Have-Not Competition Starts Soon While Ashley is Paralyzed with Back Pain

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

Big-Brother-14-live-feeds-august-10-929am Ashley

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9am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Ashley and Wil are the only house guests up, everyone else is still sleeping. Wil and Ashley are in the living room. Wil is stroking Ashley’s head. She tells him it feels nice. Frank comes out and jokingly tells Wil to stop leaving her by herself. Wil says hes been here the whole time. Wil asks Ashley where the back spasms are? Ashley tells him down near the butt cheek. Ashley wonders what the have-not competition will be like. She says that it is supposed to be early. Frank comes over to Ashley on the couch and Ashley asks if they said it will be before noon? Frank says yeah. Wil tells Ashley not to be worried about the comp. Big Brother keeps switching back and forth to the we will be right back screen. Frank says he is excited to see what America voted for the have-nots to eat. Wil jokingly says I bet you fu*king are! Mike says like you fu*king care..

10:15am Frank, Wil and Britney are in the kitchen chatting and making breakfast. Dan and Boogie are in the living room talking about movies. Ashley gets called to the diary room. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.
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Big-Brother-14-live-feeds-august-10-938am Frank and Shane

10:45am Frank and Joe are up in the HOH room talking. Joe says that he would rather go home than have to play his (Wil) game. If I win HOH, I would be going after him. If Janelle said some of the things he said she said she did, I don’t know. I don’t want to play with someone like that. Frank says he knows and that it was just last week that he was lying to him. Frank says that the obvious person to put up on the block is you, because you were aligning with Janelle and so people are going to expect that you will be put up. I just might have to do that and I probably will but that doesn’t mean that you are the target this week. Do you understand that? Joe says yeah I do. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Joe says that he has been loyal for the 5 weeks and that the other two people that were a part of his team have flipped every week. Joe says that he is a loner and that I could give you my vote. I am resigned to that fact that I cannot win this and that I just want to get to jury. If it is within my power I will do everything to get him out of here, I am appalled with the way he has played this game. Joe says stab me in the front, not in the back. I don’t understand how someone can play the game like this. Joe heads down stairs.



10:55am Ashley is trying to get to the bathroom from the kitchen but can’t move because she is having really painful back spasms. Dan and Boogie are at her side asking her if she wants them to carry her. Ashley says no because her back spasms even more if she is lifted up. They tell her to just take it really slow. Everyone is really concerned for her.


11am Frank, Boogie and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Frank says that Joe is eating crow now. Frank tells them the conversation he had with Joe. Frank says he told him that Joe is the easiest person to nominate that will rock the boat the least. Frank says that Joe said the word appalled at least a hundred times while he was up here. Boogie explains that they will get Wil out, just after Joe. Britney comments on how intuitive Wil is and is way more dangerous. Boogie asks so you want to get Wil out first. Boogie says yeah he is definitely smart. Britney says that Wil called her out for how he figured she knew about the coaches entering the game.
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11:30am Boogie says that Ashley is handy capped and doesn’t give a crap about the game right now. Boogie asks are we going to nominate both Wil and Joe and say fu*k it, let them figure out we are all together and just hope he doesn’t win HOH. Or we disguise it and nominate one of our own. Danielle joins them. Danielle asks who do you think you will nominate? Frank says Joe and someone else. Frank explains how they are thinking of trying to disguise the alliance. Boogie tells them that it doesn’t make sense to put me up there with him, so it will have to be one of the four of you. Or we just say fu*k it and bull dose him out of here. Danielle says that she has the same mentality. Britney says that regardless of whether we hide it or not if Wil wins HOH one of us is going up. If Joe is gone there are no other options. They all agree. Boogies says let’s do Wil and Joe and see how it goes. Boogie says if Julie comes on and says we are playing a Fast Forward / Double Eviction then we knock out Wil and then Joe with the second. Danielle says that it doesn’t matter what we do, I just don’t want to go up. Boogie says yeah everyone was like disguise, disguise and now when it comes down to it no one wants to go up. So let’s scrap that plan. Boogie says imagine if all of us get drawn and its 5 on 2 in the POV. They talk about how they think the have-not competition will be the guess the ingredients competition. Boogie says AGHHHH…you know when we filled out the sheet of gross things you don’t want to eat, I should have lied and put things that don’t bother me. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


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Do u think that Ashley could be forced to leave cus of her back?

Danielle's Orange Dress

Do you think Ashley could be making all of this up to seem like she is not a threat to anyone? no one else goes with her to the DR to know if she is actually in pain or just playing like she is.


i think ashley is hurt for real. i don’t think production would help her pretend being sick by providing her with advil/aleve, or call in a dr. or give her shots. if they thought she was pretending i think they wouldn’t provide her with all that medication because that could like if she’s not taking this stuff for real then they are enabling someone (or looks like) that’s addicted to pain killers. that wouldn’t be good for production to have people view them that way.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

For a while I thought Ashely would Keyser Söze the house but nope she’s an air head. What Ashly does well in the game is to convince a person and a group of people that she’s on their side when she’s not and they fall for it every time – the same ploy. Shane caught on to it very early when Ashly was the “swing” vote. Ashley is another one who crumbles without attention.


Me to.. I thought she was totally Keyser Söze … hey maybe that should be her Avatar


Yes but only if she starts acting like she has some sense. It may be a good Avatar for Ian. The Quack Pack could win Ian the game. He is in an alliance Boogie has know Idea about I hope. If Ian gains a little swagger, win a couple bid games and never lets on to Boogie about the Quack Pack Ian would be the MAN! Ian needs to stay with the QP and Ian should evict Boogie- Ian would win if he made it to the final two and we could call him Keyser Soze

Lennon's Ghost

If she really is injured it likely happened during the very first HOH competition where they were jumping the mattress’s. Remember that she ended up “zoned out” on pain medication and ended up sleeping with Willie in the HOH bedroom the first night. The other HG’s had to help her down the stairs the next day as she was so “loaded” and “in pain” that she could not manage the staircase by herself. She has been on “pain meds” ever since.

Does anyone else remember that?

Dark Horse

I remember and thats why I don’t think she’s faking…

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe knows what he’s doing. Dont be surprised to see my boy Eagle ride this ship to port and walk away with 500k. The dude knows the game and is playing it perfectly right now

Godless Monkey

With all due respect, you’re more delusional than a scientologist. I doubt even the Powerhouse that is Eagle Eye has any delusions, at this point, of winning.


Powerhouse.. LOL! Besides Janelle, he’s easily the most dis-liked houseguest remaining. He can be heard bellowing from three states away.


I hope you’re right Eagle Eye Play Toy but I think Wil be a better player


If you believe that, I have some beachfront property in Nebraska for you to look at.


I think you’re taking the same medicine Ashley is

Go Blue! Go Dan!



She could be asked to leave, especially if she can’t even compete, sad but true… hope she feels better!


Honestly, I don’t know whether to call Ashley a fake, a lightweight, a trooper, unfortunate, or a brilliant strategist. I’m sympathetic because I have some serious lumbar issues as a result of years of being athletic, not to mention a family history of back (disc) problems, but then again, even at my worst, which is pretty bad, I’m still able to get up and do things, cry about the pain once I’m done. I heard her say last night that her pain threshold is pretty high, so she must really be in some serious pain, or she’s completely full of it. And I don’t know which to lean towards. What I do wonder, though, is why she’s only been looked at and not had any imaging done.

Dark Horse

I can relate too.

If this is all strategy for Ashley then kudos to her…but I think it may be real.

I bet production did offer her to go get x-rays but warned her if she does she’s outta the game…it would only be fair i guess.


maybe it’s a prior issue they (production) knew about before her comming on the show. I thought it was weird how they showed her family last night and they only spoke of her being ditzy, but none seemed worried about her pain which caused me to think they already know about her condition.

Dark Horse

This could be true that it was known by production…they have been giving her cortisone shots, I bet the stress adds to it too. I could not imagine them putting someone in the house that was already in so much pain.


It could be her sciatic nerve, that can be real painful and it doesnt matter what you do, there is no treatment for it, it just has to go away on its own. My question is if Danielle is the medical professional why hasnt she given her diagnosis….or shown more of a concern, it may be a game, but there comes a time when humanity takes over. Britany knows Danielles medical profession why hasnt she asked Danielle what she thinks may be wrong with Ashley? I would think these girls meaning Danielle and Britany would show more compassion or concern rather than just walk past Ashley and not give her pain a second thought. Anyone else agree?

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Danielle and Janielle have psychopathic traits – they only care about themselves. Not sure about Brit.


Ashley is nice to look at but I think they need to give her the boot and bring Janelle back with “Lawon Super Powers”




LOL… bring Janelle back, HA that’s funny! I’d rather see Willie come back to really mix it up, him and Joe (Team Tits) will join forces, become bff’s and take over the game… LOL, now thats funny!


i think they need some help but not WIllie’s




This season is the worst yet.


did you watch 12 and 13? im surprised i am still watching after those trainwrecks. i am much more happy to watch danielle frank dan and boogie than kalia lawon brendon and homophobic jeff or even the brigade bore up a season.


Yes, I watched every one if them. Thanks!

That comment was my opinion.


This season is WAY better than the last couple for sure! I love that the big players in the game are sticking together and then they will just fight it out in the end. Watching some of the bigger players start to get nasty when it comes down to it is why we all watch! We dont watch to see people sitting around complaining. We watch to see huge moves, backdoors and emotional meltdowns! If you get emotionally connected to one or two players (which most people do) then they love the game when their people are on top and hate the game and think its rigged when their people are on the bottom.

I love this game because of the premise of it! We all have times when we would have loved to be that “fly on the wall” Well we are!

I love this show


franks hoh will be a waste his nomination will be a waste because she wiil be ejected out of the game i can imagine julie saying no elimination thursday because asheley has been taken outta of the game ……. boogie will be really upset

Carol & Steve

Remember Willie was taken out prior to nominations so if Ashley were to leave before nominations Frank once again has two people out during his HOH reign. And it would help solve a part of the numbers thing.


That wouldn’t happen because production loves Frank. They let him continue with nominations when Willie was expelled, unfairly, and wasted Shane’s HOH which did nothing but give reason for two double evictions, putting the season way behind where it should be. I think this game is a little rigged but hey, I enjoy watching it and if it was their plan to cheat for Frank like people are saying then oh well, I’m going to finish this season out anyway haha


it wasnt unfair, unless the person ejected was nominated then the hoh gets to still give someone the boot. the only reason they re did hoh after chima left was cuz she was on the block. nathan got to keep his noms after scott left, and so did boogie after justin.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I don’t think production “loves Frank” I believe they love Boogie and Boogie wants Frank in the game. IMO, Frank is irrelevant outside of being stinky, annoying(tickling) and being Boogie’s number 1. The people in the house made him out to be a “bad ass” due to his height and Boogie’s hype. His HOH wins were not great – Boogie threw the competition to him, Dan threw the comp and Britney was right there to win it which does not say much. Head to head in an athletic comp- Shane will beat Frank every-time as Dan/Danielle probably would as well. Frank’s personality is actually just as terrible as Janielle’s. Franks talks so much about being righteous but every agreement he’s made he tries to back out on immediately from Willie to Shane and now Dan, he has thrown all of them under the bus. He’s really not that smart – he totally believed Will even after Boogie told him about Will’s lies. He wants to turn on Shane and Dan out of fear and jealously (most think Dan is jealous but he’s far from jealous – Dan can let Boogie do the dirty work and win against Boogie in the end). Frank reminds me of Danielle, Britney and Janielle playing personally instead of for the game( I want to put Dan up so he can see how it feels=Frank talking to Boogie about Dan) when did Dan put anyone up? Let me not start with Boogie- he totally played personally with Janielle and for those of you who believe Boogie was a master -mind getting Danielle to get out Janielle you’re as crazy as Danielle. Anyone can get Danielle to put another women up or man by playing on her insecurities. Danielle already wanted Janielle gone and Dan knew it was a lost cause so he rolled the dice-it would have been easier for Dan with Janielle in the house but ultimately he can predict Boogies moves much better than Janielle’s because she’s a crazy as women. I bet you Danielle puts Ashley up the next time she gets HOH hopefully Dan can convince her to get out Frank if applicable. PS Ashely is a hater as well – and both Ashley and Janielle were jealous of the attention Danielle received from her coach and Shane. Thank God Britney was Shane’s coach or she would have been a hater too!….sorry for grammatical errors I do not feel like proof reading :)

Janelle is fatter

janelle is gone, and she will stay gone, she is not one of the greats of BB, she is a 3 time LOSER!

Frank has never voted

Why is Frank still wearing the humilitard? And when can he take it off?

Lennon's Ghost

I think Frank said yesterday that he had to wear it until 7PM (PDT) tonight.

Reid Harris Cooper

He got the Spiritard at the POV, so he can’t take it off till either right before the next POV. That’s how a week usually works… If you do something on a Wednesday at 2 PM, then a week will be the next Wednesday at 2 PM.

Unless of course it’s a NYC Metrocard which actually is more like six days, because if you use it on Monday at 11:59 PM it’s still only Good till Sunday.


I don’t feel much sympathy for any of these players who are fretting and complaining about Frank winning HOH. They made the choice to stand by Frank and Boogie’s plot to oust Janelle…..now deal with the consequences of trusting them.

I really like Janelle, although I do feel she wasn’t up to her usual standards this year. I have always loathed Boogie….a 42 year old man called Boogie??? Sheesh.

I’m neutral on Frank….you have to give the guy credit for surviving the evictions and winning when he needs to. But if anyone in that house thinks that Frank or Boogie will be loyal to anyone but each other….they are fools.

Now that Janelle is out….I’m not sure who I’m rooting for. Everyone (except Boogie and Frank) are playing a terrible game and I just can’t see myself getting behind Boogie for anything. Rooting for Frank means supporting Boogie….maybe I should just cheer for Ian?

Watching this show year after year shows that I could never be on BB. My feelings would be hurt if I really trusted someone and they screwed me….I would also have told Danielle to zip her lips about the “fat” comments, I would have asked Joe to please wash his hands during the cooking process and I KNOW I would have handed Boogie some breath mints and dental floss.

In the perfect world, I want to see Frank nominate Danielle and Briitney….give them a taste of the medicine they dished out to Janelle. Then again, we’d have to listen to Danielle claim that she was nominated because everyone in the house thinks she’s obese. Good lord.


I was reading about Dan and Mike’s background and there is no question that Dan is a far better person then Mike. I can’t understand why BB had someone like Mike come into this game once again with his terrible reputation. Anyone who wants Mike to win has to be as bad as he is. I would like to see Dan get all the newbies together and form an alliance to get Mike Boogie out of this game before Mike back doors Dan.


You and me both…unfortunately that might not happen until Boogie ‘front’ stabs Dan…hopefully it wouldn’t be too late.


The show is not a competition for who is a better person. And if they are so different why are they both on the same show. Even Dan himself is excited about working with Boogie and even mentions that he called Boogie for advice after winning the show (and Boogie did give him good advice). I like Dan he seems like a nice guy, but that is not what the show is about. And there have been worst jerks on this show than Boogie, hello Evel Dick, Sheema!!!

So what if Boogie backdoors Dan or anyone…THAT IS THE GAME!!!!


My outlook is different from yours, you took my name! :O FAKE! haha

The "Original" Name

Why’d you steal MY name? I am the most boring person here by far!

Dark Horse

I hope Mike does not win either…especially since he is a crook and I could only imagine what he would do with the money.

I wonder what ever came of that Crazy Lawsuit? …and now it makes sense why is always ditched the chicks for d*cks.

The "Original" Name

I agree with you 100%, I feel like I have to give my opinion because the other person who stole my name gave you theirs! I have a solution…. much like someone’s else solution who had this problem….


Lawon’s super powers assumption was the funniest crap I’ve saw as far as strategy in bb. I still bust out laughing about it to this day. I hope F & B backstab the silent 6 to make some noise in the hous or I see a clean sweep of Titi’s and powerhouse.


, when will Frank take off the spirit tard?


I think Ashley is faking for the most part!! Last night she was ‘feeling good’, and laughing it up!! I would go with Danielle and say Ashley might have a little pill addiction!! I just find it funny how right before a comp or when she thinks people might be mad at her or not like her this is the card that keeps getting played!! I think they need to send her home and let someone come back in!!




If they do remove Ashley, they will just have one less double eviction to do.


She looks genuinely ill but if she IS pretending she deserves an Oscar!!!!


I honestly think that Boogie and Frank are going to stick to their deal, at least for the next one to two weeks. I predict Joe goes this week, Wil goes next week, and it’s only then that I think those two might go rogue. If they don’t go rogue, I predict it’ll be Joe this week, Wil next week, then Ashley/Jenn the next week. Then again, we have shitloads of houseguests and not alot of weeks, so count on fast forwards, double evictions, or something new to mix things up and take out a silent sixer or two before the silent six take each other out. That said, what I would love to see is Joe go on the block against any one of the Silent Six, who goes up initially as a pawn, but as the days go by, everything goes batshit, and the silent sixer goes home.


I wish Ash and Wil go the block, all they did was bitch and complain about Janie. All she did was protect them by winning two coaches comps (if not it would have been. Wil and Frank on the blk during Shanes hoh) to help her team. Wil didnt like how J would kiss the ass of the hoh, then you should have won a damn hoh and you guys could have made some deals to keep safe or maybe form some kinda alliance. Dont get me wrong J isn’t an angel but her team stunk up the joint on thursday nights and pov comps.

J is use to playing with and alliance where they talk sh£t about other hg and it would stay in there circle of ppl, but when the going got tough
b&tch boy Wil turned his back and Brit thats another story wondering if it was a smart move evicting J
you were the one in Dani’s ear talking bad about J for a week and a half and Janie wasn’t even after u two. U cut someonethat was riding with you
smart move Brit, Mrs. 4th place.


Just being trivial and mean here, but I’m beyond done with Jenn qualifying as anything even remotely representing a worthy houseguest. Why is she in this house right now when so many other people who love and know this game tried out and were turned down? I kept hoping her game would step up, but in my opinion, it’s actually gotten worse as time goes by. I’m sure she’s amazing in her real life, but how she surpassed so many other applicants in order to get into this season’s house I consider an epic fail on casting’s part. Then again, they do this every season, I guess. I just would’ve never have guessed it would have been her.


I heard Jenn say that they recruited her from Facebook. She never applied and doesn’t know the game well. Thought she would have a strong personality at first. Def a disappointment.


It’s called “politics” She and Wil are both “gay”, and that brings more audience from that demographic. Same when they have Black,Latin,Italian,Asian on these shows, it’s all politics……..

Sad part is EVERY reality show that does this seem to ALWAYS get the people to represent stereotypes from those ethnic backgrounds.

I’m just waiting for them to come up with the “African American” version of “Jersey Shore”, you know they been thinking of ideas since that show became so popular…


Please Joe go home. You will be the next one to leave.


Have you ever known of a genius that wasn’t a little odd. “IAN”. His problem ….he should have kept his intelligence to himself, and the fact he is a walking BB encyclopedia, which could be his downfall. If he would make it to the final two he will definitely win the game because everyone likes him. He could have won HH and Veto competition but he doesn’t want to make himself a target or have to make any major decisions. I do like him but have to admit he is weird. Can’t visualize him and Ashley as a couple, that would be hilarious.

If Ashley’s back is serious, then she should be asked to leave, and ship her off to her parents who would see that she gets proper medical attention. I think it was great of Joe to say he would foot the bill for her to have an x-ray. He isn’t such a bad guy after all.

Ashely hope you stay and play, and beat Danielle. Danielle you don’t know when to keep your mouth shut about your insecurities, people are getting tired of listening to you, both inside the house, also we the viewers.

Dan, go man…..don’t let Boogie screw you he is very sneaky …..according to his background he likes to screw men so you better watch out. At lease Wil is open to his sexuality.

kelly anderson

My husband had two herniated discs in his lower back. Had to have a microdiscectomy to fix it. He had shooting pain going down his butt to his legs and spasms like Ashley. She may need surgery. Pain meds are not going to help for the long hall. Since she hurt herself on the show (first HOH comp), Big Brother should pay for her surgery (if that’s what she needs). My husbands surgery was aroung $12,000, and he has made a full recovery.


The HG’s probably sign a waiver and CBS carries insurance for liability claims. She may just have lower back spasms that are debilitating. Muscle relaxers for a couple days could work for Ashley


BOOGIE boogie boogie

while he is amazing in his own way he is awfully full of himself and this power will go to his head and he will find himself on the short end by the time this game is over ….too bad this arrogant narcissist cant wait to finish the race he already starts show boating in front of the cameras…nothing is wrong with confidence he be on some ego trip…. nothing wrong with basking in your glory because u got danille , dan to evict janelle but i think boogie has a long way to go… if boogie gets out dan, daniell or brittney this week i can hear him in the diary room saying he’s the best bb player this guy couldnt carry doctor will jock strap to the laundry mat but his ego might…its just to bad he has to be in front of the cameras tooting his own horn


boogie said if u people listen to THE feeds he said he doesnt want to waste a hoh on JOE


& Dawg What’s happening to Ashley? Can she play or what?


What pain could Ashley be in? what has she done? I highly doubt this pain stems from the hanging comp, she would’ve healed by then, unless she got hurt real bad??


I dont think there is a thing wrong with her. The other nigh while they played poker she claimed to have but last night on bbad shes sitting in hoh legs crossed leaning back on the bed juming around on the bed before they went to sleep ( Dan & Dani both jumped into the bed with her Will and Jenn laying in it)
after that she was walking fine to the bathroom looking for J & Dani. I think she trying not to be a havenot. If it was that bad BB would have to send her home.
Now out of nowhere she needs help to the bathroom, I smell bull…


The game is about deception, she could be lying to not be a target, which she isn’t even on anybody’s radar …. if it’s true that she’s addicted to pain killers and is faking pain to get em, she’ll be expelled


I hope Frank Backdoors someone who is a threat, like Brit (love her, but a good move) Danille, or Shane

Dark Horse

I hope its either Dan or Danielle if he does decide to backdoor one of The SSShh members.

I still think they need to take Joe up on his previous offer [about 2 weeks ago] that he would leave in 2 weeks…this guy is something, and it’s now 2 weeks later


Dan was straight pissing me off last nite the way he was throwing brit and shane under the bus..im starting to think Dan the biggest fking floater in the house.


That’s his game. Dan knows that he needs to give Boogie the answer what he wants to hear. If Dan makes him think that he wants to keep them(Danielle/ Britney/Shane) all safe, Boogie can easily backdoor him.


2nd to Janelle, no doubt

Dr. J

Bingo! He is that indeed.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Dan said threw Danielle under the bus as well but only to convince Boogie that the others don’t matter. Trust me Dan knows who butters his bread. He just told Danielle to tell Frank and Boogie that she is not interested in being a pawn – he’s really helping his team he even wanted Janielle in the game but DANIELLE, BRIT AND SHANE did not so Dan acted as if Boogie convinced him and he would go convince the others. Its the MIST.


Boogie is probably right that the have/have not maybe food related.
BB is probably doing a legal dance in the corporate offices with Ashley’s back complaints.
She said once that the BB doctor suggested it might have been caused by the have/have not room.
If the comp is food related and she opts out, or participates and loses (she will),
She will probably leave by choice or they will eject her – with a minimized liability exposure.


Yea, just hope they don’t bring any eliminated HGs back, the current HGs would puck up whatever slack she leaves, no need for JoJo, or Janelle to be brought back, to annoy the masses, if they could bring anyone back Kara would be the best choice to fuck with Danielle’s head, and make her go into “stab a bitch” mode

Dark Horse

LMAO @ ‘stab a bitch’ mode…that is true and while it could be entertaining…

I just can’t listen to Danielle [make herself look even more crazy, stalker, psychotic] say things like:

‘Does Kara think I’m fat?’
‘I think Shane likes Kara…shoulda made Trey my bf’
‘I weight 1 pound less than Kara’

I just can’t…


With people like Dan, Frank, Boogie and Brit in the house I think that the natural progression of this show is going to get rid of Joe, Jenn, Ashley and Wil. They are all only still there because you can only vote out one person a week.

Danielle will be gone eventually too and little Ian will no longer be useful and will fall prey to the sharks. Shane may be able to stick it out just because he is simply great at winning challenges but my final four predictions are Dan, Frank, Boogie and Brit. Brit will then get the boot from the boys once again and the boys will go final 3.

From there its hard to predict because it will simply come down to winning challenges.

I think I would like to see Frank and Dan in the final two but I know that if Frank is last HOH he will take Boogie and vice versa. Dan would HAVE to pull out the last HOH or he too would be gone.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I disagree – I do not think Dan wants Frank around that long. Dan will try to roll with Danielle, Boogie or Ian. He can for sure beat Boogie in the end if he gets some of Boogies people out before jury. I don’t think he can beat Ian if Ian starts winning and everyone will beat Danielle because she turned out to be such a narcissist.


yeah you may be right about Dan not wanting Frank around I just dont see Dan going against Boogie and Boogie wants to Frank to go all the way so I am thinking that Dan will do it just to be with Boogie


I think Boogie is hedging his bets for now. He cannot afford to be the only coach target(male) so he keeps Dan; he also is starting to believe in Dan so its a plus for Boogie to have Dan and Frank. Boogie cannot win against either at the end but Boogie may be to arrogant to realize this.


on the feeds: Sounds like Wil sealed his fate possibly! Who goes up to the HOH, acts cocky and doesnt make a deal for the next week!? God he is truly bad at this game, he needs Jani! LOL


Ashley is definetly playing the loosey goosey card so why not fake pain to get drugs and sympatjhy she was fine the other night watching everyone playing poker but she has gained weight eating alot of nuts maybe she has pain because nuts are stucken in her colon give her muscle relaxers and a enema lol


I was thinking the same thing.
They keep complaining about Joe’s cooking, being so unhealthy…
Maybe she is constipated.

Lennon's Ghost

I think Team FRoogie are too smart than to go after anyone in the “Silent Six Alliance Shhhhhh!” the very first week. FRoogie both know that the rest of the alliance would turn on them in an instant and both of them would be targeted/evicted in the subsequent 2 weeks. First Boogie, then Frank.

I doubt that the “SSA-Shhh!” will be able to sustain itself for more than a few weeks due to egos and basic distrust of each other, but it should last for at least 3-4 more evictions, counting the double evictions and fast-forwards that are sure to come soon. By then most of them will have already secured side alliances to ensure their safety.

Much will depend on any new/old twists like Pandora’s Box, Coup de’ta’s (SP), Diamond POV’s, etc.

Any thoughts?

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I hate to say this but Dan is in the worst spot right now. If Boogie and Frank wanted to turn on Dan they could get him evicted. TITS and Power house really want Dan out and they would vote with Frank. Will believes he is the smartest in the house and his only mental comp is Dan (in Will’s eyes) in addition, Will is very envious that he’s not in the fore front (remember Will loved Janielle when all she thought about was him-when Janielle had to go to work and left Will and Ashley alone – they turned on her). Although Ashley is an air head she is intuitive and realizes Dan is as well so she wants him out because Dan see through her act. Jen will stick with Boogie because she will say she was loyal from the start. I thought Ian really wanted to roll with the Quack Pack but last night picking Dan and Britney to go against each other told a different story. Right now Dan only has Brit, Shane and Danielle for votes but hopefully Frank and Boogie will not realize this. I’m afraid if Will goes on the block he will convince Boogie and Frank they have the votes to get rid of Dan. One good thing is Boogie really sees a possible 2 deal with Dan. Boogie should think long and hard before getting rid of any more coaches. I don’t believe Frank is as loyal as Boogie. I’ cant remember what question I’m responding to so I hope I answered it. LOL!

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Okay, I read the question again see above and of the silent six I believe insecurities will get the best of them. Frank is too scared. Boogie and Dan are trying to trust each other but Boogies wants all of Dan’s allies gone it seems too me. I’m not sure if I want a special power – that only happens when production wants to save someone so if anyone get’s it I hope its Dan but I bias.


I have just finished going threw what Ashley has and it kept me pretty much in bed for4 of the eight weeks I had it, the poor girl they should really be getting her to ice her back, get a CT Scan so they can see if a disk is herniated and put her on Lyrica, it helps with the nerve pain. A trip to the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist would not hurt either.


Will CBS pay for that??


Probably not but they should do something to see if she does have a herniated disk as she can seriously injure herself if she does continue with the comps.


For those of you thinking Ash is faking a back spasm, the Drs would know if she was it is something you can not fake when examined by a Dr.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Bull-shit! back injuries are the easiest ailments to fake – research insurance claims.