Judd says Jessie would be a bitter jury member but give her a compliment and you would get her vote.

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie, Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:45am Helen wakes up and heads to the backyard for her morning run. At 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back, Judd is in the kitchen saying we still in this b*tch. He tells Gina to write that in her blog. Judd heads out to the backyard. Helen says it’s day 45 people! At midnight we’ll be half way! Up in the HOH room – Gina tells Aaryn that the toilet downstairs it all fu*king orange. Gina says ah it’s nice to be queens. Aaryn says you the queen, I’m the princess. Gina says no we’re both queens. Aaryn says this week.


10:30am – 11:05am Out in the backyard – Helen talks to Andy about how she was talking to Elissa last night and she want to keep Candice. I talked to her and she says that she will vote Candice out but it’s a constant battle with her each week. Andy says she needs to go. Helen explains that with Elissa here it is a target that people will go after before us. Helen asks Andy to have a talk with Elissa. Andy says he will to make sure Elissa knows its not an agenda that Helen is pushing. Helen says that she talked to Jessie and she really wants to go after Amanda. If Jessie wins HOH Jessie will probably put her up. Helen says that she can’t stand the hurtful things that Amanda says. After Thursday we need to talk to McCrae to get him to calm Amanda down. Judd joins them. They tell him about how they need to reassure Elissa that she needs to vote out Candice. Judd doesn’t understand why she wants to keep her. Helen says that she is going to vote Candice out but we just need to make sure she knows its the best decision. They all agree that they like Candice but she needs to go. They discuss the possibility of putting Elissa up as a pawn. Judd says but she would be vengeful. Helen says if Aaryn wins and puts her up then Elissa would go after her and not us. They discuss how insecure Jessie is and how they need to continually reassure her. Helen says that she has done me a lot of wrong. Judd says she’s done me a lot of wrong too. Helen and Judd agree they can’t trust Jessie. Judd says no matter who we put up we will need to get a little blood on our hands. Judd and Helen want Spencer to make it to jury. Helen says Elissa would be a good person to win HOH next week because she would go after Ginamarie and Aaryn. Helen asks Judd who Spencer would put up? Judd says I think we could influence him to put up who we want. Like Jessie. I would rather her go than the blontourage. Helen heads inside. Judd tells Andy that I don’t think we should go after anyone in our group until jury even if the opportunity presents itself. Andy says that he think Jessie needs the money but.. Judd says she would be a bitter jury member that all we would need to do is give her a compliment to get her vote. Helen comes back out and they continue to talk about how nutty Jessie has been the last week. They laugh about Amanda and her spray tan. Judd comments that she’s not allowed in the pool. Andy says we should have a pool party today. They laugh.


11:10am – 12pm Candice joins Andy, Helen and Judd on the backyard couch. Candice talks about how she was glad that she got to know the real Howard. Judd comments that he never talked to him much but that he must be talkative to have made it on the show. They talk about yesterday’s POV competition and past events of the house. Judd tells Clownie Candice is just about as cool as regular Candice. Andy says that he doesn’t want to condone fighting but I would love to see one more fight in the clown outfit. Candice says oh there will be another one for the things that Gina said in her speech. She had no need to call me those things and slander me on national tv like that. Most of what she said was hearsay and things that she was never a part of, she could have told me that in private. Helen comments to Judd that when she first met him she didn’t know how much was up there but after getting to know him she thinks he is quite smart. They talk about the fights in the house and wondering which ones made it to tv. Candice says that she doesn’t understand how Gina can call me a rat and then be nice to me the next day. When I see her I want to rip her f**king face off and when I see Aaryn all I see is her flipping my mattress. They continue to talk about random things. Scariest place to be dropped off: Judd says the jungles in China. Candice says the tribal areas of Africa.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Helen is going to feel so stupid when MCcrae and Amanda vote her out the first chance they get she is going too really regret not listening to Elissa

Not Going to Happen

Helen is safe for the next two weeks. Amanda has earned MVP again this week for her utterly over the top hate laced tirade against Candice. With Amanda on the block every week, McCrae and Company can’t come after Helen. They need Helen to keep the rest of the house in line and keep Amanda safe.





Mcrae and amanda are eliminating anyone who may work with helen and amanda them two and andy will definitely turn on helen and elissa before they turn on aaryn and gm I didn’t say it would be next week but come time for jury helen and elissa will have to win hoh every week or their screwed I know it won’t happen but I really hope spencer jessie helen and elissa team up together and try to get gm to backdoor someone close to amanda and vote one of their asses out of here


You just laid out the flaw in Helen’s plan. She’s safe for two weeks and then becomes a sitting duck. Helen’s problem is she over-estimates her intelligence. Her big plan is to be everybody’s Superfriend and try to make sure she’s sitting next to somebody less well-liked. Fair enough…problem is that those people have all the reason in the world not to want to sit next to her for the very same reason and each person she wants to sit next to has somebody they would prefer to sit next to. Other than Elissa (who is quite dumb), who wants to sit next to Helen at the end?

Helen can be forgiven for falling for Andy’s nonsense because just like Howard and Spencer, she can’t fathom how he would not see Amanda or McCrea need to leave early in jury, has no plan to actually win the game, and can’t see how being a rat sets him up to take a fall as soon as Amanda and McCrea feel truly threatened, but her willingness to sacrifice people loyal to her and mistreat them along the way and somehow think she will have any protection later is just beyond stupid. Helen thinks she’s a master manipulator…but it seems pretty clear everybody sees through her “Superfriends” act and fake crying, which will make it all the easier to get rid of her.


It’s Double Eviction week none of them are safe until we know who the 2nd HOH is.


Come on now, Allison Grodner has to protect Amanda from Americas wrath so watch for Amanda to be the HOH during the double eviction and probably Mcrae right after.


Oh yea, sticking her ass on the block for the 2nd week in a row when she could have thrown a GM, Elissa, or Aaryn up there instead – some protection.


the protection is SO evident…you can see this on cbs edits alone


I had the same nightmare!

give me a break

To me their are 4 leaders in the house right now: Helen, Amanda, Aryan Nation, and Spencer…Spencer is the only leader with no army, but if he wins HOH everything changes. Bigot Amanda has Mcpizza and Andy, Arynan Nation has GM and Judd, Clueless Helen has Elissa, Candice, and Jessie….out of these leader Helen by far is the worst, she never listen to her group and she places her loyalty on the other side just to be safe for the week, while the racists are looking long term. Helen is going to be in for a rude awakening for not listening to Candice, Elissa, and Jessie. Helen’s group wanted Aryan Nation out and Helen said No..but now Aryan has more influence then her…..Helen is out smarting herself……Elissa, Candice, and Jessie see the power to victory is getting rid of Amanda and Aryan…but Helen rather get rid her teammates…..when helen team falls..i’m done with the season…i won’t be able to watch because only racists will be in the house..


Good gosh Candice let the stupid mattress thing go! Look how you went after Amanda who is a racist witch after Howard was sent home. Do you not get that at that time Aaryn was angry just like you are now about that stupid guy and you about Howard. What in the world did GM say in her nomination speech that has Candice mad. I would be mad a GM for using the N word, but wow what was in the nomination speech, and hey agree with you disliking GM. I DO TOO!


could you imagine if howard was voted back in? wow

or give a player americas vote where they had to vote with america to evict who america wanted to go

or an extra veto or dpov

there needs to be some kind of power shift in this way to shake up the game



Elissa is smart.

Helen is stupid.

Judd/Jessie can help them get her out.

Andy, why do you want to be the third wheel to a showmance, really? Does that make sense to you? Gosh.

Will they brighten up by Thursday?

You got it wrong

Judd is not going to help evict Amanda. Judd is in a final five with Amanda and he will target anyone that tries to upset his alliance. Hence, Jessie had to go…she have the nerve to try and play her own game. Hence Howard had to go, she was trying to create a rival alliance. Hence Elissa will be leaving soon, she having independent thoughts and endangering his final five deal.


my word how boring

production please do something to shake up the game

everyone not named elissa or jess need to wake the f-ck up to get out the couple


LOL I will never listen to somebody that think Elissa is smart!

Look in the Mirror

Doesn’t sound like you are to bright yourself!


Elissa is a shallow self absorbed moron and anyone who thinks she’s smart has to be dumber than her. She couldn’t poor water out of a boot, if the direction were on the heel.


It’s *pour*, but thanks for playing…




It’s really sucks for Elissa have to make decision. If I was Elissa, I would vote for Candace and make Aaryn & GinaMarie happy.


Well, Elissa and Jessie are just two votes. Elissa would be foolish to overplay her hand. She doesn’t have to like what’s going down, but Elissa has to pick the right spot. This is not the right spot. Stop with the Judd and Andy will help her out. Judd and Andy are in an alliance with Amanda. The down fall of the Moving Company was Jeremy wanting to save Kaitlin. All you wanted was bodies moving out the door. Once Jeremy said we have to protect Kait, it exposed the alliance. Howard and Spencer tried to defend Jeremy which made others question their motives. Super Friends are playing it right. Judd and Andy are in a perfect position. Jumping off and joining Jessie and Elissa is just a losing option.

There will be no drama in the next several weeks. Dan is not walking through that door. Ian is not walking through that door. Jessie the bodybuilder is not walking through that door. Wait ah! Jessie might be walking through that door in red spandex soon, but that besides the point. Amanda, Helen and Judd will not be threaten in this game. Its on lockdown. Those that Elissa and Jessie would turn to for help are already pledged to the Super Friends. Forget about them working with Aaryn and Gina. At this point Jessie rather jump off a tall building the even think of the idea of working with Gina.


I see this drivel again and again. Judd only thinks he’s hooked into Amanda. Goofy traded out Judd for Arryn a week ago. There is no 5 person alliance it’s Goof Troop II running the show, Amanda McCrae, Andy and Arryn. The 5th wheel is GM not Judd. Super Friends exists in Helens mind and in name only. Goofy II is already working on the order Friends get eliminated. As of now it’s Helen before Ellisa which is very good strategy IMO. Judd looked like 1st of these 3 out the door but Andy may work to keep him until at least Helen is gone and maybe Ellisa as well. It would set Judd up as a jury vote for Andy. Though Andy too will be on the jury finale night IMO.

The thing is Andy has played a ZERO F2 game so far. He isn’t even playing for 50K yet. I see no plan to be F2 at this point and certainly no plan to win 500K. At present he is likely the safest to make F5/F4 with almost NO chance of being F2. Andy has no plan to get rid of Amanda. You can’t win 500K keeping her around calling the shots. GM might replace him F4 even. Amanda’s end game is Amanda/Arryn F2. McCrae is this years Danielle Mumphry. The only difference is McCrae isn’t popping zits!

I should say the best chance to get Amanda out may actually be F5.. POV is not on the block and saves one of the 2 noms. Only replacement is Amanda and is evicted 2-0. I don’t see a lot of other opportunities. Amanda will have F2 deals with everyone at F4. She is a vile douchebag racist but she is playing and the sheeple are not!


This is by far the dumbest group of people I have every witnessed. Elissa and Candice are the only ones who know what the heck is going on and the rest of them are just trying to make it to the jury and not really win. Getting Amanda out would be a true game changer. Then maybe this show would become interesting again. I hope after this show, Helen feels bad about herself and the game shehas played. To turn on Elissa would be the ultimate knife in the back.

This season of Big Brother has shown how racism and jealousy are so dominant in our society. The snakes make it to the top. The confused do whatever it takes to remain safe, and the people who know what is actually going on are ridiculed and punished for speaking up for themselves.


Insightful comment, everyone is so concerned about staying safe that they are forgetting their morally and values. Hard to root for anyone other than Candice, Elissa or Jesse. I think McCrae might be okay sans Amanda but then again, I could be wrong. Messed up cast.

Helen needs to go.

Helen needs to go. Wiener needs help NOW!


Weiner is a Democrat. Helen is a Republican. But now I see why my former party (Republican) is so out of touch with reality. Yikes!

Weiner Tweets Amanda

Helen is NOT a republican. She is a bleeding lib.


Oh course Helen is a bleeding lib!

She has all the characteristics of a true liberal: lie, lie, lie, lie, lie some more, deny that you lied, lie again, pretend that you like everyone you talk to, lie, lie…

Helen: “I love Elissa”
Helen: “Elissa has to go”

A bleeding liberal, like Obama, will say ANYTHING to ANYONE…you don’t know what to believe!


Really Just like Obama! your an Idiot all Politicians lie that’s there job! Not just The President and so is Helen no matter what she is!


Do some research. She’s a Republican…which is why she was so comfortable blaming black people for racism and defending racists.

Helen needs to go.

Helen loves everybody! She would say Oh Wiener I love you so much! As she walked out the door, she would mumble to herself : Wiener needs to go!

BB15 Sucks

Will Helen ever keep her mouth shut? I will be so happy when she find out that Andy is not really on her side. I will be surprise if they get another opportunity to get Amanda out. Everyone that would’ve been on her side she is trying to get out of the house or have already help get evicted from the house. When the time come and she really want to get Amanda out the house, she won’t have anyone on her side to do it. Nobody in this house have any common sense except for Elissa, Candice, and Jessie. They are the ones who really want to get this power couple out. Helen is going to listen to Andy all the way to the jury house.


I also don’t understand why she is getting out the only people who would support her. Does she not see the Aaryn and GM will choose Amanda over her. Candice, Elissa, and Jessie, have been openly bullied by Amanda so she would know they are on her side. If she was truly a good political strategist then she would hold on to all the people who have something against Amanda for future service. Amanda is playing a smarter game in that respect because she is getting rid of those who she believes she cant work with. And she understands that if someone is loyal, they are worth keeping. If they don’t vote out Amanda this time, I will cast my votes for Helen next time.


Helen, that would be bad move of putting up Elissa as a pawn. I hope Jessie or Helen win HoH so she can put up Spencer & Amanda up.


Seriously, Helen has diarrhea of the mouth. She is throwing her one true alliance under the bus for what? Hmmm, she better hope American is not the MVP because I think it is time for her to feel some heat while on the block. Political consultant ny ass, for whom, Anthony Weiner or Mitt Romney.
She just put a target on Elissa back, well maybe Amanda will go off and everyone will think twice.

Weiner Tweets Amanda

Helen is a Hillary fan.

Helen needs to go.

Helen just loves Hillary so much! Hillary needs to go!


I love Hillary, but she has to go OK. She has harmed my game. I’ve been nothing but nice to her OK. She has to go. We need Aaryn.


And she’s not even a political consultant. The first week she was telling Elissa in the cockpitlast room that she’s actually a lobbyist, but she knew that would look bad to the other HG’s and the viewers, so she came up with the consultant title. She tries to influence politicians to vote for whatever corporate interests that she was hired to peddle …the scummiest of the scum.


Call CBS stop the slurs save BB

Helen needs to go.

CBS needs to go!


I’m really hope that Helen wins HoH so she can put up Jessie & Spencer in double eviction.


I really hope she doesn’t and goes on the block sooner than later. She’s a major nucleus to the sh*tty parts about this cast. I have the feeling the bigots she’s enabled and kissed up to are going to be on the Amanda’s side, and the smear campaigns she’s made against people she thought were less than are go go back to on her. And I’m going to laugh laugh laugh if it backfires in her face and she’s sent the jury. She beyond annoying.


Andy is going to wait as long as possible until he picks a side and shows it to the house. he’s not dumb, andy knows the showmance of MC/Amanda will beat him. Just like Shelly saw about Jeff and Jordan. Andy wont be “effective” until final 5. In the meantime, Spencer/GM/Aaryn/Judd only get ONE SHOT to make a exposed power move. As soon as Helen/Elissa or MC/Amanda lose a player….it’s game on!!!! (quiet game until then)

Jordan Rules

Andy will never make a move. He is the definition of a FLOATER!!! He is hoping everyone else will do the dirty work. He has no shot to win, but he might get the $50,000. If Amanda or Helen takes him to the final. If nothing is done soon by the HG’s on the out , They will not have numbers and be picked off one at a time.Andy has no shot of winning unless he does something big. These HG’s refuse to make a big move. What are they going to tell the Jury when they ask why we should give you $500,000? I formed the Super Friend, I formed the Goof Troop, what a joke. Make a move!!!!!!

Helen needs to go.

I went to Helen’s house. She has a parrot. When I walked through the door, the parrot said:Bwaak! Oh, i love you so much! Bwaak! As I was leaving , the parrot said: Bwaak! He needs to go! Bwaak! Helen needs to go.


This is how stupid they all are, they want to keep their little circle for jury! Why? Why? Why? Whoever is responsible for evicting those jury members will not get their vote. This will greatly effect Helen more than anyone, since she toots her horn about having a hand in getting people evicted. By not breaking up Amanda and McCrae and one of them is the F2 you automatically lose that vote. On that logic alone, either Amanda or McCrae needs to go before jury . No one is think of what is truly best for them. How can you think that your circle of “friends” will be loyal to you, when it comes to $500,000.00. You need to keep the weak and not well liked players like Candice, Jessie, Aaryn, and Spencer in your circle because they have no game or are not respected. No one will vote for them to win and they will be set up better to win. Everyone thinks Elissa is not that bright, well she is the only one making sense right now. Ugh!


What’s really stupid is that when people get to jury they talk about what happened from day one and truth comes out. All the lies will be exposed to the jury. That’s how Ian won last year. Dan got caught in his web of lies. It will happen again.

Jordan Rules

I disagree. I have been watching BB since season one. I find that most people who are evicted, are mad at first but appreciate good game play. When they are in the jury house they soften their stance. When Jordan won, no one thought people like Jessie would vote for her especially over Pigpen his ally. Jessie was one of the people who voted for good game play and Jordan Won.


Well that Jessie and Judd showmance is over. Not that it ever got anywhere, but Judd would rather play with Aaryn and Gina vice Jessie. I find that interesting, in that at least I thought Jessie and him were friends. There is only one alliance that exist and it consist of Helen, Amanda, Andy, McCrae, and Judd. Everyone else take a ticket and wait your turn to be evicted.

Now if Elissa or Jessie win, its just going to be payback all over again. Jessie wins, she’s definitely going to put up Gina. Helen would want her to put up Spencer as well. But I think Elissa or Jessie will put up Aaryn as the second. I wonder how Jessie’s nomination speech will be towards Gina. Amanda will be the third nominee as MVP. But right now, its not about game play anymore, it’s personal. Gina and Amanda made it very personal last week. I wonder how Gina handles it when she gets called out by Jessie. My guess if Jessie had given the speech that Gina did towards her, Gina would have gotten physical. This utter confusion and hate keeps the core five safe. Yes Amanda and Helen or Judd should be nominated by the house, but when you got targets like Aaryn and Gina, its kind of hard to overlook their hate. Yes Amanda is just as hateful and sets the tone in the house, but you can only fight so many at one and still stay in the house. So its Gina and Aaryn that go up as nominees if Elissa or Jessie win.

What makes it so funny is that Gina and Aaryn are going to want Jessie / Elissa to be rational with their nominations. Aaryn might even break out the M&M’s again to show how they need to band together. Yeah right! Just like Gina was so rational with her nominations last week? Nope throw out gameplay. Heads up Gina a fastball high and tight is coming right at your head. Wow, didn’t know Jessie could throw like that.

99 Cent

This Thursday is a double eviction and it would be stupid to nominate Aaryn and GM for the 2nd eviction unless they were targeting you. Double evictions are for getting rid of big shots like Amanda or Helen so they don’t have any time to campaign.

Will See

Double eviction oh my! Double eviction oh my! Double eviction oh my! So what? Jessie is going for Gina. Why should Jessie be the one that takes on Amanda and Helen. The last 4 HOH’s could of did that and they didn’t. You know why, because they didn’t want to rock the boat. Aaryn was HOH two weeks ago and she targeted Candice and Howard. That was very brave! Gina is HOH this week and low and behold….she targeted Candice this week. After she stated no one has the balls to flip this house. Well Gina I guess that confirms you don’t have a pair. Now you want Jessie to think about game play. LOL! If Jessie wins HOH, Gina, take a seat. Elissa wins, Gina take a seat. Gina and Aaryn both had their opportunity change the game, forget that. In the words of Gina, get those rats out of here…in this case Gina is the rat. There must be a lot of rats in Brooklyn, because rats and balls are always on her mind.


You really have to watch the show…. seriously!

” There is only one alliance that exist and it consist of Helen, Amanda, Andy, McCrae, and Judd.”

This is so WRONG. Helen thinks she is in an alliance with Amanda ect. She most definitely is not! She will likely be targeted no later than F8 by the others. Judd has been out for over a week! The only true alliance functioning to win was Goof Troop. That’s Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd. Judd messed up and has been replaced by Arryn which I describe as Goofy II. That is the REAL power in the house. As long as Judd doesn’t realize he’s no longer part of that alliance the new Goofy II are golden this season.

BB Fan

Sorry, I forgot to put my name, BB Fan.

bb15 blows

It makes me angry that the few people who remain that deserve to win this game are going to be voted out in the next few episodes or have already been sent home. Shame on CBS for putting together this poor excuse of a cast. Collectively deciding who to pick off based on ‘what the house wants’ is not playing the game. These people only want to make it to jury because they think that’s as far as they need to go to get their 15 minutes of fame. I always look forward to big brother in the summertime but this season is such a huge disappointment.

Dawn Boone



Please HG WAKE up and vote out Amanda, as I believe you will see a much better game. Plus you want have her taken over the HOH room anymore without winning HOH, as she is unlikely to win anything!


Whoever is in final 2 needs to be able to say” I was the one who evicted…Helen, McCrae, Amanda,Aaryn…whoever! Can’t win without making a move…what’s Andy gonna say” I walked in on 1 million conversations and ran to Amanda and McCrae and spilled the beans”.Jessie is going to say” I sat on my bed and cried alot because I didn’t get the proper amount of attention”. Judd’s” I flirted with 2 or 3 girls,wore a bear shirt and started a trend in the house”. At least Spencer can say he put his ass on the line for an alliance and shouted down the dumb dominatrix.


Has it occured to any of you rampagers who are calling and sending emails what the
consequences could be for BB next year?
Since they really can not control what people say (regardless of contracts) what do you
think their options are going to be?
My guess, VERY SENSORED live feeds. I have a feeling next year we will be watching
about 500 percent more FISH.
We pay for reality then we get it and everyone goes all PC militant.
The ones you hate for their words and actions will have to deal with it anyway,
all the nagging of CBS will do nothing but limit our access in the future.

BTW- I do not recall an outcry when Jeff was a walking talking homophobe.
Well there was, but the cat people outnumbered the outraged.
Funny how he is still the darling of BB & CBS.
Too bad no one cared enough to call and email then.


Well, instead of making it the Real World Revisited for CBS they should have been more diverse with the kinds of people placed in there and I’m not talking about ethnic backgrounds but casting by personalities etc. You don’t need to go mine half the cast out of Texas, our the majority out of the South and than drop by the Jersey Shore. Of course people are going to say things they shouldn’t. If it’s a comment or do I don’t think someone needs to be burned at the stakes. But if it’s affecting the game and how social dynamic which is part of the game than that’s another story. And to have so many people concentrated being mean spirited and saying 1960 bigoted comments is too much. And people have the right to speak out about what they consider lowest common denominator of entertainment. I think people want to watch game play and not have that other toxic stuff so in your face. The game play is to mob one person, to form a smear campaign, make hateful unnecessary comments, and than have the whole house vote one person out. It sounds like you enjoy it . Well other people don’t and just like you have your opinion others to too. And life will go on if the feeds end up getting censored. Maybe people will have to find something else to watch and pay attention to if it’s that unbearable. But in the mean time the “rampagers’ as you put it have a right to put their thoughts out there just like you.


“Has it occurred to any of you folks on a rampage who are calling and sending emails what the consequences could be for BB next year? Since they really can not control what people say…”

Yes, a better cast most likely. I think most are clear on that. Your catch word here is “could” and it COULD end up being a better show with better feeds or it COULD go as you explained (more censoring). However, I doubt they’ll censor the feeds for such as that (speech). They censor the goings-on of production and their interaction with the houseguests. They censor out little else as far as I can tell. Most every time they cut feeds, some person is talking about (or dealing with) some thing that some how and/or some way deals with production. Also, it would be completely unwise to cut (censor) the feeds as you propose. People would simply stop purchasing the feeds if they were not satisfied. CBS won’t risk that. ‘Cause as you said, they CANNOT control what comes out of people’s mouths. And they KNOW that sells.


“The ones you hate for their words and actions will have to deal with it anyway, all the nagging of CBS will do nothing but limit our access in the future.

Completely disagree (again). Again, hot and sour sells — Hot bodies, Sour souls, Sour minds, Sour opinions and Sour attitudes. It’s what us feeders live for when we buy the BB feeds. I have gotten my money’s worth this season. LoL.


“BTW- I do not recall an outcry when Jeff was a walking talking homophobe. Well there was…”

That’s right. There absolutely was. Just Google it. :) And the cat people still outnumber the enraged this year concerning these issues. Is it bigger this year? Absolutely. However, the media has coverage has subsided (not ended) right now. It’s not as ‘front page’ as it was two, three, four weeks ago.


“Funny how he (Jeff) is still the darling of BB & CBS.”

Not funny, just good business sense.


“Too bad no one cared enough to call and email then.”

We did!!


I want to be clear also. I primarily the feeds for the gameplay — like a large percentage do for sure. However, the bonus of really seeing the people and what they say and do is a large draw also for a lot of folks, me included.

99 Cent

Society as a whole will grow tired of the self-righteous phonies one of these days and that will be the end of their pity party.


if Elissa goes up as a pawn, it’s curtains for her.

What if

Possibly her (Elissa’s) plan – after this eviction jury starts and, in my opinion, E would prefer to go home.


Here we go again…..it never stops!!! Get a live.


ok, can we just STOP and BAN “blood on your hands”.

it is so stupid, they say it ALL the time even when it really doesn’t apply

boo this phrase.

99 Cent

Add ‘on the block’ and ‘thrown under the bus’ to that list.


its funny how elisa, is facing the same problem Rachel had. once alone in that house at least in Rachel’s case, she had no true friends or ally’s, everyone used her as the scapegoat. elisa is in the same exact spot, and the problem is…elisa doesn’t win comps, so unless she is secretly holding back her reilly super luck, its over in the next 3 weeks for her


Would anyone care to supply the feed date and time stamp where Amanda
says she lied about what Howard said?
I would like to see it, since so many here are positive it happened.

To be clear, not the Aug. 1- 5 am conversation.
I have seen that one a few times, she never says she lies.
Still not clear who pulled an admission out of that exchange, since
it does not exists.

Thanks in advance.


It was cover a few post ago. Nobody want to listen!!!!! OR believe wants to it!!!


TopGun, the conversation that was posted and the conversation on the feeds
don’t seem to match up with the claim that she says she lied.

I listened to it, others have, she never said the words “I lied, it was a lie, made up, etc.”
She never even alludes to lying. What she does say is how pissed she is at MC for
not standing up for her to Howard for saying it.

So AGAIN, just trying to get someone to give me a feed flashback point to find her
AGAIN, not the August 1st, 5 AM convo, because that one does not fit.


I am with you on this one. I also do not believe she is just making it up, hence the my quote “not again”, and you can refer also to my earlier post/statements. He has made similar statements earlier in the game, so it could have been said to her. I think it was a game move to get her to explode and make a fuss. And as I said before, he was in an interview after he left, and he denied saying it. I think what man would admit to making a statement like that to a woman and to also admit it on a post game interview. I also feel he was trying to save face. He always acted like he really had to control his feelings and he was always fighting the urge to not explode. And as it has been posted before, from the tapes, you could not hear anything they said. But I also agree she was very upset about it. Hence my comment that “people will and want to believe” I have not seen anything or heard anything, other than a few posted that says she was lying about what Howard said to her. She was talking about other things/topics, but not on this subject. I for one, think he did say it. I think it was a game move, which failed.


Why does it matter. The comment wasn’t even a big deal. I want to f*** you after everything that has been said in this house is not even something anyone should even care about. I don’t think he said it that way, but it looks some people on here want to think he did. Since there is no sound of it, no one will know anyway and I doubt it will mess up Howard’s life. If you have ever been to a club that is said every 15 minutes. This isn’t a work place.


“Would anyone care to supply the feed date and time stamp where Amanda says she lied about what Howard said?”

It has been shown here and on Jokers. That debate is sooooo over. Cut it loose. :)

Also, we could ask that Amanda apologists show us a date and time stamp that PROVES he said it. (Ya can’t ’cause he didn’t and now we know it ’cause Amanda said herself it was a lie).

She has admitted twice now to not saying it. And no, I’ll not slog through all the posts here OR the feeds to find the time and date stamps for you. They’ve been provided here before more than once and at Jokers. Happy Hunting mate.

Amanda is trash but her game play has been more effective than everyone else in the house this season, thus far. Be happy with that.


All I ask is for the feed time and date.
The Amanda Torch Wielding Villagers just keep saying “it has been proven”.

I just want to see the proof, why is that so much to ask?

I actually brought the conversation over FROM jokers and posted it here…to prove
she did not say she lied. The only thing posted on THIS forum was one person posting
said conversation and then saying “See? She lied” (While in his actual post it never says
It is so insane to me that no one who hates Amanda will actually listen to a smidgen of
reason. And I do not even hate Howard, nor do I think what he said was a big deal.
I think he tried to leave some bait for her to repeat, getting either her, MC or Candace to
go off…..thereby giving Howard a shot at staying.
Game play, nothing more. You all remember this is a game, right?

If you all REALLY want to look at all of this with a fair and open mind, go listen to
Big Brother Gossip show podcast, last nights episode.
Just 3 bloggers talking about events.
They give opinions but hey, guess what?
You get to ACTUALLY HEAR the feed portions being discussed!
You can judge for yourself!!! You do not have to read some Anon’s post and take it as bible!
Anyone willing to give it a shot?


If she lied about it and admitted it, which she didnt, then why did howard say that he did say it? do you think howard is lying about it?


August 2 at 11:11


Do you HAVE feeds OMG?
You do know that when you go to that date and time it is GM and Aaryn in the HOH
BR, GM popping pimples, both talking about the fish? And the other 2 cams are
on Helen in the backyard.

OMG I am starting to suspect you do NOT have feeds and are taking other peoples
word for things.

Can anyone with feeds verify this for me?
I have said twice this is not correct and am starting to think I live in an alternate universe!


You’re 100% right. No one can provide you with a timestamp because Amanda simply has not said that she was lying.


I just watched BBAD and Andy makes me sick to look at him………..he’s so pale and white and with that red hair……why does he constantly wear those
tank tops ? His body is hideous…………why wouldn’t he just wear T-shirts like the other guys…………He just grosses me out ……..yuck ! ! ! Another thing…there always has to be someone crunching on chips, whatever……it sounds horrible with those microphones on……it is so annoying ! ! ! Oh well, whatever ……………………..

Helen needs to go.

Andy needs to go! The chips need to go!


That’s why Helen need to be 3rd nom. This week. Amanda and Aaryn will get their once out he house. But Helen will
Know that now America wants her out, cause she did not go after Amanda. I say put up anyone that thinks America I voting.
Amanda not completly sold on it I think Spencer, Helen, Andy.. They all don’t want Amanda out his week, we gave them 2 chances, I don’t
Believe in 3 strikes your out 2 you out.

What would they think if they were 3 nom. ? Not so much Spencer. But Andy or Helen. I think is would rock their world. We already
Know Andy is with Amanda. We know Amanda/Mc have said they will strike first. Then lets put her up. Then she can see the Feeds
And be ready for live show reunion. Then if we have another chance to 3rd nom. Put amanda again, hen watch the ones who believe
America is MVP.

Helen needs to go.

YESSSSS!!!!! Vote HELEN! Helen needs to go! Nothing can happen til she is gone. Helen needs to go!

Former Houseguest

Wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t have a JURY this year? These idiots would lose their sh!t.


Then they’d have to actually try to win the game! After taxes they net 7-8k from their Jury money. Big effing deal. The quality of player has really deteriorated over time. I blame them not raising the prize money to a realistic goal to make it worth a players time to win. The average income makes a Jury wage while they are in there. They really need to get casting right and change the game up accordingly.


If they increased the $ to 10K a week,for every week they stay,could make it worth playing for the get-to-jury minded people. Once in jury, back to $1,000 a week. Plus, I find the players w/ life experience more interesting…someone over 40 next year?


It would be better if they used the first 7 house guests to be evicted as jury ;)

BB Fan

BB Fan (posted as No Name.) I meant it to say one of the other stronger players would win by bringing weaker and not well liked people to the jury.


I think Andy is the reason Helen hasn’t gone after Amanda. If Helen knew she actually didn’t have Andy on her side, she would probably try to get Elissa, Jessie, and Judd to vote out Amanda. Andy is playing a good game (although I don’t think he will win because he’s seen too much as a floater). I sure hope he goes soon because he is annoying to watch on the feeds.


So Elissa wants to talk to her closest confident in the house about keeping Candice and that they can probably get the votes. Of course Elissa is going to think Helen is not going to say anything even if she didn’t agree with what she had to say (what Elissa thinks so she feels safe talking to Helen). NOPE! Helen takes this info from her so-called closest ally to Andy. You know what Andy is going to do? Tell McCrae and Amanda. Then Elissa will get confronted and Elissa will know Helen is a rat and Helen will know Andy is a rat. Same thing happened last week with Spencer trying to keep Howard.

Why are people so scared? You are supposed to get the big players out when you get the chance…..Here is your chance.

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

“Gina says ah it’s nice to be queens.”

Queens of the Racist Hoodrat Kingdom, located in the Sewers of NY/NJ

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

Keep putting Amanda up, eventually she will explode into another unnecessary tirade and finally Helen will have the numbers, and of course McCrae and Andy will be the only votes to keep her.

McCrae is using the bitch anyways, no way would he want her on the outsides, he sitting pretty watching her act like a pathetic little girl for NO reason.


Just vote her out already… If not America will continue to put her up!

Helen needs to go.

How long are you willing to wait. Every time amanda catches on fire, Helen puts it out. Vote Helen America! HELEN needs to go!


no we have to stay patient

the more weeks amanda stays on the block the less her chance will be of winning

and she will never get to vote on any eviction whilst on the block

it will happen hopefully soon


I agree Illwill, McCrae is using Amanda and I’ll bet after the show is over he may visit Florida but I gravely doubt he’ll live w/Amanda, let alone marry her in real life. If his parents & friends are watching the feeds, they’ll tell him to run away from her as fast as he can. In the BB house, she takes care of his “needs”, rubs his feet, and orders him around. He’s safe from being on the block because everyone is afraid of Amanda. Sweet position to be in…for now.


McCrae is not really into her at all… I think he is using her for his gameplay, do you notice how little anyone on this site mentions McCrae as a target!? I think we could be looking at the winner of BB15…wait until he makes the last plea for jury votes and Amanda is made to look like a fool. Expect the unexpected!


Like I said a couple of weeks ago, that I thought Aaryn, Ginamarie & Spencer would all make it to jury. That way, Julie Chen could inform them together about their job situation and confront them along with Amanda (about their comments and actions within the house) all on finale night with the enitre cast there to add their two cents too. All of this would equal HUGE ratings for CBS. Would you agree Simon or Dawg?


Amanda admits to McCrae that what she said about Howard was a lie on August 2nd at 11:11am. She also admitted it to Andy and last night, but unfortunately I don’t know what the time was. It was later in the evening when Spencer was out of the room


This subject has been beaten to death time and again.


BBBBB…what does it matter what Amanda said? Really? She has repeated it about 25 times since she originally said it. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want that type of lie coming out of that witches mouth. That is a terrible comment, and I think that type of comment is extremely serious in nature.


She was called into the DR immediately after telling the other people what just transpired…in her mind!! I wonder what they said to her about that type of falsehood against Howard? Someone might need to retain an attorney when this thing is over.


howard admitted he said it, its over, move on.


Pure unadulterated Lie! Period Howard admitted no such thing. You 3v racist scumbags have now been told of Amandas 1st Admision it DID NOT HAPPEN you douchebag liar! The second though not precise is close enough. If you say it happened give time stamp and date that Howard actually said that to Amanda. You cannot because you and your lying racist douchebag friends spew filth that is UNTRUE!


You are aware that people exist outside of this house right? Howard was evicted, he’s had interviews, he’s admitted he said it. Google it.


he said he did not say it


He said that he told her he loved her, that she was really hot, that when they get out of the house he wanted to get together. that is basically what amanda said he said minus a few expletives, which im sure he wouldnt want to say when he’s being interviewed and everyone’s gonna read it. So he admitted it, just except it. Here is the interview, blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15s-howard-overby-addresses-the-amanda-comment-and-the-racism-in-the-house.html


Say what you will about Helen, but she is the ONLY PERSON I have ever seen cleaning that dang house. Seriously. Empty bottles, chip bags, cups, glasses, clothes, towels are everywhere, and these are supposed to be grown adults. When people start waking up, she will start frying bacon. You just watch.


…and to be so smart, she sure wastes a lot of motion. And water. Easy for me to judge her while my own house could use a little cleaning :)

Helen needs to go.

They can hire someone to clean! Helen needs to go!


This is the filthiest crew ever in that house. I can’t stand to look at the kitchen or bedrooms… it’s like a filthy frat house. I remember Shelley cleaning non-stop in her season, funny to watch her because I think I would do the same thing ; ( Also, California has always had water shortage issues and these people let the water run and run and run… Elissa stares at herself in the reflection of the glass and will rinse, rinse, rinse for 2-3 mins, one glass! I wish they were composting, recycling, growing food, being eco-conscious. That part is difficult to watch too!


Simon or Dawg, In previous seasons didn’t they let the HGs know about the day before that there was a double eviction. I do not think they will do it this time.


Ok. Don’t be surprised if the “live” episode is actually partially taped like last week


I think they are afraid to go live with this crew because of what spews from their mouths! Also, as someone posted here a few days ago it seems like they cut a few hours of campaigning out of Thursday so there wasn’t a last minute plan formulated to get rid of Allison’s little darling Amanda.

Let's help the show!!!!!!

If Amanda is the MVP nom again next week, I am sure she will not go home. But I believe if Helen goes up on the block, people would vote her out. If she was gone, maybe some of the others would start thinking for themselves. Helen as MVP nom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen needs to go.

YESS!!! Call Roto Rooter! There is a big turd blocking the drain! the sewage cannot flow. Helen needs to go!!!


no no no no no no

if helen goes, amanda will be eve safer in the coming weeks

america has to be relentless is trying to get amanda out

it will happen…stay patient


*even safer

production rigged it

Well there goes ignorant Helen running off at the mouth again talking about how all the things jessie has done to her and here she is ratting jessie out to the biggest rat in the house (andy) telling him that jessie wants amanda out. Now he will run and tell amanda which doesn’t really make much difference since jessie is their target anyway. But if amanda starts yelling at her again money or not if i was jessie I would knock her teeth out then she would have to gum pizza boy to death. On another note helen keeps saying it’s too soon to get amanda out, well pretty soon it’s gonna be too late because they’re running out of people to vote her out. This week if they don’t have a 3rd nom because of the double eviction then they will still need 4 votes but if they do then hopefully jessie or elissa or maybe spencer will win and put amanda and mccrae up since helen is never going to and aaryn will be the 3rd nom and then hopefully helen and whichever 2 that isn’t hoh can vote amanda out and if aaryn stays as the 3rd nom then ginamarie will vote amanda out which would be the 4 votes they need. Worse case scenario it’s a tie and whoever is hoh breaks it and amanda goes home.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Don’t worry people this week either Helen or Amanda will go because Double Evictions always change the game.


Yes, double evictions can change the game; but unless Spencer, Elissa or Jessie win the upcoming HOH, there won’t be a welcomed game change. Notice I didn’t include Helen in the HOH list. She’d probably let The Red Queen convince her to put Elissa “up as a pawn” with Jessie or Judd. All we’ll see is one of the above three being voted out if The Red Queen’s team come into power. Let’s hope the game changes in favor of someone capable of getting The Red Queen OUT!

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

Candice needs to get a sock fill it with more socks go Homey D. Clown on Mean Girl’s Amanda,GM, and Aaryn asses.. That would be EXCELLENT way to go out.


Oh my goodness, an In Living Color joke… loved that show! Wonder if Candace knows that reference! Ha, ha, ha… good one!


I say MVP is over after this week. Since the double eviction is Thursday, I don’t see how they can have us vote. Anyway I say good riddance, the MVP seems like it has turned this into a season of floaters. Anyone agree… with the MVP being over after this week at least?


Ryan I have it figured the same way. The double eviction part 2 will have no MVP and the remaining HG’s will have each week follow the old HOH standard week. I put the odds once it is announced Thursday it’s a double at about 60% Spencer goes F10 after Candace. It would be pretty hard to target Helen or Judd in 45 minutes or so. Jessie would be the other possible option. Only if one of these 2(Spencer/Jessie) is HOH would GM likely be out Thursday.


Hi Dawg,
Love your website – thanks for all of your hard work!
Just noticed – the MVP Nom needs to be up-dated – a few posts ago it said Amanda but now it went back to America.

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

Candice make the Clown suit sexy without the nose.


why is Helen telling Elissa to vote out Candice? They’re friends, that’s dumb. Kaitlin didn’t vote out Jeremy…Spencer didn’t vote out Howard…what makes this so different. Even Helen said when it came down to it she wouldn’t go against Elissa, they just want it to be unanimous so Candice can feel like even more of a piece of poopy stained undies? ugh this cast is insane…

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

Who was Andy flippin the bird to?

Elissa's Botox

Judd is an idiot and Helen is turning into a bigger disappointment every day..Howard was right “no one wants to make moves, this must be boring to watch”

Team Elissa/Jessie

This weeks eviction is really going to determine wether I continue to watch the rest of the season or ever watch again. I cannot fathom the thought of anyone of these immoral and unethical people winning $500,000. In fact, what do you do if it came down to Aaryn and/or Amanda/Gina? CBS is willing to fork that knd of $$ over to these fanatic racist pigs? They just continue to bash and nothing is done? I literally want to vomit when I hear the crap that comes out of their mouths, they truly are the ugliest people and they have the audacity to say that their words get twisted?????


Aaryn before Amanda or GM anyday. Aaryn has said mean things but a lot of them continue to do and say mean things, but nothing comes close to Amanda or GM;s racist and hate filled rants.


And I do think that if Aaryn knew that it was Spencer that started the crap in the first place that Aaryn and Candice could get beyond their differences, so wishing the stupid producers would at least tell the two of them the truth on that front.


I realllllllllllly hope they trick elissa into voting for spencer. It would finally split up Helen and elissa and Mcranda.


I’m sure CBS execs are having sleepless nights waiting to hear your decision on whether or not you will continue watching !!


Yes we are!


No we aren’t!


We are not responsible for Any derogatory comments that may be posted on this site.


I don’t think CBS wants to lose even one viewer… they get big money for advertising based on their share of the market and ratings! My mother quit watching this season, so did my sister. I am a die hard fan, but this has been so difficult to get through the false edits, manipulations, and the only show worth watching is Thursday nights when Julie Chen lets the houseguests know what’s up! Can’t wait for Amanda, Aaryn and GM to walk out the door to a barrage of BOOS!


I can’t even watch BB after dark bc I can’t believe these morons are still there… the worst BB ever! It’s double eviction this week…they will vote out Candice for sure…no threat…just like Howard…I’m really trying to have hope that these no mind of their own fools will wake the hell up and play the game for themselves….to WIN…not jury…this is the dumbest cast I’ve seen in a long time….Amanda goes up and they don’t vote her out? She’s manipulative and disgusting..but she’s got these fools following her…Production should be proud of this group of floaters..racists…empty headed HGs…so proud…NOT!