Joe gives Shane a military oath, there has never been something this strong in this game, except for the Brigade.

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


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11:15am – 11:25am Ian and Boogie talk about who Shane will nominate. Boogie this Shane won’t nominate him or Frank because they kept him safe last week. Boogie says that he thinks this will be an easy week. Meanwhile, Shane and Joe are up in the HOH room talking. Joe tells Shane to be careful of Jenn and says that he thinks she is a lot closer to Boogie and Frank. He says that he thinks Boogie has her out there as a plant. He says that he feels like she goes back and tells him everything. Shane says that he knows and says that Jenn is the target after Frank and Boogie. Joe tells Shane that he eye balled Ashley and told her to tell Shane that she has his back and that she needs to promise her vote. Shane says yeah for at least a week. Joe says that he told her that she needs to be loyal and stick to it. Shane says that this week we have have the votes, we need to put them up together, that way if one of them wins the POV, one still goes home. Joe comments on how next week we have the votes too. Joe says that Boogie went for the cash because he knew he was going home and how he wants to go see Brady. Joe says that he thinks that if Boogie wins the POV he will use it on Frank because he only wants the cash. They talk about how Boogie is a multi-millionaire and used to drive a Bentley. Joe says that’s why we need to keep him and get rid of Frank. Joe gives Shane a military oath, there has never been something this strong in this game, except for the Brigade. You have got my word! Shane says I appreciate that. They both head down stairs.

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11:30am – 12:15pm Big Brother calls for an backyard lock down. All the house guests head out into the backyard. Britney, Ashley, Boogie, Ian and Joe are sitting on the backyard couch talking about food and drug reps. Shane, Danielle and Dan are by the pool. Danielle asks Dan if he saw her wipe out? Dan tells her that she has asked him that 12 times. Danielle says that she didn’t ask him. Dan says yes, you’ve asked everyone. Danielle is talking about her family.


12:25pm – 12:50pm Big Brother ends the lock down. Frank, Boogie, Ashley and Dan are in the pool talking about random stuff like pod casts and Ashley’s tanning business. Joe heads inside to lay down to take a nap. Britney and Danielle are in the bathroom talking. Shane comes through. Britney tells him that in their relationship they aren’t very needy. Shane asks are you talking about me? Britney says no me and Danielle. They start telling Shane what to do and say if he gets a Pandora’s Box. Shane says so should I say it was a money tree and says it was $1463. Britney says just say you got a $1000 envelope, a $400 envelope and a $63 envelope. So if you get a Diamond Power of Veto or a Coup D’etat, then you wont need it this week because you have the power but that you could use it next week. Britney explains that with the coup d’ tat he can replace two people and the diamond POV he can only replace 1 person. Britney says that it could also be a box where you win a prize and it puts us into a Fast Forward week. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Shane asks how he should tell Boogie and Frank about being nominated. Danielle says that she thinks he should tell them they aren’t going up and then after tell then that you changed your mind at the last second. Britney says that when she got her Pandora’s Box she was still in her veto costume. Danielle says that would be smart if they did that because then we would be out there and we wouldn’t know.

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1:10pm – 1:20pm Danielle tells Shane to put Joe, Ashley and Ian’s keys near the very end so that they don’t think they are working with us. Britney says in 2 days we are at the half way mark. Britney says that at the end of this week we with be down to 9. She counts out the weeks and says that there are 5 game weeks left. She says that once jury week’s starts they might do two double eviction weeks in a row. She thinks about it and then says that they probably won’t do that because this game is about strategy and that takes all the strategy out of it. Danielle says yesterday Boogie said to her are you ready to win if it is an endurance competition, I will throw it to you. She says he said are you ready to make a big move, you won’t like it. Danielle says that Boogie was coming after you two (Britney & Shane). Danielle says that is why she didn’t even put any in the other two bowls during the competition. Britney comments on how now next week Danielle, Ian and her will all play for the HOH. Shane says we should all study together. They speculate on who might get America’s Favourite. Shane thinks Frank because he is funny. Britney questions that and says he isn’t funny to me, then she asks Danielle if he has ever made her laugh. Britney asks Shane I told you about Boogie’s genital wart right? Shane says someone.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Shane says Ian might win it too, or you Danielle because you are the underdog and have won stuff.


1:26pm – 1:35pm Shane tells Britney and Danielle about his original plan was to come into the game and act as the gay guy. Britney says WHAT?! Shane says that he though he wouldn’t be portrayed as a threat and that he could get all the girls secrets, but that he didn’t do it because he didn’t was America to think he was gay.


1:50pm – 2:05pm Frank is talking to Ian in the pool about the nominations. Frank says that he will be mad at Mike for going after the 10G’s if I get put up. He says hopefully they still want to go after Joe this week. Ian says yeah for sure. Franks says I would like to get my name drawn out for POV, even if I am not worried about being up put up I need to keep our competitions close to the amount Shane wins. Ian talks about throwing the memory competition. Frank says you threw that one and I was on the block son! Frank says you just don’t want to admit you lost a memory one. Frank says that Shane is only up on him by winning two competitions, but that I have been up on the block 3 times and survived. Frank tells Ian that if Ian was in the final two he would have the 4 votes to win (Frank, Boogie, Jenn, Ashley). Frank thinks he would have the votes against Shane too. Britney comes out talking about lunch and Frank and Ian get out of the pool. They head inside to eat lunch.

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2:20pm Shane and Danielle are up in the HOH room. Shane says that if Frank goes out this week, next week we put up Boogie and get him out. They talk about how even if Ian wins the POV he wouldn’t use it on him, we would get him to not use it. Shane asks if he should take that road and tell they (Frank and Boogie) are good with the silent 6. Danielle says yeah. Shane says that he hates lying and that he said he wouldn’t come into this game. Shane says that tonight is going to be a sh*t show. Shane says that he thinks because CBS does have to pay out the 100K to a coach they will have more money to play with for a luxury competition. Danielle says they have lots of money, they’re not worried about that. Shane talks about the order of the keys, he says it will be Britney then you. Danielle says thanks Shane! Shane explains how Danielle is a good girl but not.


2:45pm – 2:55pm Meanwhile Frank and Boogie are talking in the backyard. They talk about how they are annoyed with Ian. Boogie says aren’t you surprised how un-athletic Dan is? He says once we get Shane out it should be easy. Boogie says there is no reason to keep Ian longer then Ashley. Frank agrees. Boogie says that it be better that someone else gets Ian or Jenn out it would be better since they would hold a grudge in the jury if they did it. Boogie says that once they get Shane out of the house, who is going to fu*k with us?! Boogie talks about how Danielle thinks she got Janelle out, you didn’t I did, I made it happen. Boogie says and Ian talking about clowning people in the DR, okay calm down youngster. Boogie says all of these people don’t bug me as much as Britney. Boogie says that Ian, Joe, Jenn and Ashley all together don’t make one good competitor.


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Frank just walked in on Danielle pooping. LMAO He’s a goner FOR SURE now!!! Come on “The voices inside Danielle’s head”, please fill us in on the details…

Dark Horse

OMG!!! I bet she tells Shane trying to make him jealous

The voices inside Danielle's head

First thing that popped into my head was that he was trying to get a peek at me. However, when I looked at him, he made a face like either it smelled really bad or that my thighs looked fat. And since y’all know my poop don’t stink, he must think I am fat. You are so right, he’s gotta go now. I’ll tell Shane to make sure to nominate Frank, then I will hopefully play for POV and win it, cuz I’m a beast at comps. And I will keep the noms the same. I wonder if they will regard this season as Big Brother 14: The season of Danielle. Or better yet, The season of Shanielle.

PS Thinking of ya, Trey XOXOXO

Dark Horse


I want you on BB next season!!


These literally help me get through my work day, not to mention this awesome site in general. Thanks Simon & Dawg!

Godless Monkey

You Are Hilarious!!! Thanks so much for the laughs!

Eric CA

Knowing Danielle:
Lights, camera and action…. Like what you see big boy.


Since the Olympics ended BB ratings are much better. Still about a million viewers less then last year but getting much stronger. CBS is easily winning its time slot with BB so I am sure it will be around for many more years. Good news for all us BB Junkies. Lol…


So excited to see the gruesome twosome get nominated and since Britney won safety for the week, does that mean that she’s safe from Double Eviction?

Karen S

She is only safe for this nomination and first eviction. After that she’s fair game.


Powerhouse alliance! That is one alliance that will turn on itself at the drop of a hat.


Joe might be good after this week. If Shane turns on Frank and Boogie, they will try and get them back the next week, and so on, leaving Joe with no target on his back! lol


hey, dawg, i gave simon a shout out during the live show last night, and i wanted you to know too, i really appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into this blog…it’s the best. love it, keep it up, thx


Frank and mike need to get up in shames ear quick start working some serious magic

Dark Horse

If Boogie does win the POV and use it on Frank, if they both are up…Boogie better then be leaving.

Did Boogie say he hates cocky people??? He must hate himself now…


BoogIe could actually get votes. He does have game.


HELLO…earth to houseguests. Dan is schooling all of you. He is playing everyone, even each member in the quack pack. Quack pack have no idea BB14 winner Is sitting right in the same room.

Poor little morons. LOL!


dans no different then hayden in season 12 just a floater who gets lucky in comps at the end


I have gotton the impression the Dan is an glorified Floater. He hides behide power, he does not want to win any HOH because he is a pussy, just like boogie said.

Eric CA

Get Frank or Boogie, because it is you smartest move
Please stop talking strategy with Joe. It is a mistake and will bight you on your butt.

If you win PoV, DO NOT USE IT, do not save Frank or Boogie

If Frank looses Boogie he will play with you. He might even be grateful.
If Boogie looses Frank, he is the Biggest Target in the house, long as you take aim quick.

This is the type of Season Power Alliances do NOT work.
This is the type of Season that you need to adapt, make a big move and take the targets out fast.
People keep playing like they are in another Season, it is NOT too soon for a big move. Go For it.

What is going to happen this Season is Jenn and Ashley final two. Go Team T!Ts. Just a weird Feeling, that when the cork is popped, the house is going to be a blood bath, and the last two standing are getting there by dumb luck.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Big Brother House.


I don’t think so. Frank can pull this off. Put up Ashley & Jenn instead.






i love boogie. hope he doesn’t get booted. going for the 10k was great, continues his image of only in it for himself and can’t beat anyone so why not take him to the end. he also knows he should be safe until his bigger threat miner’s canary frank goes home, at which point he needs to rally everyone except bdds (with those numbers currently making up a bigger group than the alliance of four (though i don’t think he can seize control of ian as easily as everyone else, but he’s generally treated ian as a number 3 and minus frank a final 2 is better than final 5)). it’ll all come down to the double elimination though, and everyone outside bdds sucks at competitions.


The Pandora Box is coming. I will guess Shane will open either Something good like DPOV,Coup d’etat, $10000,Shopping spree or even Final 2 Card (will not be evicted until final 2) or something Bad like lock in with Rachel or Jesse, Bring Back the coaches for 1 week (Re-draft),Dynamic duo return for 1 week, or even 24 hours of Janelle.

Dark Horse

Yup it usually is something good or bad…are there any other choices?!!

I guess I’m surprised your comment didnt insist that Pandora’s box says that…Frank & Boogie are final 2 and Shane should just pack up and go home.


Coup d’eCRAP hasn’t been used since Production handed it to Technotronics


Shane either needs to put both Frank and Boogie up, or put neither up and put up Joe with Ashley or Jenn, then backdoor Frank or Boogie. The former guarantees that one of them goes home. The latter is riskier, but it keeps the peace in the house a little longer and if Frank or Boogie happen to win POV he can play it off like he was sticking to the Silent 6 deal.

If he really wanted to be tricky, Put up Joe and Jenn with the plan to backdoor Frank or Boogie, then if Frank or Boogie did happen to win the POV, perhaps he could convince them to use the POV because he wants to backdoor Dan, then just put up whichever of the two didn’t win the POV. I don’t necessarily think he has the guile to pull that off though.


On second thought, the risk of putting Frank and Boogie up with the initial noms, is Pandora’s box comes along and pulls the dynamic duo thing again, and allows Frank and Boogie to save them both with just one winning the POV.

I would go with the second move of luring them into complacency by nominating two pawns, probably Joe and Jenn, then hoping neither Frank nor Boogie wins POV so you can backdoor one of them. If they do happen to luck out and get drawn to play in the POV and then have the luck to win, convince them that he wants them to use it so he can backdoor Dan, then put the other up when the POV is used. I think Frank and Boogie would eat that idea up because they would be thinking they would get rid of Dan without any blood on their hands.


Shane is not that smart.


I agree, I think the only people in the house that could come up with such a plan are Dan and Boogie. While the likelihood of such a thing happening is remote, I still think it would be the best course of action. Safer than putting them both up and having a Pandora’s box screw him.


Joe, would make the perfect Food Network star…they should think about giving him his own show…between him being loud, unfiltered, passionate about cooking…he would make for a good show on that network…


On that show he would get his ass chewed repeatedly for not washing his hands, or tasting something and putting the spoon back in it.


i wouldnt mind seeing joe on top chef or hells kitchen with gordon ramsey sayin fu*k off and wash your hands you donkey


Funny, the yelling matches would begin


His special ingredient is his semen from his masturbation.


Funny as soon as Frank takes Ashly on a date Ian campaigns hardcore to get him out.


Shane, Please don’t rock the boat and put up Mike Boogie & Frank. It’s not a smart move to put up two strong players. Put up Jenn & Ashley for vote out Joe yesterday. Make that happen. Don’t rock the boat, Frank keep you safe.

Wils Head Scab

Dear Shane, please dont listen to Captain wedgie..go for the big move. Hellooooo earth to captain wedgie….boogie & frank have already said if they get thru this week, shane is going up….and frank already wanted to backdoor dan…( wondering if you watch the same show i do? )


@WILS HEAD SCAB: Dude, I did watch the show. Frank wanted to backdoor Dan or Shane but thanks to Mike Boogie advice, He didn’t backdoor Dan or Shane. Shane listen to me, don’t rock the boat. Put up Ashley & Jenn. Leave it to Frank to keep the nomination a same. So, Shane don’t rock the boat.


In that case it would begood to get rid of Frank b/c he wants to go after Shane and Dan and keep Boogie, which I am sure is their plan


@Janellous Not good idea. Look what Jenn & Ashley votes for Joe. The only way is to put up Ashley & Jenn. That way Frank will win PoV & keep the nomination a same.


@JANELLOUS Beside, it will never work of putting up Frank & Mike Boogie. Dumb Move.


Captain…I think you are the “Danielle” of this blog, majorly delusional. If there was a block here I guarantee you’d be on it. Your reasoning on here has made all the intelligent bloggers dumber for having to read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on you. :)



Franks B O

Wonder if my body odor turned ashley off?


It will get real funky in the house if Shane puts up Frank and Boogie. I hope he has the balls to go through with it


This is basically a rerun of two weeks ago. Wonder what concoction AG will have this time. It has to be more clever than cancelling an eviction again, right?


yes, except that shane is smarter (hoping, unless he opens pandora’s box), and one of the noms should go.

wouldn’t it be ironic if shane opened pandora’s box, and entirely lost his hoh for a second week!?!?!?


How many times is Danielle going to ask others if they saw her wipeout?! News flash NO ONE CARES!

Aqua Bernie

Ah yes! Danielle is finally getting on Dan’s nerves too. She’s going to start wearing thin on everyone. She’s a batty biaatch!


I think people are getting sick of Danielle in the house an she’s always trying to focus the attention on her. She seems a tad unstable to me. Doesn’t BB conduct a psych test on these contestants? She’s a little out here!


Totally agree with you there. She is one scary bitch!!


Hopefully production will step in and put a bug in cshanes ear, so that thin Season does not become a snooze fest


Hopefully, Shane would put up two floaters Jenn & Ashley. That way Frank will be happy to win PoV to keep the nomination a same.


Old unibrow Sane might surprise us this week. Team T!TS with a glimmer of hope.


I am so happy Dan finally called Danielle out! Go Dan

Danielle:”Did you see me wipe out?”
Dan: “You’ve asked me that 12 times.”
Danielle: “I didn’t ask you.”
Dan: “Yes, you’ve asked everyone.”

Hoping for a big move this week! Come on Shane!


Please Shane, don’t be a fool of putting up Frank & Mike Boogie. Frank owe you big time. He keep you safe. Don’t make a biggest mistake ever, just put up Ashley & Jenn.


I don’t think Frank and Boogie have a problem with getting Shane out during the double eviction, so he should get them before they get him. He’s already a huge target anyways.


@CANDICE, Not good idea. Shane will keep Mike Boogie & Frank and put up Ashley & Jenn. Jenn never been on the block. So, this is her time to put her up.


Your predictions are as diluted and delirious as 90% of Danielle’s conversations that revolve around herself.


@DOCJUAN24: I’m not delusional. I’m speaking the truth.


Hey Captain, how does it feel to have no life and we constantly have to listen to your opinion that doesn’t mean crapola


@RHONDA, Are you referring to Captainwidget? I’m pretty sure it’s Captainwidget.

Aqua Bernie

Chill Wedgie! Bye bye Frank or Booger!


Not going to happen. Put up Ashley & Jenn. Both did vote off Joe. So return the favor of two floaters on the block.


I agree that Frank or Boogie has to go. Preferablly Frank. They both have said that they need to get Shane out during a double eviction. It is do or die time for Shane.


@WW Don’t be so sure. Frank can pull this off.


This season is so predictable! It’s pathetic at this point, everybody sucks! If Grodner likes to rig things so much why didn’t she rig the competition for one of the floaters to win HOH, that would’ve been more interesting to see what they would do rather than Shane winning again! He’s gonna nominate Boogie and Frank, big shocker, NOT!!! Worse season ever!!!!


Then stop watching, stop reading, stop posting.

Can’t, can you.


I don’t understand why people are not spending time with Shane before nominations…usually friday’s are filled with a lot of game talk.


Ashley and Jenn think they’re going up so no point and Boogie and Frank are convinced they are safe which they aren’t


watching these people (Shane Danielle and Britney) call boogies gameplay dirty on the live feeds seems very hypocritical


Boogs hasn’t done anything, except get out Janelle. Otherwise he has been sleeping.


You should know that lying and backstabbing are always dirty in the third person: Their [dirty] game play.

It is only acceptable in the first person: Our [dirty] game play.


Let me take a wild guess- we wont be hearing about Trey for a whole wk,she goes on
andoff like a light switch its kinda scary.

What Dan send to her was hilarious I think he knows she outta her mind.
Icant get over her lying about the car accident,broken back,abusive father,the Miss ‘Bama thing,
the broken jaw story and the kidney problem plus the few others I forgot.
Its not like it game related lies its just attention and sympathy. pretty sad chick.

Dark Horse

Wait a minute…how do you know she was lying? please direct me to this

I knew she was bat-shit crazy but now a patho liar…when she oh-so-hated Janelle for this.

Oh boy, your gonna make me get on her more now…


LoL…those morons. Dan is winning this game.


Ya this is what Dan wanted exactly


It is almost comical how good dan is playing. He has a positive relationship with everyone in the house, now even with frank. Funny to see quack pack conversations, he just sits there quiet while the others plan all of the dirty work. He is genius.

Frank's jacked up hair

After seeing Danielle on the toilet, I just can’t relax. I’m standing on end and all frizzed up.


I really think that next year they need to do a celebrity big brother. I think the ratings would really improve. Just look at celebrity apprentice. Donald Trump no longer does a regular apprentice.

Dark Horse

Damn these Pandora’s Box make me nervous…I feel like I have to choose LOL

Shane do the right thing!!!


1:21 boogie’s genital wart? you heard it here folks


Did anyone catch that Dan and Boogie are friends outside of the house and will continue to be friends. I have always had a problem with Boogie not knowing that the coaches were coming into the game, Brittany, Janielle, and Dan had talked about it to Boogie, Why was Janielle and Brittany able to see this from their contract and Boogie just didn’t have a clue. Dan picked his players on that premise. Are Dan and Boogie playing us as well as the houseguests???
They know where all of the cameras are at and we know productions tries to mix things up. Was that conversation between Boogie and Dan a setup to make us think they are at odds with each other???


Dan is keeping the Boogs relationship in his back pocket. They had a very genuine convo the other night, they both know where they stand. Boogs just doesn’t know about Dan’s other alliances.

Dan would love to go to the final two with Boogie. He would get a 7-0 vote, if Frank leaves this week.

Production doesn’t want Boogie to go anywhere. They paid him a good amount of money to be on the show. I bet he has asked a couple in DR if he can go home. He does not need the money.


those feeds today are useless. the only i saw the last hour were fishes. sometimes you get 10 seconds of a conversation…and then…the fishes are back.


hahahahahahaha….I’ve been saying for weeks now I thought Shane was gay…I actually think he really is. Why would be bring that up to Danielle and now repeat it again…Shane has a secret! And of course that pink tank top…oh my.

Dark Horse

His secret is he thinks Kara is hotter than Danielle…shhhhhh don’t tell Danielle, we’ll hear about it for the next 2 weeks.


The problem with the zing was I actually think that there was a lot of truth too it…Shane should probably get a restraining order…The girl is a little nuts. I understand she’s young but she has issues.


@ ‘Dark Horse’ and Matthew…You guys almost hit the nail on the head and I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with this theory…I believe {quite strongly too!} that 1. Shane talks about Kara being hot in an effort to distract and make people believe he’s straight, 2. Very rarely would you meet a straight guy that’d want to
“pretend” to be gay{even a metrosexual} …usually it’s the other way round as I believe Shane is doing.

Personally, I respect people’s need for privacy when it comes to disclosing their sexual preference…I just felt the need to point the aforementioned theories.

Dirk Diggler

i just thought of something….when danielle gets evicted…because we all know she isnt winning…especially since everybody is getting sick of her, i wonder what the interview will be like with julie chen…..because bb must know danielle is a lunatic at this point…why else would they be that hard on her about the zingbot…i wonder if julie chen will sugarcoat the interview or just go straight to the point ….

Dirk Diggler

on emore thing…how could danielle even go around shane after last night of throwing herself at him and him flat out saying no get out of the room lol….in her mind she really must think he is just playing for the camera and that he wants her once they leave the show….danielle may have the fattest thighs in BB history…


It may be smart for Shane to put Frank/Boogie up; however, you have to think…once they do that the trust is gone completely and a line is clearly drawn down the house. Taking out a “floater” is actually better since there is no guarantee that Frank/Boogie would turn this week.

Quack-Pack vs. Boogie(or Frank)+Jenn+Joe+Ahsley….

Sure you may think Quack-Pack is in a good spot, but:
1. Shane can’t compete (4 vs 4 competing)
2. Ian is now showing he could flip and he is smart enough to see his current teammates as targets too
3. There is always that one HoH where even the chaff can win one (ie. what would you sacrifice to win HoH)
4. Pandora’s Box…and Boogie is a production favorite based on him eating up all the TV screen time each week


i completely agree this what ive been saying as well if shane wants to win the game he needs to stick to their deal if hes playing for brit,dan,danielle,or ian to win than by all means put up frank and boogie and follow them right out the door


Not good idea of putting Frank & Mike Boogie on the block. He could put up two floaters. TOO RISKY!


i think Shane is doing the right thing…he is taking the first shot playing offense instead of waiting around like a sitting duck (pun intended..quack quack) and playing defense.

Frank Has Never Voted

I hate to say this but it looks like Joe and the rest of the TITs are in a very good spot right now. There is about to be a war between the Silent Six (Shhhhhh, yeah right) and they are going to coast right through.

I predict that in the next 3 weeks Boogie, Shane, Frank and possibly Dan might be gone, and the TITs will be in the bottom 5/6 at the end.

This is going to be interesting. I really think the best way to watch BB is not to root for anyone but to just watch what happens. Although I would recommend to have a favorite it makes the show more interesting.


Shane had been screwed from the get go. First, he wins the bed comp for his team and Britney let’s Willie be HOH. Shane has to suffer from Willie’s HOH (Even Willie checked out before that happened). Then he gets HOH and his nominations are completely null/void by Britney and them. He has to constantly endure Danielle in the house obsessing over him.


and now Pandora’s Box. Five bucks says it’s going to f him over instead of help him.


I hope Shane doesn’t open the pandoras box.

production rigged it

ian already told shane and britney that boogie and frank were coming after them so if shane doesn’t take one of them out this week then he’s an idiot also if he opens a pandora’s box and production has rigged it for boogie and frank to be safe then that will make twice that they screwed shane over and if i was him i would go a rampage and demolish the house throwing and breaking shit and then tell production to f__k off and walk out and tell everybody else they might as well too because obviously they’ve decided frank or boogie are gonna win.


Like I said before if Production saves Boogie and Frank with the Pandora’s Box, this show will loose all credibility it has left.


It may not be completely fair but it would relaly be hane’s own fault if he opens Productions Box when he has the power to send one of Frank/Boogie home if he wants to.


I agree, given that Shane’s last HOH was worthless when they threw in the reset to save Frank. If they screw him over again with Pandora’s box, it proves that AG has already pre-determined that Frank or Boogie will make it to the end. That would be too much — to have production screw up 2 of his HOH’s to save arrogant-ass Boogie who, by the way, hates cocky people. Wow, the man has no insight to his obnoxiousness, does he? His sh*t doesn’t stink and everyone should just bow down to his awesomeness! haha If he goes home, he has no one to blame but himself for being a selfish jerk and going after the money he doesn’t need. He even tried to minimize the money by saying it really wasn’t much after taxes. Maybe you should of thought of that BEFORE, you greedy millionaire.


i agree that at times bb may seem rigged but lets remember they do not have to open pandoras box if they dont want to but of course they always do like the saying goes curiosity killed the cat or in this case shane , also frank and boogie mean ratings so why not throw a curveball at shane since he is just as boring as jenn

billy bob

this is gonna be so awsome,frank and boogie are talking so much shit right now,they have no idea there about to get fucked,lol

Dirk Diggler

danielle is always complaining about production, i bet u she is a pain in the ass with them, she has requested to go in the diary room alot…she probly goes in there and makes up shit and they r sick of her…im thinking thats y they were so hard on her about the zingbot…because if she was some sweet southern girl they wouldnt have did that to her…ne way, i hope frank goes home but who knows what the twist will b e


@captainwedgie. You know Shane can’t hear you right? You’re an interesting thing. You honestly think by arguing with people on this site that it will change their opinions. You entertain me with your comments even though they aren’t meant to be funny.

I’m all for taking out Frank or Boogie!!!!!

Brit or Shane FTW


Boy what a bunch of losers, being led by Britney, you Danelle who is so insecured and needs a man, you have Ian who is delusional and live in a fairy tale world, you ashley who is completly lost in this world, you have Joe who is just a loser cook, and you have Jenn who needs love. So we have all these ;osers who were well pick by the BB producers. Britney plays in the here and now while Dan and Boggie releaze the double eviction is coming and the head of HOH CAN’T PALY VERY SMART


or Dawg:

Who is this Jenn person people keep bringing up? The only people in the house are Ashley, Boogie, Britney, Dan, Danielle, Frank, Ian, Joe and Shane.


Beats me


In case you’re not joking… Jenn was on Boogie’s team when Boogie was a coach. She is still in the house.


Ashely and Danelle realy put on the pounds, but Danelle is worry about how her butt looks on tv, boy is she in for a long road to therapy when she leaves the show

The voices inside Danielle's head

Why would I need therapy? Nothing wrong wit me, I’m a catch. I mean hello, just look at me.


Dani has a slammin body, just wish her mental condition was as appealing


OOOwee, look at the crease in Dani’s shorts 0.0. Shane, i know she crazy and might stab u in the eye when you reject her, but don’t pass up on a piece of ass like that… you can always get that restraining order after the show, MANY,MANY, I say MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYYYYY man have dealt with women like that, and if they don’t still fuck them, they got restraining orders, some of which are STILL in effect.Women are not exempt, many women have also still fucked crazy men, and still do, some crazy/dangerous men have “big thangs” that’s how you see brokeass men driving around in they women’s expensive rides, with NO LICENSE.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Oh M Gee, what is wrong with y’all? Really Britney is getting more votes than me? For what being skinny? It’s all that damn Zingbot’s fault. I was on my way to Jordan like popularity and then the Zingbot starts lying about me. A restraining order, seriously. Like I’m a stalker. If anything its the other way around. I just don’t know where they get this stuff. I wonder why BB allowed the Zingbot to make stuff up about me. I bet I have close to a million facebook friend requests. My girlfriends must be so jealous right now, seeing me with a hottie like Shane. But deep down I am sure that they are very excited for me, I mean how many people find true love on a game show. What’s the odds of that happening? Gotta be like a billion to one. I bet Trey is missing me.


Has anyone noticed that when they are all together and the camera is on Danielle that she looks like she is in another world. You can see her brain going a mile a minute. She has nothing to contribute to the conversation unless it is something about her. She doesn’t seem to be interested in knowing about another person, their likes or dislikes, what they do outside the house, etc….she just chimes in and it is always something that has to do with her. I am waiting for Dan to explode on her, then watch her go into hysterics and hate the ground he walks on. Right she thinks he walks on water.


Yea, “La la Land” where Trey exists, and Shane loves her…..


and Dan is her Father