“The word racist gets thrown around a lot but they never interact with black people so they don’t know they’re prejudiced.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots ?

APP Store Power: Tyler got the Cloud app & can keep himself off the block at one nomination or veto ceremony in the next 8 weeks.

10:03pm HOH room – Brett, Sam and Winston. Sam – so realistically as far as the game part of stuff what do I need to do so that you guys don’t make me a suspect all the time. Winston – Why would you think that? Winston – first of all you’re the sweetest girl in the house. You cook, you clean, you’ve done our sheets… and beyond that why would you worry. Sam – those are things I would do no matter what. I am saying the stuff that people talk about and I don’t know how to talk about. I don’t don’t know how to have that conversation.. like hey lets talk game. Winston – you came to the right two people. That’s exactly how you say it. Sam – obviously you two and the girls decided for me to stay. That makes me feel really good. Likewise I would have done the same for any of you. I’ve now decided that this is my team and I love to have a team. Winston – that’s great. He fist bumps her. Winston – we’ve got your back. Sam – I love to be apart of a team but don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. Winston – you’re a snake in the grass, I love it. Sam – you’re going to have to take me side and tell me da da da… and the less I know the better because then I don’t have to have things in my mind or have to lie. Winston – Scottie is great but I can’t figure him out. When he went up to the power app and then came out he acted totally different. Sam – I really don’t think there is an act going on with him. I think he was there was some strategic things that he tried to put in place and then people started to see through it. Winston – I want you to know that we’ve got you back and when you win HOH we will help with how to attack. Brett – I think we just need to keep our ears to the ground on who has what.

10:15pm Havenot room. Rockstar and Haleigh. Rockstar – do you think she is still going to do it. Haliegh – yeah. She is hanging out with them so I don’t know. Rockstar – I just feel horrible. Its awful. Haleigh – Like for us to know about it before it happens is even worse. But even if we don’t it would not help anything. Rockstar – nope. Haleigh – except hurt our game. Rockstar – yeah. It would just be explosive before. god.

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Rockstar – She said I am not used to being around so many white people. I was just thinking about what Kaitlyn had said that she was from New York city .. but then she said she lived in a place with only white people. And now she was just like Swaggy is so aggressive. And I’m like but he’s not. And then Bayleigh started telling me that a lot of people don’t realize that they’re racist. The word racist gets thrown around a lot but they never interact with black people so they don’t know they’re prejudiced. Its just little things I pick up on. Its just upsetting. Brett, Winston, Angela and Rachel are normal people, you know what I mean. Haleigh – Kaitlyn is normal too. Rockstar She does these friend-mance things. If I win HOH I’m putting Tyler and Fezzie up. Fezzie and Swaggy are good dudes but their belittling of women. But Swaggy doesn’t do that. Sam says that one of the App Store apps where slightly bigger than the reas

10:27pm Sam and Tyler. Sam – I am starting to feel more comfortable and starting to learn more. Tyler – that’s good, you’re doing your thing. Sam – its still me, you, Kaycee and Kaitlyn. I hopee that’s the right thing to do because Winston is trying really hard to see if I have it. And I just won’t. Tyler – that know? Sam – Yeah. I don’t know what the plans are. I just know that I’m listening to you and only you. Tyler – what was yours called (power). Sam – bonus life. Tyler – I would have picked that one too. Sam – and the icon was significantly bigger than the rest. Another one was identity theft. I think that is take some on else of the block and put someone else up. And then the other one was an iCloud so I thought that meant you get HOH for the week. Tyler – I don’t even think you will need to use your power. Sam – well here’s the catch and I don’t know if I told you about it. There is an expiration date. I can use it for three weeks. And this is something I haven’t told anyone .. on the fourth week it gets used no matter what. If I don’t use it, it is offered to who is evicted that week no matter what. Do we use it and get rid of it or do we use it creatively to backdoor someone. BUT its a chance.. its worded as a chance. Something in my heart tells me it is the robot. I am so cautious of who I use it on .. the only other person I would trust to be the robot is Scottie. I wouldn’t want you to do it. Tyler – for the whole game? Sam – I don’t know. Is it the battle back, the robot, or something else.

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10:35pm HOH room. Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Kaitlyn – this week we can drop whatever alliances we have. No we are able to make fair alliances because we know each other. Why would I keep someone in my alliance that says I am a liability. Haleigh – is there a plan after all this is over? kaitlyn – what I would like to do is this six… you, me, Rockstar, Fez, Tyler and Brett. Haleigh – I like that. Kaitlyn – I am going to be honest with you Bayleigh is going to blow up when this happens. Kaitlyn – I have to do this for me. Lets say he has this power and takes himself off, then Bay goes up. Brett and Winston are better people to have than Swaggy any day. Who would you put up? Haleigh – I don’t know it was going to be Winston and Angela. Kaitlyn – it still can be. Brett joins them. Brett – my gut tells me that Scottie has it (the power) which takes it out of play because he’s being taken off the block.

11:15pm Backyard. Scottie, Sam, Swaggy, JC and Tyler. They talk about whether or not Steve is waiting in sequester for a battle back.

11:55pm – 12:15am Backyard. Scottie and Bay. Scottie – Usually by now there is a blow up. Bay – there is normally and that’s why I am confused. Not that I want there to be a blow up but people are keeping it together. What do you think it is? Scottie – I think that America thinks most of us are cowards. Bay – why? Scottie – because nothings really happened. The boiling point is that they would say we’re passive. It might change after this veto ceremony. Bay – it takes one thing and it can change. But nobody wants to be that one person. If she (Kaitlyn) is (putting up Angela) I commend her. Scottie – I said to her if I were you, I would put up the bros. Bay – but she’s not going to do that. Scottie – no, she has this backdoor which I think is a dumb plan. My guess is that she is going to put up Angela. No one told me anything. Bay – who do you think is going home? Scottie – I think she would want Angela. Who would you like to see go? Bay – I don’t care with either. For my game its better for Winston to go. Scottie – him and Brett are one vote. Angela will disagree with them. However I think she is threatened more by Angela. Scottie – if I put Brett and Winston up .. Kaitlyn will always vote to keep Brett. I think Haleigh would too. But if she puts Angela up and wants her out I will do that because she kept her word.

12:20am Backyard. Swaggy, Fez and Scottie. Swaggy – I can’t wait for this veto ceremony man. Scottie – I am very confident I am coming off. Fez – now she shows her card that she is with us. Swaggy – if Kaitlyn really does this (puts up Angela) then I’ve got no problem with her. She did what she said she was going to do. Scottie – trust. Swaggy – she thinks I have the power. Fez – that’s what she told me. Swaggy – what did she tell you? You need to start telling me this stuff because I’m hearing other things that you’re not telling me. Fez – She said she thought you had the power because you hadn’t talked to her. I said no he hasn’t talked to you because I told him to leave that situation alone. Swaggy – yeah I ain’t got no power. I would have told you if I did. Scottie – if Winston and Angela are on the block who would you vote out? Fez – I would vote out Winston. He’s been more shaddy. Scottie – I want Winston to go because he and Brett are one vote.

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I was a school teacher for 10 years as my first career. Too bad that I did not know Rockstar was the International Expert on Racism, so that she could guest speak in my class. Apparently, she knows everything, and if she claims to notice “little things” (none of which she can name), then someone is a racist. Good to know.




They’re called opinions, old-timer.


I like Tyler (cuz he’s smart) but I’m not sure how I feel about him getting the power. He’s already running the show so I feel like him having a power that could last up to 2 months is a bit much. Hope he doesn’t just run the season like Derrick.


Right now, Tyler’s game is the game the game Derrick thinks he played. Derrick was the only one playing in his season. Tyler is doing a much better job than Derrick.




Honestly had this been any other season I’d say Bayleigh is overreacting but some of the people this season have shown some prejudices. Like Rachel/Angela saying their stomach is looking “ghetto” or Brett calling Swaggy “Faggy”. I’m not saying their racists (neither is Bayleigh I think) but just that they have prejudices. Tyler’s side keeps saying that Swaggy is aggressive, yet they don’t seem to have a problem with Winston who is 10x more aggressive. It’s just microaggressions.


Don’t remember Winston raising his voice to any females like Swaggy did to Kaitlyn. Also, I’ve noticed Swaggy just stop people from talking mid track and disregard their existence in the room cause he doesn’t agree with what they are saying or already doesn’t like them. The “Faggy” comment was obviously an accident and anyone watching it could tell that. The “ghetto” comment was concerning but that’s what happens when you have people being filmed 24hrs a day with no privacy. I’ve never seen Rachel or Angela act “racist” to anyone in that house. People don’t like Swaggy cause he arrogant and portrays that 24hrs a day, not to meantion he’s already told America to F off. Winston is an idiot and a hot head, thats for sure, but he’s not constantly rude to people. To me he just appears like he’s not fully mature.


You are perpetuating sexism. You’re excusing prejudice. Let’s not argue about this because you’ll just further prove my point.


Just because someone has a negative opinion about a person doesn’t mean it’s because of the color of their skin. Chris earned his reputation and it had nothing to do with the color of his skin.

Equality to All

I agree with you! There have been other past houseguests that been arrogant and given themselves nicknames but the difference is he’s black. Ex. Evil Dick, Mike Boogey, Beastmode Cowboy. Every time a black person in the game reacts their labeled as aggressive but when a white does the same then their showing fight and it’s part of the game. It’s okay for the six to huddle up and talk about Swaggy & Bayleigh but it’s a problem if they talk about the others behind their backs! I always notice how easy it is for all the whites to come together to humiliate the only 2 black contestants. Calculated plan to embarrass him on TV. Just like Paul and the rest from BB19 did to Dominique which he was painting his face black like a snake is only the color black. So much racism on big brother but you guys defend the comments by saying that’s what happens when you’re being recorded 24/7. So JC can go around trying to use a ice cream scooper on men/women butts and private parts while also rubbing a female private area with his hands and still manage to be on the show? Constantly defending Angela and Rachael when they clearly were racist saying they can’t get any darker or they will look like Bayleigh and Ghetto! But I forgot Swaggy and Bayleigh are the problem. I told my wife on day one of this season that this was going to go down like this but she said I was wrong! All this from a 50 year old white guy… It’s just a different shade of color but still a human being


you spoke the Truth. nothing else needs yo be said. i knew they would pick on the blacks first. always the case. swaggy sitting their reading his bible and the others wispering calling him aggressive. smh


Pretty sure Evel Dick had his nickname before the game. Caleb was a doofus and never insisted he be called by a nickname. White houseguests with a similar attitude have also been hated on this site and many others. You may want to go back and read some of the comments about Paul and the blackface situation. They were overwhelmingly negative towards Paul.

BB Fanatic

I am so sick and tired of people always claiming racism when someone doesn’t like a black person. Chris is an arrogant ass who said FU America! He is conceited and has not portrayed himself as a nice person. I can’t stand him and it has ZERO to do with the color of his skin. I would feel exactly the same way about him if he was white. So how about we stop labeling everything as racism when a black person isn’t liked because of WHO they are not WHAT they are. I’m sick of it!


Everyone needs to realize Big Brother is a social experiment. Swaggy will never be looked at in the same light as Brett, Tyler, and Winston. Swaggy is a young kid with hardly any life experience so I would expect him not to notice this. If he came in quiet and threw all of his competitions then they would have taken him out later in the game than this fast in week 2 . A black man will always be looked at as an agressor or intimidating so I kind of feel for the kid. Which is why a black person will never win Big brother unless the cast is majority black(which can never happen unless on BET lol). Everyone else don’t even try to explain prejudice or microagressions to a group of people who have never experienced it ! Awesome season by the way and Tylers playing an amazing game , hope he wins.


Did anyone catch Kaitlyn and Tyler in the HOH room a little while ago with the lights off writing on each other’s arms.. Kaitlyn wrote “I would drop everything for you” and Tyler wrote “After we can”. Saw on Jokers. Yikes…

Like Literally...

I liked Derrick’s game because he kept his secret all season. Tyler is doing the same. He’s wise not to tell ANY one about his power. I knew Angela wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut. And “Cover Band” is a moron. Her referring to “her game”, girl power, and her HOH are delusional conversations. She cuts down the other girls any chance she gets on personal appearance. Petty. THAT’S what I’ll call her. Tom Petty Cover Band.


Wow, that is not my perception of Angela at all….OR….are you talking about Angie Rockstar?

Like Literally...

Rock Star, Granny. I like Angela.


Who do you mean when you say Cover Band? What am I missing?

Like Literally...

Rock Star.


I Miss last year Paul was awesome bring back Paul !!!


lol this made me laugh


Paul? Where have you been?



And who cares? If we ever see you again it’ll be too soon.


Not on The Amazing Race, that’s for sure lol. Would have loved to know his reaction to being cut from that show but he blocked me on Twitter for calling him a foul little gnome (among other things)

Lay Low Scottie

Kaitlyn has a vendetta against any guy who isn’t in love with her. Swaggy hasn’t flirted with her yet, so obviously he’s a target. He doesn’t kiss the ground she walks on, so he’s aggressive. Kaitlyn is from Long Island, which is not New York City. She lies about the smallest things. I can’t wait for her to go. I liked her for a minute, but she’s making a dumb move and has aligned herself with people who don’t want to play the game. Rockstar, Hayleigh, Swaggy, Fezzy, and Bayleigh are loyal people who seem to genuinely like Kaitlyn, which is really sad for them. Tyler is not trustworthy at all, but she’s too lovelorn to see that.

If CBS was at all concerned about racist houseguests, here’s a solution: Have fewer white people on the show. That would be some twist.