JC “Kaitlyn told Fes something that would f**k up her life outside this game. She has feelings for Fes.”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

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6:55pm HOH room. JC and Tyler. JC – I told Fes that I am tired of talking, I’m tired of playing this stupid little game. I said if you use that veto .. okay I am not going to vote you out or put you up if I get HOH but the game talk with me is done. I told him straight up. Supposedly Kaitlyn told him something that he doesn’t want to tell anyone because it would f**k up her life outside this game. So I was like curious, so I found out from Bayleigh that she (Kaitlyn) has feelings for Fes. Tyler – Kaitlyn? JC – yeah! And that’s what she told him. Wait this gets more complicated.. I feel like this is the strategy she is doing. She is going to every single guy here and telling them I think I have feelings for you. Or some sh*t like that. So that all the guys get attached to her and don’t want to send her home. JC – did she tell you the same that she has feelings for you? Tyler – yes. JC – she told Fes that too. Tyler – no she didn’t! Are you sure? You already know I want her to go. Tyler uses the washroom.

7pm HOH room. Tyler and JC. JC – why didn’t you tell me that Katilyn told you that? Tyler – I figured you assumed that. You thought I was going to be mad? Tyler – well I didn’t want to talk about that on TV. JC – but that is what she is doing she is telling every single guy that in the house. JC – Bayleigh told me .. that she doesn’t really have a boyfriend that she created that. The guy in the picture was her brother. I am kind of pissed at you .. I am sitting here telling you something that Fes confessed to me and you couldn’t tell me that. Tyler – but I’ve been a good person trying to protect her. Who has feelings for someone so quick.. you don’t know if I’m a serial killer?! Tyler – I know. I don’t want to talk about that because then it makes me look bad because then I’m the one coming in trying to steal a.. JC – how does it make you look bad. That’s what she just said to Fes .. that she confessed her love to him after the second week. Tyler – SHE told me that FES confessed his love for her! JC and and Tyler laugh. JC – you’ve got to be f**King kidding me!!? I need to talk to FES. Tyler – you have to stop trying so hard for these people to go .. what if there’s a power (Sam’s power will be used).

Outside the HOH room. Tyler – I don’t want Kaitlyn in jury. If she is in jury she will find out how much I have been against her and she would never vote for me. You need to stop making it so obvious the people you want out because what if somehow Haleigh and f**king Kaitlyn stay. And then Kaitlyn knows you’ve been conspiring behind her back. JC – kaitlyn really really needs to go. JC – does she have a power. Tyler – I don’t think she does. (He is lying he knows she has a power) I think he is going to use it. Tyler – just chill until after the veto ceremony. JC – what I can’t talk to anyone at all?! She’s the paranoid b***h. Tyler – she is paranoid and you ARE talking behind her back. JC – I feel like there is something you’re not telling me. Tyler – I am not campaigning for her to stay. I think no one will go home this week. JC – she (Kaitlyn) has a power? Tyler – not her! But there is some sh*t that is going to happen this week. Either both will stay or one person stays. Its going to be known to everybody after the veto ceremony .. so just calm the f**k down! Stop campaigning behind her back because if she finds out and stays she will put you up next week. I don’t know all the details .. just what I’ve gotten from Sam. She is making it sound like nobody will go home. Don’t say anything about that .. just let it unravel. JC – did Sam tell you things that you don’t want to talk about? Tyler – no

Hammock. Haliegh and Rockstar. Haleigh – she isn’t a vote for us. She took out one of our people. Rockstar – if I am next to Kaitlyn then I think Kaitlyn will stay.

7:25pm Sam – I think that on Sunday’s we should celebrate with the person that is having a hard time. JC and Tyler agree. JC talks to Sam about how its better for her game if the veto isn’t used. Sam – I can talk to Fes but I am not going to push him. I told him he might get HOH next week and he will have to make these decisions on his own.

7:35pm Backyard. Power lifting..

8:15pm Havnot room. Bay, Kaycee and Rachel. Bay – I told him (Fes) you have Kaitlyn, you have Haleigh, Rockstar

8:45pm Hammock. Angela and Haleigh. Haleigh – she is crazy! Like bat sh*t crazy. I liked her at first and then I was like ohh.. I see. When Fes and I are lying down and talking she will get up between us and lay on him. I ignored it and then the whole group got in a fight about it. Angela – you (Kaitlyn) have a boyfriend! You’re (Kaitlyn) all of the guys more than anyone else. Haleigh – she will get under the covers with Fes and Tyler. Angela – has she crossed the line with anyone? Haleigh – I don’t know not that I know of. I asked her what she would think if she saw Joe (her boyfriend) doing stuff like that and she said I don’t know I hadn’t thought about that. Angela – she won’t have boyfriend when she gets out. If I had a boyfriend do you think I would be snuggling with any of these guys? I had an open bed and she slept with Fes. Angela – she needs that attention. When she was HOH stomping around the house like a little queen I literally wanted to throw her down the spiral stair case. In her little pink HOH robe! Die B***H!

8:55pm Hammock. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – if he uses it on her I am going to show my a$$ and trip the f**k out right there in the ceremony. And just lay it all out. Angela – you have to out him. Haleigh – we’ll see.

9:20pm Havenot room. Bay, Rockstar and Kaycee. Rockstar – I am going to try again to make my amends. One last time.

9:45pm Scottie and Rahcel are running laps around the backyard. Fes, Rockstar, Sam and Kaitlyn are sitting on the backyard couches chatting about random things.

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