Judd says behind Helen’s back – Stupid Bit*h! I wouldn’t have gotten rid of @JeremyDMcG1

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Spencer and Howard
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:20am – 9:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return – Judd and Helen are in the kitchen talking. Judd is annoyed that Spencer is copying everything that Howard does like using religion and playing on peoples heart strings because he sees that it works. Judd says it sucks. Helen says I know I feel bad, but it’s just a game. Helen says he is going to play hard for it. Judd says its weird Spencer copies him because he sees that it works. Helen says one of them is going home. She says I wouldn’t worry about it, he hasn’t won a competition yet. It will probably be a numbers one, Spencer will probably be good at it. Judd says he told her (Aaryn) to pick him (Judd) as house guest choice if she gets it, to fight for it. Helen walks away. Judd says stupid bit*h, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of Jeremy.

9:45am Judd heads to the bed room and talks to Elissa about how he thinks BB will be tempting them with prizes. Judd starts pulling his stuff out of his drawers. They talk about keeping all of the stuff from the competitions. Judd says we don’t get to keep the HOH robe though. Elissa says no, that’s like a $70 robe that would be too big of a prize. Judd says he never wears robes. Elissa says I wear them all the time. Judd says oh yeah because you’re a house wife right. Elissa says and yoga instructor, and a nutrition specialist and a mom. Judd asks her if she will get a BB15 tattoo with them. Elissa jokingly says oh yeah. Judd says he hopes that Big Brother tempts them with a free BB15 tattoo in the veto competition.

9:55am – 10:30am Candice is in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat for breakfast. She asks Howard – raisins? Ramen? Pickles? Olives? Slop? Howard tells her to have Ramen noodles since she hates slop by its self. He suggests she have a handful of raisins, a big glass of water and a protein shake. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Judd takes a cold shower. Jessie asks him if he just brushed his teeth. Judd says no. Gina says I did. Jessie says I think you used my tooth brush. What colour is yours? Gina says purple. Jessie says your’s is dry you used mine. Gina says oh sorry, you can grab a new one from storage. Jessie says it doesn’t bother me. Judd tells Jessie you better clean it with peroxide! Judd laughs. Spencer joins them. Gina and Amanda come into the bathroom to get ready for the day.


10:35am – 10:55am In the kitchen Judd asks Elissa if she got the MVP yet. Elissa jokingly says yes! Judd tells Elissa that he will do whatever it takes to win the Veto today – I will shave my head or whatever it takes to make sure Howard doesn’t win it. I want him to go home. If I win it I am not using it. Judd says he would be tempted with a $10 Walmart gift card in the veto comp. Elissa comments that Judd and Spencer have a lot in common – you both want to do sexual things to Jessie. Judd says I don’t talk like he does about Jessie. Elissa comment that Judd should hit on Candice. Judd says he doesn’t have a private jet and isn’t Eddie Murphy. Candice is a gold digger. Elissa says you’re mean, there’s a difference between wanting someone with a little money and being a gold digger. Elissa says that she would be offended if she was nominated. Amanda walks through the kitchen and says she would be offended too if she was put up as the third nominee. Judd asks Gina if she is wearing the bear shirt today. Gina says yes! Judd and Elissa head to the bathroom and joke around with Andy, Amanda and Jessie. Amanda talks about taking a shower with McCrae and how she was trying to get a sneak peak of McCrae’s goods. Amanda says McCrae was large and packing heat! Judd says we don’t care! Amanda says America wants to know if McCrae’s packing heat! Amanda laughs about how every time she is a havenot they make it harder. Judd says that Spencer has had a pillow in the havenot room for a week and they when he tried they told him he couldn’t.


11am – 11:20am In the bathroom – Judd tells Andy don’t tell anyone this but.. Judd says that he heard that Helen and Elissa feel really bad for Howard. He says that Jessie felt bad for him too because he (Howard) was crying like a little pu$$y a$$ bit*ch! Judd talks about how Howard is trying to pull on peoples heart strings. Judd is tired of Spencer copying Howard and using religion because he sees it works. Judd is worried that Helen or Elissa will use the veto to take Howard off the block. Andy says he doesn’t think so because he always hears that Helen wants him gone. Judd asks Andy if he will stand on the couches and say that the pity party is over. Andy says no, because one of them will be staying. Judd says we will bully them until they leave. Judd says we’ll take their mattresses and put it in the diary room. Judd says that he wants Howard out so bad. Andy says he will be going. Judd tells Andy that it’s a secret that I told you Helen and Elissa feel bad for Howard so don’t tell. Andy says he won’t, he will talk to Helen after the veto about getting Howard out. Judd says at least with Spencer we know what we are getting into with him. Andy says that he wants Howard out no question. Judd says that this isn’t a charity case, there a hell of a lot more people that need this money more than any of us. Jessie joins them. Andy asks her who she put up as MVP? Jessie says Candice and Helen. Andy laughs and says you only get one, you don’t even know how it works. Judd says he’s going to go lay back down.


11:20am – 11:30am Judd asks Candice if her and Howard will date after its all over. Candice says she doesn’t know, she is a traditional girl. If he asks me out on a date, I will say yes. Judd says yeah, Howards a good guy. Candice says he is a very good guy. Judd says don’t get me wrong but I don’t want Howard to win veto. But if I won veto.. Candice asks why? Judd says because my key was last pulled out during the nomination ceremony. Candice says she doesn’t think that means anything. Judd says he thinks he would go up if the veto was used. Judd says I want to win veto. He tells her that he told Aaryn to pick him if she gets house guest choice. Judd says if I win it I will use it, and if I do you would be safe because of the person I would use it on. Judd says I am getting ahead of myself though, I haven’t won anything yet.


11:50am In the kitchen – Helen, Aaryn, Andy and Jessie are looking that the house guests photos on the memory wall saying what breed of dog each house guest would be. Andy says that Judd would be a blood hound. Judd says no they’re stupid. Then he say ah maybe not they hunt out things like rats, snakes and cockroaches. They all laugh. Andy says that Nick is a rat that people think is a dog before they get up close to it. Andy asks who based on our photos do you want to punch in the face. Everyone says Nick! Andy asks based on their photos who needs a good fu*k. Spencer says Jessie! Spencer then says me! Andy asks who looks the dumbest? Judd says McCrae then says no – David! Andy asks based on the photos who would you want to form an alliance with just walking into the house. Judd says I first thought I wanted to be in an alliance with Nick but then after I started to get to know him – I though hell no, get the fu*k away from me. I wanted to punch every one of his teeth out of his mouth.


11:55am Aaryn comes out of the diary room and says Hey everyone its time to pick players for the veto competition. She messes up and does it again. Judd says lets DO IT THEN!! Big Brother then switches the feeds to the TRIVIA screen.



While we wait for the MVP nomination / Veto Competition results today. Fire up your Big Brother live feeds and use the FLASHBACK feature to check out the BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I hate these Houseguest

How is Dawg not leading the polls?

Jody H.

Hey Dawg:

I voted for ya!! I don’t know why you are not in the lead…

hunter thompson's Gonzo

i voted for DAWG in BOTH polls!
it was kinda cool to see DAWG
sink in one first, then the other!!!
DAWG RULES! the house guests
sound like fools! they are a mob
milling around without a purpose!

Zingbot Fan

Jessie get a new toothbrush. Peroxide is not going to kill the stuff that comes out of GinaMarie’s mouth.


Let’s not leave out the things that went IN her mouth… How else you think that dumb hoodrat became the mediocre model that she was a month ago?


This is it, MVP is finally to put up Amanda as a third nominee. It’s about time that Amanda is going home.

I hate these Houseguest

Judd should look in the mirror. Getting rid of Jeremy was good for Helen’s game and now she is good position to win it all. Getting rid of Kaitlen wont help him win the game. He’s just a puppet and he doesnt even know it.


Hey Judd…How about a swastika tatoo on your fore head. I’ll pay for it.


Can’t wait to see Amanda walk her bad body ass walk out the door!!


I know, Amanda does indeed got to go.


Big Brother 14 was the awkward and nerdy season.

Big Brother 15 proves to be more and more a straight up “bigots welcome” season. Howard,Candice, Helen, and Elissa are the minorities in the house, they’re the main ones talked about. Everyone else is on ADHD drugs and what not.

I’m guessing next season will have some of the cast will be on anti-psychotics, because they’ll be prone to violent outbursts.

julies rice bowl

right. And kaitlin went straight to the CLINIC to find out what she caught from Jeremy. Ringworm? Uh huh

BB15 letdown

So does that mean they will bring back Willie Hantz?!?! LOL. He needed some meds.


LOL, I don’t think even anti-psychotics could help the Hantz family. Something is seriously wrong with all of them, especially Brandon.

hunter thompson's Gonzo

true… instant fame can be a curse, not a blessing

hunter thompson's Gonzo

thahhhh divvvvvvvil made them do it?
its as if auld scratch took ’emall over
one by one to louse up their gameplay!




Hopefully Amanda will be put up by America today. I just can’t take one more week of her. Do you guys think she will get evicted over Howard or Spencer if those three are on the block?


I hope so. Aaryn better not Backdoored Elissa because she fail to evicted Elissa. Hopefully, Howard or Amanda will be evicted.

English Teacher

It’s “backdoor” not “backdoored” when you’re writing in the present tense. Well, technically, “backdoor” isn’t really a verb, but since we all use it as one, might as well conjugate it properly.

So, it’s: “I hope she doesn’t backdoor him this time.”

And: “I was made yesterday because she backdoored him.”

(You’ve made this mistake quite often, just thought I’d help out.)


I’m a Howard guy…but if he’s on the block after veto this week, he goes home no matter who sits next to him. He just won’t have the votes against Amanda, Elissa, or anybody else. Spencer and/or Candice could be saved by a Amanda or Elissa in the 3rd chair, but Howard has to win veto. If he can survive this week, then he has a shot to re-calibrate the game.


He won’t get saved. Either keep the nomination a same or put up Candace or GinaMarie


Will you go away when Elissa does?


No way……Elissa is not going anywhere.


I’ve started watching the show with the players split into non-aligned camps:

The Racists (and their indulging sycophants):



The Non-Racists:



HOLD UP!!!!!!! Helen suppose to be non-racist. Why she a racist? She Asian.

hunter thompson's Gonzo

Helen’s paranoia worked her groundlings to get a
classic pristine perfect 9 to 0 vote that lacked dissent
or straggling or straddling. can we say control freak?

hunter thompson's Gonzo

swapping spencer for helen creates two new lists


I must’ve dreamt that Spencer got let go from his job

Mumbling Jumbling Judd

They need to up Judd’s dose of meds, his irritability is showing.

Aaryn's Ex

Hey, what’s you with that? There wasn’t a single picture of Aaryn on this update. Aaryn is the hot chick. Why even show the others? Come on BB, its Aaryn that has the largest following. Girls want to be like her and Guys want to get with her.


I would not want to get with a racist!!! its a turnoff for me.


Judd said that he would not eat anything if certain people touched it. (Candice)
Is this the same Judd that put frog legs on the bbq during the first show of the season.

I at first liked Judd but boy, its like the more I watch him on the feeds the more I get turned off.
The worst thing for a BB fan is a lazy adult male who is scared to play and content with floating.

Also most us want to see Howard stay this week but tell me why BB picks the most regligious person for this show.
Note to all hardcore regligious people BB is not a game for you. I believe the way they play makes no sense and boring to watch and cheer for.

I have no problems with his views on God as my mother is just like him but this is BB. I dont get.


I have determined that I have no favorite yet… Howard is close to being it, but if he doesnt win POV he is going home (justifiably- you can’t throw every competition and walk to the end)…. unless they can convince jessie and judd to sway…

I feel certain Amanda will be MVP nom…. but Jessie, Judd, Helen, Andy, MC, may be too blind to see the obvious ring leader….

I like Amanda…. (I think) …. but her jumping on the Aaryn ship and making a joke out of the racism in the house ( The same racism…. SHE WAS THE FIRST to condemn in DR sessions) kinda pushed me over the edge with her….

Jessie and Judd are really a dissappointment…. Judd cant see all the guys are getting booted from the house, and Jessie doesn’t see anything (other than what her showmance and newfound best friend aaryn see)

Mcranda is the SUUUUPER obvious biggest threat… a BB Wedding!?!?!?…. you MUST BE JOKING….. thats a joke in itself….

Howard has very little social game, so he wont be a threat to win it, but damn son…. time to put those guns to use and win something….

Spencer is dick… if your gonna be an asshole at least be funny…

Andy is playing the best game in the house so far…. You don’t hear his name in ANYONEs mouth.

Liked Elissa, until it just became obvious shes wayyyy too uppity to be in there….

Helen…. blahhh, we saw during her HOH that she can’t keep her mouth shut and how in the hell don’t people pick up clues…. she sent her man to the white house to meet the president and White Sox….. If you are vacationing with the prez, you don’t need to win big brother…. but the sheep are to busy eating grass

Def thought aaryn had more guts than to work with mcranda and the people that have attacked her all season…. can you imagine the havoc, had she put up Helen and elissa and MVP voted Amanda up…..

Howie…. get your ass in gear…. throw nothing!!!! win veto, goodbye candice or spencer, oh well….. then win HoH…. set your new alliance killing mcranda….

PLEASE SHAKE THIS UP BB!!!! or lets pray, the HGs arent too stupid to recognize amanda as the GIGANTIC threat and get her outta there….

Forget About It!

AMEN! Succinctly Said!


“succinctly said”? Succinct means short and to the point, using very few words. That was a bloody lecture, a good one, mind you. But it was not “succinct”, unless of course you were being ironical. Maybe that’s it.


Xanax makes you grumpy.

BB15 letdown

I feel like Judd might have had a good game plan a couple weeks ago but he was too scared or did not have the power to move things around in his favor. I don’t mind that Helen and Amanda are running the show (there personalities leave much to be desired though!). My annoyance is that everyone else is playing for them. No one seems to have their own game, aside from Howard and clearly his is not going so well. Right now it is a chess game between Helen and Amanda with all the other house guests as the chess pieces. I just want to see someone, anyone, step it up!!! It is only the beginning of the game, there is a lot left. If no one else is gonna play then it is going to be a long, boring summer. 🙁


Beg to differ.. but Amanda and Helen are the only ones who have balls in this game. They are not afraid to step up to the plate. THEY are the two players doing the dirty work for everyone else.. because the other players prefer to ride their skirts or hide in the shadows.

BB15 letdown

I don’t think they are doing dirty work. They are just doing work! They are the only ones doing anything. They are the only people playing the game at this point. They each have minons. They each have their own “team” around them. And I agree with you, they are the only 2 who are willing to step up to the plate.


Andy is so boring. All he does is slither from group to group
and talk shit. I am gobsmacked that these people haven’t
seen his red flags yet.
There’s so many people in the house NOT to root for this
year, it’s pathetic.


Ive been a Nurse for 15 years and and have worked w/ the mentally ill I’m I the only one that thinks somethings is not right w/ Judd head case in point his outburst that are not socially acceptable maybe its a form of Autism, but I am leaning more towards mental health. Not to be mean but how did he get casted? after talking to him for 15 min you would leave the conversation thinking to yourself he is not playing w/ a full deck


And thats why I believe he gets away w/ so much and are off people’s radar due to them feeling sympathy for him


I know what you mean. I’ve wondered if he’s maybe on some strong meds doses or combinations. But yeah, I don’t know how he got casted either. But casting clearly has their own ideas of entertainment and likes to dumb it down from the past two or three seasons.


if Amanda is placed on the MVP block, the house needs to vote her off. Helen, Andy, Elissa, Candice, Judd and Jess would be stupid not to vote her off. wait a second….they are stupid.

Aaryn's Ex

Keep crying about whose the racist while you are being evicted and out the house. So there was racism and its going to be harder for you to win. If you are relying on BB Production to step in and stop the racism, that’s not happening. Ratings are through the roof. So victory is sweeter when you win. There were enough other players that could of helped you, if you knew the game. Howard lied just like everyone else, but Howard couldn’t tell when others were lying to him. Candice, kept running around the house saying fire, fire, or in this case racism, racism, and no body cared. Candice wants Aaryn to make a bold move. Candice win something and you make the bold move. Because last I heard, you made some stupid deal about keeping Amanda/McCrae off the block for two weeks. How did that work out for you? Last I saw, you were yelling about getting Aaryn out the house before the MVP nomination was even made. If you had just kept your cool. Howard wasn’t going to be nominated. You could of played the racist card if he got nominated. The racist Aaryn actually wanted to work with Howard, but you made sure that wouldn’t happen.

Lets get rid of the bad players, rather see Spencer then Howard. Rather see Kait then Candice, but Kaits gone, so lets get Gina in there. At least these two can tell when they are being lied to.


Are there two bigger wimps than Judd and McCrea. Both talk mad s**t behind peoples back, boasting about all the things they’d say and do…then as soon as the person walks in they are all nice and meek. Hey Judd, here’s a newsflash: Less than a week ago, you were HOH and everybody wanted you to get Howard…and you were afraid then like you’re afraid now. And everybody can see straight through your bluster.


Um I’m going to start calling Judd Tofu. It’s like he absorbs whatever the emotion and flavor is of the current conversation in the moment. He’s all over the place. He goes and tells unnecessary conversations that people have told him. He reminds me of a guy we went to high school who was normal and smart until he can ran over by a car over the summer and was effed up in the head and had totally different personality even though physically he looked that same and was healed up. I don’t get it . Maybe he’s been medicated too long. I mean he hardly opens his mouth when speaking. Scary cast.


I don’t know what’s going on. First i adored helen and she went all power crazy. Then up until a few weeks ago I loved Amanda and she started acting all weird. Then I liked Judd, but i honestly don’t know what has gotten into him lately. What an unlikable cast!


Finally, Amanda as a third nominee.

Zingbot Fan

If you get a chance watch Jeff’s evicted house guest interview from CBS with Kaitlyn. I must say that after watching this interview a like her a lot more than I did when she was in the BB house. Does anybody know where I would send my $5 donation so Jeff could double his set design budget? I swear the lamp shade is the same one I put out for the garbage man ten years ago.



OMG Amanda is up Please do not win the POV Howard step the F Up and win this sh*t


Amanda up yo…..GRENADE!




Understanding that it is a game with a $500,000 cash prize on the line: one would expect a level of deceit, manipulation, backstabbing and good sense of humor/ribbing but all this other superfluous crap (racism, bigotry, homophobia and misogyny) is way to disconcerting. CBS, BB and certain houseguests are going to have a hard time justifying this to the American public. CBS and its sponsors are being boycotted, BB production team is put under a microscope, jobs have been lost already, families are hiring Public Relations people, questions are being asked and answered by evicted houseguests and families and friends are being embarrassed (if they have any decency and a moral conscious). It goes to show you that America and Americans still have a long way to go to be considered a civilized society. We can dress it up all that we want; but no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still just a pig!!!


Out of 18 houseguest, why only 3 minorities?


Judd is a pussy..he gotta go soon

Day Yum Yum

NAME: You have it wrong. Spencer should be at the top of the racist list right after Aaryn! The guy is a pure hater and a true PIG!