Joe says I have got to find out who Frank has had a Showmance with!

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


12am – 12:50am Jenn, Wil, Joe and Shane are laying out around the hot tub talking about Ashley and her back pain. Joe says that she was told by the doctor that it is stress related. The others don’t believe it is stress related. They all wonder why they don’t just take Ashley for an x-ray. Shane says that he thinks it’s because she doesn’t have insurance. Joe says that he will pay for it out of his own pocket. Joe says I have got to find out who Frank has had a Showmance with! Shane asks has he? Joe says that last night he came out and said something that hinted to it, I don’t know, he told Janelle if I am gone you all will get to see the Showmance that I have had. Jenn says he is talking about him and Boogie. Joe asks is that what he is talking about, he made it, he was trying to say that had something. Jenn says that he is talking about the Bromance. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds from 12:15am to 12:30am. Joe is in bed in the kicks room. Jenn, Ian, Ashley, Wil, Shane, Boogie, Dan are getting ready for bed. Ashley comments on how the fu*king bit*h is gone. Ian says Ashley that’s not nice. Ashley says you don’t know what she did to me. They all fall asleep.
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2:15am Ashley and Wil wake up and head into the kitchen together. They then head out into the backyard. Wil says that he wonders if Boogie is sleeping upstairs in the HOH room. Wil and Ashley wonder who Frank and Boogie will nominate and if they will put up Joe like they say they are going to do. Wil says that he thinks it’s ridiculous that players are aligning with Dan and Boogie. Wil asks how stupid can they be? Ashley says that she thinks that Dan is just using Danielle. They talk about how surprised they were that Boogie threw the HOH competition to Frank. Wil and Ashley both agree that Boogie and Dan both need to go. They wonder if Boogie leaves, if Frank will align with them or if Frank is already aligned with Shane. Wil tells Ashley that he thinks he might be nominated as a pawn next to Joe. Ashley says that she thinks they might put up Danielle and says that they won’t put up WIl because they will want to work with him. They talk about how Ian is obsessed with Dan and Boogie. Wil starts wondering about what alliances exist and thinks Shane, Danielle, Dan, Britney, are aligned or Shane, Frank, Boogie or Jenn, Ian, Frank, Boogie. Wil says that he thinks keeping Joe in the game could work for them if they BS him since he’s desperate. Ashley says that she desperately hopes that Dan gets back doored this week. Wil says yeah, unless they’re all working together.


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2:30am Wil talks about how he thinks Ian is a lost cause and says that he is just a pawn for Dan and Boogie. Wil and Ashley talk about how it sucks for them that Ian seems to be aligned with the coaches ruining the chance for someone new to win the game. Ashley says that she wonders if Ian is throwing the competitions ans says that he won’t study with her to prepare for competitions. Ashley says that she thinks it’s turned into a boys club and says that they are going to pick the girls off. Wil says that he wonders if Britney could come over to their side because of that but don’t think it’s very possible. Ashley says that she thinks Shane would work with them if Danielle is gone. Wil says that he thinks Shane may be tied to tightly into the coaches. They talk about how they think it won’t really help them if Joe goes home this week and say that they hope Frank will want to make a big move and take out a big player like Dan since he didn’t do that earlier. Wil and Ashley talk about if they had won HoH, they would not want to waste their HOH on Joe. Wil and Ashley talk about sitting back and hoping everyone else does the dirty work. Wil and Ashley talk about not wanting to continue to lie to Joe all week and say that he is not the target after having to lie to him all last week about Janelle. Joe joins them.


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2:45am – 3:15am Joe tells them that there will be a Have-Not competition tomorrow. He says that he thinks it will be later in the day since the backyard is not locked down yet. Wil asks Joe about his conversation with Shane. Joe says that Shane seems to think he’s going to be nominated since he put Frank. Wil says that he might go up as well since he lied to Frank. Joe says that he thinks he will go up, because he was the only vote to vote out Frank. They talk about how Joe might not be the target. Joe says that he is still upset that he was left in the dark. Wil says that he didn’t know what Britney was going to do. Joe says that Wil knew about his vote and lied to him about it. They talk about how they think Britney, Danielle, Dan, Shane are working together. Joe says that they must have some sort of deal with Frank andBoogie to have voted out Janelle. They think when they see who is nominated, they will figure out who is aligned with whom. Joe says that he didn’t know aware about all of the things that Janelle had supposedly been saying about Danielle. Ashley says that Janelle played a dirty game, and that she was hurt by Janelle not sharing info with her even though they were supposed to be close. Wil says that he thinks Shane says he’s going to go up but that he thinks he is working with Frank. They talk about how they think Joe and Wil will be nominated unless the deals made last week fall apart. Joe tells them that Janelle really thought she was safe and that she believed Britney. Wil says that he was pissed that Janelle asked him to swear on his dog. Ashley talks about her back pain and says that she hopes he gets another cortisone shot tomorrow. Wil and Ashley decide to go back to bed. Joe stays out in the backyard by himself for a while and then heads inside to go to sleep.


5:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Joe’s dumb as a sack of bricks, Mike had to invite him to eat his own? lol…


I had a horrible dream last night that I was trapped in the BB house, and that Joe, Lawon, Lydia, Jessie, and a couple of other HG’s were there, too. Weirdest part is that Joe was wearing zebra spandex pants and had a bleach-blonde mullet, kept making pizza with weird stuff on it. I never dream about BB, hope I never do again.


I had a dream last night that my work was going on interviews for me to find a new job because they planned on firing me. I kept screaming at them “YOU’RE BACK DOORING ME” hahaha too much BB!




Joe’s a clueless idiot, but I do feel for him…Dude has no idea how he’s f’d up shit creek w/out a paddle…


Janelle has played a VERY different game this year…..Janelle is not the same Janelle I used to love…..She is vindictive and catty! She used to stay up with Joe and Wil to bash MOST of the HGs and some of the previous HGs I mean c’mon Janelle…grow up!!!

*FACT*:Janelle finally entered into the zombie club after getting evicted 3 times in BB HISTORY following Kaysar AND Brendon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It sucks that Janelle got a “good edit” on the TV show because it never shows her lying or talking s*** about everyone. All of the people who don’t have feeds/BBAD have no odea she was a two-timing bitch.

Kathie from Canada

I totally agree, and I think Julie hand fed her very sanitized questions when they talked after the eviction. The one that really stood out was a two parter. Janelle was asked why she did not answer Boogie’s question right away. Part A : Was that to save your own reputation? and the answer was yes. Part B: Or were you protecting your team and did not want to throw them under the bus? and that answer was also yes.. Hmmm … That made Janie look like a ‘real team player’. Maybe CBS was working too hard to save her reputation IMO.


LMFAO I do hate that vets get special edits, and parts of the game rigged for them, and other goodies, that noobs can’t get… some of them actually think that because they’re on a reality show that somehow will lead them to stardom…

Word of advice if you wanna be a star , don’t go on reality shows, your chances will be very little after your true personality is exposed on live TV, your only shot at stardom is being on another Reality show.. Rachel learned this the hard way, her whole world got exposed live on big brother for 2 seasons, nobody other than another reality show will ever take her seriously, unless it’s a sex tape company, which that could very well be in her future once reality shows don’t want her anymore… A career in “chemistry” sure isn’t, unless it’s in male bodily fluids(watch her seasons b4 you replay).


No one is more catty than danielle. that girl keeps repeating the same thing, “Janelle called me FAT”. she needs to grow up. she didn’t like kara either because she thought kara was too close to shane and getting more information from dan than her. She told the first lie and got jodi out of the house. She wasn’t thinking about her coach or their team she just wanted to be the only one. Now that’s catty she wants to be the center of attention all the time. Especially with thte guys. She has issues that goes far beyond self esteeem. I mean this is a woman with according to her 4 degrees, and in medical school, yet she didn’t tell her parents she was leaving to go on the show because she didn’t want to hear what they would say. Seems to me her parents bash her so why is she worried about people in the house bashing her. Grow and and play the game. Janelle is gone why are you worried if Janelle’s so called fans will like you? Crazy.

BB Pathetic season

are you kidding alot of the lies were made by Dani to get rid of jojo. that’s where it all began When the hgs watch this pathetic season of lies they will see. if anyone tells her something. ( Joe or Janelle ) she Dani twists it and adds a whole lotta BS to the cov that was never said. I watch the feeds & flash back so yes I do watch feeds and I do see & hear abot 20 hours a day every season since we got the feeds . I even watch during BBAD every night from 11pm till 2 am
Dont get much sleep during the bb season.

Caren in Canada

first off, not a Janelle fan however Danielle is by far worse than Janelle could even aspire to be! That girl would not know the truth if it bit her in the arse! I have never seen anyone embellish a story like that girl can, it is like the Marsh Marsha Marsha syndrome! lol in a perfect world, BB would bring back Janelle for no other reason than to extract her pound of flesh from this girl, also to watch thier faces when they see they were dupped by boogie and made fools of! I am so fed up with Danielle that I need to flip channels so as not to hear her whiny voice anymore! BBAD and live feeds please do the world a favour and edit her out before you lose all your viewers!

Lady E

I just realized, is the F word banned from comments? I made a comment with one in it but have not seen it lol. Oops


The Eagle Eye Powerhouse of Domination strikes again! Frank should put up Danielle and Wil. As much as I love watching Team TITS (flounder), Wil is just a catty 7th grade girl and has been very petty.


Frank has to nominate Joe or the alliance is dead. He goes up against Joe remains to be seen. I’d say it should be Wil and if one of them wins POV, the fun begins. Probably should put Dan up as the replacement

Dark Horse

You would think that he would put up Joe, I hope so…

hmmmmm…a Dan backdooring would be more interesting than the Janelle backdoor. Frank did mention his name yesterday.


I think that Joe needs to go. He really annoying & getting on people’s nervous. Good Riddance Joe!

Red Lampshade

Frank and Boogie are definitely in a showmance

bbfan14 g

I really hope Frank isn’t stupid enough to waste an HOH on Joe, he needs to take out his immediate competition, aka Shane, Dan, or even Wil. I know he’s all about his honest game bullshit but really, honesty wont get you anywhere , to win, you got to get your hands a little dirty. I feel like the person in the best spot at the moment is Jenn. Hell, she might even win it because she is so under the radar, shes practically invisible, just ask the live feeds.

Dark Horse

If Frank puts Joe up he should say…Joe you are poisoning us with your undercooked food :P

I wonder how many more ‘alliances’ Joe will create this week…


I think he should put up Joe & Danielle, if someone wins the veto put up Dan :(


Ok, I just want to get this straight, did Janelle actually talk about Danielle being fat? Was there any truth to that rumor because if so I completely missed it. I thought that was all blown out of proportion and I swear she didn’t talk anymore smack about people behind their back than anyone else. The cattiest thing I saw her do was tell Danielle what Jojo had said about her. Otherwise I can’t figure out why people like Ashley and Danielle turned so against her. Otherwise I am thrilled Frank won HOH and hope everyone is nervous. I think he should backdoor another coach and make this the season of backdoors and a bazillion broken alliances.


That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out… googling all over the place LOL Because even though I don’t have live feeds, I have read at least 4 sites’ live feed updates daily since the beginning and I don’t recall her being any worse than the rest of them. And if Wil/Britney/etc participated in any catty conversations with Janelle, why are they such hypocrites now? People get on my nerves.

BB Pathetic season

alot of the lies were made by Dani to get rid of jojo. that’s where it all began When the hgs watch this pathetic season of lies they will see. if anyone tells her something. ( Joe or Janelle ) she Dani twists it and adds a whole lotta BS to the cov that was never said. I watch the feeds & flash back so yes I do watch feeds and I do see & hear abot 20 hours a day every season since we got the feeds . I even watch during BBAD every night from 11pm till 2 am
Dont get much sleep during the bb season.


Lol you’re funny Janelle was responsible of Jojo’s eviction plus she was part of “Willie;s gang” and as the the original post Janelle is cruel!!! I mean her OWN team saw through her fakeness….if you have the feeds you can see how she is such a fake!!! I have some clips I might edit together and post how catty that Catnelle is!!!!!!!

S. Smithers

No, Janelle didn’t say Danielle was fat. She was comparing body types before the endurance comps and said that Dani’s body type was not suited to win — translation in Dani’s world: Janelle said I was fat. Just like everything that Dani criticized others about – it was an exaggeration.

She’s an insecure girl with MANY issues and she succeeded in almost single-handedly making Janelle into a mean-girl (which she was not in the BB house). IF Danielle anything like she says she is in real life (being a “caring ‘real’ person”), she owes Janelle a HUGE apology for the lies she told about her.

Dark Horse

I really hope that production cuts the feeds everytime Danielle starts to talk about the following:

1. Shane
2. Trey
3. Janelle
4. her current weight
5. past anorexia


Aqua Bernie

I agree. but one more thing her damn voice!


Same here!!!!! For me, it’s straight up painful to watch. The issues that girl has just blow my mind.


I want Frank to get Joe out. Besides the fact that I can’t stand Joe always yelling at me, I want the shitty players out. Take out Joe, Ashley, Jenn & Wil. The last thing I want to see if a final of Dan/Boogie with Jenn/Ashley, or worse Jenn and Ashley in the final together.

I would love to see Dan and Shane end up on the block though, for pure drama sakes, but that’s not going to happen.

My favorite comment of the show has to go to Jenn last night, “I think the reset really helped my game!”. Hahahahahaha. Jenn’s “game”. Hilarious.

Not a fan of boogie

I think Eagle eye’s strategy is to hang on, lay low and make it to the end. These people are male dogs following the scent of a stupid woman Britney. Like it wasn’t obvious she and Boggie threw the win to Frank. And all the others never even picked him to try to get him off. I know Janelle will be back in through the pandora box. Some head of household will let her back in that house. It is not over for her.


theres no way janelle or anyone else for that matter will be brought back this season they have to many people in the house as it is and will have to prob do two doulble evictions as it is and plus janelle is not the fan favorite she used to be and i don’t think a lot of people would want her back

Caren in Canada

OK correct me if I am wrong but two weeks ago when they reset the game, (and I am looking for the replay to watch it again to see if I heard right) But Julie said if they reset the game then it is fair play to re introduce players back into the game! Pretty sure something like that was mentioned but will continue to look for it to double check! If so then the game could just be getting started! lol

Franks Blue Water Bottle

This has been happening the past few seasons. Strong players take out strong players early, just waiting till later to take out floaters. Floaters then just happen to win an hoh, and the remaining strong player gets voted out. So Frank taking out Dan would set up perfect for a weaker player to take him out later, and thus, someone like Jordan wins.


@BB King. Wow. Thanks for that article reference on Boogie.
Knew he was a low life, but add scumbag, shiester (sp), etc. to his credit. Disappointed CBS would allow, let alone ask him to come back. So in his sexual exploits, think he is the uncle and Frank his fantasy nephew? Gross out.
Hope he is out of there fast.

BB King’s original post:

August 9, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Boogie may be bisexual. Boogie’s real name is Mike Malin

Here is the source:
Malin used “company resources and assets embezzled from plaintiffs to facilitate” multiple sexual encounters “with various older men during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies … playing out Malin’s versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship.”

Godless Monkey

Just curious, but do you know how the case resolved? Were the allegations ever proven up?

BB Fan 4 ever

If Frank Backdoors anyone its Britney or Shane. He knows Dan will be on his side and will not backstab him and he will probably put up Joe and Wil.


Totally off-topic, but did anyone see the TV series a couple of years ago about the British BB houseguests being trapped there while the world outside was going through a zombie outbreak? They shot it in the real BB house, the real host of England’s BB was in it, etc. Pretty good TV series for horror genre lovers. It’d be kinda fun for them to do that here, off season.

Lennon's Ghost

Frank and Boogie are definitely having a bromance. Last night Evel Dick Donato tweeted and named them the “Froogie Bromance”. LOL.


evel dick? the guy all upset over boogie getting production help when…..dick and danielle dont win their season without it, whereas all stars boogie WENT HOME with the freaking cout de taut

Ice Princess

Frank should put up Ashley and Joe neither will win POV. Then backdoor Dan. Mike and Frank don’t trust Dan and they can manipulate everyone else.


Boogie wants to sneak up on Franks 6 then stuff his backdoor.




“Joe says that they must have some sort of deal with Frank andBoogie to have voted out Janelle.”

I’m glad SOMEONE figured it out. Team Tits has got to get it together, or they won’t last much longer. Hopefully Ashley or Wil can pull an HOH out of their butt, and make a move! GO TEAM TITS!

Barb B

Boogie is a piece of shit, has no morals, doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Hope he gets back doored in the next couple of weeks. He doesn’t deserve to win BB.


I know, right?? I am tired of them saying that. And Ya Ya Ya!!!! I hope Frank opens his eyes. If he is final two with Boogie he is getting 2nd place. It would be sweet if he would backdoor Boogie, but he is too dumb to figure it out. I believe if Joe wins pov they will put up Britney and send her on her way. That would be ok. I really don’t care who wins. These ppl are not very bright. Good luck house guest. I will give my vote to the person who sends Boogie out the door. My neighbors will hear me screaming when that happens.


uhm…no…no he wouldnt…

mike boogie will not get the votes to win big brother. its HILARIOUS that people actually believe he would


I could see Mike seriously winning, I didn’t think it was possible even a week ago…I don’t care who’s in the jury, if Mike is sitting next to Frank in the end, Mike is winning…


I think Joe and Wil or Joe and Dan (to hide the silent six) should be nominated this week and if not then Dan should be the replacement nominee if either Joe or Wil win the POV. On the live feeds a few days ago, when Dan confirmed the alliance with Boogie after the coaches meeting, where btw Boogie dominated Janelle – lol, Dan stated that if they (Boogie and Frank) win the HOH they could possible go after Shane this week or next. Boogie was trying to play it honest for now, again I stated “trying”, because of that, even though I’m a Dan fan, he definitely should be the replacement if it comes down to it just to make him sweat a bit! Just What’s On My Mind~

Godless Monkey

I like Boogie and Dan’s tentative plan of Joe and Shane on the block, Shane believing he’s a pawn (and he’s already willingly offered himself up, which Brit told him not to do, but he’s not too bright) and if he doesn’t win POV, vote him out. If Shane does win POV replace him with anyone from Team Tits and just vote out Joe. Can’t replace Shane for Brit too early with Shane in the house being a beast at comps.


I think it stays straight this week but next week its on. Dan and Danielle are positioned the best when Boogie or Shane get ready to fire the first shot Dan will be right there advising them. Danielle is the defunct drag along and I see the silent six going down to 4 DDBF.