“he’s (Josh) been an absolute Monster for 4 weeks.. I don’t believe he deserve a sympathy vote”

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6:13pm Jason and Kevin backyard
Talking about how awesome the house will be when it’s Alex, Paul and the two of them.
Kevin says they will be getting Cody and jessica followed by Mark, Elena, then JOsh, Christmas matt and Raven.

Alex yells out her favorite Video game is Bioshock. She tries to explain the game to Kevin.

6:31pm Jessica and ramses
Jessica tells him don’t let anybody not vote josh out.. If they come to him and tell him they are going to vote him out because of some personal reason/promise. She stresses to not let them.
Jessica goes on about how she’s advocating a unanimous vote.
Jessica – he’s (Josh) been an absolute Monster for 4 weeks.. I don’t believe he deserves a sympathy vote

6:50pm Christmas is whispering something about “Mark not hearing sh1t”

6:52pm Rainbow

6:56pm Raven and matt
Raven says he’s the brains of their operation. Matt says if Cody wins HO he would put up Christmas and Paul
Raven – he would put up Mark and Paul
Matt – CODY?
Raven – I dunno..
Matt – our best case scenario is for Alex, Jason or Josh to win HOH this week.. Even Xmas
Raven wants Josh so he can take out Jessica.
Matt says mark will put up Christmas and Josh.
Matt – If Cody won you would be safe.. I might be safe as a residual to that.
Raven says mark is getting worse
They agree Mark is a jack a$$
Raven – so rude.. Can you chill about Ramses and Alex..

7:07pm Notice the person in the reflection

7:10pm Mark, Elena and Paul
Elena asks who is going home next week.
Paul – I don’t know but I want to keep the power on this side..
Paul says Mark and Cody seem cool now. Paul doesn’t trust Cody just because they aren’t on the block doesn’t mean Cody wouldn’t put him up when he wins HOH.
Elena says the longer Cody and Jessica are in the game the more of a problem they become.
Mark says that Cody doesn’t want to make waves.
Paul – so he would listen to us
Elena – Umm hmm

7:33pm Alex and Jason
Alex says Kevin is screwing them with the dates. Kevin knows the dates 100%. Alex is thinking they could get rid of Kevin before Josh because Kevin is being so sketchy.

8:04pm Christmas, Kevin and Jessica
Christmas says the bench press bar they have is awful, she has no idea why they picked that over a ordinary one.

8:30pm Kevin and Jessica
Jessica says she got the temptation and it’s better than Paul’s.
Jessica – you’re the only person that knows..
Kevin – I won’t tell anyone mark my word..
Kevin says the house will guess it was her.

Kevin – it’s going to come out.. say they put you on the block
Jessica – depending on who wins HOH next week I’m going to tell them.
Jessica- the punishment is for who puts us up on the block
Kevin – they go up on the block
Jessica – I’m not saying
Kevin – ohh something like that, cool
Jessica – whoever is HOH if they try anything I have the power to inflict the punishment on them.

Kevin – so you have 4 weeks.. WOW!
Kevin – what if someone wins HOH that doesn’t like you guys.. which is 9 tenths of the house. How are they going to believe you?
Jessica- well they can put us up on the block then deal with the consequences
Kevin – don’t warn them f* that, why warn them then yo know who likes you and who dislikes you
Jessica – there’s more to it.. there’s reasons why

8:41pm Chit chat
You can hear Paul saying out of the blue “I miss Dom”
Elena says Mark misses Dom says sarcastically she was jealous of mark and Dom’s relationship.
Elena questions weather or not Dom knew what she was talking about some of the time.

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Uncle Teddy

Jessica and Cody. Big Brother masters


Too bad no cameras will be around when Jess watches back this season and finds out she just told Paul’s errand boy(Kevin) the worst thing she could possibly say to him. Would love to see the reaction. Had such high hopes for this weeks game play. But more of the same these hg’s barely qualify for walking upright. It’s a wrap just hand the win over to Paul and spare us the time.


She planned to tell Kevin. Let’s see where it will go from Kevin’s mouth to whom?

Team Jody!

Telling Kevin could be a good thing, if Kevin runs and tells Paul then maybe they will think twice about crossing Jessica and keep rams! Jessica should tell Kevin that she overrides the next HOH nominees. Hopefully that’s enough scare for them to vote Jessica’s way


Ha ha….poor Jess


I cannot notice any person in the reflection but maybe it’s the sneaky Andrew …


It looks like Christmas ??



Fruit Loop Dingus

Andrew the HG’s need your help please please. Save the season Andrew & work your BB magic.
Did he show up yet in the house I said his name three times!!!!


Andrews to good to get caught!


Andrew is on the sex offender registry


Did Jessica explain the hex to Kevin accurately – or did she lie about it? She said that if she goes on the block, something bad happens to the HOH. (I’m pretty sure that’s what she said – whispers are hard to hear sometimes.) I thought it just meant that she can halt any eviction for 4 weeks.


I think she was lying to Kevin in hopes of preventing anyone from putting she and Cody on the block for the next four evictions. I’m thinking that she thinks Kevin will tell the others.


She is trying to scare them from putting her on the block. That’s why she’s exaggerating her hex.


I agree with most people, Mark is playing a near perfect game causing each side to question his loyalty. By doing that they focus on the ring leaders of the other side.

Someone said he plays a lot like doctor will, I have to agree.


I don’t know whether to thumbs up for sarcasm for thumbs down for WTF. I’m guessing it’s sarcasm – the tip off is that you “agree with most people”.


Hey “Me” – are we watching the same show!??


Please!! I hope this was sarcasm…Never compare anyone on this season..ESPECIALLY mark,to Will…

Capt. Obvious

That someone was you.

Guy From Canada

It’s not intentional so it’s not game play…..


Are you kidding!!! Dr will and mark have nothing in commun. I never saw will crying over stupid things like Mark.

You have to be sarcastic or your a troll

Dr. Will

How dare you compare me to Mark the Floater. RING, RING: Hello? It’s Janelle. I want my pink muscle shirt back!


Mark is nothing like Dr. Will, the greatest ever….. Stop using drugs please, I beg you!

Couple thoughts….. Jess is a fool for telling folks about the temptation. I even thought “Secret Powers” in the past you were not allowed to disclose. Such as a diamond veto ect. Lets see…America votes you a special power that’s just putting a bigger target on her back. Kevin will blab no doubt about it.
Speaking of Kevin I see him as a floater but Alex and Jason I thought would align against Paul but based on the Jason/Kevin convo above they are taking Paul F4? The season of the idiots is truely beginning. The next 2 evictions is about evicting folks before Jury. Frankly based on Josh’s behaviour he has to go but Ramses is going it would appear.
No fav for me again this season. I think the house will wake up before F6 and get rid of Paul. F3 possible………
3 part final
F1- (endurance) Alex get to 3 she plays part 3 for the money
F2-(puzzle/time comp) Jason , Cody and Maybe Matt if any get to F3 and obviously Paul as well. The way I see the house Jason can go back and forth at this point. He’d be hard to beat physically if he played second part of the 3 part final.
F3-(well kinda) instead of guessing who wins part 3 how about guessing who gets dragged along as the one they all think they can beat.. Once they settle which side runs the house to the end who do “they” drag F3 to sit beside finale night? Josh has to big a mouth and gets taken out. Maybe lay about, do nothing, Elaine makes a great choice. She never gets the votes for 500K.

Dr. mark

That’s a double scratch!!!!

The Beef

So if not using the veto to take Ramses down wasn’t dumb enough, now Jessica tells Kevin she got the temptation. This girl is not very smart. Why would you tell anybody you got it, much less even hint to them what that power might be?


They already knew she had it. Paul guessed and told everybody why he thought so. Jessica was just confirming what they already knew and she knew they knew. She was trying to gain Kevin’s trust. He seems to be a fair weather loyalist and she can sense that.


If he’s fair weathered as far as trust goes, then why would she be interested in his trust to begin with? Honestly, it was stupid to tell him that. I guess I could see it if she told the new hoh to try to scare them, even that wouldn’t be the smart thing to do. The smartest thing is to keep it quiet. She’s actually painting an even bigger target on herself.


I’d really like to see Ramses go tell folks they aren’t allowed to give Josh a sympathy vote, per Jessica’s wishes/orders/whatever. That’ll be fun to watch.


Jessica why did you tell kevin about the temptation, he has the biggest mouth in the house!


That’s the plan.


Really, Raven? Matching black and blue outfits? I guess it was bound to happen.


Alex needs to lay off Kevin and take shots at the other side. Kevin is one of your biggest allies. Why are you trying to take him out. For someone that knows the game, Alex is clueless.

Mark, my word!

I think Alex sees Kevin as America’s favourite, and wants to get him out early in hopes he is forgotten.

Alex fans are at the level of James fans

Alex wants Kevin out because she senses Paul her daddy is too close to Kevin. Her delusional Final 2 with Paul she thinks is threatened by Kevin. I can’t wait to see her walk out the door. May be my most enjoyable moment of the season.


Despite all the power jody have, they are still the underdogs in the house as no one is on their side. So I’m routing for them.
Can’t stand Paul’s army, even more disappointed that alex and Jason want to go to final 4 with Paul, idiots!


It kinda looks like Christmas ??

Kevin's Tommy Lee syndrom

Is that ramses wearing Matt’s cut off longhorns abomination.


Raven has some fancy story tonight! I mean I don’t know wouldn’t a doctor take an mri or x-ray or even an optic camera before they put the scalpel to someone? I don’t think they would just cut into a major organ. She is shady something about her I don’t like or trust.


Poor foolish josh….he is in for a rude awakening when he hits the outside world again. He thinks he is doing such a great job. “He is playing the game”. Lol he is going to see how people look at him for the idiot he portrays and the tears will flow. At least he will be with his mommy and she can dry his tears for him. He actually has no idea how he is coming off.


Atleast no one is like “we have a free ride to Jury”


They are all saying that. That’s the ultimate goal : jury. No one play for the 500k

gnome creature paul and his submissive minion beta bitches vs cody/jess

josh is trying way too hard, he is everything i dont appreciate in a player, he is whiny, fragile, weak minded, super fake, loud for no reason with a phony diary room over the top style, immature, unintelligent, a liar who says he never lies, cries when called out on his behavior, and yes constantly saying meatball is dumb, monotonous, and not funny…he is a follower to the point of doing things needlessly that negatively impact his game, and he can dish it but cant take it…is he special needs or just a train wreck? most children have better emotional stability/maturity…seems his only motivation in the house is to please paul and do anything he says to get attention, like a dog trying to please its owner…the only reason he may stay is not due to his own actions but because paul wants to continue to exploit his volatile instability to bully and harrass cody/jess, because paul is too much of a pussy to do it himself…josh is a mindless minion who will do as he is told, thinking he will be a cool kid if he does everything paul orders him to do, but paul wont give a shit about josh after the show, paul is just using him and actively leading josh to embarrass himself and look like a nutcase…josh is caring more about trying to ruin the experience of cody/jess rather than enjoying his own experience

im astonished how submissive pauls minions are to him, its cringeworthy and uncomfortable to watch at times…they are going to have to go home to their friends/family and explain why they chose to be pauls bitch all summer…people are completely overrating paul, he has a bunch of morons mindlessly following him because of his popularity, even when they know paul is the most likely to win…its not so much that paul is a good manipulator, its that his minions dont want to make their own decisions, they want to be lead and told what to do, how to do it and when to do it, its embarrassing to see this level of cuck behavior from fully grown adults…production really made sure they cast a very submissive and pro paul cast to give him the best possible chance of going far(in addition to 4 weeks safety)…elena/raven willing to dump their showmance in terms of game decisions for paul, ramsey having a crush on paul, alex/jason/kevin stupidly ok with voting out ramsey their own number for paul (because dumb alex says paul never lies), josh willing to behave in a way it gets him nominated to please paul, even kevin in his 50s willing to accept paul telling him what to do which kevin dislikes yet he still is a yes man to paul, multiple people who follow paul on insta so they are more likely to work with rather than against him…its fucking pathetic, paul is an arrogant full of himself spoiled little rich kid gnome creature, its strange so many want to kiss his ass when they dont have to

no idea why cody/jess are so hated with almost everyone targeting them and trying to screw them over multiple times to the point they are willing to needlessly blindside the best comp threats in the game, creating potentially 4 enemies instantly if the blindside happens…i thought the hoh win of jess was very epic…10 against 2, an epic 3 hour win at 6 am on the anniversary of her dad passing away, and won despite the house against them with a heckling, bullying atmosphere, all but one punishments dumped on cody/jess…i rate it one of the most impressive hoh wins alltime…im rooting for cody/jess as i really respect how they are handling themselves, despite their noms this week, against the odds and a house obsessed with them and i cant stand anyone else apart from kevin at times because of his humor

even if ramsey goes home im not bothered as he is an alex number and cody/jess will be targeted anyway and its a net win as they will then know where they stand, where peoples loyalty is for sure, may gain 2 extra numbers in mark/elena, and paul may lose 2 numbers, and shows how dumb alex/jason/kevin are as ramsey is a clear loyal number for them, the fact they want to vote him out and keep someone alot less loyal to them, plus likely annoying 4 people with a blindside is stupid…jess wants alex out and vice versa, so if alex wants to vote one of her own out just to kiss pauls ass, go ahead…jess was genuine and kept all these people safe and if they return the goodwill by needlessly blindsiding her, it will make the revenge halting hex even better…haters can hate them all they want, but the bottom line is the only reason the season is still somewhat interesting is because of cody/jess and once cody/jess are gone, and in hopefully jury rather then home, it becomes a cakewalk boring paul steamroll…for the good of the season cody/jess need to stay as long as possible and its why it was critical cody returned and the halting hex was given to jess and she won hoh finally guaranteeing them some safety(5 comp wins combined including the battle back in 48 hours is impressive), prolonging the rivalry of paul v cody/jess

This is so pitiful. I mean whatever Paul says, they are like okay Paul whatever you want. Like I said it is the Paul show not BB. It really is unenjoyable because is even talking about any other strategy besides Paul’s. Is there no end to this insanity????

Amen to that

This is all BS, production wanted those evil two to win and they did, they are shit, worthless two, the games jess won were terrible and easy and to let Cody play the same game against Paul was stupid, its just plain BS! Jessica and Cody are nothing but Bullies! hope they leave soon!!!!!! can’t stand to even look at either of them, when watching BB after Dark, I fast forward over anything they do. Very annoying people!!!!

Victim noises. Have fun Thursday evening. Cuck? Think Mark, up Cody’s rear until he’s up Paul’s rear, now tossing Cody’s salad again. He will be hung out to dry and Elena will ditch him. The Shift key is your friend. Ramsey? Ramses is done.

bolt limp

It’s a riot when snowflakes try and use our lingo

You’re comment was excruciatingly difficult to read. You need to educate yourself in the use of punctuation. Call me the grammar police if you wish, but communicating is getting to be much harder, though it should be getting easier.


Haha Cody and Jessica not putting up a bigger threat than Josh and Ramses is one of the worst moves I’ve seen!! Then they won the veto and still didn’t do anything!!! WTF I get that the house probably wouldn’t vote out Paul(he’s misted them pretty well) but come on you don’t put up a Christmas or Matt or even Mark I’m pretty sure that even Paul would take a shot at them….what a wasted week Josh can go at anytime and so can Ramses!!


Simon or Dawg, is there a section or a link to the temptation power Jess has? I don’t think I fully understand it. Thanks.


Google : big brother 19 temptation halting hex


I really hope the temptation gets used next week. Would be cool to see Cody/Jess on the block and Josh get drawn for the veto and win it. Then she has to use the temptation. Production chose the wrong pair to help, they are no Jeff and Jordan. One of the two need to go asap to make it fun to watch for me. Unfortunately we are stuck for at least two more weeks of soft porn.. Way to go CBS. (Major eye roll)


Couldn’t agree more. I think Jessica is actually under the assumption that America just loves watching her and Cody. I wish one of them would just go home. I feel like that maybe by themselves they may have been likeable but the way they latched onto each other and tried way to hard, way to early to become this power couple adored by all was just futile.


Have you seen Raven and Matts porn sessions?. Nothing discreet about it. Raven walks around with no top to show off her implants she bought with donations. Raven is the true disgusting female in the house. She’s a phony liar.


I have been trying to think who Mark looks like…Magilla Gorilla.

Not a fan of Mark

Paint him green and he would look just like the Incredible Hulk.

Not a fan of Mark

The Incredible Hulk is who he reminds me of.

Bunny Flop

So if Raven dives below 10 feet under water, because she’ll implode. She can sky dive because she’ll explode. Her phone turns of her pacemaker. She can’t go through a metal detector. My God! That poor girl!
Not only is she’s going to die any minute, but she might implode or explode!

Alex fans are at the level of James fans

Alex wants Kevin out cuz she senses her daddy Paul is too close to Kevin.

Any of you Alex fans are clueless morons. Js.

Cult Of Paulinality

Is Raven truly sick? Some of the things she is saying seem off…Something about her that I can’t put my finger on.


You can see the outline of her stomach pacemaker when her stomach is bare. But the reality is she can’t be that sick. She says she’s a dancer thats a pretty active job. She seems to be hamming it up big time for camera. I don’t beliee she’s in any way terminal. Her disease has treatment and is manageable it’s not a death sentence at all. I think she’s just laying it on for the sympathy, i’m so cute, sweet and sick how could anyone vote me out. I don’t believe BB would put someone who was genuinely sick with an unmanageble disease on the show.


Jess and Cody are the only ones to root for in this dumb as brick house of sheep. Josh is a sad pathetic baby who thinks he’s fierce but in actuality he is a sad victim queen who throws bi polar fits when things don’t go his way. Honestly him, Raven, Alex , Matt, and Paul are the worst this season. .Epic fails all around. It’s not fun to watch a whole house of sheep drink the kool aid of an bearded hipster douchebag and act like moronic cult members. I am glad JODY has all the power for now and will see what a bunch of traitors they all are and go in for the jugular in the next few weeks. Trust me haters, the bloodbath of Paul and his minions will be glorious.


josh is a special child. christmas shoudlnt continue. cody has issues.

Anti Paul Puppets

Am I the only person who considers that Cody could win HOH next week? All these house guest lying to him this week have a screw lose. But I guess since Paul said he (Cody) wont win, it must be true!

Ideally vote comes in… Jess and Cody finally realize that no one will work with them no matter what. Cody wins HOH and puts some real targets on the block. And we get some great TV! Yep thats what I want to happen.