Joe says he still doesn’t understand why it’s called tossing someone’s salad.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


9:45am – 10:50am Danielle, Jenn, Wil, Ian and Boogie are awake. Boogie heads out into the backyard to lie on the couch. Boogie starts talking to the camera and how he has a really bad ear infection. He says three times on the show and an ear infection every time. Ashley gets up and heads into the kitchen. She tells Jenna that her back feels the best it’s ever felt. Ashley curls up on the bathroom couch with Danielle. Ashley asks Danielle what’s the matter. Danielle says she is sleepy and doesn’t want to get ready. Ashley asks for the diary room sessions or for life? Danielle says for life. Ashley tells Danielle that she only has two more days in the have-not room. Dan and Ian are in the kicks room talking. Ian says that he had a couple kids in his university that had no idea how to make their bed. Ian continues to talk about stories from his university dorm.
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11am – 11:30am Joe and Wil are out in the backyard. Joe is tells Wil about the conversation he had last night up in the HOH room. Joe starts talking about tossing someone’s salad and how he still doesn’t understand why it’s called that. Wil says that it sounds like a 18 year olds conversation. The conversation turns to talking about them being on the block. Wil offers to call Joe’s wife if he is sent home to tell her a message if he wants. Joe says that as it stands right now I think I am going home. Wil talks about how Frank had the opportunity to take out a big target and he didn’t. Joe and Wil comment on how they both aren’t big threats and they neither of them have won a competition yet. Joe starts talking about all the sex terms her heard last night and that now he is able to talk to his kids about sex. He comments that it was pretty funny. Wil heads inside. Joe and Jenn continue to talk. Joe says that he has resigned to that fact that he is going. Wil comes back out and Joe tells him that if he hears anything that I said about you come talk to me because I will not use your name in my campaign. They both agree that they wont throw the other under the bus. Joe says the only thing you would hear is that you are the bigger threat. Joe says no matter what happens this Thursday is going to be the most emotional send out of the season. Wil agrees. Joe says that we are both every social people and we have gotten to know everyone. Wil brings up again how Frank could have made a big move. Joe says that maybe it was too soon, like how Daniele last season made a move too early and she got chastised for it. Joe comments on how he thinks they are working together and that they are keeping the competitors in the game. Joe also brings up that Hayden didn’t win a competition till week 7 and he ended up winning. They talk about how no one wants to evict Ashley because no one want to have the villain card. They joke about Ashley being in the final two and he wondering how it happened. “I just got up to get a snack, how did this happen?!”


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11:45pm In the bathroom, Ashley is styles Franks hair while Britney watches. Meanwhile out in the backyard Jenn, Joe, Boogie and Wil are talking about how messy Britney is around the house. They wonder how she is at home and if her husband cleans up after her. Boogie says that some guys are just so whipped. Joe heads inside. The others talk about what they are missing while inside the house. Boogie says that he misses the Olympics the most, he talks about how he will have to wait another 4 years just to watch it.


12pm Britney and Danielle are in the bathroom. Britney comments on how it is really easy to get Shane to talk about something else by just mentioning something else. They talk about how they can’t tell Shane anything because he blows it out of proportion. Joe comes in to the bathroom and leave twice. Britney comments on how he just came in here. She tells Danielle Joe you are staying, calm that fu*k down. Britney asks Danielle if she is sick of Mike Boogie continually asking you questions about your class room just because he knows your secret. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


12:40pm Big Brother asks Boogie and Wil to clean the backyard windows by the couch. Big Brother says Boogie, Wil, Thank you very much! Boogie tells Jenn and Wil about his babies momma. He says that when things started going south they split up. They continue to talk about LA and other random things. Inside Joe, Danielle, Frank and Ashley are making lunch. Joe talks about wanting to try like crazy to have another kid when he gets home, he says that his wife got her tubes tied after the last one but he is gonna try like a motha f*cka.


1:10pm Boogie, Wil and Jenn continue to talk on the backyard couch. They discuss the limited amount of alcohol they get. Wil talks about how Janelle is an attention wh*re and when Britney was rapping she tried to take the attention off her and onto herself by starting a food fight. Boogie says yeah I think the last time I started a food fight was back when I was four. Shane and Danielle join them. Danielle and Shane start talking about their explicit late night conversation. Danielle says that she is worried about how sites recap and write everything you talk about in the house. Danielle is worried about her family finding out about the conversation. Danielle then continues to bring up things that they talked about.


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Avatars are coming.. Just trying to figure out some of the last few..

Thanks for everyone’s emails and comments.. If you have any last minute ideas send them my way.

*I have Danielle as a straight jacket but I’m starting to think she’s 10000 times crazier than that.. What image embodies Crazy ?


That’s creepy as shit, man.


Maybe a pic of Hannibal Lechter when he was tied up to that big hand truck with the mask on his face.


ahh Hannibal lecture good one

Pliney the Elder

Or Nurse Ratchet from “One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ when they are rebelling and she is flipping out.


HAHA, Hannibal Lecture. I can see him, in his straight jacket and mask strapped to a dolly, in front of a class, pointing at a chalkboard with a stick tucked into his elbow.

Dark Horse

I was thinking more Jack Nicholson in The Shining LOL


First thing that popped into my head was Jack from The Shining. Perfect crazy pic!


LOL bunny in the stew pot

Eric CA

Go with the bunny. she is one crazy bunny. That or Screwy Squirrel


If you have to do the rabbit in the pot, you need to get a picture of Glenn Close n Fatal Attraction. That woman was a lot like Danielle. A LOT!


Yes! Glen Close in Fatal Attraction!


I feel bad for her, why do you think she is crazy?! I actually want her to win.

Danielles' Heavily Tossed Salad

This pretty much sums up crazy

Slightly less crazy

However, I feel this would be perfect for hers


Rabbit on a stove…

Dark Horse

I’m not sure if I’m posting this link correctly but this pic LMAO


, Did mind made it? Like Frank as Shaun White(snowboarder) & Ian as Carl of Phineas & Ferb!


Everyone’s suggestions were greatly appreciated. I’m stilling putting it together.. this year seems harder than the last.


On Dick at Nite last week, ED called Frank Sideshow Bob…seems accurate to me.


Annie wilkes the crazy fan from Stephen king


Have you seen “How I Met Your Mother”? There is an episode called “Swarly” were they talk about girls with “Crazy Eyes” – See if you can get this image:


I just watched that last night I think it’s perfect


I meant to reply to this comment, Simon. But this one should be Danielle.


Not sure what you have planned for Shane, but dude has got to a be a crazy double for Christian Bale…ROLL WITH IT! lol


Natalie from BB9


Best thing for Danielle imo would be her normal face with the Dark Knight’s Joker makeup/hair/scars

Wils Head Scab

Bette Davis from What ever happened to baby Jane embodies CRAZY…complete with all the make up! lol

Wils Head Scab

Bette Davis from What ever happened to Baby Jane reminds me of Danielles crazy a$$….complete with all the cake make up! lol


Danielle- This girl is off a movie where she is someones crazy sister. Shes wearing a straight jacket at some part in the movie but this is the only picture I could find!

( For some reason Shane reminds me of Tom Cruise so I thought a picture of tom cruise running would work. Like running from the “stalker” Danielle.

Boogie- He reminds me of a bird. So maybe a picture of a buzzard for him?

Wil- Galaxia from the movie anger managment? Woody Harrilson has high cheek bones and long hair just like wil in this movie.

Hope the links work! This season is really hard to come up with avatars for!


Geeeses! You guys make her out to be psycho! She’s not that crazy! If anyone in there is a loony bin,it’s Ashley! She’s just frickin off!


It’s all in good fun, I do not think Danielle is Hannibal lectar crazy .. I’m sure if I was on the show everyone would be calling be bat shit crazy.


How about Jack Nicholsen in The Shining??


Jack Nicholson from the Shining

MU Tigers

“Joe says he still doesn’t understand why it’s called tossing someone’s salad.”

Me neither, what does an licking booty hole, have to do with Salad???


Didnt you ever see that “after-school” special? Tossing salad = Lettuce (hairy asshole) + Dressing (Syrup, Ketchup, honey, whatever, etc…)


So the term, is actually licking someones a$$ with salad dressing on it?


Yup, it’s prison slang. Eddie Murphy introduced the term to the general population in his stand-up movie, Delerious. It’s on You Tube.


That and Raw are my favorite Stand Up shows

Eric CA

Vinaigrette Dressing

Jimmy Crack Corn

Yeah, I never understood where that came from also….Anyone know?


No idea, but stay away from any croutons.


You can Google it and get quite the explanation.
The theory is that in prison they will make someone lick around someone’s anus. I guess someone found to cover the smell/taste that they would put salad dressing on the anus. Using the tongue with the dressing is tossing someone’s salad. Ugh!


Ummm… Hayden won the very first HOH on BB12, Eagle Eye.

Dark Horse

Thats what I thought…too bad Ian was not around to correct him


yeah not only that, but ian would have told him what color shirt he was wearing and the brand of jeans he had on…am i the only one who thinks ian gets more and more annoying as the weeks go on, if that’s even possible.


Yeah, you are the only one.


Wasn’t that the one where they rode across hanging from hot dogs? Being a team event, he won just by virtue of being the last one across, I don’t really think that counts personally as it could have easily been anyone on that team. Just like I don’t consider Willie to have won the first HOH this season, it was a team event and he was just picked at random from his team to be the HOH.

Dark Horse

“Most emotional send out of the season” – that is hysterical

another thing that Joe said that is wrong…Hayden didn’t win until a comp until week 7…WRONG didn’t Hayden win that first HOH his season??


Did anyone catch the Casting conversation between Wil and Jenn. Jenn was recruited to be on the show and only had a week before they went into sequester. Wil said he was envious of her because he went through the entire casting process. Wil’s casting process took months and he said he was on “Pins and needles” the entire time.

Jenn is a nice person and someone I would see myself getting along with in the real world but in terms of the Live feed entertainment value she’s at the bottom of the list

Wil is only entertaining when he’s with Britney impersonating Joe other than that he’s a bore..

Both are not powerhouses in the game (TPH4L YO), Wil tries to play to win but fails every time. Jenn is only playing for 2nd place

So the reason of this post..

2 Players with similar entertainment value and game skill going through 2 drastically different casting processes.


Wil could actually be much better, but he just needs to be more manipulative. He makes good points and seems smart, but just doesn’t really want to play this game. Jenn, I honestly think she was chosen based on how she looked, CBS thinking a rocker/minority could appeal to fans. That or BB is thinking of trying a celebrity BB next and is trying to appease her friend into joining.

BB is not casting based on powers of persuasion and charisma, which is what they should be looking at. Physical abilities and pretty faces are good for TV purposes, but manipulation is the name of the game.


As big of a prick as Boogie is, it is fun when someone like that needles at people. HIm asking Danielle questions about her “class” is pretty funny.


I still think Danielle reminds me of the crazy sister on “Wedding Crashers”. I could see her saying “if you leave me I’ll find you.”


I totally agree!


Which means she’s probably wild as hell in the sack.

hey, sup

I would toss Joe’s salad anytime

bambie buns

Love love love the site…keep up the good work..

I think perfect avatars for danielle and shane should be…

Danielle-tiffany doll. From bride of chucky with knife in her hand..or glenn close with knife
And for shane a pic of micheal douglas from fatal attraction


Yo Simon, how about having an eviction poll? Whoever gets evicted can’t make a post on here for let’s week. That way we won’t have to read posts like on the prior thread from Captain Wedgie telling us that either Joe or Wil is going home(no shit!!). I’ll even put myself up as a pawn, just make sure no multiple votes…only way I see myself in any danger. Lol TPH4L YO


hahaha .. you know the pawn always seems to go home ;)


Lmao true, but I can go a week without posting, I’ll just read. Don’t know about others tho???? ;)


You will crack! You can’t do it.


Boogey reminds me of a cross between Spencer Pratt from The Hills and The Joker


The convos between Ashley, Wil and Jenn just show how much they do not understand about the game. Yes, it is important to get out threats. But it is also important to keep your eye on the end game. You need to make sure that they jury is comprised of 1) people who understand the game and appreciate all aspects of good game play and 2) people who you feel would cast a vote for you. You also want to make sure that you have enough people around to protect you if you are a target just in case someone gets lucky and wins HOH. Wil in jury with Jenn or Ashley would be very bad for any of the former coaches. Wil seems to get everyone going with his drama. Joe not going to jury is just a kindness to anyone that does. It is punishment enough that, once out of the game, you have to go to sequester in the Jury House – it would be cruel and unusual punishment if you had to spend more time with Joe.

bambie buns

Or even better avatar for danielle be a pic ali larter…from obsessed considering in that movie nothing
Ever happened between them…lmao her in the bed wearing his football jeresy


I used to like Danielle, but Im starting to think she is delusional, a habitual liar, and just plain crazy! I feel sorry for the poor girl cuz she is making herself look so bad on tv! As for dan, hmmm….can’t stand him. I hate how he brainwashed danielle as a part of him being her coach….no wonder he picked all the insecure looking girls…..that’s what he does….he wants weak minded people to do his dirty work so he can win this game. And if Boogie thinks he can win this up against anyone in this house, he is delusional as well. Who in their right mind is gonna give a multimillionaire that has already won this once $500,000 again over anyone else??? And Wil i guess just wants to go home. Frank makes me sick sitting up there with dan saying ok everyone is gonna do what we want them to do it doesn’t matter who wins HOH…..we will take it over and win this game! All the rest are just idiots who can’t see what Frank, Dan and Boogie are doing to them.


Somebody from the nursing home where Danielle works HAS to have heard about her crazy, but I guess it’s probably illegal to fire someone because they are a pathological liar on tv. I really hope she never gets hired at a hospital because I can see her never getting married and wanting a baby so bad that she walks out with one :-)


This should be Danielle’s avatar. It captures her perfectly.


How about Rebecca DeMorney. I think Dnel will pull a “The Hand That Rocks On Cradle” on Dan’s wife. She just has the psycho look to her.


The Cradle” my bad

Yea Yea

Anyone think Wil looks like a flamboyant gay version of Kid Rock?




I didn’t see it til just now.. that’s a PERFECT description.


Yes, he looks more like Kid Rock than anyone else I can imagine. He could be a double for Kid Rock, imo.


Brit is slick. Always planting hate seeds into peoples minds.

Fresh Prince

Is it me or has Britney really been talking bad about Shane a lot lately? A lot of it seems unwarranted in my opinion.


I think that her attitude with Shane has to do with the fact that Frank and Boogie are rubbing off on him. I also think that as she has gotten closer to Danielle, she sees that Shane is somewhat at fault for Danielle’s involvement with him, ie Shane leading her on. Shane had led Brit to believe that he was “just being nice to Danielle” but that he was not interested in pursuing anything. Yet, he was doing things that would, in fact, encourage Danielle and Brit has now seen and heard that. I do think that Danielle may have had her fill of Shane and has backed off – although she is still annoyed with him.


I don’t know. With Danielle, all you have to do is say good morning for her to be “led on”. I agree though, Shane should have distanced himself and not been up in her HOH so much. I think Brit is preparing to break off from Shane. She knows that he is a huge target and she knows that he won’t be able to protect her much longer. She doesn’t want to go down with him, so she is preparing ground to slither into some new arrangement. Smart move on her part, and Shane is too dumb or dull to see it. His game is almost over unless he can dominate every competition.

Eric CA

Brittney is not sick, and she is not bad mouthing Shane without a reason. Just take a moment and look who she is talking negatively about Shane with. Who might that be? Crazy stalker girl Danielle. If you want to get crazy off of someone, you talk about him as if he isn’t worth the ink on the restraining order Shane is going to file against Danielle. Maybe she is hoping if she makes Shane look bad, maybe Danielle will move on to someone else more deserving of her special kind of mad crazy love, like maybe Mike Boogie.
“Boogie, he is so sweet with his kid, and a real gentleman to his baby mamma. I like that, maybe I can steal his underwear and when he looks for them, he will love me, because Ashley said I am fat. La_La_LaLa_La_ La_LaLa_ Laaaaa_LaLa_La (wedding march)

Fresh Prince

That’s a very good point Eric. Most of her bashing does happen when talking to Dani. Their partnership is unique in the sense that they don’t talk as much as the other coach/player pairs but are still very loyal(so far).


Yesterday was the first time I heard here specifically tell Dan, shane needs to go soon. She said he can win too many comps.

Her agenda right now is to plant seeds and get the strong males out of the game.

She doesn’t want another brigade season.


Danielle is more like Kathy Bates in “Misery.” LOL


I don’t understand why lots of people think she’s crazy. She’s just a little self-centered and insecure sometimes. And for those people who pick on her every move and make fun of it, I think that’s called BULLYING.

Eric CA

It is not bullying, trust me I know bullying. This is all online, and Danielle does not know what people are saying. Lets not forget, this is Season 14 of Big Brother, if you sign up for Big Brother, you know this is going to happen.
Lets not forget some other details, Danielle can get just as low down and dirty with the best of them. The look of utter contempt she gave when Ashley had her injury, Smelly Frank, Janelle’s Collagen Lips, JoJo’s slutty black robe and many others, that girl is no saint. She is probably very aware of the mean girls in school, I think she was one.

I can say at least one thing about catty Brittney, she is witty and funny, she can also take it when she gets it. I have only seen Brittney cry about something done to her in the house, realizing Lane lied to her. Otherwise that petite belle is forged in iron, she did cry about Janelle but that is because she admitted to feeling guilty.


Read and learn: And if you don’t believe it, get the feeds free for a few days and flashback.


Danielle does look like Kate Ziegler (Swimmer)-Olympian.

Aqua Bernie

Simon didn’t Danielle even say that her father told her she was going to hell? Or something like that right?


I kinda remember that.. how did it go again?

Aqua Bernie

She was talking to some one in the house maybe shane, whatever but she was talking about she didn’t tell her family cuz they wouldn’t approve. and then the next breath was something like my dad says i’m going to hell.


She was talking to Wil in the backyard late one night – Friday or Saturday I think. What I am getting from Danielle and from reading between the lines of her mother’s letter is that she comes from a rather strict upbringing. Her father, I am guessing, is very old school and very controlling. His way or the highway sort of person. She did say that she loves her parents, regardless of anything. I completely get her on this point. I grew up in a household with a father who was much the same. Breaking free to live my life as an adult was extremely difficult. My mother went along with his dictates. He didn’t speak to my sister for over a year because he didn’t approve of her working part time as a waitress. It is in our nature to not want to disappoint our parents – and it is very difficult to break away. I honestly believe that much of what we see with Danielle is a result of things that happened while she was growing up.

Dark Horse

Danielle is wild n out…and yes I bet it is because of her upbringing.

Didn’t she mention how many guys she’s slept with too? The first week in the house, I could have sworn she mentioned it…thats when I knew that she must have had a strict upbringing.

…but by week 3/4 I’m like..”This girl is crazy too”.


The more I watch & listen 2 Danielle the more I think
it is like watching Casey Anthony in her life before she
did what she did. They both tell enormous lies that only
make them something they are not and they actually
believe the shit they are selling. Scary crazy…and sad.


I am really offended that you would even bring that up. These people that are in this house are there for our entertainment, not for us to compare them to the likes of Casey Anthony. Shame on you!


Possum, How dare you compare anyone on this show to Casey Anthony. That was a horrid comparison and you should be permanently banned from this site. You do know what Anthony did, right? You do understand family members of the people read this site, right? There is a line, and you crossed it. Shame on you.

Dark Horse

Yea thats going a little far…in watching Danielle I have not seen ‘tot mom’ in her at all…and I followed that trial

we make fun and call her crazy for laughs…for the way she talks about Shane & Trey, Trey & Shane, Shane & Trey should have done this…, why doesn’t Shane do that…

oh and when she said that Shane was gonna lose a good catch [in her DR session]…too funny cause Shane does not want her!!


Danielle = the multipersonality “Sybil”


Joe needs to keep his mouth shut if he will stay!


Anyone see that movie Obsessed with Jenna Elfman where she had it in her mind she was in a relationship with this doctor and stalked him and his family? Though I still like Annie Wilkes from Misery or Fatal Attraction for Danielle, mainly because she’s really bothered by coming off like that.

Last night she was talking to Dan about her “marriage” and Dan asked, “What marriage?” and she bactracked about her last relationship was like a marriage. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but in her mind she was married to her last boyfriend. Poor guy! I wonder if anyone knows his wherabouts…Just to see if he’s alive. Danielle could have a basement filled with ex boyfriends. SCARY!




She said herself on BB, she went out with the guy for 6 months and he took her to places where he knew he would see HIS ex. Sounds like she helped him out financially too!


kathy bates in misery

Danielle's Eyeliner

Simon..I read your post about the casting process for newbies..did you catch the other night when Boogie and Dan were talking about what they were
offered to appear? They mentioned that Janelle said she was getting an extra 5 grand per week..and Dan got offered 15 grand just to come on…not saying what extra per week he was getting..then feeds cut…interesting.

Danielle's Eyeliner

on a side note..maybe Boogie is making bank too so that’s why he is not sweating it..and fine with taking Frank in for the win..who knows!!


He isn’t sweatin it because he already has plenty of money from his everyday business life.

Boogs really just wants some more exposure. Good for his businesses which are all based in LA/Hollywood area. He has a lot of Hollywood A-list celebs as investors.

Not saying he doesn’t want to win, but he did get Janelle out. So he is pretty happy with himself right now.


Another Danielle option: Shave her head ala Britney Spears.

VA Vet

I just noticed something. In the picture under the 11:45 post, it looks like Jenn is spread eagle with her hand on her crotch. Her and Joe should get together, eh?


Banana hammock Tuesdays

Wils' Jean Shorts



@ danille worried about her family finding out what she talks about but she still gives a recap about the same stuff she doesnt want her family knowing ….. u danille lovers danille is annoying in the hammock the other night all she can say is and i quote i hope my butt looks good …. this girl is self centered… its a pitty after the zingbot said shane will get a restrainig order the next day she talking bout he needs to go …. this girl loves what she cant have …. i cant stand her ,her and kahlia has alot in common


Danielle comes off as crazy to me. I think she lied about her part relationships.
I feel sorry for Shane because she seems like the type of girl that when you wake up in the middle of the night, she’s at the foot of your bed holding a knife or something lol.

Oh and I agree with the comment about her probably having a basement full of ex boyfriends, probably stored in like a freezer down there or something lol


Wow! I’m just talking about the LIES and how everyone
believed Casey like everyone is believing Danielle with her bag of
lies. I’ve never seen someone that is that good a liar and
during the Anthony trial could not believe how many people
bought her lies. THAT is the ONLY comparison I was making.
Banned from the site??? Really??? I sure did not mean to offend
anyone that bad…so sorry.


Wow!! Folks…I was just comparing Danielle to CA because of how
good a liar she is. During the trial, I couldn’t believe that people
actually bought her lies. Seeing how good Danielle is at it made
me actually understand how CA got away with her lies for sooo
long. THAT is the only comparison I was making. Maybe I am banned
from this site now, but I sure hope not cause I love it & BB!
Just won’t post my thoughts anymore…cause I’m awful
for comparing her to a real person instead of a fictional
one makes me an awful person.


we will all find out how crazy she is after this show is over…. even shane will see the show and the feeds when he leaves the house….im sure he will change his cell number….