Danielle wished Julie had asked Janelle how it feels to be one of the best players taken out by one of the youngest players.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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1:20pm – 1:40pm Danielle and Boogie are in the bathroom talking about his ear infection. The conversation turns to talking about Janelle and how she acted when she was evicted. Danielle comments on Janelle’s face when Julie read the vote as 8 to 1. Danielle wonders how much Janelle hates us now. She says that it’s the first time she has ever walked out of here and talked to Julie. Boogie says upclose and personal, and now she can blog and chat. Danielle says that it’s nothing personal, but she got personal with me. Danielle asks Boogie if Janelle dislikes her now. Boogie says she is probably okay. Danielle says she just can’t believe she was that vindictive, mean and catty. Danielle tells Boogie that Janelle tried to make her feel bad right before she left. She says that Janelle told her she never said those things about her and that she wasn’t coming after her. Danielle says that she thanked her for being nice but that she believed a percentage of the things people told her Janelle had said. Danielle comments on how she wished Julie would have asked Janelle how it feels to be one of the best players taken out by one of the youngest players in the game. Boogie brings up how he thinks Janelle was jealous of Kara and that’s why she wanted her out so bad.
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1:55pm Frank comes out of the HOH room and tells Boogie he is the only one who got a shout out. He says he gave his son Brady a shout out telling him to keep it moving. Frank then brings out the HOH camera and they start taking photos.



2:10pm – 2:35pm Britney asks Boogie how many times he has thought about having a showmance with Ashley. Boogie asks what make you say that? Britney says that she just sees it, how many times? Boogie says 3 times. Britney says okay, 3 times 3, the real number is 9. Boogie laughs. Boogie heads inside and they take more photos. Shane and Danielle take a photo and then Shane asks should we write restraining order on something and then have me hand it to her. Danielle says that isn’t even funny. Danielle starts deleting photos and Jenn calls her a photo Nazi. Britney and Boogie talk about the hate on twitter. Britney says that here she is trying to check out what Matt Hoffman is up too and someone is trying to bug me.



2:50pm – 3pmBritney, Joe, Shane, Frank, Ian and Boogie talk about the possibility of there being a Pandora’s Box. Ian says that there are normally less people in the house when that happens, he says typically when there are 9 people left in the house. Britney wonders if that is why Frank is locked out of the HOH room. Frank says no it’s because he was blogging. The conversation turns to talking about muscle milk.
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Danielle is so pathetic, i mean she cant even take a joke. im starting to really dislike her, at first i thought people was to hard on her, but now she is getting cocky and just annoys the hell out of me.


Why would you like her to begin with? She’s an annoying creep. You guys only felt bad for her because Janelle supposedly called her “fat” when in fact it was .. JoJo and it was Britney, hopped up on her genital herpes medication, telling people Janelle said it. That’s the truth.


No, Janelle was just bored one night and told her that JoJo called her fat and said her legs were disgusting, and whatever else, just to toy with Danielle’s emotions and generally start trouble. Only a truly pathetic, disgusting, insecure loser would do something like that. Janelle got exactly what she deserved.


thank you RS … best words spoken… :-)


come on get off that cloud … big lipped janell did say that and many many more nasty things…. she is one foul minded fouled mouth liar that i had the misfortune to watch … real people would be closing their doors to that person after the crap she said and pulled… giving pitty to those that think she is cool ect … pretty sad


Why are they so obsessed with Matt Hoffman? You would think he’s the greatest player of all time as much as they talk about him.


i agree the guy is a douche and the only reason he got ahead was using a lie about his wife having a genetic disorder which i was offended by when it happened that season since my son was born with one. The guy banked every thing on a lie and lost it wasn’t like janelle, boogie, dr will, dan, evel dick, danielle they competed in one form or another


i agree the guy is a douche and the only reason he got ahead was using a lie about his wife having a genetic disorder which i was offended by when it happened that season since my son was born with one. The guy banked every thing on a lie and lost it wasn’t like janelle, boogie, dr will, dan, evel dick, daniele they competed in one form or another

BB12 Matt

I’m sorry about your son (truly), but I’m not sure how exactly your life was affected by me lying about my wife having a completely different condition than your boy?


i have several fav players in the past bbs but Danielle Donato is one of my favorites …but why do you think bb14 dan told the insane Danielle…. she reminds him of Dani donato… i find that insulting….dani donatos was a great player and she wasnt mental….

BB12 Matt

…also, it should be noted that my “wife lie” is not what got me ahead. In fact, it’s a cause as to why I was deemed a threat. Stupid move in hindsight, but it definitely did not get me ahead. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything that you said above is bizarre and/or grossly inaccurate, outside of the fact that I’m a douche. xoxo


“As a matter of fact, pretty much everything that you said above is bizarre and/or grossly inaccurate, outside of the fact that I’m a douche. ”

It’s lines like this that made you a fav of mine on 12, lol.
That was my first season watching, because I happened on “After Dark” and thought what idiot sits and watches someone eat tacos for 15 minutes (Enzo). Soon enough I was the idiot, and I was hooked.
Your lie about your wife didn’t seem so bad to begin with, it was a little uncomfortable when some of the HGs expressed sympathy to you about it though.
But you had some decent game play, I thought.

Anyway, just wanted to say I think it’s cool that you aren’t afraid to step in and discuss here, I respect that.

Pliney the Elder

Matt; You, your footy pajamas, your kidding with Regan are some of my favorite moments of that season.. and now your slumming with us peons…. that makes you even more of a BB rockstar.
If I was on BB I’d probably tell people my husband had 2 heads to win the money… all is forgiven, it was a novel approach.. So many other BB forgettables tried the same strategy, hide, lose, suck up and whine.. too many to remember.. but you had cute PJ’s and a great smile.


OMG danielle is pathetic if anyone is jelous it is her she has some serious problems. I find her comment about wanting julie to ask janelle about being taken out by her when danielle should get a clue that if anyone should take credit for that move it should be boogie. That girl seems to have issues with every girl with the exception of brit for some reason at least for now once right now her new target seems to be ash apparently shane talk to her


I think that was a bit harsh for Shane to say though, especially right in front of her.

Eric CA

No it isn’t. There only so many ways to say nicely “Get off me, please. I do not want a showmance.”


And wrestling with her in her HOH bed is not one of them.


I think Ashley, Ian, and Jenn are in the best positions to win at this point. Everyone knows that the biggest targets after Wil or Joe gets evicted are Boogie, Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane. I would really love to see Ian or Jenn win.


Who is Jenn? Team Tits is in for a surprise, they think they could win in final 2 against the others ( the way they are playing as of now). lol
Ashley might have a chance against Dani (not likely), her only hope would be to end up with Jenn (not going to happen).
They have no idea how to play this game. Ashley is funny but she wanted to be on a dating show and is injured.
Jenn has never even heard of BB till two weeks before it started. I hope BB learned a casting lesson from this season.
My guess is someone backed out at the last minute. I just laugh at the idea of Jenn winning. She needs to
step into the spotlight before I consider her anything but a vote. I do agree about Ian!


When is Danielle going to realize that it was Boogie that took Janelle out, not her.


Probably around the time she realises that shane has no interest in her and he is just playing her. Has anyone else noticed that Danielle only has problems with the women on bb


She tihinks shes one of the best players in BB history…what a joke. Wonder how she will feel when she finds out that Boogie is the real one who got Janelle out and he used Danielles HOH 2 do it. Oh wait…shes delusional and will think she came up with the whole plan herself. What an idiot!


kudos to shane for coming up with that it would have been so funny too bad danielle is extremely insecure. I think now that the numbers are getting smaller your getting to see the worst in some people shane makes things out to be bigger than they are, danielle is extremely insecure, dan, britney and wil are so moody and douchey, mike has always been a dick, Joe is becoming stranger with his outrages stories. The only ones that seem to just go with the flow so far are jenn, ian, ash and even frank has been able to be even keel but it’s a matter of time before they lose there cool


This would be a big brother History that Janelle got screwed by Danielle, with the help of Mike Boogie. Now, let’s top of the another big move with Ian took out Mike Boogie (It would never happen).

Aqua Bernie

Poor Kara needs to watch out after the game ends. Danielle is coming after her!

I am Joe's Anal Beads

The funniest thing about danielle saying that is at the end when boogie said i think janelle was jealous of kara….that probly made danielle even more mad because she would have loved boogie to say janelle was jealous of her instead…but nope he said kara…lol….i knew danielle was crazy when she got on dan for spending more time with kara…and then the crazy just kept getting crazier and crazier

VA Vet

Enough about Danielle, we get it.

Time for DDBS to fire a shot across the bow of Mike and Frank. See if Wil has one sure vote and if he does, make a deal to save him if he is willing to work with DDBS to get Mike or Frank out next week. Basically it will be the house against Mike since Frank can’t play for HOH.

Would love to see the look on the faces of Mike and Frank when the vote is read.

Pliney the Elder

That would be brilliant.


I don’t see will saving himself and to be honest the only person he has to blame is himself he practically told boogie he was gunning for him so what did he think he would do with that


boogie should have said actually i took out janelle…and i loved how he said that janelle was jealous of kara in front of her…that probly made danielle so mad, she wanted her to say janelle was jealous of her instead

billy bob

if they give frank the coup de taut ,this shits rigged, save him from going home then a pandora box,see what happens

Pliney the Elder

I think he got something.. he was so quick to explain away his HOH being locked.


Danielle is a jealous c* nt! Stop with Janelle, she’s gone so, STFU! everybody knows it was Boogie who got Janelle out NOT YOU!!!! Shut up, shut up, shut up about yourself, nobody gives a flying f*ck! Everyone knows you’re bat shit crazy.


Chill! Danielle has serious problems but you don’t need to be so hateful… we get it.


danielle is one of the most pathetic bb players in the history of the game. i wonder if she’ll ever realize that she didn’t take out janelle, boogie took out janelle, he just let danielle do the dirty work for him. and it’s like she becomes obsessed with any woman she’s jealous of like janelle and jojo or any man she wants [to lock in her basement] like shane and trey and her ex-husband (looooool). danielle should change her name to Annie Wilkes and any man she comes in contact becomes Paul Sheldon because her “love life” is the spitting image of the movie misery. i have a strange feeling that half the guys she talks about having dated were just guys she hung out with a few times until her stalkerish tendencies kicked in and she thought they were in love.

billy bob

actually brittney took out janelle,boogie asked britney, she said throw the curve ball and got the wheels in motion.when boogie went to daniel he said britney said she was perrty much down with it.so it was on because of brit.

Janelle's worn out lip

I feel sorry for Danielle. She has major self esteem issues. The other night on bbad when they were talking about the short they wore in the first comp, Danielle said 4 times in a row “I hope they didnt make my butt look fat”. She was fishing for a compliment from Ian…which never came…so about T minutes later she said it again and Ian finally told her that her butt didnt look fat.

So sad…she is a down to earth nice and pretty girl.


Boogie did not get Janelle out

Dan did

That whole crew was ultimately gonna do what Dan decided, and he decided to team up with Boogs n Frank

Dan is the greatest player of all time


Dan couldn’t hold Dr. Will’s jockstrap. That man was public enemy #1 for his whole season. He was nominated as the target to go home FOUR times and convinced them to keep him even though they hated him. This was before veto was even around. He threw the competitions because he was just that good at getting what he wants. He was brought to the end because there was no way he would get any votes (cuz everyone hated him) and he got them all to vote for him to win. The man is not a Big Brother god, he is THE big brother god. Granted Dan may have a small edge over Boogie, but Boogie learned from the greatest, and Boogie was the one to convince dan to get janelle out. If you are so ignorant to believe Dan is the best ever then go back and watch Dan’s season, after that watch season 2 and decide who is better. 10 times out of 10 Will beats Dan (the forever 2nd greatest of all time).


I never watched before season 8 and “I love Dick”…. think he’s great and since him I’ve been disappointed in the house guests… plus I think his bad boy ass is HOT… Didn’t care for Brit on her season even less so now… Danielle??? not even going there… but Dan… never liked him and still don’t… bless his heart


Boogie did not talk Dan into geting Janelle out. Earlier in the day, Brittany came and told him that Jani’s team was gunning for him. So when all the coaches were together, Dan asked her, who is your team team gunning for, and she told him she did not know. That and her total unwillingness to let one of her team member go, sealed her fate.


the way boogie acted in the coaches meeting was how he was able to get dan to put her up. boogie orchestrated that meeting to make janelle look bad and it did. the way she reacted to him shocked them so much they booted her. no matter how you put it, if boogie didnt attempt to get jani out she wouldve never been nominated.


Frank would BE AT HOME and Janelle would still be there if she, Dan & Britney had not been button pushers… you can’t say that BB saved Frank. Greed and ego saved Frank


You’re another one who hasn’t been watching closely. The coaches were already informed during the live show that there would be no eviction that week. If they hadn’t pushed the button, prior evictees would have returned. Their button pushing had no effect on lack of an eviction that week. Neither did America’s vote. America was not asked to vote on Frank’s eviction. They voted for the possibility of coaches entering the game. That could have been done AFTER the eviction. Why wasn’t it? Because production took it upon themselves do away with what would have been the first true blindside eviction in YEARS.


dawg/simon can u share with us again the links to your youtube channels?


yessir thank you


So sick of Danielle, she is a huge mess. Seriously she needs help, can anyone call Dr. Will and suggest a good psy for her.


where’s Ian???


haven’t seen him


Heres comes Pandora’s Box to save Boogie and Frank from next week nominations What so great about Frank and Boogie thinks he the puppet master making all the game moves HaHaHa Like Dr,Will and Evil Dick rolled up in one Boogie was only good because of Dr.Will, even so take him until final four and have Ian take him out Would make my day


Dan and Britt need to go on the block…they are the ultimate floaters…getting everyone else to do there dirty work.im team frank and boogie I hope frank wins.


That is not the definition of a floater


uhm they both havent won crap at all this season and are hiding behind other ppl???


I agree, a floater goes from power to the next power.


Okay maybe I got the term wrong but still..they both aren’t doing anything or havent proven themselves lol idc I dont wanna argue


I feel sorry for Danielle, but I’d still fuck her, but then RESTRAINING ORDER 50feet at all times…..


WOW….there must be some serious Auburn fans on here! Y’all are way too obsessed with Danielle. Leave the girl alone!


anyone who thinks that anyone besides boogie was responsible for janelle leaving is as delusional as danielle and should sop watchin the show cause they obviously dont know whats going on


Dan and Dani got Janelle evicted. Boogie and Frank threw a ‘Hail Mary’ to keep Frank from eviction and the only fish bigger than Frank was Janelle. They got lucky because Janelle had been stupid before the coaches had been brought into the game.


Who ever was in charge of this season’s casting should be fired! Even Boogie keeps commenting hiw this season is easy because they don’t know how to play the game. Plus these people are sooooo freakin boring !!! Hope the show doesn’t get cancelled because people stopped watching this crappy season!


@hallie danille always tooting her own horn stupid little girl always have to pat herself on the shoulder …. glad shane remind her of the restraining order lol


Just got more vodka! Can’t wait for the next post!!!


Vodka .. nice


Yes it is Honey, but you’ve my 2nd love!!! Please give me some more spoilers now that I’ve got 2 addictions I’m really “gettin” a bit beeyotchy. Thanks to you and Dawg for all you do… I can’t imagine the discipline it takes.


Dan and Brit floaters? Do you even know what a floater is? A floater is a house guest who “floats” between alliances and whoever has the power; one who doesn’t commit to any particular side.


so youre saying Dan hasn’t been trying to make deals and be “cool” with ppl in power…him andbrittany throwing Danielle under the bus about their idea to get out Janelle?


I actually thought a floater was someone who just “floats” along and doesn’t “DO” anything i.e. win comps and get blood on their hands… can you do some BB research and determine the Webster’s definition of floating and which season the word “floaters” originated??? I’d do it, but with the whole Vodka issue I’m not really equipped to at the present time… I have priorities, ya know!


OH and if I din’t mention it before… I love you Simon!



Team Big Willie-style

Yeah, Boogs got Janelle out, not Dan lol…Dan tried to save her ass, but Boogs told Dan to get with the program…

I have Dr. Will, Boogs, and Dan as the GOAT BB players in history…Lol @ someone thinking Dan is better than Dr. Will, you could make the case for him as number #2, but I have Boogs in that spot because he won All-Stars…


I have to admit, Danielle is becoming entertaining, (although she is removed from our vantage point). I am starting to wonder if some of the other houseguests have noticed she seems to be misfiring a synopse or two. At times, they seem to play with her, taunting her delusions and insecurities -ever so subtlely. Britney: Joe was fantasizing about YOU, to Danielle. Boogie: janelle was jealous of Kara, Not YOU. Shane: how bout I hand You a restraing order.
Anyone noticed more instances?


how does booger know so much like danielle is a nurse, olympic medal winners etc. It’s like he has some AG connection to the outside world…FIX

Team Big Willie-style

I’ve said before that I think there is some favoritsm going on towards Mike, Frank, and Dan by production…Depending on what happens, this is my final 3…


so now taking out janelle wasnt on boogie to people above? really? because I beg to differ, and I watched the live feeds when it was pitched, it took boogie days to work o n it, the coaches meeting won them over, brit was 50/50, she wasnt the driving force, thats the biggest farce ive read on here so far.

now its back to “boogie sucks, he rode will’s coattails” after “wow, boogie made a big move” turned into “what do you mean, dan had to sign off” well yeah, and boogie had to convince him to do it…sigh….funny how the social game only is able to be an example of taking someone out when it suits them

Team Big Willie-style

This is 100% on the money…Dan tried at first to save Janelle, but once he saw the group of 6 forming he jumped on board…He still even tried to see of their was some form of saving Janelle for a short period of time, but he even gave up there…It was ALL Boogs that made getting rid of Janelle possible…


I wish my comments had a green background with a black border :(


I started liking Danielle after she won the endurance comp, but the fact she’s still talking about Janelle means she’s just as catty..

This chick is delusional and obsessive..she didn’t even come up with the idea to take out Janelle I hope she goes before S, B, and D


idk if shane is Bi..l but he kinda gave things away last night that he may like guys too… just sayin… but he has a crush on dani Donato…most guys do…and kara… the playboy chick.