Aaryn tells Amanda that her feet look like duck feet. Amanda says says “EWw.. I look like SNOOKI!”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


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1:30am Out in the backyard – Andy, Elissa, Helen, Candice, Jessie and Spencer are talking. Candice looks at her clown-tard and says I HAVE A HOLE! They gave hole! I think this is a pee hole?! This is a pee hole! They gave me a pee hole! Spencer says it’s going to be hard to navigate that. Canidce says maybe it’s for a pen!s? Andy says only for a tiny pen!s. Andy asks like what size of a pen!s can fit through that?! Candice says maybe yours! Andy says that’s true. They start talking about Amanda’s tanning sessions that will happen throughout the night. Candice says I am definitely staying in bed because everything I get up I have to put this sh*t on. Jessie suggests Candice stay in bed all day. We could bring you food and stuff. We could just come to your bed to hand out. Candice says I like Jessie’s idea – I should just stay in bed all day because I don’t have to put this clown suit on. They asks Andy to do some improv. Elissa says its funny Andy has been doing improv every day to me about you guys. Andy says it’s funny she points a gun at me and makes me do it naked. Elissa says no Andy. Andy says at 6am she comes and puts a gun to his head and says get the f**k up get the f**k up Andy! And then she takes me to the backyard and holds a gun at me and makes me do naked improv. Spencer then does “Saw” movie impressions house guests.

Spencer says in a saw voice:
“Candice I want to play a game with you, you’ve spent your whole life talking sh*t to people and keeping it real! I want you to poop in a 5 gallon bucket and then eat it all before this time clock ticks down to zero and it blows off your face.”
“Nick I want to play a game with you, you’ve spent your whole life acting shaddy and weird, and eating nutritious! I want you to shove this whole box of granola up your nose till it engulfs your brain and you turn into a massive retard.”
Spencer then does Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlin and David. Candice says I love these impressions I hope they play them on tv. Andy says there is absolutely no way they will play that on tv. Andy and Jessie head inside to bed.

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1:35am In the bedroom – Judd, Aaryn and Amanda are talking. Amanda asks what is my character, like a villain? Aaryn says no not a villain, more like a hard a$$ like Janelle. Aaryn and Judd comment of rants of Janelles on youtube were she is going off on people. Amanda says oh my god there are going to be so many rants of mine. Aaryn says if you really pulled your boobs out that will be up there. Amanda says no they don’t allow that on there. Aaryn says you’ll be on p*rntube then. Oh my god you’re going to be in a p*rn. Judd comments that Amanda looks really tanned. Amanda says look at my feet. Aaryn comments that she has duck feet.

1:45am Meanwhile – Helen and Elissa head into the storage room and talk. Helen asks I wanted to know how you felt about it too. Because you have to vote out Candice, you know that right? Elissa says that she wants Spencer out. She says that Candice has the same targets as us so I don’t see why we want her out. Helen says that Gina wants Candice out so we are just going with what she wants. Elissa says but we have the votes. Helen says that Gina and Aaryn would be pissed. Elissa says I really don’t care about Aaryn and Gina. Helen says Amanda and McCrae want Candice out. Elissa asks what about getting Amanda out. Helen says Jessie wants her out too but right now isn’t the time. Helen says if you vote out Candice there would be no targets on your back. If you vote out Spencer there would be a target on your back. Helen says I don’t think its this week to get Amanda out, it’s too early. Elissa says it would be me, you, Andy and Jessie. That’s all we would need. Helen says that Andy wouldn’t do it. We would only do it if Andy and Judd were on board. Elissa says no one would put her up after this, which means she would be in the final two or three. Helen says I don’t think we can do it this week. I think if we can get Jessie’s trust we can get her to do it. Elissa says getting out Candice sucks for my game, last week sucked for my game. I think it sucks to do what Gina wants she wasn’t a part of the group and no one cares what I think. Helen says forget we even talked about anything. The leave the storage room.

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2am Out in the backyard – Spencer and Judd talk. Judd tells Spencer that even if he does go up he will be safe 100%. Spencer says yeah. Judd says Gina asked me no matter who goes up your voting out Candice right? And she is asking everyone that, if people don’t do what she wants she will be pissed you know. Spencer says well I would be pissed I I get voted out. I am scared that Elissa will conjure up some plan to keep Candice. Judd agrees and says well you are definitely safe this week. Spencer says he wants to be part of someone’s long term game plan. Judd says you or I need to win HOH. Judd says that these girls are really going to start going after each other soon. Spencer says congratulations on the 5G’s. Judd says it’s a lot of money I only make $400 a week. Judd tells Spencer that he is relevant to his game. Judd says if you are in the final two I will vote for you and I hope you do the same. Spencer says you might as well call your bank and say you’ve got a big cheque coming because I would vote for you. They talk about how Howard wasn’t cut out for the game. Judd and Spencer head in to go to bed.

2:25am Amanda and McCrae head out to the backyard to have a smoke. McCrae says that he is tired of sh*t. Amanda says this is going to be a long night. McCrae agrees and laughs. Amanda asks him what he is laughing at. Will you come? McCrae says yeah just wake me the fu*k up. They head inside to get ready for bed.

2:30am All the house guests are in bed.

2:45am The music plays for Amanda to take another spray tan. She and McCrae head out into the backyard. She gets in the booth and does her spray tan while McCrae laughs at her then entire time. They the head into the bathroom where Amanda looks at her butt in the mirror and says “EWWw.. I look like SNOOKI!”

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5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9am – 9:20am Big Brother plays the music again for another spray tan. She gets her spray tan and then heads into the bathroom to shower. Big Brother tells her to stop that! Amanda says I can shower, it says I can shower after 6 hours from my last tan. It’s been more than 6 hours. She then runs to the diary room to talk to them. When she comes out she heads to the bathroom and uses the blow dryer to dry the tanning spray. (Big Brother told her she can’t shower.) Elissa joins her and says looking good girl! Amanda goes into the bathroom stall and then comes back out and starts wiping some of the spray off her legs. Big Brother says Amanda SHUT IT DOWN! Amanda says I’m sticky, the toilet seat is stained now! I’m sticky! Amanda then heads back to bed. She tells McCrae that she smells like a umpa lumpa.

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139 thoughts on “Aaryn tells Amanda that her feet look like duck feet. Amanda says says “EWw.. I look like SNOOKI!”

  1. Thanks for trying to make it interesting by making sense, Elissa. These ppl are so god damn weak it hurts my spirit. So when is the “right time” to get Amanda out? Final 2??? If she’s on the block twice on Thurs and isn’t evicted, I give up. Now I want Helen to go home.

    1. Halen talk to Judd and get Amanda out. I believe this is her only change to get her
      Out. Andy already reported to MC and Amanda that Helen is gunning for them! Helen’s
      Time is ticking down.

      1. Hi isa this is the reason why Helen kept telling Elissa that it will not work they cannot trust Andy and Judd to flip but next week between Helen, Elissa and Jessie if they can win HOH they will have some control. Helen is being realistic not stupid. They do not have the numbers and this is why Jeremy, Howard and Spencer failed they are outnumbers but if they Win HOH next week they have a good chance of getting rid one those mean girls. Candice is just too,late to play the game she spent most of her time with Howard instead of her own game and I do not think she can be saved now. I feel bad for her but she should have.not listened to Howard that much.

      2. The only way they can get Amanda out is if they talk to GM about putting Andy up instead of spencer. They could argue that Elissa wants Spencer out so bad. If GM counters with putting Elissa up as replacement nominee, then Helen argues that Elissa has been the target of many HG’s and they may be torn by who to vote for even though they are telling GM they will honour her wish’s. Helen further argues to put up a true pawn, one that everyone loves (Andy), Then GM will without question get the 7-0 vote. This argument could be rationalized to Andy.
        Helen also needs to speak with Spencer with one of her “i’ve grown to really respect you, you know’ conversations and she wants him to feel secure within the game at this point. This argument could be presented to those HG’s that want Spencer to stay.
        If she is successful in getting Andy up then Helen needs to sit on her plan for awhile, contain Jessie, then start feeling out the flip…with little time left. (Have Jessie or Elissa stick to Andy like glue, this would irritate Andy but not throw him off to much.)
        If Helen does not see a potential flip she can back off and vote off Candice and look like she was just trying to thwart votes being cast at Spencer.

        1. That’s the exact strategy I would employ. I wish Helen would have the slightest doubt that she’s top tier HG. That way she can do what she did during her HOH. But that won’t happen, so……………………

    2. Did not think it could get any worse, but wow was I wrong. Last night McCrae, Amanda and that scurrying rat Andy sitting in the room and laughing and joking about Amanda slandering Howard and them wondering why Candice does not accept that he did it. So all three of them know that Amanda lied but wow they think slandering someone’s reputation and possibly ruining his life is funny. They are sick! Then of all things Spencer comes in and makes jokes about Hitler gassing the Jews and they all start laughing and thinking it is funny. Amanda makes the comment well I am one of the chosen because she is Jewish but she laughs about Jews dying. These people are seriously mentally deranged. I had stopped watching the show but they made me so angry last night that now only coming on here and reading the posts until they are gone!

      1. Know one will ever REALLY know if Howard said what he said. You can’t call it slander if you don’t know the truth….only Howard can do that.

        I saw this in one of the chat rooms last night….maybe Amanda isn’t lying?? Who knows?

        1. Brandi, Amanda admitted on the FEEDS that she LIED about the Howard thing. What more proof do you need that it is slander when AMANDA SAID SHE LIED!!!! That is SLANDER PURE AND SIMPLE!

          1. I had tried to post a link to a you tube video about some of the things that Howard has said…including where he was talking to Candace about a girl…and said, exactly, “I’m going to F*ck the Sh*t outta you.” So I was just saying there is a possibility that he did say it. BUT I DON”T KNOW…and NEITHER DO YOU!!!

            As far as Amanda admitting to McCrae that it was a lie….PROVE IT! Provide a date/time stamp….back up your words….otherwise YOU ARE SLANDERING AMANDA!!!!

              1. I thank you for providing a time and date…but I heard nothing (and I tried both 11:11 am and pm) being spoken about Howard at all. Amanda left the room during the PM and Spencer and McCrae are talking about family… So, I’m sorry but I still haven’t heard her admit to the lie.

                WHen I do actually hear it, I will say for a fact that I believe she lied. But I can’t just go off of Howard’s denial….NO ONE really knows either way. I’m not saying I necessarily believe Amanda either…don’t get me wrong.

              2. Since you didn’t post whether it’s 11:11 AM or PM on 8/2, I watched them both. AM all the feeds are on GM and Helen, PM is a conversation between Amanda, MC, and Spencer in the cockpit and the subject of Howard is not raised. I’ve also watched the 5:14 – 5:20 AM on 8/2 that some people are citing as Amanda’s admission that she was lying and she actually bitches at McCray for small talking with Howard after he’d made the comment to her.

                Some people are so deranged in their hatred for Amanda that they want more than anything for her to be lying. I don’t particularly care for her, but I don’t think she made the comment up out of whole cloth, especially since keeps on bringing it up. She’s knows they’re being recorded for god-sake. And the others certainly wouldn’t be sitting around laughing and questioning why Candice doesn’t believe if they thought Amanda had admitted to lying about it, which she hasn’t. I like Howard, but he’s no choir boy when it comes to women.

          1. Hi.
            Unless you have a time stamp for everyone to flashback to where Amanda admits she lies
            I do not think people repeating it over and over will make it true.

            Do you have something we can verify with? (Date and Time).

            The Aug 1, 5 am conversation says nothing about her lying, so I don’t think that is what
            people are basing this on (If they are, they are wrong, she says nothing about lying. She is
            yelling at MC for not standing up for her with Howard).

            Everyone who is so convinced seems to have a specific conversation tagged, I would love to see it.
            Thank You.

            1. You cannot fix stupid! AMANDA LIED!!! She said it to McCrae and why do we need to get you a time stamp. WATCH THE DARN FEEDS and she says it again and again the she lied. HER WORDS NOT OURS SO stop trying to make that witch Amanda out to be something but what she is which is a slandering racist bigot of the worst type. No one comes close to her bigotry and hatred.

              1. You are 100 percent right OMG.

                You want to know why I need a time stamp?
                AMANDA DID NOT SAY SHE LIED.
                I watch the feeds. I watch all day and all night. DO YOU?!?
                I HAVE LOOKED FOR THE “LIE”. It is NOT there.

                You all talk about sheep, cripes do you not even see that YOU are just as bad?!?!
                ONE person took a conversation and posted it here, NO WHERE in the conversation does
                she say she lied, I lied, it was a lie….The poster says “See? She lied” and you all just run with it.

                Tried to be polite, tried to see if someone actually had proof.
                No one can do anything but spout bullshit and whine.
                Screw it, the narrow minded mentality is astounding, be fun to see
                a group from this forum put in the BB house and see how much better
                it could be.

        2. We do KNOW Howard didn’t say it. The feeds show Amanda saying “Thank you” to Howard when he (supposedly) said it. She would NOT have said “Thank you” to Howard if he had said anything like what she has accused him of saying. Fact is, we know Amanda now… she would have freaked out very loudly AND very publicly the moment he said something like that to her.

          NOW she has admitted TWICE (verifiable on feeds) that he DID NOT say that to her. She admitted making the WHOLE thing up just to make sure he went home.

          That debate is sooooo over now.

          She lied.

  2. Okay! Someone please explain why everyone listens to Helen and Amanda as if they were receiving advice from the burning bush. Can’t they just disagree and say this is what I want to do…. And why is everyone so afraid of pissing of GM. Too much HOH ass kissing.

    1. From what I’ve seen of Amanda’s bedside manners I believe that she may in fact have a “burning bush”. Perhaps this helps in answering your question.

  3. Elissa is trying to play the game and get Amanda or Spancer out, but selfish Helen is not as smart as she thinks she is, I hope she is put up and voted out next week….!

    1. Only way to do this is if Andy and Judd agree, however Andy is a tattle tell and he will tell. Helen said we will do it if Andy and Judd are on board but Mcrea and Judd are together between Andy and Judd one is going to tell. If it comes to a tie breaker Gm Will vote Candice. Helen is just trying to protect Elissa bacause if it does not work both Elissa and Jessie are in danger. If they thnik that Elissa, Helen and Jessie are Ok next week HOH hope one of them wins they can have some control and hoping to backdoor one of the mean girls especially Amanda? Hoping that America vote her and Aryan and GinaMarie.

      1. I agree, but I think even if Helen won HoH, she wouldn’t go after McC/Amanda. She’d go after a non threat like GM and Spencer. she’s still going to play the game w them until final 6. : (

        1. Well the thing is Helen isn’t making final 6. I expect after Andy told Amanda Helen’s plan she’ll go after Helen 1st chance she gets. I personally would love that to be the second eviction Thursday night. It isn’t even that Helen is a douchebag sack of garbage and a racist. It’s that she is plain stupid. She has systematically removed people she could have worked with and will remove Candy this week. Ellisa may not be a genius but her feel is right. Getting rid of Candy does nothing for her game. It does nothing for Helen either.

          What I find interesting is that Andy choose Amanda over Helen weeks ago IMO. Now apparently Helen is “sensing” this is the case. Well idiot the next step is counting votes. Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Arryn and by extension GM leaves them with 5 players. In other words Goofy II plus a TROLL. So she gets rid of Candy she has Spencer, Ellisa, Judd and Jessie. She isn’t sure on Judd like she isn’t sure on Andy. Add we know Judd still thinks he is part of Goof Troop 1 and you have floater Jessie plus Spencer if your in power. Helens game is sunk unless the house realigns which it will not going forward.

          Amanda sure could use a Kaitlyn over pet Amanda rat Arryn right now. Helen is truly a terrible player. I’m going to really enjoy her eviction. Her missing the jury house would be sweet! ok ok

      2. Wait, why do you keep talking about a tiebreaker this week? You do know there are seven votes this week, right? Yes, if either Spencer or Elissa goes up, you still need Andy or Judd — but not both if you already have Helen/Jessie/Elissa or Spencer. In that case, Judd is the one you target as your fourth because Helen can confirm that Amanda/McCrae think he’s MVP and that they were targeting him this week or next.

        Math is a pretty simple thing.

    1. I think Helen is being a realist! Who would be the fourth vote needed to vote out Amanda this week? Spenser will be on the block and he is the ONLY one that would a possible vote. Helen is wise enough to know when they take the shot they can’t miss. Hopefully, America will be MVP next week and put her up again.

      btw – I can’t believe Amanda doesn’t think there’s a possibility America thinks she is a villain! I used to like her but she treats everyone like they are in the house to serve her. What a foul mouth!

      1. Judd would be the fourth vote…Helen can tell Judd what Candice told him about being Amanda’s target is true….Helen is stupid..all she is doing is losing votes…Candice, Jessie, Elissa,…..Helen won’t win if these 3 go home….the racist brigade will win…

  4. Everyone thinks Elissa is stupid but she is the only one who is willing to vote out a huge competitor. Candace will always be a target. I hate how Helen is supposed to be her closesr ali but shall I say bullies her too. I hope Elissa does take a stand and votes one of them out, then at least we know one person is there to play

    1. They don’t have the votes. Even if Helen went along they would need another person. If Elissa engages Andy, then Andy just tells Amanda. Andy is closer to Amanda then Helen. Andy has already said at some point he’s going to have to betray Helen. Spencer might have been an option, but Candice already has gone Dog Day Afternoon on him. Candice also said that Spencer would be her number one target. Not Amanda or Helen that orchestrated Howard’s eviction. She wants to evict a house guest that has no power, just like…dare I say it…..just like Gina. So it seems there is no one that would ever put Amanda up other then America. Judd is not an option, he is in tight with Aaryn and Gina. Judd now has a group that can help him flip the house for his game, and will use but not for saving Jessie or Candice. Nope there is not a fourth vote to had and if Elissa engages Andy then Helen and

    2. jess has pushed harder than anyone else to evict amanda, and wants to do it

      elissa may want to do it, but would rather vote out spencer if given the choice

      helen wants to vote out amanda but is scared they cant get the 4th vote needed…judd

  5. Lol Helen’s stupidity is beyond measure. So you want Amanda out but not this week? Didn’t she say that last week? So instead, you’re going to get out Candice, someone with the same targets as you? By the time they are ready to get her out, they won’t have the people to do so and I can bet on it that the people she kept in the house are going to be the same people that vote to evict her ass quick. She kept Aaryn, Amanda’s ally in the game; getting rid of Kaitlyn who was for sure coming after Amanda. Howard’s target was Amanda. Candice’s target is Amanda. You’re target is Amanda. Yet you’re doing everything in your power to get out the only for sure person that would provide you with a vote to evict her. Lol. These people are so worried abut keeping the house (Amanda) happy that they’re ruining their own game. They will never have Andy on board nor Judd, as he can’t remove his head far enough from Amanda’s ass to see the light. Congrats, for having evicted the two people (and soon three) who not only had no intentions to come after you but we’re aiming their bullseye at the same place you were aiming yours.

      1. and they are stupid for not wanting to break up the couple just before jury…why evict candice and keep amanda in the game? it makes no sense

        a guarenteed jury vote and jury influence would be taken away if one of amanda or mccrae made final 2 and the other was in jury

        this is their last chance to prevent this

        elissa, helen, judd, jess

  6. Elissa is starting to learn that Helen is gonna cut her off sooner than later. in the end, Helen and Elissa played a stupid game. there’s is no way they have the votes to win BB. keeping these sheep around only guarantees Amanda, MC, Andy and Judd to win it all. if Candice is voted off this week, that leaves the possibility of Aaryn, GM Jessie and Spencer making it to jury, and Helen and Elissa won’t get any of their votes. this is exactly what these idiots deserve for “voting with the house”. if Amanda is not voting off in two consecutive weeks, it will become by far the dumbest move in BB history.

    1. Helem is sharp shooter she knows they are outnumbered. Cannot trust Andy tattle tale, Judd on the other side even if they have 4 it will be a tie. GinaMarie will break it and vote for Candice then they will be exposed. At least next week they have a chance to win HOH and can have some control. Helen is not stupid she is being realistic.

      1. Why do people keep talking about GM breaking a tie? There are 7 votes this time, so if 4 people vote for one person, they are gone. No tie to break.

          1. No team Elissa, Helen, Jessie outnumbered Spencer is the replacement. It is 3 against 4 Andy and Judd will not flip. Andy is a tattle tell, he goes from one side to the other, hopes he gts put up and Judd next week. They have never been in the block.

    2. Helen is protecting Elissa they are friend Helen bonded with Elissa when everyone hated Elissa because Rachels sis and Helen was the only person who came to tne room when she was crying. Helen does not want Elissa to be a target in case the plan does not work.

      1. Helen is not protecting Elissa. Helen’s final four deal doesn’t include Elissa. Helen is protecting herself and needs Elissa’s vote to keep herself safe in the upcoming weeks. Helen on numerous times has said we need to get rid of Elissa. If Elissa didn’t win the POV comp the last time she was up, Helen was voting her out. However, just like she did with Jessie, once Elissa won the POV comp. Helen pretended that she was always pulling for her.

  7. Aaryn, delusional much? Amanda is like Janelle? Amanda wishes that were true. Janelle is a BB goddess/golden girl, and one of the greats. Amanda is a wannabe but can’t fill those shoes ever. Janelle was a better player on her worst day than this entire cast is on its best day.

  8. I don’t want to get excited, but if Elissa can save Candice, ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST!!!!

    P.S Helen you’re an idiot.

    1. I’m fairly sure all hope is lost, but imagine the fun if Elissa wins HOH during the double eviction.

      1. or if Spencer wins…. he knows Amanda and Mcrae are snakes…. Simon what would Spen do if he won HOH??

  9. Helen is a fool if she doesnt get Amanda out now. why procrastinating, This is the time, and stop convincing everyone that it is not yet time. I hate this game

    1. The reason why Helen wants Amanda to stay a little longer Is: A. She knows she is a possible jury vote for her and B. When Amanda leaves, who do you think will be the biggest target left? from a strategist standpoint.

  10. I bet spencer is worry that he will be replacement nominee. If I was him, I would convince GinaMarie to replace someone who is not your side.

  11. Ps….gotta give props to Elissa for standing up to Helen. She is thinking for herself so I’m hoping Helen and Amanda don’t bully her into submission.

    1. Aaryn insulted Janelle by comparing Amanda to her. Nope! Janelle is a comp queen, sweet and beautiful to boot. Amanda is none of these things….

      1. Aaryn compared Amanda to Janelle? Her delusions are getting worst.

        Amanda does look and act like snooki, great comparison

  12. The number one reason Amanda is still in the house and will probably stay another week is because she has Andy’s UNSHAKABLE LOYALTY! Wow! If Andy could flip this week or even once these past two weeks, Amanda would have been out already. He is the key. Everyone who has ever entertained the idea of evicting Amanda has trusted Andy, Andy has gone and told Amanda, Amanda has diffused the situation right on time! Wow! It is interesting to watch! Right now Elissa thinks they can flip with Andy but for once someone thinks they don’t. Helen is right on this one.

    They do not have Andy. This is maybe the first time I have seen someone read Andy correctly. Explains why Helen has not gone to Andy about it. Helen just needs to spill the beans to Judd about how is number one in Amanda’s hit list after Candace and Judd will flip. Until then, it is true that they don’t have the numbers to evict Amanda yet. Not enough people are seeing Amanda as someone to get rid of. My hope lies in this double eviction coming up. That in the craziness and overwhelm, the other players get Amanda on the block and vote her out. A girl can hope …

    1. The ONLY reason Amanda APPEARS to be playing smart is because Andy is spoon feeding her inside information. Even at that, if Mc wasn’t reeling in Amanda’s constant diatribes she would self implode.

    1. And here the world never, EVER thought any reality show could possibly be worst than Jersey Shore, and CBS cast a house with mostly bigots.

  13. I am trying to wrap my head around Mcrae’s thinking process. Does he not see the red flags being thrown left and right by Amanda?? She is controlling, demanding, needy, has meltdowns, is selfish immature and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Also she is on Adderall………..which if I might add happened to be a drug that was associated with Lindsey Lohan……..need I say more?? j/k

    If she truly needs this medication that is one thing but somehow she seems to have some of the side effects that can occur such as mania, paranoia, aggresive behavior; but getting back to my point she swears worse than a truck driver. Sooner or later Mcrae is going to have to cut ties with the albatross around his neck. They being Amanda and Mcrae are quick to discuss how other “couples” need to cut ties, because their partner is ruining the other players game. Yet Mcrae can not distance himself from the sinking ship named Amanda.

    1. UH, Hatemachine, HELLO! This is probably the first steady sex McCrae has had in his entire life!!! Hello!!! He doesn’t want to lose his steady action just because it may be a smart move in the game!!! He would have to go back to touching himself! OH THE HORROR!!!

      1. ROLMFAO Very true, this could be his 1st time getting a chick that didn’t work in the “fast food” industry.

        He’s also user her nastiness to further his game, she’s not going to win the 500k, she wouldn’t have the votes, everyone in that house sees how she is.

    2. I agree 100% dude… but he won’t.. He has breast-induced complacency written allllll over his face.

  14. What is wrong with these HGs? Helen thinks she is such a mastermind but is so afraid to make a move.

    Elissa and Jessie are smart thinking about what is best for their game. I can’t believe some of these HGs are actually treating this game like a friendly – going along to get along…uh I thought you came to win half a mil – smh!

  15. Even Elissa has figured out that Amanda has to go but Helen is too stupid to pull the trigger. This is going to come back and haunt you Helen.

  16. What is wrong with some of these HGs? Helen thinks she is some mastermind but is scared to make a move, thinking about future moves instead of playing the hand she’s got.

    At least Elissa and Jessie are considering what’s best for their game right now but not one of them seems to have the right focus which is winning the 500k.

    1. Guys it is all about numbers. They do not have it. Andy and Judd will not flipp and if they ask these two Most likely Andy will tell. This is the reason Spencer and Howard failed twice and so is the Mc company. Jessie, Helen and Elissa need to take HOH next week but you know that we still have three days hopimg Spencer can sway Andy and Judd.

      1. but they COULD get the numbers

        persuade judd to vote out amanda

        surely its not that difficult

        or production should do a vote twist and we vote for judd and tell judd america have voted and want him to vote out amanda – then with helen, elissa and jess its going to happen

        people need to realize if they keep voting out their own alliance and potential jury votes, they are going to leave it too late to vote her out, and most of the jury wont be on their side…plus the couple will have so much influence in jury

  17. Elissa and Jessie are the only ones thinking strategically right now. Their target should be Amanda. Helen, Elissa and Jessie should approach Aaryn and/or Judd very carefully and separately about the topic of who is running the house, how safe do they feel and how far do each of them think they can go under the current structure in the house? Ultimately do they want a chance to win or just go to jury?

    Lead the conversation off and then let them do most of the talking. Do not admit to who your target is right now. But feel them out as to how receptive they may be to the idea of breaking up a power couple. The people who have spent the most time sleeping in the HOH room, when they have only won HOH once.

    Under no circumstance should they let Andy get wind of these conversations. Why all the misplaced trust in Andy when is playing both sides of the house? Helen and Elissa you need to really find out where Andy’s true alliance is: with you two or with Amanda/McCrae? Actually, after careful consideration it may be more beneficial to have Gina Marie to put up Andy as the replacement nominee. Because Spencer may be more responsive to evicting Amanda then Andy.

    Sit down and analysis the situation with your immediate allianace your goals and objectives.So many decisions so little time.

    1. Actually Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn and Judd are all thinking strategically because they know Candice would not vote for them if she were on the jury. Its Helen that isn’t thinking strategically.

      1. Actually, Aaryn has already stated to Gina Marie she is tired of doing what Amanda and McCrae wants. So she may be open to the suggestion, since she realizes that she is probably 5th of 6th on the totem pole.

    2. Andy as replacement nominee is the key ingredient for any plan to evict Amanda this week. It is the only way for it to happen this week. And it can be presented to all as a failsafe means of evicting Candice.

  18. Amanda compared to Janelle, wishful thinking Aaryn. But, since AG has admitted that Janelle is one of her favorites, maybe you are correct.

      1. Actually, Snooki is fugly with or without makeup, but Amanda with makeup on is an attractive ogre.

  19. Maybe if Amanda has one more senseless rant at Candice it might seal votes to send her home. Come on Amanda, I know you have it in you. LOL

    1. Amanda needs to have one senseless rant against Judd and then one against Andy and her fate will be sealed lol.
      Will she need to take more or less aderall for that to happen. Can someone please find out soon and make it happen?

  20. Hmm I know this is left field but so far…. Amanda, Andy & Candice are the only ones who haven’t won either HOH or POV.

    1. What about Elissa? And Aaryn’s HOH is suspect, because 1: Jeremy give it to her, they won as a team; and 2: It is being alleged on the blogosphere that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated to win that BBQ sauce HOH, if so they should have been DQ’d.

      Simon, is there any truth to the alledged cheating by Jeremy and Aaryn in the BBQ sauce HOH?

      1. Yea, they were cheating, they were trading cups, when they were supposed to be pouring the sauce into the empty cup, per rules.

        Wasn’t a big deal though, chances are, they would’ve won anyways with Aaryn hopped up on Adderall, her and Jeremy were moving pretty fast

  21. AMERICA please don’t blame Amanda BLAME ADDERALL LOL SIDE EFFECTS ARE LISTED. •aggressive behaviour
    •convulsions (seizures)
    •fast heartbeat or heart palpitations
    •increased blood pressure
    •increased skin sensitivity to the sun
    •signs of depression (e.g., poor concentration, changes in weight, changes in sleep, decreased interest in activities, thoughts of suicide)
    •signs of infection (e.g., fever or chills, severe diarrhea, shortness of breath, prolonged dizziness, headache, stiff neck, weight loss, or listlessness)
    •tremor (shaking)
    •tics (uncontrolled and repeated body movements)

    1. The smart thing for Elussa to do is not talk about getting Amanda out until
      After the Veto is used and the replacement is Spencer.
      Right now no one will say they will go after Amanda honestly
      For fear it get back to Gina, and she put them up.

      After the Veto that’s when the work begins, they may be
      More open to listen. It will take Helen and no other to
      Get to Judd. Judd has fear of everyone thinking he has MVP.

      Judd, Jessie, Helen , Elissa. – Amanda

      Andy, MC-creep, Aaryn- Candance

      1. Simple to get Spencer out is tell Aaryn he is the one that lied about Candice setting on her hat, and then her and Candice can talk and put their differences aside, but that will only get Spencer out and not Amanda who needs to go. Maybe at the BBQ the four can finally use their heads, Helen, Aaryn, Jessie and Elissa and decide to keep Candice. Fingers crossed.

        1. The trouble with “Team Helen” is that, thanks to Helen, she systematically (and stupidly) helped to eliminate every player who could have actually helped out her side. Once Candice, Elissa, Jessie and Spencer are gone, Helen is toast. She doesn’t have Judd; she certainly doesn’t have Andy and GinaMarie and Aaryn are rapidly making deals with Team Red Queen. The opportunities Helen kept putting off to get rid of The Red Queen will have long disappeared and it will serve her right when The Red Queen and McCrae put her up for eviction.

          Lousy season. I’m now rooting for Jessie. I would prefer Elissa to win; but I think her days are numbered as well unless she starts winning some competitions.

  22. The best way for Spencer to save himself this week would be to go to GM and tell her if she doesn’t put him up he will vote for Candice. All he would have to do is convince her Elissa might not vote out Candice and GM would agree with it.

  23. Elissa and Jessie pls come together, and think game because they do see Amanda a bitch on wheels….I hope Elissa can make an impact and Amanda out and hopefully ppl will see she got to GO….I hope Elissa teams up with Jessie and turn on Helen, because Helen will rub Elissa out so bad and will smile in her face…..

    Elissa and Jessie pls have balls enough to flip the house…..Fuck what the house wants this your game…You win the money it not shared among team mates……I’ve never seen a season of BB where ppl are scared to play the game….Helen your worthless I hope you win nothing….

    Btw Amanda you will never ever be Janelle hell no…..Janelle had more class than Amanda….Amanda beyond ridiculous……

  24. Also Helen kills me forget what we talk about….Helen I can’t wait when they get rid of you….Elissa and Jessie pls be HOH nxt

  25. two weak players are going home this week…but the numbers are getting smaller. and after double eviction….Helen/Elissa will exploit MC/Amanda and Andy. Andy wont be able to bounce around as much…it will be more obvious who he is spending his time with (Amanda). I know BB sucks right now, but things will get VERY VERY interesting in a few weeks. keep faith BB fans!!!!!

  26. It would’ve been so much better if they accidentally put blue in the tan and turned Amanda into a Smurf for the week.

  27. When is someone in this house going to make a big move. I do not like Helen but PLEASE see the big picture. You keep Clowny, she won’t win anything but will vote with you. Better still she will vote for you in the Jury. House guests wake up and do something that gets you $500,000. Bunch of FLOATERS in this years group. No one wants to make the big move.

  28. At some point in this LONG season, someone is going to have to divide the house while they have numbers. Spencer, Candace and Jessie could
    Have been the numbers needed to help Helen or Judd but they are too busy kissing the queen and kings asses!!! (Amanda & McRae ). When is this
    Season going to end ????

  29. They are outnumbered. You guys are not looking beyond if Jessie did not win POV she would have been gone because she was exposed that she was flipping the house, they need to Be in control like the HOH Helen, Elissa or Jessie next week. Andy is not to be trusted and so is Judd friend with Mccrea.

  30. Let this season of Big Brother serve as a lesson kids: BE SURE to ALWAYS be a NASTY, LYING, RACIST & BACKSTABBING individual in life. With these traits, you will be respected by WEAK MINDED individuals & Win ANY Event, Contest or Reality Show you put your shrunken black heart to! I pray (as Howard would) that next season they screen their contestants much better than they did this season.

  31. Yes Elissa! I hope she can find a way to get Amanda out this Thursday. Jessie and Elissa will vote for Amanda for sure. Andy,McCrea,and Helen won’t. That leaves them Jud Urban not reading nothing nessages d,Spencer, and/or Aaryn. They just need two more votes. I hope Elissa and Jessie ca do it. Also to say Amanda is like Janelle oh no she not Janelle is not self-centered like Amanda is. Janelle knew how to play the game. I really hope Amanda goes this Thursday :)

  32. You know, you have to wonder what production was thinking when they came up with the tan shower prize. What if Candice had received it? Can you imagine some of the HG’s comments.

  33. Unfortunately, a lot of young women get Adderall for weight control rather than for ADD; vain, immature ones. I am kind of surprised about Judd having a scheduled dose of Xanax, considering that missed doses can really send you into a tailspin. Also, Xanax and a couple of beers-you’re pretty wasted.

    1. I agree, I’m shocked that the production doctor allows the mix of Xanax and booze – that’s really a dangerous combination. Granted, it’s not Valium, but it’s close to it.

  34. Sorry I was writing this on my phone I see my remark got all messed up but I still think it comes across okay :(

  35. Aweww everyone is so pissed that Amanda isn’t going home… AGAIN~ SO SAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. Who woulda thought Jessie and Elissa were the ones with the most common sense?!
    Helen is delusional. I don’t understand her “plan”. She needs a time out or something where she can actually reflect on everything that is happening and will most likely happen in the future. Maybe one of those 24 hour solitary punishments.
    The ONLY thing Helen has going for her is that Amanda seems incapable of winning anything, but one of these crap-shoot comps she’ll eventually get. And she has McPizza as her minion who seems to do well in some comps…. So maybe cancel that whole thought.

    I’m both excited and and pessimistic about the DE this week. It will either be epic and bring the excitement back to the show or be predictable and tedious to watch.
    I wish I could partake in the andy drinking game (I’m prego) I think copious amounts of alcohol would improve the show as a viewer. Being sober while watching is agonizing.

  37. It’s cute how Rachelissa is finally making an attempt to play the game. Maybe if she had done that earlier she would actually have a chance to win (barring production interference). Instead she voted with the house this whole time and sent potential votes for her packing before jury. Without the rigged MVP, rigged veto, and being Rachel’s sister, she’d be gone by now too.

    1. And by “barring production interference,” I mean production could still rig it for her to win regardless of her horrid gameplay – after all, they carried her this far.

      1. I think production wanted elissa to be their pet for the season and when when she had her freak out (mid 3rd week i think) when she was talking crazy to JUDD about production and being a part of it or whatnot (Don’t remember exact words and too lazy to go back and look) I think that’s when production realized they couldn’t control her how they wanted and cut her loose. Because after that she got the “new mean girl” edit and Amanda took her place as the center of attention….
        That’s kinda how I saw it go down, but alas, I’ve been to known to be wrong occasionally. Who knows when you’re not behind the scenes…

        Sidenote: I wonder how awesome/hilarious/painful it is to be part of production and be behind the scenes!? Would be quite interesting.

  38. This may have been said but I think Helen is actually trying to take Amanda to the final 2 since she thinks no one will vote for Amanda… that is the only reason why.

    I believe Helen had a conversation wanting to take out Mc 1st. Only problem is I think (and hope) it backfires on Helen.

    The two people who seem to be the most reluctant to make a move are Aaryn and Helen. Aaryn has controlled GM, especially last week when GM seemed open to making a move but backed off because of Aaryn. The two I actually would like to see out would be these two so that thr rest of the group can play more independently.

    Helen is totally blowing a true opportunity – I now wish it becomes the reason she gets voted off down the road. She has been preaching taking out threats, Candice and Spencer are far less threats to her making it to the finals than Amanda. This I believe indicates that she may actually want Amanda to be a final 2 to secure votes for herself.

  39. Well, I can’t believe that I am making this comment, however, as an Amanda fan…due to her strong game play….I’m now ready toadmit that she might not actually be the very best as her way of talking to people is not game intimidation…its pure nasty comments that are degrading and not necessary for good game play. Poor Mac is tired of her cherades and ccan’t seem to get her to stop the fighting and to walk away…she’s her own worst enemy at this point.

  40. This is my first BB experience watching from beginning to recent. But how has double eviction worked in the past? Do u think BB will let America vote on one of the two to evict or will the HG’s be granted with voting out both?

  41. OMG! Amanda looks pregnant! She has gained so much weight! She needs to get her lazy butt out of bed and do something… that or stop stuffing her mouth!

    No wonder she is wearing so many sweatsuits…

  42. It will be interesting to see if Jessie can pull off a power play having been given this unique opportunity to potentially lead to Amanda’s eviction and the downfall of the Mcranda alliance. While Spencer’s being a likely replacement nomination makes Amanda’s eviction less likely there is still opportunity to get her out of the competition. Lets say that Spencer, Amanda, and Candice are the nominees. If Jessie is able to get Gina on board they will have at least enough votes to evict Amanda with a tie. Helen and Elissa seem to at least be on board and while Andy cannot be trusted and it seems very unlikely that either Judd or Aaryn will flip, there is potential for Jessie along with Helen and Elissa to get at least one of the above to vote for a third nominee. Aaryn’s extreme hatred of Candice makes her a likely candidate for this strategy. Lets say that they somehow convince Mcranda that Spencer is the bigger target and get Andy, McCrae, and Judd to target him. Helen could then take Aaryn aside and convince her that while McCrae and company are most likely going to be voting for Spencer to leave the rest of the house believes Candice to be a bigger threat and they need Aaryn’s vote to evict her. They would have to convince Aaryn that their dealing with her was a “secret” and that McCranda must not know. Gina would also need to be made aware of this “secret” albeit a separate one beforehand ensuring the window for success in this strategy. The vote would now be Spencer – 3 (McCrae, Andy, Judd) Amanda – 3(Jessie, Helen, Elissa) and Candice – 1(Aaryn). Gina would then hold all the power and have the chance to get rid of Amanda for good (god knows if she has the mental capacity to do so…) While this may seem very risky for Helen and Co. it may be their last chance to evict Amanda and finally make a lasting move in this competition. If Spencer somehow does not go up again all they would need is Gina’s vote so either way she, of all people, holds all the power this week, whether she knows it or not.

  43. Undoubtedly, Helen will report back to Amanda, McCrae or Andy about what Elissa suggested (getting Amanda out). Helen is NOT Elissa’s friend. It’s a pity that Elissa believes she is and listens to her advice. If only Elissa would follow her instincts and develop her own game plan. Unfortunately, free thinkers, e.g., Spencer and Candice, find themselves the target of the others since they’re basically sheep in that household who follow the leader (The Red Queen).

  44. There is a new movie called “Orange is the new Black” I wonder if Amanda knows about it. Mouhahahahahahaha!

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