BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers – MVP Nomination & VETO Player RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


11:55am – 12:35pm The Big Brother 15 live feeds switch to TRIVIA for Big Brother to reveal who America chose as the 3rd NOMINEE and for the house guests to pick VETO PLAYERS! When the live feeds return, we learn that America chose AMANDA as the 3rd MVP Nomination.

THE POWER OF VETO PLAYERS ARE: Candice, Spencer, Howard, Aaryn, Amanda, Jessie!


FASTEN your seatbelts BB FANS this week is going to be a bumpy ride!

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In the storage room – Andy and McCrae are talking about how they don’t understand how Amanda was chosen. McCrae tells her that she needs to win this. They discuss how Candice being chosen was the worst possible pick but that she won’t win anything any ways. McCrae says it doesn’t really matter we have the numbers. Judd comes in and says that he is so pissed off at Helen right now. Helen comes in right after and asks if Judd is mad at her. He says no I just have to go to the bathroom. Helen, Andy and McCrae are pumping Amanda up to win the veto. Amanda is worried about if Howard has the Coup d’etat. McCrae says that doesn’t matter just worry about winning this. Helen tells Amanda that in any situation, she’s going to stay.

McCrae and Helen are coaching Amanda on different strategies to win different competitions. Helen says you’re okay, the person that should be worried is Howard. Amanda says of course I would go up, I have been gunning for them for weeks! Helen says just don’t over think it! McCrae says just be calm. McCrae says that he knew it this morning from the line of questioning. Spencer joins them. McCrae tells him that he needs to win it. Spencer ask why would I need to win it or go home. McCrae says because if Candice wins it Howard and her are safe.

CBS Interactive Inc.

While we wait for the Veto Competition results today. Fire up your Big Brother live feeds and use the FLASHBACK feature to check out the BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des
12:50pm – 12:55pm Up in the HOH room – Judd is pissed at Helen because he thinks she wants to flip and keep Howard. Andy tells him that there is no way Helen is flipping. Andy tells Judd to cool it. Jessie and Andy ask why Judd got all mad in the veto ceremony. Judd says Howard is creeping up on me trying to listen to conversations. Judd says I am not a pu$$y like him. I will confront him. Amanda comes up to join them. They ask Judd why he was in such a bad mood in the meeting. Judd says that he is just tired of Helen’s cheery a$$ comments like “Let’s go guys!” Shut the F*CK UP! Amanda asks Jessie if she wins the veto will you use it on me. Jessie says yeah. Amanda asks what if its a reward competition like how bad do you want it will you take any prizes? Jessie says well I don’t know maybe. Amanda says well that’s not a good answer! Jessie asks how much do you think the veto is worth? $10,000? She says if there was $10,000 I would take it because even if you make it to jury you only make $13,000. Aaryn tells Amanda that if she comes off McCrae might go up. Judd keeps going off about wanting to confront Howard. Andy and Gina both tell Judd to cool it! Aaryn comments that Helen said she was feeling bad for Howard. Amanda says Helen would vote to keep me for sure. Amanda counts out the votes and says I have 7 votes for sure I only need 5. She says unless Howard has the Coup d’etat! Judd starts impersonating Howard how he never looks anyone in the eyes and just listens. Fu*k you, you little b*tch!

CBS Interactive Inc.

1pm In the havenot room – Howard and Candice patiently wait for the veto competition to start! Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Aayrn, Amanda, Judd, Jessie, Andy and McCrae are talking. They speculate on who will go up if the worst case of Candice winning the veto. They wonder if it might be Elissa. Aaryn says she agrees. McCrae says that he will go up I don’t fu*king care! Judd thinks Helen should go up as a pawn if Candice saves Howard. Andy tells Judd that he needs to stop it with Helen! She is on our side!! Candice coms up to join them. Amanda asks to talk to Aaryn and Jessie outside the HOH room. Amanda thinks it will be a drop out competition where the person closest to a time wins. Amanda says that Aaryn is going to drop out first after 25 – 30 minutes and as soon as one of them (Howard, Candice) drop out I will drop out right after and then you drop our right after that. Jessie asks what about Spencer. Amanda says don’t worry about him just leave him in the mix. They agree. Amanda then pulls McCrae out and tells him the plan. Amanda says that she doesn’t care if Spencer wins it. Andy comes out and tells them to talk to Judd he needs to stop freaking out about Helen. Judd comes out and McCrae tells him to cool it and calm down about Helen. Judd says she isn’t on our side!! McCrae says yes she is.


1:15pm In the storage room – Andy, Jessie, McCare talk to Helen about keeping her distance from Judd. He is on slop and in a bad mood. We are all still together just give him a couple days. Helen says okay. Amanda joins them. Helen tells her that it doesn’t matter you are staying no matter what. We are going to be repaying you for keeping us all safe. Judd leaves. Andy jokes watch we get out there and its a weight lifting competition. Helen brings up the theory of Howard being the brother of Danielle from bb3 & bb7. She says they have the exact same face. Helen says that would explain why he got MVP because she has a huge fan base next to Elissa. Meanwhile in the bathroom – McCrae tells Judd that he told Helen to stay away from him to let him cool down. McCrae reassures Judd that Helen is with us. Elissa joins them and asks if Howard is really related to Danielle? Elissa says that Howard has told her 3 different names for his sisters and he said he has 2 sisters. She thinks he is related to her. McCrae says he wants to wait until after the veto and them bring up how Danielle is the worst Big Brother player ever just to see how he reacts.


1:25pm In the storage room – Jessie has a talk with Judd to try and get him to relax! She tells him he needs to stop being aggressive with Helen. Judd asks who says I am being aggressive! I AM NOT BEING AGGRESSIVE WITH HER! Jessie tells him to calm down this isn’t like him.



1:30pm Judd and Jessie head into the lounge where Andy and Amanda are talking. The continue to talk about if Howard has the Coup d’etat or not. Amanda says that she is going to act super close with Elissa in the hopes the if Howard does have the Coup d’etat he will put her up. Judd says that he doesn’t think Howard has it, I looked under his mattress. Judd thinks its obvious Howard has the MVP. Andy suggest that Judd go ask Howard if he has it.


1:35pm – 1:45pm In the back bedroom. Judd tells Howard I am pissed at you, you didn’t tell me you were the MVP. Howard says I am not the MVP. If it was America they don’t understand why Amanda would be nominated. Judd says I don’t think its a bad thing if you got it. Judd says I wouldn’t tell anyone, just 2 or 3 people if you did have it. Judd says maybe America did get it. Candice joins them. Judd comments that he felt out of the loop because he though Howard got it but didn’t tell him. Candice says she doesn’t understand why everyone thinks it just has to be the arch enemy that has to get it. Judd says that he is ready to knock people out of the bus and shred them. If I get HOH I am going to have to rethink who I put up.


1:45pm – 1:55pm Judd talks to Spencer about how he talked to Howard trying to see if he got the MVP. Judd tells Spencer that he wished he had gotten drawn to play. I wanted to play so bad. Judd tells Spencer that if he did get to play and he won it he would have used it on Spencer. Judd tells Spencer that he would want Candice to go up in Spencer’s place and for Candice to go home over either of them. Spencer says ya dude. Judd says that he fears Candice is getting in the way of Howards game. Spencer agrees. Judd heads to the kitchen where Aaryn asks Helen if she is excited to host the veto comp. Helen says she is so excited.


2pm In the back bedroom – Candice tells Howard we have to win this. Candice mentions that Amanda cornered Jessie and pressured her to use the veto on her if she won it. Spencer joins them. Spencer thinks they are pressuring Jessie not use it because they think Judd could go up in Amanda’s place. Spencer says Amanda doubled up on her Adderall medication so that her brain will be.. Candice asks really?! Andy joins them and tries on Candice’s jean vest. Candice says that she is kind of mad that it fits him. Candice says that she would do anything to win except shave her head. Spencer is stretching and trying to limber up. Spencer tells Howard that McCrae told him that if Howard wins the veto he (Spencer) is going home. Howard is shocked and says wow!


2:10pm – 2:35pm UP in the HOH room – Aaryn and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells Aaryn that Jessie is an idiot because she might choose luxuries if it’s that type of competition. Aaryn talks to Amanda about why Judd was mad at Helen. Aaryn says that Helen told me I needed to win it to take you off though. Jessie joins them. Jessie says what if I use the veto and Judd goes up in your place. Amanda says Judd isn’t a target. Jessie says but won’t I have bigger targets on me if I use it because someone else has to go up. Amanda says if you don’t use it than people will think you are aligned with Judd and come after you for it later. Amanda says no matter what I am a bigger target. I would hope that your loyalty is to me. Aaryn thinks if Amanda comes down she doesn’t know who would go up because Gina went up last time. McCrae joins them and says I would put $5000 down on Howard being the MVP. Judd joins them. Aaryn brings up how Candice has been making comments about me being racist that could ruin my career when its not true. I have never called her fat or said anything mean about her. Amanda gets called to the diary room. The conversation turns to talking about the MVP / Coup d’etat. Elissa yells Brenchel Army get it together! They hate me! Elissa says I think America love you too Gina. Gina says Awe thank you.


2:35pm – 2:50pm McCrae tells them that he told Spencer that if Howard wins the veto he will be going home. I hope he goes and tells Howard that too. Judd brings up how Spencer is using religion. Elissa says that Spencer asked if she would pray with him. She thought EWW no you’re gross!!! Elissa says that she made up stuff about the bible and asked Spencer about it and he said oh yeah I love that part. Aaryn brings up how Spencer said he likes watching Jessie bounce around that how and how he said he thinks Jessie’s pu$$y smells like butterscotch.


2:50pm – 2:55pm In the havenot room – Amanda is talking to Howard. Howard says that he think he is just a big athletic guy and that’s why he is up on the block. Amanda asks him if he is the MVP? Howard says no I am not. Amanda asks well why then would you be called into the diary room an abnormal amount of times. Howard says that he isn’t and has never been MVP. Amanda brings up the other rumor that the others think he is related to someone else who’s played Big Brother. Howard says that no one else he knows watches BB, and there haven’t been that many black players. Amanda tells Howard how she heard he said he had bigger fish to fry which makes me think you were coming after me. Amanda tells Howard that the others think he isn’t a straight shooter because you talk in circles. Howard says maybe just because we are in a game, people think I am not shooting straight when really I am.


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The Black Fish

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


You might be smiling, but Demanda isn’t. That girl has been pacing for a while now. I am so glad, she deserves this sooooo much. What would make it better if if Candice wins veto, take Howard off, Howard, Candice approach Aaryn with an EPIC deal, Aaryn takes it, puts up McCrae, hopefully Helen/Elissa come to their senses, send home Amanda and I laugh all the way til the finale. That won’t happen but watching Amanda freak out is worth the watch.

look on amandas face as 3rd nom - PRICELESS!

i have never seen a more arrogant, entitled, disrespectful, bitchy, mean spirited house guest in any big brother season in any countries big brother

if she is still on the block after veto there are many there that should have a serious think about pulling the trigger on amanda

just breaking up her and mccrae would be huge to prevent one getting to jury so they couldnt vote for the other in final 2


Why is everyone so into Howard?
He is no different than Amanda, he just does his dirty in a self-righteous way.
He is laying in bed now talking about how he does not like “the foolery, speculating, tricking people, lying…I
wish I was in here with all grown people”. Yeah, like he has not been doing that SINCE DAY ONE, AND like isn’t
that how BB works anyway.
Give me a fucking break Howard, you are on the same level, your bible
does not make you holier than thou. If I wanted to watch a feel good show I would
switch to ION or something….*UGH*.

Other than everyones wish for drama, I just don’t get it.


I really don’t get all the love for Howard either. He’s boring as hell and he gives off this holier-than-thou vibe that is extremely off-putting. I don’t enjoy watching him at all.


he gotta go…he is liar..

Amanda is going nowhere


Maybe because he is respectful and does not go around calling people C U Next Tuesday, or Biootch and never raises his voice in a disrespectful manner. When all that racial stuff went down he did not lose his cool, he manage to calm down a situation between Candice and GM that could have turned left real quick. Thats just a few reason then u look at Amanda that has been a Jeremy just in a girls body


You’re so right!! IMO, I believe the people who choose to not like Howard are not upset about his swearing on the Bible but more about the fact that they don’t believe in religion period. Many non believers always find excuses to blame people who have a higher faith then mankind to validate the troubles in our society. Howard is no different from any person who believes that what they do in life is their right, but in Howards case he’s looking to answer’s from something that’s more powerful then he is. God is the Answer, all you need to do is believe.


Amand is going as she calls it Bat SH!T Crazy she looks nuts


Part of being in the big brother house is lying. At least Howard is mature about it and he acts like a grown man. Yes
he does lie, but he still lives behind his morals and isn’t being foolish and starting fights with others (unlike many
of the other house guest) and that’s why so many people are into him.


What is wrong with Judd? He’s been freaking out lately and making it hard for people to even root for him. CRAZY!


I think he is low on his lorazepam medication, which could produce his change in demeanor. I hope he get production to get his meds as I like the old Judd. He seems angry and irritable with everyone and everything.


Oh that’s what it is, I thought Juddsica was taking over for a couple of hours. Incoherent guy WINS BB! Please don’t let that happen America!

hunter thompson's Gonzo

in plain anglo-saxon root word english
poor judd has lost it and is about to go
into a withering control battle with helen.
this is as howard and candice have high
odds of winning PoV and if they don’t we
might see aaryn win it and keep things as
they are. this leaves spencer in a very tight
spot as amanda tries to get her french ar$e
out of the hot seat quicker than i can say the
word “derriere’ as i sit back happily to watch
the fireworks! simon KNEW this was coming!!!


Judd’s on his period.


His period, lol, more like Judd going thru withdrawls, i want to root for the under dogs (Howie/Candice/Spencer/Elissa, maybe Helen), but they need to win something to get some respect or votes their way. PRAYING AMANDA GETS EVICTED


What is wrong with the 11.53% of people on this site votjng Judd as favorite player? Klansters?


i don`t like Judd at all. Last week he was scared to put up Howard and Spencer, and he is getting closer to the guys than girls. He gotta go soon


If you can understand Judd, then you know he’s low on lorazepam.


whats wrong with him? you mean other than being a gigantic douche bag?


I can see Amanda thinking, in her own inimitable paranoid way, that someone in the house (i.e., Howard, Candice or Elissa) is responsible for her being the 3rd person on the block. Ms. “I’m in control of this house and the entire game” Zuckerman would never accept the possibility that it’s America that wants her evicted. Actually, America actually got the MVP nomination totally right this week. Unless something drastic happens between now and Thursday, and Howard is either taken off the block or manages to persuade some people to vote for Amanda, she does have the votes to keep her safe and will probably emerge on Thursday unscathed and still in the house. Of course, Big Brother could always see to it that she wins the POV, particularly since rumors have been circulating that the fix is in concerning Amanda. Her NOT getting evicted this week will only serve to make her more paranoid (if that’s possible), more obnoxious and more gung ho about targeting “the person” she thinks was responsible for putting her on the block. Sadly, Elissa is the “go to” target since she’s now considered expendable, even by her so-called allies.


I wish one of the house guests would hide underneath a bed ( HOH bed would be best , maybe Aaryn ) and listen to what the other houseguests are sayin about flippin and evictions …


If Candice or Howard win the veto Aaryn should put up McCrae !


Special thanks to the cat people … When does the truce end, Wednesday at midnight?

CPA (Cat People of America) spokesperson

Wednesday night 11:59 pm


Cat people? Who are the cat people?


Bye Howard or Amanda!!!!!!!!


Production is going to make sure Howard, Amanda and Elissa don’t leave this week. They’re the production favorites this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer, GM or Candice left this week (Depending on who wins the POV) Either way I don’t care ’cause I don’t really like the 3 of them.


I hope Candice wins POV and takes down Howard. time for the Amanda crying storm to begin.

Big Sister

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Alright, Howard and Candice, handle your business!! What the hell is up lately with Judd, whose new nickname should be either Crud or Honey Boo Boo’s long lost brother?

Big Sister

Just teread this post… What is up with Helen? Saying Howard is related to Danielle Reyes is like saying Helen is related to Julie Chen. I thought she was more intellligent than this.


Glad that people are finally seeing the real Judd

look on amandas face as 3rd nom - PRICELESS!

yes f-ckin epic and awesome america and fans from other countries who voted too

now this is when things get interesting

we now have to hope amanda stays on the block after veto

then if they want to they can full force kick amanda out the door

time to knock this arrogant b!tch down a peg or two

i want to see her adderal fuelled rage “who did this to me? who is mvp? i demand to know now!” etc

serenity now – insanity later


If Candice wins it and use it on Howard big mistakes cause she might go up. If she is smart and playing to win she wont use it.


You must be new to the game. Pov winner cannot be nominated. Newbie


hopefully she does not win the veto……and the house guests have some balls to get rid of her……… and another bully has left the house…..


When I saw it was Amanda as America’s choice to go, I did a happy dance lol. Best case scenario, she stays on the block till Thursday and meets Julie. If she survives, I hope we keep getting to pick nominee and she keeps going up until the house guests wise up. It is nice for her to feel the pressure of being on the block. She wanted Howard on there and now she is with him


LOL – yep she can be with Howard…… 🙂 hopefully Howard gets it and Aaryn puts up GM or Jessie – they are not threats…..they will eventually go – but not this week……….let’s get the strongest player out now…..hello if you keep her in she is going to win….

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

she promised judd and jess she wouldnt put them up

if howard or spencer wins veto either candace or elissa go up

if candace wins veto and takes down howard then elissa goes up


aaryn now saying not elissa but gina will go up if candace takes howard off


Aaryn and Elissa made a deal . Elissa will not put up Aryn should Elissa wins HOH in exchange for Aaryn not putting up Elissa during this HOH.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

Amanda asks Jessie if she wins the veto will you use it on me. Jessie says yeah. Amanda asks what if its a reward competition like how bad do you want it will you take any prizes? Jessie says well I don’t know maybe. Amanda says well that’s not a good answer! Jessie asks how much do you think the veto is worth? $10,000? She says if there was $10,000 I would take it because even if you make it to jury you only make $13,000.

hey amanda SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP – stop trying to bully people

you entitled trashy tramp

you apparantly have a 200k a year lifestyle

jess owes her mother 3k and she will rightly take the money prize if she can win that just as mccrae did last week – and jess is not going to risk judd going on the block if amanda is taken down – if you have the numbers amanda why is there a need to take you off the block?

lets vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until she is evicted – hopefully it will be this week

Forget About It!

Yippee! Let The Games Begin!


YES! Amanda is on the block, I love it! I hope she stays on the block, her rants until Thursday will be epic! (and very intertaining) I hope the HG’s grow a set and vote Damanda out!


Hahahaha oh this is going to be a interesting couple of days! cant wait to hear who won the veto challenge


Yay! My ten votes mattered! 🙂


YES! Production knew that if they nominated Elissa, she would go home! Thank you 🙂


actually, if Amanda wins POV and takes herself off, I have a feeling elissa will go up as the person who came in second for americans nomination choice. it seems like most people voted for Amanda with elissa next……that’s exactly what happened last week causing GM to go up


If in fact Amanda does have an “in” with Big Brother production, I don’t see them having her leave this week. It would be too big a power play too early in the season. I think either Howard or she will “somehow” win POV and take themself off the block, whereupon Elissa will go up as a replacement. I think Spencer will be safe for yet another week as he will wheel and deal himself into another alliance. It won’t matter if Amanda is still up on the block as they houseguests will choose to keep her over Elissa.

She Said What

If Amanda wins POV, America’s 2nd choice goes up – so, Elissa could still be on the block – so could GM.


Hopefully we finally get to see some crazy shit now


Hopefully Howard will win the veto competition!


I like Candice winning, taking Howard off and then seeing who goes up.


Candice goes to DR and finds a coup d’etat


now that would be sweet – she can put up pizza boy and judd or pizza boy and andy……since they are all in cahoots with each other….


Amanda is freaking OUT !!! She is praying that JUDD and JESSIE don’t screw her if she doesn’t win the VETO!! Now she knows how it feels to be TARGETED!!! I love IT!!!


I hear digging noises….Is that you Amanda? Keep going girl – so sick of you – the house at least will be nicer now that all the slurping noises are gone


Oh and to mention she is the biggest racist on that show. Like all houseguests – even though Aaryn sucks – she did her dirty work for Amanda by having what she said broadcasted


I cant agree with you more .. I have said this since week two .. Almighty Amanda did just as much slandering, making racial slurs as Aaren did only difference is that at one time or another she would say kidding… but yesterday complaining about Candice NAPPY HAIR being on her head band there was no kidding word spoken afterwards… that was totally nasty thing to say … Now lets see that broadcast on Sundays show … if not well you cant call one a racist and not the other ..

look on amandas face as 3rd nom - PRICELESS!

thats it amanda beg and pray, maybe you could ask howard, he has a bible

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

Amanda tells Aaryn that Jessie is an idiot because she might choose luxuries if it’s that type of competition. Aaryn talks to Amanda about why Judd was mad at Helen. Aaryn says that Helen told me I needed to win it to take you off though. Jessie joins them. Jessie says what if I use the veto and Judd goes up in your place. Amanda says Judd isn’t a target. Jessie says but won’t I have bigger targets on me if I use it because someone else has to go up. Amanda says if you don’t use it than people will think you are aligned with Judd and come after you for it later. Amanda says no matter what I am a bigger target. I would hope that your loyalty is to me.

I cannot believe how arrogant this selfish evil witch Amanda is

why the f-ck would Jess not take 10k? and why would jess take amanda off the block meaning her best friend judd could well go up in her place?

thats it double up your adderal medication amanda – go on a drug fuelled meltdown because jessie is using her brains to benefit her game, not yours

again amanda you keep saying you have the numbers…you have been counting 7 votes for you…so if thats the case theres no reason to take you off the block right?

i really hope judd defends jess here, and others too, as its way too heavy pressure to be putting on someone in your own alliance – judd needs to tell amanda to cool it and win the veto herself and stop relying on others to win comps for her all the time

amanda has been a real b!tch to jess the entire game, so why would jess sacrifice for her when it appears its not even needed, since she keeps saying she has the numbers?

jess will tell judd that amanda is trying to force jess into showing more loyalty to her than him and in doing so risk both the games of judd and jess – this may make him think maybe to get amanda out now

judd, jess, helen, elissa, candace, gina could all decide to vote amanda out


Amanda is a selfish A$$. Why cant Jessie take the money if its that kind of POV why must she take her off (lol I would def take the money and throw it) she was not upset when Pizza Boy took the 5,000 (she told everyone he needed it Well Jesse might need it to I hope people now open their eyes to her and they all throw it lmao and let Howard, Candice or Spencer win and leave that BIOOOTCH on the Block


judd asked amanda and mccrae several times and they didnt want to include jessie in their allience. stupid mistake. now they are the only couple in that allience and demand jessie should safe their ass if she wins veto.


Oh, happy day!! Now Candice needs to win that veto and this day will be perfect!


Amanda’s face = priceless

Big Sister

Will any of these stupid people be big enough to apologize to Howard on finale night for their totally off the wall and unfounded comments about him being 1) a Beast (their word) in competitions (Have you seen him actually even come close to winning one of them!), 2) using his religion (Has he ever tried to indoctrinate or preach to any of them?), 3) being the MVP (This is based on how many times he has been called to the DR–please!), 4) being Danielle Reyes relative (Why? because they are both Black–that makes no sense), and 5) the dumbest one of all–using the race card (He has used more restraint in the face of deliberate racial bias than anyone I know.)? If I were Howard, I would not have come close to exhibiting the patience and restraint he has shown in the face of such ignorance. These people have gone above and beyond rational thinking in their nasty attitudes toward him. I know $500,000 is at stake, but he has not done anything to deserve this much hatred, suspicion and negativity. All while CBS silently sits, watches, and lets it happen and continue. Disgusting…

Say What

Well don’t hold your breath. You first have to realize that there was a mistake made. Amanda and Helen has all of them believing that there was never ever any racial slights and it was all made up by Candice/Howard.


I agree with you 200%. I acquired so much respect for Howard when he walked in the bed room and aaryn was snapping her fingers and saying….Whatcha gonna do girl (to Candace). Howard looooooked at aaryn for a few seconds (I can just imagine what was going through his mind….if I were him, I dont think I could’ve contained myself, but he did). It must have been his christian resolve that allowed him to throw Candace over his shoulder and walk away from that without confrontation.


Grenade yo….BOOM!



eli rules

Let the drama begin!!!


YESSSSS! Get that annoying woMAN out of there!!!

Stella Crosby

Oh happy day! Bossy is on the block!


Now we just have to see what the results are from the Veto Competition.

Pixie & Lucy's mom

Best case scenario: Howard wins veto, Elissa gets backdoored! Of course, watching the drama unfold between Amanda and Elissa will be priceless as well. Now wouldn’t THAT give the house a little shaking up?!


Howard won’t win. Elissa will not get Backdoored!!!!!!! That would be dumbest move. I’m sorry but Amanda has to go.


Captain wedgie,

Not all of us agree with you! I would like nothing more than to see Elisa gone for good- she’s too babyfied and attention needy. Besides, Amanda makes for great tv!!!!!!!


Elissa is not going anywhere. As long as Amanda is gone, we have the votes to evict Amanda.


Howard or Candice will win..this is BB…(WATCH MUCH)??


best cast scenario is, Candice winning it. Candice takes Howard off the block and she can’t be backdoored. that will leave Amanda on the block with Spencer. Aaryn most likely replacement is Elissa and the house can shift in voting off Amanda.


Not going to happen? Elissa won’t be Backdoored.

I state the truth, thumb me down

Get Elissa’s pussy hair out of your mouth. She is not going anywhere anytime soon. The target is Amanda. Get over it hater.


I hope this makes Amanda dial back how hard she’s playing the game. I would prefer for her to stay for at least a few more weeks since she’s not completely useless when it comes to game (like several others in the house).


No, get her out now and let see who will take power. No one (maybe Helen) can think for themselves so what will they do.


I don’t get why you people want Amanda out. She and Helen are two very strong players. Even though she may be annoying keep her around because if Amanda is evicted the Big Brother 15 house will be full of floaters


Amanda is the biggest floater of them all. Has she done anything other than manipulate everyone in the house and try and control everybody else’s HOH? If she wants one then she needs to win one.


I seriously you don’t understand this game. Why don’t people get that they DON’T NEED TO WIN HOH to try and get what they want? Winning HOH and competitions is just an added bonus to what’s really important–playing a good social game and using persuasion and manipulation properly to advance yourself in the game. This is a competition for money and keeping yourself in the house. Chances are some of the contestants may never win an HOH ever. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t use other ways to win the game. And what you and many commenters here that seem to constantly complain about her taking over people’s HOHs don’t seem to realize is that NONE OF THEM are obligated to listen to her or vote for her or nominate who she wants. They all went against Jeremy because he was a bully but not her. If they are all stupid enough to not realize what she has been doing, then I don’t see anything wrong with trying to manipulate them. And this goes for any of the contestants if they choose to. She is far from a floater. She is actively playing the game. Sure she needs to work on her strategies now because she’s become too aggressive, but she is far from sitting around floating. Someone sitting around floating would be Jessie or GM. They rarely talk game and they do nothing half the time. Amanda is constantly at work just like Andy is also at work trying to keep up and talk game and participate. Winning competitions ALL THE TIME really doesn’t mean shit, IMO


Amanda is a very socially manipulative person and is good at this game.

the Truth

America has been my favorite player this season…these people in the house are morons! At least America has the balls to make a big move.


Thank god amanda is up. I just hope the house see’s how manipulative she is and how much she influences people’s decisions for them. The house needs to realize she is just like nick and get her the F out. This is their only time to make a big move, and have power. Hala-lujah!


flashback to nips slips times/dates/cams


YES. Now Howard just has to win POV!

She Said What

That all depends on who you want/think Aaryn will put up in his place – my guess would be Candice.


aaryn doesn’t get to pick. I believe it’s the next person that the MVP has chosen

She Said What

Nope, if Howard or Spencer win POV, HOH makes the replacement – if Amanda wins, then America’s 2nd choice goes up – assuming they are all smart enough to remove themselves,,,

hunter thompson's Gonzo

Simon is walkin’ on air!!!!! it finally HAPPENED!!!!!!!
last week lil GM done spoilt all the fun by arriving!
if Candice wins, Spencer is vulnerable. the BB
HGs may divide into three. Helen looses control!
call this the Nick + Jeremy curse! Amanda is about
to have several weeks like this, especially if Aaryn
finally takes her bedsheets with the cut~out eyes
with her out the door! now we shall see gameplay!


Perfect, people show their character under pressure and when things go against them .. Lets see what Amanda’s character is like.


Her character is all over the live feeds, it’s terrible.

If it wasn’t for the twist, she would just be the whore who slept with the 1st man to win HOH.

If Howard/Judd/Jeremy/David/Nick/ dare I say Spencer would’ve won, guess who she’d be riding?

Zingbot Fan

I posted this on another thread but it case you missed it I think BB fans will enjoy this.

If you get a chance watch Jeff’s evicted house guest interview from CBS with Kaitlyn. I must say that after watching this interview a like her a lot more than I did when she was in the BB house. Does anybody know where I would send my $5 donation so Jeff could double his set design budget? I swear the lamp shade is the same one I put out for the garbage man ten years ago.


Holy shin splits America did it. We freakin did it. I just wish she didn’t think it was Howard but US! WE DONT LIKE YOU! Now Candice win that veto!


YEs, I agree Candice MUST MUST MUST win the VETO!!!!! PLEASE CANDICE WIN IT!!!!


Best case scenario – Candice wins Veto and takes Howard down. Then they vote to get rid of Amanda. If Amanda stays on the block and these HGs do not vote to evict they ALL deserve to lose the $500K because it is not often you are given this sort of gift.


Now if some of those others can wiseup,grow a set,and realize this is their chance to get bully out.then they can have their boy bed and robe when they win.oh and can nominate who they want instead of the dictator tell them who. Amanda has to go!!!!


The look on Amanda’s face… PRICELESS

I wouldn’t celebrate just yet though, remember last week, when Elissa got put up, she won POV, but I this is “Amanda” we’re talking about, she’s been pretty bad in comps.

Howard or Candice better play their asses off. Best case scenario Candice wins, and takes Howard off making both of them safe, otherwise she could go up in her place and out.

HGs are too p***y to make an actual Big Move in taking Amanda out.

hunter thompson's Gonzo

curiously enuff — had amanda, mcCrae, spencer, howard and candice solidified
into a solid voting block… they all could have floated beyond Helen’s urbane control

BB15 letdown

JUDD is being an a-hole on the feeds right now. All tough and big when he is hiding in the HoH room. They are all so stupid. The only one who figured it out last week was Andy!


I voted for Amanda ten times!!! I hope Candice wins and takes Howard off then they have to put someone up on their side!! Finally a mix up in the house!


I cant believe these spineless creatures are actually trying to protect amanda smdh


Thank You! I Really Wanted To See Amanda Sweat For A Few Days!


CANDICE PLEASE WIN VETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really want to hear from the people who claimed Judd was playing a good, cool, reserved game. Do they now realize he was too busy listening to the voices in his head and now he’s decided to share them with the house? God, please confront Howard. Go off on him. Become completely unhinged. Let Helen, Candice, and Elissa have it. Come on, Judd, let the voices go free.


That would be epic!!! And it seems entirely possible the way JUDD is storming around. It might even help Howard but if not it would still be fun to watch.


If Candice wins POV, removes Howard, the house is going to FINALLY flip, leaving McCrae as the only vote for Amanda, and she’s gone.

I hope Candice does win, that house is in NEED for some “week 2” type drama… Real Talk.

hunter thompson's Gonzo

JUDD+HIZmedz thinx hez HoH and that
he can zap Helen’s gameplay + control.

hunter thompson's Gonzo

Helen & Napoleonic gameplan = her being the “new” nick!!!!
Judd is now feeling his two big HG onions and is about to go
into kamikazi mode way too soon, if his goal is a jury check!


Man please let Candace win the veto and take Howard off. The chances of Amanda going home increase exponentially if that happens. Even if Howard wins and Candace goes up in his place I think the house might turn on Amanda and take the opportunity to boot her (if any of them have a brain). She’s running the house and if she makes it to the end she will win because she has controlled so much.


I think this means that just as Elissa won the MVP multiple weeks in a row even if Amanda survives this week she will be the MVP nominee going forward if America keeps getting to vote


If they backdoor Elissa, they should have a surprise guest come into the house a.k.a Rachel Reilly as soon as she walks in say “floaters grab a life jacket” and initially get into the houseguest heads and letting them know they are a bunch of wimps that can’t make the big moves without Amanda’s consent. They should know it’s America that is the MVP vote, because that’ll mess with their heads an potentially make them realize that America is tired of them not making any big moves. Obviously America knows how to play this game.


I don’t really want Amanda to be evicted…but the drama caused by placing her on the block should be crazy! 😀


Why is Judd unraveling, and so quickly? He’s mad at a guy because he goes into thinking mode while he’s listening to people? Or, because a guy maintains a non-confrontational posture in front of people? Like I said, I understand why some of the HG’s can’t get a handle on Howard. He’s not like them.


Yes the house guests hate Howard because he is not like them. They don’t know what to make of him. Howard understands that he is in a house with only a few people who all need to eliminate each other to get to half a mil in a few weeks so he uses his ears way more than his mouth. The rest of the house does exactly the opposite so they don’t dig him! When someone does not talk much, you can’t read him easily. When they listen a lot, they can read you easily (especially if you talk as much as this lot does). I can understand their hatred for Howard. He just needs to be a few steps ahead of them…


This was bound to happen. We at least recognize that Amanda and Helen are the biggest players in this game.

Mike B

Damn Judd calm down don’t pull a Willie now lmao

hunter thompson's Gonzo

heck… in real life… they may be distant cousins!


I finally have a favorite player, AMERICA.. F**K YEAH


With America being the MVP, who they picked this week, should let the rest of the players know who has been pulling the strings all along.The trick will be to see who wants to break away from their puppet master… if Amanda stays she will pick them off one by one.


What’s with all the Amanda haters, give it a rest, she’s a good player.