Danielle asks if she is the only one in here that has had her salad tossed?

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


1am Jenn and Wil are talking on the backyard couch about how they think Boogie and Frank are working with Danielle, Dan, Britney and Shane. They talk about how they think Frank made a dumb move that will end up costing him his game. Jenn says that it would suck if Wil leaves. Wil asks why would they want to keep Joe? Wil says that he just doesn’t know what else he can do, it’s a giant group against us. Wil tells Jenn that at least she has the balls to play her own game. Jenn says that she kind of feel like it’s guilty by association; you know because you were with Janelle. Wil says that he just hopes that if he goes home on Thursday, that Dan takes out Frank. Wil says that if you don’t want Joe in Jury, then … Jenn says well, he is the kind of guy they would take to jury. Jenn starts talking about how she is the only person of ethnicity here. Wil says that he guess it shows the viewers. He says that he think there are a bunch from the mid-west. They give shout outs to the mid-west. They say wash your a$$ and enjoy yourself. Wil says that if he gets thrown out, at least he did it his way, not someone else’s. Wil says that he sees it that they do not want any real competitors to be in the end. Jenn says one of us needs to get into the HoH room in a real bad fu*king way. Wil agrees. Jenn says no risk, no gain, Danielle is the one who really is playing the game. Wil says that he wishes the game had more real life skills, because then he would be good at it.

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1:35am Dan and Danielle are talking about the money he won from winning Big Brother 10. Danielle asks if he blew all this winnings. Dan asks do I look like a guy that would blow money? Dan says that if Danielle wins he would recommend her invest in real estate. Dan says that the market tanked when he won and he bought dirt cheap real estate and rents it out. He says that he doesn’t feel bad about leaving his wife because he knows she is being taken care of by this. Dan says that after he won he spent $1000 on the Vegas Trip, bought a TV for $1500, donated to Saint Mary’s, and put a down payment on a condo he bought.


1:50am Danielle, Joe, Britney, Shane and Frank have a pillow fight and fool around in the kitchen in the kitchen. Meanwhile Ashley, Jenn and Joe are talking. Ashley says that Joe is talking about what he is going to be cooking on Thursday. Jenn says that she is going to be in people’s faces tomorrow. Ashley asks if Wil has been studying? Wil says that he has to get through this first. Ashley says yeah, you’re right. Ashley starts calling the other house guests fu*king idiots. She says she is just being mean because she doesn’t want Wil to go home.




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2:20am – 3:25am Frank, Shane, Britney and Danielle are in the HOH room talking about random stuff. They start talking about going to the bathroom. Shane asks Frank if he is a sitter or a stander. Frank says that he is a sitter, if I stand my b*tt cheeks squeezes all that stuff between my cheeks. They talk about how many times you wipe? Britney explains Frank says that when you wipe the first time, do you get all up in that and look. Britney says first you just wipe, second you just wipe, third you go all the way up to be sure your crack is clean. Danielle and Shane can’t believe Britney doesn’t look after she wipes. Britney says that she only wipes three times. Shane says that he does it like 5 times and has to look to make sure he’s clean. Britney says that she doesn’t look after she wipes because she can just feel if she’s clean. Britney says that on the 3rd wipe she wipes the top of her butt crack. Frank asks why she wipes all the way up there? Britney says it’s in case the first two wipes went too far up when she was wiping from front to back. Britney says that girls forget to clean up there and says that she once saw a girl bend over to get something out of the copy machine and show her crack and it was …Big Brother cuts the feeds. Britney talks about taking 30 minute sh*ts. Danielle associates p**ping with extreme pain so it isn’t relaxing. She says that it hurts almost everytime. Shane asks if they know what a bumpkin is? Frank explains it’s when you are taking a sh*t and getting a bl*w job at the same time. Britney jokes that she would do that. Danielle brings up that is like tossing someone’s salad. Britney says let’s be real, I have never licked b*tt hole, but I have licked a scrot*m. Britney says that she can’t answer if her salad was tossed. Shane asks Britney if I give you a banana, can you show us. Britney says that everyone knows that area on the scrot*m is really sensitive to a guy. Shane says that his salad has never been tossed by a girl. Danielle says that she had it done to her once in the shower.


Big Brother Live Feeds FREE 3 Day TRIAL: FLASHBACK!

They talk about giving or*l sex. Danielle asks if Frank does a sniff test. Frank jokes about an ear wax test, you get ear wax on your finger then put your finger down there, and if she jumps you don’t go down there. Shane and Frank say that they do a finger test first and then don’t go back down. Britney asks if they have ever taken off a girls tattered undies. Danielle says that she has a question because she worked for Victoria’s Secret, what about if you’re with a girl, her bra de-flats and it’s not real. Frank says one time thing, what a disappointment. Joe joins them. Danielle starts talking about little p*nises. Joe says yeah like Asians. Danielle says no Caucasians. They ask him if he has had his salad tossed. Joe says he doesn’t know what that is. Danielle asks if she is the only one in here that has had her salad tossed? Danielle starts talking about a riding a bull. She says that she thinks it’s when a guy rides a girl from behind and then opens the door and a bunch of friends come in and ride her. Frank says a bucking bronco is when you are doing her from behind and then call her fat. Shane says no, he had a friend who would tell a girl he had AIDs and would hold on while she bucks. Joe talks about buddies who were twins and would switch off to see if the girl would know. Shane says no, you keep your friend in the closet, you pull out, walk over to the window while your buddy gets in. Shane talks about a hot sausage where you put it in the b*tt then pull out real quick so the rect*m turns inside out. Shane then talks about having sex while a girl cr*ps on guy’s chest. Britney talks about putting saran wrap on the face and having someone cr*p on your face. Joe talks about a dry run, he says where you cum so much, you can’t org*sm anymore and it hurts. Joe then starts talking about whisky di*k. Shane says that he hasn’t gotten off too much during oral s*x. Britney says that it’s all about eye contact. Danielle says she throws her head in front so they can’t look at her. Britney says if I know my face doesn’t look good right now so I’ll throw my hair there. Joe says come in my face baby.


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Shane says that it’s easier for guys going down on girl. Frank talking about it being worse because it’s a crevice down there, your fu*king nose is in her sh*t. Joe asks everyone if they’ve tried an*l beads. Joe says he has tried them and they’re stupid. Shane asks if the guys have passed out from the heat under the blanket while going down on a girl? Britney says that’s called a Zingbot 3000. Talk about having done an*l before. Britney and Danielle both say no. Frank says that he is like Joe, it turns me off, sh*t comes out of there. Frank says that he hears you have to be careful and go slow. Danielle talks about a friend who did and the guy pulled out, the girl sh*t all over his shirt. Joe talks about how he and his wife love s*x in the kitchen and that they did it in a fitting room too. Britney says oh, my god, did you buy the lingerie? Joe says yes! Danielle asks Britney if she dresses up. Britney says oh my god Danielle, what are you asking. I’ve been on a honeymoon. Britney says that she has a friend that figured out her boyfriend was cheating because she discovered in her car foot prints on the ceiling of the car. They finish their conversation and head to bed.


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3:40am – 4:55am In the have-not room Shane comments how he might have morning wood. Danielle and Britney laugh and say they can’t believe he just said that. Shane asks what it’s been 38 days, what about you Joe? Joe says that he has had dreams like that. Britney and Danielle say EWW! Britney asks when did you do that, did you do the trumpet. Joe says no, not that I know. Shane asks are you girls touching each other? Britney and Danielle joke about touching each other’s skin and hands… Britney says this is so awkward and tries to change the subject. They joke about walking in on Boogie in the toilet with a towel tent over his head while masturbating, saying he creates a privacy tent. Meanwhile Jenn and Wil are talking out by the hot tub about wanting to win HOH and how they would want to back door Boogie if they won. They also talk about wanting to put up Dan and Boogie to get them to go against each other. Wil starts talking about Britney and says that she is a pu$$y lying bit*h that needs to be kicked in the face. Jenn says that it was weird to lie to Janelle about her vote, she says that she should have just told Janelle fu*k you, you don’t have my vote. Wil they decides to go to bed. Jenn stays out by the hot tub by herself. Jenn finally heads to bed around 5am. All the house guests are asleep..


7:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:30am – 9:30am  Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back, all the house guests are still sleeping with the lights on.


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Wil, you idiot! Instead of insulting Brit behind her back, you should be kissing her ass 24/7 and trying to get her to flip. There are lots of good reasons you could bring to the table. Same with Jenn. If she wants Wil to stay so badly, why is she doing nothing to try to sway other HG? I was hoping team Tits would give us some game, but so far all they do is talk to each other and isolate themselves from everyone else. I don’t think I can remember any of them really talking game with anyone but each other. They are acting like some miracle is going to happen to save Wil if they just lay back and do nothing. Ashley should be following Shane around, try to create some drama between Danielle and him, create a rift in that alliance. Wil should be trying to get in good with Brit and Danielle, and Jenn should be working Ian. She should also be talking to Frank alone and trying to make him see that he is wrecking his own game to benefit Boogie’s game. Yeah, that might backfire on her and make her a target, but she already is on the hit list for next week or the week after that, so she might as well put up a fight. Instead they do nothing and call Brit names.


I totally agree with you. They are not very good players and deserve to get booted out of there.

Dark Horse

T!Ts won’t do that…that consists of playing the game and doing work.


Simon, Sam a new houseguest like Jeff said Adam was last year.

Eric CA

Why does Wil and Jen talk about Brittney behind her back? Why didn’t Jen just walk up to Janelle and say “I am not voting for you, F@%k You.”
Why are they just isolating and talking to each other and not campaigning? The answer to these and other questions is very simple. It is the same reason they blindsided Janelle. Why Brittney did not fight harder to save Janelle, even when she knew it was a bad move for her game to send Janelle home.

BIG BROTHER FEAR. six out of ten Big Brother Players suffer from Big Brother Fear Syndrome. It is the number one cause of Brig Brother evictions. Symptoms are chronic floating, back stabs, voting against your interests talking about players behind their backs, Paranoia, Kicking Under the Bus, Isolation, Inability to make a bold game move and mouth on butt syndrome. There is no known cure for Big Brother Fear Syndrome, but there is hope.

Dark Horse

That is hysterical…

I think BB should announce that over the loud speaker to the house guests.


Maybe the “salad toss” will be the next HOH comp???

Boogies Privacy Tent

I’m so over this


The most disgusting post EVER.


I guess either Joe or Wil will be leaving.


Wow…great insight!!! You mean one of the two people on the block will be voted out?????? What a concept!!!!! You really have been doing some ball-busting analysis to come to this conclusion!!!!!


I wish I could be so insightful!


well no shit

MU Tigers

You should change your name to CaptainObvious


Wow, Wil is a loser.


i agree with will…britney is a lyin biaaaatch….because she doesnt have the balls to make the big moves…and she doesnt have balls to go against the majority …she is the ultimate floater…ya she might win a comp here and there…but she is a floater dont make any mistake about it….just because shes in an alliance doesnt make her a non floater….the only reason she has an alliance is because she was a coach….if she was smart she would have kept janelle….it was basically up to her and shane…and shane is just a yes man….he cant make any decision for himself he just goes along with evberybody else….

Dark Horse

I highly doubt that if one of Team T!ts had the power they would actually make any big moves…

It was not Britney & Shane’s sole decision to take out Janelle…and even if they gave her a vote it would have still been 6 – 3…why make yourself a target, like Joe. It’s still early in the game.

Wil’s mistake was getting out Janelle…she would have had his back and perhaps not been in this situation.


What is the objective of this game? To make big moves?

No. It is to win $500,000.

How do you do that? By getting more votes than the person sitting next to you if you happen to make it to the final 2.

How do you get to the final 2? Voting out everyone else, and to add a level of difficulty, you have to evict them in such a way that they will still vote for you in the finals.

How do you do that?

1) Winning comps. That will make you a target, but it is important to win some comps. Key comps give you maxium power. (exception: Dr. Will)
2) Social Prowess. Talk to people. Be nice to them. Try not to say bad things about others in a way the will get back to them. Make friends.
3) Make Alliences. Ever since Chilltown in season 2, no one has won this game with out an Alliance. Get like minded people together to get you further down in the game and then start taking each other out. If your alliance is only 2 people, it can get you far. (Boogie/Dr. Will, Dan/Memphis).

With this in mind, let’s look at what Britney has done this season:

1) She has yet to win a comp. She can go maybe 1 to 2 weeks more without this becoming a big problem.
2) She has been working a great social game with Shane, Danielle and Ian. Dan could be put in that grou too.
3) She is in Alliances with the (Britney) Squad, the Quack Pack, and the Silent Six. The most powerful alliances in the game.

Why did she backdoor Janelle? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

1) Janelle would have kept her in the game. (Pro)
2) Janelle has been know to win comps. (Pro)
3) Janelle is known for backstabbing. (Both)
4) Janelle is your best friend until she no longer needs you. (See how she treated Britney week 2) (Con)
5) Janelle was lying to everyone about where they fit in her schemes. (Con)
6) Janelle was making enemies all over the house. (Con)
7) Her alliance wanted her out and it was way too early to be thrown out of that boat.

Over all, Britney has been playing a good game. She needs to step up. She needs to realize that Janelle would have ruined her game and it is best she voted her out.

Dark Horse

Could not say it better…obviously LOL

I agree Britney’s game has not been that bad, considering this is the second week they are playing. More game to play and she has come close to HOH both times

but to call Brit a lying biatch…over Wil or Joe is asinine.

Joe's anal beads

id like to meet the poor schmuck who tossed danielles salad…i bet u he was drunk as hell….because danielles ass looked like a pigs ass in those wrestling pics with shane….yuck yuck yuck


That’s mean, why is everyone so mean about Danielle, she’s a really kind person from what we’ve all seen.


What show are you watching? She constantly lies, is self-centred, vindictive and was on a power trip while she was on HOH. She thought she was playing this ruthless game last week, when in fact, she was being played like a puppet.

Anorexic Danielle's Jumbo Thighs

Irritable bowel movement…salad toss…something is wrong with this picture.

MU Tigers

Thank you. I thought I was the only one that saw that as an extremely wrong combination. So sick….


simon why do my posts get deleted all the time


I’ve only deleted the comments you posted calling me gay

Dark Horse

Unreal SMH!

All I know is Simon your AWESOME! and I love this site…

2nd year posting…but a long time reader.

I hope that BB never gets cancelled…and this site is always up & running.

You guys do a great job!!!


Thanks Dark Horse much appreciated


Ameeeen to that ‘Dark Horse’…Amen!


@ Jess…the fact that you have the guts to call Simon “gay” is sickening to me. Simon is a much better person than I am for still allowing your posts on here talk less of actually responding to you. Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if your next response is to rain obscene insults at me. It’s funny how people grow balls behind their computers but when looked at closely, these people are usually very ugly, unhappy homophobic morons {i.e. “Jess”}. If you had an abusive childhood…seek counseling and leave these message boards alone. We can surely do without your acidic and intellectually handicapped messages.

@ Simon…forever grateful to you and Dawg as always!


You rock. Straight up;)




“Shane says his salad has never been tossed by a girl”… (“by a girl” are the key words here)


Yeah, I caught those words also. I re-read that sentence to make sure I read it correctly.


What makes you off limits? You let everything else fly on this board. Trust me I’ve read it. Get off your high horse pal. Remember you want us around come feed sign up time.


Whats up with today.. everyone’s all pissy

ahh I see who this is “Big Brother’s Big Brother” makes sense now..

Dark Horse


I believe you mentioned on another past thread that next season you guys may entertain creating a log-in system…

I am totally for that idea, it could lessen the duplicate user names and trolling [in a sense] along with other great features we may have.


Next year we will probably use disqus or something like that. It opens up some more tools for people posting

Dark Horse

Awesome cause I think I can create an account for disqus through gmail…not sure, don’t know much about it

I have an intense debate account too

Sounds good ;)


Hey Simon/Dawg, I don’t post very ofter but love to read the site so much appreciation to you guys doing this!!


Thanks :)


Scratching my head here… you have got to be f’n kidding me. ‘Janelleandabunchoffollowingwordsthatmakeyoumorepatheticthananything’, I now know without a doubt, thanks to your ingrateful and jaded post, that some people are just mad at the world, and beyond ever being anything but pissed off that their mother is also their sister… and pimp. And for the record, I will SO not be surprised to see you on an upcoming episode of Hoarders soon.

quack-pack fan

You’ve got some nerve! Simon/Dawg go to all this trouble to keep BB fans informed and you feel the need to talk trash to them. If you don’t like something about this sight I am sure there are enough votes to evict you. When I think of all the hours they spend capturing live feed conversations and updates these guys are providing for FREE then some unhappy soul decides to act like a child – bad form.


Let’s see now, Joe’s Powerhouse hasn’t won anything. team TITS hasn’t won anything either. Only the Quack Pack and Chilltown 2.0 have won so far. Why not just call them the Elite 7? They’re the real Powerhouse.


Uh, Jess… do I understand correctly that you post here all the time, likely don’t donate to the site, call Simon gay, AND have the nerve to ask about your posts being deleted? And to top it off, Simon still allows most of your posts? Cherry on top is you not apologizing? Way to go.

jay marks

So I missed a few days, how did Joe come about and get votes to stay? Last week, they all wanted him out, and now they want Wil out, what happenned????

Dark Horse

In short

Wil went up to HOH to talk to Frank [Boogie was there too] Wil started giving attitude and said he knows there is a large group working together, they asked who he would put up…he hesitiated so Boogie knows that he would put up Boogie & Frank if he won HOH.


Basically Wil is too cocky and bull headed to play a subtle game. After nominations he went upstairs and told Boogie & Frank he was aware a big group (silent 6 + Ian) was working together. And that was it to the point of the convo, he didn’t then say so can we make a deal or I want to work with you. Nah, just said I’m on to you with a cocky attitude. Boogie and Frank then decided Wil’s mouth was too big for his own good. Since then Wil has continued to not play ball with HOH. They also think Joe irritates everyone enough that he will never rally anyone to follow him. Joe would never be able to swing jury votes. But Will could do both of these things and therefor is a threat.


S6 pretty much came to the conclusion that Joe isn’t worth voting out with this many people left who could be threats in the house or be pissed off poison in jury, both of which they believe Wil would be.


I like Will, however he went up to HOH room where Frank and Boogie were, in attempt to talk game, ended up sounding arrogant, and also stated he knew there was a gib alliance in the house. The whole conversation went so wrong and immediately Wil became the target:( I would like to see Wil around longer, however, doesn’t sound likely unless he comes up with something quick!

jay marks

Thanks all for the response.


Last night’s convo was super philosophical and deep and therapeutic. Then Joe came in and the creepfactor ruined all possible sexiness of Brit’s candidness and facial expressions with her bedroom confessions.

Not sure why they let Joe, the skeevy masturbator, in on the sex discussion. Dani and Brit basically encouraged more nightmares with rustling of sheets.

Dark Horse


If I were Brit I would have just stopped the convo right there…especially after Joe-Gate


Yep, Joe left that convo with a lot to use for his jerk off sessions. That probably was one of the greatest nights in Joe’s life. A future “story” to tell outside the house.


Dani and Brit are FREAKS in BED……


“Danielle starts talking about a riding a bull. She says that she thinks it’s when a guy rides a girl from behind and then opens the door and a bunch of friends come in and ride her.”

Sounds like College


I’m all up for this conversation but the thought of Danielle having her salad tossed made me throw up in my mouth


lol @awkward conversation….and Joe….he is just gross and sick!


I feel kinda sorry for Joe. Definitely bad form to masturbate with 3 other people in the room (even if they were sleeping LOL). Even if his kids aren’t hearing or reading these posts, you have to assume other family members are. BTW, after all this, how can Britney stand to eat anything he cooks??

Dark Horse

After that convo I’m surprised that Danielle did not attack Shane…

…you know, since they are in a relationship in her head and all.


I hope Wil goes home, hes a whiny bitch. Jenn should just go back to sleep. She talks shit but yet she doesnt do anything in the game at all. Maybe Wil or Jenn should win something before they talk shit about other people.

Dark Horse

Totally agree Kerry.

At this point I am ready to part with Wil, he is useless and brings nothing to the house or game.

At least Joe is ‘somewhat’ enertaining…but right now Wil needs to go.

Red Lampshade

That was…strange.


I seriously wish I’d never read this latest update. There aren’t enough showers in the world to wash the ‘bad things’ that are now in my brain away.


Let’s see Joe’s powerhouse, they don’t win in everything. Team Tits! They don’t win it either. The only winners are Quack Pack/Chilltown 2.0. How about Elite 7 Alliance? The really powerhouse!


Let’s see now, Joe’s Powerhouse hasn’t won anything. Team TITS hasn’t won anything either. Only the Quack Pack and Chilltown 2.0 have won so far. Why not just call them the Elite 7? They’re the real Powerhouse.


, why my ip name is backwards. You need to check again because I didn’t post that one.
SISEMENHCRAEIGDEWNIATPAC is spell backwards of captainwedgiearchnemesis. I’m a real captainwedgiearchnemesis.

MU Tigers

I get it, you are the anti-Captain. Your comments will be gramatically correct and understandable. Nice…


Dan is really getting on my nerves so is Britney anytime someone says something to them they answer people with such annoyance. Like they don’t want to be bother well play the game and you can get rid of all those that annoy you. also what is up with Britney and frank? they are way to touchy he chases her flips her over it’s happened a couple of times. doubt her husband thinks that is cool.

Dark Horse

The sex talk was a bit unbelievable…I don’t think we had that much dirty dirty since BB9…but then again BB9 guests were more physical with it and a bit more gross.

I knew Danielle was a little freak…Brit not really surprised but some of the Shane talk was a little surprising

At least Dawg gave us the ‘explicit warning’ :P


Was this the season they were gettin nakeds?? I saw those commercials on showtime during season 10…. MAN I wish I saw season 9, Production really toned them down

Dark Horse

Yes it was the Winter BB season, with Natalie, Chelsea, Matty [Loser], Adam [Big Time Loser], Crazy James, Ollie & April…the rest were voted out so early I can’t even really remember them..

Oh yea and that couple Jen & ?? [forget his name] who had sex in the BB bathroom..

Natalie squirting breast milk…

James & Chelsea…actually, nuff said about them Gross!

ILL, maybe you can catch it on youtube


I remember seeing a video on YouTube of James and Chelsea talking about putting cocaine up their a**** because they could get higher that way, not to mention all the really gross sexual stuff.


Chelsea, James and Josh would talk about that


Jury:Jenn,Ashley,Ian,Britney,Danielle,Dan,Mike Boogie
Final 2:Frank & Shane
Frank:Mike Boogie,Ashley,Jenn
Shane won 4-3

Eric CA

After last nights sex talk. Wow, JoJo was an over sexed slut? Now that is like the pot calling the kettle an anal bead.


Wil needs to start fighting for his life and needs to stop being this cocky headed jerk. Joe, honestly in my opinion doesn’t know shit about this game. All he knows is how to cook and tell lies about people.

You take Joe out, and get Wil on your side just in case he wins HOH. Frank is an idiot for not using the POV this week. This will definitely hurt his game because you got Shane, Boogie and Dan on your side for now, but they will NOT take him to the end.

That is why he should have used the POV to save Will and put Shane up on the block. Shane would not have the votes to stay, so Shane would be going out the door this week………..but with Frank’s stupid head, he didn’t think this way.


Shane needs 4 to tie plus 1 fast forward. So, he needs to pick up the pace to break Janelle all-time PoV record.
He will tie with Jeff with 4 and he will tie with James BB6 & BB7 and Daniele with 5.


Competitions won does not make a great overall player. Did Janelle, James or Jeff win BB? Nope. None of them even made final 2. Did Dr. Will, Jun or Dan win lots of competitions? Nope. Did any of them win the game? Yup. All three of them.


Its Tuesday, will Joe or Wil start campaigning? Seriously NEITHER of them are even trying to get votes. Wow, can someone please get Joe & Wil the game lid? They both need to review what to do when they are on the block! Joe, week you are on the block – do not rub one out in the company of others. Wil, quit b!tching out all the voters.


ill gladly donate to the site….anytime….just let me know how….and i don’t remember calling simon gay, my roommate might have using my name because my name stays on the your name thing….but i never called simon gay, i appreciate everything simon and dawg do…im a diehard big brother fan and give kudos to them for making it easier for me to follow big brother


Hi Jess. It was someone from your ip so yes it could have been anyone with access to your system or network I get called a lot of things no worries



very classy Simon… I like you


Tell her how to donate!!!


LOL opps.. Click on the donate button here http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/donate/


Good deal, Jess!!!!!!:) And I hope you bitchslap the hell out of whoever you find out used your name here:)


Awww, poor widdle Janelle worshipper wants goddess back! Boo hoo!


No offense, but your post was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me in being sick and tired of people who never post game thoughts here, only snot-covered ‘huh, huh, huh, huh… so and so sucks’ stuff. And that’s saying alot for me, being that I’ve picked on more than one person’s ‘pecadillos’. In other words, surely you and way too many other recent posters have some actual game play thoughts to post here rather than who’s tongue is human toilet paper.

JD Harmeyer

I….I….I…hahahaha…ummm…well i’d toss danielles salad….whatever….ta ta toothy


Reading these posts calling this person a floater and that person a floater is frustrating. Doesn’t ANYONE get what a floater is????? A floater is a person that follows the power week to week. They float from group to group. It has nothing to do with laying low and letting everyone else do the work. That is what Adam was last year. I think Dani classified him as a piggybacker.


The way in which you are handling the situation is commendable. Keep up the great work! Thank you!


Decided to turn the feeds on last night, couldn’t sleep. That was hilarious, haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Pink sock, dirty sanchez, hot carl, blumpkin….too f-in funny.


Well that was a hell of a bedtime story!!(last nite’s sex discussion). I bet Joe built a tent for sure after that. Anyway…poor whiney ass Will…talks so much crap when with Jenn and she does too, but neither one talk real game. Will needs to get his Queenie ass up and try to talk to everyone he can to save his butt. Other than copping an attitude in HOH room with Frank and Boogie, he hasn’t approached anyone to wheel and deal his way into another week. Hell, I’d promise Frank and Boogie my left nut and the quack pack too to hook up with them and at least try and throw everyone onto booting Joe instead.


Danielle seems pretty fridget… she probably is giving her many lies in the house to make her look good… doubt she has done a bull riide….she seems very vanilla to me,,,, however brittney is different she looks like a more flavor type of girl….


OMG that was the funniest conversation yet! Britney and Frank are frakken HIGH-larious….love those two!!!


The lying bitch is an RN flunk out , and is only an lpn – , she clearly doesn’t have medical knowledge.
The other night on Showtime Pignelle said Joe needed to have blood removed” for his high blood pressure.
You remove blood for a high hemoglobin, not for high blood pressure you dumb ho!


I guess Joe got wood talking to Danielle and Britney in this convo lol…

Ice Princess

Spicy conversation. Ashley, Jenn, and Wil need to stop complaining and win something.

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger

Eagle Eye: Rebel with an Anal Bead

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger

Eagle Eye: A Rebel with an Anal Bead


OMG, Jenn says at least she has the balls to play her own game? What game is that? She does nothing, contributes nothing, can’t win anything and is one of the most boring people I have ever seen on this show. I had to literally laugh out loud when she was talking about how BB probably did a big package on her and her music career! I swear, sometimes I hear her name and I have to think, “Who is that?” because she really is nonexistent as far as this game goes. She is just a one-week speed bump to get out of the way, not a competitor.


“Jenn says no risk, no gain, Danielle is the one who really is playing the game. Wil says that he wishes the game had more real life skills, because then he would be good at it.” Wow, she is as clueless as Danielle if she thinks Danielle has game. And Wil, have you WATCHED the show? If so, you should also know that this is NOT about real life skills such as typing, paying bills or grocery shopping, lol. That was one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard!


I’m behaving this yr and not saying much!!!!!!!


Sooooo…it seems that Wil has a serious problem with Britney,lol..every time I turn around he’s bad mouthing her. Even when she has tried to help him at times. What’s his deal?