Christmas “This is going to flip the house but its Big F***ing Brother!!”

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10:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.
10:30am Backyard – Cody and Kevin.
Kevin – what do you think you’re going to do? Cody – is there anyway to save Jess? Kevin – I’m trying, but I don’t know. This is terrible. I know. She is one of the top two female players here. Listen man, I don’t want to bring this up but the ones that are going to screw you are the ones you took care of in the beginning. You know that? Cody – yeah. Kevin – I’ll look into that later. I’m not voting her off, you’re not voting her off. That’s two right there. All you need to come up with is two more but even if you come up with four he’s not going to .. he’s (Josh) going to vote her off. There’s only 8 of us voting. Cody – well if he can convince him, I’ll be a f**king weapon for anyone the helps me. And I guarantee this next HOH is physical and I’m going to win it. Kevin – who are you thinking of putting up if you do win? You got to get these people that f**ked you over in the beginning. Kevin – I’ll help you. You’re a man of your word. Cody – absolutely, that’s all I’ve got. Kevin – Okay, I trust you then. They shake hands. Kevin – I’m telling you I’ll do what I can but I don’t know if I can save her. If she comes out with a 6 – 2 vote, it was me and you that saved her. Cody – I know.

10:45am Kevin and Jason.
Kevin – how about we tell him after Thursday after he hurts with her being gone. You and me can do it on our own. Paul and Alex dislike the prick so much… then we backdoor him or whatever you call it. He needs help dude. Jason – yeah. Kevin – guess who was my number 1 target last night? Jason – who? Kevin – Matt. Matt says that if he wins the HOH, everything’s going to switch. What does that mean? One of us going up? Jason – he’s been sleeping the whole time since he got here. Kevin – oh I will f**king go off! When the nominations happen at the kitchen table .. how come no one yells?! Jason laughs.

Kevin – He is more sneaky than Mark. Let Raven think everyone loves her.. she’s his dip shi*t. I am telling you once he (Cody) sees the shock of her (Jess) gone he is going to be so mad. He already is.
Kevin – I can’t wait for these temptations to be over. We got for Matt as the first one. That’s going to f**k everything up. Jason – no, its going to be amazing! Kevin – I say we send the first two guys packing (Matt and Cody), then its clear sailing to thing final 5. I won’t let him (Cody) mess with Paul and Alex. Jason – I think Matt is going to turn his game up. Kevin – no he’s not, I see him gone next week.

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11:12am Jessica and Cody in the hammock.
Jessica & Cody can hear Kevin and Jason talking about Christmas and how fit she is. Jessica – I don’t see muscle, I see a whole lot of fat that she can truffle shuffle her way home, but that’s just me.

12:30pm Bedroom – Alex, Josh and Christmas.
Christmas – I think that you and Jessica have been making a lot of progress. Josh – I don’t like how they’re making things personal, that’s another reason why I want her out. I am seeing Elena for who she is and how she has people wrapped around her finger. She can literally turn this whole house against us real quick. She could clip us one by one. So I am like Jess and Cody are still going to be targets. Christmas – this could be a major bargaining tool with Jess and Cody.. not an alliance but some sort of pass.. I told them they’re not my target. Josh – at the end of the day they’re both huge targets. Jason joins them. Josh asks them to just have his back if things go left. Jason jokes – no you’re dead to me. Why what are you going to do? Josh – pots and pans.

12:40pm HOH room. Jason and Josh.
Josh – Jess and Cody are clear targets. And I want Jess and Cody real bad because they take things real personal but on a game game game.. on a strategic level Elena is playing this game real good. Jason – how can she do anything? Josh – she has Mark, Raven and Matt. Jason – Mark, Elena, Raven and Matt… she has 4 people. Josh – she also had Jess and Cody. Jason – this week we’re getting Jess out. Josh – that’s what the house wants and I want that too but I am not leaving Elena out of the mix. When she saw that the house kept me she instantly dropped Mark, Jess and Cody. That’s disloyalty. Jason – there’s not enough of them. You’re getting paranoid. Josh – I know where Jess and Cody stand but Elena is playing the middle. Jason – I understand and I see it. They’re all equal. Cody is stronger with Jess here. When you stir sh*t, it stinks. If you want to make a switch, wait until the very last minute. Christmas joins them. Jason tells Josh he is in.

1pm HOH room. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – people have multiple masks in this house and I am just not built for that. I believe Alex and Kevin would be on board. And Jason, five minutes ago after you left he said no f**king way and now up here he says he’s in. I don’t know if he would or not. Josh – If I want Elena out, I will say I want her gone! Christmas – I’ve been working on an angle for you, that you don’t know about. I think I can be the conduit between her and Cody. I have a proposition for you, this is what we can do, this is what we’re asking for. From what I understand… this is top f**king secret. I have Kevin’s ear. Kevin is working for us to be safe. Paul has floated from one side to the other. This is not Paul’s house, this is the big brother house and at some point you have to pick an alliance. It seems like he has Elena’s side no matter what. He is so blind to her. I know that Jessica is willing to have Elena go in order to stay. What do we want in return. Josh – safety. Christmas – more specific. Christmas – this is going to flip the house but its Big F**King Brother! Lets have a good time! Matt and Raven interrupt. Josh asks for a minute. They leave. Josh – we need to stop showing Paul how close we are. Christmas tells Josh to stroke Paul’s ego. Christmas – I made it to jury .. goal accomplished. My next goal is to take you and I as far as possible and Kevin too because he’s a cool dude. I think she (Elena) should go. I’ll talk to Kevin. Josh – you can’t tell Paul until the last minute.

1:25pm HOH room. Matt, Raven and Josh. Matt – if Mark uses the veto it doesn’t hurt you because you have us (Matt & Raven) offering to go up. But if he uses it on someone else that’s when it causes a problem. Matt – this week is done, Jessica is going home. We just have to make sure that whoever wins HOH, they put up Cody. JOsh asks who would rather go up? Raven – personally I would rather vote out Jessica. Matt – it doesn’t matter to me. Josh – talk about it and I’ll talk to Mark. Raven – Don’t be too pushy because he could win HOH next week.

1:25pm – 1:50pm Bedroom – Kevin and Christmas cuddling. Alex, Jason talk about random things.

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If Jess stays that is great, but I don’t see Jody winning in the end against anyone because these people are so petty that it will be a bitter jury of hurt feelings.


jess can beat cody. cody loses to everyone.


How doesn’t cody lose to everyone? He’s even BEAT Paul, the bully of the house. He won his way back into the house and is STILL in the house currently. He won the fucking temptation competition this week so he’s safe lol AGAIN, how does he lose to everyone? Love Jess too but she lost and automatically got nominated.


I think they meant Cody wouldn’t win against any other houseguest if he made final 2.

No surprises

Cody had a chance to make an impact when he got a second chance, but Cody being Cody messed up all the work Jess did trying to mend fences. Just when I try to pull for the guy, he says something like, ” Josh sounds retarded when he speaks” or that he’s ” a good breeder”His head is not in the game as much as causing terror to avenge Jess


We can work with that for now 🙂

Dr Will

Mend fences? There was no mending fences. She was under the impression she was putting in work but they weren’t going to give them a 2nd chance. Paul had a personal beef with Cody so they were just blowing smoke up Jessicas ass thinking she was repairing relationships.
The bridge was burnt no matter what.

Victim Schmictim

All the more reason for them to let go of the Jody obsession now and take out a big target. Except, at this point these yahoos would probably be bitter about that too. Smh they didn’t realize Paul needed to go as soon as his huge advantage expired, and definitely before jury. On a game level I respect Cody for immediately knowing Paul had to go. It sucks that his one piece of solid reasoning backfired on him so spectacularly.

BB Lover

Christmas is so thirsty… I literally cringe when she’s cuddling up with Kevin that girl needs a Vibrator/Didilo or something It’s creppy that she is cuddling with a married man in the house and I’m surprised Kevin hasn’t said anything about it yet.


He’s said he’s falling in love with her…that’s what he’s said lol. I disapprove of what she’s doing, but I find it odd you’re singling out the person without a spouse instead of the one with a spouse who is an active participant in it.

Victim Schmictim

I agree. Kevin is disrespecting his wife and family. Christmas is disrespecting herself.

BB Lover

I wasn’t singling no one out they are both to blame Kevin is just to blame as Christmas , but it’s not like Kevin asked her to cuddle with me if Kevin ever said that then that’s a whole another ordeal .


But Kevin could of said, “No, out of respect for my wife and family , I can’t.” So both are to blame.


you make no sense, you say you’re not singling out anyone and they are both to blame but you are making excuses for kevin’s actions by saying he didn’t ask to cuddle with her, so does that mean his hands are a little less dirty than hers cause he didn’t initiate the contact? if you make a point, stand by it, there should be no “but” after your statement “they are both to blame”.

BB Lover

That is true what you said i only contradicted myself because I wanna believe that Kevin is not like that but who knows at this point it just creeps me out It kinda reminds me of what happened in BB16 with Cody and Christine.


At least Kevin can still use his own brain! Alex controls Jason in every way. I wonder if his wife wears the pants!? If so, She should have told him how to win.

The Voice of Reason

Christmas has flat-out asked Kevin if her behavior is acceptable because he is married. She said she would stop if he thought his wife would have a problem with it. He told her not to worry about it. Why people are jumping all over Christmas for this is beyond me. My personal opinion is that no one should be upset at either of them since the stroking and cuddling is not of a romantic nature and is something he would do with his daughters.


For a second I had heart palpitations reading Christmas and Josh’s conversation..I thought she was going to say to put Paul up. lol too good to be true. I want to believe they won’t send Jess home but we’ll wait and see if they are all tough talk then crumble to Paul’s demands.


Kevin being “da Man!” Love it! I’d rather he work with Cody and Jess at least until jury though – because I’d love to have those two in jury against Paul in an F2 if it happens. Plus, I think they’ve “earned” Jury IMO. But Kevin starting to take their side down – whoohoo.

Meatball is seeing the light

Please, Please, Puleeeease let Josh and Christmas execute this plan!


Today on Rigged Brother

10:14 in the have not room
Elana and Paul
Paul – See my plans always come together, I threw the HOH to Josh and he has executed the plan perfectly.
Elana – Yesterday you said that you wasn’t part of putting me up.
Paul – I had to play it that way or Josh would of put you on the block.
Elana – Um I’m on the block.
Paul – Are you questioning me again? Look I’m the Vet and you newbs don’t understand how to win at this game or all the nuances , I have a plan that when it finally comes together you will see how naive you all are for trusting me, Err not trusting me.
Elana – I didn’t quit my job at the community pool to be someones minion.
Paul – You are my #1, my ride or die you are the only one I want to take to the end, why do you think I keep my distance from you at times and put you on the block at others, it keeps people from talking. I thought you worked on a Radio show?
Elana – No I work as a life guard, I can’t swim but I sure can float.

10:32 HOH Room Matt, Buzzard and Josh
Josh – I’m so grateful Paul has given me this opportunity
Matt – Josh don’t say that you won that HOH fair and square.
Josh – No I mean on BB he said he hand picked me from all the applicants said he knew I’d be good for his game. we are both living with our Moms, both of us like Furries and said we are basically each others doppelganger.
Buzzard – (out of no where) I’m gonna die again today, I can feel the symptoms coming on now.
Josh – What are you feeling?
Buzzard – Ignored
Matt – Oh sh*t we weren’t ignoring you we were just waiting for you to finish eating, you have been at it since last night and I didn’t want to interrupt you I got bit last time.
Buzzard – WELL that’s how people die, you can’t understand how it is to live like this. I’ve had to be brought back 6 times in one day before just to be treated like this. It makes me want to die.
Josh – Can I do anything for you?
Buzzard – donate to my Go Fund Me site is the only cure I know of.

10:50 Back Yard – Paul, X-mas and Alex
X-mas – Paul has Production got back to you about our plan for Jessica?
Paul – They are checking in to it, but they aren’t sure if it would be contained to just her and her little man.
Alex – listen I play Video games for a living, what more of an expert do they need, Sure it’s a Bio hazard but HELLO I play Bioshock DUH? Bunch of P*ssies who’s the expert here.
Paul – They said they don’t even know where to find Anthrax
X-mas – If Cody was a real man he would tell us, especially since we haven’t done anything to them , we just sit back and take their insults., After the Game I need to teach him how to be a real man not such a wimp.
Paul – CBS is also concerned with Jess maybe being pregnant.
Alex – I can’t stand how she begs for attention, she is either doing it for more air time or for sympathy votes. I’m sure that was my baby she stole.
X-mas – She is so fake I can see right through her, she only got pregnant so she could get two stipends, it’s like taking food out of homeless peoples mouths.
Paul – Yeah I knew I shouldn’t of picked Jody, it should of been a couple of more fame whores like us, but Alison said she could control them and if not she will give me safety every week till it’s over.
X-mas – you mean all us us safe until they leave right?
Paul – No I tried for us all but CBS wouldn’t go for it.
Alex – Paul don’t blame yourself I know you try to put us before yourself, we know they think life is all about them, they are quitters Cody quit the Marines he is a LOOSER but last time I checked the war on terror was still a thing, I’m still fighting it, when I told him I was a Vet and had a higher rank then him he said that X Box doesn’t count, he’s never even played Call Of Duty so it’s not like he knows what he is talking about, and lets not forget Jess quit following the Kardashian’s, who does things like that. Vile people!!
Paul – Yes they are despicable people, I asked Cody if he would of given up his seat for Rosa Parks and he said “yes wouldn’t even have to think about it” see that proves it right there more worried about helping out a stranger he never met then holding the seat for me, it annoys me how when we attack him for his service that production team cuts the fee…

Feeds on fish


If you have time to keep writing these, that would be great. These are FUNNY! The lines you have for Alex and Xmas in the last bit slay me!


Sorry, this is a bizarre post….barely funny.


This made my day XD

Grodner Hearts Paul

Awesome post! And much more accurate than the whitewashed shows CBS keeps airing that bear little resemblance to the recaps we read here.


Too long

Raven is a Fraud

That was so on point… and hilarious!!! Buzzard’s part made me lol… ha ha!!!! Good read… loved it!!!

Judgmental Judy

Yeah, I’m reading them all the way through and hear their voices in my head saying it LOL. It actually takes a couple lines before realizing it’s parody because it’s so spot on! Good stuff 🙂


Omg that was amazingly funny and spot on! Raven and Paul in for a rude awaking when they get out of the house.


I love that Kevin and Christmas are ready to flip the script on Paul but feel it’s almost too good to be true!

Christmas, Kevin, Cody, and Jason vote to evict Elena
Mark takes himself off, Matt goes up
Mark votes to evict Matt (can’t see him voting Elena or Jess out)
Alex, Paul, and Raven vote to evict Jess

Elena is evicted.

Even if it ends up a tie, Josh will evict Elena over Jess.

Could it really be true? Kevin and Christmas just went up in my ranking.


It’s Sunday….so almost five full days to work this. Things will flip flop all week, so who knows. Given that there is absolutely nothing else to do in the house, people are just going to overthink, double think, and rethink this thing.

(Cody, you need to do some work to. I know Jess will)


TO all you Jody lovers, Kevin and Jason need to vote out Jess to harness Cody. It would be just dumb to keep Jessica at this point.


Jason won’t. He’ll do whatever Alex does.


Simon and Dawg,

How many people are participating in the rankings each day (on average)?


700 – 1K


Very impressive! I’m sure the numbers will continue to rise. If I was an HG in the house, I would definitely want to see the data when I got out. Super cool!

Jimmy 64

I’m glad to see someone standing up to Paul even if it is Josh.

CHill out

” Jessica – I don’t see muscle, I see a whole lot of fat that she can truffle shuffle her way home, but that’s just me.”

Jealous much? Hate her for her game all you want, but Christmas has a bangin’ body.

BB Juicy Blast

I thought the same thing… I’m gay and even I think Christmas looks amazing… and Jessica looks like Gollum.


Xmas has an incredible physique. Not sure what Jess is talking about? Jess looks great as well, but don’t deny that Xmas is in incredible shape. (I like Jess, but these ‘snobby’, arrogant comments are why she was at the bottom of the ranking grid for the first few weeks.)


She was just joking; I found it funny at least. Jessica has a way with words I like.


I don’t think she’s joking. I think she’s probably insecure in her looks. Jessica is beautiful but only on the outside. She disrespects herself with the way she acts and she seems arrogant as demonstrated by her comments. She is also disrespectful of others by putting her fingers up their a$$. Not a fan of her as I think she represents the wrong message to young women today. I was in the fence about Xmas until she started with Kevin. I don’t respect her or Kevin for this. If it’s all innocent (and it can be) then cool. But they are both willing participants and should be ashamed. I’m struggling to still support KevinForTheWin.


She was being facetious. She knows Christmas has a great body. She’s not blind. It doesn’t look like there is an ounce of fat on either of those girls’ bodies.

Did I Miss Something?

I keep seeing these “fingers up their a$$” and “grabbing people’s va****s” comments, and apparently I just completely missed this little storyline. Can someone please explain to me specifically what happened/is happening and the details that surround the incident(s)?


Well, I can tell you what I have seen…

Jess does cross personal boundaries, for sure. She has no problem grabbing at crotches and poking butts, but I’ve never seen her actually stick her finger up someone’s butt, if that’s what you’re asking.

Some HG’s are claiming to be uncomfortable with her handy work, but they act all fun and games with her most of the time, and it’s my opinion that Paul has been using the whole poke a-hole thing as Jess ammo (Alex has been using it as well).

Is Jess crude? IMHO, yep! She has crass conversation and crosses personal boundaries that I would definitely take issue with. I’m not sure why she thinks it’s okay, but my instinct tells me she thinks it’s all in fun (not funny to me).

Jess' Catty Comments

Hmmm…….I don’t think Jess “jokes” when she makes insulting comments abt the other women in the house.She has an ugly disturbing side to her. A lot of her “funny” comments involve violence towards the other women too esp Alex. The finger in the rectum is the clincher. When she says ” We deserve to be here more then them” comes off as entitled and bratty…. real classy of her sucking on Cody’s nipple last night coupled with the Maven banging one bed over…

Grodner Hearts Paul

Agree all around. Credit where it’s due. I hate her game. Love her body. But if she turns on Paul this week, I think a lot of opinions will change about her.


bitch did you not hear Chtistmas say that jessicas a hoe bc codys giving up 500’000 dollars for her…. yall got some serious haterade


Too soon you idiots. HotMessica and Coldy have to go first.

Big bro

That was dumb


My Christmas Wish: Julie says, “Paul, please help Xmas out the door”, and the house guests slam the door in his face. A double eviction sent from Santa!


If Josh pulls off tossing Elena Thursday, it will be so much fun watching Paul, Matt, Raven heads explode. I will come on this site and give Josh a 5 ranking!!!


What ??? Josh, you been sandbaggin’ homes–or you’re a genius at hiding a brain nobody though you had !!! Who knew?


I think Jess has some kind of eating disorder.She doesn’t eat much and she criticizes Christmas body fat?WTF


I’ve been thinking that as well (eating disorder). She really doesn’t eat much at all.

Go Fuck yourself

This is the best season in a long long time. I want to say since season 10. Dan’s season.


Why so bossy?


Josh should nominate Matt.
It may cause Kevin to switch up the vote and evict matt! I think Kevin can get mark Cody Jason and Christmas on board to evict him!


Production telling Xmas to create some hope for an interesting week only to yank the football away from the man child at the end as per Paul’s instructions?

The obvious

Jess is so jealous. First Alex, now Christmas. Say what you like about Christmas, no one can say she is fat and doesn’t have muscles!


“Jessica – (about Xmas) I don’t see muscle, I see a whole lot of fat that she can truffle shuffle her way home, but that’s just me.”

This shade coming from a bone-thin girl? I don’t know why females be so jealous of one another.

I wish Xmas never gotten hurt. I wanted to see her compete.


My heart be still….is someone thinking for themselves?! Fingers crossed something unexpected happens that doesn’t have Paul’s approval. Can’t wait to see his face!


If they can get Elena out that would tell me Paul is no longer running the house. I don’t care who go.. I don’t have a favorite.


I like how Kevin is setting up Cody and sealing it with his vote. He can keep himself, Jason and Paul safe by claiming he did not have the chance to talk them into saving Jessica and they did not have the votes anyway.

Although if Kevy brings in C’mas, Josh (tie-breaker) and Paul’ they can save Jess and evict Elena. That creates an unstable, untrustworthy, untrue and shady alliance- no one will keep their word and each will target the other. Also it will take votes away from defectors Kevin, C’mas and Paul- just not the best move for their individual games

The C’mas/Josh plan to vote out Elena this week or even whatever pawn they choose will not work because they simply do not have the votes.

Best to evict Jess and then pull together the strong competitors Cody, Paul, Alex, Jason (?) and strategist (?) Kevin to win weekly HOH and to target and pick off the floaters and non-competitors: Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven, Josh and C’mas, one by one. I think Cody could be convinced that the competitors deserve to remain in the game to battle it out at the end, once (if) he gets over Jess’s eviction.

That would entertain me


Josh wanting to keep Jess & taken out Elena has PRODUCTION written all over it. Not like they haven’t done this before, Season 13 when Shelly who rallied hardcore to get Rachel out, went in DR & came out & flipped the house into keeping Rachel.


My favorite part is that Shelly also voted for Rachel to win BB13. Would love to know how much she was paid for that vote.


Josh is digging himself a hole. Dumb Meatball

Venting moment

Can’t lie.. All of the women in the house are reprehensible (with the exception of Alex .. although she has her moments as well) .. Christian cuddling up to Kevin all day and night knowing he’s a married man and you should respect his marriage.. Elena always rubbing her damn nips that hang too low and scratching/rubbing Paul.. giving herself bathing suit wedgies and just always needing attention to be in her.. Raven putting on that fake baby voice trying to be cutsie while disrespecting herself on camera multiple times by having sex or giving bjs to Matt.. and of course we can forget Ms Jess who can’t go a day without sticking or talking about sticking things in assholes.. as a Latina I was initially annoyed at the poor representation we had by way of Josh but now I am more offended at the representation of females they have on the show… disgrace


I have a question. If I have my pants on, how is it possible for Jessica to stick her fingers in my asshole? Maybe my buttcrack, but my asshole?

The Voice of Reason

Because she sticks her hands down their loose fitting shorts. Are you under the impression they have to be naked to be penetrated? The ones wearing blue jeans like Jason and Kevin aren’t having it happen to them, but the ones like Paul, Matt, and Cody who only wear shorts were getting the brunt of it.


The women are reprehensible ? I guess they did these things all on their own? The men just stood by and let these horrible vile acts be committed against them against their will? I’m surprised the men didn’t stage a mass walk out!


Kevin and Jason ” I won’t let him mess with Paul!” Oh pleaseeeee I just can’t believe Kevin (Jason I can) are so ignorant and oblivious to what’s going on. I think if they were aware of Paul’s antics it would be shown in the diary room sessions . So frustrated at the stupidity! They just have ridiculous strategy .


I am just not understanding some of these women. Elena is definitely playing a game but it’s not Big Brother. Mark joked about using his veto on her. Maybe it wasn’t a joke. I don’t know. But then she lets him back in her bed. She goes to where josh and mark are wearing no bra or underwear and flaunts it even more when they seem uncomfortable about it. Then Christmas all over a married man. Granted she’s not the one that’s married and Kevin should be ashamed and not allow that at all. And Christmas should have more character to cuddle with a married man. But in everything I see. Everyone is hating on her. Kevin is the one that’s married. It is his responsibility as a married man to shut that down. I really enjoy Kevin’s personality and was rooting for him for a while but I’m not liking the whole Christmas thing at all. And that doesn’t fall solely on her shoulders. .


Seeing Kevin and Christmas makes me want to puke, I was rooting for him but I am losing it very fast. Come think of your wife and kids that have to see that. It is just gross

Judgmental Judy

Kevin, being the married guy, doesn’t strike me as anything but platonic in any affection he shows the girls. But it doesn’t look good. I would LOVE to see Jessica stay. Matt and Raven are way too cocky and comfortable. I AM sick of hearing Josh day “it’s just Game & they took it personal”. He’s the biggest baby in the house. How is every horrible thing he’s done suddenly game? There’s been no strategy on him losing his s#!& and getting in the gutter.


Raven telling Paul first about her mom, her mom has epilepsy besides the gastroperiesis
About herself her Chromosome 10 is mutated or folded over? That is why she has arthritis and why she has a bad knee, the bone is wasted away. By December she needs a new pacemaker, a new knee, a full hysterectomy. She can freeze her eggs but it is expensive and chances are they would have what she has so she would be “watching her children die”
What else, her body does not make enough progesterone? so if she doesn’t use some special again expensive cream she will be in the hospital every time! Also her grandma has Alzheimers AND dementia! Damn the whole family is in bad shape. Something about the brother where he can have kids but doesn’t want kids or something. People got more issues then a 77 Buick


I don’t believe most of what she says. Sounds like they are a bunch of hypochondriacs. The majority of what she says is incorrect. She’s a full-time charity case.


At this point, I think most of what mensa girl says is exaggeration. The study on pten abnormalities that i read doesn’t seem to match Raven’s description. I’m pretty sure she’d mention that her immune system is deficient in fighting tumor growth, that she’d had demonstrable childhood hearing loss, or that she suffered life long learning disabilities and cognitive impairments which the study says are early indicators of pten abnormalites. While suppression of the pten can lead to problems with rheumatoid arthritis, I’m thinking arthritic joints also go hand in hand with dance careers. I also wonder if this is the same knee she complained about being injured in week one competition. Given that contracts for eligibility to play big brother include being healthy enough to compete, hasn’t production gone far enough in aid of her health situation in making sure that she would never be a have not?


Why doesn’t anyone complain about Kevin’s inappropriate behavior? He’s married. He needs to say something.


Just wait and you’ll get your wish.
This message board is full of whiners and complainers


So what if Jess goes? Her game is over, been over since she chose to go back into isolation with Cody. They all want Jess out, Josh is only saying that because DR is trying to get him to keep her. So what is it DR manipulation or Paul manipulation? I’d rather see Jess gone, Jody made their bed after week 1, Production tried to save them by giving Jess the hex & helping Cody practice in the maze comp before the show, but like the bad players that Jody are, they never took advantage of it, by backdooring Paul. So what do Jody fans want?


I hope they can pull it off and get Jess to stay.

BUT as a viewer, I need Cody to not isolate himself ( and by extension Jess), and just sit in a corner and pout. (Don’t need another Shelli and Clay).

Dr. J

I wish Josh would wake up and put Paul on the block to make him squirm. There are too many Paul followers in the house for that to happen. However, if Xmas can swing the Elena vote to get her out that would be a major floater out of the house. Then Matt, Raven and Mark. Kevin is a floater of another sort. He’s entertaining to the houseguests and feeds so he stays put. At least he’s not trying to get a modeling jog, a television gig, or acting job. Then they can go to war with each other. I cannot stomach Paul any longer nor the minions following him around. They better wake up or Paul is the winner. Ugh!


They better be careful to not look sketchy to Paul before the veto, or he will tell Mark to use it on Elena because she’s in jeopardy. Paul will make sure he gets his way, even if they tell him right before the vote he will threaten them that if they don’t have his back the alliance is over.


Fair enough if he does that – his cards will finally show.


The one thing I’m not buying from Xmas is that she HAD to use her temptation. She didn’t. She got misted by Paul. Now she is working to keep Jess.


As much as I want to believe it, that they will vote out Elena…. There is no way they will go against Paul’s wishes… Unfortunately…


Cody and Jess need to sit down with Josh and bury the hatchet. Strike up a 1-2 week deal if Jess stays in the game. Granted Josh cannot control the votes, but he can steer them towards possibilities, but it may be too late especially if Raven is the replacement nominee.

Raven would have: Matt, Paul, Alex, Jason (who would vote to evict Jess)
Elena would have: Mark (he may vote against Raven)
Jessica may have: Cody (certain), Kevin (maybe), Christmas (maybe depending on the deal cut with Josh)

Unless Jason flips, Jess is going home….


Who is more despicable?
BB16 Chrustine’s flirtmance with Cody (Vote up)
Raven scamming millions of people out of their money in donations to gain sympathy for her “disease” ( Vote down)

Judgmental Judy

That’s a tough one!


If Christmas is sincere to work with Josh, they can save Jessica or at least flip the house after this week. First, get Christmas to convince Kevin to favour Jessica with their votes and agree on one target (i.e. 3 guaranteed votes out of 8 shifting for Jess) Then bargain with Mark to use his veto without replacement. Put Paul up (bold step). Mark joins to vote against Paul to favour Elena. You will be surprise how many more HGs that will want to get rid of Paul seeing him on the block. If it comes to a tie, Josh evicts Paul (the biggest move of the season). If Paul survives, Josh forms an alliance with Cody (who will now trust him at least), Mark, Christmas and Elena/Jessica. That’s a good number for reasonable alliance.


Kevin I can’t wait untill your wife sees this xmas wtf he is married girl.


The first sh&t stain to leak to Paul the garden gnome is………………..ALEX! She tells Pauline that Josh wants hot lips out. (trying to work her goods last night huh? No bra or pants. Her last name Kardashian?) She was also crying to Josh how she can’t pay her bills if she does not make jury. Matt pipes up “that’s not happening” and Paul says “he does not vote so he doesn’t get a say”


Let’s first calm down about Kevin cuddling a bit with Xmas. She has cuddled with Paul, Jason, Josh and Kevin is if anything a good father and loving husband by all accounts I’ve read or heard anywhere. You dnt know he and his wifes life. Or their convo before he left. She may have said do what you need to do minus sexual. And we all know if his wife was upset about anything it would get out ala Christines husband not diggin’ it. So let’s slow our roll on Kevin is a cheater.

I believe Kevin really does have Cody and Jess’s back at least right now. Kevin and Cody both are cats that maybe you dnt get it but with honorable men it just is that a handshake is real and truth even in a game. Some will say oh a lot of ppl shake on BB and break it. Not cats like Cody and Kevin. Trust me.

I dnt trust Xmas or Josh. Xmas and Kevin are the key ppl on this save Jess deal. I also dnt trust Alex at all.

Stay tuned. This could be epic week.




i want to LOL at you thinking Kevin who is loyal to Paul and Paul only has Cody’s back but who knows. The guy has lied about who he’s voted out before so when he gives Cody his word on Jess I inherently doubt him. Yeah he’s smooth but those are often times the sketchiest people. They lull you into a false sense of security then they cut your legs off.


I hope they keep jess? Vote Elena out,!

Ravens go find me

Wtf? Is going on with these asshats! I about died I thought they were going to put Paul on the block. I am actually proud of kosh for wanting to do something other than Paul’s doing! Let’s get Elena out?

the kid from kindergarten cop

Boys have a penis girls have a vagina


Anyone notice how much Elena and Raven have gained weight? I thought Raven couldn’t hold down food? What is up with the go fund me page? Fraud? Both of them need to go way before Cody and Jess.


Poor Cody probably believes sketchy Kevin when he says he will vote to save Jess even though she can’t be saved. Jeez he’s such a creep.


So tonight I realized why I still love this show – because of these recaps and the comments. I follow almost everyday here, and DVD the shows, and now watching last Wednesday’s episode when Paul is working his black magic with Jessica and Cody … can’t stand it. And the bullying I’ve read about – so not okay!!! If I only had the show to rely on, it would be OVER. Thank you Simon and dawg for giving us the truth 24/7!!! I will still watch and hope for the best … #nominions #jody ?!?!?!

Obb OG

I’m actually starting to like josh and xmas (a little bit) , it’s nice to finally see them waking from the paul spell and making their own game moves, I hope xmas realizes how stupid it was for her to use her power this week, i’m sure if jess stays and wins hoh she will put xmas up because she only used it because paul said so. If they really think about it its better to have jody in jury and vote together if xmas and josh help them get there they might vote for them to win if they make it that far.

Nixie Pix

Paul is trying to be Derrick and it’s not a good look on him. The difference btwn the two is Derrick wasn’t instructing people to be mean or bullying other house guest. When BB first started you actually had house guest playing the game for themselves and not for one person. They hung out in the living room and not holed up in the HOH room. They voted out who they wanted not what ONE person wanted. XMAS should think about what her actions are looking like to the viewers and Kevin’s wife and daughters, he should not be cuddling up to another woman knowing that America is watching, and Jason, he’s married but talking about his infatuation with Alex? disgusting. You can play this damn game without jeopardizing your integrity. No one knows what Cody went through over seas and should not judge him when none of them gave up their freedom for other’s.
Paul is an idiot and Josh sounds like a big meatball baby. They all are so worried about getting to jury that they are forgetting that if they play the game for themselves, they could eventually walk away with $500,000 instead of the measly $10 they get in jury. And none have thought that the people who will go to jury are the one’s who DECIDE who wins, so play nice. I do think that production set it up with Paul coming in and getting the 1st temptation and they script things to go a certain way. Jason is disgusting and even though I don’t care for them, I hope Cody wins HOH and kicks Paul in the balls outta there. I hope Jessica or Mark get America’s Favorite just to spite the rest of the assholes. Question though? why did we see Paul’s HOH room and his letter but not Josh’s or anyone else’s? was I sleeping? lol Really wish they would go back to the original way of BB.