Joe throws a pillow at Britney and says snowflake, you are on my sh*t list!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


12:50am Britney and Ian go to the arcade room. Ian is upset and crying. Britney asks do you realize who you are feeling sorry for? She says that the guy that put his hair into 6 ponytails for a Power Of Veto and makes homemade t-shirts, she says he is 41 years old. Ian is upset that Boogie will be going home. Ian says that he is feels bad about Frank and Boogie getting played by Joe. Britney tells Ian that he doesn’t need to feel this way. Britney says that she felt bad when she had to lie to Janelle, but that she did what was best for the Quack Pack. Ian says that he isn’t changing his vote, that he just feels bad. Meanwhile, Frank is talking to Ashley about what Joe had talked about with him. Frank tells Ashley to talk to Joe and say she won’t talk to the other side of the house. Ashley says that she won’t talk to the other side of the house because it makes Joe paranoid when he sees her talking to all sides of the house. Ashley says that Jenn has to understand that she has to lay out all of her options and that Jenn is going to play with Danielle. Frank tells her what to say to Jenn in her defense of voting for Boogie.

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1am Up in the HOH room Joe tells Jenn about how Frank and Boogie offered him a final 3 deal. Joe tells Jenn that Boogie and Frank told him that Jenn and Ian haven’t done anything for them yet. Joe continues to tell Jenn the rest of the conversation he had with Frank. Joe tells them all that Frank told him that he doesn’t care who wins as long as it’s not one of the four of them (Dan, Danielle, Shane, or Britney). Shane tells Jenn that he is sorry and that it sucks to find out this way. Jenn says that she is not sympathetic to Ian’s tears for Boogie. Jenn says that he wants me to f**king go home! She says that king Boogie is going home. Jenn says that Ian is crying and King Boogie is cooking him over the coals!
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Britney tells Ian that even if he changed his mind about the vote, Boogie would still going home 4 votes to 3. Britney talks about how she is worried that there is a magic power in the house that America voted for because of the question mark in the carnival game. Britney wonders if it’s America’s Choice for someone to stay. Ian says he is just going to make the best of the last few days with Boogie. Britney says what fun, what a trip to Disneyland! Ian asks who Jenn would put up. Britney says that she thinks she would put up Frank and Ashley. Ian tells her about Frank’s one and two tiebreaker strategy. Britney says that she feels sorry for Ian and gives him a hug. Ian says that he wants to go talk to Frank. Britney then heads up to the HOH room.


1:10am Ian and Frank are talking. Frank tells Ian that Joe isn’t voting for Boogie to stay. Ian says that he was upstairs when Joe came in and said that he didn’t take the news well. Frank says that hope it isn’t over, and that they just need to string HOHs together. Ian heads inside to the stereo room. He starts pacing around the room. Ashley joins him and tries to talk to him to make up feel better. Ian tells her that he feels like sh*t. Ian and Ashley here the others up in the HOH room and go tell Frank that they are yelling upstairs. Ian tells Frank that Britney and Joe were arguing. Ashley says no, they’re talking about why Boogie shouldn’t be here. Ashley tells Frank to go upstairs. Frank then heads up to the HOH and asks what’s with the yelling. Frank says that they don’t need to treat Ian like a scumbag. I don’t appreciate y’all appreciate you kicking my boy when he’s down. He says that’s all he has to say and then leaves the HOH room.


Jenn asks am I in the Twilight Zone? I must be in the Twilight Zone! From down stairs Frank yells she ain’t won sh*t and she ain’t winning sh*t! Frank says let them have their pow, wow. I’ve got to get some sleep. Frank then jokes about pulling an Evel Dick, with the pots and pans. Up in the HOH room Britney says that Frank could have been gone week one. Jenn says that she is upset about voting out Kara because they had a friendship. Ashley comes up to the HOH room to ask to talk to Jenn. Jenn tells her that she can suck it! Jenn says you gonna vote me out, I have nothing to talk to you about. Jenn says that she is going to say everything she has to say to her now and then that’s it, that’s a wrap. Jenn calls Ashley out for turning her back on her and wanting to vote her out. She calls her out for talking about her behind her back. Ashley starts crying and tries to explain the situation. Ashley says that she is voting out every person she wanted to work with and that she is alone. Ashley says that Frank and Boogie have been working her and she says that obviously she is going to listen because she has no one. Jenn says that she only has Danielle, she feels alone. Ashley and Jenn go out of the HOH room to talk alone. Ashley is crying. Ashley says that she is trying to keep Boogie and that she is sorry. Jenn tells her that she can’t trust Mike, she can’t trust Frank and that she can’t trust Ashley. Ashley tells Jenn that she isn’t voting her out and that she knows her word means nothing to her but that she wasn’t going to not talk to her. Jenn says that it’s awhile until Thursday and that could change, but that she hopes it doesn’t.
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1:45am Meanwhile in the have-not room Ian tell Frank that he doesn’t want them to gang up on Ashley. Ian tells Frank that Ashley is now crying. He also says that he is mad about the HOH crew bashing Boogie when he is going home. Frank goes up to where Ashley and Jenn are outside the HOH room and tells them that he doesn’t like hearing when Ashley is crying. Jenn tells them they’re fine. Frank heads back downstairs while Jenn and Ashely continue to talk. Meanwhile, Dan, Shane, Joe and Britney watch from the HOH room on the spy tv. They talk about how they can’t believe that Jenn and Ashley are making up. Dan jokingly asks if anyone wants to play chess. They all laugh. Shane says she had better not use up all the tissues saying that the HOH room only gets one box. They all laugh about how everyone is crying tonight. Joe yells that he isn’t crying! They all tell him to be quiet. Dan tells Joe that his voice can break through walls. Shane says that its hot in here. Dan asks if they want to prop the door open. They laugh. They wonder if Ashley is an actress. Shane says that Frank is going to tell Boogie we all threw his name under the bus. Britney says that she will say it was all Joe. Joe says he will say it was all Dan. Danielle starts pointing out how Frank is a hypocrite for coming up here on his white horse to defend Boogie’s honor. Danielle says just yesterday they weren’t calling Shane a pussy and calling Dan “Father Dan” and making fun of him reading the bible. Britney asks Joe to call the house together to serve some fire and brimstone tomorrow. They all laugh. Dan starts listing all the shots he has taken from his past season. Britney tells Dan that he will always be Judas to her. They all laugh. Britney says that Boogie taking the $10G’s was bold. Britney does an impression of Ashley and says that she didn’t know that keeping Boogie meant voting you out Jenn, I thought that fold meant veto?! Britney says her favorite line of Jenn’s was when she said she is gonna go downstairs and burn this mother down!

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2:15am Jenn and Ashley finish talking and head downstairs. Ashley gets Frank out of bed and talks to him in the stereo room. Ashley is upset still and tells Frank that Jenn is a fu*king washed up, wannabe rockstar. Frank says that he told Ashley that she shouldn’t have gone up there. Ashley says that she is glad that she did and says that she doesn’t care if they talk about her. Ashley says that they can call me a big slut and say mean things if they want, they love it, they love the fighting. Frank says that Dan is the worst of them. Ashley says that Joe loves it, she says that they all love that Boogie’s going home. Frank says that we are going to win HOH and they are going to sh*t their pants. Frank makes fun of them all saying ones a wanna be rockstar, a wannabe chef, a wannabe model. Frank says that Danielle wants to be married so bad she can taste it she is chasing Shane’s jock around the house. Frank says that he is going to call Joe out him not washing his hands and Britney not cleaning up her dishes. Frank says that he is gonna call everyone out on all their sh*t. Frank says that Boogie is going to be livid tomorrow. He is going to say stuff to people that I can’t say. Frank says you know they are thinking let’s stay up all night and sleep all day so that they don’t have to deal with Boogie.


2:50am – 6am Britney, Dan, Joe and Shane head downstairs and out into the backyard. Britney says that Boogie is going to be upset tomorrow and they are all going to be passed out. Britney says that she liked when Jenn told Ashley to suck it! Joe joins them. Britney starts making fun of Joe for getting misty-eyed. Britney makes fun of Joe and tells Joe’s son that his father wants The Notebook for his birthday. Joe throws a pillow at Britney. Joe says snowflake, you are on my sh*t list! Shane says Joe has got balls for telling Frank, it’s a no for working with them. Joe says that tomorrow is going to be nap until 4pm and them play non-stop salsa ball. Joe says that he will just smile at Boogie. Britney jokes that Joe is now Teary Eye Joe and not Eagle Eye Joe anymore. Shane tells the them that since he can’t win HOH he hopes that whoever wins will put up Frank. Dan says that’s the consensus. They continue to laugh and joke around. Shane asks Dan and Britney if the plan is to put Frank up right away or to back door him. They agree and both say that they need to put him up right away because he could still have the chance to play in POV and then he could save himself and Ashley. They talk about how they will know on Thursday if Ian is loyal or not by how the votes come down. Dan says that the vote better go down as 6-1. Britney says it’s okay if it’s a 5-2 vote because she knows where Ashley stands. Dan says no matter what Frank will be pissed because he thinks it’s going to be 4-3 vote and he will realize that either Ian or Ashley flipped on him. Danielle comes out and tells them that its 5am. Britney tells the live feeders that they are trying to stay up all night so they will sleep really late tomorrow and avoid the drama with Frank. They continue to talk about whether or not Ashley was faking it and if she is an actress. Britney brings up that Joe insinuated that there is something more going on between Frank and Ashley. They talk about how Ashley has made out with everyone on Boogie’s team; Boogie, Ian and Frank. They finally decide to go to bed at 6am.
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6:30am All the house guests are sleeping…
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166 thoughts on “Joe throws a pillow at Britney and says snowflake, you are on my sh*t list!

  1. THE OUTRAGE !!!
    THE HATRED !!!
    THE FIGHTS !!!
    THE JOKES !!!
    THE PUNS !!!

    All that and more on this website !!!

    I enjoy Big Brother 14 and I know that without the show, this website wouldn’t be
    possible, but seriously folks, this website is far more entertaining than the show
    itself !

    1. Totally agree. I love BB but this site makes it more interesting and exciting.

      Reading the comments is the best…if we were all in the BB house, its obvi where some of us stand.

        1. I vote to evict: “usedtoloveJanellebutNOTNOW”,
          not sure if I got the exact spelling but its close.

  2. i swear frank and ashley are mental midgets, they have such a twisted way of looking at everything, so they can justify their mean behavior towards the other house guests, and frank wants to call people out on what they do? what does he do, he is a unemployed bum, but he has a life long friend in booger, so that makes it ok..

    1. Frank walks around acting like he’s BB Security…he decides who stays and who leaves…why is it ok for FrankenBoogie to tell people what to do…and the others are just lying

      Him barging up to the HOH room to defend Ian’s honor LMAO…

      I wanna see Frank & Jenn get into it

    2. Yeah, I thought it was a little bit ridiculous that Frank was calling Jenn a wannabe rock star, Joe a wannabe chef, and Shane a wannabe model, as if having goals and aspirations is a bad thing. Frank’s a wannabe nothing.

      1. Boogie just ran into one in the arcade room and moved it out of the way like nothing…..don’t think they realize yet…lol

      2. Do me a favor and change your nick please….. i have no kids and therefore have no juniors so please change your name… i dont know wether or not to be pissed or flattered

    1. Last time I checked, no one has noticed. Them having the same covering as the clear ? box is most definitely some kind of clue though. Really thought production was tipping their hat when Frank and Ashley were in there, and that just so happened to be the time when they moved one of the visible cameras to zoom in on it. HG’s usually pick up on where the cameras are focusing, but not this time. Ah well Team Production…maybe next time.

  3. Did you hear what Jenn told Ashley up in the HOH room?
    She told Ashley to “suck it”, everyone’s suspicions were
    right. Jenn is a man. She has a third leg!

    Straight out of Jenn’s mouth: Dude looks like a lady, but

    dude has a tallywhacker !!!

    1. Jen is not intersexed or transgender.
      She is not a man. She is not a drag queen or a cross dresser.

      She is a femme-butch lesbian… a femme-butch wheres lipstick and make-up just like a femme, but still walks like and talks like a trucker. Now the big question is… when is Boogies Menopause going to let up. The DR just needs to start giving him hormone therapy.

  4. Going to be a crazy day in the house. I have a feeling Boogie will be pissed all day and target everyone and call them out.

  5. So let me get this straight, Ashley and Ian are crying over Boogie leaving and Frank is defending his honor in the HOH room? Do they realize that they’re doing this over a guy who has thrown all the vital HOHs, has claimed he’d be happy if he got to leave and has talked shit about everyone in the house?

    I wonder how production is going to save Frank next week. They’ll probably have some HOH where whoever has the curliest hair wins…

    1. Only way production can save Frank in fast double eviction comps where HOH will be a quick quiz is to give Frank the answers ahead of time–I seriously think that is a possibility knowing how bad they want to keep the drama in the house alive with Frank vs the world.

      My gut says Frank will somehow win that HOH quiz and Shane goes home in the DE.

  6. It is really to bad Joe didn’t go home last week. What a tool and his true character is really showing through. It will be funny when that side of the house flips on him when he thinks he is so solid. I can’t wait to see Joe cry when Dan or Shane puts him up…..

  7. Week two when Frank was HOH, he put up Jo Jo and Shane because they were loyal to the end with Willie. He said they had the Willie stank. At the time, the coaches were still coaches, and Jo Jo and Shane were with Willie because they were put on the same team. What were they supposed to do? Now Shane is HOH. The coaches are in the game and the teams in theory don’t exist. Unlike Shane in week 2, Frank had the chance to break free from his coach and play his own game. But he didn’t. He has the Boogie stank. I hope that Shane remembers this and throws it in Frank’s face next week. Shane didn’t really have the choice in week 2, but Frank had the choice when the game was reset. He is rolling with Boogie because he wants to. He has alienated all of them because he has been caught talking crap about everyone, and it’s all because Boogie is a douche. He chose to roll with a douche. He has the Boogie stank and hopefully he will go next week. I liked him, but I don’t anymore because he is playing Boogie’s game. Instead of fighting a losing battle to save Boogie, he should be trying to shore up his relationships with Joe, Jenn, Ashley and Ian so he can work with them going forward, but he isn’t doing that. He is pushing them away. I expected better game from Frank.

      1. He did almost Frank said to Booger that he was thinking about using his POV on Booger instead of himself. He’s a dumb a$$!

  8. Ashley is going to be on a dating show next FOR SURE! She’s sobbing and says all she wants is love and she never gets it. The producers are going to get all they can get out of her.

  9. looks like there is a good chance that there will be pandora today…I hope Shane is smart about what he decides to do….please no dumb Shane comments haha

      1. Was this after she made out with Frank?

        I missed this too but it sounds like…they played spin the bottle [again] and thats when Ashley & Boogie kissed…

  10. DDBSJI….Better watch your back because if Frank wins HoH (Fast Forward)! There is no mercy for DDBSJI to run to. And for Shane & Dan, one of you will be leaving & be the first member of the jury.

    1. Yes, we all get it. No one will be allowed to play for HOH but Frank. He is now the HOH for life and wins the game because he will cast everyone’s vote for them during the finale. Everyone needs to bow down to Frank. Frank is a god. Frank is the lord and master of all. Beware the wrath of Frank. etc. etc etc.

      1. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        I was gonna say the same damn thing!

        Frank will win HOH, then Frank will win the next HOH cause BB will change the rules and Frank can play in all HOHs….BETTER YET BB will only put Frank’s chip in the POV bag and make another new rule that only the HOH can play for POV, which will be Frank, of course.

      2. Someones having a bad day.

        Frank always does well when coming off the block. He is saying if he wins HOH then frank has nothing to lose and will go balls out and try to evict either dan or shane.

  11. Ian, Jenn and Joe are officially the worst players of this season!!!

    Ian: you are the odd man out in Quack Pack, Dan and Britney are already planing your demise. Since you know that Joe is voting out Boogie, vote out Jenn so that in case if Frank wins HOH (will probably happen) he wont know that you’ve flipped.

    Jenn: you’re upset because Boogie is doing a better job campaigning for votes than you. You upset when you were obviously the pond and now your kissing the ass of the very people that put you up. And honestly, why are you mad that Frank said you never won any competitions…it’s a fact. You have no game will end up getting so burned you’ll be darker than Shane after he is done tanning.

    Joe: Ok, lest say that in some magical way BDDS were able to knock off Ashley, Frank, Ian and Jenn (highly improbable) in the next four evictions… who do you think would be next? Powerhouse? more like

    I dont care much for Boogie leaving, but I just cannot understand how those three (JJI) cannot see that they stand no chance with BDDS. I really hope that Frank gets HOH so I can see who in BDDS backstab each other first. Im guessing Brit will try to save herself, Shane will to save himself and Danielle, Danielle will try to save herself and Dan, and Dan wont even talk to Frank.

  12. Wow and there are actually ppl that think that the only bad ppl are Boogie and Frank, what a joke. I see joe’s bk to the same ol same ol, they are just useing him and he’s so stoopid.

    1. I stand people who attack Boogie and Frank because they think they are ‘bad’. The show is not a personality contest, it’s about whoever has the best strategies, provide the best entertainment and make the show more interesting, thats who should win.

      And yes part of the show is backstabbing, backdooring, lying, scheming, slandering, throwing people under the bus and more…..

      1. Of Course it’s a popularity contest! What show are you watching? When on the Jury you vote for the person who you think deserves the money. That is popularity.

        Just because you are a FrankenBoogie fan does not mean that it is OK to belittle the others because they don’t want mean, nasty, lying little trolls in the house.

      2. we don’t like frank and boogie because they think its ok for them to do all of that, but are pissed off when it happens to them

  13. What Ian is CRYING?! And Brittany comforts him? If I was DDSB and knew I had Joe’s vote – I’d expose that little Ian-weasle. Ian came to Shane and PUSHED for the Boogie / Frank noms. This kid is super annoying.

    1. I hope they show him bawling too, especially since he considers himself a villain character. He’s been a super douche this week.

  14. Barf. I didnt know CBS gathered a whole bunch of 13 yo girls to play this game. Not the type of entertainment I like.

    And say what? Boogie making out with Ashley?!

  15. All of these people are washed-up wanna bees except for Ian. I really hope he outsmarts these psycho losers and uses the cash to get a good start in his adult life. He is the only person who isn’t trying to be an actor, model, or attention whore.

    Boogie may be old but he is the only entertaning person in the house. Once he goes, then so do the ratings.

  16. Double eviction prediction
    Evicted Mike Boogie 5-2
    Frank wins fast forward HoH
    Frank puts up Dan & Shane
    Frank wins PoV & keep the nomination a same
    Evicted Dan:Ashley,Britney,Danielle (Cried say I’m sorry Dan)
    Evicted Shane:Jenn,Joe (pissed and angry I’m sorry Shane I will evict you),Ian (Crying & Angry,Sorry Shane)
    Frank has a decided vote. He will say, “Guys, It’s a hard decision and Dan & Shane I love you guys but Dan your safe & Shane I’m sorry but I have to evicted you.
    Juile Chen says, “It’s a official, Shane your evicted in big brother House”
    Make it number 3 outgoing HoH evicted. The curse continues.

    1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for saying that. You have been wrong on your predictions all summer. So basicaly, this means Frank won’t win HOH, one of the big alliance will win. Frank and Ashley will go up and if Frank doesn’t win POV he will be gone. If he does win POV it will be Ashley. Thanks!

      1. I totally agree with you! You said that!
        Addicted2BB says:


        August 22, 2012 at 10:57 am

        Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for saying that. You have been right on your predictions all summer. So basicaly, this means Frank win HOH, one of the big alliance will lose. Dan and Shane will go up and Frank win POV shane will be gone. If he does win POV it will be Dan. Thanks!

        Thanks Bro!

  17. I bet not one tear came out when Ashwas crying, glad to see she finally got called out.
    They blame so much stuff on Dan and hasnt said a word in a couple of days.
    Power House Eagle Eye Joe that just cracks me up! Its gonna be hot in the streets tomorrow
    u know how booger acts when he doesnt get his way. I like Frank at first but he turned into
    Booger wannabe, I think Booger really f’d up Frankies game.

  18. Hey everyone,
    I have a question for you all and especially for Simon & Dawg.
    Can you figure it out the double eviction curse? Right now, my prediction that Frank will his 3rd HoH fast forward. And Dan & Shane on the block. Frank wins 3rd PoV & keep the nomination a same. Please explain & Why? Don’t put It will never happen.

      1. How can the curse can be broken? It will never be broken. The curse continue, First it Brendon, Second it Jeff, Now either Shane or Dan. Believe me, the curse continues.

        1. What is the curse? I’ve seen all the seasons but I don’t really remember what happened during the fast forward. Thanks :-)

          1. In Big Brother 12: Brendon & Ragan on the block! Ragan took himself off! Britney in! Brendon vote it off
            In Big Brother 13: Jeff & Rachel on the Block! Porsche won & Keep the nomination a same Jeff vote it off
            Now in Big Brother 14: Frank wins his 3rd HOH! Nominates Shane & Dan! Frank won his 3rd POV Keep the nomination a same & Shane voted it off!

      2. You don’t understand. His god Frank has given him a revelation of what is going to happen. He does not even need to watch the show because he is so certain that his god Frank has revealed the way.

        I am just tired of the same prediction, twice a page on every post since Frank was nominated.

    1. Not everyone depends on Frank and Boogie for their entertainment in the house.
      And you are underestimating the drama that will come when the Quack Pack splits and they all start turning on each other (Not to mention the Danielle freak outs that are sure to come!).
      Carry On…

      1. Anyone out there familiar with the show “The Kids in the Hall”?
        If so do you remember the bit with the red-haired girl running up and saying “It’s a Fact!”?
        Nothing to do with BB, just this convo made me remember it….I miss that show =(

    2. The show was boring while Shittown’s Finest Booger and Frank were on there, so nothing will change. FACT

      the sad part is what you said EVERYBODY claims when their favorites are gone FACT

      But the show never changes much after their gone. FACT

      Booger never wanted to play the game. FACT

      Booger came back because Janelle came back. FACT

      Booger did what he wanted to do, and that was get Janelle out for the 3rd time. FACT

      Booger is not a better player that Will, that’s why he’s leaving FACT

      Booger is just Will Bitch. FACT

    1. My guess is he’s been sleeping this whole time…he assigned Security Frank to do his bidding…

      he’ll be the first one up this morning.

  19. Joe sure is on a high right now. He thinks his **** does not stink. Can’t wait for the Quackers to ge him out. Joe first and Ian second. Both are not trust worthy.

  20. F/B will always give Dan all the credit for anything. It’s so funny how they’ve completely overrated him. They really believe he is calling all the shots on everything. Froogie underestimate everyone but Dan. F/B are so bitter about Dan because they feel rejected. Froogie wanted 3some with him so bad.

    1. No. They didn’t want Dan in the final 3. They were just going to use him. They were going to get rid of Shane and then go after Dan. Boogie would not have been able to control Frank the next time even if he wanted too.

  21. This really is fascinating and to all who say this season sucks, I absolutely have to disagree. This is so much better than last season. I only hope production keeps their hands in their pants and lets this play out.

  22. I’m waiting on the people who were blasting Frank and Boogie for bullying to applaud Jenn, Joe, Dan, Shane, Britney, and Danielle for bullying Ashley.

        1. You don’t have to respond to a response with the same crap you said in your original post. We know that you had a vision from the Almighty Frank. Give it a rest.

  23. I hate to disappoint all you (including me) DDBS fans, but this makes it clear that Ian is going to vote for Boogie to stay. I think they pushed him over the edge when “they” made Ashley cry. No matter what she’s done with Frank and Boogie, Ian still has it bad for her. I was hoping Ian would end up winning it all, but he’s let his heart get in the way of his head. Too bad-I really liked him.

    Now if Boogie ends up staying-I’m done with BB. Production has done more than their fair share of influencing this game and outright letting Frank admit to cheating by palming the HG choice chip for the POV challenge. It makes me sick that they didn’t force a redo knowing that he admitted what he did to Boogie. Unbelievable!!!

    Sorry folks, but I hope Dan takes it all the way to the win!

    1. OMG he palmed the HG choice chip???

      Then thats twice that Frank has been accused of cheating…either BB is letting it slide cause they know Frank will leave soon or they are making it so he wins the game.

    2. No, Brit will talk to Ian and explain that what went down was between Jen and Ashley because Ashley was campaigning for Boogie votes and lied to her about supporting her. It has nothing to do with the whole eviction process, it was a personal argument between two women. If they think Ian is wavering, Danielle is so pissed with him right now that she may out him before eviction.

  24. Ha ha ha, sorry Frank and ASShley but your group is going to shrink a little bit more tomorrow. This is GREAT! I love this season.

  25. I just want to thank you Dawg and Simon for the great job you are doing on this site. I go to it many times during the day and always get a chuckle over your comments. Then I love to compare your truths with the CBS spin. Thank you!

  26. I watched the live feeds, Frank was pissed at them laughing about scumbagging his lover Boogie, not Ian. He said what a great guy he was giving Ian $3k (and who took $6k lmao), and that Ian was downstairs crying, which everyone already knew because Britney was consoling him before. Ya know, everyone on here says Danielle is crazy (which she is), but Frank is really effed in the head. Talkin about how clean he played and never talked shit about no one (there’s only miles of footage to contradict that), then callin everyone in the HOH room cowards. His new strategy is to pick a fight and get everyone to swing at him so they can get kicked out and he wins i guess. Boy needs bitch-slapped by his daddy next time he sees him, and trust me I know I wouldn’t want that big mo-fo bitch-slappin me!!!

    Simon Dawg…..BIG MF’ING GRENADES YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  27. These grown people are acting like children.

    What Frank said is right. Jenn isnt winning anything nor will she ever.

    Why do they feel the need to rally against certain people when they’ve barely done anything to deserve it?

    They did the same thing with Willie, especially when the DR asked him to leave. All together screaming at him.

    Now they’re doing the same with Boogie. If you know that you have the votes to get him vote what in the world is the point of kicking anybody when they’re down.

    Why continue to talk shit about the man if he’s leaving?

    1. Obvious Boogie fan…do you get the live feeds? I do, don’t tell me their shit doesn’t stink because it smells worse than Frankie’s B.O. Everyone in there says shit, but c’mon now, those two are fking malicious. Boogie has very little game, he feels entitled. Frank, I thought, had some game, but he proved otherwise. He’s just Boogie’s bitch. He put all his eggs in one basket trying to keep Boogie, when he had a second option if he played it right. He could have given up on Boogie and that would have gotten him Ashley, Jenn, probably Joe & maybe Ian as well. Stupid stupid stupid, but he can ride his white horse and proclaim what a straight honest guy he is, when we all know from the feeds he’s a douchebag…end of story.

      1. Of course he doesn’t get the live feed. He has a life !! Now back to your trailer park and watch more live feed..

  28. Production must be scrambling right now to find a way to save Boogie…and this season from the Nerd Herd 2.0 and their boring, dumb, emotionally damaged shenanigans. But if they don’t, then they better ensure Frank wins the next HOH. All of the talking out of both sides of their mouth from Britney and Danielle has revealed too much to the wrong people and will likely lead to a pretty big shake up (Jenn and Joe will be lined up to tattle to Frank). The Nerd Herd 2.0 has yet to be threatened and when they are I suspect they will crumble and turn on each other faster than you can say “Quack”.

    1. Is Boogie even around, has anyone seen him on live feeds?

      And sorry about your lip, the pig fat injections must’ve shifted
      to your brain, because you sure didn’t play as well as your
      previous two seasons.

  29. ian is a moron… he is sympathetic towards a guy that makes fun of him 24 hours a day, and to a girl who talks shit about him all the time….boogie makes fun of ian every chance he gets, and ashley talked shit about him too…..ian needs to wake up and realize where his true alliance lies, britney is a better friend to ian than boogie ever will be

  30. It would be awesome if there was a power that allowed an evicted person to take a person of his/her choice with them out the door.

    1. Great idea for a new twist. If they can’t just grab someone, then give them the nomination power. They pick two people and then walk out the door. No HOH and the remaining house guests have to win the Veto to make any changes. BAM!

  31. boogie has not only talked shit, but he has said some things that are over the line, u dont have any right to stick up for boogie……boogie will be much happier at home he gets to see his kids, and then he gets to play out his sexual fantasies with old men…..hey im not talking shit, that is fact, he likes old men…thats his thing….i like bi curious girls boogie likes old men…..whatever floats urboats

  32. Has boogs showed up in the live feeds yet?

    Why has boogie not been seen?

    Maybe Shane opened up Pandora’s box and
    that mad Boogie disappear from the house
    till next for this eviction and Shane will have to
    nominate someone else to sit next to Menn,
    I mean Jenn. Boogie would reappear after
    the DE.

    Just guessing.

  33. Well, it certainly makes me feel good that Joe is america’s most disliked player….. he is an absolute fu*$%^# TOOL…. wonder if he would be so buddy-buddy with them if he saw brit’s impersonation of him….. Where the hell do you think you stand in an alliance of 5 when everyone else in alliance has a partner to protect them…. Same for Ian…. friggen sell-out…. boogie gave him safety and 3 grand and an implied final 3 deal…. and hes stabbing them in the back for what purpose again??? that stupid little sh!t….

    I hate everyone in this house except boogie and frank……. they are actually playing big brother!! Shane is a puppet, daniel is a chubby love sick gorilla, Dan is a giant douche hiding behind calm words and a smile, and britney is pretty much running this group of baboons…. Jenn slept through the first half of the season, and Joe has the loudest mouth in the history of big brother….

    If frank and boogie are gone, as much as I love big brother the game will become unwatchable… This giant alliance bullsh!t has got to end…. and I am hoping it will be by Joe’s by mouth…

    I hope Ash/frank wins HOH… puts dan and brit on block if anyone but shane wins veto they are GOLDEN…. backdoor shane if possible, if not get dan out…. then follow that up with another Ashe/Frank HOH with shane and brit on the block…. break these idiots up


    1. Really? You are fans of Boogie and Frank? They are the only ones playing the game? Then every one should be crying and throwing fits like two year olds ( no offense to the two year olds out ther). Boogie played the game sproatically. When he or Frank was or thought they were in danger, he played the game. When he thought the two of them were safe he kicked back and relaxed and did nothing. He did that as a coach and as a player and that is what he taught Frank to do. Frank is so in love with Boogie that he would do any for him and act exactly like him. He also just played when Boogie played.

      Dan (though you think him a douche bag because he will not let FrankenBoogie to use him) has been playing the game from day one and has never stopped. When he has been safe (most of the game) he has been shoring up his support and making friends with everyone in the house he can. That is so if he makes it to the final 2 people will be more inclined to vote for him to win. He used that stratagy to win once, he is trying it again.

      Britney is playing a very good social game, as good as Dans. Her weak game is in comps though she can win.

      The others are very green and are still working out their stratagies. Most are just working with their alliance.

  34. yoyoyoyoyo, i just woke up from my 12 hr nap, that joe wants to scum bag me, doesnt he realize, i can get him a show on CBS, its a good thing i got my brain dead zombies, opps i mean teammates frank and ashley stirring up trouble, yoyoyoyoyoyo, im going to make these people suffer, nobody punks the booger, booger does the punking! fuba for life!

  35. Once again this is the reason that Dan is going to win this game. You have everybody arguing, chit chatting, gossiping, and Dan is the only one is laid back and watching it all happen just like he did in season 10. Geez people, just give him the money already.

    1. Agreed. Just end the game now and Dan walk out 500,000 richer saying “thanks everyone for making winning this game so easy me.”

  36. Here’s the thing. Big Brother is really messing up. Chill Town changed the scope of the game and set the patterns for how to get to the finals. Lying was their specialty, BUT there was always a plan, yes they threw comps, but there was ALWAYS a plan. Chill Town was great because they are mentally stronger and plan two steps ahead of everyone else. Will never had a fear of going up, it’s how he gained trust by volunteering. Mike has lost why Chill Town was great. When they have been put up in the past, they worked people in calm ways to steer themselves out of themselves out of the target zone. Mike is not good without Will. Will would still be there laying low and volunteered for the block this week, and people would vote to keep him. Mike plays a bad game without Will. Chill Town is Will. That being said. The game has turned into liars, that try to a very bad impression of Chill Town. No one is remotely honest anymore, not even with their alliances. Everyone that plays now just lies to get what they want then back stabs. It might have been fun before, but now it isn’t. The twist aren’t great now, and they are reused over and over. Big Brother needs to wise up. STOP BRINGING OLD GLORY HOGS BACK! Would be the first step. All these has been’s are terrible for the game. Everyone knows their shtick now. Evil Dick will be Evil. Will lies. Janelle goes after other girls and makes up lies. Boogie lies and throws fits. I don’t want to see any of these people again, especially Ian or Danielle. I don’t ever want to see Rachel and Brendon, Jordan and Jeff, Kysar, or anyone else from the past. New players, new twists, new road blocks. That’s what made this game great was putting people in that house that “think” they would know how to play it, only to learn it isn’t easy. The game is getting predictable, and no one can trust anyone which sounds fun, but in reality it isn’t hard. Anyone can go in and lie all the time. But NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can be Will and actually play people as puppets, test subjects, and get away with it. But everyone is going to try and do it now. It just get’s old. The twist make people stay on their toes and change their game. I haven’t seen a great twist in a few seasons, maybe sense DNA. This show is losing me big time….

  37. Frank and Boogie have chatted about him going home.. Looks like boogie isn’t going to blow up.. he taking the high road and plans to enjoy today.

  38. Jenn calling Ashley out last night was crazy..

    Haven’t seen Jenn do anything all season didn’t even know her name until last night but she did stick up for herself with AShley.

  39. sorry sam….but dan has set the new precedent to win this game….dan is the mastermind of big brother, he is the new undisputed champion of big brother if u will….bow down to the master…..everything dan does is for his social game….why did dan pick danielle….because he knew she was weak…he knew he could make her do whatever he wants…why doesnt dan ever call out danielle on lies? because he doesnt have to, he would rather keep coddling her and thats dans game….dan is the master….he owns this game….he will be the first prerson inducted into the hall of fame of big brother, they should make statues of him….outside the big brother house, boogies legacy will be tarnished just like joe paternos at penn state….boogie is the jerry sandusky of big brother…..just watch dan master his craft as he walks away with another check….dont be surprised if dan takes joe to the final two….just saying

    1. Dan? Who do you think Dan learned to throw Comps from? Get real. There was a Big Brother before Dan walked threw that door! Count it!

  40. I can’t believe frank told boogie that jenn doesn’t deserve to be there and mike boogie does because jenn never won anything. Well what did boogie win besides prizes? He never won power. He hid behind Frank the whole time. I can’t wait for them to see it was all ian and not dan they call everyone else stupid and say they don’t know how to play the game, but they are going to be worse than brit was with the brigaden they are getting played by someone they both call a kid and think don’t know the game and says hes only a superfan. They are duped by ian. At least boogie is taking his leaving well this morning. at least for now. but they have poor joe scared to use the bathroom. hope he don’t wet himself.

  41. Am I the Only one getting a little tired of Frank whole “this is my dream to be on Big Brother”.. “Dan’s shitting on my Dream”… “It’s my dream I worked for it”.. “My dream my dream my dream my dream”

    Like that means he deserves the money more or deserves to be in the house more than the other players.

    Everyone gets cast a different way some people like Jenn (Formally known as ?) didn’t lift a finger to get cast while other’s like Dan tried for years and years studied the process then finally made it on.

    1. I agree, Franks, “I fought to get here and have fought to stay here” entitlement mentality has rubbed me the wrong way.

      Frank learned his attitude from Boogie. He is the golden boy that can do no wrong. He really believes that he and Boogie have never said anyghing bad about anybody else and have not “scumbagged” anyone. They seem to have a 10 second short term memory.

    2. I agree every time he opens his mouth it’s I worked so hard to be in this game , i deserve to be here more than anybody! “blah blah blah”! So if every body else is a wanna be, what is he? Only aspiration is a wanna be Big Brother contestant.

    3. THANK YOU Simon!
      That is what I have been railing about for a week! In fact when I saw him say that I was like WTF, “YOUR” dream, no one else in that house is deserving???
      His self-entitlement is off the charts.
      Anyway, YES we see it, lol.

  42. Don’t understand Ian at all. He is the one that wanted Mike and Frank on the block, now he is crying about it. What is going on with him, does he have a screw loose? Did you see last night on bbad, Ian on that hammock? He was swinging back and forth so fast and furious and watching Frank and Ashley over on the couch, and I thought that hammock would break. Ian is infatuated with Ashley and Ashley would love to have a romance with Frank, can’t Ian see that? Frank, you idiot!!!! Instead of making an alliance with Ian, Ashley, Jenn & Joe so you have a chance after Boogie leaves, you are talking shit about people. You are so high up Boogie’s ass that you can’t see daylight for the shit on your face. You need to go to the jury house.

    When will DDSB let Frank know that it was Ian who threw F/B under the bus? Will they expose Ian or not? Ian needs to be put up on the block next to Frank ASAP.

    Love this site, and the fans. Hope you will be here for us as long as BB is around. Good job guys!!!!

  43. Veteran Janelle sent home by a newbie: Danielle

    Veteran Boogie sent home by a newbie: Shane

    Veteran Dan will be sent home by a newbie: Frank

    Veteran Britney will be sent home by a newbie: Shane

    Even with the “coaches” twist used as a ruse by
    Big Brother production to get the veterans a free
    ride in the game up to a certain point, the newbies
    have outplayed the veterans.

    1. Frank may send dan home but idk in season 10 dan pulled out his wins when he needed it most but shane will never send brit home

    2. You are getting a little head of yourself there. Dan is still in the game. Frank hasn’t won hoh yet. I think Dan is going to pull this off.

  44. This just in: Frank gets a sliver and blames Dan. In other news: Yes, Frank is still obsessed with him. More to report later.

  45. All those people that make fun of Aspie-Ian rocking
    back and forth on the hammock, well he is really scheming
    and planning and strategizing two to three moves ahead.

    Ian’s gameplay has turned up a few a few notches and
    methinks that it will be him and not Shane that evicts

  46. Dani came close to outting Ian to Jenn last night. She was talking with her late in the HOH (after the Ashley thing) and told her that Dan didn’t do the things he is accused of. She was there. It is someone else and Dan has been protecting that person all week. She was not naming names, but….. Jenn said she can guess.

    I think that Ian should be prepared to be outted to Frank after the vote tomorrow night and before HOH. It may make a difference if Frank knows that Ian was behind this – and that lies were not told, the info came straight from his and Boogies mouth to Ians ears to the QP. We’ll see exactly what sort of man Frank is when he learns that this was not Dan and if he is big enough to apologize.

    1. Naw, what Frank will say is that Dan told Ian and convinced Ian that he heard it from Boogie, and if shown the tapes of Boogie telling Ian, he will accuse Dan of getting to the BB crew and having them fake up that tape.

      Irrationality trumps rationality every time. By definition.

  47. boogie doesn’t that ddbs had to get him out because of his bad character…it’s a character issue..they all have their character issues but he is obviously in a different dark league…so they knew he couldn’t be trusted any longer…in a perfect world I think the 4 would have liked the alliance with frank and boogaloo to go further…but Dan and Brittany know who this guy is.

    he now wants to have a house meeting and tell everyone that they shouldn’t fight….I’m even having a hard time typing this and not laughing at the absurdity of it. I think he wants the house meeting to pretend that he is a descent person…what he needs to think about before going ahead with it is that if he does the meeting production might show his nastiness from Monday and the fake nice boogie meeting back to back to make fun of him… which will be even more humiliating for him than his exit will already be.

    I wouldn’t be too happy if I were boogaloos business partner at how this will all shake out for boogie….a lot of people will do business with nasty people but these days more and more people are discerning.

    one more thought …I wonder if production gave him the idea to call a meeting…I’m not sure whether he has been in the d.r. yet today or not.

    1. obviously you are just now tuning in….. who exactly has boogie and frank not kept their word too????

      the absurdity of your comment makes me laugh…. boogie is going home because Ian got all butt-hurt that ffrank hung out with ashley and spilled a bunch of sewage to get frank and boogie on the block…. they have been 100% stand up the whole season…. watch the show before you attack someones character…. boogie has been mr supercalm considering hes been f*&^%d in the ass every week by DDBS+janelle….

      The DDBS group are trash, danielle the hungry love-sick hippo, shane the brainless hiding in his closet, brit the paranoid stick figure, and preacher dan can go get bent…. they are the ones using people in the house…. deals with all the morons that actually think they can crack into that four…. its absurd….

      frank and boogie are the only two intelligent players in the game…. what would ddbs be without ian telling everything and loser brit running the show…..

      1. Hilarious you talking shit about their post YET, yours have just the same absurdity.

        is the Booger fan mad he is a horrible player without Dr Will there to carry him? awwwww

        He got played, before he was the on to do the damage, simple as that, he just crying because he got hit 1st… please stop making up bullshit about him, he’s not decent’ he’s not honorable, he’s a piece of shit who got dragged along for 2 seasons by a better social player in Dr Will

  48. Just wanted to say….2 things…did anyone hear Frank saying that when he and Boogie get out of there they can make a reality show about Frank and Nana? He was saying that all three Boogie / Nana / Frank could live together and be in a reality show and Brody could make guest appearances….blah blah blah…He has it bad for Boogie…Also….they just cut the feeds while Boogie gave Frank the juice container and Frank went to the bathroom to do something to it….production told him to stop it……Boogie is up and rolling ready to start all kinds of crap with the other side of the house….lol…while they sleep in and blow the other side off….lol

  49. when are these f*cking morons going to get a clue that they need to break up DDSB if they want to have the smallest iota of a chance of winning this game. all this ass kissing to those 4 is making this very boring and very frustrating. once boogie and frank are gone, might as well cut dan & shane their checks, cuz no one else is gonna win shit…and strategically, they’re limper than frank’s hair coming out of the pool.

  50. BB Best NOTcome up with any Cheats/Twists to save Boogie! Ian is with Dan and with the Quacks! … Ian has some form of Autism/Savant(RainMan) … Ashley looks and acts as if she has Downs Syndrome. Boogie looks like an 80 year old Man!

  51. There is a weird thing that happens during a Double Eviction Week . It is a bizarre thing. We all say, So and So is going to win and take that guy out!

    When in reality a Double Eviction Night is usually the night, The Mouse Roars or the Meek inherit the house. Why ?I do not know. Just look at the History.

    Season 10
    Jordan had the quickest HoH to that point.

    Season 12
    Brittney won HoH

    Season 13
    Porsche: yes Ashley in her previous incarnation won an HoH.

    So for all of you your screaming Frank is going to clean house when he wins HoH.
    A) He may loose it to Joe, Jen or Ashley
    B) He can NOT Compete in that next HoH igf he does win.

    either way, Frank will not win 500k. Sorry, I hate to burst some bubbles here, but, traditionally a double eviction week blows for a Dan, Frank, Boogie or Shane. One of them will fall, and it will more than likely be Boogie goes home Jen wins HoH (It is always the person who makes you say What???) nominates Ashley and Frank, Eagle eye wins the power of veto and does not use it (yeah this is where Porsche won the PoV, then an HoH) and Frank goes to Jury. Heads will explode, people will scream “They just took out the best player in the house.” rage anger… yay. shut up, I hate you, Ian cries, what’s for dinner?

    1. @Eric CA
      I Totally agreed with you! You said:
      Eric CA says:


      August 22, 2012 at 10:40 am

      There is a weird thing that happens during a Double Eviction Week . It is a bizarre thing. We all say, So and So is going to win and take that guy out!

      When in reality a Double Eviction Night is usually the night, The Mouse Roars or the Meek inherit the house. Why ?I do not know. Just look at the History.

      Season 10
      Jordan had the quickest HoH to that point.

      Season 12
      Brittney won HoH

      Season 13
      Porsche: yes Ashley in her previous incarnation won an HoH.

      So for all of you your screaming Shane is going to clean house when he wins HoH.
      A) He may win it over Joe, Jen or Ian!
      B) He can Compete in that next HoH if he does win.

      either way, Frank will win 500k. Sorry, I hate to burst some bubbles here, but, traditionally a double eviction week blows for a Dan, Danielle, Ian or Shane. One of them will fall, and it will more than likely be Boogie goes home Frank wins HoH (It is always the person who makes you say What???) nominates Dan and Shane, Frank wins the power of veto and does not use it (yeah this is where Porsche won the PoV, then an HoH) and Shane goes to Jury. Heads will explode, people will scream “They just took out the best player in the house.” rage anger… yay. shut up, I hate you, Ian cries, what’s for dinner?
      Quack Pack Alliance is breaking up! Wow! That’s awesome!

      1. Your way could work,
        except Frank will not win the game. At this point it is numbers. Frank does not have them, the person he talks crap with is gone. The remaining houseguests will not like Frank un filtered. He is going to jury, one way or the other. Sorry. I know Frank is your guy, but bye bye Frank.

        1. @Eric CA

          I totally agreed with you! You said that:
          Eric CA says:


          August 22, 2012 at 12:17 pm

          Your way could work,
          except Frank will win the game. At this point Quack Pack is falling apart. Frank does screw them, the person he talks crap with is Shane. The remaining houseguests will not like Shane unfiltered. He is going to jury, one way or the other. Sorry. I know Shane is your guy, but bye bye Shane.
          Thank You!

  52. I love how there campaign to get out Willie was that he was a bully but Frank/boogie seemto be a bigger bully than Willie by far they just have a better. Temper

  53. Place your bets, right now…

    When Frank wins HOH Ashley will fuck him just to keep herself safe, just hope she’s drugged up, so she can get a whiff of his stank

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