Candice says Gina is ignorant, she can’t hold a conversation without it being all about herself.

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


12:05pm Andy, Judd and Candice are out on the backyard couch talking. Candice gets called to the storage room. She says yay, I hope its my new clown suit. She says that she asked for a child size suit. She heads to the storage room and finds a smaller suit. She changes and then says thanks Big Brother! She heads outside and says it’s getting better. Judd says it looks the same to me. Candice says that she just wants it looking god for the live show. So I can pop that pu$$y! Candice talks about Howard. She says that her white mom will really like Howard especially when he has his shirt off because she likes big black men. She says that he black mom probably stopped watching a while ago after the bed flipping. They talk about Jeff & Jordan and meeting Jillian the winner of BBCA. Andy heads inside. Judd asks Candice if she is still offended. Candice says that she is more offended by Gina’s comments about her being a rat than the mattress flipping. More because she doesn’t know me and has never taken the time to get to know me. It was just slanderous to do during the nomination ceremony. Candice says she said “I think you’re really beautiful but you’re a rat!” Candice comments that Gina called me a drama queen but she is the one that had a fit when Nick was evicted and carried his hat and cup around. Candice says that Gina has only been in one beauty contest and I have won a lot. That’s the real reason why she is jealous of me. Come check my china cabinet and well see how has won more. Judd says that he hopes Candice wasn’t offended that he was laughing. Candice says no. Judd says he just laughs when people say something unexpected that he doesn’t think about. Judd thinks both Candice and Gina are great people but that they just didn’t get a chance to get to know each other. Candice says Gina is ignorant, she can’t hold a conversation without it being all about her. Candice says she doesn’t like Gina or Aaryn. Judd talks about how he is worried about going home – whether he still has a job or not and hopes that the way he acts isn’t reflected on the people of where his is from.

CBS Interactive Inc.


12:50pm – 1pm Andy joins them and tells Big Brother to call Amanda out to tan. She is fast asleep right now. Judd says they’re scared of her. Andy comments on what would have to happen for him to lose his cool. Judd says like if I threw milk in your face. Andy says that he would jump in to defend someone if they were being attacked. Judd comments that he wouldn’t unless it was a bunch of people ganging up on someone but not if it was just one person and they weren’t defending themselves. Candice comments that she would never, never, never want to get to know Gina. Andy asks what has been your most memorable moment. Candice says that night when the mattress was flipped when Howie and I stayed in the air plane room and got to know each other. It was a tragic but memorable night. Candice and Andy discuss past events of the house. Candice says that she just doesn’t like people judging her without getting to know her.


1:10pm – 1:20pm Jessie and Judd join Candice and Andy on the backyard couch. They discuss last nights veto competition. Judd talks about how he asked other if could count it as a win. He says people told him he could. Jessie says that she had to give up stuff to win. Andy tells them that they both won it. Andy says Judd won the competition but Jessie won the veto. Andy says Candice lost it. Candice agrees. Jessie says that this is a bad conversation to have around Candice. Candice says it’s okay. Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down.


1:20pm Judd goes to see Amanda and he laughs at how orange she is. He comments that she isn’t wearing a bra and her rope opened and he saw that whole shabang. Judd calls Jessie and they all laugh at how orange Amanda is. Candice comes in and starts laughing saying umpa-lumpa, umpa-lumpa. They ask her how many times she’s done it and Amanda says 3 times. Amanda says that she isn’t allowed to shower until the punishment is over. Judd says it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to wear the goggles. Jessie tells her that it doesn’t look that bad, it just looks like you got a sun burn. Amanda says this is only 3 times. Judd says he thinks they are scared to make you spray again. Amanda asks why do you say that.


1:40pm Helen says that the BBQ will be in a half hour. Helen and Jessie discuss in the bathroom about getting out Amanda this week and how they could get out Candice next week. Helen says we will talk more later about it. Helen says we would tell McCrae at the last minute. She says we could then work with McCrae after she is gone. Helen says that we have to make sure Judd, Spencer and McCrae don’t work together once we get to jury. Helen says we would have to put them up together so that they couldn’t vote for each other to stay. Helen says again we will talk more about it later but for now we’ll just enjoy the BBQ.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2pm Up in the HOH room – Gina is doing her makeup with her cone of shame on. Gina then heads down stairs to visit Judd, Spencer, Helen, and McCrae in the bedroom. The talk about dogs and what type are good for your life style.


2:20pm – 2:30pm Helen announces that the BBQ will only be an hour and a half.


Helen, Jessie, Aaryn and Elissa head out to their backyard BBQ. Helen does a speech telling them all to enjoy themselves and says no game talk. They light the BBQ and start looking at what they have. They have Chicken, Steak, Hamburgers, and Sausages to grill. It takes them a few minutes to light the BBQ. After only being outside for a few minutes Elissa asks when they will be allowed to go inside to go to the bathroom.


2:45pm In the kitchen – Amanda says I would f**k Jeremy. They tell her no just the house guests that are still here. Amanda says Marry Andy, F**k McCrae, Kill Spencer and Frame Judd. Judd says Marry Gina, Kill Amanda, F**k Elissa.
2:50pm – 3pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer says this will be a stressful week. Andy tells Spencer that Helen is rock solid in getting rid of Candice. Spencer says good. He says I really want to be a part of someone’s long term game. McCrae joins them. Andy reassures McCrae that he is voting out Candice. Andy says he doesn’t hate her like a lot of other do. They discuss who the MVP could be. Spencer thinks its America because it would be hard for someone to keep it a secret this long. McCrae tells Andy that he has to win HOH next week. He says that Amanda will keep going up as MVP. He says it sucks.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no genius and my analysis may be totally off point but from my perspective the reason this season has gotten so monotonous is because of Helen. Unlike Amanda, Helen seems very reluctant to lead a group to the point where she’s outright hurting her game. There appears to be 2 main groups. Group 1: Amanda, McCray, Andy, Judd and potentially GM and Aaryn. Then there’s group 2 or the misfits: Candice, Spencer, Elissa, Jessie and the now evicted Howard. Helen is unique in this season because she essentially is not despised by either group and thus is afforded membership in either group.

The “misfits” are ready to take on Group 1 and in a way are looking for a leader. Helen appears to be the most qualified to take on this role as she could potentially convice Judd as well as GM and Aaryn to flip their vote. The problem is that every time they approach Helen, she cowers in fear and runs to Andy. Ultimately the fate of one of the misfits is secured. First it was Howard and this week it’s looking more and more like it’ll be Candice.

It appears that Helen is too scared to lead and standup to Group 1, instead she would rather to rock the boat and standout. She thinks about survival on a week to week basis. The biggest flaw in her judgment is that she is at the bottom of Group1, with the only person from Group 1 that I can see her potentially outlasting being GM. On the other hand, I would argue that the “misfits” appear to have a greater potential of being loyal to Helen. Helen’s bond with Elissa, Candice and Howard seemed far more genuine than any relationship she has with the members of Group 1.

Furthermore, with regard to the game, Jessie and Spencer seem to have character and would potentially be more loyal to Helen than anyone in Group 1. So rather than building a loyal team that could take her to the end and lock up Jury votes, Helen’s settling to be the one of the first players from Group 1 evicted when all the “misfits” are gone. I realize that unlike Helen, we have the advantage of complete information.


Maybe not a genius but pretty damn close…you are spot on with your assessment…And furthermore, once Candice is gone all of the racial hatred will re-center on Helen. This is the second opportunity to get Amanda out and is too much of a coward to do it!


Helen has said horrible things about Candice and Jessie and Howard. Did you forget that Aaryn did not want to put up Howard but she was keeping her promise to Helen. Helen is a snake which is no surprise that she is in fact a lobbyist. Candice needs to do what she is telling all the others to do and get to know people. If she would sit down and talk to Aaryn both along without GM or Helen or rat Andy along and get the facts out there about the hat and bed incidence they could work together just like Howard tried to tell Candice. Candice just cannot see the forest for the trees and she needs to let crap go so that she can dig her way out of the hole she has made for herself. I hope that they come together and then along with Jessie, Elissa and maybe Judd can get Amanda, McCrae, GM and Helen booted out of that house.


To be fair with Helen, she does not speak ill of the character of other house guest. She only throw people under the bus but only on game perspective, which are mostly half truth and twisted it so that the person looks bad. Apart from her outburst towards Jeremy I haven’t heard her say things that are foul.

This Season Blows

Helen has accused Jeremy’s parents of physically abusing him as a kid and has blamed Howard for the racism against him. She might be worse than Demanda considering how fake she acts to everyone’s face while ripping them behind their back.


I agree completely!! You summed it up quite nicely!! I just wish Helen would take the initiative to start playing the game now and stop waiting until they get to jury!! I really liked her in the beginning, but she has disappointed me over and over. And Andy is a complete floater!! He continues to float between Group 1 and Group 2!! And, Lord knows he can’t hold water!! He tells everybody everything!!!




Spencer: I was 18 when I got my first truck

Helen: I didn’t get my first car until after I graduated from college and it was a clunker

Andy shows up

Judd: When I finished high school, I wanted to take all my graduation money and buy myself a motorcycle. But my mom said no. See, she had a brother who died in a horrible motorcycle accident when he was 18. And I could just have his motorcycle

Elissa: Has anyone every drunk then drive.

Helen: NO WAY!

Spencer: All the time

Judd: I did once or twice I think. Never drink alone, that’s what they say. But you know what? If you drink you will never be alone, alright? People will find you, and that’s when all the bad stuff happens, right? Just sittin around, doin nuthin, right? You know what happened one time? Drunk, nothin to do. I end up doing what? My penis in my fishtank, alright? No, i did it just to show them who’s boss, alright? They were gettin a little uppity. Even the diver guy stopped bubblin, he’s like ‘bleh??’ Then, they hid in the castle. And like all good times, it always ends when your grandma walks in, doesn’t it? ‘Get that d*ck outta the fishtank!! Time for supper!’

Elissa: What?


Buahahaha!!! JUDD!!!!




I bet Spencer is dumb enough to put up Amanda & McCrae if he wins HoH. I think it will never happen.


You mean smart enough? Aaryn & GM were dumb enough NOT to put them up!


No, Spencer is dumb enough to put up Amanda & McCrae! I think he won’t win HoH in double eviction.


Omg why can’t people just vote out Amanda is it that hard I mean come on people


amanda discussing who is mvp on saturday…

“is it america you think? i dont think i come off in a bad way, i just yell at people who are not nice people.”

shut the f-ck amanda you f-cking disgrace


I found a YouTube video of Amanda called Amanda zuckerman social justice warrior I think this video is accurate and shows what a huge hypocrite Amanda truly is. Why does CBS highlight Aaryn’s disgusting racist behaviour but makes Amanda look like a social justice warrior???? Search Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warrior


here are the videos of amanda people need to see if you have not done so already…

Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior…(alot of amandas offensive comments)…

A good commentary of all of amandas offensive behaviour…

Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Jessie(and knocking her teeth out and sodomizing her)…

BB15 FIGHT: Amanda vs Jessie (08.02.2013 1:55AM CAM 1)…

Hello -

Pop that pu$$y? Anyone know what that means exactly? Urban dictionary doesn’t have it. Candice continues to prove she is just as ignorant and skanky as the others. Complaining that GM doesn’t want to get to know her and says she would never never never want to know GM.
Who cares about Pageants? Anybody? What does that make you – a good human being?
Everything about Candice is so utterly unlikeable, right down to the sound of her voice and saying phrases repeatedly to fit in like ‘shady fuck’ over and over to people. It wasn’t funny and she blurts stories out that are really revealing about her being a ghetto bitch at heart.
It would have been nice to see her rise above it but she just lowered herself to their level – or maybe she always was down there and GM knew that and confronted her about it.
Bullying, BTW is locking people in lockers, pushing them, calling them names every time you walk by them, saying they’re a loser over and over to their face – what the mean girls are doing is trash talking and that’s that.
I know this is non the popular opinion but I’m sick of people defending Candice when her head rolling, finger snapping ways are more revealing about who the real Candice is.


2 LIVE CREW – Pop That Pussy You can listen to the song on You Tube or do a search for the lyrics..

Hello -

Thank but no thanks.
Basketball Wives are hos who will sleep wih anyone with money/power no matter how ugly.
Just sayin’…..
Betsy Boo

Helen needs to go.

Lurker001 – the kasey kasem of OLBB. Udaman!


The name of the song is “pump that pu$$y”. Not pop that pu$$sy


Is that your final answer? OK, let’s see. For 5000 dollars, is it Pump that pussy?………..IT IS!!!!!!! (applause)


I can’t fathom the confusion growing up half black in a white world and half white in a black world in this day and age….cut her some slack.

Weenie Ride

Her slack is that she’s black when she wants to play the victim, but she’s half white when she sticks her foot in her mouth. That type of arrangement is almost as good as winning the lottery.



ILL WILL Only the 1st and 2nd definitions are factual.

It’s a VERY slutty dance, but dammit, it looks good, I’ve seen MANY versions.

It was a rare classic in the late 80s-90s, but loads of this generation of young women(some a lot younger than normal because of the media) who are more “promiscuous” knows the dance, so it’s kinda played out. Check youtube for a video.


Don’t forget “boo”, “my person, your person, her person”, “I’m very smart”, “Howie”, “keepin’ it real with Candice”, “Candyland”. She’s annoying as hell, would suck to be locked in a house with her.

give me a break

i agree candice is annoying but all the house guest are annoying….what separate amanda, aryan nation, and gm is that they are racist..

Go ask your mom

Go ask your mom what it mean. She’s been popping it all week long.


I think you’re 100% right. Helen is playing a very dumb game, she used to be my favorite, but not anymore. She thinks group 1 is loyal to her, but the truth is they would rather keep GM or Aryan over her. They’re gonna turn on her at the first opportunity and if she doesn’t evict Amanda this week, she will never have the numbers again and she’ll be one of the first jury members. I’m also disappointed by how delusional Helen is about Andy ; he’s not her ally and he’ll throw her under the bus at anytime, his loyality resides with Amanda and McCrae. Helen should really be working on a girls alliance with Elissa, Jessie and Candice and find a way to vote out Amanda this week with the support of Spencer or Judd.


Simon or Dawg did you see aaryn and gm take a shower last night? I think they started to make out but I’m not sure, just wanted to know if you guys saw it.


Candice just spoke the truth about GM. You go girl!


I just wish these HG would stop thinking they have to do what the house wants, I agree with the past comments about this is the time to make a big move and get Amanda out. Amanda thinking she is on the same level as Janelle is a joke, she has proven that she sucks at competitions, she has been on the block twice, and not once has she won the POV.

And as for Andy, when is someone going to realize everything they say to Andy gets back to Amanda and McCrae? Andy in my opinion is a true rat, he lurks around and gathers information and reports back to the king and queen, I cannot wait to see how he acts when Amanda thinks he is no longer needed and she turns on him.

I wish Candice, Jessie, Judd, Spencer and Elissa would get together and turn things around, I’m so tired of hearing McCrae tell Amanda she is safe, and if anyone votes her out he is coming after them. He’s a wimp!, what has he won since he was given the first HOHL by David? Not a damn thing, other than taking $5,000 in a POV challenge and Amanda thought he should because he needed the money. But when Amanda was on the block and Jessie thought about taking prizes, Amanda had a big problem with that, I’m so ????pissed and sick of the double standards by Amanda and McCrae, come on people get a clue and vote her ass out! Watch how tough McPussy will be then. Not!

Sam i Am

I think Spencer is waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday to start the get rid of Amanda campaign….. Last week it picked up late but was foiled because Judd and Andy didn’t want to go along…. I hope they make it happen this week

ILLWILL A$$hole Extraordinaire

There should’ve been more to the spray tan punishment, like a white suit,green wig, and a song and dance number, Oompa Loompa style.

maybe Next year Big Brother will put more into it.


Amanda and Helen are playing the same type of game, looking out for their own back and trying to manipulate certain people. Amanda is honest to people’s faces, very open with everyone (though I loved her at first, she is digging herself into deserving that MVP nom lately). Helen just drives me NUTS! She is defensive when confronted (ie with Candice calling her out) – then has no problem making up stories to draw attention to someone else, and dares to complain about Howard telling her one lie. Ugh. Also really rubs me the wrong way when she insists EVERY eviction in her video clip – “I had a large part of you being evicted!”.


JBeth, it’s “I had a heavy hand” -_- Helen drives me nuts.


Candice is mad because she does not want to be judged before someone get to know her. However, she said she never wants to get to know GM. What a hypocrite! She acts like she is better than everyone in the house. Candice has also made racist remarks and used gay slurs. She is bragging that she has won more pageants than GM, Candice is so shallow. I don’t know what she is going to do when she gets out and realizes that Howard did not find her attractive at all and does not want any romantic involvement with her.


I think the pagent world is a sub-culture, so we can’t judge. just an opinion.


oh and I read Aaryn was a miss congeniality… could that happen in the real world?

Helen needs to go.

Candice could win a Q&A comp, Q…Candice, what message do you have for young people? A Well, I would tell them to always strive toward WORLD PEACE!! (applause!!!) Thank you! Thank you so much!!



The comment that Candace made that she never wants to get to know GM were AFTER GM was mean to her and GM said to any HG who would list she didn’t like Candace and didn’t want to know her. Remember it was during the FIRST WEEK in the house when GM made the two racist remarks (the first of many): 1) Welfare is “N” insurance and 2) “Be careful what you say in the dark because that B is dark and you won’t be able to see her.

Now, you tell me are those the words of someone you want to get to know. So, Candace remarks were in REACTION to GM constant racist remarks….oh, yes and those remarks are still happening TODAY. You said that Candace used racist remarks and gay slurs, please let me know when because maybe I missed those live feeds and edit version on television.

No, she isn’t bragging she won more pageants than GM (which is true) but they were because GM constantly was bringing it up to Candace.

Lastly, when did Candace or Howard even say they were nothing more than friends…because again, I miss that footage as well. The only thing that either of mention is that they were friends and wants it to continue outside the house. Oh, how do you know that Howard doesn’t find Candace attractive..did Howard said that or is this your opinion?

Funny who has the last laugh and who is an unemployed Pageant Coord….oh, yes that would be the always politically correct GM!


candice never heard the n insurance or the dark comments. you get to see everything but they dont remember? she just knows about the stuff gm said during the bed incident. not taking her side, its just some people forget on this site that the house guests dont see what we see. that is why they do things we think are stupid.


I thought that, too. Aaryn and GinaWhorina showering together. Am Gina swings both ways.

Weiner Tweets Amanda

“Helen and Jessie discuss in the bathroom about getting out Amanda this week and how they could get out Candice next week.”

Please make this happen!

Weiner Tweets Amanda

I mean the Amanda part. Nothing against Candice.

America is Racist

America only likes Candice because she is black. She is whiny and annoying.

Kayla J

Yeah, just like America only likes Elissa because shes white. Riiight….

Butters Mom

America doesnt like Candice or Elissa. lol


Who says we like Elissa!


Enough said. Pure ignorance!


The whole house is scared of Amanda. What a losers


most are scared, not jess and elissa

but why are they scared?

what is going to happen if they vote her out?

the 2 wimps mccrae and andy coming after them? oh no what trouble that will be

i cannot understand why so many there are so locked in to want to keep amanda safe?

its almost like its rigged and most of the players have been told to do everything to help amanda win, and its predetermined, like many are claiming

because anyone with half a brain knows…evicting amanda and splitting the couple before jury is crucial


“Amanda says that she isn’t allowed to shower until the punishment is over. ”

Wait didn’t Amanda and Mcrae take a shower together last night?


I think they allowed her to take one every 6 hours, I could be wrong,


Aaryn, GM and Amanda are racist mean girls. I can’t wait til they walk out the door and find out their jobless. I can’t even believe that GM had a JOB when she can’t even speak properly. And if anyone is a rat its her not candiance

come on now

Add Candice to the list of mean girls, and Helen has said her fair share too!!


i think jesse will win the next hoh then put up macre an judd then win pov in take down judd in put up amanda then aryan gina elssia spencer will vote out amanda or it be a tie in jesse will evited amanda i wish that happens


Were you chanelling JUDD when you typed that post? *LOL*


Could be. I am thinking it depends on the double eviction. But my gut feeling is Candice goes, the either Spencer or Jessie. But maybe Elissa if she votes against the house on the first one. Who knows with this group? LOL


Candice actually called the bed-flipping incident “tragic.” She obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

These Millenials are a bunch of soft, whiny lightweights.

CBS should never again make the mistake of not having a few older people in the house.



No, what is tragic is you clearly do not know what she meant. When she said tragic in the sense these “girls” are so filled with HATE because they do not like Candace’s race they will throw her things on the floor and flip her bed. Yes, it is tragic we are in 2013 and people are ignorant racist; such as Aaryn and GM are.


A tragedy is a plane crash or a fertilizer plant blowing up, not some pageant princess getting her feelings hurt.

come on now

Apparently Candice has her own bit of racism! Did you not notice that she calls her mom white mom and black mom, but why not biological mom and adopted mom. Shows me she has her own share of hatred. Hey I am adopted and do not designate my moms by color when discussing them, but they are my moms by biology and legality. Candice is no difference except it is white racism.

Dawn Boone

NAME SAYS Nothing that Candice says can even compare to what has been said about her! She has carried herself better then most of the hgs. At least she is leaving with class and A JOB! And btw she knows that her and Howard are only friends she has never said they were more. She is far from shallow! Gm has said the nastiest things about Candice and she has never tried to be nice don’t forget she is part of the Aaryan Nation.


They have ALL made rude and uncalled for comments. Yes, the racist comments are far above most of them, but she has made some outrageous ones herself. She like everyone else does not come out of the house clean. Yes the means girls will get theirs and rightly so, but again everyone has been seen in a very bad light.

Butters Mom

Candice is SHALLOW! …. lol all pageant girls are SHALLOW!

Kayla J

If the HGs do not vote Amanda out this week… then I suggest we all nominate HELEN for next week’s MVP nom.
That heifer thinks she has America all figured out! The fact that she thinks she can get Amanda out next week because Amanda will keep on going up irks me!
Please viewers, nominate HELEN!
It’ll be epic to watch her squirm and scramble. lol

Helen needs to go.

Thanx. People need to see that if they keep putting up Amanda, Helen will keep saving her. Helen has to go!


i dont buy that…not for a second

im going to keep voting amanda every single week without fail


As I have said before how is that going for you….putting up Amanda? All it has done and it is working on CBS point of view, is get people more crazy. MAYBE they/us need to try another approach, just saying.


patience my friend – the more times she is on the block increases the chance she goes home

if she wins the money it will be an utter disgrace

give me a break

nope !! im going to keep voting amanda and aryan nation as 3rd nom……helen is annoying and not good at strategy, but amanda and aryan nation are hateful…plus watching amanda freak out is worth it…eventually Judd and spencer will get the hint that america want’s her gone and lead the charge to get her out because helen is chicken sh*t scared of her.


Oh yeah. Any day now Judd or Spencer are gonna have epiphanies . Judd will say,”Is it OK to take This Epiphany with my xanax?

VA Vet

I’m not sure if I’m just getting senile or I’m just set in my ways but Amanda gets my 20 votes until they do away with Americas vote or she goes out the door. Which ever comes first.

And you can thumb me down till the cows come home and it won’t change anything.


Personally going with Amanda first, Helen second and then GM. GM used the N word which is a lot worse than anything Aaryn said although CBS is promoting it differently. N word is seriously hate filled and Amanda has no problem using it too!


No game talk at the BBQ!? I find amusement in the horrible gameplay of these players (esp. Helen). Boring season, but awesome blog…great read. Ha.

Butters Mom

Helen probably said no game talk at the bbq because she doesnt want Elissa or Jessie to start in on Aaryn about getting Amanda out.


Helen has been conducting the most active gameplay but more behind the scenes as compared to Amanda. She probably did not want any talk getting back to others in case there was someone she could not control at the moment.


With each new BB season, the influence of social media becomes bigger, and so do the knee-jerk reactions to the HGs comments. I find it a bit perplexing, since we are watching how some real people really act.

What I find hypocritical of CBS is their newfound “morality” and their disclaimer. They had ZERO to say about “Big” Jeff Schroeder’s homophobic rant (check YouTube), wherein he slammed gays and went so far as to say they shouldn’t be allowed to work with children.

To this day, CBS still kisses Jeff’s buttocks on a regular basis…. Just sayin’


Thank You.
I say things like this and people jump all over me.
Your comment (and a few others, do not recall names but I appreciate!) make me feel like
I am not completely going insane.


I love how everyone is constantly bitching about Amanda. I can’t hardly stand to read comments anymore. Everyone is so ignorant.

So far, I’ve seen two main reasons people HATE AMANDA:

1. She’s mean.

Ok, I can’t disagree with this. BUT read the comments you guys are leaving!!! Just because you’re doing it behind a keyboard and she’s saying it to their faces, makes you the better person!? I’ve read several comments where people are saying really mean things about the way she looks or her promiscuity. In addition, she is playing a game and most of the time, the things she says are strategy to either get someone out or make nice with those who have power.

2. She’s manipulative.

Wait, we are watching/talking about Big Brother, right? I mean, how often do people win without manipulating?? She’s playing an AWESOME game. The fact that she is up for the second week in a row and STILL isn’t going home is proof of that. Someone complained about how it’s only because Andy tells her everything, but if she’s got him wrapped around her finger, good for her. That’s still gameplay, ya know.

Sure, she’s made mistakes, but who hasn’t. Howard made the mistake of whispering something weird in Amanda’s ear (whatever he said, he said something weird), when he knew that Amanda wanted him out and that it was going to cause a splash. Candice made the mistake of going off on Spencer and making herself seem unpredictable and like a loose cannon. Helen made and is making the mistake of not evicting Amanda. Elissa made the mistake of acting really weird that one week and forgetting that she had an alliance. Whoever you’re all for has most likely made mistakes.

Seems as though there a quite a few delusional hypocrites commenting on this website. But, hey, these are people that read blogs about other random people living in a house 24/7 (myself included). What can you expect?


I have to agree with you. You can’t fault players for being manipulative or for lying. I think the most ridiculous exhibition of the latter that I have seen so far was Candice having a “house meeting” meltdown where she called Spencer a “liar,” as if lying isn’t a big part of the Big Brother game…LOL

CBS seriously needs to re-evaluate how they choose contestants going forward, because they picked some real lightweights for this season.


I think you are confusing manipulation with a strategy of intimidation and fear.

Amanda’s game is based upon the latter, manipulation lends itself to skill… Outburst of anger and threats is not manipulation; yes its controlling but there is no skill involved in threatening someone or controlling someone by fear…


If the outbursts and threats are working and they are doing what she says, it IS manipulation.

But if you want to call it something else, like controlling by fear or whatever, I’m okay with that. Whatever it is, it’s WORKING!!

VA Vet

May I suggest you watch season 2 to see that one can be manipulative without being arrogant, obnoxious and disgustingly vile.


Thank You, best Season ever played! Should be mandatory watching for anyone coming into this game.


I am not saying that it isn’t possible, but we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that there are different ways to win big brother and if someone wins and you don’t “agree” with their strategy, you might as well not even watch. I was a Rachel Reilly hater big time the first time she played, but when she won, I gave her props. It’s $500,000. Regardless of how you play, if you win, you are a champ.


Well now you’ve done it. You went and made perfect sense & that just will not & cannot be tolerated by a good portion of the ignorant hacks who offer their thrice daily drivel on here without any cogent thought to what they’re putting to paper.


I know, right? Haha.


Name, Name & Name. You talking to yourself here?

Reason #3

I just don’t like her personality.


I am perfectly okay with someone saying they don’t like her personality. That makes more sense than the other two reasons I gave. Still doesn’t give a reason to complain about her gameplay.


She’s also incredibly racist and should leave because of that. End of.




if a house guest openly discusses killing and raping other house guests in graphic detail it should result in game over for that person in my opinion

Ohhh UH! UH!

I am soooooooooooo looking forward to the DOUBLE EVICTION on Thursday. I’ve been waiting for this forEVER!!! And I hope Amanda is taken by surprise, I hope they have no time to think about the second one and go with their gutt and they would get that crazy b—- outta here!


I had a thought for next year’s Double evictions, IF, there is a next year. How about America gets to decide WHO goes up as nominees and the only thing HOH gets to decides who the replacement nominee is when pov is used. It’s only an hour worth of being HOH, why give THAT much power to whoever to begin with anyways? It’s not like they get the HOH room for a week anyways right because they don’t get one? In my opinion, although it’s a good idea, but it’s not worth it to the one who wins it because it’s so unexpected and they don’t get to decide for long who to decide to put up. It’s not the winner who ultimately decides anyways, it’s the “house.” It’s about time to put an end to non sense of letting the house decide. Why have individuals in there playing if it’s “the house” decision. Hell, why not just throw next year contestants in the house and completely blind side them all and while we’re at it and let’s just decide everything for them since they are incapable to do it themselves; nominations, evictions, pov, have nots. Just a thought and just sayin’ LOL.

Butters Mom

America = Production!

Production is overly involved as it is.

How about you let the house guest nominate and you let the house guests vote. PERIOD!

And… how about Production do a better job at CASTING and creating good comps….

I liked it when they had to play for the food items the entire house got for the week. It was better than the have/have not comps and made it equal for everyone.


WTF Big Brother? That’s enough food for at least 4 more people.. Those little women are going to have enough left over to share. Hopefully they can.


@Americais Racist: America does not like Candice because she is black. Tbh, people don’t care for Candice. They don’t like her gameplay. America has sympathy for her because of the racism she has been receiving. If the racism ended with the bed incident, then she wouldn’t be getting this much attention. I don’t think that Aaryn and Amanda dislike Candice for being black, they dislike her personality. But because they constantly say racial things against Candice it seems as if they only dislike her because of her skin color. Also, the houseguest find it necessary to bash Candice every chance they get. If they did not bash Candice all the time and say racial remarks then America would feel differently.

People did not like Rachel last season, but once Danielle and Shelly bashed her for no reason and kicked her while she was down, people began to like Rachel. This is the same reason as to why people like Candice at the moment.

@Name: What racial slurs has Candice said? The only thing I remember her saying that could have offended someone was when she said “Spencer need to keep his white butt quiet”.

@Hello: Has anyone noticed that whenever a black girl stands up for herself, people say she is too aggressive, rolls her neck and snaps her fingers and blah blah blah. Candice has not been doing that. That is just the “mad black woman” stereotype that people believe in. I am not saying that you are racist so don’t take it that way but if you go through the feeds, you would notice that Candice does not do any of those things that you have described.


I just dislike Candice because she’s annoying and an idiot, has nothing to do with skin color. I feel exactly the same about GM.

Candice was in a good spot in the game, but threw it all away to isolate with “her person” Howie once he started giving her attention. It’s hard to understand the mindset of some of these chicks that come on the show with a 1 in 16 chance at 500K, then completely disregard the game in favor of a perceived budding romance with some dude they’ve just met….. and more often than not, the guy is just using them.


Yes! you proved my point. You dislike Candice for her gameplay but not her race. America likes Candice for the bullying she has received. It has nothing to do with her race. I am black, and I disliked Candice day one. As of right now, I do not like her gameplay but her personality is fine. I just wish that people who don’t like Candice would stop being called racists. And people that like Aaryn would stop being called racists. I like Aaryn for her gameplay but not for her personality. But viewers (white and black) find it necessary to bring race into everything.


I get it that she may be one of your favorites, and that is fine. She hasn’t played a good social and physical game at all. She only has 2 of the house guest that want to keep her, and the bottom line is that is all that counts. With all the stuff that is posted, it really doesn’t count or matter in the long run. It is their game and they can screw it up and/or play it however they want. We have no vote really. I for one really do not have a favorite and not sure at this point who I would or could root for.

Candice Is Ugly

Please leave Candice you ghetto trash. You are one ugly girl inside and out.


You don’t look anybetter by making personal attacks


Mvp will be over with after Thursday than you idiots will stop putting up Amanda <3333333

So sad the game isn't turning out the way YOU wanted it. TOO BAD <333333333


Insulting others by calling them idiots, while sounding like a bigger idiot. Only in America.

I was aware, that Julie said at the premiere that the twist will end when there’s only 5 players left, there’s still be 9 players after Thursday, since it’s double eviction. It’s good that it’s ending though, terrible twist that ruined the season


I like the game just fine the past two days…your girl Amanda is orange and looks like Carrot Top!!!

Bigot Brother Stinx

Can someone please tell Amandas grandmother that CBS cancelled Murder She Wrote…




Over all the BB years my favorites are the competitors. I’ve never been a huge fan of the “social” players EXCEPT Dr Will. I know it usually takes a mix. I couldn’t stand Frank probably because of his association with Boogie.

McCrae for the win

Why on earth does Helen think McCrae would work with her if she voted out Amanda this week??? I totally think Helen could rally Spencer for the 4th vote sending Amanda home but it would put alot of blood on her hands. Then again, she’d probably just start crying and blame it all on Jessie. Good grief!


I really hope Elissa and Jessie can make a big move this week and get the votes to evict Amanda.


Me too, then place a big old bulls eye on their back. LOL


at this point jess is really the mvp, as she is actually doing what america want to see…

standing up to amanda, and trying to shake up the game by voting her out

2 weeks in a row as well, despite that making her a bigger target

team jess

weighing in

Since when do four skinny girls at a barbecue need 50 red solo cups and 2 bottles of mustard?


They’re gonna play minute to win it

Hello -

the art of thrusting your pelvic region in and out in order to ensure an item is worthy of your awesomeness…

C: Hey Puss! I like your new dress. Can you pop that pussy in it?

C-D: (while thrusting) Of course boo! Think I would buy something that I couldn’t pussy pop in?! Its pussy poppin!
Here’s what the urban dictionary said (above).
Hey Candice showing her true colors and her language is identical.
New title: – real elegant.
Sorry folks but I’d be bashing her behind her back too (NOT BULLYING). Straight up bashing.
BTW when someone dislikes you it does not always mean they are jealous.
I can’t stand Conan O’Brien (I’m a girl) and am certainly not jealous of him.
Vote Candy for Miss Pu$$y Popper 2013.


Read on a website one of demanda’s friends can’t imagine why she is with McCrea and said the only thing if that Amanda thought he is a genius and pizza boy is his cover. If she is still holding on to that she is in for a huge disappointment!


can someone please tell me a website to watch the episode live? Thank you :)


When will MCCrae make any moves? Other than with Amanda?

This Season Blows

I know the Cat People have all glommed on to Candice now but in reality she’s no better than the rest of the women in the house. She’s been just as catty, just as egotistical, just as skanky, and has made her fair share of ignorant remarks. Just because she has been treated badly by other people in the house doesn’t mean her own behavior is excused.

The Royal Baby, Prince George

Can we call Candice “Brownie the Clownie”?


I hope all but one gets voted out by the end of the season


it make me so mad angry when Gina is Mean to Candis the thing N**** insurance that Gina Used to Candis was wrong Disrespectful i am really upset angry with the way Gina Has Treated the way she treated candis was wrong ignorant Gina Comment about Candis with the thing N***** Insurance the thing rat bag that Gina said to Candis was wrong very disrespectful as well Gina should of kept her big fat mouth shut about those comment about her housemates Howard Candis

Beware the ides of BB!!

This season has been a first…the first I could not find a favorite to pull for. CBS, please fire your casting crew for BB. Candice is a drama-queen and quick to play the race card, and Mr. Mumbles JUDD reminds me of the Weird AL “Smell’s Like Nirvana” with all the marbles spitting out of his mouth. Spencer is too busy digging for nose gold to play game, and Andy is a total tool. Aaryn and GM have a rude awakening when coming back to the real world, and moreso in the later part of the game. Helen is an extreme opportunist and butt-kisser. McRae, I think he could win if he ditches uber-witch. Amanda= The Annoying Orange. Check it out on youtube and you’ll see what I mean. Jessie: would like some cottage cheese to go with that whine. oh sorry, I see it’s already attached to your ass. Elissa will win this, not because of talent or gameplay, but because of the self-implosion of the others.

Final 3 predictions…
Helen, McRae, Elissa
Winner: Elissa

BB15 should have been another All-Stars! More Jeff, More Dan, More Evel-Freakin’ Dick!!!