Judd & Helen don’t believe Aaryn is a racist. She either didn’t mean what she said or it came out wrong.

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


9:40am – 10:30am Helen wakes up, gets ready and then heads outside to the backyard to run. At 10:15am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the other house guests. When the feeds come back, Judd is in the backyard talking to Helen. He comments that Amanda got called to the diary room. Helen says maybe her and McCrae were doing something funny. Judd says man this trash smell is bad. Judd says I think Spencer would be a good one to bring to jury. Helen agrees I think we need to get rid of Ginamarie or Aaryn before. Helen thinks Aaryn will be with Amanda/McCrae. I will be really tough to get Amanda and McCrae out of this game. Helen says we need to work together to get Amanda and McCrae out of this game. We have to get one of them out before jury. If Amanda makes it to jury she will vote for McCrae to win. Aaryn will vote for them too. Judd says yeah Aayrn needs to go. McCrae will win this game if he makes it to the final two. Judd says he thinks Amanda would to because she’s made moves that are out in the open. I’ve made moves too but they are behind the scenes. Helen says the 5 “Knockouts” (Helen, Judd, Andy, Elissa) and Jessie we need to come together to get out Amanda/McCrae. Jessie might as well be a knockout. Can I trust you with that? Judd says 110%! Helen says that she trust Aaryn more that she followed through with the deal. Helen says I have Andy who will vote for me, you have Jessie. Judd says I am not going to vote for Jessie just because we had a flirtmance. I am not voting on personal reasons. Judd says that’s what I want the people that make it to jury that know how to vote, that don’t vote on personal reasons. Judd says I want Jessie to make it to jury because she made a big move for us. Judd tells Helen that he has a bad feeling something is going to happen this Thursday like a power or something. Judd says if you are going to vote out Howard it might be best to stay on his good side. Judd says but I don’t know if he has anything because he is stressed out. Judd says if Candice wins HOH, that is the worst case scenario for next week. If she did though we could set off what we talked about. (Getting Amanda or McCrae out.) Judd says that he thinks Amanda might be as smart as Dr. Will. Judd says if Amanda was in the final two I might vote for her because the moves she’s made and how strategic she thinks. Judd says I do not think Aaryn is a racist. I’ve heard the comments and I think she either didn’t mean what she said or it came out wrong. Helen says I only heard half the story. I don’t think she is a racist either but will have to watch it for myself. Judd bring up how Jeremy swatted a fly and said I am used to flies I am from Africa. Judd says that he thought Howard was a little overly sensitive about that. CBS Interactive Inc.Judd says over there, there are a lot of flies. He could have meant south Africa where it is prominently white people. I think Howard was just overly sensitive given the other comment that were made. Helen thinks the fish comments weren’t good but maybe she probably didn’t realize she was saying it. Helen asks Judd how he feels being called a red neck. Judd says it doesn’t bother me, I’m not sensitive about stuff like that. Judd tells Helen that after Elissa’s shenanigans I think she needs to go early in jury. Helen says yeah, but she would vote for you over then in final two. Judd talks about how all the alliances and fake alliances he was in was getting confusing. Judd says I kind of want Jessie to be the 7th person. Judd says I can’t put up Aaryn if I win next week. She has done great things for me in this game and I have only done one for her and I even put her up then too. Judd says Candice cannot make it to Jury!


11:25am Helen says if I don’t win this I would want you who’s a super fan to win it. Judd talks about how he thinks McCrae’s downfall is how he has isolated himself with Amanda so much. Helen says either that will hurt him or help him. Judd and Helen shake on working together and being loyal to each other. Judd says that is one thing I do not do, back stab someone that I have been loyal to. Helen and Judd end their conversation. They head over to talk to Elissa who’s folding laundry on the pool table.


11:30am – 11:45am Judd, Elissa and Helen joke around the backyard couch. Judd says I just don’t want Candice to make it any further because she is going to make All-Stars next season. She is going to get the America’s Favorite too and she doesn’t need the $25,000 she has Eddie Murphy flying her all sorts of places. Elissa asks if Judd thinks Rachel will make All-Stars. Judd says yeah she is in the top 4 best players. Elissa says I think Rachel is better than Dr. Will and Janelle. Janelle didn’t even win. Judd says Dan is the best player, making it to the final two both times. Judd thinks that Frank Eudy and Ian Terry both got out shined by the coaches. Helen says that she thinks Mike “Boogie” Malin is the best looking Big Brother player and says he looks like her husband. Judd says he thinks Joddi deserves a second chance. Helen heads inside. Judd tells Elissa that he would be happy to have her in the final two with him. Judd says that he needs the money and wants it but more so I want the title. Helen joins them again and they talk about random things. Elissa jokes that David will make All-Stars. Judd says he didn’t even ask me for my vote.


11:55am – 12:10pm The Big Brother cameras switch to this:

12:20pm – 12:50pm Judd and Elissa are talking on the backyard couch. Judd tells Elissa that he was mad at Elissa for that day she called the town meeting. He says that he thought she was going to call him out in front of everyone but she didn’t so he wasn’t mad after that. Elissa says I had a right to call out Aaryn. Elissa asks Judd if he would put up Jessie. Judd says if I had to, I would. Judd tells Elissa that Aaryn likes her now. Elissa says WHOA.. she likes me what an accomplishment! I can go home now! Just for the comments she made about Candice and Howard I wouldn’t be friends with her. I am too busy in my real life I am only friends with people I could see a life time friendship with. Elissa says she would be friends with Judd outside the house. Elissa says I really don’t care if she likes me. Judd says he would be friends the Elissa, Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Andy.. Judd says he feels bad about calling Aaryn and Kaitlin trash that one night. Judd says that he thinks Aaryn feels bad after reading her letter with her sister talking about her values and stuff. Elissa says well in her first letter her sister talked about pulling out girl’s extensions and stuff so I don’t know if you can think too much about her. Judd says she is only 22 and this game does bring out the bad in you. Elissa gets that the game can bring out the bad in you, but think about Candice she stopped and thought about how she has a life outside of here. Elissa says Aaryn has no reason to act the way she did, she has no excuse. Judd asks you don’t think you would be mad if someone voted against you. Elissa says she has no excuse for her behaviour. Elissa comments that Howard doesn’t talk to her and leaves when she enters a room. It makes me not trust him. Elissa asks Judd where is head is at game wise? Judd says knockouts 100% Elissa asks really what about the grasshoppers? Judd says shut up I don’t even think that was the name. Elissa asks what do you think about Amanda? Judd says I really like her. Elissa says people said you wanted to vote her out. Judd says no I didn’t who said that? Elissa says 3 people said that. Judd says that was probably when I was HOH and I just agreed to it just because. Judd asks who Spencer. Elissa says no, so you never talked about that with Jessie. Judd says no. Elissa asks so you weren’t mad at Amanda for picking your nominations. Judd says no, she wanted Howard up and I didn’t do that. Aaryn joins them.


Fire up your Big Brother live feeds and use the FLASHBACK feature to check out the BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I’m done with Helen.


Not yet, wait till jury time. We have to knockout Howard this week, Aaryn next week and Amanda week after.

This Season Blows

Who’s “we”? I’m not doing anything but watching the show.


And contrary to your beliefs, captain, far more people want to see Elissa gone before any of that would happen.


I agree you said, Nick says:
July 28, 2013 at 12:22 pm
And contrary to your beliefs, Jeremy (Eddie Munster Widow Peak), far more people want to see Howard or Amanda gone before any of that would happen.

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I know right.


Funny how ppl listen to racial jokes about others but think well ‘since they aren’t talking about me ..it’s ok’ ..Racism and bigotry affects everyone. If they are doing it to others, they are doing it to you — WAKE UP HELEN.

Where did #cbs find this cast? Outside of a Klan rally? The racist vitriol, bashing, bullying, and the whole HOH ‘bash Candice’ parties need to stop. Amanda keeps threatening Candice as if Candice has done something..Candice is no threat. Neither is Howie, but they insist they have to get the big black dick that “tastes like watermelon and cocoa butter” out of the house. Why does anyone think that kind of talk is ok?? It’s disgusting and embarrassment.

People will think this is how whites talk amongst themselves… and sometimes they’d be right. Disgusting and pathetic.

I’m ready to throw in the towel on this season. This cast is truly disgusting.


Helen is playing the game so she is not taking it personal.
She has stated before that she was the outcast and has
Been called names. She has experienced a lot of
prejudism too but I think she is having an.open mind
as we all know prejudism in this country will not go


I am also in the minority and have expetienced prejudism
but it is what it is and it is getting better.


Um…you are aware that prejudism is not a word…..I hope.


it is if you’re a good strategeris t


I know so is a lot of words that are being used everywhere. Almost everyone understood what I meant.


i do not think that Helen heard ANY of the comments said about her, that is why she does not care about the comments that have been made about Candice, as long as it is not her, she does not really care, even when she says….i understand, i am a minority too, she does not care when it does not come to her, Andy too, the only comment he ever heard was when Spencer said that he was Kermit the Fag, and he said that to his face and around a group of other people and they all laughed….whatever… neither one of them heard the things that Candice heard or got harassed the way that Candice was/is…..

Butters Mom

If the cast of house guests were reversed, and there were only 2 white people in the house and the rest were mostly black with 1 asian, 1 native american…. do you think the “racism” would be any different? The fact of the matter is… there are people who are hateful in every race. There are people who FEAR the other race without personal reasons but because of what they have heard or seen either on tv or from people they know… or because they dont have personal interactions with people outside of their own race. I am not proud of the way the “white” house guests have behaved on BB this season. I am embarrassed by their actions actually. I feel like the racism shown on this show will backlash outside of the house and cause anger. I have been in situations personally where I felt uncomfortable in a large crowd of black people though. I wasnt spoken to, was stared at and heard comments being said about me being there. I have also had good interactions with people of different race. Racism goes both ways. Its unfortunate that Howard and Candice were put in the situation to begin with. If it were BB Productions idea to make a show about Racism in America it would have been a better plan to put equal numbers of people of each race in the house to begin with and watched how it all played out from a fair perspective. People with a “bully” mentality exit… in all skin colors. The problem isnt the skin color on the outside… the problem is what is going on in the individual on the inside.


Dream Scenario-
Andy, Judd, Elissa, Jessie, MC and Amanda get together and repeat EVERY word she has said in
the last 12 hours and compare notes.
Helen has gone to each of them and thrown the others under the bus (Except MC and Amanda, but
that will come later in the day).
I know you have to scheme in this game, but this bitch is dumb enough to do it WITHIN her own
alliance. Has she learned nothing?


I was turned off my Helen after I saw how she acted with her HOH. there are so not so subtle things in her behavior and how she views things. Not just the power trip. But how she went out of her way to make Aaryn feel comfortable and welcomed. It was overboard almost as if she wanted approval from a girl she knows has bigot type tendencies. She was the only moron jumping up and down after Judd won screaming Judd, Judd. I think even if she sees the actually comments made she would be okay with them as long as the brunt of them were directed at her. I hope someone puts her on the block and she gets evicted sooner or later. As bad as Amanda is I actually would love to see Helen go before Amanda at Amanda’s hands. Amanda pretty much is in the open and out there. So you know what you’re dealing with.

Big Sister

Just hearing that she thinks Boogie was the best-looking BB player is enough for me to be through. And he looks like her husband? How can she and Judd have their heads so deep in the sand that they think Aaryn is not racist. Wait until Helen hears about the rice and nail comments. Gosh, I wish they would have a finale like Survivor where this stuff could be played and people would have to answer for what they said and did. CBS owes us at least that for sticking with this group for 4 weeks.


Helen, just wait until you see everything that GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Amanda have said; you will think differently. Furthermore, these girls knew, and still know what they are saying. Plain and simple.


Does Helen know about the anti-Asian comments Aaryn made? I thought they were worse or certainly as bad as the anti-African-American slurs. If she knows about them, I have lost complete respect for her – turning your cheek is one thing, but condoning is another. I can’t believe her and Judd are saying, “it’s going to be hard to get Amancrae out of the house”. You’re staring the best opportunity right in the face right now. Absolute dolts. I hope Helen goes up next week alongside Amanda.


No one told her.

Just Saying

Keep in mind – many of the racist comments are only known to America – and that’s thanks to communities such as BBO. And CBS has decided to only show Aaryn’s during its show…


yup, no one told her — racists protect other racists …Hello Judd


Even if Helen does know about Aaryn’s Asian manicurist comedy routine, it just means that she’s smart enough not to let someone else’s ignorant WORDS get in the way of her chance at winning $500,000. I don’t know if Helen is making the best decisions to further her game, but it would be idiotic to base strategy on who supposedly said what racist comment. This game isn’t about always keeping the people with the best moral fiber.


Aaryn…..here your chance to put up Candace so the whole house will vote out Howard.

Zingbot Fan

Sit back and enjoy. This week is going to be fun to watch.


it will be fun if they have sense to get Amanda out of there…..


The conversation between Judd and Helen might be the dumbest things in big brother history. You have a conversation about how hard its going to be to get two people out and how they will win the game yet you have one of the 2 said people on the block and your NOT going to take the opportunity to get that person out of the game? WHAT ???!!!!!

aMANda might be the first BB Winner to have never won a competition in the house. All she’s good for is giving MC handjobs.


What I have been thinking. They may never get this opportunity again and what do they do, blow it! Amanda needs her self entitled ” power head” out of the house. She needs to remember her words, what game are you playing, that everyone should tell you everything!


They do not have the numbers yet which is true.
Helen is correct need to wait. This is why Howard
and Spencer keeps on failing they do not have
The numbers.


lmaoo i said the exact same thing. The perfect opportunity to get the puppet master(amanda) out of the house who they may never get the chance to get rid of again and they’re still thinking of sending home the person with the least amount of allies(howard)

Sad about BB

I cannot wait for Helen to see this season and all the things that have been said. She is going to feel like an a** for defending Aaryn and Amanda. AARYN said negative comments about Asians and Amanda talking about voting Helen out.

WAKE UP Helen and make a big move. Get Amanda out while you can.


They know there are so many unknowns in the game. Anyone can win HOH depending on what it is so for them to think this or that person can’t or isn’t going to win is presumptuous. You would think they would take the opportunity to get part of a power alliance out. Clearly they don’t know how disposable they are to Amanda and McCrae. Helen has good grasp on certain parts like how she said Amanda will likely influence Aaryn. But in a way she’s sort of underestimating how relentless and influential Amanda could be once she wants you gone and that can change at any moment.


Rofl, first WINNER to never win a comp? Wtf? It’s like week 4 right? How are you making all these wild assumptions, we’re not even freaking halfway through yet people, get a grip.


I like to call Amanda’s hand jobs… McHandies


Helen planting seeds to get Amanda and MC Crae out. Her one foot either goes outside the door or back inside the house. Unless Judd is actually planning to get fourth or third place as a “goof troop” member, working with Helen is his better choice. This chat with Helen is very tempting to not accept, not only she showed him that she was willing to ditched her partner in crime for him, she also showed him that she is in good terms with his best buddy Jessie. Apart from that she was able to rub his ego that he is a deserving winner. This talk either makes or breaks her game, hopefully Judd is not stupid enough to throw her under the bus, although I do not see a Helen and Judd finale, I prefer this partnership over MCmanda.


We’ll have to see how Judd deals with conversation re exposing it to Amanda. He has in the past not revealed information to them. He is still keeping options for himself open. At this point of the game he has to as things can change depending on what happens this week. He is still playing a smarter game than Helen.


I can’t help but think this is why racism will be around forever. People are so worried about getting power and money and prestige, that they forget to stand up for the little guy. When I say little guy, I basically mean everyone who isn’t born into wealth and power.


I wish she Helen said that in front of Elissa. Elissa knows all the derogatory things she has said against Asians. W I thought Judd was there too, but i guess he doesn’t care. Helen is going soon. Amanda or McCrea has one. They are going to all feel so stupid we the see that all that stuff was made up about Howard & Candice, and all the stuff that was said by Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin & Amanda.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

So tired of Helenand JU DD for that matter…

After Candace leaves I truly believe its Amanda and McCray against the house and the one to win the HOH after Candace leaves will determine whether it is Candace or Amanda to leave..

Spencer/GM/Aryan will not win but they will keep getting safety for quite a while — F***

Then Jessie and Andy will most likely float to the final 3

Elissa may be gone in 2 weeks or final 3 who knows, but F*** her

Judd will eventually dispatch from Amanda and McCray after hearing his recent convos

It sucks but McCray isnt going to go much further

F*** Helen and this Superfriends crap

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

dang guys im getting alot of hate for liking McCray?


This Season Blows

I’m more and more convinced that Helen’s a racist herself. Think about it:

– Her rant about the “black vote”
– Blaming Howard for the racism
– Her weird theory about Howard and Danielle Reyes looking alike and being related when their only similarity is skin color
– Claiming Aaryn isn’t a racist despite her saying obviously racist things

Food for thought.


The more you comment the more I’m positive you’re a conspiracy moron just looking to start something…. Loser


You are wrong she is not a racially motivated person. . She has been racially discriminated before being the outcast when growing up, being called names and people making funny eyes but time has passed and she stated that she is not vindictive. .


I feel like those who who accuse others of racism when it’s not warranted are just as bad as those who make overtly racist comments.


A political person and a redneck being controlled by a slick city slicker…. Sound familar,that’s what’s wrong with our country.idiots!!!!!!!!!


I disagree these are two players in a game trying to have an
open mind in.order to win 500,000 dollars. What will
you do if in their position?


if I’m Howard or Candice I will self evict. fuck everybody in BB house defending the racist remarks. MC last night telling Aaryn if he hears her say racist remarks, he will defend her by saying she never said them. now Helen and Judd basically defending a racist. I hate to say this, but there is something serious and potent with some of these people’s opinions in the house that has nothing to do with the game. CBS should of stepped in and penalized Aaryn and GM by automatic eviction once the comments were made. this is beyond ugly and CBS is using the racist angle for entertainment purposes.


Of course they are. The ratings went up sent all the hoopla in the news. I have a feeling the outside world will not be too quick to defend them though. There were NONstop racist remarks at the beginning of the season. Since she’s been called out, there hasn’t been as many. But whats done is done. Too late to take it back.


*since* not sent


No racism. Making a mountain out of a mole hill just to stir the pot.


At this moment your comment is 27 thumbs up and 27 thumbs down. That says a lot. Half think racism is ok, I just don’t get it.

Jimmy jam

This is America they can say whatever they want. I don’t personally agree with what they said, but I recognize that they have the freedom to say it. To kick them out of the game would be an infringement on their rights. They didn’t assault anyone.

Big Sister

Wrong, you cannot say whatever you want. Any decent social studies class will disabuse you of that notion. It is the old shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater number.


Self-evict and leave everyone else to battle for the money…… that’s showing them. Unlike us, Helen and Judd weren’t privy to all of Aaryn’s comments. Anger resulting from the fact that certain people’s favorites are on their way out is translating to RACISM, RACISM, RACISM being yelled from the rooftops. I’m a white dude and would gladly align with a Black Panther in the BB house if I thought that gave me a better opportunity to win. Over-sensitivity is not an asset in the game.


Anyone but Helen for HOH next week. I don’t know if I could take another week of her dictatorship and saying we all need to win together crap. Someone needs to take her out


The only thing that’s really pissed me off so far is last week when GM went up on the block, and she said oh I don’t care send me home, I’ll get to see my family, and Nick.
I know at that point voting Kaitlin out was the smarter move but it pisses me off that GM is still in this game, and doesn’t even seem to care.
Amanda wants to be there! Howard wants to be there! And now one of them is going to get sent home over GM.
Just makes me a little mad.




Amanda is not going home. Howard may want to stay, but he hasn’t played to stay.


Elissa is already backing Aryan saying that she also could
Probably have done stupid things like Aryan.when
She was 16. Something is between Helen and
Elissa these two are loyal to each other.
Like them both. They are my choice win or loose.


i hope amanda goes home on thursday


When Helen and Andy watch the season back they are going to feel like absolute garbage for being complicit in the disgusting behavior of their allies.

I sincerely hope Julie Chen doesn’t let them off the hook when Amanda evicts them.


I think Helen just ruined her game, I think.Judd will tell McCrae what she said because Judd seemed like he wanted an excuse to get helen out and seems to trust McCrae more than others and Andy trusts Amanda/McCrae more so this could be bad for her should have kept this plan to herself for a little while longer


Judd admitted to Amanda and Mccrea the lies that he told ( part is true Kaitlin formed new alliance with Howard). about Kaitlin wanting Helen to be evicted next so they might not believe him and it could backfired on Judd.


When aryan gets voted out rev.al and rev. Jeese will be sitting with Julie to ask some questions,lol,lol,lol.


Judd and Helen wake up and start talking Game. blablablablablah. Two more wake up and start talking game blablablablah. 3 more blablablablablah Spencer wakes up,looks for Jessies underwear. finds Andy . They start talking game. blablablablah. GM wakes up, goes to the fridge “DAMMIT,”she says “WHO ATE THE LAST 4 SLOPBALLS?” GO GM! GO TEAM GM!


Everyone in the BB house against Howard and Candice is under the radar racist, they say they’re uncomfortable around them, yet they are one of the nicest people in the house. They’re afraid to work with them because of their ethnicity, they fear the racism thing will give them an advantage to win the game..


This moron said whites make up the majority of south africa… LOL what an idiot. No majority of white in africa live in south africa. Blacks still make the majority. And of course not surprise about Judd not looking at Aaryn that way. I am very dissatisfied with this cast. Keep personal feelings & situations out the game and make it about the game.


Turns out Aaryn’s mom hiring a publicist may not be necessary. The House is doing a good job of making Aaryn look good themselves.

Butters Mom

The cast isnt making Aaryn look good… they are all making themselves look bad. Crappy bunch of people!


Ok, I’m going to keep asking this until I get a real answer: What has Amanda done that is so terrible?

I read there are YouTube videos of her making racist/homophobic/threatening comments, I found NONE. All I found were vids of her standing up to Aaryn for her bigoted comments.

I read Amanda has threatened people-I’ve seen nothing that leads me to believe she threatened anyone’s physical safety to their face in a meaningful manner. Blowing off steam (albeit in some poor taste) is not the same as endangering someone or intending to.

You know, BB12’s Ragan noted that Aaryn’s parents have hired a PR to help clean up their daughter’s image, I’m starting to wonder if smearing other people in that house is part of their strategy. You know, make Aaryn look better by making the others look just as bad if not worse by comparison? Since Amanda is the one that stood up to Aaryn in the first place, making her out to be a hypocrite would go a long way in restoring what’s left of Aaryn’s life when she gets out of the house.

Between the Aaryn lovers and the Elissa lovers who just hate to see anyone play the game, I’m starting to think there’s a growing number of Amanda haters that aren’t really governed by logic. If I’m wrong, I’ll own that, but I would like the proof. Quotes, timestamps, links, videos, whatever.


This was a perfectly respectful request. Keep thumbing me down without explanation. You only further reinforce my initial hunch that people just hate Amanda because she’s a better person than Aaryn, and a better player than Elissa.

Johnny (the european one!)

“she’s a better person than Aaryn, and a better player than Elissa”
you have to admit those aren’t 2 really difficult accomplishments… ^_^


Nick, here is my pov.

I used to like her until the I saw n the live feeds how she spoke with others about who should go up when she wasn’t even HOH. She doesn’t have a good bedside manner, so her comments come out very harsh and she has acted as bad as Jeremy and Helen in the bullying that you have to do it my way. We reacts to quickly to things personally and has made herself more of a target. She cannot keep her mouth shut and let the week unroll like planned, she is constantly trying to control it (she is not the only one, but I don’t like those people either, Helen, Elissa, Howard). She had two weeks that she could have still played, but not made herself one of the larger targets in the house.

She is very much tied to McCrae and they use the HOH bed as if it were their own. They are disrespectful to the HOH in this way.

I’ve watch her in live feeds make racist comments, the last was to Aaryn that Elissa was going to the minority side of the house and added “literally” with a smirk. Co-conspirator with the other house racist. That really sealed why I’m not rooting for her to win. We can be as mean in how she talks about the other house guests as the other girls.

I think if she didn’t have such a rough personality and pushing her agenda, she wouldn’t be so disliked right now, but the again, Helen is more gentle in her agenda and it’s as aggressive and people are growing to dislike her more and more too.

I think she could have killed this game if she had toned down the way she approached other houseguests and didn’t keep forcing what she wanted to happen. She expanded the target in her back and made it much larger than it needed to be.

It’s ok that we all like or back different people and why. I honestly can’t find someone to align with who I want to win, so I watch all of them.




Wonder, thank you for your civil response. It’s so easy just to thumb someone down and be indignant, I’m glad you took the time to explain your perspective.

I can completely respect why you don’t root for Amanda, though I still don’t believe this makes her a racist. She’s good at playing people, and this week she’s playing Aaryn. I don’t like to see her gameplay reduced to that, but especially when she’s one the block, her claws are going to come out.

I also firmly believe that a lot of Amanda’s comments need to be examined in the contexts they are said in. She has an abrasive personality, but I don’t find it to be a malicious one.


Amanda has levelled a number of racial slurs against Candice while in the HOH with Aaryn, McCrae, Andy, Judd, GM present. Whether she meant them or was appeasing some of the HG’s in the room, viewers react to this. If you want to view it yourself search the feeds. Try anytime post HOH win and noms being considered, when Helen and/Helen were not present.

Ms. Demented

I totally agree… Amanda is just as bad as Aaryn and Ginamarie. All the racial comments being conveniently hurled behind Helen, Howard, and Candice’s backs… All the while they chat and share meals with them, THAT IS RACISM. I’m unsure what’s more disturbing, the racial slurs coming out of Amanda and Aaryn’s mouths OR the laughter and smirks and overall acceptance/approval of these remarks by Judd, Andy, and McCrae, and Jessie. What a sad bunch of sheep.


Nick do your research

amanda was even singing a song about how asians cant drive and they are good at maths

talked about shitting on jessies face as a way to say she didnt respect her

a poster here mentioned she made the comment that jessies throat should be slit so she wouldnt scream whilst being sodomized

amanda also said she wanted to kill candace

her overall mean spirited, bullying, sluttish, crude, hateful and disrespectful behaviour in the house is there for all to see

if you are too lazy to look at feeds, just go back and read all the threads here

Simon in transcribing the feeds and fans posting comments are not making this up


Seems to me that none of the HG are governed by logic so why should we?


Right there with you Nick.
I do not get the Amanda hate, if she goes this house will be boredom personified.
I guess the bible study group can team up and force the rest to come to class and
translate verses…..



What is this conspiracy this season to assure only boring people who are bad at this game are left in the house???


“Ok, I’m going to keep asking this until I get a real answer: What has Amanda done that is so terrible?”

Amanda is racist, homophobic, bigoted, misandrist, misogynistic and a control freak with a crummy personality. She is ugly inside and out with no redeaming features. She called Andy endless homophobic slurs that I care not to repeat there are endless tapes on youtube of her racist and homophobic remarks. she hates Howard and Candice without any seeming justification which is often an indicator of racism. She makes plenty of anti jew remarks despite being a jew herself and racist remarks against whites too. Then she goes around and breaks up the moving company ruining the entertainment for the season. She tries to dictate who should go up every week despite never winning. she goes out of her way to protect and align with the other bigots and racist of the house like aaryn gm and kaityln.

“I read there are YouTube videos of her making racist/homophobic/threatening comments, I found NONE. All I found were vids of her standing up to Aaryn for her bigoted comments.”

Then look harder, just off the top of my head I recall her calling andy a fag, saying she was the fag hag queen, claiming howard must taste like watermelon and cocoa shea butter, claiming candace just wants to protect her big black dick (funny, I wonder if Spencer or Judd said that Mccrae was just trying to protect his fat jew pussy how quick people would call them anti women and anti jew). The list goes on and on.

“I read Amanda has threatened people-I’ve seen nothing that leads me to believe she threatened anyone’s physical safety to their face in a meaningful manner. Blowing off steam (albeit in some poor taste) is not the same as endangering someone or intending to.”

Amanda threatened to kill and rape Elissa and made some comments on after dark about tying her and just killing her, it was pretty bad actually, I still have it on my dvr.

“Amanda Zuckerman talks about killing Elissa”

Amanda talks about raping and slitting the throat of Jessie and Elissa. she talks mad shit about howard, accusses him of playing the race card, when there are clearly legit racist in the house (this is done as a way to basically undermine him by saying their is no racism in mocking black or asian people its all in your head howard, “oh and you taste like watermelon” and “go make rice”). Funny how someone who talks so much shit cannot take a few jokes back when Elissa cracks on her for dressing like a stripper and acting like a fool. Amanda cries her eyes out when Elissa makes jokes about her poor taste in dress but its all cool for amanda to hate on women, men, blacks, asians, whites, jews and any other group that pops in her mouth. Amanda is the worst hypocrit

aaryan is done for, her racist statements are all over the airwaves and she is under investigation by the university she attends for all her racist comments.

No there is logic in hating amanda. She is a very hateful ugly person who rubs her insecurities off on everyone and demonstrates it through racism, hate, and attacking others but has such low self esteem that when Elissa makes a few jokes she cries on the toilet bowl. On a game only level, Amanda is blocking the game by picking off competitive house guess. I’d rather see a house with Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlan and Nick over one with GM, Amanda, Jessie, Aaryn and other boring players who aren\t going to do nothing.


I wonder if the PR person Aaryn’s mom has infiltrated BB and production is telling to say crap like this. It’s the only thing that could make sense.


I believe they’ve infiltrated this website and other sites just like it. Seriously, you notice how many more positive comments there are about her lately? And forget about posting anything positive about Amanda, it’s an immediate cascade of thumbs down-without explanation. Personally I think making Aaryn look good is only part of the PR’s job-I think they’re trying to make other players look worse than her by comparison.


nick wake up son

wake up

use your eyes and ears

amanda is bad news

take your time and…r-e-s-e-a-r-c-h

research: The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.


It’s official, I’m totally over those nasty ugly money hungry pigs helen, aaryn, gm, amancrae, judd and jessi.


I hope it all bite them in the ass if they don’t get Amanda out….I hope Elissa turns on Helen and Aaryn turns on Amanda….I wish BB would let us put three ppl on the block as Pandora box….Helen and Judd are dangerous


so is all-stars really happening?


Judd and Helen sound like Mitt Romney. It was taken out of context. I didn’t really mean what I said. Everyone else is taking it wrong. Shaddup.


For the sake of one’s children, in order to minimize the bill they must pay, one must be careful not to take refuge in any delusion~~and the value placed on the color of the skin is always and everywhere and forever a delusion. I know that what I amsking is impossible. But in our time, as in every time, the impossible is the least that one can demand~~and one is, after all, emboldened by the spectale of human history in general, and American Negro history in particular, for it testifies to nothing less than the perpetual achievement of the impossible.

…And here we are, at the center of the arc. trapped in the gaudiest, most valuable, and most improbable water wheel the world has ever seen. Everything now, we must assume, is in our hand; we have no right to assume otherwise. If we–and now I mean the relatively conscious whites and the relatively conscious blacks, who must, like lovers, insist on, or create, the consciousness of the others~~do not falter in our duty now, we may be able, handful that we are, to end the racial nightmare, and achieve our country, and change the history of the world. If we do not now dare everything, the fulfillment of that prophecy, recreated from the Bible in song by a slave, is upon us: GOD GAVE NOAH THE RAINBOW SIGN, NO MORE WATER, THE FIRE NEXT TIME!
The Fire Next Time (1963)


Ok, trolls. If you’re going to thumb me down, can you at least answer my question? Or do you just hate that you’re so full of it?


apologies, this was meant as a response to my own post on the first page.


You tell me!!!


I replied with my POV. I don’t have time stamps, just want I observed from watching live feeds as well as reading here. I don’t like any of them any more, but I did use to like Amanda, McCrae and Helen.


Nick, I think everyone is tired of explaining what Amanda has done and said. Those of us who watch the live feeds see exactly what is edited to look like something it wasn’t. Amanda did call out Aaryn and said she was being portrayed as a racist. She never actually said she was a racist. Shortly after that altercation (which I believe was only done for more air time & to make herself look good) Amanda was making excuses for Aaryn and blaming Candice and Howard for being over sensitive and blowing things out of proportion. Amanda has clearly made disturbing comments about slitting someone’s throat so they can’t scream while they are being raped. She calls Candice fat and says she wants to slit her throat. None of this is said to Candice’s face of course. Just last night while in HOH with Aaryn and GM they were agreeing that the bed flipping incident was all Candice’s fault. I believe that those of use who were Amanda fans have lost all respect for her as she has come off as a total hypocrite. She has also made comment about Howard’s big black d*ck and has called him black mamba. She has said that Helen eats cats and while I understand that things have been said about “being jewed” may affect Amanda, none of the Jew comments were made by the other minorities. She is a hypocrite and is getting a really good edit. There is a video on youtube that shows some of what she has said but it has been taken down several times and then put back up. I don’t think I can post a link her but you can look up BB15 Bigotry Supercut. This video shows things that were said in the first few weeks. During the HOH conversation on Friday night, I had made a comment that I hoped someone would post this convo on youtube as I am not that technical savvy but I did see and hear it and I was totally disgusted.


thank you for writing this out and explaining again for those who don’t know, Amanda is awful – just as bad as the rest,

aaryn is still as bad as ever but I think the diary room/production must really be on her case, who knows her pr people may have even had lawyers warn production to stop her from worsening her image and production had to comply based on some stipulation they found in the contract – but either way, I am not into watching the racism for the drama of it just so I can bash these people, it actually disturbs me and it bothers me that so many people have to be so offended just bc they want to watch a tv show….so I am glad production is getting on her case and she is trying to tone it down (it seems like she is now that she has an idea of how hated she is), for the sake of the viewers, not bc it makes her look better.

by the way when Amanda first told aaryn that she was coming off as a racist, she actually seemed to be very tongue in cheek about it, in my opinion, kind of like she was saying to aaryn, yeah these people are overreacting but that’s how you are coming off bc I got asked questions about you being a racist in the diary room….she never seemed concerned that aaryn is an actual racist and is actually hurting people


I don’t understand why Helen keep harping on Howard lying to her. Everyone in the game has lied. Why does Helen think Howard is more dangerous then Amanda and Mc c. It’s sad because when Howard was in the MC he told Spencer that they are going to have to get rid of Jeremy and try to get Helen on their team. Howard trusted Helen, but of course he could not tell her about the MC.


Hope Helen goes home before jury


How about, a Pandora’s Box this week. Give Aaryn a prize and the house gets no eviction this week – next week American is HOH – noms stay the same as this week (Spencer’s veto gets him off the block and Aaryn gets to replace him); then America gets to choose next week’s Have Nots and vote on who gets evicted. Since no one in the house has the balls to break up McCrae/Amanda – let America do it for them. I have had enough of the kow towing to them and their bullying and their saying if people don’t do what they say they are not loyal and if people play their own game they are selfish. Let America make the big move and stir things up.


um Helen, Mike Boggie is not good looking.


don’t care about racist comments she made a week ago or whatever, I care about her being scared of Amanda and the rest of the house refusing to make a move


Majority of this cast are spineless, scared and completely ignorant of whats going on around them. They are saying “Amanda is going to be hard to get out” , get her bossy ass out now! And can someone explain to me how Howard is a threat, ( I personally love Howard but he doesn’t have the best physical or social gaming). I don’t have a good feeling for Howard this week 🙁 I don’t understand this cast. Usually the cast would say MC has money already he needs to go soon or Aaryan has won two HOHs we should get her out……nothing. Also, the more I read the more I hear people contradict themselves (mostly Helen) . After this week, I have totally lost interest……..i don’t care who wins.


How can Aaryn apoligize for saying racist comments one day and then a few days later the House says she never said them?

At least own up to your mistakes, but outright denial? Seriously?


Helen’s political tag line – Don’t tell anyone, it’s me and you to the end – but again don’t tell anyone. She does not want people in her alliance to speak to anyone. She tells Elisa not to talk to Andy and turns round to talk to Andy.

Don’t tell anyone – comes out of her mouth every 5 minutes in a strategic discussions. At a point people will talk to each other a find out all of her side deals she is trying to make. Also if she wants to make such a big move why not this week?

My only thoughts is that she is planting seeds hoping someone else will win HOH btwn Candice/Spencer/Elissa/Andy/Judd to take out Amanda and Mc… This way she can still play dumb in front of Amanda and Mc.

Only thing is I think Judd/Andy (likely Judd) will relay this back to Amanda and Mc


She may not remember what she said. On the feeds last night she explained to GM that her medication alters her memory of events. (Amanda left during this explanation, so whether it is BS or not, can’t say.)


helen is a fool, lets coddle the racist so we dont get kicked out of the house…..

Response to Nick

“Ok, I’m going to keep asking this until I get a real answer: What has Amanda done that is so terrible?”

Let’s see:
Claims Howard started the Racism in the House multiple times
Wont get out of the HOH bed no matter who wins
Vile, humorless remarks about Candice, Howard, Elissa and everyone she perceives as a threat
Confronts people directly and cries when they respond

These are the things I can remember at the top of my head. But there is more.


Thanks for the response, seriously. So tired of sheep just thumbing me down without reason.

But i meant specifically in regards to the allegations of racism/threatening behavior. People keep claiming she’s guilty of this, and yet no one has a quote, a timestamp, a link to an article or youtube video, etc. Just seems really suspicious to me.


I’m with you, Nick.

So sick and tired of all the false allegations and phony cries of “racism”. “I don’t like you- you must be racist!” Unfortunately, it seems to be the new national past time. From Paula Dean and George Zimmerman, to politics, and now BB. People who make false claims of racism are just racists themselves. All they are doing is trying to use race to divide and create discord.

I think all the Amanda-haters and false allegations exists for one reason- she is a strong player. If you are rooting for someone else, that person will have to get past her. And what the hell would all the Amanda-haters do if she was voted out? How boring would that be. Imagine a house full of Jessies. It would be an Amanda-haters paradise.


Yeah, I’m sorry, but I’ve spent more than a healthy amount of time scouring youtube, other big brother sites, and re-reading dawg and simon’s posts, and I’m coming up empty on anything of substance that points to Amanda being GENUINELY racist or homophobic. She’s crass, I’ll give people that, but we can’t all be like Saint Elissa.

Links. Timestamps. Evidence, or it didn’t happen.


google facebook.com/BigBrother/posts/548297058559990

google youtube Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Elissa

google youtube BB15 Bigotry Supercut

and there are plenty of other comments from amanda too

including shitting on jessies face(i saw on after dark), slitting jessies throat so she cant scream whilst being sodomized(a poster here claims this was said on the feeds), and singing about how asians cant drive and are good at maths(i saw on after dark)

even mccrae has called her out on her racism several times saying “its bad, really bad, its racist”

it appears nothing is going to convince you nick that amanda is doing any of this…the site Simon runs here, and the transcribing of the feeds and comments of fans should tell you whats going on…but if you only choose to believe the cbs edit of amanda, then you are not getting the whole truth


no sorry you’re wrong. nice try. she is a strong player and a woman and that may rub people the wrong way but she is 100% a racist, you can just tell she thinks of people strictly along color lines (why bring up howards “big black d***” or call him black mamba)…there have been so many instances of her bullying and say you have to do this OR ELSE, which some of the other houseguests have done, and you could argue is just gameplay she’s not putting a gun to anyone’s head, so okay, but doesn’t mean we are going to like her for this particular strategy, she is doing what she has to to win, but she is not winning any fans in the process, that is just America’s opinion. but she is a racist and a bully and has said other horrible mean things (Candice being fat, etc)….

I dont like you

List of Houseguest I am rooting for to win:’


It’s still not too late to evict them all and give us a season redo! With actual real looking and acting people of America that need the money for things more important than plastic surgery or expensive vacations, etc. I just cannot with this cast anymore. *yawn*



Judd's granny

How can i get these twikkers to stop banging on my door day and nig ht? I tell them Bucky’s in the hospita l and Judd’s gone off to be on TV, but they keep coming back and some of them are scary. What can I do ? where’s BoodaGal?


Nick I tried to answer your question as best I can recall. The time on the comment is 1:57.


I appreciate the effort all the same, I’ll try to dig it up. What was the date again?

Seriously, thank you for engaging me in civil conversation about this…not sure why that’s so difficult for so many others on these threads!

BB fan ?

Spencer with the Nazi comments and borderline sexual harassment and Amanda calling people retarded and advocating rape , of a home mate, Helen and Howard not stepping up to racial comments,, people , people joking about Candace “shuffling”her feet. GM not knowing that Massachusetts Institute of Technology was in Massachusetts, Judd unaware of the ethnic makeup South Africa. It’s like watching the train wreck it’s horrible but she cannot take your eyes off it. It will be interesting to see how CBS deals with the “winner”. The possibility of BB conning the most hated the winner of all time is a distinct possibility. People hated other winners because all the games they played not because of the views they possessed. The only contestant who appears to be unscathed is Jesse. I’m sure as I post this she will say or do something that will reveal some severe character flaws.


I agree! elissa’s comments to judd about not needing aaryn’s approval or friendship bc she wouldn’t be friends with people with that worldview or character shows a lot of her maturity and insight. I am not trying to just write syrupy sweet comments about elissa but she even called out aaryn’s sister as someone she wouldn’t pay attention to, elissa doesn’t even like howard in the game but what does that mean, its ok to be racist because of it or be horrific to people who voted you out (which judd is suggesting). I am glad that she at least sees things for what they are and doesn’t change her opinion/morals to match the changing tide in the house.


ummmm does Judd know that about 80% of South Africans are black yet it is the white people who hold most of the power in that country??? I don’t think that makes him racist, but uninformed or maybe even ignorant, people need to be careful what they say!!!


With regards to an earlier comment regarding Aaryn’s derogatory comments and that only us on the outside know who they were directed to, I recall Howard was present when she made some nasty remarks about Asians. However, he’s turning out to be quite the “wuss” as he could have brought this to Helen’s attention and perhaps gain some points, but his Godliness stands in the way. He’s really disappointed me as I thought he had more gumption than resorting to tears. He’s a useless player and should head out the door next week after Amanda leaves this week.