Big Brother Spoilers – Joe: “Ashley’s words not mine, I’m with Ian and Frank because I love them”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

8:44pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Ashley and Joe 

Ashley asks him what he is thinking.. “Are you voting for Boogie? “
Joe doesn’t know.. 
Ashley is acting wishy washy.. She says she knows all the positives and negatives to keeping boogie and she feels like keeping him in the game is best. 

Joe says that he’s been bombarded 20 times by Frank and Boogie. He’s worried that Frank and Boogie are using them but is equally worried that DDBS is. Joe explains that this bombardment from Frank and Boogie is not helping their cause. 

AShley :’Both sides are using us”
Joe: “I may not give my answer tonight.. I think it might be best to give it tomorrow .. if i do it tonight all hell will break loose” 
Ashley: “I feel bad for you. I’ve been the swing vote before”
Joe laughs says being on the block is easier than being the wing vote.. This is a big decision for Joe and he tells Ashley he needs more time to think about it. 

Ashley is getting worried there is only 4 weeks left and there is a lot of people they need to get rid of. Joe tells her the 

JOe: “If I go against them and vote to keep boogie they are coming after me”
AShley: “NOOOoo.. this is your game it’s worth 500k” 
Joe: “They will turn on me big time if I keep Boogie in the game” 
Ashley tells him regardless of what happens. On Thursday she’s going to still roll with Frank and whoever is left on that side. 

Joe says he’s close to Shane but not the other people in DDBS. Joe is indebted to Shane he owes Shane a vote but since Shane isn’t on the block right now Joe doesn’t know. 

Joe wants to be left alone for a while. Ashley tries on last point tells him that DDBS are very tight and there is no way she can break into that group so that is why she’s siding with Frank. Ashley hopes when the numbers go down a bit she’ll be able to stay close to Britney.

8:55pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Jenn in storage room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe telling Jenn that he thinks Ashley is with Boogie.. She was campaigning to Joe earlier trying to get joe to keep Boogie. Joe wants to know if Ashley is lying to him or Jenn.
Jenn is worried she is the only one trying to get votes whereas Boogie has Frank and now apparently Ashley. Joe: “I know you go Britney, Danielle, Dan… Ashley is the only one I don’t know.. I think they got to her” Joe explains that it’s really upsetting him that Ashley would do this sort of thing to Jenn. They both agree to try and uncover where AShley’s vote at.
Ian and Danielle enter the Storage room.

Joe and Jenn leave .. Joe talks to Danielle in the kitchen alone says that he’s starting the process of telling Boogie he;’s going home.

8:59pm Cam 1-2 Backyard and Kitchen Jenn and Danielle

Jenn tells Danielle that she thinks Ashley is going to try and fuck her for votes.. They head to the backyard to do Pilates.

Jenn is saying if Ashley votes against her that will be f**k** up. Jenn has trouble believing it’s true. She wonders that maybe Joe is being told false information.
Danielle: ‘I just want you to know I have your back.. I mean it”
Ashley warns her that frank and AShley are getting close she’s seen them cuddling on the hammock.
It doesn’t make sense to Jenn.. she wonders if maybe Ashley is playing Frank and Boogie. Danielle doesn’t know. Feeds switch to Dan and Ian playing pool.

Danielle: “How much do you trust Frank Jenn..”

Jennn I don’t know they bring up that trade.. makes me salty.. Jenn doesn’t like how Boogie and Frank ganged up on Britney in the room the other day. She knows that Boogie and Frank wanted the “Floaters” to be taken out this week. She know that they implied her.

Danielle says she doesn’t know where ashley stands but she knows every since Monday Ashley hasn’t been allowed to talk to Danielle in private. Danielle explains that Frank and Boogie are offering Final 3 deals with everyone. Danielle swears she never wanted Jenn up but Shane felt that Jenn was the closest to Frank.

Danielle points out that Joe is going to tell them soon and when that happens things will get ugly in the house. Danielle says Fran and Boogie had her crying yesterday in the arcade room because of the things they said to her, “They weren’t ugly things but they’re words cut deep” Danielle explains that Frank has been throwing Ian under the bus. Danielle says they have 4 solid votes for Jenn she doesn’t need to worry what she needs to worry about it Frank next week.

(This is a pretty long conversation .. Flashback )

9:32pm Bathroom Powerhouse and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe is giving all the info from his conversations for the past couple hours. (Joe again slightly exaggerates but more or less tells Britney everything.. looks like he’s rolling with then and is about to draw the line .. TPH4L YO)
Joe: “I’m tired of them following me around.. should I tell them no and get it done with”
Britney: “If you want them to leave you alone then tell them otherwise don’t”
Joe says Ashley is solid with Frank. her words not mine “I’m with Ian and Frank because I love them”.
Joe is concerned about Ian rating him out.

9:56pm Cam 1-2 HOH Danielle and Britney backyard
Britney: “I’m really starting to dislike people in this house.. Frank, Ashley and Boogie “
Danielle: “Me to”
Britney says that Frank and Ashley seem to be a compatible couple.. “They both like the weird Sh!t .. like they would bottle their own sweat”

10:06pm CAm 3-4 HOH Britney, Joe, Jenn and Shane Pulling Jenn into their group.

Britney points out Jenn had been rolling with Boogie and Frank since the beginning and the are about to cut her loose. Britney thinks they should at least each throw Jenn a vote. Shane tells Jenn she has the votes to stay and he knew that before he put her up as a replacement nomination.
Shane says that if he knew Frank was going to be so nasty to Jenn he wold have put up Ian. Shane: “I thought at the time you and Boogie had a closer relationship”
Powerhouse about Boogie: “Non stop ridding my back.. Boogie won’t leave me alone.. I took a nap today he jumped in with me ask me if I wanted to cuddle.. he said he was joking but damn.. one me.. I got my blood pressure to worry about”

Shane says he understands if Jenn wins HOH and puts Frank and himself up. Jenn tell him she won’t do that. Britney leaves.. Jenn asks them what is up with AShley.
Joe: “this sucks for you.. she came to me and asked me to vote for Mike.. she told me she’s not leaving Frank and Ian.. She asks me to blindside you so you would not be mad with her all week… and little does she know I’m tighter with you..”
Jenn: “So you think someone else is telling her that”
JOe: ‘Yes for sure”
Joe: ‘I’m telling them tonight and and Boogie is going to throw a sh!tFit .. cause those votes are locked”
Shane: ‘You have 4 votes to stay”
Jenn: “Why are people hating on me so much”
Shane: “It’s Boogie manipulating people”

Danielle joins them. Jenn says that when she has a problem with people she’ll get up to their face tell them to F-Off she feels that’s the best thing to do. Jenn was trying to play it cool, loyal and trustworthy she stood by her word and helped her team and it got her nowhere.

10:48pm cam 3-4 HOH Headhunters + Jenn 
Joe asks Jenn is she will be bringing the heat tonight.. meaning if she’ll confront Ashley about where her vote is. Jenn doesn’t think she’s ready for a fight tonight. They remind Jenn that week one Frank was saved with one vote and she did vote for him to stay.

10:50pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Britney (Image Link)
Britney wonders why Frank and Boogie haven’t been campaigning to her yer. Ashley doesn’t know says they are working joe and they are working her..” I feel like they think you are a definite no.. “ Britney mentions the awkwardness of the house and thinks it’ll get a lot worse next week. Ashley says she hasn’t told Frank who she’s voting for but she wants to keep Jenn for obvious reasons.

10:53pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Ian and Frank
Ian is worried that Frank Jenn is going to roll with DDBS if Boogie goes. Frank doesn’t think she’ll do that..

Frank says their targets should be Shane, Dan, Joe and Ashley and Brit. Frank tells Ian the best final 3 for them is Frank, Ian and Ashley. Ian leaves.. Frank Begs superpass for a special power..

(prior to this conversation Frank and Ashley had a long talk about strategy. Basically they are tight and want to get Shane and Dan out to grab Britney on their team )

11:23pm Kitchen Brintey, Ian ashley, Shane Ninja Moves

11:20 HOH Cam 3-4 Danielle and Jenn

Danielle: “Can I tell you something that never leaves us no matter how heated you get”
Jenn: “Yes of course”
Danielle: “Before the Veto they tried to make a final 4 with me and Ashley”
Jenn: “Oh with AShley to.. Before the veto.. “
(Jenn is getting pissed)

Danielle tells her that Boogie and Frank call her a Floater and think she won’t win anything.

Danielle tells her Jenn is her girl she’s opened her eyes to so many things and Danielle feels like Jenn changed her life in a very good way. Danielle swears that she didn’t know what Shane was going to do. Danielle got very mad at Shane for it because it hurt his relationship with Jenn. A relationship she holds close to her heart.

Danielle tells her she wants her to know that in this game she is never alone as long Daneille stays. Jenn starts to cry, Danielle gets up and gives her a hug

Jenn: ‘You are pulling on my heartstrings girl… we come from such different ends of the spectrum.. I love it” Jen adds that Frank and Boogie have been trying to get her fired up about being nominated. Danielle knows, they want her to do that so she she sabotages her game.

11:41pm Hammock Cam 1-2 Joe and Frank
Joe: “I regret to inform you it’s a no”
Frank: “ohh OK”
Joe explains that Ashley has flipped 4 times today.. he’s done some digging but he’s not trusting Ashley he can’t roll with her.
Frank: ‘She’s 100% Im telling you”
Joe: “It’s not up for debate.. even if I voted for him but the vibe i’m getting Boogie is gone”
Joe doesn’t trust Ashley and it runs deeper than this week. Joe says Ashley has been flip flopping all summer one and flip flopping with power. Frank points out that Joe flip flopped before. JOe says that was during the coaches and he was following the coaches advice.
Joe explains that Ashley fucked him with the Wil vote last week.. She’s broken his trust 3 times now. Joe: “To me it’s better if Boogie Leaves.. you two will win this thing together”
Joe: “Right now i’m an absolute no”
Frank argues that AShley is just telling people what they want to hear. Frank was in the couch talking with AShley for awhile he thinks she’s solid
Joe: “Anyone can talk to Ashley for 2 hours and get her vote.. I’m scared of Ashley.. I don’t trust her”
Joe: ”My gut tells me don’t trust Ashley and having Boogie and Frank both in the game is bad for him”
Frank says that Boogie and Frank are meat shields
Joe: “Shane and Dan are meat shields.. Look it’s just a fact of life that Frank and Boogie are closer than anyone else in the game and there is no way he’s getting through that”

Frank: “As close as I am with Mike.. if you don’t vote for him I’m not going to work with him”

12:04AM Ashley Joins them says that Jenn wants to kill her.. (Image Link )
Joe: “Jenn has been up in the HOH for 2 hours”
Ashley: “no offense but I’m sure you said something.. Boogie is going home and now I can’t even work with Jenn.. I’m not going to work with DDBS because I mean nothing to them”
Joe: ‘It sounded like to me that Jenn was trying to make a deal with DDBS”
Ashley points out that DDBS are 4 people working like the brigade.

Ashley doesn’t understand why Jenn is so pissed she’s not going to get anywhere with DDBS.
Joe says that Jenn thinks Ashley is voting to keep Mike
Ashley: “Umm OK how did she get that”
JOe: “She got bad vibes from you during Yoga”

Joe: “Did you tell Britney 30 minutes ago that you were voting to keep Boogie”
Ashley: ‘YA.. I told her it wouldn’t work .. ummm you voting for Boogie.. “ (Ashley mumbles some stuff) feeds cut to fish..

Frank tries repeatedly with Joe telling him he can team up with Boogie, Ashley, Frank and Ian and take out DDBS.

12:30AM Cam 1-2 Ashley asks Joe if Boogie leaves will he still work with them. Joe says Frank already told him if he votes to get rid of Boogie Frnak won’t work with him. Joe says the answer is no vote to keep Boogie.
Joe: “they offer me a final 5 deal and I’ve looked at it from all angles and that is the best path for him”
Frank telling him they will boot Joe before that final 5 is reached. Joe disagrees he thinks DDBS will start stabbing each other in the back soon, “There’s 500K at stake c’mon”

Joe wants to know who Ashley told she was keeping Boogie. Ashley says the only person she’s ever told was JOe she never told Britney. Joe says that he told Shane. AShley starts to laugh OHHH there you go Eagle Eye.. that’s how BRitney knows Shane told her.
(Biam eagle EYE is going to evict Boogie Ashley sealed the deal)
When Eagle eye leaves Frank wastes no time calling him a idiot.

12:35AM Britney searching around the house looking for a secret power

12:46AM HOH Eagle eye walks into the HOH
Jenn, Ian, DDBS are in there.. JOe tells them Frank got his answer and he’s not happy. Ian runs out crying, Britney follows.

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Head of Household

Ashley you ho bag.

Team idon'tcare

Her parents must be so proud.


Assuming you all are Team Dan (and, consequently, women, though that’s irrelevant), you should know what Dan would tell you since he’s been reading the Good Book all week: judge not lest ye be judged. #hypocrites


Didn’t you just make an unfair judgement that all Dan fans are women? Try this one:

Matt 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

LA from GA

The pictures of Team Powerhouse have me crying I’m laughing so hard! I have to admit I’m kinda TPH4L now :)


Joe’s game is lacking but he’s damn entertaining. I just wish he’d stop yelling at me in the DR.



Carol & Steve

C’mon Joe – let’s get this show on the road! Want some fireworks before After Dark is over – LOL!!

Eli Rules

Mystery Box clue!
At 4:09ish BB time, Frank and Ashley are talking in the arcade room when very slowly the camera pans up to the lights at the ceiling. Each light is hanging separately, and each has a square glass shade that looks very similar to the mystery box. It seemed odd when the camera made this move, so it caught my eye. I’m sure the clue to the mystery is in those lights! Flashback and check it out…

Carol & Steve

Noooooooo!!! Hopefully Ashley & Frank didn’t notice anything!!!

just a random fam

How convienient is it that the cameras do this when FRANK and ASHLEY are in the room. Production making an attempt to save Maliboogie this week. Ugh. I guess he does have “connections” everywhere, including Big Brother production. *rolls eyes*
Just let the old man leave, quit interfering production. Didn’t you see him barely run up that slant during the last HOH? No wonder the guy throws competitions and has others win them for him, is cause he can barely compete for them now? Atleast give him a cane or walker next time if you want to help the old man.


ok i wanna know just how long until anyone in the house notices… i think if any of them do it would be ian


Joe will notice give him time to lower his blood pressure. Joe knows his blood is like acid and he cant risk endangering the BB cast if he were to explode.


How would they have not noticed that? I hope Pandora blows up in Shanes face and make his HOH just as useless as his last

Eli Rules

I know, you’d expect them to notice something out of the ordinary like the camera moving in the middle of their convo. Especially because it was the one mounted inside the room where they can see it. The HG’s usually notice the movement of the exposed when they are walking through the house, or sitting outside, they’ll look to see what it’s focusing on. That said, it was a very subtle move.


I imagine that after a while they would get used to the cameras and stop paying attention to them.


Maybe, the HOH competition for double eviction will be a quiz on how many squares there are?
Will more be added by Thursday?


Could this be productions way of letting Frank in on the HOH challenge so he can cheat again? Just wondering.


I hope production doesn’t pull something like they did last season to save Rachel


If you Flashback to previous arcade scenes, you will see they are the same light fixtures at before. Go back to August 4th, 8:15 am, camera 3. Boogie and Wil are in the arcade room and the lights have boxes around them then too.


Can Joe get any more annoying?




Absolutely he can. Is like a teenager.

Insecure Teenagers

We don’t like ashley :( She needs to hang out with Danielle more than maybe we’ll give her name a capital letter.


You’re hilarious!!! I love your posts!!!!!!!!


I still don’t for the life of me understand why Joe, Ian or anyone for that matter would want to work with DDSB(the new brigade). Everyone knows they’re a f4, so where does that leave the outsiders exactly. Yet people are clinging to them as if it’s their only hope.

After joe/Ian/everyone else gets evicted and Julie asks “if you knew you were the odd man out why bother helping them? The looks on their faces should be priceless I hope.


EXACTLY what I’m thinking.

Voting out Boogie take out a major threat to DDBS. Voting out Jenn guarantees for them to be able to float longer. Ian is just getting his boxers wet thinking about voting out one of the greatest players and his former(?) idol. Joe is Joe, he’s never thinking straight.


I honestly believe no one besides Dan, Boogie and Frank knows what the hell they’re doing in that house. it’s been the same thing from the beginning of this season with this cast. running to each other, snitchin’ every conversation about another person to each other. even Shane is stupid for not making any deals during his HOH reign. it’s like he’s evicting boogie for nothing. what exactly does Shane gets out nominating Boogie and getting him evicted? shane just keeps building himself to be the bigger target in the house. you figure he should of at least sat down with boogie and frank before nominations and dig into them to see what they had to offer to advance him in the game. but no, britney gets in shane’s head telling him that boogie and frank had thoughts about backdooring dan during frank’s HOH reign. Shane should of thought to himself, wait a minute, this is actually great, this should be my opportunity to break away from britney and danielle, Shane should of thought, if dan is backdoored by boogie or frank I have another option in the coming week to keep myself safe. boogie being evicted did nothing for shane, as much as the house thinks they may prevail in boogie being evicted, they FAILED in getting out who they really wanted out first….FRANK.


Could not agree more.


Just got a headache listening to Danielle. Got to go bed.


Seems like you’re one of the few people I agree with when it comes to strategy on these boards.


Why on earth would Shane want to break away from Britney/Danielle and ally with Frank/Boogie? Britney/Danielle pose no threat to him. Frank/Boogie do.


You said: “what exactly does Shane gets out nominating Boogie and getting him evicted?”

He gets out a strong player who is targeting him.

You said: “you figure he should of at least sat down with boogie and frank before nominations and dig into them to see what they had to offer to advance him in the game.”

They already had a deal. It was called the “Silent Six”. What further deals could have been made?

You said: “britney gets in shane’s head telling him that boogie and frank had thoughts about backdooring dan during frank’s HOH reign.”

Frank fully admitted to Dan that he was contemplating backdooring Dan. Britney got in Shane’s head telling him that Boogie was trying to get Ian to nominate Shane and Britney if Ian won HOH. And that was 100% true.

You said: “Shane should of thought to himself, wait a minute, this is actually great, this should be my opportunity to break away from britney and danielle”

Again, I ask: Why would he want to break away from Britney and Danielle (two people who have never betrayed his trust and pose no threat to him) and join up with Boogie and Frank (two people who are trying to backstab him and are huge threats)?

You said: “Shane should of thought, if dan is backdoored by boogie or frank I have another option in the coming week to keep myself safe.”

Please explain how getting rid of one of his own allies is going to help keep him safe in the future.


OMG these are the dumbest ppl, SDBD are a tight four everyone else is just expendable crap. who in the hell would want to be number five in their alliance of four. They are laughing at these idiots behind their back. And of course Jenn is getting played right now, is she crushing on Danielle. They are sooooo ughhh Ian thinking they are going to take him and Joe thinking he’s in this tight alliance and now they are working Jenn and trying for Ashley. I don’t think these fools studied BB enough. I may not 100% agree with how Boogie and Frank play but if I were any of the so called “floaters” I would be with them. Shane already said once Frank and Boogie are gone these ppl have no protection and the four of them will have smooth sailing. I am not interested in boring TV I want to see power struggles between alliances not these four have a clear road, wtf.


Julie won’t ask that. Joe and Ian are snakes. Joe wants to be so important. Maybe he will have a week alone in the jury house to think about it.


LMAO. I think the most paranoid person in the BB right now is powerhouse. he has no idea how this game is supposed to be played. the way he’s rambling on tonight almost makes you believe that he’s on the block for eviction. powerhouse is probably the worst liar in the game. he comes off nervous, cranky and stressful in his conversations with the others. I hope production has a medical team ready, because powerhouse may catch a panic attack before the night ends.


Have you noticed how Britney looks like she wants to hang herself every time he comes near?


lol yeah. I give Britney credit though. she may come off bitchy at times, but she’s not too confrontational in situations where she should be.


you know damn well her husband is checking out the feeds with his hands on his lap tonight.


you’re right, she is. now, decision time, who for her to take out first during the double eviction, frank or dan…

Ian's squeeky hammock

Who’s the new gal in the photo and layed out like a slug in the HOH? Was that the twist, her name is on the clear box “?”

Carol & Steve

so funny – i think about that whenever I see ? on the tv. I just crack up when I see it! I really love this site more than the show sometimes! :)

Carol & Steve

Alright – now that ? is in the alliance, what will this one be called….
BTW Simon, if you need an avatar for ? – how about the Riddler from original Batman tv series – just saying! riddle me this! :)

Ian's squeeky hammock

OH, so she’s Pandora? Who knew, so is her knick name Pan or Dora?
Were the lights in the arcade room always those boxes or is that new?


Ian is having complete and multiple hissy fits in the hammock watching Frank and Ashley.


I haven’t watched BB since the 2nd season, have there been seasons with any stupider people in them then this year? (I find it hard to believe) Joe has to be retarded to not side with Frank and Boogie, how can someone be so stupid to see that they won’t get past 5-6th place. Boogie is right, everyone in that house besides a few people are completely stupid, I hope that he says something to that effect when he’s interviewed, and is in the crowd when Joe gets interviewed after he’s evicted 20-30 mins later with the double evict. And just laughs throws up his arms and laughs at him, gg, Joe, gg. Shane is just painful to watch, and Danielle’s like that chick from Seinfeld that cried when she dropped her frankfurter, wtf is wrong with her, emo. Dayum…


I was really hoping Dan and Boogie would team up but thats not really an option anymore. Weird how everyone assumes that the reason this all started was because of Dan when it really was because of Ian. Dan’s and everyone else is doing him a huge favor by keeping their mouths shut. Whats crazy now, is Ian seems to get who he wanted his target to be (Boogie, when everyone else wanted Frank) but now he seems like he is scared to vote against him because he doesn’t want it to damage his relationship with Frank. With Joe appearing to be a vote against Boogie to go and Ian knowing this, he just might vote Jenn out. And with the true wildcard that Joe is, who really knows what will happen. I mean seriously, everyone might end up surprised after this one. I honestly just hope Boogie goes now.


I don’t think so because if Ian doesn’t vote boogie out it would end the qiack pack and backfire on Ian because Dan would have no reason to keep his secret and tell boogie and frank but i also don’t see joe voting to keep boogie.


I can’t wait for Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle’s alliance to starts crumbling and fall apart! It’s a matter of time, BB never let’s one alliance get their way for too long because then it becomes obnoxiously boring to watch! The power has to shift to a floater just to make a little different and I really hope it’s Ashley cause you never know what’s go jump out of that girls brain! I would rather see that than Frank or one of the four winning again. Something needs to change, SERIOUSLY it’s getting pathetic at this point.


Yeah that will be next week when Frank wins HOH they wont be so tight then lol cant wait


Amen. I’m so happy people are finally starting to turn on DDSB. One is a dummy. One is smug. One whines all the time. One is certifiably insane–literally. Like, she needs to be institutionalized–and I’m not talking outpatient in Malibu. I’m talking white walls, no windows in Vienna.


I agree, I can’t stand any of them!!


Froogie/Ashley ftw!!! I dont want to see Boogie go….he needs to stay and kick some ass!! Fake people in that house! I hate Shane..he no Captain America….Cap has more balls than he does..and he wouldnt back stab his team. Cant wait until he is gone..


You are so right! Production would never let any allience, let’s call it (just a random name) “the Brigade”, last until the end of the game. It’ll never happen.


Hey Simon or Dawg, I was reading my twitter and EvilDick asked for something and someone led him to this site….. So you maybe have him browse this site.


In that case – @ Evil Dick, why are you so miserable? is it because your daughter is a whore with a loose pussy?


OMG Eagle Eye is loving the attention and the batter he thinks by selling out BFJIA and telling the other side every damn conversation he taking himself off

radar and they will see how useful he is. Damn Fool dont realize the other side has no real use or loyalty to him (I know he wife is yelling at the tv calling him a

damn fool)


The more I watch live feeds the more I just h8 Ian..He just tries to be this cool guy but if you watch his game he just is missing a screw. Im not sure why he is missing that screw (some type of syndrome) but he does….


LMAO. hey Simon, that pic with powerhouse with Britney in the bikini is classic. looks like powerhouse collapsed into a conversational coma.


Help! I’ve been gone for the last 2 days – Is Ian just ‘pretending’ to vote for Boogie or is he really going to vote for Boogie so that he can stay ‘in’ on the BFJA side? SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW!


Is it bad that I’m secretly hoping that Boogie stays and Ian wins HOH in the fast forward and has to quickly reveal his alliance. Maybe I’m just itching for some havoc!

And I am not a Boogie fan! Dan FTW!

Jen W

Seriously why is SHO2 only showing Danielle right now!!!!!! Ugh, I did not stay up this late to watch her!!!!!!!!


Irony is Danielle calling Ashley a jealous girl.


need to get them to start playing for beyond getting boogie out

joe. you suck. seriously. you side with the huge alliance where you are the 6 man? dumb


Shane looks like Bill Bob in Sling Blade with his Erkel Pants around his belly button.


Wow, that Brintney pic just made my day……Thank U onlinebigbrother………

Tell Joe to stay away from me for just afew mins….

Shane and Bittney for the next amazing race

I would love for Kara.. shanes crush to have something to do with pandoras box …can you see danielles stupid stalker self freak out…. hehe


Wouldn’t it be funny if Jenn made a move on Danielle, just to tweek her to freak out? Then wake all her alliances and spend the rest of the night and tomorrow crying about it?


Nerd Herd 2.0 is so boring. BB really needs to work on their casting. Jenn, Ian, and Joe are just happy to be there and rather than trying to win, they are just playing to stay as long as they can. Ashley was in the same boat and decided to wake up after all her allies were bounced. Production better give Boogie a Coup D’etat or the next month will be among the most boring in TV history. If Boogie and Frank go, Dan is the only worthy winner.


Tonight on BBD Brittany told Jenn and Joe that Dan is not the one who gave the information, and I will go to my grave with who it is, then Shane added you would be shocked, I don’t think Joe and Jenn realized what information was given to them, If Dan finds out what both of them said, he is going to mad. If this gets back to Boogie and Frank there is going to be trouble.


Wow why did she tell them that! If joe or jenn figure out its ian then the fireworks r gonna startregardless if boogie leaves. For the shoes sake, let boogie and frank know before Thursday cause the show will be boring with no boogie


don’t it seem like production is setting up Jenn to be evicted? everyone is casually consoling her, hugging her and making her feel like she’s really exists in the house. I’m just waiting for powerhouse to pop-up any moment, and start going around the house saying Jenn is still with boogie and frank.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

Why would it matter if Jenn was still with Frank? She’s on the block – – she doesn’t have a vote. She can’t hurt anyone. But even if she did, there’s no way she runs back to Frank after his over-the-top campaigning against her. She may not be allied with DDBS(I), but she won’t be in Frank’s pocket anytime soon, either. Not that any of this will matter after production inserts the Boogie-saving twist (Coup d’etat, maybe?). The simple fact is that the houseguests have no control over what happens next. BB will decide, for the good of the ratings. BB14 is unreality TV at its finest.


Brit, Shane or Dan FTW

The Boogs hopefully goes home Thurs with Frank in tow. I would have pulled for Frank once Boogie is gone but he has been a douche ALL week.


My god are these people putting on or what. The soap opera acting is so obvious it makes it even worst to watch


tell me about it. the Danielle and Jenn crying/hugging moment was pathetic.


Was there some punishment competition that we were not made aware of? Why is Danielle hugging that homeless person?

production rigged it

i think it’s funny how alot of people think joe is stupid for going with DDSB saying that he’s fighting for 5th or 6th place, ok probably true but guess what if he goes with boogie and frank maybe he goes to final 3 if he’s lucky there’s really no difference though he just finishes 2 or 3 spots better with the same amount of money either way so it really doesn’t matter so basically he’s just choosing to work with who he likes better and who he knows is not as tight as boogie and frank are because everybody knows how tight they are or well just to be anyways i mean they are butt buddies afterall i mean joe even told frank that they would die for each other and frank agreed so joe is screwed regardless.


have you been watching joe since the start of the season? he has done nothing to make himself look like he knows what’s going on in the game. he’s been pathetic and embarrassing himself, running around like some little gossip girl. when he was put up for eviction, have you even seen the way he was campaigning to stay in the house? it was flat-out embarrassing, especially the blank paper guarantees he was giving people. he’s not gonna win any competitions, and I would bet money even if it’s production throws him a cooking competition, he will lose that too. he has become the car wreck character of this year BB. he’ll give Adam (BB13) a run for one of the most annoying players ever, but I give Joe the edge for being more entertaining, and that’s not saying much. powerhouse act is gonna crash and burn in a few days. he’s a constant inside joke in the BB house.

production rigged it

dude yes i have and i agree with you that’s basically my point it doesn’t matter which way he goes he’s screwed no matter what 5th or maybe 3rd either way he’s not winning.


I completely understand what you mean. but it’s frustrating seeing Joe wasting time going back and forth gossiping, when he should stop, take a deep breath, and get his head in the game. Joe should of realized voting for boogie, keeps boogie and frank in the house, which keeps him off the radar and deflects the target to the other players.

production rigged it

think about this though by going with DDSB and voting out boogie he’s on the side with more stronger players plus they are going to go after frank, ashley, ian and possibly jenn before him and also don’t forget he made the comment that he thinks they will eventually turn on each other and remember the talk with britney and danielle earlier in the season about how no girl has ever beat a guy in final 2 so if they stick to their deal then they probably will have to turn on shane and dan to accompliish that and joe is hoping he’s laying there in the weeds waiting for something like that to happen.


Don’t forget that with all his knee bent running about Joe has garnered information. Important information. He knows that Frank and Boogie have offered final 3 deals with at least 4 people, including himself. How can he trust which “final 3” deal they will honor. It is painfully obvious (even to Joe) that they have no intention of keeping any of their “promises.” DDBS has not promised him anything other than final 5 and they can keep that. (not saying that they will.)


Especially Joe’s bargaining a “vote” with JoJo early in the season for cigarettes! Pitiful game play. Would have thought Production would have stepped in on this one.. Good thing the HG’s called him out on it…


Especially when Joe tried to bargain a “vote” from JoJo over cigarettes. Pififul game play… Surprised Production didn’t step in on this one, but at least the HG’s called him out on it to change his mind.


Here’s the big logic flaw that so many others seem to be missing when looking at Final 3 vs. Final 5:

If Joe (or anyone else) gets to the Final 3 and pulls a comp win out of his ass at the best possible time, he’s in the Final 2 and guaranteed at least $50,000. If he gets to the Final 5 and is cut there, Joe doesn’t even get that chance.

I’m really baffled at how diehard fans seem to be missing that point.

production rigged it

no dude actually i do realize that but here is the thing he’s not gonna make final 3 with boogie and frank because they would take ashley and even if he did i know what you’re saying but do you really think he would win comp over boogie or frank possible but not likely.


While they would likely take Ashley, Joe didn’t know that at the time. If I were a man without a country, I’d take the odds of Final 3 vs. Final 5.

And while it also isn’t likely he would win a comp against Frank or Boogie, he’d at least have the chance for an upset. He doesn’t even get to the dance with BSDD.


Like I say above, Joe knows that at least 4 final 3 deals have been made or offered.


Which means that Boogie and Frank won’t honor any of them and that Joe could actually fight to stay. With BSDD, he’s fifth, sixth, or seventh depending on the hour.

PH4L yo

I am so impressed with how straight Joe was with Frank, he is really turning into one of the most entertaining players of the season. He is hilarious and he seems decent even if he embellishes things just a little…..

Simon, I love the graphics on all of the Joe pictures, they make me laugh!


Frank and Boogie act like the average bullies. If you don’t do things my way, I am taking my ball and going home!!!


That’s more bratty than bully.

I don’t really blame Frank for being bitter. Everyone has pretty much scumbagged him in one form or another aside from Boogie.


You are right it is bratty! Frank and Mike both bully people in this game and get irritated when things don’t go their way. It is a game, everyone has their favorite and everyone has people they can’t stand. I can’t stand Frank or Mike. Mike because he is a douche-bag and has been since his first appearance on this show and Frank because he acts just like him. Frank is a spoiled brat by the way, he lives with his grandmother and she supports him. His dad is Sid Vicious and the kid has money already. He is used to things going his way and when it doesn’t he gets angry and starts to throw vicious comments. I guess he lives up to his dad’s reputation. Dr. Will would have been a better pick for production, at least he would have kept calm and not taken everything so personal.


What makes you think Sid Viscious has money? He was around before wrestlers made the money they make now, even now most of these guys are broke after they retire unless they have outside bissiness ventures from wrestling.


And Frank says, ” My Daddy is going to beat up your Daddy, and MY Daddy is a famous (has-been) wrestler!”


Okay Production rigged, you’d rather work with a group of 4 and be #5 on the list and no matter what you do end up fifth than only competing against two other people with a greater chance of winning HOH and putting them up. Thank god, you’re not in the game.

production rigged it

no more like thank god you’re not in the game because obviously you can’t comprehend what i just said here i will explain it to you again what’s the difference in 5th place or 3rd place nothing money is the same is joe going to beat boogie or frank no he’s not so like i said before it doesn’t matter and since you wanna take a crack at me saying thank god i’m not in the game i just wanna say nice name by the way couldn’t come up with something originial huh?


Powerhouse mode engaged Baby! Booger is Hit List Priority #1 followed by Ashley and the rest of the house. Take cover PPL.


Dan didn’t do anything to get Jenn into his group, and he didn’t do anything to have Joe by his side, but however F/B will always give him all the credit for that. It’s so funny how they’ve completely overrated him.


They may have given him credit where credit isn’t due, but Boogie really UNDERESTIMATED him. He didn’t think that Dan would make such a move so soon. They also underestimated the rest of the Quack Pack, since this was a group consensus.


I’m not a fan of Shane, Dan, Britney, Ian, ect. but I can say that I would like to see Boogie leave. Only for the fact that I would love to see how this will get Frank moving. He will be so upset and this will put such a huge fire under him. As a result it will make it all more interesting.


Danielle has gained a good 25lbs from when the show began.


Her thighs are HUGE, she has cankles and from the back she’s a WL(wide load).


what is this about “wacky wednesday?”


Thanks Simon….. I did not know if it was a HG nickname or if there was something else going on this week as i have never heard any of the houseguests mention it before…but it makes sense since it is the day before the eviction


For those that think that Shane is stupid, you just are not seeing his strategy. He is a competitor. He thinks he can beat anyone for the HOH or the POV, but he wants a strong alliance if he loses a comp.

He has strong partners with Dan, Danielle, and Brit, and has a certain level of confidence with each. He also has a mole, with Ian, into the other players thoughts. After counting his fingers and toes, is became obvious to go after the strongest opposition this week, they drew first blood, Frank and Booger. And if picked one of them off before a double eviction and jury votes, it made the timing perfect.

What are Joe, Jen and Ash going to do about it to retaliate? Burn his toast in the morning or tell Shane irritating stories or show some more gross tattoos?

Shane is a mastermind, but you didn’t even know it. Don’t misunderestimate him.


George Walker Bush
Proud Republican
10,000k comments suck wind, the pinko

Shane and Bittney for the next amazing race

joe you should be wearing dress… you are another shelly…


Shelly was worse. At least Joe doesn’t use personal information to get close to people while knowingly stabbing them in the back, then throwing a pity party when his dear friend gets eliminated.

The feeds were painful to watch last season when Shelly was getting close to Cassi on a personal level while knowingly scumbagging her.


HEY should someone wake up boogie yet or tell him in the morning hes going home Ashley playing both love interest now has screwed your game lol Ian’s watching and want Frank gone too why you think he rocks on the hammock like he’s mad a t your flirtmance


Good one, Rhonda!


Everybody is talking about how stupid Joe and Ian are being for going with DDBS…but how STUPID is Frank for doing all the hard work for boogie to stay when boogie went for the 10k and for the 3rd night in a row is sound asleep. I think boogie should leave he should be doing his own work…Frank is just as stupid if not more so


Boogie has been his only reliable ally and it sucks for him that Boogie is sabotaging himself.


that may be…but boogie is still sleeping..if boogie cared so much about staying why is he asleep?


Like I said, Boogie is sabotaging himself.


Boogie is used to Dr. Will telling him what to do. He really doesn’t have true BB strategy. He thinks “initimidation” is the way to win the game, but with this group, NOT the strategy to use.
I just don’t understand how, Frank, on the other hand, does NOT blame Boogie for the position they are in (Boogie going for $$ instead of HOH). Can’t Frank see that he has only been Booger’s partner to do his dirty work and to keep B’s hands clean? Boogie is using him… Hopefully it WILL backfire on Boogie.\
Seeing Jenn’s firey personality come to life makes me believe that there will be lots of drama with the “nose picker” gone.
(Oh, do they all get so comfortable with the camera’s that they can dig, pick, squeeze their body parts and NOT know we are watching?) Like watching someone drive their car when they think no one is watching… LOL!

production rigged it

i don’t have the feeds but is ian not just playing it up for joe so joe doesn’t know about the quack pack because he knows if he sided with boogie and frank then dan and them would rat him out especially since dan took all the heat for him.


makes the most sense to me as he does not wanna tip his hand too quickly

i also think he would be upset because now frank and ashley will be spending even more time together and he will be the one way out


are these times in PST?


I sort of wish production would just tell boogie where the power is, so that the power alliance has to scramble

I fear that with boogie gone, frank is just a sitting duck that wil last max 2 evictions.

shane will get taken out as hes weak minded

we will be left with dan, danielle, brit and likely ian. how that will be fun watching them “outsmart” ashley, joe, jenn who are all playing solo games, is beyond me

Boogie's Huge Forehead

If production chooses who goes and who stays, then who outsmarts who? It’s not a game if he winner is scripted. Boogie will crow about how smart he is anyway, even though he hasn’t even played well enough to reach the jury. All of the obvious production interference is ruining the season. LET THEM PLAY!!


Ian is playing itup but Boogie was his mentor too and the greatest player of all time (so he thinks) Dan will help him deal with the pain llike a wounded bird


Naw, he doesn’t think Boogie is the greatest player. Near the top but not the greatest. Remember the comments he made to Boogie about why Boogie was there instead of Dr. Will.


people say frank has to play on his own, forget mike

the problem is, every single person has bold face lied to him, the only one he may believe is ashley, who is no help, jenn who is less than no help, and ian who will go tattle every single thing he says to dan no matter if its good for ian or not.

Im worried the season is about to get very very obvious.


Simon, I dont have the live feeds so is Ian acting or is he really upset over Boogie leaving?


I was wondering the same thing…. Maybe he finally found out that Ashley is playing him….