Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Who the f**k is going to vote me out?”

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Power Of Veto WINNER: MARK

4:03pm – 6:26pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto competition to take place. POV Players: Josh, Elena, Mark, Jessica, Alex & Christmas

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6:26pm Bedroom. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – Cody is such a d**k. I was rolling behind him as far away as you are right now and he didn’t even hold the door open. I am on a f**king stroller you d**k! Josh – What an a$$hole. Christmas – super A$$! SUPER A$$! If “he” (Mark) takes himself off, you have to pick someone else to go up! Josh – maybe Raven. Christmas – I know she offered but I am too. Just laying it out. Who the f**k is going to vote me out? It would be good because then I could give my speech. Josh – no. Christmas – he is coming after me anyways. Its me you and Paul. So f**king take a shot because.. Alex joins them. Alex – I talked to him and I think if we ask he won’t use it. And I think we need to put the pressure on him. Christmas – openly declare he is not with Cody if he does not use it. That is huge for his trust with us and separating himself from Cody. That is huge!

6:30pm Jessica and Elena showering together.

6:35pm Paul and Christmas
Paul – Karma is a motherf**king B***H! Christmas – Jess has to go this week. Paul – 100 million .. not even up for a debate. Christmas – Elena is going to work both sides but she is going to stick with Cody because she doesn’t feel safe with everyone here. Paul – if its a double (evcition) Jessica goes and then possibly Cody. Use Elena or someone else as a pawn as a f**k you to Elena. Christmas – I’m going to wear this (ring of replacement) all week.

In the kitchen – Christmas – She (Elena) won’t talk to me but she’ll take a shower with Jessica.

6:40pm Storage room. Paul, Jason, Alex.
Paul – Jessica goes this week and then next week we take another shot at Cody and if we miss we take out Elena. Jason – Kevin wants to bring Cody in. Paul – IF he wins… that’s a big one. He wants to set that up …so that if he wins he has to guarantee to not put any of the four of us up. AND then we kick his a$$ out!

Mark – I said that I didn’t like that he couldn’t compete … but next week we compete. Jason and Paul tell Mark great job. Mark – no better way to set a fresh start. Paul – when we work together we accomplish things. Mark tells them he is going to use the veto. I am off slop and I can finally see clearly.

6:45pm Paul and Josh.
Paul – now you better have a boss a$$ speech ready. I genuinely think that you won’t be able to convince him not to use it. If he does, then you can put up Christmas. Josh asks should I say that people have doubts that you’re with Cody. Paul – I don’t know .. just be careful with your words.

7:05pm Bedroom – Jessica and Cody crying and kissing under the blankets. Cody – how do you want to treat the rest of the week. Jessica – we have 5 days. Cody – we can talk about the outside. ..because maybe there is some rebuilding I need to do… Maybe not from the first reception I got. Jessica – its hard that I’m not going to have his much access to you when this is all I’ve known. Jessica – I love you. Cody – I love you too… a Lot!

6:55pm Bathroom – Elena comments on how she showered with Jessica so that she could get some of the hot water. Christmas – (Jess) don’t get mad at me for using my ability. She took it personally, which she always does. I’m not sorry about it. Elena – good for you.

7pm – 7:35pm Lounge room. Mark and Josh.
Josh – what I am thinking is .. you don’t use the veto .. you stay up and we keep the noms the say. That way people that have doubts… you show the whole house where you stand so that everyone that has doubts and questions. That shows everyone where your loyalty stands just because of your friendship. Mark – I appreciate that. Josh – I am telling you my word that everyone is voting her out. Mark – the way I think is that if we all trust each other .. it doesn’t matter who goes up. I came here to compete. I am taking myself off especially sitting next to Elena. Its not that I don’t trust you guys. I went up as a pawn. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been okay with it. I understand people with concerns and if they have them they should come talk to me. Me using it shouldn’t cause doubt. Josh – for me you’re good with me. Mark – can I be a part of the family? Josh – yes! Mark – I thank Christmas and you. Next week Cody is my target. Josh – He’s not good for the house. Just next week if he (Cody) gets HOH, just have my back. If you want me in the room saying its not you’re choice, its my choice. .. I will. Josh – if you don’t fee l good with it, I will think of something. Mark – I am just happy I made it to jury and I get to stay out here until September.

7:50pm HOH room. Jason, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Alex,
Christmas – he won the veto and its his choice to not use it .. and you won the HOH and its your choice to tell him not to. Don’t think about it… persuade him not to use it. That was the plan. Alex – he never said it but I thought he was hinting at it. Christmas – whats the difference between him and anyone else. Alex – he’s showing us that he doesn’t trust us. Alex – If I had won, I would have kept it the same. Kevin – who would you think? Josh – I am thinking Raven and Matt. I think Matt will be game. Christmas – Matt won’t care because we’ve made it to jury. What is Mark so worried about? (What are you worried about Christmas, you volunteered a couple hours ago?!) I’ll talk to him. Josh – I’ll talk to him. Christmas – say if you use it … it will be suspect. You have to talk to him tomorrow. If he takes himself off no one will trust him. If he doesn’t use it, we will trust him. He won’t get any votes. Kevin sees Elena coming up to the HOH room. He says man I’m out. (LOL) Everyone but Josh and Christmas leave the HOH room. Christmas continues to push Josh on how he needs to persuade Mark to not use the veto.

8:20pm The house guests are eating dinner..

8:45pm Bedroom. Jessica and Cody. Jessica talks about her dog and her life outside the house.

8:40pm – 8:50pm Josh, Kevin, Mark and Jason are talking about past events of the season. Josh starts talking about Megan. The conversation turns to talking about the veto competition.

Paul – we took out the stronger player in this situation. Matt – thank him for sending his girlfriend home being his sole responsibility for costing her the 500,000! Paul – that’s the thing after we send her home we need the drama focused on him for the HOH comp. Josh – he will probably (punch me in the face). Paul – no dude, he won’t. You need to just need to get in his face like how does it feel I just sent your girl home. Matt – your job as a man was to keep your girl safe and you didn’t. Josh – he is going to bum rush me. Paul – no he is not. This is nothing, you should see some of the things people have done in the past.
Josh heads up to the HOH room. He talks with Christmas and Matt about trying to convince Mark to not use the veto. Christmas – she (Jess) is done! Finally, please don’t give her any more twists. Josh – I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Maybe later on tonight you (Matt) talk to him. Matt and Raven head downstairs.

9:45pm HOH room. Paul and Kevin.
Kevin talks to Paul about wanting to pull Cody in with them. Paul – why don’t we just wait until after this next HOH because if he doesn’t win then we just send him out. I think he would just go behind our backs and tell people. Josh joins them. Paul leaves to go down to the havenot room.

9:50pm – 10:45pm Josh, Alex and Jason.
Josh – I am making Matt and Raven feel super comfortable. If Matt and Raven feel good that’s eight of us but if you distance yourself from Matt and Raven .. she will go work with Elena and Mark and Cody. And that forms a split in the house. They annoy me because they are always getting information. Their time is not right now. There are people ahead of them. Like Elena, Cody and Mark. The split is going to happen but not right now. People can’t know how tight we are game-wise. Next f**king week I want us to be in power again. We’re in jury, its time to go ham. Paul joins them again. Paul – if Mark does pull himself off then put up Matt or Raven. Christmas – I don’t think we should be okay with someone else going on the block. Paul – technically he followed through with it. He volunteered to be a pawn and won the veto. I would be like what more do you want? Call Matt out on his bluff and put him up. Jason – I say you don’t even tell him just do it. Paul – next weeks agenda .. win HOH. Christmas – that’s kind of the agenda every week. Paul – win HOH and then put up Mark and Elena again, then backdoor Cody. Mark joins them. Mark thanks Christmas for what she did today because you were in zero danger. That was crazy. Josh tells Mark – you f**king took a sh*t up here and I almost vomited. Mark – that was when I was on slop, its not that bad now.

10:50pm – 11pm HOH room. Josh, Mark, Elena, Paul and Jason
Elena comes up to the HOH room wearing a shirt with no bra and underwear. Mark is shocked that she’s walking around like that. Josh – I don’t think this is healthy for any of us. Paul thinks its unfair that guys can walk around shirtless but girls can’t.

11:40pm – 12am HOH room. Paul, Elena, Josh.
Paul talks about how all the people come out of the wood work when you get out of the house. Josh says that he wants to understand why Cody gets so mad.

11:55pm Meanwhile in the bedroom – Alex is beating Jason with her shoes…

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Captain Crunch

It would be funny if Josh did put xmas up and they voted her out but who am i kidding there’s nothing but sheep in the house and they would have to ask Paul first.

Do u understand this game?

Voting out the one legged girl who can’t compete in half the comps? Hello McFly


God forbid you become one legged…
Have some sympathy for humanity sakes.

Thing victims say

A woman twice my age with TWO prostatic legs ran past me, past the group of men in front of me and then eventually out of site……DURING A HALF IRON MAN. You’re a victim or your not.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

Do U Understand this Game:
I do. I have been watching this game since it was first televised. I would vote out a one legged gerbil if it threatened my game. Stop licking Paul assho, it’s getting raw from all the ass lickin’.

Unicorns and rainbows

It would be glorious if Josh put up Christmas and she got voted out. I know! I’m a dreamer but could you imagine? I get butterflies thinking about the excitement and chaos :-0


I’m with you as well, Christmas would be a glorious choice to go up and out…and I absolutely love Unicorns!


when things don’t go the way of Cody or Jess they react with more isolation and more crying. I’m sorry but Cody & Jess are sore losers. when they won HOH, they locked themselves in the HOH isolating themselves from the rest of the house talking 5hit behind their backs. they are in the position they put themselves in, because of their poor social game. the DR gift wrapped Jess & Cody an extra chance for a week, and they repay production wasting the opportunity pillow talking to each other. I’m sorry but this Cody & Jess showmance is horribly embarrassing and boring on the feeds.

Marks left breast

Jessica should get the hymen award

cody ignoranus

u think jessica knows what a hymen is. she left her hymen on some 10th graders cack when she was 12 years old. then as soon as that haphpens they start dressing like skanks.



Obb og

I agree I was waiting for jess aND Cody to get some fire in them after the chance they got and they don’t even try to talk or campaign for themselves. And I wish they would put up xMas and send her home she’s so annoying I mean whybrid would you ask someone who’s on the block and wins the veto to not use it that’d be the dumbest move Ever!

cody ignoranus

finally someone who see’s what i see. a piece of shit who thinks being a marine vet gives him a white privalage card to be a fuking prick. and a bimbo big titty skank that spreads genital herpes to make men do her bidding. and sore loser is the perfect way to describe that duo. and for all of u that are defending them saying dont’ hate on them so bad. look buddy. they went on tv for a reason..this is what u get when u go on tv and act slutty and ignorant. you get slut shamed and trashed by the public. if they cant take the heat get the f out the kitchen. usually they say its a game and what happens at the bb house stays in there but in real life this jackoffasaur (jack-off-a-saur) (aka a dinosaur that jacks off) is the same way. i just love seeing dick heads get screwed over like that bc they deserve it. his only chance with jess is if he wins the grand prize or else she’s gonne be gone faster then snow in the desert

The Paul Hex

Honestly Jess & Cody had no choice in this game because the rest of the house are under the Paul Hex. There is no social game with Paul because he does all the talking & planning & demanding. The house is full of bullies & you sound like one of them!


Your right the house is full of 2 Bullies, Cody and Jessica, hoping she leaves this week!

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

You kiss your mother with that mouth? Thank heavens you’ll be starting high school in a couple of weeks. Keep you occupied with that algebra homework.


like when Josh cried when Jessica told him she wants him to go home… or when she used the Hex and Paul then had the entire house ATTACK her and Cody…. or when XMas told Matt and Raven to antagonize Cody so he snaps…. so i mean…. they are soar losers… but be real.. if Jessica or Cody was HOH and they put up Josh (who’d cry and bitch) Paul (who’d throw a massive fit) XMas (who’d then say “i hav one leg though!”) or Alex (who’d cry about how she was friends with him) you think they wouldnt be ok? you honestly think they would be like “well… it my last week… so im a still be cheerful and happy and tell these people who bullied me for usng my power “good game” fuck that


You are absolutely right. And people vote this comment down as if it isn’t a fact. Talk about sheep.

She wrapped herself in freedom

If cbs had any brains they would announce on Thursday that its a 10 person 9 vote jury like bb can 3(the house would lose their minds), ensuring Jess will be there for max drama(with her not in jury so many storylines/rivalries/potential fights cant happen, not to mention no jody reunion in jury). Jess has been great casting and in my opinion is one of the people most worthy of jury but it probably wont happen so im gonna vote for her for Americas favorite $25k, not just because it would destroy Paul and his minions egos but more importantly id like to see her rewarded for her efforts and entertainment she has provided to a season that would have been far less interesting or memorable without her presence. If she leaves Thursday im glad she can instantly unwind with friends/family as she lives only 12 minutes away from the big brother house. I have no interest in watching any more minion worship of an asshole the rest of the season. After Jessicas interview on Thursday, when she leaves the game, so do I, by not watching any more episodes this season, and I hope cbs take a ratings hit with a fan favorite leaving after being treated so badly by the house obsession of her for so long and by cbs bullshit editing.

I hope Cody and Jess can make their relationship work on the outside, they seem genuinely into each other. Queen Jess for allstars!


That was so……poetic. *gags*


Dirty minded bb lover

Jessica and Elena in shower.

I’ll be back in a bit, I have something I need to take care of…




Me too. I need to borrow Matt’s towel though to clean myself off.

Guy From Canada

Careful he only has two towels!

Oh boy

I need to take care of some plumbing also.




This is no time to think about cleaning the shower.


Where is Victor?






Jessica will be leaving this week


Kevin is a sly ole dog! Just keep dropping those hints againt Paul. 🙂

Do u understand this game?

Are you joking? All Paul has to do is say Kevin won the 25k

Paul's Mouth

Old news, been there done that…we all know it was Ramses……….Paul said so!!!!


lol… yep i heard it too.. …too funny

Judgmental Judy

LOL … Alex: “Paul said it, so it HAS to be true! Friendship.”


No, I am not joking.

Xmas Witch

Yeah well then everyone would see how Paul lied non stop about Ramses winning the 25k it would point more fingers at Paul’s deception than Kevin’s silence .


I’m going to stop watching until Thursday.
We all know how this is going to play out. Up and down, back and forth meaningless conversations.
Marks stupid if he doesn’t use the veto on himself.

Tiny dictator please go home

The only reason I’ll be watching after Thursday is to see how Cody fares. When he’s out, I’m out. Asta la vista douchebags!!!

Mculla Harper

I want to see 2 from the other side of the house go up and watch as they pick sides. Paul &Alex, or Josh&Alex. I liked Alex till she started playing Pauls game. Such idiots!

Mculla Harper

I want to see 2 from the other side of the house go up and watch as they pick sides. Paul &Alex, or Josh&Alex. I liked Alex till she started playing Pauls game. Such idiots!


Christmas is soooo confident, who would vote her out? Really now?

Xmas asks

who would vote me out? Well now that you have used the ring of replacement when you find out who would want you out, there will not be any advantage to use against that person since you wasted it on Cody! Doh!


Ha hah! YAS!




I agree with you. So ridiculous that they would even think or expect Mark not to use the veto on himself and to hold it against him if he does use it is so unfair to him.


Just ask Marcellas (BB 3) how that worked out…

Forrest Gump

Stupid is as stupid does….

Paul's beard

Ok, settle down and stop yelling!



About to upset people

I thought that if you were only on the block because of losing temptation you weren’t replaced…

Anyway the safest pawn would be Kevin. However Sloth from Goonies (Josh) will still be pushing to get Elena out.


Jessica is the one that lost , not Mark, he was Josh’s Nom, so if he was stupid enough to use it, Josh would have to replace him.


Xmas says “ho gonna vote her out?” Everybody, they’ve all waited for the opportunity, but Jessica is the main target, & she’s an actual threat.


Only under Josh’s HOH could Xmas walk around like she’s Queen Shit. Anyone else would tell her to F off.


Josh …. put up Paul as the replacement and see what happens.

Paul's Mouth

I agree put his SMUG a$$ up and let the chips fall where they may……with any luck he will GO…before jury…oh the audacity of it all………….
But, then I’ve always been a dreamer…if only wishes could come true!!!


That would be awesome! They’re all so scared of him! Seems like they’d wanna make big moves, and get the vet out quickly. This would be the biggest move of the game to get Paul out, by blindsiding him. Wish Cody or Jess or someone with a brain would plant that idea in Josh’s head, but he is brainwashed by him like the rest of his minions. He’s missing an opportunity to be the hero.

Uh, what's that i hear?

Oh, what’s that I hear? It’s victim noises coming from the tiny avenger. What a fucking tool. Cry, your tears are the salty goodness on my popcorn while I watch you sob. Waahhhhhhhh. Now go stand on a ladder and see what the big boys are doing you tiny, tiny little man, er, boy.


Christmas needs to lay off the pain medication… it’s messing up her brain.


She hasnt been taking them all week.


I beg to differ. She takes meds twice a day, at least.


Check live feeds early morning. She comments as she’s drinking coffee, “Gotta take my meds now”. Yes, she’s still taking them


yay! mark won! hopefully josh’s replacement causes chaos (and whoever it is goes home, c’mon putting up paul!).


Not impossible but would extremely difficult for Jess to survive. Cody was no help, pouting and isolating himself socially for a couple weeks. Because of that, he is of no use in trying to sway votes.

All of Paul’s minions should realize that he can’t take everyone to the final four. Semi outliers like Kevin and Jason who are at the bottom of Paul’s totem pole should wake up and team up with Jess and Cody. (but again, Cody has made no attempt to even try to connect with Kevin and Jason).

And Paul’s minions should realize that as long as Jessica and Cody are in the house they have a shield in front of them.


I would say Jessica was the stupid one. She didn’t have to use that hex for her and Cody. Game wise she could have saved it, let Cody do what he was going to do jump on a grenade for her because he he did offer. Socially he has throwed her game off. Jessica would at least be safe this week coming when she could have used her hex this week to pull herself off. She threw away her chance at winning for someone (who is so socially awkward who doesn’t need to be in that game)she just met 40 something days ago. How stupid is that? Stupid!


You do realize they were gonna vote Jess out if she didn’t use the hex. Do people that comment even watch the feeds or actually read the spoilers. If they didn’t want her to use Paul should have taken her off the block but he fucked that up.


No they were going to vote out Cody, not Jess. They tried to convince Jess numerous time not to use the hex because she was not in danger and they were going after Cody. They attempted so mind tricks but ultimately she did not relent (which is another story about stupidity). Otherwise, Cody would have been gone. Not sure how you could have missed that though. Do you even watch the feeds?

Judgmental Judy

I guess in a rational world that would make sense, but seriously, alot of good has done Mark & Elena. They’ve got big huge targets on their backs no matter who they rub up against or high five.

Alanis Morissette

Isn’t it ironic….

Sheep like to graze….Matt and Raven graze 24/7
A group of sheep is known as a herd/mob……House guests this year live by the mob mentality
Kevin……ties to the mob


Your music sucks & so does your game analysis

Alanis Morissette

You oughta know

I want you to know, that I’m happy for you
I wish nothing but the best for you

Paul's Mouth

AS do you!


Put Alex up when Matt takes himself off. No one will vote her out. Jessica is history. Sorry Josh, no one’s going to vote Elena out. She’s such a non-threat. Obnoxious yes, but not a threat. BTW, she should get an extra week of slop for all the times she’s cheated this week.

Kevin FTW!


I was wondering if anyone else saw Elena stuffing her face during Josh’s HOH room reveal!

Yo momma

Correction …Raven was stuffing her face not Elena . Elena is a have not , she was holding the kit-Kats… for when she is off of slop.

Sick of Raven

Anyone else sick of even hearing Raven’s voice???


Put Kevin up…I’d like to see him scramble all over the place wtf’ing LOL to everyone lol


Gahhhhh Christmas is so annoying. I hate when people get so confidently cocky. Little does she know she annoys the f*ck out of most of them and they can’t stand her. And what was up with her and Kevin cuddling?!?!? Shame on both of them. If I was Kevin’s wife I’d be pissed and Christmas is making herself look ridiculous cuddling with a married man with 7 kids.


What made me laugh even more was her being pissed with Cody for not holding the door open for her. She’s been getting around just fine as far as I can tell and for FS, you just replaced him in the VETO COMP! I’d probably let the door…close (I’ll say close because I’m a nice person) on you too. What a goomba!

Xmas Witch

I lmao when Xmas said I’m on a stroller hahaaa


Please let Xmas volunteer to replace Mark on the block, then please let Cody, Mark, Matt, Raven, Jason vote her ass out.

Paul would blow a fuse, Jessica and Cody are still here after he has been trying for the past 2 weeks to get Cody out. It is quite obvious that Paul is threatened and intimidated by Cody, and he does not have the balls to stand up and go at him face to face without rallying his followers to be there with him.

I would love to see the shock on Xmas face when Judy says you are Evicted ! Now wheel your ass out here, pick your chin up off the floor, this is live TV, we have other things to take care of tonight.


Me too me too me too. PLEASE let this happen. I promise I won’t ask for anything else.

Paul is gross inside and out

Jess didn’t lie about the hex. She had several weeks to use it.


Julie, not Judy

Chilltown forever

Josh put scam girl on the block no one dares to vote scam girl out because of her “uncureable disease” and let her sweat a little on the block you could also put Gnome-beard on the block Also….but you’re so stuck in Paul ass so much you can’t see straight .


I can just see Magilla Gorilla trying to be Prince Charming and using the POV on his blow-up doll, err…I mean, fair damsel, Elena. They will be picking up little blob pieces for weeks after Josh’s head explodes.


I am no longer entertained by Josh being HOH. He is hopeless and become boring. I believe the DR is behind some of this boring behavior, with Josh giving respect to 2 people that have been completely hateful & rude to him.


It’s called compassion Birdie. Josh knows Jessica feels defeated. She knows she’s pretty much going home so I believe Josh is thinking why continue to kick her when she’s down. I’m actually enjoying this side of Josh. I’m no fan of Jody but I agree with Josh when he’s asking them not to torment her.


No more Xmas in July….send this chick home… She is beyond arrogant and hopefully Josh will put her up and then campaign against her. So she wanted to attack Cody using his military career and then uses her hex to make sure Cody doesnt play and then she calls him a dick for holding the door. She can open her own damn door or have Paul do it


For all the JODY lovers..can u not ser what a douche Cody is and Jess calling people liars and bullies as she has done it more? Look at how they treated Josh? Then there is all the Paul haters on here…Its only a game so if Paul is dominating by having HGs work for him and do what he wants. Isnt that what he is supposed to do? Cody lied to Paul week 1 and cries Paul is a liar. Jess bullied Everybody with her hex and call HGs bullies. JODY will get what they deserve..Exit from house. Paul will get what he deserves..500k. For those who hate production, Paul, Raven, Jody, Xmas ect. Just turn the Channel. Survivor is coming soon and its a better show anyways

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

CVN, so in week 1 I try to get you out honestly but now after you and your boot lickers have tormented me for that for 5 weeks you justify your sustained revenge by saying they deserved all of it because I tried to get you out honestly the first week? It didn’t work well as a defense in the Nuremburg Trials to justify all the Nazis aggression and war crimes. But you keep being Regressive but it only teaches us more the best of American Values.


B’ye! Cody: “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!”


That is an interesting spin! Have you even been watching?


Why doesn’t anyone like Paul? I hope Kevin’s wife kicks Christmas’s ass at the wrap party???


OMG — Christmas is always all over Kevin – rubbing his back and getting super close to him. But Kevin touches her as well. They are both completely inappropriate. Kevin’s wife should kick both asses.


Paul and Josh are the worst bullies. I used to like Paul in his season, this season he disgusts me…..put up Paul and restart the game!!!


Xmas complained to the group that she tried to talk to Jessica about using the veto but she took it personally like she always does and then 10 minutes later Xmas sees Elena showering with Jessica and gets mad that she showers with Jessica but doesn’t talk to her lol. Typical delusional double standard.

Judgmental Judy

Yeah, Xmas, no one wants to shower with you and that damn scooter.


Why is Paul still walking around telling ppl that production allowed Jessica get away with lying about the temptation last week? She didn’t lie and he needs to get over those 2! And Paul u mean prod never helps u right?


I do t know what show your watching, but she most certainly did lie, on the last be show she said “Good Lunck finding someone to nominate cause America gave me the hex and Cody and I are sever for several weeks.


I can feel the rage coming through from you horrible grammar and spelling. Cody and Jessica have gotten screwed over at every turn. Seems like you are getting off on their peril. Like you aspire to be Paul or Christmas. Let’s all get together and try to tear apart someone’s military service and character right? Really? The only “misstep” Cody made was missing on getting Paul out at the beginning of the game. If production hadn’t allowed him to get the unfair advantage of weeks of safety, Paul would have gone home. Then, Cody would have been running the house with everyone bowing at his feet. That didn’t happen and Paul has converted a bunch of stupid people into minions. I guarantee he would not act the same way outside the house. If he spewed out all of his garbage outside of the house, he would get his ass kicked. Paul is a miserable person and Christmas is in the same boat. Their behavior should affect their lives outside of this game. For Christmas, it might, but Paul is still living with mommy, so I can’t imagine much impact to him because he will be a forgettable nuisance with no accomplishments after this game.


paul literally won that temptation through americas voting. probably because it was given out at the beginning of the game and Paul was the only known personality so people wanted to vote for him? Idk just a guess. Also, putting up Paul week one wasn’t Codys only fault. If he actually spoke to the house and tried to mend/create bonds he wouldn’t be in the shitty situation he’s in now. His own social game was his downfall for not being able to communicate and connect with anyone but his much smarter girlfriend.

The Voice of Reason

You get on that guy for getting off on someone else being in peril and then you go off saying that you hope Paul and Christmas’s lives are ruined outside of the house. Hypocrite much? No one’s lives deserve to be ruined outside of the game because…duh…it’s just a game. You decide what to bring into the game and what part of your life you are willing to have attacked or questioned. If Cody can’t handle his military service being questioned, then don’t tell people you were in the military. If you think people will mess with you on the anniversary of your dad’s death, you don’t tell them anything about it. If you don’t want people to talk crap about your kid, you don’t tell them you have kids…and so on and so forth. Everything said in the house becomes part of the game, even the personal stuff. Once the game is done, it’s done. On the outside, everyone would thank Cody for serving and would tell Jessica they’re so sorry for her loss but they have no obligations to do that within game.


again Cody living rent free in Pauls pea brain head


She actually did lie when she said she has the power to keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. Her exact words on live tv.

BB fanatic

At the time she said it, it wasn’t a lie. The power was good for 4 weeks. As it turned out, she chose to use it after that first week played out and she wanted Cody to stay with her at least one more week.

Paul is gross inside and out

She didn’t lie. She had several weeks to use the hex for safety sooooooo she chose to use it first week but she didn’t have to

Name Dropper

His cousin probably works in Production.

House of Idiots

Well I respect that Josh tried to get out his own target instead of Paul’s, but it is in the house’s control now and they want Jessica out


I dunno about that yet. Stranger things have happened. It all depends if there needs to be a replacement nominee. I’m unsure if this is the case with Jess being a “third”. IF Xmas goes up as replacement as SHE’S offered and PAUL has suggested, they might (as others have suggested) vote Xmas out. Give ’em what they want I say – and put Xmas up! Jason and Mark would be on board, Kevin (maybe?), and Cody. It could happen. What sweet, sweet turn-about THAT would be, especially since it was Xmas that used her temptation (again at Paul’s suggestion) to replace Cody in the POV. Jessica needs to pull herself together and start talking to people directly about Paul. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She said she’s here to play the game, so don’t throw in the towel!

House of Idiots

I hope that they turn against Xmas. That would put Paul in his place

Worst players ever

If I were Jessica, I would give the farewell speech of all time, calling out Paul and point out to each and every housemate why they are too dumb for words in keeping Paul. I would end it by telling them when Paul is sitting at the end, I will vote for him because he got over on all of you. Wake the hell up!!!
On another note, I honestly cannot support any person that attacks someone who served our country with two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with medals to prove it. Paul and the rest suggesting that Cody is a coward ( from across the room) is beyond belief and is not about the game. Shameful.

Advice to the lovelorn

Please Mark, do not use the veto on Elena or I might put a nail through my eye!!

Troll 4 fun

Ok, so if Jess goes home before jury, does she become the 3rd most ignorant player of all time for using the power when she wasn’t in danger?

I’m putting Marcellus 1, Lawon 2. Does Jessica go 3rd?


Umm, the house was set to vote her out if she didn’t use it. Were you sleeping?

Jessica for the win

Jess can’t go! She is the show this season. Tear. All of you that say production rigs everything are proven wrong if Jess and Cody are split up this week. The ratings will plummet<<however you spell that who cares. But, yes I have watched this damn show even when my fav got voted out way before the end. Jessica is different for some reason. This show can not be watched if she leaves.

CBS please I don't care if you have to have Julie go into the house and slap these idiots around 'till they keep Jess this week. Just get errrr done!



I don’t think ratings plummeted the first time Jody was split up…


A lot of people cancelled the CBS access feeds after the gang attack in the backyard. If you didn’t watch what really was said and transpired the regular tv audience would never know the truth due to CBS editing. I’m not sure about ratings.


I agree, I can`t see the show without Jessica.

Bolt Uprite.

Fuck Christmas. If I was Cody I would have kicked her crutches out and stepped on her broken foot.


Watching this season of BB, I feel like I am being punked. This is the worst group. It doesn’t matter who wins HOH. Paul calls all the shots. These people are boring , rude and straight out bullies. Now they are going to bully Mark not to use his POV(that he earned). What is wrong with these people????? Xmas is so two faced! She makes me angry!! Kick them all out and start over with a fresh new crew!!


This season has not turned out like I expected at all! Don’t get me wrong, it’s highly entertaining, but mostly because of how terribly all of these morons are playing the game!
Jody: Jess, you used your power to save Cody. Now you’re out and back at work by Saturday when you could have made it to jury. Us against the world is cute and all, and no one minds when you *ahem confirm your undying love in the nighttime, but there are other relationships you need to worryabout to win. Which you won’t. Because you suck.
Paul: you’re this big mastermind with all the lemmings, but you abuse your power, kicking the underdogs when they’re down, making ‘merica throw out the “B” word, and thus becoming the villain of the season. I can’t wait to see you fall from delusional grace!
Josh:kudos for putting elana up for being this big mastermind manipulator! So crafty of her to get in with the people everyone wants out, such cunning gameplay….just ask Paul!
Alex: Paul is not your friend. Stop fangirling over him.
I won’t waste keystrokes on Matt/Raven/elaina/mark

Kevin/Jason, you’re my only hope!


They need to send Paul out of the house for a day, perhaps treat him to a movie or a ticket to a tattoo convention so these idiots can talk and share stories about how many deals, final 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s and alliances Paul has.


Watching all of Paul’s minions this season is so annoying. If if were not for Jody this season would not be worth watching. At least they are not puppets of Paul. I can’t stand the ego high he’s on and the zombies that do his bidding.

Unfair advantage

Xmas is so messed on pain meds. She’s slurring like a drunk person. In my fantasies, production talked her into using her ring with the intention of getting her out on Thursday because…..She gets to leave the house for appointments, She can’t compete in physical comps, She’s always super drugged up which gives her an unfair advantage. I mean, let’s make it fair and let everyone drink or stay high on drugs all day and night and be as belligerent, as she is, with no cares in the world. It’s not fair that she can leave and blame her words and actions on her pain and all the meds. Where’s the accountability?

Judgmental Judy

I would TOTALLY let the door slam on Xmas & her dang scooter.

The Rosary Called

What a paradox when Alex prays with me and then immediately turns around judges others and talking crap and threatens…oh good grief is she this self oblivious. What happened to do onto others as you would have them do unto you.


Organized religion at its finest. Religious folks are by far the biggest hypocrites with zero accountability. (50 yr old pastors son here….I’ve seen it all). The kindest most genuine people I know have never stepped foot in a church.

Wild one

Cody really should have held the door open for Christmas. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do. Also a nice human gesture. I understand where Christmas is coming from, but we are talking about cody so there you go.


I don’t get all the Jody love. They have both been bullies themselves. They’ve both treated Josh terribly. And Cody has the social skills of a piece of driftwood. The mob mentality did get out of hand against them, no doubt. But neither of them have played the game like they have a bit of sense. Jessica used her hex to save the driftwood and now she’s going and he’s staying. If you can’t watch BB without Jessica maybe BB isn’t the show for you.


Poor Elena trying to “sell” herself to Josh and even Paul parading around in her panties and letting her fake fun bags swing free. Shameless skank go put a bra on and maybe some pants


FREE Wiilie!


why can guys wear fucking boxers an no shirt but a girl has to wear a bra 24/7 and can’t wear shorts because she’s hot? paul is absolutely right on this. it’s bullshit. guys don’t know how much bras can hurt and it feels so good to take them off. i mean, they are in a house 24/7, you can’t wear a bra 24/7.


Since Paul can’t let Josh have the HoH room for himself it’s painfully obvious who the HoH is this week. Especially after the picking of PoV players and the comp aftermath. What a stupid season this turned out to be. If this were TRULY big brother then the HoH room would have specific rules & HG would be more controlled than they really are. Not to mention who decided along the way to stop making them compete for the food they get for the week? That’s horrible. Bunch of spoiled millennials in a pampered house. Blah.


All I want for Christmas this year is for Xmas to be put up, voted out and then Julie telling her to hurry up out the door!


People always want to talk crap. No social game because Paul already put a target on their back so even if they tried to make something happen it would be everyone lying to their face again like every other time. These houseguest are all high off his fart. Bunch of Groupies.


How is Cody safe?


Go jess