Big Brother Spoilers – Frank gets his HOH Room Wil: “I want to get rid of Boogs and Dan”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
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Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

9:27pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Jenn Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Daniele is worried that all the fans will see her as a mean person for backdooring Janelle. Jenn explains to her that Janelle wasn’t nice to a lot of people. Danielle points out that as soon as Janelle was nominated she was super nice to everyone. Jenn knows that everyone in the house does it because they want votes. Jenn tells her not to be upset she did the right thing got a strong competitor out. Danielle is still worried that the edit is making her look like the villain this year.
AShley joins them
Jenn: “This was her 3rd time back.. her game should have been a lot tighter.. like this is her 3rd time back her shit should have been tight as a ziplock bag”
Danielle brings up that Janelle came up to her this morning and told her she never said one mean thing about Danielle.. AShley and Jenn are both pissed they say Janelle was telling her a lie.

Ashley says Janelle never came up to her to say buy and they were close in the beginning. Jenn mentions that Janelle treated her team badly she had no one close in the game.
Britney joins them.
They talk about Janelle knowing the coaches are coming in. Britney is certain that Janelle had found out early before she came into the house.
Talk moves to Willie.. how he tried to make it look like he was given a power week one when he walked out of the Diary Room with his black duffel bag saying “Things are always changing”

9:59pm Cam 1-2 Dan, Frank, Eagle Eye

Frank saying he got really close to getting on Big Brother 12. Frank says he would have won that season based on the caliber of player that was cast. ian joins them tells Frank he would have been in the Brigade for sure. Dan didn’t like season 12. he thought Lane was entertaining.

Frank says it will be day 48 when he finally gets to vote.. Dan: “As long as nothing strange happens”

10:10pm Cam 1-2 Dan saying that after he won Big Brother 10 he called Boogie to ask hin for help. Boogie told him to Go home back to teaching and not think there is much in entertainment. Boogie also told him to sell as much shit he had from the show on Ebay. Dan says he made a fortune off sh!t he sold to Big BRother Fans

10:18pm Cam 1-4 Frank gets his HOH room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie mentions how production wanted him to fill out the HOH questionnaire before he entered the game. He thought it was strange at first because he wasn’t going to be playing the game. Britney chimes in that it’s 300 questions and they game her almost no time to fill it out.

10:41pm Cam 3-4 T!T$ – Jenn
Ashley mentions that the house is full of HUGE threats why are they worried about going up. She brings up Shane, wonders why the fuck he’s not a target this week. Wil thinks that Joe is the target this week. Ashley understands that everyone wants Joe out but she’s thinking that Shane is better because he’s so strong ast Power of Veto competitions.
Wil saying he wants to get rid of “Boogs and Dan” first. AShley says if something happens this week and Dan leaves they can probably pull Shane in to work with them.

Ashley has a feeling that they are going to put up Joe and Danielle. Wil disagrees thinks it’ s going to be him and joe. Ashley says no it’s going to be someone out of that group (Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane)

Ashley and Wil are convinced that all the coaches knew that they were going into the game. Ashley says that Britney mentioned to her that Janelle knew 100% she was going into the game. Wil points out that Brit is a really bad liar.

10:53pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Joe and Shane
Joe is Shocked that the vote was 8-1. he asks Shane what went down. Shane says it was all last minute. Joe asks him “Man to Man” are people talking sh!t about him. Shane says no. Joe says he stuck with Janelle out of loyalty it was like the JOJO thing with Shane. Shane asks him to lower his voice because he’s screaming. Joe is just rattled that the vote went the way it did. Shane says the biggest concern with the house it that Joe was Janelle’s puppet. Joe knows he’s good with Shane and wants shane to know he’s never done any wrong to Danielle or him before and isn’t planning on starting.

11:06pm Cam 3-4 Frank, Dan and Boogie

Talking about how perfect the night was, Janelle left and Frank won the HOH. Dan likes these types of HOH comps because they have a bit of power in influencing the outcome.
Boogie points out how Joe was probably thinking the vote was at least 6-3 so he could hang with Ashley and Wil.

Dan: “what’s your guys level of concern with the Power of Veto”. Boogie isn’t really worried they’ll have Frank and Shane competing so as long as Joe doesn’t win.

Frank: “Sometimes I want to talk shit about his cooking but then I realized he doesn’t have much to work with”
Dan: ‘I know for a fact he’s clowning people in The Diary Room”
Boogie asks him if it’ll be OK they put someone from teh silent 6 up as a pawn to throw the other players off the scent. Dan is fine with it as long as it’s not him.

11:10pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney
Danielle says that Jenn told her all the horrible things Janelle was saying about her. Danielle explains how she use to have anorexia and when people insult her weight it really hurts her. Britney tells her not have one person’s comments bring her down..

Britney brings up that if Frank is going back on his word they’ll find out tomorrow during nominations. They think the guys are going to keep them around for a bit but sooner or later they will be targeted by them. Britney warns her not to tell Frank anything.

Danielle: “Dan isn’t doing too so well this season” (In competitions)
Britney: ‘I think he’s throwing some of them”

Britney tells her they are in a HUGE alliance that’s not going to keep long, they need to win the next HOH. Danielle says she misses Trey she thinks he’s being with someone else.. Feed cut than god..

11:35pm Cam 3-4 HOH Boogie, Dan and Frank Boogie brings up that Janelle was going to win America’s Favorite so with her gone it now frees up that to another person. they all agree that Janelle’s crazy Cat people fans are calling Danielle Fat and ugly all over the Internets. Boogie asks Dan if Danielle knows that out of the Silent 6 (Shhhhhhhhhh) Boogie, Dan, Frank and Danielle are the 4 who are making a run for it. Dan hasn’t told her yet points out that she’s close to Britney still. (Another alliance)
11:47pm Dan tells them he really wants to see Ian get to the Jury because he’ll vote on Game Play and he’s going to make 750 week which for Ian is a lot of money. Boogie agrees they definitely want to keep Ian until Jury. They all agree Ashley isn’t an act . Boogie thinks that there are a lot of weak players this season. Dan agrees. Boogie :”Most these players have no idea what is going on.. or they know one aspect but have no fucking clue about the next one”

12:01AM Dan wonders about the Fast Forward… Boogie: “Wil, Jenn then AShley”

Do you guys think the Diamond power of Veto or the Coup de’jeff is going to be in the game?

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I voted for joes powerhouse for the laughs.


what’s frank HOH CD

Yo, sup

Third Eye Blind self titled album

Godless Monkey

It’s a self-help CD: “How to live successfully as a Carrot Top Look-alike Without Committing Suicide.” It’s not a huge seller; can’t even buy it on Itunes.


helps to have a previous BB winner telling you what to do.


M83..midnight city is the best song


I hope Dan’s not stupid enough to actually go with Frank and Boogie, he’ll ultimately screw himself over


Getting rid of joe is a waste of an HOH I hate when players do that


I agree!


I dont agree. Why is getting rid of the weakest players a bad idea?? I say get rid of all the players who are doing nothing and let the strong players fight it out in the end. Much more entertaining than watching a bunch of sloths laying around in the end.


” Shane asks him to lower his voice because he’s screaming.” Oh my god I am crying from laughter.


I feel bad for Joe. Yea I agree Dan will ultimately get screwed.over



Joe fan

JOE FTW!!!!!!!!

Team Shitney

Ughhh woman hating Boogie is gonna turn on team Shitney (shane/britney), and Dan will let it happen because he is smitten with Boogie.


That’s the impression I get. That Dan is both in awe and fear of Boogie.


seriously. when he and boogie talk game, I watch dan’s face. and dan is just in love with boogie, even after he leaves the room, he just has this look like “I love it” and ive heard former winners claim that dan wants to lose his good guy reputation and boogie would be a way to do that, or at the least, keeping him gives dan some sort of satisfaction there.


I dont see any way that in a double eviction, frank and boogie would last. obviously one will take place, and I think its just so easy to take them out there. ian is the only one who wont put them up once joe and maaaaaybe wil is gone.

Godless Monkey

Love the powerhouse pics! Looks like Eagle Eye Joe’s ready to go to from the powerhouse to the nut house on a 5150 hold. Hide the knives. So much for him and his awesome alliance of…oh, nevermind.


LOL @ Coup de’jeff

I don’t think any major power will be in the game this season, who would it save? nothing that big happening… maybe a Pandora’s Box or 2 oe 5, whatever they do hopefully it’s entertaining and NEW


I agree.. I dont think there isn anyone this season that people feel they HAVE to save and have in the house.

BB King

Either give me all newbies or give me an All-Star season. This mixing between vets and newbies for two seasons in a row is stupid. The vets have more experience and can manipulate the newbies to do their bidding and it’s really not fun to watch,when the game is so one-sided in favor of the vets. Even when the newbies win HOH or POV they remain puppets of the vets.

I think BB is trying to be a lot Survivor by bringing back old players for ratings boosters, but it gets boring after a while.

I do not mind seeing an all star season with all vets and then we can see who truly is the greatest BB player ever.

Otherwise, this is just too easy for the Vets. It will only get interesting when the silent six come after each other.


I agree with you 100%. You would at least thing the newbies learned something from last season.


Apparently not, even though one coach is gone. I hate to say it, but I would probably be Joe on this season trying to boot the coaches out! (except I’d wash my hands of course)


After reading that I thought I might clarify, I wouldn’t play as bad a game as he is either. The fact he has no one on his side and is a target won’t get the job done.

Godless Monkey

I’d bet Ian’s Ebay bag of pork rinds that the 300 question “questionaire” was lifted from the scientologists — hell, they’re everywhere. The drones leave one on my porch at least once a week, and BB has gotten sloppy and lazy the last couple years — why take the time to make their own ;) That would go far in explaining how Ashley, Joe and Danielle were cast.


People can say what they want to about Mike Boogie, but he makes great television…BBAD would be boring as hell if it wasn’t for him this year…

Godless Monkey

And for those who like train wrecks we have Danielle. “Step aside, step aside, there’s nothing to see.”


I agree with a previous comment that Dan is smitten with Mike, and that will be his downfall…


Has anyone heard of Ian having aspergers by any chance? he has all the symptoms. I also believe I heard someone say that on the feeds.


No proof of Asbergers but the kid was reading at 2. like Ive said before he has a very very high IQ. Kids who grow up that smart have social skills issues with their peers because they dont relate to their peers and the peers dont relate to them.. This affects for a long time….. hence why Ian is the way he is with people especially with girls. My 13 year old grandson has a 139 IQ and has had these same social skills issues.. but he much better now. BUt going back to the Asberger question, I agree that he has some asberger tendencies but I think those go back to high IQ.. just sayin…. and just my opinion : )

The Rose

@ Allister. I so agree with you. I think Ian is autistic/asperser syndrome. He has a high IQ and when he starts talking about this diagnosis BB cuts him off. I did catch when he was talking about “stemming” and BB cut him off. He talked about the difficulty he had in high school and BB cut him off. Autistic folks have a difficult time socially because they think so concrete sequential. 2nd he has Booger for a coach. Who is a rich, selfish asshole who doesn’t give a crap about coaching Ian. At the beginning Booger gave him (Same with Jenn) NO coaching and NO advice. No sympathy, ok fine welcome to BB. BUT Booger was placed here to be a coach. And he sucks at it with Ian and Jenn. I absolutely have to give Ian some credit for seeing that. 3rd Dan is a true coach. His encouragement and advice to Danielle and the valuable experience of telling her that she is on her own to give her opportunity to grow was amazing. And we see it now. And Ian sees it. I thought if they take Ian into their alliance, we would see him grow. And he has. Ian appears to have asperser syndrome. (Look up the traits. Does anyone else agree?) When Ian was hanging on the ship Booger was in the house and only came out to demand Ian to stay on…..that (I’m sure) was just intimidation and bullying on Booger part. I HOPE THE KID WINS!


My gut tells me Britney is going home by the end of this week. :(

They can come up with many excuses to nominate her, and ugh..


I have a feeling Mike’s main target is Shane, but he’s not sure he can get him evicted this week–too much blood might be on his hands…Listening to Frank and Mike talk they clearly want to make a move, but not sure they can do it…He hates living with Joe, as done everyone else, but Joe wont win squat at the rate he’s going…


The smart move is to evict Britney this week, and Mike/Frank take their chances that Dan will keep Danielle calm about it–I have my doubts that will actually happen…Shane could come into the mix later on in the week, and well, Joe, is the easy choice, but not the best long term…


Doubt it, she isn’t even worthy of the 4th place finnish she got before on season 12.

She isn’t a threat to anyone. She hasn’t done anything. She doesn’t even deserve to be there in the first place!

Why would she be a target. A replacement nomanation if Boogie or Dan got saved mabey, but that ain’t happening this week!


They went to bed early tonight…Damn…

danielle has dirty feet

i love how britney just wants to tell danielle to stop acting like your in thrid grade with shane…danielle has told britney 2 days out of the last three that she misses trey, and then within the hour shes all smittened by shane lol….when shane came in the room and then left danielle went to say soemthing and britney was like danielle calm down….lol britney knows danielle is a stage 5 clinger…i would think dan is smart enough to know that danielle isnt a strong player and that he needs to leave her….the POV she won was just luck….ill give her credit on the endurance she hung in there….but u can tell that danielle let that HOH go to her head…im hoping some drama happens soon….i heard shane tell ashley he needs a backrub….did she give it to him?

danielle has dirty feet

danielle said she misses trey again…and just like last time shes all over shane within the hour after she said it….when shane came in the room she went to say something like dont leave and britney is like calm down danielle…britney knows danielle is a stage 5 lol….i bet you danielle has restraining orders against her

Godless Monkey

Trey, at this point, has already changed his name to Jin Se-Pak, learned Korean, changed his appearance, forged his passport, and he’s on a strict starvation diet as a means to acclimate into his new country of North Korea. She has to be really desperate to hunt him down there. As an extra precaution he sent in a fake obit to his local paper. Trey’s parents, as a precaution, have gone into hiding until Danielle finds a new man to stalk, which, thankfully, should take her all of 24 hours, appx., after she gets out of the house. Trey, on the other hand, will never feel safe :(


That’s hilarious. And probably true.


i agree..i know BB has a psychiatrist cuz rachel talked to them last season…maybe danielle could use a session?? if i was trey i would be mortified!! she said his whole name…DUH you just dont do that if you arent even for sure dating someone, on top of trying to get engaged to shane on the show. she is really f’ing crazy and annoying as shit.

danielle has dirty feet

sorry i didnt know it sent the first time


I want Danielle and Shane on the block. Frank looks more like Richard Simmons and why is his eyes always twitching


either Wil or brit HAVE to do an impression of frank doing his eye blinking thing. their joe impersonation was hilarious


I wanted Janelle out so badly after she turned on Britney and how she would just float to the power, but now that shes actually gone I actually feel really sorry for her. I don’t know if anyone feels this way but I felt like her and Boogie were a glimmer of hope that could potentially change big brother back into what it used to be back in seasons 6/7/8, but now that shes gone im actually kind of upset in a weird way. Its sickening to think that Janelle is gone and all of these boring/idiotic newbies are still here (Danielle/Ashley/Joe/Frank/Jenn) (I like Shane, Ian & Wil are okay).

I was rooting for Dan but his gameplay this season is terrible, and I despise Boogie as always but I hope he gets Frank to put up Dan/Danielle. The way things are going Im rooting for Britney and Shane but I have this gut feeling Boogie wants Britney out. If thats the case and Britney goes home I think im done with this season.

Give us All-Stars 2 or All Newbies!!!


I thought in previous seasons they weren’t allowed to go to bed during BBAD hours. Brutal…


Is it just me or did not Ashley look so confused and dumbfounded during the HOH competition? Some think she is a real airhead, while others think its an act……nah, definitely no act. I actually thought the poor girl was gonna scratch her head and proclaim …”I’m so confused” when Julie told her she needed to pick her two people to come up.

Lady E

I noticed that, too. I wonder if she was on medication cuz of her back.

Danielle's Cankles

I cannot wait for Mike/Frank to put Dan and Shane up on the block or go against their “alliance” …. Finally, something interesting happening in the house…


why do people keep saying getting rid of weak players or non threats would be a waste of an hoh. if all the hohs get used on strong players we will be left with ashley, wil, jenn, joe and whoever is left standing as a final 5. that would be ratings death. you have to get garbage out from time to time. the show gets boring enough that late, it would be even worse to have to watch ashley self medicate into a coma, joe continue to cook for 16, will play with his hair (maybe he’ll speak with his normal voice though) and jenn doing her best invisible man impression


doesnt leaving threats in the house happen if you get out the floaters????


How about everybody shuts the Fuck about Danielle.? Have you ever had anorexia? Or been attached?&& if you have its just shut the Fuck up.nobody injures her In real life &&big brother edits a bunch of shit.BBAD isn’t even live.k?


Anyone as unstable as Danielle should never be cast for BB. Danielle makes Lydia look almost sane. I hate to say it, but BB needs to be really careful about this. If they continue to cast people like Danielle and Lydia they risk someone having a real life meltdown that could end really badly. Just wait until Danielle encounters the cat ladies and feels their wrath for voting out Janelle. As much as I dislike her, I am afraid for her when she leaves the house.


I’m concerned about Dani’s mental health, too. She’s too fragile to be on BB, pure and simple.


Floaters check list:
-Janelle (Check)
-Joe (Check)
-Wil (Check)
-Ashley (Check)
-Jenn (Check)
All floaters has to go.


Jury:Wil,Ashley,Britney,Ian,Danielle,Dan,Mike Boogie
Final 2:Shane & Frank


Brit might want to distance herself from the guys and Danielle and get in with Tits. Her mistake in season 12 was being the only girl in a solid guy alliance. Danielle is insignificant. Yeah, she won the endurance, but Brit could have won it if she wasn’t working with Danielle, she let Danielle have it, and the POV was a crap shoot. Danielle is Dan’s puppet and they will discard her when it suits them. Same with Brit. They will keep her for a vote but she will be gone as soon as they have to nominate one of their own. Then again, if Boogie really thinks about it, Brit is probably the only person in the house that he could beat at final 2. I don’t believe Boogie wants Dan, Frank and himself as final 3. Boogie would lose against either of them. If it was Dan vs Frank, it could go either way, but my money would be on Dan because he is so convincing. He would have Brit, Danielle, Shane and probably Ian’s vote. Bottom line, if Frank wants to win the game, he needs to get rid of Dan, but I don’t think he will pull the trigger this early. I hope the nominations are his and not Boogie’s. The newbs need to break off from their coaches. I would love to see Boogie and Dan on the block this week, but it isn’t going to happen. Boogie is going to be a liability for Frank. The obvious two man alliance makes Frank a bigger threat than he really is.


If they DO get a Pandora’s Box this week, I really hope that Frank doesnt get a power…thats the LAST thing I want to see him get at this point.


I think is KORNYYY every line he says is so rehearsed I guess he thinks america loves it….which some do but those people are 56 with 11 cats…..TEAM ANTI DAN


shit season