Boogie says that going the ugly route isn’t good for the evolution of Mike Malin..

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


8:40am Boogie and Frank are talking. Boogie seem complacent that he will be leaving this Thursday. Frank says that he thinks if he gets a chance he will send home Dan home first. I think he is acting like the Shepard up there. Frank says that its hard because there are so many targets. Boogie says that he know that he isn’t going to like to hear this but, I think you could pull Shane if you get rid of Dan. Frank tells Boogie that Ashley and Ian were crying last night and really upset. Boogie says that he wonders if he should call a house meeting and tell everyone that I am going on Thursday and that I am fine with it.

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Boogie says that he has to go either one of two roads, and I am a father now and need to be more responsible. Years ago I could I would have no problem going hard at them but I want to leave with my head held high. Frank says that he doesn’t know who he is going to talk to now. Boogie says that he got tricked into being here. Boogie talks about how $50,000 isn’t even that much money after taxes, what are you going to do with that pay some bills for a few months. Boogie says that the others don’t get any satisfaction from his leaving because none of them have any concept of $500,000, they have no idea of what I has outside this house. Boogie says that he is going to something outside this house that they will never have. Boogie says hopefully you get to avenge me and that you wear a Brady t-shirt or something else I give you so that they remember me. Boogie says f**king jokers… because I was an alternate and not even supposed to be here. He says that it could get so ugly in here and I have nothing to gain by being mean.


Frank says that he doesn’t want to work with any of these mother fu*kers. Boogie says just make sure you get Ian and Ashley to continue to work with you. Boogie says that when he calls a house meeting he is going to call out Joe and say you said you had a heart condition so I didn’t want to make it worse so I was respectful of which is why I went to bed early, and you were up in the HOH making fun of me. Boogie says that if I go the other way only Dan would get pleasure out of it, but if I go this way maybe they will all feel bad. At least I can leave with my head held high. Boogie says that he is going to keep his cool, shake everyone’s hand, and make them all feel guilty. Frank says that he is concerned that Julie Chen will ride Boogie when he goes out there. Boogie says that there is nothing to be gained from making things ugly in the house. Boogie talks about how he will still try and trick Danielle into thinking he has a power. and will tell her he knows she is a nurse. Frank says it was bad seeing Ian so upset last night, but say that maybe it will light a fire under him. Boogie says that going the ugly route isn’t good for the evolution of Mike Malin. He says that he doesn’t want to make Ian or Ashley upset. Frank says that none of the others deserve to be here. Mike says in a game like this, the best people don’t win, sometimes they do. Frank starts counting the votes against Dan and says that in the end he would give the win to Joe over Dan. Frank says that the others flip flop so much and don’t know the game. Frank says that he is living his dream right now and Dan is sh*tting on it. Boogie says that Dan thinks they will still be friends after the game. Frank says that if he can’t do it he wants a floater to win, he says that this is how a floater wins the game. Boogie says that he is going to tell Jenn how much it hurts to hear that she was talking bad about him.


9:30am – 10:10am In the bathroom Boogie and Ashley are talking. Boogie tells Ashley that he is going to just call a house meeting when everyone gets up and tell them all that this is all so unnecessary. Boogie tells Ashley that she can tell Jenn what she wants to say too after he says what he wants to say. Boogie heads back to the kitchen to eat breakfast with Frank. Frank says that Jenn talked about how she was fine with going home so that she could see her friends and now she is throwing you under the bus. That ain’t Brooklyn, Jojo is more Brooklyn than she is. Ashley and Frank head into the arcade room. Frank tells her that if he is on a team with them for the have nots he will tank it just to make them have-nots. Ashley talks about how mean Jenn was to her and told her that she would not work with her until she saw how the votes fell. Frank says that Jenn is dirty brown water trash.


10:35am – 10:45amFrank tells Ashley that if he goes to the jury he will be campaigning for her to get the votes. Boogie brings up how he thinks there will be a double eviction this week for sure. He says that one will happen on Thursday and another on Sunday. Boogie talks about how he just wishes he could leave and how have to think about this at all, no internet, no CBS, nothing.. Ashley tells him that at least he gets to go see Brady. Boogie says that makes it all worthwhile to get to go see him. Boogie says that the things on the internet aren’t as bad for some people as they are for others, like for me it would be bad and people online would call Danielle a fat b*tch and a cow. Big Brother cuts the feeds to wake up the house guests. When the feeds come back all the house guests are told to be on a HOH lock down. They start speculating on why they would be locked down in the HOH room. Danielle says that she thinks someone is going home today. She says that she went into the storage room too and the bags are in there and they don’t normally put those in there until Thursday morning. Boogie says oh sh*t you’re right. Oh please, please, please let that be right! Maybe I can go home 24 hours early! Boogie tells them that he want to have a short house meeting. Frank wonders if it will be a live show tonight with an eviction and another one tomorrow. Boogie says that they probably will.


10:50am – 11am Boogie says that he just wants to say a few things. I heard everything that went on last night, lets just leave all the negativity out of it all. He says that he thinks a lot of Ashley and Ian and that he doesn’t want then caught up into the negativity. Boogie tells Joe that he didn’t appreciate the things he was saying and doing last night because I was being respectful of you and your bad blood pressure and how you said you didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Boogie says that he already won this and he has nothing to prove, you can all vote me out. Boogie says that is it, that’s all he wanted to say. Shane says that is very nice of him to say that. They all agree it was nice of Boogie. The house guests notice on the spy screen that they can see the living room and the back door opens. They can see someone down there and wonder what they are doing and why they are locked down. They try not to talk about it so that BB wont know that they can see, but big brother switches view. Ashley then gives a short speech about how everyone is a good person and have families and stuff outside the house. She says that Boogie isn’t a bad person. We’re all going to get stabbed in the front or the back and it is just a game and we are all good people. Frank yeah, it is just a game but it is our lives too, 24/7 and I don’t want to get heated but this is my dream.


What the house guests see in the spy screen while on an HOH lock down: Someone is in the backyard


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148 thoughts on “Boogie says that going the ugly route isn’t good for the evolution of Mike Malin..

  1. Mike Boogie,

    If you hold this house meeting today and let everyone know that the fighting is unnecessary, I will applaud you. Leave with your head held high and with pride. You don’t want to tarnish the great game playing legacy you already have.

    1. Mike Boogie isn’t leaving with anything put a poor reputation. He proved this week that he and his new Will are hypocrite’s, cheaters, and sore losers.

      And he better call that house meeting, I’m sick of him and Frank being all bark and no bite.

      1. Agreed…should have taken the high road a bit earlier. He thinks 6 weeks of being a dick can be wiped out by one day of, well cutting back on being a dick. Notice he still has some shit stuff he wants to do. Great role model…newp. Great player….sorry, not without Dr Will, the greatest of all time. Just get the fk out to your lawsuits and gay older dudes, and wait for your totally ignorant sidekick Frankie boy to come bang you after jury.

        1. Boogie take a high rode is way too late for that. After the things he has said, that road is long gone and you should of thought of you being a father and of acted like a decent human being earlier. You are a low life and have acted just like the low life you are and now all of America knows you for the dirt bag you are. I cannot wait for you to find out that little ole Ian has been selling you out for weeks now and that Dan is innocent of all the nasty things you have said about him. You have not made your son proud of you; you have been an embarrassment to him!!! No son should have a father as low class as you are!!

        2. This season would have been so much better with Dr. Will instead of Boogie. It’s funny how this is Boogie’s first time in the house without Dr. Will and he’s placing the worst of all his seasons…not a coincidence.

    2. ROLMFAO Booger is the same player that Dr Will had to carry 2 seasons.. People don’t realize he already did what he came back to do get Janelle out, he doesn’t care about being evicted he just makin for good show.. He got what he deserved simple as that, he got the shaft before he could be one to do it next time him and his bitch had power, that’ts what this is about everybody played the game and Booger and Frank got played 1st. We wouldn’t see booger had Janelle not agreed to come back, he never wanted to be in the game he liked being a coach. He was a bad coach anyways, building on cockiness and negativity and molding Frank into what Booger was to Dr Will his “Bitch”..

    3. I’m not really buying the new Saint Boogie. I would bet that production told him to cool his jets after the way he was ranting and raving. I just don’t believe it is in his competitive nature to roll over and play dead.

    4. Mike is in his 40’s, right? His clothes, speech, and actions were ridiculous the first time he was on the show; 10 years later he just looks pathetic. I hope he goes home just save himself a little embarrassment. Even if he leaves with his head held high . . . well, how can he leave with his head held high? He has already made himself look utterly ridiculous.

    1. Ha! That made me think of his last DR session after Will’s eviction:

      Boogs: “*briiinnnnng*…….*brrriiiiiiinnnnng*……aw man”


  2. Are they kidding? They must have short term memory. Boogie and Frank was dogging Jenn behind her back. It’s amazing how they can do things but don’t like it when it’s done to them. I bet boogie wished he had kept janelle. at least she didn’t want the coaches out and could have talked dan and brit into keeping boogie. I don’t feel bad for boogie, frank or ashley. but especially boogie and frank. I can’t wait for boogie to see ian’s diary room goodbye message tomorrow night. He’s going to feel worse than brit did with the brigade when he finds out it wasn’t dan but ian. and I can’t wait for thursday night when frank finds out about the quack pack and that ian started it. he too is going to fee stupid.

  3. ha its funny how boogie says hes an alternate and not even supposed to be here when he got mad when ian said he was here cus will said no i wish dr will would have came and not mike boogie then the two greatest winners could of battled it out dan and will hell even dick would have been a better choice then boogie

    1. I would have so loved to see Dan and dr will play in the same season…now that would have been interesting because it would have so much well thought out strategy in the game.

    2. I’m glad Boogie came. Mike Malin got to show his game without Dr. Will and the game is WEAK! And we all know for his walkout Thursday Boogs will wear a Geisha House shirt to promote his business, maybe just maybe a stupid Chilltown shirt, but not a shirt promoting his son.

  4. WOW Boogie must have slept good last night..OR maybe Dr. Will visited him in a dream…sounds like Boogie is gonna pull something like Dr. Will did…a vote me out, I’m ok with it, plan.

    Boogie is getting exactly what he did to Janelle…and now he is kinda acting like she did when she was on the block, go home to my kid talk…blah blah blah

    1. No! I did not visit Boogie in a dream last night.
      Boogie has been excommunicated from all
      Chilltown activites, INCLUDING DREAMS!

    1. Has Frank looked in the mirror lately? Disgusting racist statement, but why would I expect anything better from this hick? Will Mike be man (?) enough to apologize to Dan for the way he blamed him for his demise? DDBSJJ should ignore any house meeting called by Mike. Why give him a chance to try to go out that way instead of with his tail tucked btween his legs? Poor Brady, what a role model his father has been…

      1. @Big Sister i can’t stand frank haven’t since day 1 and i agree with you he shouldn’t have called jenn dirty brown water trash, but for you to say that it was a disgusting racist statement and then turn around and call him a hick that’s not much better because where i live i we wouldn’t consider that racist obviously but we would take it as an insult so next time think about that instead of making crack comments like frank, don’t be like him.

        1. There is no color ascribed to the word “hick.” They come in ALL colors and usually live in rural communities. Notice I did not call him white trash or anything approaching that. What would you call what he said if it isn’t racist? The negativity of describing the water as “dirty brown” when Jenn is obviously not of White Anglo-Saxon ethnicity changes it up for me. If he had used that term in describing Brittney or Ashley, it wouldn’t have struck me that way. Actually, for some time now, I have wished that Big Brother would give cast a more diverse group of house guests in terms of ethnicity.

          1. “Dirty brown water trash” is actually a quote from the show Workaholics on Comedy Central. Season 2 episode 8, Karl’s wedding. Frank has used other quotes from the show as well that I have noticed. Another being “that is tight butthole”. I actually looked it up when I saw it on the show and it said something along the lines of “a term used primarily in the 80’s to refer to someone that was unstylish”. I highly doubt Frank is trying to be racist because he said the word “brown”. Not to mention it is an exact quote from Workaholics. Watch the episode and maybe you’ll see the humor behind it.

    2. yeah cant believe Frank said that, what a douche! don’t these ppl realize there are cameras and microphones on 24/7, what an idiot!!

  5. Frank…you can’t complain about people being mean and then slander everybody in the house. Stop being a hypocrite.

    1. So its ok for ddbs to do it constantly and then go smile in the people’s face? ddsb suck. Shane is the absolute defenition of a douche bag, Danielle is insecure as fuck and needs help, Brits only skill in the house is to get cool with someone found out shit and go tell who ever that person was talking about only to get them on her side and hate the other person so she can get in good with them and use them, and dan is just doing the same crap he did last time and these idiots r letting him. Then we have Ian joe and jenn who r all in a race to be the 5th wheel wow. Only person in my eyes that deserve to win is Frank bc he has won a bunch of stuff had everyone liking him(up until this week) and was truthful and trust worthy. He very easily could have gotten rid of Dan last week and didnt to prove he could be loyal and got stabbed in the back. ddbs have screwed him at least twice maybe three times but thats ok bc as all of u say he is the douche bag and ddbs are so wonderful. have fun watching this show when its only them left as it will be boring as hell.

  6. I never thought I would say this, Frank is worse than Boogie. His entitlement mentallity has him hating people that don’t bow to his will. He will lose it when the Quack Pack is revealed.

  7. I don’t care what Boogie says, if he wasn’t attached to the outcome then he could just leave without having to make another move. He’s just trying to make people feel guilty which is just as pathetic as being a bully. I’m sure he secretly hopes that he will be able to stay if he makes this change, but the passive aggression in it is not at all as honorable as he’s trying to say it is. If you’re truly unattached, then you don’t give a d@mn whether people feel guilty or not. He’s not done being an @sshole just yet.

    1. I don’t get why he thinks he’s going to make people feel guilty — guilty about what? Guilty about voting out someone they don’t trust? Someone who has made derogatory comments about each of them?

    1. Frank’s game play is worse than Rachel’s. Rachel made deals to save herself from eviction and went on to win (with some outside /help/). Frank is holding on too tight to Mike. He needs to cut the cord and make some deals. Frank as a player disappoints me. Frank saying nasty, personal things about others make me not like him.

      1. True about Rachel at least she made deals…

        I can see Frank doing a Diary Room [after Boogie is gone] saying…no one comes between me & my man!!

      2. What deals is Frank supposed to make? You want him to cut deals with D/D/S/B? You mean the four people who’ve lied to him most in the game? Yeah, right. I’d rather Frank wage war on all four of them rather then cut any deals with people who won’t bother to hold it up. He needs to win, nominate Dan and Shane and make Shane his target. If Shane comes off, Dani goes up and Dan goes home.

        He’ll probably need a POV, then the following HoH where he needs to execute Shane/Dan. If he doesn’t win, he’ll be safe with Ashley and Jenn HoH wins which are unlikely.

        If he can just get Shane and Dan out – the hill doesn’t seem that steep any more. This is the ONLY chance Frank has as unlikely as it may be. I am hoping he pulls it off.

    2. Nah Brenchel were just emotional in the moment, this is Frank and Booger personalities coming out when they didn’t get their way..

    1. Being on the show brings out the worst in people,or their true selves get exposed which is what we see with Booger and his Bitch.

    2. That comment isn’t racist, go cry and take your race baiting elsewhere. And the snowflake comment? Really? So, I guess we’re going with the theme that Frank hates coloured and white people too? Oh, okay.

    3. “Dirty brown water trash” is actually a quote from the show Workaholics on Comedy Central. Season 2 episode 8, Karl’s wedding. Frank has used other quotes from the show as well that I have noticed. Another being “that is tight ****hole”. I actually looked it up when I saw it on the show and it said something along the lines of “a term used primarily in the 80?s to refer to someone that was unstylish”. I highly doubt Frank is trying to be racist because he said the word “brown”. Not to mention it is an exact quote from Workaholics. Watch the episode and maybe you’ll see the humor behind it.

  8. Here’s an idea for next Big Brother season:

    1. Have one third of the house be newbies

    2. Have one third of the house be veterans

    3. Have one third of the house be former Survivor contestants.

    You would have to have Russel Hantz and Evil Dick in there,
    the fights, scheming, arguments between them would be

    The veterans of Survivor and BB could fight it out for the
    loyalty of the newbies and would want them to stay around
    for their voting power.

    Who would win? A newbie? A former BB contestant?
    Or a former Survivor contestant?

    Allison G.: Make it happen!

    1. I honestly think BB15 should be All Stars 2 so AG can squeeze all she has left out of Jeff and Jordan, Brenchal, Britney and the Brigade, Dick and Dani and 8-14 contestants. After that I think she should let go of all the vets and have a normal season with all newbs or a season with all newbs with a twist…

    2. Better yet.
      Survivor Big Brother All Stars… ?
      Put them on an Island

      Rachael: Put her on an Island and forget her there
      Brendon: I am sure he has a history as a Survival specialist
      These two are such media Hua’s they will jump at it. Rachael once said the only reason they are not married is because she wanted a Reality Show of it.

      Evil Dick: He will not starve, voted first to eat another survivor
      Danielle: Girl Survivor is the best diet, you should do it.
      Brittney: She will not last long, I just want to hear her say “Oh my god, I fell like I am Rachael giving Brendon head.” When they make her eat a rat or snake. She would say that, you know she would.
      Lane: Just because, no particular reason to want my favorite Beefcake.
      Kera: To be fare, just because other people where cheated of her potential Nip Slips and booty shots, I’m generous like that
      Janelle: I want to see her spear fishing, she probably can’t dive because of those giant floatation devices
      Evil Dr Will: I just want to find out who is prissier him or Brittney. He is the original metrosexual. besides he is the Evil Dr Will.
      Nakomis: Because I love her
      Adria: Nakomis still wants that pinky
      Jesse: I want to see what would happen when there are no mirrors

      See that is fun TV

      1. Ha Eric, the funny part is she is getting her reality show wedding.
        The unwelcome duo are going to be on that show “My Fair Wedding” having it planned by David Tutero.
        I read it the new season starts on Sept. 8, not sure which episode they will be on though (I don’t watch it).

  9. In the end Boogie is a winner…he won the friendship of Stanky Frankie.

    Oh and he is an alternate…not even supposed to be here LOL…No it’s your not as good as Dr. Will. End of Story!

  10. I’m still trying to figure out what this question mark is about. And no, it did not have to do with the veto because it would not still be there.

  11. What are the odds on Boogie keeping his cool today?

    +300 Keeps his cool ( 100 will win you 300)
    -500 He blows up on everyone( 100 will win you 50)
    -110 He blow up on Joe only( 100 will win you 90)

    Get your bets in People… This line closes a 12:00am… haha

      1. You’re right Whatever… -500 will get you 20, -110 will get you 90 and some change. So what is your bet Sir? i’m putting the house on -500… #cashingout

  12. I think Frank is secretly in love with Dan!! Every other word out f his mouth is Dan! Dan this… Dan that!! Just confess your love to Dan allready Frak!!!

    1. Frank is basically saying that he is so gross & dirty that there is not enough soap & scalding hot water in the world to clean himself…his hair is ratty & dirty and has not been introduced to shampoo or a comb in his entire lifetime…

      thats what I got out of it.

  13. OMG, Frank is such a freakin’ girl!!! Whiney cry-baby. Boogie too. They had no problem backstabbing Janelle, but let someone get them, and the sky is falling.

  14. I find it so funny how Boogie sits and complains about everyone dogging him when he’s the one who has dogged pretty much everyone in the house besides his bromance frank. I love how dan just takes it on the chin and says ehh i’ll take blame for you Ian. I think final 2 will be dan and brit. Team Brigade 2.0 final 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Frank is a racist Fuck its showing now. Guess ignorance is expected when you live off your daddy. He always points out how people say one thing and then say another thing to different people or groups but he does the same shit. He is like the kettle calling the pots black.

  16. when a man knows he is beat…u cant say u were playin better than them….so boogie knows who his daddy really is…all he can do is bow down to dan, and say well played

  17. I kinda hope Boogie gets to stay just for the entertainment value, I don’t want him to win but at least a few more episodes and funny DR sessions….Jenn, Shane, Ashley, Dan and Joe are too boring, Dani is in her own little world of me me me. I’d love to see Brit switch over and do a hahahaha DR session with Boogie, that would be so entertaining. Not gonna happen but still, it would make better TV than what we have ahead after Boogie leaves the house.

  18. “Dirty brown water”? Really Frank? I bet your family won’t be
    too happy to hear that. Think before you speak!

    Remember Nana’s advice: Don’t leave out the classy. You are
    starting to emanate more trashy than classy.

  19. Frank: ” I’m living my dream and Dan is shitting on it”
    get over it Frank and leave Dan alone it’s how the game is played

  20. here comes boogies power, he’ll find it in a ball outside,wich production gave to him ,its in his pocket right now,lol

  21. ‘Dirty brown water trash’ wtf does that mean? I feel like that was a racist comment…..coming from Stank Frank trying to comfort the big brother slut…I wouldn’t put it past him…

    1. he is better player and he was in love with him before the show and i think he is mad he did not pick him to be one his team because he asked him to

  22. Is that an alien in the backyard? LOL


    With DE is it actually done live or not? Seems like a lot to do in just an hour. Can’t remember how it works.

  23. When Joe’s blood pressure gets high, all the blood
    rushes to his eye sockets, that’s why his eyes get
    all buger’d out. Eagle eyes!

    Both Joe and Ian are playing Shelley’s of last year
    role. Ian is doing a better job of it, he is laying below
    the radar.

  24. wow frank and ashley really are stooges, they are pawns for the booger, frank dont have the balls to talk to these people as he plays off to mike and ashley, well she is just a twit, that really isnt that attractive………..

  25. After this week the round table will get smaller.

    When Frank wins HOH this week, will him and
    Ashley pull a Jessie/Lydia, getting the bed covers
    sticky and funky?

  26. Boogie just doesn’t want to look like the a$$ on t.v. Thursday. If he really did throw and tantrum and tell everyone off when he leaves then the viewers would know he’s a jerk. And in his mind the viewers like him right now. He could care less about being nice or humble. Frank is a entitled jerk also I’m hopeing he’s gone tomorrow also on double eviction it would be so funny if he was the 1st jury member after all his trash talking.

  27. Brown water trash? But I’m sure the Danielle haters will ignore it claim she’s the one with issues..this dude is a classless assclown.

  28. It seems no matter how the game goes Boogie always manages to come out with a lasting friendship. He did not win seaspn 2 but him and Dr. Will became best buds. He wont win season 14 but he definitely found a friend in Frank. This will be just like season 2 he wil hepFramk to winn

  29. Double Eviction!
    Dan:Hey What up buddy!
    Shane:Not much!
    Dan:Check this out!
    Shane:Let’s hear it!
    Dan:In Double eviction. Frank won his 3rd HOH Fast Forward! Get his revenge on us! He puts up me & you on the block. Frank won POV and keep the nomination a same. One of us has to go!
    Shane:No Kidding!
    Dan:Yeah! But here is the best part. Our alliance member Danielle & Ian Crying of who will get evicted, me or you!
    Shane: How sucked doesn’t it?
    Dan:Well, Joe is really pissed off of Frank winning his 3rd HOH & POV at the same time. Ian is totally a fool & Britney cries over her husband.
    Shane:Really since Ian was being a fool!
    Dan:Well, he quack to himself & have showmance with Ashley and its seems that Quack Pack is falling apart.
    Shane:How bad of our Alliance falling apart?
    Dan:Well, Frank really pissed that Mike Boogie got evicted and he wants to revenge on us. So, he did and he putting us up for evicting Mike Boogie.
    Shane: Really, Did Danielle hear about this?
    Dan: I’m not sure because she obesses with Trey over you!
    Shane: What? Trey has no game! I got Game!
    Dan:Okay, Chelsea probably watching that me & you will get evicted!
    Shane:Shooted! Chelsea Watching! Hopefully, my Vermont crew is watching me get evicted thanks to Frank.
    Dan:Why your Vermont Crew watching you?
    Shane:Because I got screwed by Frank!
    Dan & Shane: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. That was painful to read. First of all.

      Second of all, it’s amazing how biased you are. Last year your pets were Jeff and Jordan, this year it’s Froogie.

      Third of all, the only way Frank will win HoH against Ian on the double eviction is if Ian throws it or production intervenes.

      1. @Head of Household Dude! Froogie are not my pets! You need to chillax! I’m not Frank Fan but I would love to see Frank winning it. Ian probably having showmance with Ashley right now!

    2. Ha! That made me think of his last DR session after Shane’s eviction:

      Dan: “*briiinnnnng*…….*brrriiiiiiinnnnng*……aw man”


      Frank will be smiling that Shane got evicted!

    3. At the Jury House:

      Shane:I hope the next Jury will come to the Jury House. I hope it’s Danielle or Frank

      (Limo Arrives)

      (Open the door)!

      (Walks in)!

      Shane still suntanning and the next person arrive!

      (It’s Dan)!

      Shane: What happen?

      Dan:Quack Pack alliance broke us apart & thanks to Ashley winning her 1st HOH! & Franks POV!

      Shane: Really, Let’s play the DVD!

      Play the DVD

  30. I dont blame boogie one bit. it did suck that they told him he would be a coach, then screwed him and janelle over.

    I mean dan seemed like he WANTED his players gone, like he knew the twist, whereas I think boogie actually thought he was coaching all summer

    as for saying things behind people’s backs. dont even TRY to start that BS. brit and the rest have been doing the same

    ian faked crying in order to not get confronted

    frank is going to be unable to light a fire under the other side of the house(the floaters) because ian tells dan EVERYTHING. Id have SO MUCH respect for ian if he played both sides, instead of being dan’s little birdie

  31. Big Brother is definitely a “team” game, although the
    entire “team” doesn’t win.

    Starting as a coach, then suddenly becoming a house
    guest cannot be compared with a straightforward BB
    season such as ALL STARS.

    Dan should have been smart enough to see that he
    will be the next ‘former coach’ to go.

    Apparently it means more to Dan to fool Boogie, than
    for Dan to win. Sad.

  32. I admit it, I am hoping for a production “tweak” today to keep Boogie in the game.
    He is about the only entertaining person on the show.

    Ian is a dork who now thinks he is one of the most popular players. He’s about to find out he is actually the bitch.
    Dan is a skeez who hides behind his bible and gets others to do his dirty work. If Dan is reading the bible, he has just screwed someone over.
    Shane is dumber than a sack of hammers
    Danielle can’t go more than 5 minutes without talking about herself or fishing for compliments
    Ashley is perma-stoned
    Britney is just annoying, has no game, and is about to be duped again somewhere around player 4 or 5
    JOE IS LOUD AND ANNOYING and is quite possibly the dumbest player…ever…on BB
    Frank is cool. The most honest player in the house, but will probably be less interesting without Boogie.
    Did I miss anyone?
    Oh yeah, that new tattooed girl who just showed up yesterday. what’s her name again?

    1. LMAO soooo true! “the new tattooed girl who just showed up yestereday” reminds me of kristin from bb12 because basically after the initial introduction kristin kind of just vanished into thin air within the big brother house until, just like tattooed girl, someone nominated her and she realized that sometimes it’s hard out there for a floater.

  33. So, help me to understand. Frank and Boogie get aggravated at Dan b/c Dan never admits to anything and just stares at them when they are trying to work him. Dan is not sufficiently verbal for their respective tastes.

    But, on the other hand, Silent Dan, is somehow dragging everyone’s name through the mud and spreading lies about them and everyone else.

    Which is it?

    I think they hate the fact that their manipulations don’t work on Dan. He is not afraid of them and he even makes them squirm. They don’t have a clue how to respond when he just stares them down. Everybody else goes into defensive posture or begs their forgiveness and understanding. Not Dan!
    Frank says that everyone in the house is basically a decent person, “with the exception of Dan.” What is that about???

    And for the Dan-haters: You may not like it, but Dan really does take blame and responsibility when he is guilty as charged. Thus, he did not accept blame verbally for Ian’s dirty work. And, true to his word, he did not even attempt to point Froogie in another direction. Who else in that house would stand as strong?

    Finally, someone please get word to Frank that, although it is convenient to say so, Dan cannot be blamed for every decision that has not gone Froogie’s way. Dan is good, but even the Master of Mist doesn’t control every HOH and every POV. Puhleeeease! Dan is a thinker and a listener who lets others speak and then draw their own conclusions about how best to proceed. Think Socrates…

  34. This is just BB’s way to let the houseguests know that there is something they did or may have left in the house before Thursday since they, except Britney who was actually looking but in the wrong spots, that there may be a “special power” in the house. Most of these house guests are all so clueless, especially Ian the super fan. The power needs to be found and production is stepping in to make sure it’s revealed before tomorrow to save poor Booger who has no game. What we have seen these past week is the only game he’s got. Awww. I almost feel bad for him to be giving up this sonn, as his school boy antics didn’t work as he hoped they would.

  35. I’m loving how naive people on this board are. this is BB, “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”. Boogie is not going to be evicted this week.

  36. I love the idea of Britney switching to team Boogie (and taking
    Ian along, with Ian at the bottom of the alliance hierarchy).

  37. I love boogie and I am going to miss him. I think he is funny as hell in his Diary Room sessions. Boogie isn’t my favorite house guest but I do respect his game.

  38. what we’ve seen rm Boogie since last Thursday are Kübler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief, his place we’ll call it he 5 Stages of Being Evicted.

    1) Denial — “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening, not to me.”
    Denial is usually only a temporary defense for the individual. This feeling is generally replaced with heightened awareness of possessions and individuals that will be left behind after death. Denial can be conscious or unconscious refusal to accept facts, information, or the reality of the situation. Denial is a defense mechanism and some people can become locked in this stage.
    Boogie was in denial when he thought he did not need to win HOH this week (which he probably could have being that he is a speed skater) and for thinking that Shane would not nominate him the first chance he gets.

    2) Anger — “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; ‘”Who is to blame?”
    Once in the second stage, the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue. Because of anger, the person is very difficult to care for due to misplaced feelings of rage and envy. Anger can manifest itself in different ways. People can be angry with themselves, or with others, and especially those who are close to them. It is important to remain detached and nonjudgmental when dealing with a person experiencing anger from grief.
    Boogie becomes angry at Jenn, Ian, Joe and Dan, and blame them all for his nomination. He gets into screaming matches with Joe, yells at Dan, calls Ian names.

    3) Bargaining — “I’ll do anything for a few more years.”; “I will give my life savings if…”
    The third stage involves the hope that the individual can somehow postpone or delay death. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made with a higher power in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. Psychologically, the individual is saying, “I understand I will die, but if I could just do something to buy more time…” People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek to negotiate a compromise. For example “Can we still be friends?..” when facing a break-up. Bargaining rarely provides a sustainable solution, especially if it’s a matter of life or death.
    Boogie starts to campaign for votes to the same people he was attacking. Fools himself into thinking he can actually pull this off (Also fools Frank)

    4) Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?”
    During the fourth stage, the dying person begins to understand the certainty of death. Because of this, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time crying and grieving. This process allows the dying person to disconnect from things of love and affection. It is not recommended to attempt to cheer up an individual who is in this stage. It is an important time for grieving that must be processed. Depression could be referred to as the dress rehearsal for the ‘aftermath’. It is a kind of acceptance with emotional attachment. It’s natural to feel sadness, regret, fear, and uncertainty when going through this stage. Feeling those emotions shows that the person has begun to accept the situation.
    Boogie is so depressed that he gives up campaigning. Last night he goes to bed early, stays out of the drama, sees no way out.

    5) Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”
    In this last stage, individuals begin to come to terms with their mortality, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. This stage varies according to the person’s situation. People dying can enter this stage a long time before the people they leave behind, who must pass through their own individual stages of dealing with the grief.
    Boogies wakes up this morning feeling new. He speaks to everyone that he has hurt by his action and words. Has made peace with what will inevitably happen tomorrow (or today apparently). He is at peace and looks forward to going home and being with his son. Everyone shows a positive response to his speech which makes him feel good inside.

    Disclaimer: This is usually what happens to every BB player that finds themselves against the wall like Boogie does with no hope.

  39. “Boogie says that going the ugly route isn’t good for the evolution of Mike Malin..”

    LOL he thinks he has evolved?? dude gets more arrogant and delusional every day.. this could be why his snots thinks he’s decent and honorable

  40. The reason that Boogie and Janelle were targeted were because they were two of the most popular BB players.

    Everyone knows Janelle is good at comps.
    Everyone knows that Boogie schemes & manipulates.

    You can’t be a good manipulator if everyone knows you’re a manipulator.

    Once people know your game, it’s pretty much over for you.

    Brit isn’t a target because she has no game nor has she ever had one.
    Dan is irrelevant being that he lays low ( much like he did on his season ) & he’s on good terms with people.

    Being honest here, who in the house gave Boogie a chance?

    The minute Janelle said “Boogie is a threat.” , everyone latched onto her word like it was the Bible.

    1. Let’s not forget that Boogie had insinuated to Ian that he should nominate Britney and Shane, despite the fact that Boogie was in an alliance with him. On top of that, Boogie admitted to Shane”s and Britney’s faces that he was going to put them up, and admitted that he wanted Britney gone. Boogie already planned on getting rid of Britney and breaking their deal. Considering that Shane and Britney are close, that alone is reason enough for him to be targeted and evicted.

      Janelle isn’t to blame here. Ian was the one that ratted Boogie out and got him nominated.

      1. And that’s where you’re wrong about the nominations.

        Britney and Danielle had already planned to go back on their word with Boogie and Frank long before they had even contemplated anything.

        When they got Janelle out, and Frank one HoH, none of the Quack Pack was happy, even thou they were in an alliance with them.

        There was no trust from the beginning, which had nothing to do with wht Frank and Boogie have done in this game but because of Boogies gameplay in past seasons.

        Anywho, once Frank won HoH, the Quack Pack huddled together talking about how they shouldn’t have voted Janelle out and how they need to take out Frank or Boogs the next time one of them won HoH.

        This happened RIGHT after Frank won. No talk had been made about them possibly putting up Britney & Shane or anything.

        Whether you want to believe it or not, people already had their minds made up about Boogie, which then ran over onto Frank because that’s who he trusted and aligned himself with.

        Janelle did have a hand in taking it to the next level being that she repeatedly talked about how much of a threat B/F were. She was saying it since week one when they guy hadn’t won anything and ever since then, the man has been on the block with th exception of the times when he was HoH.

        1. Thank you! I’m sick of everyone distorting past events for bias over their favourites. At least, SOMEONE is paying attention!

  41. HOH Lockdown? Could this be a last ditch attempt by production to save Boogie via Pandora’s Box?

    Not cool production. Let Boogie go home (with Frank to follow during DE).

    The rest of the season will be much better if Team FRoogie is gone.

    Fans have been clamoring for strong players to play at the end, this way they will soon get what they have been asking for. Beginning next week they just need to evict some of the blatant “floaters” who haven’t shown any strategy or game play and haven’t won anything yet (Ashley, Joe, Jenn and Ian), and let the Final 4 – Dan/Danielle, Britney/Shane, go after each other for the prize. Each of these players are deserving to battle it out for the $500K. Britney for her exceptional interpersonal skills with the other HG’s, Shane and Danielle for their competition victories and Dan for his strategic “guidance” throughout the game.

    Please stay out of it production!

    1. Please don’t be a stupid.

      Frank has won 2 HOH comps and 2 Vetos yet you want strong people at the end. I don’t blame you for hating on Frank and Boogie but Dan has not won a thing and Britt has won safety on a week that it didnt matter.

  42. Suggestions for Julie Chen:

    Show goodbye message from Ian and after Boogie tries
    to run off the stage due to embarrassment learning that
    it was a newbie and not Dan that orchestrated his eviction,
    security will bring him back and Julie should ask: “Mike,
    how does it feel to get punk’d by someone you trusted?”
    Then show a video clip of Janelle gloating.

    Julie should ask Mike why he didn’t chill like the BB King:
    Dr Will Kirby taught him too. And instead drive away all
    those who could’ve voted for him to stay. Then show a video
    clip of me with my hair combed like The Donald, saying,

    Then give Mike Boogs a tube of Preparation H, and tell
    him that he’s going to need it after getting screwed
    by Ian.

  43. I was going to give Frank the benefit of the doubt. When people where saying he is racist.
    I re-read the blog a few times. I thought it may have been taken of context. I missed Dirty Brown water the first time, so I went back.

    Frank says that Jenn is dirty brown water trash.

    There it is, I can not take it out of context, Frank made a clear racist remark. I wonder if they are going to do to Frank what they did to Erica, when she called Jee a Gook. This will not go to well for Frank, Now for sure Boogie will get called on the things he has said in the House. So will Frank.

    Frank is just repulsive.

    1. Both Willie and Boogie used the “N” word in Week One and no one so much as flinched. I would be surprised if anyone reacts to Frank’s comment. This group does not seem to be particularly sensitive to racial slurs. Besides, Frank made the comment to Ashley. I doubt she would repeat it. The four people who heard Willie’s comment never did; nor did the group in the back yard who heard Boogie.

  44. I just saw on another thread that someone is using JLON JR… that person has absolutely nothing to do with me …so if he causes any trouble please do not associate him with me ….. I am hoping to find him online so i can get him to change his nick…. if I cause shit on here and get shit on for it …FINE… but i am not going to get shit on because someone is so unimaginative that they have to steal my nicck ( they added jr but it is still a theft)

  45. I sit here and read all of your comments and it appears that the majority of us forget this is a game. Some of us are as cruel as these players with our comments. Yes I too forget this is a game and we should be looking at how each player is playing it, and not tearing down their reputation, talking about their physical appearance, their insecurities, religion, skin color, etc., etc. I am just as bad as the rest of you and I have decided to talk about game play and not make it a personal attack on anyone in the house. Boogie and Frank are as low as they come and we are just about at their same level. We are better then that, so lets be good fans, stick up for our favorites, and enjoy the rest of BB season. Now you have the chance to respond and tell me I am full of it.

  46. question for either simon or dawg is there a reason why in the tags you remember everyone ( including one you were intentionally forgetting about ) yet you have not tagged ashley in the last few

  47. When did all of these “house meetings” start!? I remember them starting in bb11 for sure but not b4 then?? I am talking about legit get everuone in one room call ppl out meetings!! Could be wrong but I remember in bb 10 it was more like ONE person would say something to Remi, or Kerry or libra and there would be a shouting match but not all gathered in living room!! I think it’s bad for gameplay! Imagine a house meeting in bb9 would have outed Eric and in 10 with memphis/Jesse on block there were 2 key sides but this house meeting shit is horrible. I would rather see great big bro strategy more than a meeting of lies getting called out or even an argument.?maybe I am wrong but it seems to coincide with the pussification and the policing political correctness of America – I mean if dick dumped a glass of tea or banged pans today everyone would be screaming bully and pc!! I know some ppl said it but these days it’s def different….
    Just a thought.
    No more house meetings!!!!!

  48. big brother likes to shift up things … … after 2 people are send home pandoras box will be open by a hoh and boogie will return

  49. i was thinking a good alternate all stars would be some of the people that were out the first 3 weeks. some of them got the shaft and i think they would be better at the game then some of the others that went a long way.

  50. Ian makes no sense:
    Before the last HOH competition- he tells the Quack pack that Boogie and Frank are coming after him
    Nominations- First person to suggest that they nominate Frank and Boogie. Says Boogie should be the target, when everyone else thinks Frnak should be
    Veto- Frank wins Boogie becomes target
    Few days later- Ian crys when it is confirmed that his target is going to be voted out.

    Very odd

  51. Dunno why people are dissing Boogie. Looks he’s a villain. He’s a douchebag. He lies, he’s a hypocrite, he wears jerseys. At the end of the day he’s a great character. I just hope that BB stays interesting once he leaves. Dan vs Boogie would have been great till the end. Now you have a bunch of randoms and Dan vs Frank who is really kinda of annoying and a girl who is high half the time.

  52. Mike “Boogie” (I feel so stupid using that name to refer to a 42 year old man) is such a hypocrite. He LOVED scheming against Janelle. He loved telling her that she had his vote when he was plotting to get her out.

    He calls everyone (except Frank) in the house names, threatens to not “help” them in the outside world when he promised he would and talks about how his life is so much better than anyone else’s and that the other HGs will never see the kind of life he has in the real world.

    It always boggles my mind how the most indignant, self-righteous people are the ones who do the exact things that they accuse others of doing…..apparently its OK when they do it and not OK when its done TO them. Hypocrite.

    Unlike Boogie, Frank doesn’t need anyone to help him get to the end. He can probably do it on his own…..getting rid of Boogie will only help his game. Not that I want him to win, but I have to admit, he’s done a pretty good job on his own.

    Something must happen to people in the BB house….they feel totally justified screwing others, lying, backstabbling, etc., but when it happens to them, its the ultimate betrayal.

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