1, Howard and Spencer created Moving Company and aligned with Mc Crae
Week 2, Howard and Spencer thought of keeping Nick and aligned with the other side Arryn
Week 3, Howard and Spencer returns to the other side and confess their ‘MC crimes’ to Helen
Week 4, Howard and Spencer tried to make an alliance with Judd

Howard and Spencer are the biggest floater in the game. Seriously, can someone explain to me the Howard bandwagon? I just hope that neither Howard nor Candice win the veto today. Amanda needs to go out but Helen and Elissa would be stupid to vote Amanda out this week over them. These two are way too sneaky and not trustworthy.


i think they’re just mentally weak. there’s been vague talk about having the balls to make a big move but there’ve initiated NOTHING thus far.


People don’t refer to this season as “SUPERFRIENDS” for nothing. In case you haven’t notice, most of the houseguests kiss the HOH butt every week (voting with the house). Howard and Spencer are the underdogs are the only ones besides Candice that is trying to shake up the house by trying to make big moves. Had one of them won HOH, they may have shaken up the house and watched the cockroaches scatter. Boom!


Not really, three alliances are made during the first week, area 51 which includes Amanda, Mc Crae, Helen, Andy, Judd, Elissa, Candice, Howard and Spencer, Moving Company which includes Spencer, Mc Crae, Howard, Nick and Jeremy and the Blondetourage Arryn, David, Kaitlyn, Nick, Gm, Jessie and Jeremy. After four weeks of the game area 51 was able to send Blondetourage and Moving Company members while staying loyal to each other and poaching Jessie. On the other hand, Howard made a wrong move on staying loyal and denying that he was a member of the sinking ship of moving company. While it is true that area 51 members are already planning ahead to get each other out in the future, for four weeks now they have made moves that showed that they are “loyal” to each other.


exactly by definition howard and spencer are floaters i really don’t understand how people can’t see that


I agree there are no floaters….everyone is swimming!


The one true floater I see is Jessie. The rest position then reposition like Judd and Andy.


i dont agree


Have you been watching the same BB as everyone else? Andy is the biggest floater so far this season


Spencer in DR for half hour….coup d’etat?


What in the world makes you think that Spencer would get Coup d’etat? Not a chance.


expect the unexpected

hunter thompson's Gonzo

could be!!!! can a double eviction
and a coup d’etat happen in the
same episode? or is this the twist?

Mrs. Clawson

Spence needs that 30 minutes for his private time. He likes to choke his lil hen.


you won’t see a Coup d’etate unless it’s through Pandoras box. PB generally comes between F8 and F5 but remember PB is rare an historian of BB can tell us exactly how often it has appeared but certainly not every season.


No way, CBS would have hyped that something “special” was coming up and there would be a fan vote.


sick of this MVP because if u have a fall out with someone in the house they will target u and think u nominate them … if howard leaves they will say the candice gets it .,. This mvp is messing howard game up PLEASE PRODUCTION PLEASE BE DONE WITH THIS mvp OR JUST TELL THE HOUSE GUEST america has been voting the last 2 weeks for the 3 nomination …. … … just win this u or candice


Careful Aayrin, you have a good thing going right now. What’s the point of stirring the pot about Helen when Judd is doing such a good job of it. .leave well enough alone.


“MC: “He’s a f***** .. He’s so worried about having someone even close to after him”

Say that to Judd’s face b***hboy.

Redneck Vs PizzaBoy… Who wins? JU Double D


Oh please. Judd talks sh*t behind peoples back all the time.

No Name

He was so close to saying it though


Who wants to watch a slap fight with the participants squealing “not in the face!!!! not in the face!!!!

Both guys are giant, quivering p**sies….


Judd and McDuck head to head on RuPaul’s Drag Race




Agreed, but who would win that bitch fight? LMFAO


Jessie should throw the POV. Let Amanda win it herself if she wants to come off the block. She is already bullying Jessie to use it and Jessie has not even won it. Just imagine what a beast she would be if Jessie did win.


Agreed, Jessie should throw the POV. She really has no major stake in this POV, she should leave her options open


Ughhh they need to play the veto comp already! Lol can’t take much more


Look at everybody turning on each other already and the VETO comp hasn’t even started. This is why I wanted Amanda up because I knew it would send the house into a tizzy. This should be an enjoyable week depending on who comes up with the VETO.


I am literally praying that Candice wins this veto. I want them BOTH safe.


i don’t believe in any supernatural force that grants wishes, but it’s a slap in the face of people who do if you are ‘literally praying’ about this stuff.


Anyone else think that this America MVP thing is productions way of trying to get Aaryn out of the house? They have failed both times. I wonder if they will try for a third time next week. Hope not. This MVP thing sucks.


You want to take away America’s vote?

Aaryn's Ex

Aaryn’s the hottest girl in the house. BB Prod is not trying to get her out. They would however like to see her more in swimming suits. Girls love her fashion sense and personality.


Aaryn and elissa talking ???? Wow that’s interesting, I thought they didn’t like each other ???
Well I think if they work together no one will suspect it —- should form an alliance


They DO need to form an alliance! Get over themselves and play! I mean, it would be great for both of them. For now.

I am a little worried for Jessie now. She’s basically screwed either way in the Veto. She should try her hardest though and win it. Forget about the prizes. She needs to keep herself safe AND not use it and stand up to Amanda!


so Aaryn will put Gina up and not Elissa if Candace takes Howard off the block – interesting, probably will shock Elissa and Gina

Andy says that Amanda is threatening Jessie to use the veto Jessie is good with everyone on and off the block so it’s tough for her. Andy thinks this approach is not good for Amanda McCrea needs to tell her to dial it back.
MC: ‘Ya ya of course of course”
Andy: “Amanda was like if you don’t use it you’ll have a lot of people coming after you”
Andy points out a couple times how Amanda needs to stop threatening Aaryn and Jessie to use it

i hope Andy says this to amanda to stop harassing Aaryn and Jess

im so happy amanda was told by jess that jess will go for the money prize if there is one, and it appears Jess will not take down Amanda off the block if Jess wins veto – good to see Jess stand up to this demanding selfish b!tch


It’s like High School Musical
meets Breaking Bad with these lunatics!


don’t ya wish vampires were real and Rachel came back as one, with Russell Hantz? Andy, Judd and McDuck would RUN to that bathroom. Andy sez: OMG!!! Where’s Amanda?

Roisin Dubh

This is classic. Just last night the people that were saying that Howard Candice and Spencer were being poor sports are now the ones showing what a poor sport acts like. Amanda threatening Jessie, P -I double LL popping Judd going through withdrawls and lashing out at Helen and Howard behind their backs of course, and the keychain just sitting there acting like a stupid puppy. If Howard or Candice win POV, it’s on like Simon Lebon in that house. Dude looked her in the eyes and flat out told her he didn’t get MVP she just cried because she knows deep down he didn’t get the MVP and her paranoia just went up ten fold. This by far the best day for the feeds. Pressure always shows your true character.

Roisin Dubh

LOL you guys see her sitting at the table mumbling to herself? I guess we know where P-I double LL popping Judd’s stash went.LMAO.




my pov preditons spencer wins use it in candice go up so howard candice amanda on the block votes go like this

candice -gina ,so candice stays

howard -mcrea andy judd

amanda -jesse elissa helen

arayn tie breaker – and she send amanda home in say sorry to candice in howard how she treated them i hope we can dream right


I thought the coup d’etat was given to someone who wins a competition. They don’t just give it to someone, do they??


Coup d’etat 1st was s a prize in BB all stars, but in BB11, it was like a “twist”, given to a player by America.

If it was to be used again, the HGs would be told.


oh thanks, I forgot it was given in all starts – ok, but still I doubt they will do that this season, just bc this whole third nominee thing is such a different kind of twist, I think they will make a new power, no coup d’etat or diamond POV


America votes and decides who gets it, but keep in mind, the coup d’état (from what I remember) was given only once in BB history so wrf is everyone freaking out about? they haven’t used it the past two seasons, why would they bring it back all of a sudden – if anything they will give another kind of power out probably a little later in the season that has a different set of parameters and twists….it’s so funny how they fixate on something so irrelevant and seemingly nonsensical…but I guess being stuck in the house does that to you


So you think production has arule book for themselves


Put ANDY up


It’s a shame that Amanda isn’t getting exposed the way that Aaryn and others have. She’s one of the worst.

She insist that Howard and Candice are using the racism to their advantage and over-reacting. She consistently makes racially charged comments about Howard; calling him Black mamba and the dark knight as well as saying that his genitals would taste like watermelon and cocoa butter. She also said Helen’s genitals would taste like wonton soup and egg rolls and has reference Helen as a cat eater. She’s even been crude enough to say that Candice only wants to keep Howard around so she can have his “big black dick”.

No one is safe from Amanda’s brand of hate, she’s called Andy a f*g multiple times and said that Jessie’s throat should be slit so she could be sodomized without being able to scream. God only knows what she may have said that the feeds missed. She seems to think this is all ok because it’s said jokingly and has convinced most of the HGs that Aaryn wasn’t being offensive, she was being funny. If she really is being given this great edit because she’s friends with AG, AG needs to be fired for facilitating such despicable behavior.


I’m so glad you’ve said this. It’s so true. Amanda says awful things, and now Judd is doing the same thing. It’s all quite disgusting.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

very good post – i agree that amanda is just a horrible person in many different ways

when did Amanda say, “Jessie’s throat should be slit so she could be sodomized without being able to scream.”?

thats just f-cking wrong – if amanda really is friends with grodner i wonder how grodner feels about being associated with her and the public knowing this?

if she did say that she needs to have her mental health checked and how is she allowed to remain in the house spewing that kind of threat of violence?

if a comment like that was made in uk or australian bb they would likely be out the door instantly


@ “vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted” It is called freedom of speech. It means all the psychos, semi-psychos, pseudo-psychos, perverts and haters spew whatever their brand of venom is. They are usually “protected” by some kind of label for example “bipolar”. Usually they wear this label like a badge of honor. When they forget to take their medication or if meds are low in the system like the last hour before they have to pop the next pill, they can decide to “loose it” and practice their freedom of speech. In the event that they get in trouble for what they said, they will plead temporary insanity, take an anger management class and go back to business as usual, practicing their freedom of speech. Its a viscous circle. Yep! Maybe in those other countries you mentioned they just don’t have tens of labels for “mental illness” so people don’t have those cope outs.


for me, if there is a verbal threat of serious violence against another house guest it should not be tolerated, with the offending house guest thrown out

Roisin Dubh

The funny part about the whole thing is that if they’re were no live feeds in that house, Amanda, Aaryn and GM would be trying to ride his D*ck bigtime. I would bet a paycheck on it.


Well I knew Amanda was disgustingly vulgar (in fact most of them are) but I have to say I didn’t know about all that stuff. Indeed she must have friends in high places if none of that made the air. For me this us the worst group of people and the worst season of BB yet. You can be entertaining without personal attacks and vulgar words and behavior. If this is a new direction for future shows, I wont be watching anymore Very sad..


WOW! I’ve missed the majority of that. Didn’t realize Amanda said ANY of those things. I have heard her talk about others in the house, but it wasn’t any worse than what Aaryn had said. Considering these statements are true, I have just done a 180 on Amanda!

Thanks for informing us of this. I don’t subscribe to the feeds and just read the spoilers.



WOW! I’ve missed the majority of that. Didn’t realize Amanda said ANY of those things. I have heard her talk about others in the house, but it wasn’t any worse than what Aaryn had said. Considering these statements are true, I have just done a 180 on Amanda!

Thanks for informing us of this. I don’t subscribe to the feeds and just read the spoilers.



I think this is the first time this season that another person on the block has lobbied for others to win the POV and use it to take them off the block. Not only is Amanda asking others to win POV for her but then gives them threats not to get any luxuries or else. She should just try and win it for herself and think real hard that Mc took 5K and she was happy for him. Also whats going on with all these assumptions that everyone is making thinking about who is the MVP, that people have special powers, or that there will be luxury items in each contest. They are all nuts. The best line today though is we can use GM as a pawn, just tell her she can give a shout out to Nick if she goes on the block.


Did I miss something? When did Elissa and Aaryn start promising protection to one another? When did Judd turn into an Aaryn clone?

Look, I’ll take a boring season over watching a bunch of racists in this house. I understand people forget themselves in there, but I’ve never ever seen a season where so many people had so many awful things to say about people not pertaining to the actual game play.


if i was jesse i be like hey look amanda everybody come after me you cant win this game with out people coming after you cause everybody wants to win in yes im taken the money im safe this week so yes im taking money then i say dollors dollors dollors is my loyate at

Roisin Dubh

I agree but where you’re comment goes south is the assumption that these people have the balls to say things to each other’s face.


jess told amanda she is going for any cash prize if there is one in the veto

and likely wont take amanda off the block if she wins veto

so to her face jess just told her she wont be told what to do and gave amanda a big F-CK YOU


i tried to read your comment but something must have happened to your computer when you sent it; it’s just a bunch of random letters and numbers.

Sir Peanut

Let the paranoia continue. Since when is Aaryn a victim. No one forced you to talk about segregated fish and call Candice, Shaniqua. That’s right honey you did that stuff.


I think Aaryn and Elissa should team up. No one would suspect them and they could dominate. Anyone else else agree??


The only thing different about MCranda and Aaryn is that Aaryn has blonde hair.


Look at Amanda, all hopped up on Adderall. Watch it don’t help her at all…


Amanda is outspoken, a great manipulator and is funny in the DR; those are all the traits a great houseguest should have, yet for some reason, I just cannot, for the life of me, like Amanda.


I think it’s because what she does is not genuine. She plays herself, to the camera, one way. Then when she forgets it’s on, we see the real Amanda. She’s so darn pushy and self-absorbed. I mean, she actually believes that everyone is there to protect her and Crae. People think she has social game, but it’s obvious she doesn’t, ’cause you can’t go around threatening people when you’re on the block. Not sure I want her to go, but I sure hope she loses the POV comp.


This is so funny! As much as we want the Veto to begin already, it’s great watching them squirrrrrm. Though it’ kinda bad when you have to have America get involved and spice up the game like this. I mean we have made the biggest move in the house yet…where is our $13,000?! Lol


Amanda: “Who the f*** is MVP then.. Do you have anything to say”
Howard: “Good luck”
They hug and Amanda starts to cry.

Absolutely fricken PRICELESS!!! Way to go Howie. If you go, go out with dignity and class! How you like him now, Amanda?


Finally broke down and got the live feeds a little while ago.
This is my favorite BB site so I made sure to click on the BB Online Live Feed link above
Want Simon and Dawg to get credit – Hope I did it right -Thanks!


Didn’t know that. I’ll use the link here from here on out.


So whats up with Mcramdas upper lip, is that botox withdrawals ??? its driving me crazy !!! along with everything else she does.


So wait! Did Amanda call Judd a pussy and say that Jessie is playing with Howard? Or was it the other way around, Jessie’s a pussy and Judd is playing with Howard?


Would be awesome if there was a list of flashback times for all of Amanda’s racial and other disgusting comments. Then we could make a highlight video for youtube and spread it around since production is refusing to show her true nature.


someone is already posting them on youtube


Do you have a link? I have seen the one’s where Aaryn and Gina Marie showed their true colors. Would love to see the Amanda one so that I may pass it along to the powers that be, that can make or break a person’s career! See what it got Aaryn and Gina Marie!!!


thats good

and people should complain to cbs and force them to show amandas disgusting behaviour

racist and homophobic comments are one thing but far worse in my opinion is her apparantly saying that jessie should have her throat slit so she cant scream when she gets sodomized

if true (a poster here mentioned it) then thats a threat of major violence against another house guest and that kind of talk shouldnt be tolerated and amanda needs to be exposed for all these things she is saying on the cbs edit – if they dont do this it is a complete and utter joke

if not evicted this week, she needs to be kicked off the show…she has represented herself, big brother and cbs very poorly

Fed Up

Production needs to stop the feeds for 5min and come on and tell all the house guests to cut out the bigoted remarks they keep making about each other to other house guests. This is a final warning to everyone in the house that it will not be tolerated. I mean, every house guest has said something demeaning about someones gender, race, age, religion, etc and maybe even an astrology sign. lol . Just wait til Andy does something to piss off any of the other house guests. It will take them under 10 words to say something vulgar and demeaning about his sexuality. I would like to start watching the feeds but not with that type of gameplay. Not only does it reflect bad on cbs and their live feeds but these houseguests need to be reminded that there are people and blogs that see and hear everything. And that applies to the vile words being flung by everyone.

This season sucks

It is amazing to me how much the BB production is helping out the people that they want to see stay in the house. It saddens me that they are interfering so much and the MVP award and power needs to stop!


if amanda goes home i think cbs ratings will go up cause every body will have a mind to do what they want amanda is rude when she dont get her way i really dont care who wins the game i just dont want her to win if aryan wins over her i will say thank you in im black i do not think arayn is the way she is inside the house thats why i though about it money on the line you say or do any thing in the house you dont mean but amanda is fake in i think she mean everything she say thats why i will vote for her to go up every week untill she gone in i forgive arayn


Danielle Reyes?@daniellebb31h
“@EvelDick: @daniellebb3 yes and both Aaryn and Amanda are my daughters.”Papa was a rolling Stone

You tell em Danielle!!!


pov howard


I do not understand. If Candice or Jessie win the pov why don’t they put up Mccrea. Then evict Amanda cuz they won’t have the votes anymore. Tell me what I am missing or forgetting here. I’m new to this stuff so don’t treat me mean please.

Roisin Dubh

That’s because Amanda and her keychain put the fear of God into these people. If Aaryn was smart, she should be thinking that because that would dramatically improve her standing in the house. Whoever makes that move becomes the new ruler,but these jokers can’t think 5 minutes ahead after taking their various medications.


if the veto gets used on Howard or Spencer, then Aaryn would pick the replacement. she is HOH. If it’s used on Amanda, who is America’s choice, she would be replaced by the 2nd highest vote getter. No one knows who that is, Hope this hekps.


Pov winner can only remove a nominated player they cannot replace them. The hoh can only replace someone and Aaryn will not put McCrea up

Forget About It!

If the POV is used for either Howard’s or Spencer then the HOH decides who is the replacement. If the POV is used on the MVP(AManda) then the second highest voted person goes on the block.


Here’s what’s shakey and it’s not your theory on what to do. Can you count enough votes to evict Amanda.

1st you are correct putting up McCrae as a renom would be a good strategic decision if Amanda is the target. In this house only Helen could manuaver the pieces to make this happen. Helen says Amanda’s safe then she’s safe which is exactly what I believe will happen.

Who would vote out Amanda is the question if by some chance Helen gives the thumbs up? Well she’s done a great job of bad mouthing Judd and Jessie today. Helen, Ellisa and Candy plus those 2 and Amanda goes home. My belief is inspite the deal being between Helen and Arryn last week her real loyalty is to Amanda. Arryn will not send Amanda home in a 4-4 tie thus I think you need 5 votes to evict skunkface.

I think it’s 2 early to target Amanda if you Helen. Personally I’d send Amanda packing in a second if I was Helen. She regret this weeks decision down the road as Amanda will target her 1st and likely end Helens game in the end. Say what you will unless Amanda comes off the block this house is going to need double meds all around til Thursdays eviction show.

Skeptical at Best

I was thinking the exact same thing. Someone needs to convince Aaryn that if Amanda goes home she’s less likely to be the next Kaitlin. Let’s say Candice wins and takes Howard off. Now Howard can vote for Amanda. McCrae can’t vote against anybody. If Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn can put aside their differences (long shot, I know). Then Howard, Elissa, Helen, and Candice can vote for Amanda. Worst case scenario, it ends up as a tie with Aaryn as the deciding vote. Amanda goes home. However, this is probably all wishful thinking because these people can’t think about 5 minutes from now. Let alone anything down the road.


howard just like me in i would told her yeah i got it in i put you up in if you come down your boytoy going up then she say why me in i say im man not a boy deal with it


What Spencer did on camera was very literally sexually deviant and dangerous behaviour. Flashing someone is assault. That is pure evil. Production should have IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT HESITATION evicted him.


Because Aaryn would name the replacement if Howard was removed.

Zingbot Fan

I kind of agree with you but then I think I wouldn’t be upset if one of the girls wanted to flash. The picture Simon has in the post about of Spencer in the have not room looks like he could be charged with assulting himself. Choke that chicken Spencer.


Why can’t mccrae go up on the block if Candice wins pov. That would take another vote away from each of them.


While the MVP process has not worked well, I LIKE the concept of three nominees. I think a better method would be a seperate competition, (each week) in which the LAST place finisher would be that third nominee, OR the WINNER of the competiton got to pick the nominee. Someting like that. Also, since so many (past) players have talked about the excessive “down time” in the house, I am confident the players would like the extra competition. Anyway, just some thoughts. 😉


Will a houseguest please hide under one of the beds !

Zingbot Fan

That is a great shot of Spencer in the have not room playing with his junk Simon.

You have to love McCrae telling Jessie that she has to win the veto so she can take Amanda off the block. I love that Jessie faced him by saying you took the money in last weeks veto cometition. ZING!


I might get crap for this, but I honestly don’t think BB rigs it as much as people think. To some extent, yes, no doubt. But if every little thing doesn’t go someone’s way, then “they rigged it”. I mean come on. This is the 15th season of BB. I doubt they are worried about rigging it as much as people think. They know people are going to watch no matter what. Not to say they don’t do it at all, some of it is plain obvious that they help out to some extent. I just wish people would get over that fact. The people who constantly bitch about it being rigged all the time should actually do what they threaten and NOT WATCH ANYMORE and peace out.


People watch wrestling. It’s rigged, but it’s a better SHOW than if it wasn’t. BB is a 21st century morality tale. America vote is like thumbs up or down in the Roman coloseum. In the end, the Emperor decides. Best show on TV.


I can’t wait to see Amanda walk out of door.


If Amanda ends up staying on the block, they need to realize they need to split her and mcrae. Grow a pair and make a move, don’t just do what the house wants


When do we find out who won pov?


Thanks Simon, appreciate everything you and dawg do providing us updates


Would not mind if America has MVP next week since Aaryn cannot play for HOH.


I like Jessie’s booty, dunno about butterscotch tho


vanilla, chocolate ,tapioca?


crispy cream donuts


Jess good to see you let mcvag and aMANda know you will be making your own decisions re the veto

Jess you are awesome