Boogie says Danielle is like a video game you just grab the controls to get her to do what you want.

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


8:25am Boogie says that Britney took safety temptation, Shane took HoH. Boogie says he built some trust two weeks ago and should not go on the block. He says he had no need to win that HoH. He says on a confidence scale between 1 and 10, not being nominated, I would say a 9. If it was just Shane, I’d say 10, but Britney is smart so a 9. Boogie says he wants Britney as the first juror and that he wants her to go on a fast forward. Boogie says he needs to keep Jenn around, says she needs reassurance and support and that he can give her that. Ashley is a sweet, sweet nice girl and only complained (Big Brother cuts the feeds) She would be my dream house guest to bring to the finals. She’s like chicken George. Joe has been here longer than than he should have but it has been ok that he stayed, thinks he will be loyal.

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8:50am – 9:10am Shane, Captain F’n America , he is a beast, one of the sickest athletes around here. He sees our mutual competitiveness. He will be loyal as long as Britney doesn’t get to him. He is a monster target, and if we get into harm’s way we can just say look at him. He has won 5 out of 11 competitions. I don’t want him near the end when you can win yourself to the end. Boogie says that he will keep Shane because he will be super loyal and he is a huge target. Boogie start talking about Danielle and explains that back dooring is when you plan to do it before the veto. Boogie says that Danielle is a nice gal, cast in the Jordan role. Boogie says you treat Danielle like a video game you just grab the controls to get her to do what you want. I would be willing to go up against her in the end, she is the strongest girl left in the house now. Boogie wonders if Dan will chose him over Danielle. Boogie says that he has a love hate relationship with Britney and that she keeps it real, she is a classic complainer, and it’s a little too much. She is a super cool chick, mature, yet immature. She is married, lives in New York but she is messy and doesn’t clean up after herself. He says that he expects more out of House Guests who live on their own, not like Ian who is still in school and probably still has his mom clean up after him.
Boogie say that he trust Britney the least. He says that he loves Dan and that he hopes to have a life-long friendship with him. Boogie says that if Dan scumbags him, he will look him in his eye shake his hand and say good job. Boogie says that Dan is a great player. Boogie says that he can’t take the chance sitting next to Dan in the final two because he has great relationships with other house guests and is good at public speaking. Boogie says the plans for the weekend are to not get nominated and to play in the power of veto and as long as he is safe he says he doesn’t want to win it. Boogie says that he hopes Shane wins the POV and makes himself an even bigger target.


9:30am – 9:45am Ashley and Joe are out in the backyard talking about how if they keep us safe for the next two weeks then we need to return the favor. Joe says that they will want to sit next to us in the finals; they don’t want to sit next to Danielle. Joe says we just need to sit back and relax. Ashley agrees and says that we aren’t good competitors. Boogie joins them and they talk about the competition and the alcohol they got last night. Joe heads inside. Ashley and Boogie discuss her caterpillar technique in the HOH competition.


9:50am – 10:20am Boogie says when they first started he thought that competition was only going to take 15 minutes. Boogie says that he was worried about Shane winning the HOH before he could get the $10K. He says that Shane just wants to be captain America and do things as fast as he can. Boogie says that if he hadn’t gone for the money he think he might have been able to beat Shane. Frank joins them. They continue to talk about the competition. Frank says that sucks how he had to sit and see all these extra prizes and he could not compete for it. Boogie says that he talked to Ian and Ian said he had $600 to his name when he came into the house. Joe says how bad would you feel if Ian wins this and you don’t get the $100G for being his coach. Boogie says that would be horrible. The conversation turns to talking about football. Boogie starts working out. The others talk about how happy they are there isn’t a have-nots this week. Ashley tells Frank that if he is unhappy when he eats it will stick to him and if he is happy it wont. Frank says that doesn’t even make sense. Frank comments on how Wil’s game was so weak sause, I don’t get why people lie when they come in here.


10:40am Ashley tells Boogie that she went on a chicken and cool whip light diet for like 2 weeks and she gets so skinny. She says she eats that every three hours. It’s for any model wanting to lose some lbs. She says she also drinks Phylum husk and she can’t even finish a conversation before needing to go to the bathroom. Ashley comments on how she found that found the alcohol in the storage room. Boogie tells her that she should have stashed a bottle of wine for herself or a friend. Ashley says she wished she had. Ian joins them.

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10:45am – 11:10am Ashley and Jenn are talking about the competition. Jenn says that she wishes she had just gone for the HOH because she think she could have given Shane a run for his money. Jenn worries she might go up on the block. Ashley says that it will probably be her (Ashley & Joe). Ashley and Jenn discuss how they were the only votes for Wil. Ashley says that Wil didn’t deserve to go out without a vote. Jenn says she thinks its funny Britney got safety when Shane won HOH, such a waste. Joe and Boogie join them. Ashley heads inside.

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89 thoughts on “Boogie says Danielle is like a video game you just grab the controls to get her to do what you want.

    1. Yes, it would be great… if Frank nominates his greedy ass, whenever he gets another HOH – if they last this week ! :P
      After all frank has done, boogie goes for the $10,000 and doesn’t think of HOH and safety to Frank? That should A LOT to each and everything house guest in that house…. but they are too busy cooking, looking in the mirrors, and counting their genital herpes pills.

    2. I hope Shane gets Frank and Boogie up for nominations because Boogie needs a Refresher

      Course in How to be a Human Being Shane needs to bring him down a few pegs.

  1. Boogie is full of hmself, but he made a lot of correct observations about his house guest and seems to respect most of them. I respect him a little more after reading this. He needs to go though. He hasn’t won anything and has used others for safety. He is a huge threat and it is time to get threats out before jury. Get them Shane

  2. can someone let me know how a double eviction works? i know the obvious im just saying, how do they determine who is the second one out

  3. Boogie is in for a shock. Shane will either put him and Frank up, or Frank and Joe. If Frank wins veto, Boogie will be gone. He should have competed for the HOH, he was moving fast. Now it will bite him in the ass, bad move Boogie. I think Dan wants to take Boogie to the Final 2 because he would sweep him easy.
    It’s going to be interesting to see what Brit thinks of Dan when Dan will try to sell why Boogie should stay. We could see some serious fireworks.

  4. The problem with Boogie is that he lies even to himself. If Shane nominates just Frank, then he will want to get the Veto so he can save his guy. If what he was saying to himself is true, he should go to Shane and Dan and tell them that it is time to get rid of Frank and go through with it.

  5. Boogie, Boogie, Boogie… you should know two things
    A) The smell of confidence, is the smell of going up on the block in his house of paranoia. to quote you “I do not like people who are too cocky.”

    B) Brittney and Shane already know that you would backdoor them, given the chance. Dan was also told the same thing.

    Of course when you go up with Frank on the Block, just say “OOPS my bad, should have gone for HoH.”

  6. Out of respect to past posts’ takes on what Danielle is thinking, here’s my take on what goes on in Danielle’s mind in any given ten-minute window:

    “Why do ya’ll keep wantin’ to talk about other stuff when ya’ll know I’m hurtin’ somethin’ fierce over everything everybody says that’s not about me? Hey, listen to me for a minute… did y’all know I can do card tricks? Shane… look… I’m all card smart ‘n’ stuff… watch me guess what card Britney’s got (she’s gonna be in my wedding to you or Trey, btw) so you can see I’m not stupid, ya’ll. See? I got her card right… Dan, are you listening? Dan…. Dan! I got her card right, huh? Hey, let’s play a game where I can ask ya’ll all questions about what you think of me, I’ll start… who looks better in a bikini; me or Janelle? Who looks like they weigh less? Me or Ashley? Who am I smarter than? How pretty am I on a scale of one to ten? Who thinks Kara was fugly? Britney, are you listening? Britney! I like really want to come and stay with ya’ll when we get out of here; you want that too, right? Right? I know you said ‘Right’, but I just wanna make sure… Shane won’t tell me his address, but when he told me he wasn’t going to give me his address or phone number, his left eyebrow went up a little bit, and ya’ll know that just means he’s bein’ shy in front of the cameras (I’m kinda pyschic, and the voices of Robert E. Lee and Napoleon keep telling me that I should stick by my man).

    Joe just looked at my thighs… and he didn’t say I was hot… he has to go now instead of Frank, who didn’t make me feel bad about my thighs, but who is a bigger threat!!!!!! Why didn’t Frank take me on a date? Maybe I should ask him… when Shane’s in the room. Shane will act like he doesn’t care, but I’ll know he’s all torn up inside. Ya’ll I’m so glad I made it on BB. I’m like really lucky that way because my doctor didn’t think it would be a good idea, what with me being incoherent and painting pictures of Trey on my padded cell walls with my own feces just six months ago. But I got out in time to finish the application process, and AG loved me:) Especially when I gave her a gift basket full of pork rinds and hydrocodone. I know that zingbot said a bunch of stuff Shane made him say, but when I win the favorite prize, I’ll be vindicated, ya’ll.

    Omg! Did ya’ll just see that purple and orange polka dotted pterodactyl fly from the boom boom room into the diary room? Ya’ll didn’t? Ian… Boogie… Dan… ya’ll didn’t? NO? Ya’ll are blind!!! It looked at me and squawked, and it’s squawk sounded like it was saying ‘thighsssssss’. That Pterodactyl has to go, especially if Shane saw it. Hey, what are ya’ll doing here in the house? Ya’ll are production, why’re you here in the house all of a sudden? What’s in that syringe? HEY! That hurt!!! Shannnnnnnneeeee…….

    1. Danielle is so obsessed with having the attention focused on her at all times. It’s so sad. I can understand if she was 15 years old and acting like that but to see a woman in her twenties behave that way is disheartening. When she gets out of the BB house, and sees how people percieve her, she will need some major therapy! Look how insecure she is now and so very dilusional. It’s sad really!

    2. Eripaul I think you are my favorite poster on here, that was great.

      Even better when you read it in Danielle’s voice

      OMG I needed that laugh on a Friday!

  7. What a bad mistake Frank made.
    He should’ve taken out Dan, and formed an alliance with Joe, Ashley, and and particularly Ian.
    Ian is not a big mouth – he sabotaged Boogie and Frank intentionally because Ian feels quack pack is his only shot to final four.

    Frank should’ve spent time solidifying his alliance with Ian, instead of letting them spend all of their time forming their QP alliance.

    Now Brit,Ian,Shane and Pignelle are guaranteed final four , unless eagle eye or Ashley can win something.

    1. Oh Danielle is Pignelle now.
      I kept wondering why people where still slamming Janelle.
      You do know Pignelle is an old slam against Janelle? Ah the classics, transcend the BB ages.

      I am not usually a Danielle defender, but try something new and original.

  8. It has to be Frank AND Boogie on the block. Frank is the target, but they cannot trust Boogie and take the risk that he wouldn’t take Frank down if he won veto. With both of them up – one of them will definitely go. Getting Frank out this week is important because Shane can’t play next week. Getting Frank out is also important because Ian is too attached to him – if you didn’t see it, go back to the feeds last night (can’t remember the time) of Ian and Brit in the Storage Room and Ian fighting Brit on not making Frank a target. In order to have control in this game you need to be able to win comps. Frank wins comps. Boogie hasn’t won anything really other than a coach’s comp – which really wasn’t much. Boogie needs Frank – not the other way around. Hopefully Shane, or one of the core 4, wins Veto so that they can totally control who they send home. I think that if Frank is evicted, and the core 4 gets HOH during the double eviction, then Boogie and Ian should go up.

  9. Well for those of you that are complaining about how boring this season is your about to really hate it when frank b boogie leave yes they are the ones driving The bb 14 bus and after they’re gone this is going to be a truly dramaless.s season with a final 5 of jan ashley joe britneyn ian You can have that snooze fest it’s gonna hurt the ratings and it might wind up canceling big brother next year and when it does I will point the finger at all of you chilltown haters.

    1. Agreed. Frank or Boogies goes home, this will turn into the Brigade season all over again (fitting with Britney here). When it’s finally time for the Quack pack to turn in on itself, it will just be a little awkward and a few tears, but no biggie. This season went right into the shitter after Willie left. It seems like that was a whole different season now. So much backstabbing & fighting, now it’s just on coast mode.

    2. Oh, I so agree. Boogie and Frank need to stay for pure entertainment value! If I have to listen to much more Ian droning (ala Bubba Gump) or Britney whining (ala nails on a black board) or Danielle measuring her a$$, I will have to tune out and wait for BB15.

      Do you think prod has picked up on this and will intervene somehow?

      1. I think production won’t fight for Frank…I think they want Britney to stay cause her & Boogie are by far the funniest in the DR sessions.

    3. I disagree-

      Show will continue to be interesting because Crazy Pig Danielle will definitely start fighting w Ashley or Brit next.

    4. Cancelling Big Brother??? hmmm probably not…Chilltown has not been on since All-Stars and the show is still running…

      I highly doubt that next season, we will all be so sad not to have any chilltown members that we won’t watch…

      ..but OK.

      1. o you can best believe that if frank and shane are both gone after the double eviction there buddyy mike is going all the way.

    5. People were saying that when Dani left last year, and Rachel the year before and etc etc. Yet here we are, another season. BB has enough true fans of the show that when a particular HG leaves, it doesn’t ever make a huge dent in the ratings. I think some Jani fans were saying how that ratings would dip if she left, it did the opposite. I don’t see the demise of BB if Boogie leaves. They do just fine in the seasons he wasn’t involved, there’s really nothing to suggest otherwise.

  10. Shane will put up Mike Boogie & Frank. However, the Pandora Box kicks in of dynamic duo return & save Mike Boogie & Frank and replacement of Joe & Jenn.

    1. Since they had the duo Pandora’s Box last season, I wouldn’t think they would have it this season.

      I hope Stank Frank leaves

  11. I can’t believe that Boogie would bo so arrogant, so cocky, and have so little respect for the game or his partner (Frank) that he’d go for the money. Seeing that as an outsider makes me angry and, if I were in that house, I’d put the two of them on the block. If Boogie is so sure he and Frank are safe, I’d give them a nice surprise and make sure that Boogie goes home. If Shane has any smarts, he’ll do that. Dan will campaign to save Boogie and go for Frank instead. But Shane likes Frank so I’m sure he would rather get rid of Boogie. If he does the stupid thing and vote out irrelevant Joe (or Jenn/Ash) instead, I’ll lose whatever respect I ever had for him as a player.

    It’s time those people also notice that Ian is positioning himself safely between B/F and D/D/B/S and they need to start thinking about his reasons. He’s going to be asking Shane to get rid of Joe, I’m sure, and if he gets a bit further, the little chihuahua may get the sympathy vote and actually win this thing. I don’t like him. I think he’s done nothing in this game. Can’t win a competition and isn’t really in on the strategy talk. He basically glues himself where the power is. I actually think he’s one of those floaters he talks about.

  12. to be fair, boogie has reason to feel cocky

    he made the deal with the silent 6, he and frank didnt backdoor them last week like they could have, didnt even use one as a pawn. so I think he expects at least a freaking week of the same. to be fair, all of you calling boogie all these names needs to realize you are now rooting for shane to do what you bag on boogie for doing in past seasons….its pretty low to go back on the deal with 10 ppl still in the house

    1. its not boogie’s fault that frank was a moron and told the magic 8 ball the plan(which wasnt even a plan) to backdoor dan.

  13. If these people were actually smart then Dan, Boogie, Frank, and Shane would have or should have formed an alliance between the four of them. They would have cruised to a Final Four easily. Would have loved to see this happen.

    1. That is also a really weird thing. It would have made perfect sense as they are the only ones really winning anything and they all have some control over others. Shane can control Britney (but he’s not too bright), Dan can control Danielle, Frank can bring along Ashley, Boogie with Ian and MAYBE Jenn. It would have worked just like the brigade and then be every man for himself when they get to the last 5 or so people in the house. It would have been crazy boring, even more so than it is now, but it would have easily worked.

  14. is it just me or does Boogie look like the cranky old lady cartoon on the Hallmark cards with his cap and large sun glasses! whaddya say>

  15. boogie and frank are going up. quack made that deal yesterday…and ian is in the freakin best position of all of them. followed by dan.

    you will see production save frank for the second time this season! mark my words. there will be a twist…and the miracle will happen. both boogie and frank are comming off the block.

  16. Shane, please don’t rock the boat & nominate Frank and Mike Boogie. Frank didn’t backdoor you. You owe him one. Put up two floaters Jenn and Joe. Keep Frank till the end. I would love to see son of legendary wrestler in Final 2 with Shane. The All-American stronger player in Final 2.

    1. I am sure after Shane reads this, he will do exactlly what you tell him. Btw, have you ever tried out for BB…since you are the expert? Just curious. Wonder if anyone would blog, CaptainW FTW! lol nahhhhhhhhh

    2. If Shane doesn’t put up Frank and Boogie and take out Frank then Frank wins HOH puts Dan and Shane up for the second eviction and Shane goes home.

      1. I don’t think Shane will not put up Frank & Mike Boogie. Too early to rock the boat. I don’t see why you want to get rid of Frank. He not a floater but he is a strong player. So, not going to happen. Beside, Shane owe Frank 1 week safety. He didn’t backdoor Shane. So here you go.

        1. Have you watched the game HUH! Captain you must be a boogie or Frank fan because if you don’t get rid of Frank

          then you have him WIN the money!

          1. @mexfrench, What are you talking about? I watch the show & I’m all DDBSMF fan. They can’t get rid of Frank. They have to get rid of floaters like Ashley or Jenn. But Backdoor Joe is an options.

  17. mark my words if frank and boogie go on the block and 1 of them leaves shane will follow right behind them out the door.if he was smart which no one accused him of he would wait til he had a chance to backdoor them or vote them out during the double eviction

  18. It’s funny how people on this board want their cake and eat it too big b**** and moan about how boring this season is Yet they want all the good players out early the competitors the people that drive ratings the people that make the show interesting I just don’t understand it

    1. Janelle wasn’t doing shit for ratings, so where are these ratings she was “driving”??? the whole season is boring, and that won’t change, nobody who enjoys this show wants to see Vets come back every season with bs twists

    2. Ratings are tanking for Big Brother… nothing NEW anymore, bullshit twists, recycled comps, vets coming back getting catered to, weak un-entertaining new casts to make the vets look like something special. I watch in hope that something NEW will happen… Yet another disappointing year

  19. A lot of people don’t want to see Frank and Boogs on the block, they think it will be boring once they are gone.
    I on the other hand am hoping Frank gets the boot. I just get irritated listening to him, and his nice guy act is bullshit. We have all seen the slips over the last couple week, he can be a total d*ck.
    Anyway, my point of posting was to say if Frank gets tossed can you imagine the fur that will be flying afterwards?
    Boogie is going to be livid, and chances are he is going to try tear that house up.
    Imagine the possibilities.
    He can give Dan his wish and they can team up. They could pull in the *floaties* including Ian and go after S/D/B.
    Or he could try to flip just Dan and Danielle against Shane and Brit.
    I don’t know, the options are there, just will depend on how hard Boogie wants to work it (which we all know he can) but I do doubt he will sit on his ass and wait to go home.
    Looking forward to it all =)

    1. BTW- I am pretty much pulling for Shane or Brit. Shane I think has more going on in his head than he lets on, and Brit, hell she just makes me laugh.
      I am in no way Team Boogie. I just want a nice shake up in that house.

  20. I honestly doubt Pandora’s box will be played this week. Last yr when they played pandora’s box there were few players left in the house. Also, there is to much going on this week to play it anyways, they have to keep it interesting.

  21. I feel bad for dawg and Simon having to watch these boring feeds.

    Like why is this season so boring? I thought BB was supposed to be about drama, but they’re all one big happy family.

    I miss the fights like jameka vs dick, rachel vs everyone  or Kesha’s bday fight.

    Like they’ve literally sent home anyone who would make the show in resetting with some good drama (Willie,  jojo,  janelle) good job BB

    1. True, I think it’s true about what was said about Janelle’s Husband gettin her off the show, Production would’ve save her just like they did Rachel(even though she was more entertaining and did more for ratings then Janelle ever did) if it wasn’t for that another bogus unplanned “twist” would’ve saved her..

      These past few season, is what’s keepin me from buying the feeds….. I get my lil fix from OBB

  22. Wait! Danielle still has not gotten the hint that Shane does not want her, and she thinks she can control him on who to nominate. Some one needs to check her bags. Does she got a voodoo doll in there? Can she be this delusional?

  23. I hope that if Pandora’s box is opened that Shane will get the Diamond Power of Veto like Matt. It could also happen that the coaches twist is reinstated for the week (ala the pairs twist) making Dan, Boogie and Britney safe for the week, they pick new teams and Veto is done as a team effort where the coach of the winning team decides who the Veto holder will be from their team. One HG would be left out but imune to being a replacement nominee. (This would prevent Boogie from being put up and possiblly save Frank).

    Just some thoughts.

    1. Nah, then he would waste it just like Matt did, and nominate a floater….. This season need a major “drama” pick up, Trey(if he exists) should be in the box

  24. It seems like Dan and Britney should be holding on to Boogie for dear life, and shouldn’t even think of getting rid of Boogie. There are still 7 newbies and it seems like it would be foolish to start a run on getting out the former coaches while the (former coaches) are still so greatly outnumbered.

    1. Dan legitimately wants boogie in this game to the end. He would win 7-0 against boogie.

      Dan is playing the entire house…he is no joke.

  25. Y’all see that? Boogie wants to do me. He said he wants to grab my controls and get me to do whatever he wants. What kind of girl does he think I am? I am flattered, but he’s a little old and wrinkly for me. Though if Shane was to hear that, it might make him jealous. But then he might think I liked Boogie too. What to do, what to do. I can’t believe the lies that the Zingbot was saying about me. I hope Trey didn’t see that.

  26. You’re missing the point it’s not about mike or frank is about their character tiype When you take out too strong villains this early in the game all that you’re going to have left is a bunch of spineless wek players holding hands around a campfire andsinging n that is boring that is going to be the downfall of big brother

  27. Shane is screwed when frank and boogie leave. Shane will be the first one up next.

    It sounds weird but Shane’s best chance at winning is with boogie and frank I the house. Make an alliance.

  28. I would want to see Joe, Ashley and Jenn leave next. They really are floating. The strongest players battling to the end would be great to see. But for Shane I think it is better to put up Boogie and Frank before they get him. Danielle is the most difficult player to watch. Her constantly puckering to the camera, fishing for compliments and fantasy showmance with Shane is so irritating that I change the live feed cameras off of her. She is seriously delusional. Would like to see her up on the block and out soooooon.

  29. Was is just me or did anyone else cringe when they showed Frank and Ashley kissing? I don’t know if it was because it was Frank or because it was Ashley but I just kept thinking…. ugh… gross… (They have no chemistry, I guess)

  30. “He (Boogie) says he had no need to win that HoH. He says on a confidence scale between 1 and 10, not being nominated, I would say a 9.” How’d that work out for you, you greedy b*stard? haha

  31. “Boogie says that if Dan scumbags him, he will look him in his eye shake his hand and say good job.” Which, of course, he didn’t do. Such a liar and a blowhard. I think getting him out will create drama because Frank will be desperate at that point. I love watching Boogie twist in the wind. His Chilltown mask is gone. Plus, he was just riding the coattails of Dr. Will anyway.

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