Kaitlyn “You’re telling me right now that you can’t save me?! That destroys our friendship.”

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Players are Kaitlyn, Sam, Haleigh, JC, Fes, ROCKSTAR
POV HOST: Rachel is the host
** Fes is torn about this veto as both the girls nominated are his “friends”

2pm Bathroom. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he would never swear on his dad’s grave like how Swaggy did it. I just wanted to double check that we were clear on that. So don’t ask me that. Everyone is different and has the right to do it. I just wanted that to be clear. It was just a misunderstanding. Kaitlyn says she won’t. Tyler – are you still 100% that Sam used the power. Kaitlyn – I’m a 100% sure. Tyler – remember what I said, don’t be 100% about anything. Kaitlyn – I am going home if I sit next to her (Haleigh). Bay and Rockstar will vote to evict me. Tyler – do you have an okay relationship with them right now? Kaitlyn – they will pick Haleigh over me. I did something to them. I sent Swaggy home. I heard them saying it. Tyler – then don’t sit next to her.. don’t sit there at all. Get Fes to win the veto for you. Kaitlyn – he’s being weird. Tyler – he just don’t want to go up at the replacement nominee. Win the veto, that’s all you can do.

2:35pm Bathroom. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn – Why oh why can you not look at me and tell me I’m safe? Fes – I am not saying I’m not going to save you. Fes – I’ve been real ever since I walked into this house. I’m not going to be fake now. There are so many thoughts going through my mind and I’m not going to lie to someone’s face. I am not saying I’m not going to. Kaitlyn leaves. Fes – Scottie this week f**king sucks. If I win it I look like an idiot to one of them (Haleigh or Kaitlyn). Scottie – but here is the thing, you have to win it because we don’t know if there is a backdoor plan. You need to secure your own safety. Fes – I’m not throwing it but that’s the thing who the hell would she put up. Scottie – if you’re not an option and you take off one of them.. then it has to be Me, Bay or Rockstar.. right? But we don’t know. Its a tough spot but your priority is to win, win, win.

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2:50pm Living room. Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh – worst case scenario is if Kaitlyn wins the veto and I’m up there next to someone else. Like Rockstar. Brett – because.. Haleigh – she’s got more blood on her hands. She sent home Swaggy, she flipped out on you. But then again she is a hell of a talker and she is already campaigning. I don’t know, it f**king sucks!

Lounge room. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn – I want to know why you looked at me the other day and said you would save me? Fes – I didn’t say I wasn’t going to save you. Kaitlyn – Who did you have a conversation with that made you change your mind? Like you were undoubtedly saving me yesterday? What made you go from saving your number 1? Fes – I didn’t say that. kaitlyn – but that’s the action. Someone else it taking precedent over me and I want to know why? Help me make sense of this. Fes – I feel like you’re keeping stuff from me. Kaitlyn – it actually makes me physically ill that you keep thinking that. If you feel like you can’t trust me. Trust is everything in a relationship. I’m not keeping jack f**king sh*t from you. Not one ounce, not one fact, not one thing, nothing. Fes – you did it to me before. Kaitlyn – I would save you. Fes – What if it was me and Tyler? Kaitlyn – I would save you. Kaitlyn starts crying fake tears. Kaitlyn – all I want to know is why you would look me in the eye and lie to me? I didn’t realize that we were at the point where you would choose her over me. Like I actually feel like I am going to throw up.

Fes – every little thing you hold a grudge with and you f**k me up too in this game. Kaitlyn – shut up with that. Kaitlyn – if I win this competition and you are telling me right now that you can’t save me? ..That destroys our friendship. I am just trying to be a strong girl. I thought that I had you. And I am f**king stupid to keep thinking I have people when I don’t. What’s made you start questioning me? Kaitlyn – You’re the only person that I pledged strong allegiance to. I would save you. Fes – its one thing to say that but another to actually do it. So if it was Tyler and I, you would save me? What would you tell him? kaitlyn – I would! I can’t keeping doing this. I have a veto to win that is the only way I am safe. Fes – I don’t even want to play this stupid game anymore. Kaitlyn – all right Fes, cool! You shouldn’t have looked me in my face and said you’ll save me. I kept you in the dark about something and I own it. Kaitlyn leaves the room.

3:20pm Brett – did you want to hear the funny new news? Sam – enlighten me. Brett – that essentially you and I worked together and you used your power and that’s how the vote ended up that way. Sam – that explains a lot. Brett – and that’s why everyone is acting all .. oh and this was created by Kaitlyn and Rockstar. Sam – so now everyone hates us? Brett – mainly me. Sam – is everyone giving you the stink eye and hating you? Brett – Mainly just Rockstar.

3:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto Competition to take place.

5:15pm Still blocked…

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Captain Obvious

Kaitlyn is INSANE! I can’t believe Fes doesn’t just call her on her crap and be done with her.


He’s an idiot!


Kaitlyn is INSANE. For this reason, the biggest and most powerful player in the game (the one whose name the contestants are not even allowed to whisper) will ensure that that crazy girl does not go home this early. She’s just great tv. Production would be INSANE to let her go just yet.


You don’t point out the crazy to the crazy or the crazy shoves a broom handle up the urethra.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She’s just a HORRIBLE friend. And if she’s still there when Tyler has to choose his alliance over her, she’ll be equally horrible to Tyler. She’s a back stabber and somehow flips the script on People to guilt them too death.

Kaitlyn's boyfriend dumped her

Kaitlyn your tears work on nobody and you can’t be mad that that side doesn’t want to save you. You sent Swaggy home. You picked your side.


Krazy Kaitlyn. Enough said.

another name

Ah. The Fes / Craykay convo right before the veto explains why i saw all of these “drag her fessie” messages on twitter.
Is it just me that gets the impression that when it comes to repartee, the only way fes is dragging anyone is if he actually reaches down and grabs them by the ankles?


Kaitlyn is NOT a pretty Crier. Even when faking it. I’m feeling sorry for Fez. Wait. I’m feeling sorry for everyone in the house..and that includes everyone in the DR.
She is exhausting.
And Rockstar would be better off socializing with everyone…instead of having a hard on for Brett.
Because he went to La Croix. I’ve been there and it was pretty inexpensive.
Resentful Rock. Just what has she done in the game? Bay works her intelligence. She had a huge setback losing Swaggy..and got right back in the game.
I think Sam has been smart. Watching how people behave. Hayleigh doing well.
Kaitlyn..not so much. (insert pained grimace)


Rock star is being a big Rock-a-by Baby.

Smitten Kitten

Uhhh, what in the wide world of sports is Kaitlyn thinking?? She’s basically asking a guy to save HER over the hot girl he’s hooking up with?

She’s not only delusional & completely lacking in self awareness, but she totally sucks at the guilt trip.

I am a HUGE fan of this show, but I gotta tell you that there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d self evict if I was forced to spend 3 months listening to this train wreck yammer on about herself.

She’s the definition of a hot mess.

You Only Live Once

I had a really good laugh when Kaitlyn mentioned that what Brett said upset “the whole” spiritual/metaphysical community. I consider myself in that community and I was laughing that Brett did that.

Her issue is she takes herself too seriously, no matter what community one belongs to doesn’t make a person and more or less……Kaitlyn is still to busy feeling superior/inferior to other people to be self aware.


Can’t even own it…


I can hear you laughing from Texas!


I’d rather Kaitlyn stay over Haleigh. Be less boring!


Faysal wins power of veto. This makes things very interesting!

JC is Pervy



Poor guy! I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes! He needs to beg Sam to let him hide out in the HOH room.


Faysal needs a talking to. He is hopeless in the game and with women. He is half puppy dog and half desperate stalker with women. He needs to get his act together. Haleigh sees him as some pathetic target to use and exploit in the game (and she WAS originally attracted to him). I’d love it if Faysal used it to save Kaitlyn. As it stands, Scotty who wears nail polish and JC who is gay have a better chance of getting Haleigh lusting after them. LOL. You guys cheering for Kaitlyn to go will enjoy watching Scotty’s black nail polish dry, the grass in the back yard grow, and other such compelling scenes when Kaitlyn the lunatic is gone.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Poor Fessie, big dumb diesel, faced with the painful or potentially embarrassing prospect of having to choose between his 2 pet squirrels can’t suppress his competitive urge to tank the veto. Rock Lobster assumes everybody in the house views Brett as a bully, she wants Sam to put him up as a replacement. She doesn’t realize she is every bit the bully Brett is, she judged him as soon as she met him, never talked to him, never tried to get to know him, because she “knows THAT guy”. The Bros picked up on her hostility right away.


Fessy won the POV! Ahahahaha


Fes won the veto where are y’all at??



Rigged Game

Kaitlyn is Krazy as F—-! This twinkie is ratings gold! No way she can go. This is a boring season and I need some Krazy with my cheeseburger. This is one of the few times I will support an alsison grodner new power game change to keep a player in the game. Of course the plus sized grodner only pillow bites with her endless supply of boy toys.