McCrae says the twist is you’re a boy! Amanda says you know I’m not! Judd says yeah you poked her oyster!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

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12:30am In the bedroom – Andy, Elissa, Judd are laughing about Nick. Andy says he can just imagine Nick’s cocky a$$ diary room sessions. Judd laughs and says fifteenth place! They say that he didn’t see it coming. Jessie joins them. Jessie comment that Howard and Candice are going to stay up talking. Elissa says Jessie tell them you will help them pack. Jessie says yeah I am sure that will go over well. Helen joins them and gets into bed. Judd heads up to the HOH room. He finds Aaryn up in the HOH packing. He jokingly says aww.. I can’t watch you do this, I don’t want you to go. Aaryn says I am not going anywhere. Ginamarie and Andy join them. Aaryn says that she has a scary feeling. Gina asks what? Aaryn says that Elissa doesn’t want Candice to go and if Candice wins HOH she is going to want me out because I want Candice out because Elissa wants Candice to make it to jury because she knows Candice would be a jury vote for her. Andy says I still don’t think so, I really don’t. I think that Elissa realizes that if she did that it would piss off everybody. Aaryn says Elissa never realizes what she does pisses off people. Andy says yes she does. Helen can rope her in. Aaryn says I am just scared that Candice, Elissa is going to want to get me out. Andy says no. I promise you she won’t when she says she won’t put you up. Aaryn says but she would get someone else to put me up. Andy says the only possible person that would put you up would be Candice and whoever she put you up against, they would go home. Aaryn says no she would put me up against someone that will definitely not go home. Andy says no, she would put you up against Spencer. Aaryn says yeah I hope so. Andy says if its endurance, do you think Candice would outlast Gina. Hell no. Gina says thank you. Judd tells Aaryn she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Judd’s new theory is that the same person can’t get MVP back to back. Aaryn continues to be worried about going home next week. They all keep reassuring her she is fine. Gina starts going off about how she got back doored by the MVP and no one will stand up and say they did it. Amanda comes up and asks them to come down because we are getting married in the cockpit. Amanda heads back downstairs and yells for Elissa to come because we are getting eloped just in case.
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1am In the lounge – Gina Judd, Elissa join them as witnesses to the Amanda / McCrae marriage. Andy is the minister. Andy says dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Amanda and McCrae in wedded matrimony. Andy says to begin I would like to start with vows. McCrae do you have any? McCrae says umm, yeah I love you in good times and bad and on the block or not and have and have not. Um I am always going to be here for you. Andy says Amanda. Amanda says McCrae I love you and I will be with you for have and havenot on the chopping block and HOH, through slop and through yummy steak dinners. I will be there as your big brother wife. Andy says alright, repeat after me. I Amanda take you McCrae to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, until death do us part. Amanda says until eviction do us part. Andy says McCrae repeat after me. I McCrae take you Amanda to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, until eviction do us part. Andy says okay do we have the rings. By the power of veto invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. Elissa says they didn’t say I do! Andy says oh yeah. Amanda do you take McCrae to be your husband. Amanda says I do. McCrae do you take Amanda to be your wife? McCrae says I do. Andy says and now, by the power of veto invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. They all scream. Elissa says I would like to throw a pillow at you. Elissa then gives them a speech. Elissa says McCrae and Amanda from the first time I saw you together I knew you were the real deal. McCrae I hope Amanda has your babies and not in the big brother house where we would have to hear you. Amanda best of luck with McCrae and I wish you guys big brother happiness. McCrae says thanks guys. Judd says I want to give a toast. McCrea I have been 3 years older than you or two years, I have known you since you were born, I always thought it would be me before you but you know but you found a good one! I knew ya’ll would be together from that first time you said I want to tap that a$$! Until you said I like her sass. And she’s a good one, hang on to her until eviction.. Tomorrow! Judd says just kidding. Elissa asks should we stomp on a light bulb or glass? Amanda says the real one will be next week. Elissa says congratulations you are now the old married couple in the house. With being old and married comes big responsibilities, you now owe it to me to crown me the winner of Big Brother. McCrae says okay. Judd says hell no!!! Everyone leaves and McCrae and Amanda start kissing.


Andy then comes back and tells them that Aaryn is freaking out wondering if she is making the right decision. Amanda asks are you serious?! Andy says Aaryn said that Howard will go but that she wonders if she is being manipulated. Amanda asks by who? Andy says I think she means by all of us because she was saying if Candice or Elissa get HOH she thinks she is going up. Andy says he told her Elissa won’t put her up but that she thinks Candice might. Andy says she is just freaking out. Amanda asks should I come up there? Andy says yeah. Amanda asks what is wrong with her? What is there going to be a tie? Andy says I don’t think so. Andy says that even Judd was saying no we’ve got your back. Amanda asks why would she even say that?! So you don’t think there will be any way in hell that I will be going home tomorrow? Andy says no. Amanda says I just hope people aren’t lying. Amanda says just tell her if she flips it she will be going against all of us. Andy leaves. McCrae and Amanda don’t understand what Aaryn is thinking. McCrae says it doesn’t make sense she will have more people against her if she does that.

1:10pm Up in the HOH room – Andy and Judd continue to reassure Aaryn that she is doing the right thing and that everyone will thank you for getting out Howard who people have wanted him out for weeks. Andy says everyone will be very thankful, and you will be in everyone’s good graces. Amanda joins them. Amanda sarcastically says thank you for coming to our wedding. Aaryn says your welcome. I just know you’re staying so your wedding will be next week. Andy brings up how Aaryn is worried about Candice coming after her but that she will be in a much better place in the house if Howard goes. Amanda asks is that still being questioned. Aaryn says no it’s not. Andy says it’s a legitimate worry. Aaryn says it is fine it is just going from safety to not being safe. Amanda says we all have targets in the house. Aaryn says that she is worried about Spencer putting her up. Amanda says he won’t he is up here confiding in you all the time. Aaryn says yes he will because he is a little vag!n@. Amanda says he will put up Candice next you and she will go home. Aaryn says that she is worried about MVP too. Andy says if you go up the other person that goes up will be the other person gunning after you and she will go. Amanda says look at the odds, the odds of Candice winning are so slim. Either way you are fine! Andy says master dictator Helen will sit people down and say if you get rid of Aaryn…! McCrae tells her that we all have your back! McCrae says he is going to monster the sh*t out of this one! Amanda says yeah because we need to consummate our marriage. McCrae says he is going to Jeremy the sh*t out of this one. Amanda says I am going to Renny the sh*t out of this one! McCrae says she didn’t even win that one! They all laugh. McCrae says if Kalia could win that one. Amanda asks are you talking about that black girl? Aaryn says Daniele won the wall HOH endurance competition. Judd jokes that Amanda is Daniele’s sister. Amanda says Daniele only had a brother. McCrae says that’s the twist you’re a boy! Amanda says you know I am not a boy. Judd says yeah you poked the oyster. Aaryn says Judd that is disgusting. Gina doesn’t get it, is that a vag!n@? Andy jokes that the cat is out of the bag now that everyone knows that Helen and I are from Chicago. We’re twins! Amanda and McCrae head back down stairs.
1:45am In the lounge room – Andy, Amanda and McCrae are talking. They talk about how sketchy Judd is being. Amanda says that she thinks Judd made a spectacle of you and him so that if someone puts up Jessie he can blame it on you. McCrae brings up how Judd talked about the fake alliances and said the Grasshoppers super loud so that everyone could hear just in case Elissa who he had told about it brought it up he could pin it on the fact that he said it out there really loudly. McCrae says Judd is really shaddy. He says something so he can later reference it to cover his tracks. Andy heads to bed. Judd comes in to say goodnight. Judd congratulates them on their wedding. Judd goes to leave and says I feel like I am forgetting something – My wallet, my keys, my cell phone.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:10am Judd waits outside the Storage room for Howard to come out and tries to scar him. Howard just shakes his head and walks away. Meanwhile back in the lounge room – McCrae says I don’t know if I want to even win HOH because I don’t want to make an enemy in Judd yet. McCrae thinks that Judd will not want to work with Spencer/Candice anyways after Howard goes home. Up in the HOH room – Aaryn comments on how Amanda takes too much Adderall medication. Aaryn and Ginamarie are going over scenarios of who each person would put up if they won HOH. McCrae would put up Spencer and Candice, Andy would put up Jessie and Judd or Spencer and Candice, Judd would put up Spencer and Candice, Ginamarie would put up Spencer and Candice, Elissa would put up Spencer and Ginamarie, Amanda would put up Spencer and Candice, or Jessie and Judd, Jessie would put up Spencer and Candice, Helen would put up Spencer and Candice, or Jessie and Judd. They think Candice would put up Jessie and Judd or Aaryn and Gina, or some combination of those people. Spencer would put up Aaryn and Gina or Candice with Aaryn or Gina. Aaryn says that she would want Amanda, Gina, Helen, McCrae, Andy, Judd, or Elissa to win HOH but only Elissa if she wasn’t going to put up Gina. Aaryn says that she doesn’t want Spencer, Candice or Jessie to win HOH.
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3am Howard, Candice and Jessie are talking in the bathroom. Howard tells Jessie to stop trying to be safe and increase you percentages of getting to 500K, if you are not one of those four. Howard brings up how Aaryn made the deal to stay in the game. Candice tells Jessie that she heard she came up with that deal? Jessie says yes, I didn’t know it would work though. Howard talks about how Aaryn and Candice don’t like each other but that they will have to eventually work together for the greater good. He says that Andy really wants to do something, but that he is caught in the middle. Jessie says no, she sees Andy as the ears. Howard says when it comes time, they tell him when he needs to know something. Howard says that he heard from Helen that Andy and Jesse hate him. Candice tells Jessie about the conversation with Helen. She says that she said she was angry about it and knows Andy doesn’t hate anyone. Jessie talks about Amanda not needing the money and says that she is pretty sure Amanda has money, she’s Jewish. Candice is trying to convince Jessie to vote out Amanda. Candice says that the votes would be Jessie, Spencer, Ginamarie and one other person. Howard says it could be Andy. Candice says Aaryn just needs to know that I won’t come after her. Jessie says that she is really scared about this. Candice says that they will either get to jury and keep following what they are told to do or get to the end of the game by making a big move. Jessie says that she is worried someone could walk through the door and says I would be fried. Jessie says that she will talk to Aaryn about breaking the tie. Howard tells her she should do it tomorrow morning. Candice tells Jessie that if Howard goes, we need to stay close. Howard tells them that they can trust Andy. Candice says that they won’t know who did it. Howard says it will work. Jessie is worried about not getting Andy on their side and having McCrae coming after her. Jessie then heads to bed. Howard and Candice stay up talking in the lounge room.
In the back bedroom – Jessie tells Andy about how they could save Howard. Andy says that he would be the low man on the totem pole with Spencer and Howard. Andy says that he doesn’t trust them. Jessie says she will go back and tell Howard and Candice the she can’t do it she is too scared. Jessie tell Andy this conversation never happened. Jessie then goes back into the lounge room and tells Howard and Candice that she can’t do it, I am just too scared. Candice asks if we can get Andy will you do it. Jessie says that she is too scared if someone finds out. Candice asks what about if we get Andy. Candice says then you asks Aaryn if she will make the call and evict Amanda if the vote comes down to a 4-4 tie. Jessie says we can pick this conversation back up tomorrow if you can get Andy. Jessie heads to bed again. Howard and Candice continue to talk about how and when they will talk to Aaryn and Andy tomorrow.

5am – 5:35am McCrae and Spencer are in the bathroom talking. McCrae asks Spencer who he would put up. Spencer says he would put up Candice and Aaryn. Spencer says I always wanted to work with y’all, but I never trusted Amanda. Spencer says that Amanda says the proof is in the pudding and then puts me up. Spencer talks about saying he is going to lay low. Spencer says that he want to maintain his relationship with McCrae and says that he will apologize to Amanda. McCrae laughs if he wins HOH she will come crawling back to him. Spencer says that he wouldn’t be an a$$hole. McCrae says she has a lot of stuff to worry about right now. McCrae tells Spencer to get in good with Helen. Spencer agrees. They talk about the jury and when it will start. McCrae says that he and Amanda won’t always agree on game moves. Spencer says I am not a bit*h. I am not going to just lay down. McCrae tells Spencer to talk to Amanda tomorrow. Spencer asks McCrae if he can try and keep him off the block. Spencer and McCrae then head to bed.


7:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Please please please let Aaryn tell GM and GM tell Judd that Amanda and Helen want to back door him. They could have 4 votes to get Amanda out this week if only they knew it. When is somebody going to realize that they need to take advantage of the fact that there are 3 nominees. If they could even get one vote for Candace then 4 votes would take out Amanda.

too tired for total gonzo

even a 3-3-2 split that goes spencer’s way if we assume amanda has three votes… it
hands to aaryn the task of breaking the tie. if it is poor howard she spares as amanda
is sent out the door, she looks WAY less bigoted or racist!!! if she spares candice and
actually has amanda evicted, this can heal the hazing hurt sent iin candice’s direction!!!!
we know that helen would have fits if poor howard fails to get 4 votes later on today!!!


I keep wanting someone in the house to actually think of it that way. They don’t need 4 votes to evict Amanda, they just need more or a tie. Get Judd and Elissato think you are flipping to Candi, if they aren’t down with voting out Amanda (although Andy’s head is so far up Amanda’s @ss, we know that won’t happen), then you can create a 3-3-2.

It kind of amazes me that none of them have even thought of that. It shouldn’t amaze me though. These HG’s seem to be pretty bad at this game.


what if there was 2 votes for howard 2 for cand and 3 for amanda then she would go could only hope


Why won’t Candice and howard and Spencer and Jessie and maybe Judd just go up to HOH with Gina Marie and Aaryn and for use their brains and get out Amanda. All it would take I think is for Candice and Aaryn to put their differences aside and work together. Please lord send sanity and brains to these few and get RACIST aMANDA OUT TONIGHT!!! thEN hELEN NEXT WEEK!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!


AmanDUH is a man baby!!!!!


Howard stop talking, please!

Just stop talking please Howard. You just keep repeating the same mistakes. You tell Candice and Jessie to work with Andy. Howard! Andy is not trustworthy. Everything you have told Andy to date has made its way back to Helen. Poor Jessie, listening to you she confides in Andy on your behalf. Andy will be reporting that conversation to Helen and she will be targeted as unfaithful. Great job Howard! Howard says Amanda doesn’t need the money because she is Jewish. Howard please shut up…..please. Howard telling Candice that eventually that Aaryn and Candice will have to work together. Howard, those two hate each other…let me repeat, they hate each other. Its not even game play anymore, its personal. However, you are advising Candice to work with Aaryn. Its just a question of who gets to put the knife in the others back first and cause the eviction. Bye Howard you are nice guy but a very bad player.


No Jessie said A-MAN-Duhhhh doesn’t need the money because she is a Jew ..Howard please stayyyy and play a better game

too tired for total gonzo

today’s hurried conversations and final pitches await them all?
is california really awake yet? can jessie be a swing vote even
if andy lies to her despite the “dictator helen” quip? the chicago
thingie, indeedy! andy’s game tends to re~enforce helen’s and
not amanda’s as much! we are ten hours away from total chaos!


spencer, judd, jessie, or candice better win hoh this week, or one of their collective gooses is cooked. this could be a great endurance comp tonight – lasting longer than a couple of hours. can’t wait!


f*ck i hate andy , such a little b**ch


Andy the dick is so stupid to think that his best game is to be so loyal to Manda and McWhipped.
I really cant watch the rodent anymore.


I can’t believe I used to like him. :/
I can’t stand how he goes and report to Amanda every little thing,
Waits for orders and them like a rat. Why in the word Howard wants to work
With Andy? Howard is so stupid! He needs to get of more to see Andy is long gone to Amanda’s side of the
House. Howard is one of the worst players in BB history because he doesn’t talk,
Interact with others but specer and Candice. I don’t want him to go because I can’t stand team Amanda but
Howard doesn’t bring anything to the house but a vote.


Howard, needs to get out more, lol he is always in a room away from everyone else talking to Candice.
Howard irritates me because he is a coach and he can’t get him self out of being evicted. No deals, no nothing.


It just hit me……. Andy and McCrae are in a relationship!!! LOL


I think that if Elissa wins HoH and America bbmvp would definitely vote for Aaryn or Amanda.


Why does everyone trust Andy? They should be talking to Elissa or GM? GM especially if they want Aaryn to break a tie. Plus GM, as much as i dislike her, does NOT run her mouth. I believe they could have Spencer, Jesse, GM & Elissa And if someone told Judd what was going on, it would be a wrap for Amanda!


Ok, so my BB watching friends around the office and I have started a new drinking game based on comments on this site. Every time someone complains about how horrible this season/cast is, we take a shot. Every time the person complaining is someone that has said pretty much the same thing multiple times, but still continues to watch the show and/or visit message boards related to the show, we up the ante by killing an irish car bomb.

So have at it…we are way too sober right now. I have a feeling though that that won’t last very long around here.


Your office sounds like a great place to work 🙂


Yeah…you could say it’s fairly relaxed. We’re currently figuring out a way to play a mini version of BB around here. Might get a little awkward seeing someone the next morning after Thursday night evictions though. Ha! J/K everyone around here is a great sport and a lot of fun. Cheers! 😉

Worst Season Ever!

Why wouldn’t Jessie talk to Elissa instead of that weasel Andy??? We’re they not just talking about how pushy and overbearing Amanda is? Jessie should know that anything Andy hears gets back to Helen/Amanda. Jessie should stop playing scared and just make the big move already before its too late!!! She’s already bound to be a target after this week, at least do something to be proud of and show you are playing the game instead of being manipulated!


SALUD! (based off screen name alone)

The Bark Bark

hmmm, it was 8 am when you started drinking….at work….

Dude there’s an AA meeting going on somewhere, I would highly recommend less bbonline, and more help with your problem…

If not…. Have a drink on me… ‘This cast sucks…, buncha Shelly’s runnin around there’



Thanks, and yeah…we were in for a long boring day, so thought we’d spice it up a bit. No AA needed. Not yet anyway.


Oh yeah…almost forgot to mention that the posting times on here appear to be west coast. I’m in CST, so it was really around 1000, or so. Not that it’s all that much better, but just saying…


Andy is not a rat .


Someone finally put together a YouTube video of some of Amanda’s ignorant comments:

I’m going to share this everwhere I can Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Dog Days

Wow. Searched YouTube just the other day hoping someone had compiled her crap. Loved that her bigot comments were contrasted with her DR clips. Thanks so much for sharing.

Just a thought....

Send it to TMZ with the headline – What America isn’t being shown….


Yes, honestly, put that out there.

What’s the link by the way? Or at least the search key?


The link is in the post & can be copied into the browser (sorry I can’t copy again I’m mobile). Otherwise search Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior in YouTube & that should bring it up. I did post it on Twitter & Facebook & will send it TMZ too.


Thanks Ali,

I forwarded the link to MSNBC (Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz) and the NY times, along with the link to the BB15 Bigotry Supercut you tube link


Awesome what a great idea!


Excellent idea!!! We have to cut off the head of the snake somehow! CBS has cleaned Amanda up so much in their editing that she looks spunky, sharp and damn near adorable.


Wow is all I can say. Amazing. And “I was being funny” is not an excuse…

The REAL name

Simon, so how long did it take Andy to go back and tell Helen & Amanda? LOL!!

The REAL name

Im sorry I meant “DAWG”?


This game could get interesting but it won’t…. We all know soon as Candice and Howard approach Andy with the scheme, that little rat fink p*$$y is going to tell McRranda everything. Do these guys know they’re playing for half a million not $13k. Also Jessie being “scared” is ridiculous , talk about bad casting. They got a bunch of people that refuse to make any move whatsoever , if only Jesse was as aggressive in the game as she was pursuing a showmance things could get entertaining.




your people need to win HOH…that’s the “game move” they need to make…otherwise stop being angry that the other side won’t do what you want them to do. Jessie would get ripped to shreds if she did what you want her to. She is being smart.


That’s why Andy is the best player so far. Every time someone comes up with a plan, they say: OK, me you, her… we need 1 more. Let’s go get Andy!! It’s not his fault that these people are so stupid. BTW, I am not pulling for Andy. I am 100% TEAM GM!!! GO GM!!!

Meat Lovers Pizza

Amanda is being so vocal about what she claims Howard said to her, how is Candice not going crazy on her right now? Does she not know?


I don’t think anyone is interacting with Candace at all.
I don’t think anyone has ever repeated Amanda’s claim about what Howard said.


what howard supposedly said……

Meat Lovers Pizza

I think you’re right. Imagine the fireworks that will start when Candice finds out and goes after Amanda.


What about all the stuff AMANDA has said . She has talked about murdering people ,gang raping people , called people nappy headed , she called all the women names the first week , she is the puppet master . She is the Osama Bin Laden of the house . Vote her out your path to the $500 ,000 dollars becomes very easy ?


i’m going to laugh if andy makes an annoucement upon his eviction (or at the finale) and says “Joke’s on you McCranda, I’m actually an ordained minister and that was all legit!”
that would be priceless.


What would be priceless is the look on her face and her deadbeat boyfriend’s if she’s evicted tonight.


JESSIE ,JUDD, SPENCER, ELISSA vote for Amanda thats 4 votes you take the mastermind down . Howard and Candace will be easy to get out .


And GM. That’s 5. They don’t need Aaryn to break the tie.


eLISSA WOULD NOT GO AGAINST Helen because she is Helen’s b!otch. They need Aaryn so Candice get your butt up those stairs with Howard and make a deal. Get that B!tch Amanda out of there.

Dog Days

Would be good for McCrea. With nothing to write on, there’s no prenup.


I don’t think I like anyone left in the house- maybe Candice….


The fish


The rubber ducks




Tonight’s long endurance comp (if that’s what happens) should be interesting. Usually around this time in the game production throws this in. What’s interesting, is that alliances usually become clear based on who the house guests that have fallen off start to cheer for. Last year Boogie of course could have cared less about Ian and Dan helped Dani win by cheering her on…. At least we’ll have something interesting to watch.


we also get to see what they are made of….it’s fun to watch in real time.


ugh jessie. you recently had a conversation with elissa about how much demanda is a bully. why couldnt you have remembered that instead of going to andy, who you yourself said in that convo to howard and candice that he is demanda’s ears.

so close, but too much stupidity


Because according to Howard, Andy can be trusted. Howard leaving this information to Jessie and Candice screws their game big time. Howard not only damaged Candice’s game, it would be the cause of the downfall of her.


But Howard sits back and is quiet. He’s watching and he knows who and what people are doing. Ha. Too bad he’s doing that watching from self isolation. Maybe he sat on the bench to often in his football days and didn’t get to actually play.


I just don’t see them flipping on Amanda yet… Not until Howard is gone. That would just shift power to Howard/ Spencer/ Candice and everyone (except Jessie, Gm and Aaryn who know they are the bottom of both groups) feel like they would be at the bottom of that group over where they think they are in the Superfriends. Please BB, shake up the game next week! Pandora’s box, DPV, golen veto, something new, just wake these ppl up!!!


Even the fans on here are scared of AMANDA ?


I’m scared of Amanda


I agree I dont see amanda getting evicted tonight b/c Helen & Andy will make sure that doesn’t happen as of right now. People get so caught up in blaming everything on amanda wanting Howard out that forget that Helen was being targeted as well by the Moving Co. Helen wants Howard gone right now, it benefits her game as well as Andy’s(who is loyal to Amanda & Mccrae). Three girls want Amanda out & the simple reason is there no mances have went down the drain and they hate watching Amanda & Mccrae. No way Helen will side w/ three girls who obviously do not help her game right now. Aaryn could be a wild card against amanda but she will be a sitting duck next week if she voted out Amanda, especially w/ an endurance comp awaiting & she cant play in it. Mccrae was a beast on the popsicle comp & he will be hard to beat tonight if it a endurance comp, hell this dude could sit in the hole in prison for 2 weeks & wouldn’t move out of position.


Howard and Candice. YOU FOOLS! You were on the right talking to Jessie about her fears of being used by Amanda and her cronies, but trying to get her to flip via securing Andy is laughable. It won’t be even morning when that little red rat tells McManda about his conversation with Jessie. It’s Judd who they should be looking to flip. All hope is not lost if Candice gets information about Amanda’s fears about Judd from Elissa. Then we might have us a show tonight.

I think ultimately, Howard and Candice are good, nice people who deserve the money, but terrible, TERRIBLE Big Brother players. I’m not holding my breath for them to suddenly become competent in the last few hours of one of their games.


Actually they maybe would have been better players with a different cast. The problem with them in this particular cast is adaptability on Candace’s part and Howard to an extent (being too late on just about everything from confessing to trying to form and formidable flip). And Howard’s was being too passive and lacking the skills in persuasion and communication to unite a group to want to tear someone’ ahead off like in football. There was way too much isolation on their part in particular Candice’s part after that incident. She let her emotions get the best of her instead of pulling up her big girl pants and adapting to okay there some bigots, b*tches, or whatever. How do I handle this? She let her emotions take over her logic and rationalization. She ended up removing herself form influencing people in the game and making some possible connections. And Howard called himself comforting her and being caring but it ended up being a crutch. Because she was able to snap out of it after being on the block and with the likelihood that they he is going home. When actually that should have happened at a week in a half or more.

I’m guessing it would have looked suspicious with all the wandering eyes and ears. Or maybe it happened. Hypothetically speaking , I wonder why Howard didn’t at least try to pull Aaryn and Candace together while he was there instead of sending her up there alone to try to engage with Aaryn by herself. Or Aaryn, Candace, and Gina Marie with Howard being there some time before Aaryn’s nominations. He could have tried to persuade them they don’t have to like each other but to come to some understanding and attempt to clear up what happened that night. Are you here to play that game or be emotional catty b*tches? But not in those words. Then maybe Aaryn mabye would have told her people are saying you think I’m racist etc and they could have discuss it. So they could try to make a power move for their own goods. It’s not like it was that much of a loss cause being that Gina Marie was actually the one who ran in Candace’s face and she almost immediately forgave her when I personally wouldn’t have in that moment. I’m thinking they couldn’t be aware how Amanda was turning the race thing around to where in her favor to exasperate it even more. Amanda’s game is divisiveness and the ironic part is that they indirectly gave her an open door to play that hand by Candace splitting from everyone.So she kind of inadvertently gave Aaryn the upper hand in the house because Aaryn adapted some of her sh*t to try to get ahead. Candace isolated herself to a point that she hasn’t picked up on Andy, because she’s actually a good reader of people and the game. And Aaryn in passing said something the other day where it seemed like she observed how he was in everyone’s conversations. They could have compared notes, observed, and there you have it… a snake. Same with Helen.


I forgot to put my name in before commenting. I think there are two other people named Name so not to get confused.


WTF Jessie! Grow a pair! And why try to go after Andy for that 4th vote when Elissa already said she would be it. Come on & FLIP THE HOUSE!


Couldn’t help but notice during the “wedding” that Amanda and McCrae could not even bother to stand. What a bunch of lazy asses. If America is MVP again I hope everyone waits until HOH and noms before voting or the votes could be wasted like 2 weeks ago. Howard is so dumb. If Amanda goes off on them again today and says she knows about the plan then hopefully he knows it is Andy. They would have better luck trying to get Elissa’s vote. She could always blame it on someone else. McCrae can’t get them all out next week. Aaryn has all the information she needs to bring Amanda down but I doubt she would leave a 4 person alliance (Amanda, McCrae, Andy & her) for a 6 person alliance (Howard, Candice, Jessie, Judd, Spencer and her). While she may not be a target for a few people, she is till a target for some. If she were on the block with Amanda or Helen she would be out the door and she knows it. I still think Amanda plans to take Aaryn to final 2 because she knows that no one will vote for her.


August 17, Premiere League season starts: F*&K ManU, F#@K Chelsea, GO SPURS! Til then F^%K Amanda, F(*K McCrae, GO GM~!!! GO GM!!!

Dirk Nowitzki

FU@K the Spurs!


Close enough

Not n2 Hairy Legged Women

This is great timing to rehash the eviction on that bully, Amanda. (MANda going to need a weed wacker to clean those legs.)
Jessie: GO FOR IT!!! Jessie has nothing to lose and will prove she is actually playing this game. Good advice from Howard, wait til the morning.


Oooops, you need to pick your brain up off the floor and put it back in you head….just make sure you get it wired correctly.


Why does McCrae get a sense of safety every week? He feels invincible. If Candice wins HOH, as a woman scorned, then McCrae and Amanda will be on the block. As an MVP, America will elect to vote Aaryn. That should spike interest, I hope?


Although I’m NO fan of GM, I think if she actually decided to play the game instead of just existing, she could make it more interesting. As it stands she’s just waiting for things to happen, and then SEE what happens after that, (like us, only she in ON the show).


Not a fan of her either, but what I do like about GM is that she is not a rat.


There are only 2 players who are reasonably calm (not hysterically paranoid). One does yoga. The other one just wants her daily ration of slopballs. F2!!!!!


The key line which was :
Andy says master dictator Helen will sit people down and say if you get rid of Aaryn…!
So wake up guys 2 game players Helen then Amanda.
Jesses did speak to Elissa about Amanda and Elissa had not told Helen yet. She mentioned to Elissa
That in her DR she did not like amanda interrogating her, they said (DR), then change it.
That was a key BB hint, she to dum to see it. I think Elissa dose. She told Elissa we can’t get her out something
To that affect. Elissa was questioning her, but I think Elissa is smart she needs to know the numbers are ther
And I believe she would toe amanda out. But she is not going to do the talking it up. Smart girl.


The house guests are being drove crazy by Amanda and her adderall medicine.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

These fucking idiots, If you’re with Amanda,McCrae, Helen and Elissa, you ARE the low man on the totem pole…. At least with the other group you have a slight chance to advance…. Next year, I hope CBS don’t cast retards again.



Big joe

How about CBS make us HOH for a week( we nominate and evict )?


dunno .. where did you hear we are HOH for the week?


You said it

Big joe

Wishful thinking !!!!


I think it was a suggestion…that would be awesome.

Varys Blackfyre

I would like to see a season where all the houseguests that were evicted week 1 get to come back and play the game. I would love to see how they would do this time around. CBS should announce an all-stars season and make that the twist.


Last night on the show Spencer said something about how he could have taken Howard off the block too IF HE HAD TWO POV’s. Could that have been a clue?

Elissa's Botox

I hope this video about Amanda goes viral, Aaryn deserves criticism but has Amanda been even better? might have more comments that cross the line


I’m hoping that production has 12 new HG in sequester and they will enter the house after tonight’s shocking eviction of all of the houseguests. That might be the only way to save this season.

Dirk Nowitzki

Screw the Spurs!

Dog Days

I won’t, but Amanda would.


Dirk…You coulda been a great goalkeeper! What happened?


Wow! Amanda

This Gorky is crazy


This girl is crazy! Lol I can’t type on the otterbox.
Case for iPhone. Lol


Gorky works


Candice and Howard,

To flip the house:

You should try to get Elissa, Spencer, Jessie and Judd to vote to evict Amanda. 4 votes to evict Amanda. Elissa could let Judd know he is the next target of Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Andy.

And then get Gina Marie by having Elissa, Spencer, Jessie and Judd telling her (GM) they are voting to evict Candice. 1 vote to evict Candice. Gina Marie hates, really hates Candice, so she would jump at that deal.

Then McCrae, Helen and Andy would vote to evict Howard. 3 votes to evict Howard.

4-3-1 and Amanda is gone from the house.

Then it would be Elissa, Howard, Candice, Spencer, Judd and Jessie against Helen, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy and Gina Marie.

Play the game and the odds.


Now that’s game! Pity you can’t find a way to let these sheep know it’s possible to get Amanda out. Not one of them has a clue about true tactics and some of them are up there playing chess – hardly sharpening their minds is it?!!!

Jody H.

If one person was thinking clearly, they would start a conversation with everyone other than Amanda, Mcrae and Helen. As fans of BB, what is always the biggest downfall of someone on this show? Not getting out the biggest threat when they have the chance. We have the votes to do this. Once she goes Mcrae will be upset. Okay so? Helen, if she wants a chance to win, knows Amanda has to go. She will calm and go where its best for her game. Worst case Mccrae wins and puts two of us up. But there is still MVP and POV. We have the numbers to turn this around. Otherwise just hand Amanda the check. period.


Howard gotta go.
Jessie and Andy better no screw this up

And Heler or Andy or Amanda gotta win this HOH


If tonight is endurance I have to wonder how Amanda and McCrae will do especially if it is standing. Their legs have to be in some stage of atrophy with all the laying down they do. Elissa should do well until they start throwing cold water on them. GM might actually get this one. I wonder who she would nominate. She will probably nominate personal rather than strategic so Candice will be up again. That is not a big move but I predict she is all talk as I am sure most others would agree.

Miss Miss

You missed Aryan say about Candice, “Aunt Jemima go fix me some pancakes around 2am! She makes my blood boil!


And while you’re up, ask Helen to spice up that rice tonight. Forget that damn soy sauce!


Are these lazy slugs all still sleeping? It’s 1:30 in the afternoon. What a terrible cast, sleep all day and when they are awake no one wants to actually play the game and make a big move. Season 15 of BB is a bust.


BB Canada is now casting season 2 for all you crazy Canucks who want to give it a go.


I can’t stand Andy, he’s such a douche. I hate how he tries to walk in on people talking, and then runs off like a rat. GM and Aaryn are just floaters, I know Aaryn won her first HOH here solo anyways but her and GM will float to the HOH each week – this week it’s listen to Amanda/Helen, next week it could be “listen to Spencer or Candace”. I think if Judd wins HOH, GM and Aaryn will spill the beans on Amanda/Helen/Andy talking about backdooring him.

Only problem is I think CBS will now take away the MVP vote from America this week, because CBS won’t want Amanda going up as they think she’s entertaining. I think MVP goes away this week from America, and it’ll be Judd or Elissa who wins it, MAYBE Spencer.. I could see some hope for him. If Judd wins it I think Amanda/Helen goes up, and he will forever deny he’s MVP, if Elissa wins I think she’d pick Spencer, Aaryn, and if Spencer wins taaa daaa it’ll be Amanda/Helen.

Either way today is an endurance competition. guys don’t do well in these competitions historically. well very slim guys do. But hopefully somehow Spencer/Candice win it, just so it would stir the house up.


I like how Xmanda and HowdyAndy talk about all their going to do with HOH’s their never going to win!

Go Poopie Go


Someone posted a link to Amanda’s UTube video on her BB Facebook page.


And now it looks like it is gone. LOL


I would love to see the HOH competition tonight be a Wipeout style obstacle course. Entertaining and definite payback for a few of them.


CBS has blocked Dish Network from watching there channel and they are in the process of blocking Time Warner as well…I know this is off topic but is there any place I can watch the live show tonight since my tv is blocked?

I never thought a local channel would block it’s viewers from watching them.


Hey, Simon have you noticed that the likes and disliked buttons under the comments are gone?? Where did they go? Please don’t remove them because I actually like the like and dislike buttons:)) Great job Simon and Dawg for what you do on this site:)) Now tell us who is going to win HOH and who is going to be evicted that would be awesome:))) Aaryns HOH is gone:(((((((((((( I am sad I love Aaryn. Aaryn please don’t get evicted this week win POV and save yourself wooooooohooooooooooo team Aaryn:)) I love ya Aaryn


As MVP put Andy up I want to see how the rat reacts LOL


Jessie looks like the brightest right now, but still too chicken shit! If they evict Amanda who will come after them? Macrae…scary!! please.
It amazes me how Andy has everyones trust, only Jessie sees he’s the ‘ears’ and that he is on the others side. Yet she goes to him with this plan to evict Amanda only so that he runs up to tell Aaryn and Im sure Amanda too.. and Judd will get the blame because he can not be controlled by Amanda.. this cast is too stupid, how don’t they see this… and the whole taking advantage of the three nominee twist?! figure it out… everyone is voting with ‘The house’ aka Amanda and helen still.. threatening ppl that ‘The house’ will be pissed at you if you don’t do as they say.. grow a pair, play the game! fight! Only one person wins and everyone should be playing a selfish game along side a side alliance… I totally rambled lol but they’re just getting on my last nerve lol