Judd lies to Spencer and tells him that he is down with voting out Amanda.

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – in the back bedroom Howard is talking to Andy. Howard says that best alliance would be with the house. Andy tells Howard we will just see what happens during nominations to day and see. Stop looking at trying to be safe with $13,000 and start looking at the $500,000. Howard says there is still opportunity either in Candice. Howard leave the room.


In the storage room – Howard is talking to Candice. Howard reiterates his conversation that he has last night Helen. Howard tells Candice that he has her back and she is staying and he is going home if they won’t put someone else up on the block. Howard says this is the same thing that I just told Andy. I also told Judd and Spencer the same thing. Howard explains that we only need 4 votes. Candice says we need 5 votes. Howard says not if we get Aaryn to break the tie. Candice says she goes and tells them everything she isn’t voting with us. Howard says before her hands were tied. Howard tells her that Spencer will apologize to her today. Candice says that she won’t accept it, he has apologized to me 4 times now. Howard asks her to talk to Andy and Judd. Candice says that she is talking to no one! Candice goes off on Howard about how he and Spencer have fu*ked her, she isn’t doing anything. Howard says that he has done everything to make sure she is safe, she is staying and he is going home no matter what. Howard says I am not money hungry, I never have been! I never will be, I will make money the other way. I will take my $6000 and go. Howard asks Candice her to talk to Judd. Candice says she will not go talk to him. If he comes to me I will talk to him. I don’t know him like you know him, he might be trying to set me up.
CBS Interactive Inc.

8:50am – 9am Up in the HOH room – Spencer is talking to Aaryn about putting up someone else other than Candice. Aaryn says that she can’t put up anyone else other than Candice. Spencer says that he thinks it could still work even if she does go up. Spencer tell her that has has talked to someone people and they are ready to run with this. He tells her that some people have come to him that are ready to shake up the house. Spencer tells Aaryn that if we don’t do this it is either you or me going home next week with the other one going the week after. Spencer asks if Aaryn will talk with someone. Aaryn asks who? Spencer tells her Andy. Aaryn asks really? Spencer says yeah, if we don’t start getting the numbers on our side we are all going to get picked off. We need to start looking at the $500,000 rather than just making it to jury. This plan will get us far into jury. Spencer says even if Candice goes up we have something that will keep her and Howard. Aaryn asks really? Spencer says people are ready to shake things up. (To get out Amanda) Aaryn says okay and tells him to bring Andy up in a bit.
9:10am Out in the backyard – Judd asks Andy if he is actually considering the proposition. Andy says no. Judd says it’s just not worth it. He didn’t offer me anything, if he had come to me with a better offer I might have thought about it but he didn’t. Like if he had said he would do this, this and this if he stayed. Judd says that Candice doesn’t benefit my game it only benefits his game. Judd says that Spencer says that he would self evict if Candice went home. Do you really think he would do that. Judd says that he really hopes Ginamarie isn’t fooled by Spencer. Judd says I need to have a talk with her. Spencer comes back and joins them. Judd tells Spencer he is down. (To vote out Amanda over Candice and Howard. But he’s lying to him.) Spencer says oh my god thank you. Spencer asks Andy if he is down. Andy says yeah. Andy heads inside to lay down. Spencer asks what about Jessie. Judd says he said not to talk to her until the day of if at all. Judd asks Spencer if he trust Candice. Spencer says that he trusts Howard and he is tight with Candice. Judd says she and I just don’t talk game.
CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am – 9:40am In the bedroom. Amanda asks Andy what he was whispering out there. Judd says that he can’t really talk right now because he doesn’t want to be seen whispering. Judd tells Amanda that she is safe. He says I already talked to Andy and made sure that he isn’t really down with it. Amanda says okay. Spencer and Elissa walk in the bedroom and the conversation ends. Amanda and Judd leave the room and Amanda tells Judd that she is going to ask to borrow a piece of his clothing on eviction night. Judd asks what?! Judd then says that’s fine you can borrow something. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Helen and Candice are getting ready for the VETO Meeting that will happen this morning. Elissa and Amanda join them to get ready. Amanda is wearing the bear shirt and Helen is wearing Andy’s cat shirt.


Out in the backyard – Spencer tells Howard that Judd is down and Andy. Howard says that he talked to Judd this morning and he said he didn’t know. Spencer says Judd was talking to Andy and they told me they are down. That’s four votes. It’s looking really, really good right now. Spencer tells Howard that he talked to Aaryn and let her know about possibly voting out Candice and keeping you just to get the target off of you. Then when it comes do to it we will let her in on the plan to vote out Amanda. Howard is worried about telling Aaryn too soon because she will run and tell them. Spencer says that his is going to go give the shirt his lending to Aaryn before they run out of time. Spencer goes up to the HOH room and tells Aaryn that people are talking about keeping Howard over Candice. He tells her that there is a possible plan to vote out Candice and keep Howard. He tells her that he will tell her more when he knows more. Spencer says that he really hopes Howard stays. Spencer tell her that it will be good for both of us if he stays.

9:55am – 10am In the downstairs bathroom – Helen fills in Amanda on how Howard is telling people that he wants to be voted out over Candice. Amanda and Helen both agree that there is something fish about that. Amanda says that he keeps pulling people into rooms individually. There’s something fishy going on. The end their conversation when someone comes into the bathroom. Amanda, Judd and Spencer head outside to sit on the backyard couch. The talk about random things like concerts.


10am Up in the HOH bathroom – Aaryn and Ginamarie are talking. Aaryn says Candice is going to go crazy when she goes up. Ginamarie says she doesn’t think she will, she won’t want to look bad. Aaryn says clearly she has no problem with that. Ginamarie says that she doesn’t think Howard talked to Candice at all yesterday. It just shows how little she means to him that when sh*t hits the fan he runs.


10:07am In the kitchen Amanda tells Helen – I think I figured it out, he doesn’t want it to look like he is the one that came up with the plan (to get out Candice).


10:08am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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the crazy Candice picture is classic.


Hey. Vote out Howard now and Candice. But eventually only the strong survive and all this comes out in the wash. I hate this lame ass season. BUT! I think the last few weeks could be some of the best. I think many of these people think BB is a team sport. Gonna be a rude awakening for many….

La la la

Spencer’s fat ass is annoying me!


Upvote this if you dislike the entire cast and season.

What makes things more disgusting is the good edit that Amanda gets after we all find out she has been voted by America to be in the block… it’s bad enough the cast sucks, but when it appears that CBS is favoring Amanda, who’s a clearly disliked by America. This is truly an insult to loyal viewers.

What a damn mess!


Thank you, I could not believe it when I saw the show!!! The edit makes it look like helen is the instigator of the get howard/spencer out masterplan. No sight or mention of amanda going on and on about howard the bogeyman.Then…amazingly, grrrManda is shown all cutesy doing a skit with a freakin clown lol! And then having a sexy (?) bath with MC. What the heck is going on, I dont get how BB is blatantly trying so hard to make this the a-man-duh show. This girl must be an actress friend/girlfriend of AG and they are using brainwashing and propaganda techniques on the public. Seriously, if this is NOT a fix, I’ll eat my hat :))

production rigged it

It’s obvious that Amanda is production’s pick to win it this year even though she doesn’t need the money. She said before that her lifestyle cost $200,000 a year. They have probably threatened everybody in the DR to not vote her out. On a side note I wish that little rat b*stard Andy would get busted and have his a** up on the block.

the showoff

Amanda is a confirmed family friend of Alisson Grodner, one of the creators and executive producers of Big Brother.

Just wondering?

Simon is this true?


I don’t know.. lots of crazy rumours going around i’m just going to dimiss them and watch the feeds


Finally, Aaryn will put up Candace as a replacement nominee. It’s look like Howard or Amanda is go home.


Why does Amanda not make Aaryn put up Helen? The Backdoor is wide open. I know why! CBS wants to nail Aaryn as KKK Barbie. Amanda(CBS) must stick to that storyline. SICK!


Aaryn made a deal of not putting up Helen & Elissa.


So what? If Amanda (CBS) said jump. Aaryn would say HOW HIGH!

Teri B

Deal, schmeal. Remember how Jeff Schroeder got knocked out by Shelly. It can be done. But it won’t because of Production…..as usual. Yawn.


Yeah, wait till whoever wins HoH and put up Aaryn. She will be evicted next week.


unfortunately, it is probably wishful thinking to think amanda may go home. demanda has everyone (mcpussy most of all) wrapped around her finger and they are all too stupid to figure it out.

this will go down as the worst cast and season ever.

Teri B

“One Hundred Percent” I agree with you. Wishful thinking. Demanda will win it all. Terrible season, terrible players, terrible Production manipulation.

mvp needs some adjustment

If the point of the third nominee was to shake up the game they got it a little off. They should give America a single vote to evict. That would keep players aware of the feeds and would also give them a barometer for who America is really behind (Amanda:it’s not you or McCrea). The delusion gets really old. Chipmunks like Andy would be exposed through votes (potentially) and not be coasting to final three on the power of being the worst confident and ally (forget “friend”) possible. His approach disgusts me because it isn’t smart and as someone else pointed out he doesn’t save any of this Intel for a strategic time when it might help him DO something. Anyway, I digress…giving America a vote to evict would allow fewer people to flip the game which is the only time it is interesting. When there is no real possibility for power shift the ardent fans get bored and the network risks losing their devotion. Honestly that and charges of game fixing will be more dangerous to their ratings than the racism.

responding to my own post like a loser

Plus it would make every single vote a gamble. Every vote would have the potential of a “big move” or a big mistake. (forgot to include this in my original post)


WHO SAYS AMANDA IS DISLIKED BY YOU BIG DEAL I WATCH WITH GROUP AND 8 OF US LIKE AMANDA BEST SO I HOPE ELISSA IS NEXT UP AND OUT SHE IS DISGUSTING AND MEAN FOR NO REASON WITH NO PROVACATION WHATS SO EVER JUST a ;little person with hateful opinions what she did to three people in house is devious and just mean it gained her nothing

the Truth

And you and those 7 others are fucking idiot losers.


apparently america says that about demanda given how we nominated her hateful and manipulative ass. hopefully she’ll continue to get nominated until sent home


What show have you & your friends been watching?


This time it will be howard and next target aaryn or elissa


Candice is ready to take her ball and go home. So send her home. She isn’t cut out for this game.


good site pay day coming guys will give to this site near future. or when elissa goes whichever first ha ha.


get lost chief !!


Please cat people make sure Amanda is shown to america for what she truly is. Cbs keep showing her like a funny girl in a lovely relationship. Stop the hypocrisy!

Use your time to enjoy

Seriously, guys, you are taking the time to read these blogs and watch the show/live feeds. It’s your choice to watch, yet the majority of comments are complaints. Nothing will appease the masses, so can we just take a moment to appreciate the good things going on in the house?!

Judd and Jessie give me hope. Despite Judd’s little episode, he’s a stand up guy. Jessie is definitely the most self-respecting girl in the house, even if she hasn’t made any great moves… so far! I can’t believe how little they’ve really rocked anyone’s boats on a personal level considering how migraine-inducingly stressful it is to be in the Big Brother house, let alone with an alarming number of of self-righteous bigots.


you said, ” Jessie is definitely the most self-respecting girl in the house”

are you on crack? one the very first episode Jessie was telling Amanda she wanted to bang a guy in the house…she went after Jeremy, but he picked Kaitlin. Jessie, then, hated Kaitlin and was very much for her eviction. Kaitlin then wanted Nick and followed him around… she was also rejected.

Jessie is an insecure slut that looks to be in the popular crowd…

like the entire BB cast, she sucks!

Use your time to enjoy

lol sorry i was on crack


F i think you are going to get destroyed by karma for being such a mean spirited, immature moron

who gives a sh!t if a girl wants to flirt with guys in the house? seriously, who gives a sh!t?

she liked the look of them, then when she saw how ugly they were as people on the inside she dumped them and that alliance and moved on, finding more respectful people to play the game with

i agree with the poster ‘Use your time to enjoy’ about Jess…and she is by far the nicest person there


Just put up Andy and try to convince GM to vote out Amanda. Worst case scenario, there’s a tie and Aaryn has to break it. If she’s smart, which I think she really is, she’d shake it up. After the racial stuff, I think she knows she has to redeem herself ON CAMERA. The only way to make sure they don’t edit that redemption out is to make sure they HAVE to show it. (POV Replacement)

Sometimes it takes a villain…

Teri B

Aaah, if only. This would be the perfect time for the little racist to redeem herself…you are exactly right, but unfortunately CBS won’t have it. Demanda must win at all costs, apparently.


when Julie says ‘EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” it’s usually means we already know what to expect. Howard is going home. these idiots make Adam of BB 14 look like a genius.

the Truth

It speaks volumes on how stupid these cast members are when they want to bounce Howard so bad, when a fucking blind man can see that Amanda is THE biggest threat in the house scheming wise. Why Howard? Because he’s big and black and that automatically makes people scared? I’d rather get out the bossy jew that lays in bed with her puppet whispering all day. These idiots will feel like even bigger idiots when they re-watch the season and realize they had nothing what so ever to worry about with Howard, and they let the biggest snake in the house control everything and float by. This season fucking sucks!


Really? Bossy Jew? The Truth? Pretty obvious.


and for a cast who seemed to have watched bbcan you think they would have learned a little from jemmett?? doesnt seem so!!!


I’m at my wit’s end with Helen and Amanda.

Clearly they are the only two people in the house with even a remote understanding of the game, but they are paranoid and delusional when it comes to Howard it is really uncomfortable to watcj.

Howard really can’t catch a break. He’ll be evicted for three weeks and Helen and Amanda will still be talking about how shady it is that one of Howard’s socks is still in the house. Or the game will be over and they’ll all be on the aftershow and they’ll be talking about how they’re suspicious it is that Howard got a haircut.


oh to be a floater in the house this season with such dumb@ss house guests.
No b@lls to shake up this house..none of them!!


It was exciting and fun to watch Candace losing it last night but I’m expecting her to totally break down today when she goes on the block. Perhaps we could see a total psychotic meltdown in real time. Will BB have to step in for both her safety and the safety of others. Fun Fun Fun


I don’t know if anyone else read this but I read somewhere on facebook that Amanda is good friends with Alison Grodner and this is set up for her to win it all.


Welcome to the real (CBS) world.


Who is she in connection with the show?


Grodner is the producer. Check her and amanda on IMBD (IMDB?)


Allison Grodner is executive producer of Big Brother. There is a rumor Amanda knows her.

production rigged it

I have read that and if it’s true then the other houseguests should sue the hell out of CBS i know it’s their show and they can make it favorable for 1 player or another. But come on if you’re friends with the producer don’t you think that’s taking it a bit far because it would be too much interfering on AG”s part.


I have a feeling it’s all predetermined…. This week: Howard, then Candice, Spencer, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Elissa, Helen, Andy and …surprise..surprise… Amanda and Mc Crea final two. Don’t yall think so?

production rigged it

It is look at everything they did in Season 13 that helped Rachel win, Kalia not putting her up because she was afraid she would come back, rigging the vote for Brendon to come back and help her. Then the Pandora’s Box that saved her and Jordan. Amanda is their pick but their would be a chance to maybe get her out if everybody would quit telling that little Rat B*stard Andy everything which he runs and tells to Amanda and McCrae. One more slim chance might be if Spencer and maybe GinaMarie or Candice would either put her and McCrae up or if America did again with the MVP and maybe Helen and Elissa would realize that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the second week in a row.


Where do Judd and Jessie fit in there? DEFAULT VICTORS!


Just stop watching if you do not like this cast of characters. Unless you all just like to complain.

VA Vet

I HAVE stopped watching the edited version that CBS is jamming down your throat. The fact that you are willing to swallow the CBS crap-ola tells me everything I need to know.

I only get my info here and I’ll be making a second donation because Simon and Dawg will probably need therapy after having to watch all those pathetic losers for three months straight.


If these people do not grow a set Amanda will win this game she needs to go like yesterday


Would be hilarious if she put up Amanda’s puppy dog, but I know that’ll never happen since nobody has the guts to make a big move


with all these lies these house guest makes casey anthony , george zimmerman look like a genius


Helen reminds me of Jody Arias.


Oh man. Lol.


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julies rice bowl

EPIC! Lurker001 keeping the board attached to reality again! Thanx.


Please don’t wish or Hope for America has a Vote to evict, as then BB would be boring twice as much as it does now. If the Show ends in a popularity Contest there will only be the nice People in the House, because Players like Dr. will or Evel Dick would have gone week two.
It would get as boring and Fake as it was in Germany, that’s why it was cancelled here years ago. This Cast annoys me a lot, but i can Not understand why you want to get rid of someone like Amanda-at least she is doing something.


Absolutely! Danielle would have been gone as well and she ended up being one of the greats.


I must have forgotten that AMerica played a crucial role in Dick staying. Remember Eric, America’s player? He was told to flip the housein favor of Dick, because that iw what AMerica wanted even though he did not want too. Dick won because of thAt. If nnot for America and Eric, Dick would have went home that week. So America, does like drama, just not plain ole meanness. Dick was vilotile but these people are have serious character flaws.

That's the wrong thing to do

Judd said getting Candace out doesnt benefit him? Then how does getting out Howard benefit him? The only reason Howard is getting out is because Amanda wants him out. Smh Judd is stupid.


howard is leaving. 🙁 but….when the numbers get smaller, andy and helen will eventually realize they were implementing amanda’s agenda. it will be a few more weeks of boredom, but BB will eventually come to a head. BB Canada is badass!!! puts america BB to shame!!!


If it is true that Amanda is rigged to win BB will definitely know in advance as houseguest cannot hide anything from BB and they will set something up to that not to happen. I hope that it is not true.


Also not sure why it isn’t reported yet, but Candace has gone up.


Next season, I would like to see a cast that is reflective of the diversity of America. Why not have four black players, four white players, four latino players and four asian players. Then you would have a level playing field and it would be interesting to see who would aligned with whom. What strategic alliances would be formed and there would be less chance of any of this season’s racially charged atmosphere. Again, deceit and manipulation is apart of the game and is to be expected but the overt and blatant racism, homophobia, bigotry and misogyny are not. Also if you are going to cast LGBT players (regardless of color) do not give us the epitome of the stereotypical LGBT.

Kudos to Howard and Candice for not going full out bats**t crazy and knocking someone out and being DQ’d.


I think I can speak for the majority of us bloggers and say that we don’t dislike Amanda for her gameplay. We dislike Amanda and Aaryn for they’re personal attacks on other castmates. It has made this season uncomfortable and less enjoyable to watch. Scheming and plotting are all part of the game and she does have a talent for convincing people to do what she wants, but does she have to say I fu….g hate him or I wanna fu….g wanna punch her and kill her! Drama is nice at times, but this season is just way to 90210!


I’m surprised at all the posts whining about how unfair it is that the African American players are both going up on the block. This is a GAME, and Howard sucks at it (his “confession” to being in the Moving Company was probably his lowest point), and Candice seems to think the best strategy is to THREATEN other players… If either of them were good a playing BB, they wouldn’t be in this position.

Bye, Bye, Howie.


I really, really do NOT like Amanda at all! She thinks that she is just the fairy godmother of BB and the sad part is that most of the houseguests treat her that way. It is getting almost unbearable to watch because she runs the whole house and now, finally everyone has the chance to send her home and they choose Howard. He has not won anything or has bossed people around the way Amanda does. Plus Howard does not make personal attacks on people based on their race, religion etc. I really believe that Amanda is the most racist houseguest in there, yes even more than Aaryn. She clearly goes on rants about Candice which shows how psychotic she is. The comment she made about Candice putting her greasy, nappy head in her headband was soooo racist and really I hope others saw it that way. Why Cbs, why are you portraying that demon as if she is quirky and sensitive about her body image. It is so ironic how she talked about how Candice was fat when she cried when Elissa talked about her. She is nothing but an insecure bully. She must obviously be jealous of Candice or else she wouldn’t care what the girl looks like. I mean she bashes Howard and Candice so much and it’s disgusting.
Helen is just a plain and simple idiot. She tells big-mouthed Andy everything and he reports it right back to his boss Amanda(what a floater). Helen is so oblivious to the fact that Amanda talks about her badly too. I mean this is the worst cast ever! Judd has problems as well. It’s like one minute he is so friendly and then the next minute he flips and just says the most nasty remarks. He must have a mental issue and I am serious. Jessie never does anything but follow up behind that meanie too (Amanda). It’s just so irritating how no one stands up to her but Candice and then she gets ostracized by it. It’s like come on! I am not a fan of Candice/Howard/Spencer but atleast they are trying to shake up the game…Now on to Aaryn. Wtf! Does she not think that the comments that she says are racist? Shut up and go make some rice. What you gonna do Shaniqua? The B*** is already on the dark side? Do those comments sound racist to you? I think so but maybe I guess I’m just crazy. LOL That chick has some screws loose. MCcrae is just ugh! He follows behind that demon (Amanda) too. Where did you find these people? From the asylum. Spencer is just so vulgar and disgusting. I feel really bad for Jessie when he stares at her. What a creep! GiGi is just annoying. She cannot articulate well and has the nerves to judge others. Plus she is creepy too, she is like a troll doll. Omg I just went on a rant!!!! Demanda is rubbing off!!!!!


jess stood up to amanda this week when amanda tried to tell her not to take veto prizes and that jess should take her off the block if she won veto

jess said no to both requests and amanda sulked


I hope there is a twist that saves Howard or gets him back in the game.