Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

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10:08am – 10:52am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Power Of Veto Ceremy. When the feeds return, we learn that obviously Spencer used the VETO to take himself off the block and Aaryn did exactly what she said she would do. She nominated Candice as the replacement nominee.

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10:52am Amanda, Elissa and Jessie are out on the backyard couch. Amanda comments that Candice has to go after Howard. Jessie says that it just makes Howard look like a huge douche bag that he would treat Candice like this the last few days. Amanda asks Jessie just promise me you wont flip. Jessie promises. Amanda says I promise you I will protect you. Jessie says she won’t flip. Amanda says even if Judd asks you to don’t flip. Jessie says she won’t you’re like my big sister.

11am In the lounge room – Spencer is talking to Helen about how he isn’t campaigning to push Amanda out. I am only campaigning to keep Howard and to vote out Candice because he has been loyal to me. Meanwhile in the storage room – Amanda talks to Andy about last night she tells him that McCrae was upset at her for telling Andy about Judd lying about the Kaitlin wanting Helen out Story. Amanda says that by me tell you it made McCrae look like he was lying because McCrae had told Andy that he didn’t know anything about it. Andy says it doesn’t matter I trust you two more than anything. Amanda asks Andy not to flip. Andy says oh my god are you kidding me of course I won’t flip don’t even question that. Amanda starts to cry and get upset. Andy tells her that she is okay. Amanda says that she isn’t sure about if she can trust Judd or not. Amanda talks to McCrae about it and then heads to the backyard. Helen says that Spencer is campaigning to get Candice out. Amanda tells Helen that Judy, Andy, Gina and Jessie formed alliance to get Amanda out. Helen says that she will get to the bottom of this and ask Judd to find out if he lies to me or not. Amanda says and if Judd says what the fu*k then we will need to get him out. Helen tells Amanda we have back. Amanda heads inside to find Judd.

11:05am – 11:10am Amanda goes up to the HOH room and pulls Judd out to chess board. Amanda asks him to tell her the truth about the conversation he had in the cockpit last night. Judd tells her that Howard came to them to give them a deal to keep Candice and Howard but it doesn’t make sense for my game. You are safe, I promise you, you aren’t going home. Judd tells her the he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to worry her over nothing. Don’t worry about it, you’re safe. Amanda says okay and they head into the HOH room.


11:15am Out in the backyard – Amanda tells Helen that Judd came clean about the conversation he had last night in the cockpit. Helen is mad and says that it’s just fishy, why is he having meeting with people without us. He needs to go, we need to get him out after we make it to jury because he can’t be trusted.

In the bathroom – Candice and Jessie are talking. Jessie tells Candice that there is a better way to approach me. Candice says that she thought she could come to you. Candice says that she just wanted to know where Jessie’s loyalty lies. Jessie tells Candice, but that is not the way you talk to someone. Candice tells Jessie that she is going to have to pick a side. Jessie says you still think that way after everybody is told you stuff about Howard. Jessie tells Candice that Howard is totally hurting her game and that she is the only person who would not listen to it. Jessie tells Candice that she is just using me for a vote. Jessie says I wanted to have this conversation with you because we are friends and that is what friends do. Candice says that is fine I am clearly on the block. Jessie says it breaks my heart and I know you better than you think I do and I see Howard you let your guard down and look what happened. Candice apologizes to Jessie if it came off aggressive. Jessie tells her that it was the way she approached her with it. They make up and hug.

11:30am Up in the HOH room – Helen tells Aaryn that Amanda and her found out about the plan to get rid of her and we are going to take control of the situation. Helen says that she is going to go grab Amanda to talk about it. Helen leaves. In the lounge room – Amanda is telling Andy about the conversation she had with Judd. Amanda says that she think Judd wants to take Andy to the final two even though he also tells McCrae the same thing. She says that Judd thinks he can beat Andy not McCrae in the fianl two. Andy says that he would whip his a$$ in the final 2. McCrae joins them and Amanda tells him about her conversation with Judd. Judd then joins them. Andy tells Amanda to let Spencer and Howard think we are going to flip the house and act like it switches at the last minute in case he wins Head of Household. McCrae, Amanda, Judd and Andy are talking about how they will tell Spencer like 30 minutes before the vote that we can’t vote out Amanda. Aaryn joins them. Aaryn says that once she found out that Howard said he doesn’t want to be here if Candice isn’t here.. she wants him gone. Aaryn says Howard is using some reverse psychology bullcrap. Aaryn says that she wants Howard to go home especially now that he is talking about not wanting to be here. Helen joins them. Helen tells them to let them think that they have the numbers.


11:40am In the backyard – Candice is still going off on Howard about how he didn’t stick up for her. Howard tells her that all he is hearing from her is negative and he doesn’t want to hear it any more. He says I am done with it, if you aren’t going to be positive any more. Howard says I already told you I apologized for not standing up for you. You told me not to go off on girls because I would look demonstrative even though I wanted to and maybe I should have.



11:50am Up in the HOH room – Amanda is talking to Gina about the plan Howard and Spencer had to try and flip the house. Gina tells Amanda that Judd already talked to her and told her that she might be approached with a deal but that she should just go along with it. Amanda tells Gina that Amanda is loyal to her and would never put her up. Amanda says that she just wanted to give her the a heads up just in case people came to try to flip her. Amanda is tells her not to tell anyone about any deal. Amanda heads downstairs to the lounge room. Aaryn, McCrae, Andy and Judd reassure Amanda that there is no way she will go home.


11:55am – 12pm McCrae and Amanda are in the storage room – McCrae tells her that she is good no matter what she is staying. He tells her not to worry. Amanda tells him that she talked to Gina and she told me that Judd already came to her and told her that she might be approached with a deal but that she should just go along with it. Amanda says that she feels better about Judd and thinks they can trust him after hearing that. Amanda and McCrae tell each other that they love each other. Amanda and McCrae leave and head to the bathroom because Amanda feels like she is going to throw up.


12:05pm In the lounge room – Judd, McCrae and Andy are talking. Judd says that Howard comes asking us to give him the world and he offers nothing in return. Judd says if he asked for us to get rid of Candice to save himself I would have considered it but he is talking about getting out Amanda. Judd says that Candice has done NOTHING for my game. Andy agrees and says Candice never talks game with me. Andy says hopefully Ginamarie wins HOH and we can keep the blood off our hands again. Judd says that all the game talk I have had with Candice is talking about hair extensions and crabs. All she is doing is being emotional she isn’t playing the game. Judd says she is acting like she is at a slumber party and her boyfriend goes home. Stiffen up your head b*tch! Judd says that no one would throw the first Havenot comp, he just sucks at competitions.

12:15pm In the havenot room – Spencer tells Howard that he thinks we have the votes. He tells Howard that Helen and Elissa were the ones that told Aaryn to nominate us. Howard says he knows that. Spencer says that if we only have the four votes come Thursday I am going to call her out on live tv that they don’t have her back. Howard says that he was going to do that in his speech too.

12:20pm – 12:40pm Up in the HOH room – Helen, Amanda and Aaryn talk about taking Jessie out before she floats to the end because everyone would want to take her to the final 2. Amanda says that Judd is smart but he acts like he is dumb. Helen says that Jessie will do whatever Judd wants. Helen tells Aaryn that Jessie said that she wanted you out before jury. Aaryn says that she heard that Elissa wanted me out too. Helen says I don’t think it is any secret that Elissa wanted you out since day 1. But she is coming around and said to me the other night that she likes you. Amanda says that people are thinking to far ahead. Right now we have an army and we need to stick to the plan. Andy comes up and tells them that he told Jessie everything. He says that he told her to just pretend to go along with it. Amanda says that she is pissed that Jessie insinuated that maybe this is the time to get me out. Helen says I talked to her and she agreed that this isn’t the week for that. I am not going to lie there is going to come a time to get you out but its not now. Helen says she isn’t gunning for you, she was just making sure everyone was on the same page. Aaryn says Jessie scares me because she flips a lot. Helen explains that this week is us showing our loyalty to you and then when we get to jury its game on. I am coming after you, you and you.. Amanda and McCrae head down to lay in the sun. Helen, Andy and Aaryn continue to talk. Helen and Andy talk about owing Jessie because she made a big move that helped them all in the game. Aaryn brings up how she isn’t going after Elissa any more. Aaryn says that she doesn’t want to go up again next week and hopes that Elissa doesn’t put her up. Andy and Helen both says they will make sure she doesn’t. Andy says that he will scream at Elissa if she even tries to put you up because I was there when she said she wouldn’t.


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Yes, Howard is leaving. Bye Howard.


Andy used to be my favourite but lately his inability to keep is mouth shut for 2 seconds is annoying me. Also – don’t these people realize that splitting up a power couple before jury is critical? That is so obvious. It’s like having a public final 2 deal and everybody is just ignoring it.

production rigged it

These people in here are nothing more than sheep , all they’re interested in is making jury instead of actually trying to win the game. If they wanted to win they would vote Amanda out. I agree about Andy although he was never my favorite now he’s a little rat b^st*rd scurrying around finding out info then reporting back to the boss. He’s so pathetic what a waste of a spot in the house. He’s obviously not interested in winning he just wants to make jury does he not remember 3rd place doesn’t win anything what a dumba**!!


Everyone is just playing for jury except Helen and Amanda (and Amanda is playing for her and McCrea to win) When you only play for jury, then you don’t try to make plays.


what power couple would that be? McCray and Amanda are not power couples.. McCray won only 1 HoH and Amanda hasn’t won anything. Aren’t power couples, you know, couples that have power. All Amanda has going is her social skill of manipulation, that’s it. I would not be calling Amanda and McCray a power couple.


Howard is ls losing it now. He begins to talk to himself, then disagrees about the subject, gets into a nasty row over it, loses it, and refuses to speak to himself for the rest of the day.


I’m surprised at all the posts complaining about how unfair it is that the African American players are both going up on the block. This is a GAME, and Howard sucks at it (his “confession” to being in the Moving Company was probably his lowest point), and Candice seems to think the best strategy is to THREATEN other players… If either of them were good a playing BB, they wouldn’t be in this position.

Bye, Bye, Howie.


If you don’t see how Howard being black put him in a completely untenable situation after the racism and Amanda and Helen’s campaign to blame him for the outrage outside of the house, which is what made production use it as a storyline, then you’re either very ignorant or incredibly naive.

I’ve wrote emails to CBS and TMZ outlining all the ills I see happening, namely Amanda being the racial ringleader and the protected choice of production and CBS being duplicitous in creating a hostile racial environment…and I’m a sheltered, white guy from the suburbs and it’s clear as day to me.


You are delusional. At this point in the game, the only people in the house who are making a big deal out of Howard and Candice being black, are Howard and Candice. And I am Black.

Just making a commen

What??? Which BB are you watching? Apparently you’re watching a different BB


If you were on Big Brother, you’d be called a bigot for that remark. Guess it’s ok for the people who are hiding behind ther computer screens and posting online to make such remarks….usually when they are attacking HGs for being racists or bigots. Am getting sick of all the hypocrites that are doing the same t


A Glitch…… remark, above, was intended as a response to TR;s posting farther down the page, posted at 1:10 pm about Southerners and Hee Haw……


We need to send emails to CBS that we’re onto their rigging of the show (ex. Amanda is the clear BB production favorite). In light of the rumors that Amanda has worked for CBS and AG, this looks really bad!

Time to send a message to CBS or put up Amanda again as MVP nominee…


While we’re doing this. Why don’t we reinsert Jeremy, Nick and Kaitlin back? Let’s restart the game. And let’s make you happy once a for all!!!

She Said What

Just Google “the talk contact information” and you’ll get the CBS contact form….

She Said What

Moonves was asked today about the racist comments – Google The Wrap, Tim Molloy… according to Moonves the racist remarks are a reflection on how some people feel…. CBS is now fair game for comments…


It will not do a bit of good unfortunately to write CBS, because they know that they majority of the public does not come on these spoilers and read. We all know that Amanda is the racist ringleader but does the majority of the public know no because CBS and BB are pinning it all on Aaryn who Amanda has said that is what BB is doing when in fact Amanda herself admitted that she is the racist in the house. Also, BB knows that Helen and Elissa and Amanda were the ones that “forced” Aaryn to put up up Howard and with the Super Friends alliance the only option Aaryn had after Spencer took himself off was Candice. It is a shame that somehow Howard and Spencer do not at least let Candice who cannot see the forest for the trees in on the secret that these nominees are Helens and Amandas so perhaps BB will not get their way and let Amanda, who is BFF with Grodner, win this season as was predetermined. If Judd, Jessie, Candice, Howard and Aaryn could team up they could put a real wrench inn CBS and BB plan!!!!!!!!

She Said What

It may not help contacting CBS – but, hey you never know. Keep in mind, It was the blogosphere that blew the lid over the racist comments – and while CBS is clearly milking that – letting them know we’re not pleased with Amanda’s prime time edits will, at least, annoy the network.

name 2

No that is what CBS wanted and that is why they edit and cut and paste the way they want. You can tell on BBAD that half of the stuff they show has been edited and not real if you watch close enough.


Judd, Jessie, Candice, Howard and Aaryn ….and GM, Helen, Andy and Elissa…… COULD team up and get her out!!! They could tell her she’s safe and blindside her. Nothings stopping them….oh, I guess CBS has bribed them to keep her. How ridiculous.


I sent CBS a an email they sent me back the stupid statement that they have on the live feeds and at the start of the show. I cannot believe the racial issues in the house this year and I was pissed last night when Candice was expressing her feelings about it they turned to the fishes.


Amanda’s game skills are apparent by the way everyone is sniffling about her. The best player in the game as far as I’m concerned. I usually don’t like the person in the house who is the best player because they pull out all the stops to win. Face it folks, it’s a GAME, and she’s playing it better than everyone else.
She doesn’t have to BULLY anyone, because she has done favors and helped nearly everyone in the house. They are beholden to her. Plain and simple.SMART!!


Glve examples of how CBS is rigging the game in Amanda’s favour? They’re obviously not rigging the games for her to win, or she’d be winning them. She’s on the block now, but the majority are keeping her there for a reason, and it’s not cuz she’s a bully. If she was a bully, everyone would want her gone. Why would they want to keep someone around who bullies them? Ask the kids on the playground if they’d keep the bully on the merry-go-round if there was an opportunity to get them off. She is loud, she plays an aggressive game, but that is not the defenition of a bully. The reason she isn’t going home, is she is playing a strong, strategic game and a lot of the HGs still there, are there because of her and they know it….and have said so. Elissa would have been gone long ago, Aaryn would be gone. She’s been instrumental in getting out everyone evicted so far. She is loyal to her alliance and they all agree, Amanda included, that the day will come,when they all make it to jury, when they will start to work to get each other out. She is constantly talking game, evaluating, analyzing. She is playing to win and has proven to her alliance that she is smart and strategic. Howard and Spencer and Candace cannot flip the house because they, unlike Amanda, have not done anything for anyone’s game, whereas Amanda has proven herself. People may not like her, but that’s no reason to negate her skills in playing the game. Everyone has lied, but Amanda seems to be one of the few that people are calling her out for it. That’s part of the game.


hilarious you believe amanda is not being favoured


Very foolish for the house not to use this golden opportunity to get Amanda out this week – it would eliminate one of the best players in one clean cut.


AND it would prevent Amanda from using her influence and manipulation on jury votes.

WHY CAN’T THEY SEE THIS???? So bewildering!! Let’s see if they can figure this out by Thursday – there is still time.


They all think she’s on their side. Amanda may end up as one of the top BB players.
If she wasn’t such a nasty human being, I would be routing for her to win.


I thought Production asked them questions to get their mind going. And Helen why isnt it the time now to get Amanda out do you think you will get the chance later on alot of people when the show because people thought oh I can get them out later and later never comes. If the Leave Amanda in the house this week then really Amanda needs to win because she is in a house full of idiots


Next season, I would like to see a cast that is reflective of the diversity of America. Why not have four black players, four white players, four latino players and four asian players. Then you would have a level playing field and it would be interesting to see who would aligned with whom. What strategic alliances would be formed and there would be less chance of any of this season’s racially charged atmosphere. Again, deceit and manipulation is apart of the game and is to be expected but the overt and blatant racism, homophobia, bigotry and misogyny are not. Also if you are going to cast LGBT players (regardless of color) do not give us the epitome of the stereotypical LGBT.

Kudos to Howard and Candice for not going full out bats**t crazy and knocking someone the f**k out and being DQ’d. They are definitely better and stronger than I would have been under these same circumstances.


I agree, but also please put in more people over the age of 30. I cannot watch another season of overly desperate girls and horny bad talking guys.

Sad about big brother

Amen to the diverse house guests! Go back to puting a few over 40 in the game. It always is fun to see.


One word AMEN!!!!!


Four each of whites, Latinos, blacks and Asians wouldn’t be reflective of America. Blacks, for example, are about 13% of the population, and so Howard and Candice being 2 in this original group of 16 is 12.5% of the house. Pretty close to the national average.

Trust me, CBS does the demographics before choosing houseguests, but I agree we should be seeing more Latinos on BB.


Prof. Statistics, we don’t an exact average based on what the population in US currently is, geez lighten up, just more than a cast from MTV would be nice.


@siociolgy – Agreed. I think Big Brother needs to show more diversity and stop having nothing but stereotypical LGBT players. Have some real gay dudes rather than typical stereotypes. Andy is the most annoying player so far. He hasn’t done anything but talk, whine, and kiss-up. Let’s see some game from him (although this may be his game and it is working so far). He is never on anyone’s radar, but is unlikely to make to the final three if he cannot win any competitions.


“real gay dudes” So, what you’re saying is, Andy is a ‘fake gay dude’? For someone who hates on all the bigotry, you’re quite the homophobe yourself.


What I found strange from the get-go with season 15 was the lack of any older players. They should have put some older people in the house, someone like a Chicken George or Evil Dick or how about a Jerry McDonald from Season 10, he was 75 years old and lasted 66 days…lol… Anyway, I think people like that tend to ensure that the game stays unpredictable and interesting, and would have come down strong and corrected some of the racial stuff going on this season.


That’s ridiculous. I bet you think there should be more white basketball players as well.


Keep in mind, if you want to reflect the cultural diversity of America…. since the country is about 13% blacks, if the house has 16 members that means about 2 of them should be black.

Big Sister

Then how do you explain having 12 white people, 1 American Indian, 1 Asian?? Last time I checked America is not 75% white.


Maybe they could have 4 illegal aliens that don’t speak english. How about 4 muslims? Also they need to add 8 Indians, 4 who are native americans and 4 from India that have moved to the US. We also need 4 country rednecks and 4 italians too.


How about 16 illegals who can’t speak english and were put in the house without any knowledge of why they are there and with no consent. The entire show could have subtitles for the people that cant speak spanish. How many of them will try to break out of the house and how many of them will be content. Imagine the contests they would have. An eviction would mean being deported so imagine the cut throat play


Pandora’s Box… You can invite all 23 members of your immediate family to live in the house with you… but you will all be have-nots for the remainder of the season

julies rice bowl

4 Senators who went to prison, 4 chinese restaurant dishwashers, 4 people rejected by RuPaul’s Drag Race and 4 disillusioned former NASCAR fans.


And replace Julie Chen with Jerry Springer

Please enlighten me

What’s with the name Julie’s rice bowl? Not sure Julie Chen ..or any other Asia Julie…would be amused. It appears racist to me, which is why I am asking. I’m sure you don’t want to appear racist.


My God! Do any of you realize that if you aren’t Native American, you came here from somewhere else?! What makes us any better? Ever heard of JUDGE NOT? This sight seems to wreak of racism in one form or another. Would any of us speak so ill of other races if GOD were standing next to us? Honestly, I think not!


Totally agree Sociology. Allowing more ethnic diversity in the next season of Big Brother would be awesome. And give them all guns and see what develops. It would be the most shocking season in the history of the show! Although I don’t think the season would last very long.


While we’re on the subject……….Enough with the southerners already! Is this Hee Haw or Big Brother?

julies rice bowl

Hee Haw Brother


If you were on BB, you’d be called a bigot for that remark. Guess it’s ok when you’re hiding behind a keyboard. There are so many hypocrites that are bashing HGs for their comments, when they are guilty of the same thing. Don’t know if that applies to you, but some people need to check themselves before they start pointing fingers at others.


I personally don’t care about the ethnic make up more than I wanting to see just a diverse in intelligence and life experiences and backgrounds in general. People with some damn personality and sometimes that means they are over a youth demographic. Not to say that it should be diverse because I agree. But not by any formula, but rather by coming across people who are interesting casting or however they find people. I know sometimes producers “run across” different ones. At the point if they troll the Internet they would do a better job with the mess they have in there. But even if they put more people of a racial group it still depends on the type of person. An irritating moron is an irritating moron. But I do get the sentiment of what you’re saying.


So you would respond with violence?

Sorry, but that makes you worse than they are. If you act like a criminal you help reinforce these terrible stereotypes. Please be stronger than that.


I want just one gay man in there that you can’t tell is the gay guy from the begining


Is Ginamarie still in the house?

Aaryn aaryn….sigh….. Mom is trying to unspin the racist spin but you are not helping…..


sighs What a bunch of wussies! So predictable. It doesn’t really matter to me if Howard or Candice leaves but voting out Amanda would shake the house to its’s too bad they don’t have the guts to do it.


So Aaryn put up the two black people her pr must be having a field day

Aaryn's Publicist

We are doing our best. Not an easy job.


Wow………at this point it’d be easier to be Anthony Weiner’s publicist 🙂

Aaryn's Publicist

A nthony wiener is a good man who has a wiener problem. Thank you.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, Helen is now in Ahandjob’s back pocket. Golden opportunity right in front of them and they take the coward’s way out. Yep give the money to a person who can’t win comps, but doesn’t need to because everybody does her bidding. Newsflash dummies, you’re taking out the people that would vote against them so when you try your little coup, it’ll be too late. The stupidity is breath taking.


I love seeing Amanda all paranoid and worried. Well Howie. Your going home unless in the next 3 days Amanda keeps campaigning and bugging the dickens out of the other houseguests that the evict her just for peace of mind. As bad as it sounds I need Spencer or acandice to win HOH on Thursday and nominate Helen and Aaryn and MVP puts up Amanda! If that does not happen I will be done for the season.


I can see it now – BB will for evermore be called the Amanda Show – not to be confused with the other Amanda(the crazy one)…..America will need to keep make her the 3 nominee…..


Even if America votes for Amanda to be the third nominee in future, production will probably not put her on the block. Why? Because the only reason she is on the block this week is because they knew Howard was on the block and was going home. So they seized this opportunity to try and do some damage control because they can see that all over the interwebs, the people are talking about how Amanda has been chosen to go till final 2. They think if people in the blogosphere can see Amanda on the block, they will doubt the whole thing about her being favored to win. I won’t be surprised if production successfully keeps Amanda off the block till the end because there is a really good chance the next time she will go home. All the while editing her as this really cool, playful, chic with a cool showmance … oh my!


How would they know Howard was going to be put up? How would they know him or Candace or someone else wouldn’t win POV and taken him off the block? How would they know the HG wouldn’t vote off the other nominee (Spencer / Candice – not that they would know who it would be.) That’s quite the imagination you have.Do you really believe what you are saying? If people are going to accuse CBS of rigging the show, at least come up with something that falls within the realm of possibility. There’s so much BS flying around, yet people are actually believing it! Scarey mob mentality.


it amazes me how these jerks get offended because howard is tryin to make a move, while al the long they betray anyone and everyone.


I agree with your assessment of Howard and I love your name! Really reaching to find something to hang onto this season as a longtime BB fan. Once Howard goes the horizontal twins will pick off the house and the robots will give them a final vote to win. Just glad they’re all so ramped up to make it to jury!
What the hell did they promise these idiots at jury house? Extra meds?

Judd's granny

BoodaGal! Where you been?


All while they have perpetual orgy conversations with each other. They way they can’t keep something to themselves to ponder or on a need-to-know basis is amazing.


**third nominee*** on the block!


Ewwww I think I am finally done with Big Brother this season. I am so sick of Amanda and her bossy, controlling ways. It really makes me mad that people follow and listen to her. Deep down they must know that getting her out will be really hard in the future and now they won’t take the chance to vote her out this week. They can always take out Howard he most likely will not win anything plus he is very introverted. Aaryn is going to look so bad for putting up Candice and Howard. The blogs are gonna blow up. She is racist and I cannot believe how she really believes the comments she made were not racist. She needs serious help and she should have never been casted. Most of the cast shouldn’t have been chosen. They are really crazy and it’s sort of scary. The comments Aaryn made sounded just like the comments that were made by some white people in the 1950s and 60s South. I mean it’s 2013 not 1961!!! If I was Howard or Candice, I would self evict because I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that someone has been saying hateful racial comments. The comment David said to Aaryn about Candice’s skin making the bed sheets dirty Week 1, is a prime example of how they might be stuck in the past. That was really nasty and sick.
Back to this week, it’s not looking good for Howard nor Candice. I’m sort of sad one of them is going because the goof troop and superfriends is lame and not interesting. -Sighs-


I think Howard is too good of a person to be in this house and that is why he is ready to leave. He could be a great player if people were not a bunch of wusses in this house, but they seem to want to escort Amanda, McCrae or Helen to the finals.


I wish that Howard and Candice could stay in this house but no one had the nerve to go against Amanda. So I agree that I wish both Howard and Candice would self evict themselves and both stand together on the live show and say they are no longer willing to live in a house where everyone is too afraid to say something when other are making derogatory statements.


That would one hellva move! Both Candice and Howard should self-evict BEFORE the vote is taken and tell the rest of the house off. Starting with Super Mom Helen, then Ginamarie (she must make Staten Island feel so proud with her antics) and finally super Bytches Aaryn and Amanda. It would make for great TV and leave the rest of them looking at each like the fools they are. But since this is a long season I wonder if one of the twists is that the jury house will actually start sooner rather than later or America gets to vote one of the previously evicted houseguests into the jury house. That would change things a whole lot.


Hi BBL it is hard to flip brcause if you do not have the majority you loose. That is why Howard and Spencer failed twice and those that do try ended up going home. Jeremy, Nick and now possibly Howard. You have to have the numbers just like Helen stated.


Moving company is bye-bye. Jeremy – your pick is gone. Howard going too. Can you spare us the hate and just stop watching?


Last night she referred to Candice as “GIRL” repeatedly… to her face! I hope Aaryn gets a beatdown in the press after this season. Kaitlynn is still doing damage control in the media.


I agree. But in a strange way it’s sort of been an eye opener. Don’t get me wrong I know there are a lot bigots in this country. But too see how some of them have certain types of comment ready and available is scary to watch. Some of the stuff said so easily has been a surprised and just gives you an icky feeling. There are some white people who haven’t been around let’s just a lot of black people or other groups, and would never say things like that in the way and context it’s been said. Because it’s not even on their radar. Anybody can say something politically incorrect but it’s just the intent behind it that really matters. And from what I’ve seen it’s not gameplay as far as some of the hate campaigns especially against people who aren’t even in power in the game. But a couple of them know how to use fear tactics as if something will happen to them if you go to that side or go against them. lol

But it’s sort of disgusting that these people are young with that type of bigotry in their arsenal. If you don’t like someone of any race you don’t like them, to go in like I’ve heard really makes me think how many other people out there are like that when they get in groups with similar attitudes where no one says um, not participating. Sorry. But I guess after watching some of the political campaigns the last several years it should be a surprises as far as divisiveness. And the irony isn’t lost that Helen’s job and her influence in the climate in there reminds me of a an election on certain fronts. The little people get the advance the bigger ones to power and people mindlessly sometimes vote against their own interest.


Hey guys, here are the rumors about Amanda winning big brother.


Thanks Does TMZ have this yet?


Can someone send it to them?

Teri B

Thanks Captain, for reposting that. I commented on that one when it appeared, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I totally believe it. Like I said in previous posts “Demanda must win at all costs”. SUCKS. TOTALLY SUCKS. Can anyone help me quit this nonsense?


Can say we haven’t had other seasons where the fix was in… remember Rachel reintering the house even after she was on America’s last and final nerve. We might eventually see Demanda the demented Dom leave but Allison has alot of tricks up her sleeve, not to mention a few Hoagie sandwiches! Stay tuned kids, it’s gonna be a rocky season. And by the way, just because some of us bitch about taking punishment from CBS,it doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying ourselves.


Do you all really believe this?
Anyone can make up a facebook and post shit like this.
I could make one and say I am a former Blackwater employee and I know that Howard is Special Ops and
is in the house trying to infiltrate a terrorist cell from New York (GM & Amanda, LOL).

If this person has evidence why are they waiting until “finale” to post it?
Don’t you think that would give AG and CBS time to change shit up and not let Amanda win….OOOPS and THERE
is your motive!
Woweeeee who woulda thought?!?

Tell ya what though, it would be nice if it WAS true.
Then AG would finally get shitcanned and we would not have to suffer though anymore Jeffs, Jordans & Rachels on BB.
REAL people could win, not AG’s dream scenarios.


shaking my head at you tinfoil-hatters.


No one in this game has the balls to play Big Brother. If they were smart they would get out the strongest player which is Amanda. Howard is no threat. This season is probably going to go down as the worst most lame game play ever. It just seems like we know who is going home week after week, boring.


Here’s how McRae spelled it out to Andy yesterday:
“Andy brings up how Jessie is saying Big Brother will try to f*** things up because they have it all figured out and the game seems it could get boring. MC agrees but he also thinks once they get to Jury it will get pretty exciting as they will have to start taking each other out. MCcrea explains they will have to put JUDD up with Jessie to get Jessie out and Andy up with Helen to get Helen out.”

sheesh… He’s starting to remind me of King Joffrey. I say keep Amanda on the block.


This shows how much Andy is with Amanda and McCrea. The one time he keeps his mouth shut is when Helen is on their hit list.


I read the gossip column on Amanda rigged to win and pretty convincing. No matter what the houseguest does before eviction BB will know and there is nothing the house can do and BB production can block it with some kind of twist. If this is true and truly disappointing..


So you wanted to Jeremy to win and he didn’t. Why do we have to put up with all your negativity?


Fair warning, it’s only going to get worse as the season goes on! You can be disappointed and mad at us all you want but eventually we all say we’re gonna never watch again, and a year later it pulls us back in! Because when this show is good, it’s really,really good! …and when it’s bad, we vent!


Are you kidding so glad he was evicted, but if it is true that game is rigged for Amanda then it is not fair to the other players and viewers. Guess the ones that should be looking into it are the sponsors. No hate on my side.


If Howard goes home Thursday I’m done with this season for good! This cast blows!!!


I’m with you. I have been watching to see the DR but if they vote out Howard, forget CBS. I will just come here and read the post.


Bummer, see ya next year dude…here’s some cheese to go with that WHINEEEEEEEEE


There isn’t enough cheese in Wisconsin for all the whinners. Nobody forces anyone to watch BB, so the only explanation I can think of is that people just love to b***h. Otherwise, bye, we’ll miss you

production rigged it

Simon why were 2 of my comments not posted in the last thread?


Dunno, did they include links ? they may have been caught in the spam filter


Not sure which quote fits best: Sgt. Carter says, ‘ My grandmother could have done better than that” – or Gomer Pyle, “shame, shame, shame.”

This Season Blows

I love how Brenchel fans are whining and complaining that Amanda’s dominating the game. Funny, they didn’t see a problem with Rachelissa being handed a rigged twist for the first few weeks that gave her all the power. At least Amanda has gained her position of power in the house by actually playing the game.

She Said What

Um, no… that’s not true – guess you’re new here! And, FYI – you can go back and read that entire season’s worth of comments…

julies rice bowl

Thursday night.Howard or Candice go home.(fla shbacks of dogs and cops attacking civil rights protestors Evil Aaryn laughing evilly. WW2 death camps) Then transition to show warm and cuddly Amanda(CBS) and McDuck. shots of puppies and kittens. Be sure to tune in Sunday. Desmond Tutu sends video message to “wonderful” Amanda(CBS).


WOW! the stupidity continues. every HOH game play this season as been embarrassing. everyone who won HOH never had an outline in how their nominations benefits their end game. Aaryn placing Candice as the replacement is fuckin’ dumb. she had the opportunity to think things through and change the game to benefit hers, but she spent her HOH doing her nails and talking shit about Candice. how can Aaryn not gamble at this point of the game and not throw Helen on the block. throwing Helen on the block would of made the game even more interesting, because it would of open up the game for everyone voting. Aaryn could of just had the house flip on each other and delay her exit for a while longer. this season has gave me more headaches than any other season of BB. there’s no game play involved with this season, just personal agendas.


Yep, there was no way that Aaryn was going to pass up an opportunity to put Howard and Candice on the block. The only reason Candice wasn’t a first nominee is because Helen/Amanda said Spencer. But, oh how Aaryn wanted to put Howard AND Candice up from the first. That’s the thing about being prejudiced – you miss opportunities for advancement in your craziness.


So the Moving Company didn’t make it all the way. Jeremy’s gone. Is there anyway you can stop WHINING and miss the rest of the season?


As of right now Jessie or Andy have the best chances to win this game


No one realizes it but one of them will be in the final 2


I love reading on this site every season how this is the worst season ever. The cast always sucks. People are done watching the show. Yet here they are taking the time to read a blog about the show and comment on it. You cant hate it that much. Relax…its a tv show. Turn the channel and quit whining.

Teri B

No can do, Davidfawcett. We love our whining too much…..almost as much as we love Simon and Dawg.

She Said What

Relax, we’re only doing our part – whining and complaining is half the fun….


David, David, David, what are we going to do with you? I will get back to you when I think of a suitable punishment…( getting into Amanda’s sad dominatrix gear)

Bbuk fan

This is to funny first everyone is complaining its the Elissa show now everyone is upset its the Amanda show .

Aaryn's Publicist

Yes. Now I get paid for working over time. Good thing Aaryn has never said anything racist.

Aaryn's Publicist

Hey . Get your own shtick.


i dont see why people say that Amanda is cbs production favorite she was put on by america as a nominee and all the houseuest could vote her out and that would cause her to go home! so i dont understand why people keep bugging with this cbs saving her when clearly the guest have the power


When you are in the DR and production is asking leading questions about what other houseguests may or maynot be plotting, or inferring that a houseguest might want to think and communicate in a certain direction, seeds are planted. And, even if the soil is not fertile,think Jessie&Judd, sometimes it grows into a huge conspiracy theory and Howard has to go!


even if amanda got evicted they would do a vote a house guest back into the house twist so she stays, or extra vetos, pandoras boxes etc…they have also chosen alot of immature, timid people to maximize amandas chances of being safe each week…she picked mccrae to sleep with not just because he won the first hoh but because he is a little weak minded worm who is easily controlled

and even if she is 3rd nom every week, which she wont be as cbs will keep trying to make her look good on the cbs edits, they will still find a way to keep her in the house…look at this week, the house has a clear cut chance of splitting amanda and mccrae before jury and they are overwhelmingly choosing not to, which is beyond bizarre

remember amanda is good friends with executive producer grodner, and so what grodner wants she will get

its not cbs cares…its cbs rigs


Now Candice is just messing up her game by being so upset was secure with Helen and Elissa but she wanted to bully them into not putting up Howard and she now sees where she Candice stands with Helen and Elissa I think Helen and Amanda would be great on the block together they really control the house. Me t week if Candice wants to stay she better win hoh she’s got no alliance


Why does everyone in the BB house follow Helen’s orders? Did I miss the coronation of Helen as queen of the house? Helen declares what is to happen with nominations and evictions then the houseguests execute her wishes like loyal subjects. Regardless of what happened last week, Aaryn should have used her HOH as an opportunity to flip the house in her favor. Right now Aaryn is just a pawn that Helen is using to execute her dirty work. The moment Aaryn is no longer useful she will be out the door. Had Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa or Helen and Andy she would have been able to secure Howard, Candace, Spencer, Ginamarie and possibly Judd as true allies in the game. Instead next week Aaryn once again will be alone.

The Black Fish

At this point I think it is:

85% chance Howard goes home.
10% chance Candice goes home.
4% chance house grows a brain, throws out Amanda.
1% chance Judd flips his lid and is thrown out, nullifying the week.


Grow a brain to give power to the powerless, when you’re on the side of the majority of the house. OMG, when will someone make sense on here??? Who does it benefit by keeping Howard and dumping Amanda?? It benefits Howard, Candace and Spencer, NO ONE ELSE!! But according to posters like you, players are obligated to weaken their standing in the game just to appease you. Hey, while you’re at it ask Tom Brady to get traded to the Cleveland Browns…why should he want to stay on a team that wins all the time?? SMFH


i would change that to 0% chance amanda leaves

remember she is good friends with grodner and production will keep giving her great edits and refuse to show her bullying and racism and homophobic comments as they want their friend amanda to win

i cant read these idiotic posts anymore

So far all I hear is ugh, Amanda’s bossy, Andy’s a rat gossip, spencers a pig, aaryns a Klansman, candice is annoying and lovestruck, Judd is psycho, and Jessie is float nut. Helen is crafty crap and elissa is botox crazy. McCrea is whipped. You know what folks, Amanda is going to go soon. Maybe thursday. But to hear it over and over is so redundant. Okay, everyone here hates Amanda, aaryn, Helen, and andy…hell everyone there. This is what the show is. Stop bitching and griping. These HGs only know so much. The rest of us have the benefit of paying $ to watch this shit? Or reading this awesome site for play by plays, then read dumb people whine about this and that. Enough of the Amanda must go shit…Helen needs to go, Spencer, then Amanda, then aaryn, then we can see what the fuck is left. Amanda is playing great. Just a little too paranoid. Helen thinks herself is sitting pretty. And everyone else has some sort of confident worry where it shifts weekly due to hoh, daily, hourly due competitions, and minutes due to simple game conversations. Stop getting pissy because Amanda is here. Or telling the houseguests to grow a pair. Alliances actually mean something to people. Let them play, let bus enjoy. These posts are rediculous.


I’d give you twenty thumbs up if I could, but the morons here would still thumb you down. People are supposed to sacrifice their games and alliances for Howie and Candace, didn’t you know that?? Shame on them for not throwing their spots away for the satisfaction of some people who obviously are clueless when it comes to this game, even after 15 years…must be A LOT of newbies posting on here this year!!!


I agree totally w/ what you’re saying. Amanda is playing the game, if it was Dan or Janelle or even Elissa these haters would be praisng the high heavens for their gameplay. Elissa fans are butt hurt b/c Elissa is nothing more than a tool and amanda is the strong female in the house. Elissa is not the second coming of Rachel quit being delusional. To the Howard fans, why is it great that Howard, Candace and spencer can go after Amanda but after she out thinks them & goes after Howard it is rigged and Amanda is a racist slimeball. Kudos to Amanda for playing the game and seemingly playing it rather well. Last night Amanda schooled candace in the have not room after candace’s pity party about how the game should be played. Helen lies even worse than amanda to Howard & Candace, but yet it is cool for her to do it. I hope amanda wins this shit just to piss in her haters cornflakes after the season.


you do realize that amanda was talking about stringing up elissa to a wall and knocking her teeth out and then slitting her throat so she goes limp and then raping her?

a person that makes these types of comments should not be in the game…she should be thrown out

and a good friend of the executive producer should not be in the game either…everyone knows the favouritism she is getting on cbs with them not showing any of her disgusting comments and at the same time deliberately editing her to make her look like she is a great well behaved person


refreshing to find a handful of reasonable people here.


Couldn’t agree with you more!! Except that everyone doesn’t hate Amanda……some of us appreciate a good game player, and recognize those who don’t deserve to win. Like it or not, AMANDA IS A WINNER w/o help from CBS


amandas behaviour tells me she is no winner, she is just a disrespectful bullying tramp, and clearly cbs are wanting her to win…just look at the edits


This season is like watching a Pagonging with no end in sight. As much as I don’t like Spencer, I hope and pray he wins HoH next week. That’s how bad I want this game to shake up.

Teri B

WOW! This has been a fun little bit of action to read. I can’t believe Amanda isn’t sitting in the HOH bed, lording it over all of them as usual. She’s actually up and running from person to person, scrambling….yes I said it SCRAMBLING to make sure she’s “okay”.

Such a shame they won’t do this….not that it would matter cuz Production would figure out a way to put her back in the house (ala’ Brendel or whatever you call them). Oh well…….I still hate being an addict to this show. Can anyone help me quit Big Brother? Oh, and btw, BBUK is a thousand times better than this drivel, even though they, too, are having a rough season right now. A truly beloved housemate, Dan, was evicted because of the theme “Secrets and Lies”. I totally cried when we left. You won’t see me tearing up for any of these total losers.

Help, I need help to quit!!!!! LOL


Here’s an idea. Why don’t they properly sound proof the rooms so these housemates stop whispering all the time. It’s getting on my nerves?


Well, of course Aaryn would not stray far from the current path nominating Candice! It’s surprising because as it stands, everyone is signing a half million check to Amanda or McCrae – okay then! They don’t understand, the fish are not a metaphor for race but for life! Those that sleep are consumed and disappear into the ether . Those that are conscious know they have to defeat Big Brother – not the big Big Brother of production (though they interfere) but the house Big Brother of HOH, noms & POV. With this in mind, ‘she who must be obeyed’ would be an obvious choice to dismiss from the BB house, but no…how they relinquish their power and don’t understand they’re in a game is beyond me 🙂


This is weird. Whos where and why is candice or amanda not getting evicted. I thought helen campaigning against amanda.


I love reading on this site every season how people tell other people to turn the channel and quit whining.Yet, here they are taking the time to read a blog about them and comment on it. You cant hate it that much. Relax…its a blog. log off and quit whining.


so now you’re whining about people whining about people whining?

julies rice bowl

I’m whining about you whining about him whining about people whining.


BB15 is as boring as BB12(The Brigade)


Where did they get these people:

Fug face irritating Candice,
Vile misogynist Spencer.
Howard the compulsive liar.
Crazy crazy women Elissa.
Can’t shut her big mouth Helen.
Mcrae the paranoid numpty,


Am I the only one that still believes to be the best you have to beat the best?!! If any player shows any stength or playing strength they were voted out, now all thats left is a bunch of floaters except for Helen who once she won HOH became unbearable to watch and Amanda who rides the coat tails of the HOH winners and has them do her dirty work, but because the remaining house guests are sooo weak they bow to her every comand. The past big brothers were way more enjoyable to watch because of a good mix of strengths, now its just the Amanda/Helen Show !!


You have to win comps, control play, stick with an alliance, and eventually win this game…not this season! You have to float around,duck and dodge, tell everything the moment you know it, form and reform alliances after every ceremony or HOH change, and make-out and get engaged to a dude who makes $138 every two weeks and who you’ve known for less than a month.


This season is such a bore. Wake me up when next season starts.

Cheryl L.….I can not believe they are going to waste this opportunity to get out Amanda…..good lord….none of them deserve to win this game!!!!


The more I read, the worse it gets. Even Candice is ragging on Howard. I feel sick seeing everyone gang up on him. And worse, that CBS is unwilling to show how bad it is. With CBS not willing to show the extent of what is going on, they are denying any sort of dialog that we could be having. As an African American, I have also been in many situations where I have been treated unfairly and had to do what Howard is currently doing. People question why he doesn’t do anything. When you have been taught that you have to be cautious of your actions all the time, it is not easy to confront those who are causing the problems because it rarely gets you anywhere and often it can have consequences, especially in the workplace. When you are outspoken, people label you.
Howard is out the door. But I wish they would all stop slandering the person he is.


It is mind blowing that they had a chance to break up the Amanda/Helen/Elissa trio once and for all but instead focus on getting out weak players with no power in the house. You waste a HOH to take out Howard? Really? I like the guy and all but seriously he can’t win a competition nor does he have a good social game. Meanwhile you have a golden chance to take out one of the big fish and actually force people to PICK BETWEEN THEM which would result in new alliances being formed thus giving people living on the outside like Aaryn (ya know…the actual HOH) a chance to join and not be the automatic out next week.

Bad season is bad. I’ve never given up on any season of this show but this one is actually pushing me to do it.


By far the worst season I’ve ever seen. It’s a bunch of floaters aligning together to vote out anyone who can actually win. Terrible idea for a third nominee. Since Howard is gonna this week ill no longer be watching this floater garbage. To see a girl run the house and not win anything and then the chance to get her out is there but no one will do it is astounding. This show has turned to garbage and I can see the ratings dropping every week. Kiss Big Brother goodbye. It’s going to be canceled the way this season is going. Can’t believe I’m done with this show. CBS ruined a great idea. Bye bye big brother.


Actually and sadly, their rating have increased. When the show started the ratings were really low, then after the racist story came out, the ratings have soared. Last Thursday they hit a season high and won the night with 6.66 million (I’m not kidding). I was hoping the ratings would dive so I checked it out. Now they will really rise when Aryan the KKK ringleader has the two Black people on the block. The saddest part is the editing to make these bigots, racists, homophobes and misogynists look cleaned up. I keep hanging in because I hope Howard will be sent a life-raft, but don’t think so. It’s pretty disgusting. I will hang in until they evict Howard. He’s not the best game player but I was rooting for him. Can’t stand anyone else in the house. They are all such scum-bags.

name 2

No the only one CBS shows as racist is Aaryn when the others especially Amanda are so horrible. Aaryn I think actually likes Howard and has apologized to him, yet Amanda has yet to say sorry for any of the horrid things she has said yet CBS continues to paint her as a saint. Makes me want to throw up.



“They have the votes.” Hello you idiots, you are the votes! It’s just that none of you have a brain of your own.


*breathes* It’s all good. I’m happy that Elissa is keeping on the down low. Saw somebody wrote that she’s mean. HA! You must be watching the good ole CBS edit. She’s actually one of the nicest people there and pretty much the only one I can tolerate anymore. She sticks up for people and her own self. And hardly says bad things about anyone! She hardly even talks to be honest! I like her demeanor though. She’s just very mysterious and quiet the way she goes about the house. And when is confronted, like that time by Amanda, she says the truth matter of factly and keeps on with her yoga. Lol

In second place would be Jessie that I can tolerate. She would be great if she could use her own brain. Actually, most of them would. Helen is also good but I mean, they’re not getting anywhere because they tell each other everything!!! Nobody can keep a secret. If every little thing is getting back to Amanda…well duh, of course she is gonna run the house! Idiots.


They maybe thought they signed up for Fear Factor. What’s kind of disappointing but at the same time good game play, is that the couple of people who were sent packing likely wouldn’t have played the game as mindless followers and it would have been interesting to see what unfolded. But they made some fatal mistakes and were sent packing… Nick and Jeremy. And possibly Kaitlyn but I don’t know. Her showmance and friendships were toxic so I wasn’t sure what she was socially capable of. But she definitely was a physical and mental threat in comps.

Grim Reaper

Who the hell made Amanda the godmother? Get that nasty bully ‘ho’ out ASAP!


well, aren’t you classy.


i cringe watching every scene between candice and howard. i feel indicted for my awful behavior with boyfriends when i was a teenager, into my early 20’s. but the girl is knocking on thirty and it’s time to wake up to the fact that other people matter.

stop punishing the one guy who cares about you.

she gives lip service about having real feelings for him and respecting him as a man. but hanging on to a small perceived slight like a dog with a bone is not respect. what’s love without forgiveness? “me! me me me me me me ME!” i know it won’t happen but i’d really like it if she’d stop manipulating him, getting her own pathetic needs met, and honor him for the good, giving brother that he is.

he’s not good at bb, but he’s kind and really nice to look at.


replyfail, obviously.


OMG!! I am so aggravated with the whole season!! I’m tired of Aaryn trying to claim that she’s not racist….I mean really people!! You don’t make comments like she’s made and not be racist. She’s just crawfishing her way back trying to cover up what she said. Too late! Amanda is the biggest bully ever!! She has controlled every HOH since Week 1 when she crawled into bed (literally) with McCrae!! I mean come on!! McCrae and Amanda?!?! Seems to be pretty convenient for her. Candice needs to quit crying and play the game. And, I am still hoping and praying that the HG’s will have the sense to get Amanda OUT this week, but it’s not looking very good. And, after reading the article claiming that Amanda is the pre-determined winner of BB, I am pretty sure it won’t be going down on Thursday! 🙁 But, even though they are aggravating me no end, I am sure I will continue to watch as I do every year!