Jillian says Liza is a lying sack of sh*t! Shut up, I am going to punch you in the head and kill you!

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

big brother canada march 20 2013 825pm

8:10pm – 8:25pm Jillian and Emmett wake up from their nap and start talking game.
Jillian says that Gary is gutless, look what he did to Tom .. he broke his word .. I never would have done that.
You can’t look someone dead in the eye and do that to them. I could never trust Gary, he could do the same to us, put us both up and look us dead in the eye.
Jillian says that Gary will make another big move .. he will put up you and I.
Emmett brings up how Gary tells Topaz everything and he told Gary to stop doing that.
The conversation turns to talking about Liza.
Jillian says that she should talk to her but she just has such a big mouth.
Jillian says Liza tells me that I can’t trust you.
Emmett tells her to tell Liza that Emmett never said your name and that he only hates you know because you talked sh*t about him.
Jillian says Liza is a lying sack of sh*t!
“Shut up Liza, I am going to punch you in the head and kill you.”
Jillian says that she finds it so hard and awkward to talk to her now .. its all game and fake now.
“She is obviously gutless ..so she doesn’t count as a human being anymore.”
Emmett says that it will be weird to not have him (Tom) here anymore .. I just hope I can trust who I trust.

8:30pm – 9pm Talla, Peter, Aj, Alec, Topaz, Liza, Emmett, Jillian and Gary are sitting around on the backyard couches talking about random things. Talla tells her story of how she flipped out on a waitress. The waitress didn’t want to serve her and gave the table to another waitress. The waitress was talking about her and gesturing she wanted to strangle Talla. Talla says that she noticed and flipped out on her. The manager and chef came out and comp’d her meal. The conversation turns to the girls offering to pay or fake reaching for the bill when going out on a date. Emmett says that he would never let a girl pay if he asked her out on a date. Topaz says that she has gone on dates before and paid for the whole thing.

big brother canada march 20 2013 830pm

big brother canada march 20 2013 831pm

9pm Jillian and Liza talk on the living room couch. Liza tells Jillian that she can have her relationship with Emmett but that if she tells her something she can’t just go and tell Emmett.

9:10pm – 9:20pm Topaz is talking to Talla and Aj out in the backyard about how Alec is a nice guy but that she has too much drama with her ex-boyfriend and the Italian guy she was starting to date before coming into the house. Topaz says that if Alec lived in Toronto she would explore their relationship more. She says that she doesn’t know Alec in the real world. She says that what she notices is that he is date-able but that he isn’t the relationship type. Topaz says that she needs a lot of attention but doesn’t think Alec can give that to her because he is a PHd student. Topaz says that her and Alec don’t even talk about this kind of stuff but he talks to other people. Aj says that he talks to us about all the kids you are going to have. Topaz looks at Aj like what?! Aj says just kidding.
big brother canada march 20 2013 910pm

9:40pm – 10pm Topaz talks about going to visit Alec with Gary when the season is over. Topaz says that she isn’t going to MMMmmMM (have sex with) Alec. Topaz says that she won’t have $ex in the house, in jury or when she goes to visit him in Vancouver. Topaz and Talla start goofing around. Talla jumps on Topaz and pretends to hump her. They then run around the yard and then jump back on the couch. Topaz scissors Aj. Topaz yells that Aj touched her crotch. They all head out to the hot tub room. Talla tells Topaz that she really wants to see her boobs. Topaz says that always walks around naked with her friends… well girl friends. The conversation turns to talking about Liza. Topaz says that Liza apologized in the washroom to her. Topaz says that she didn’t like Liza when she said she was going to get physical with me… talking about wanting to punch me in the face.

10pm – 10:10pm Liza and Tom are lying in bed together. Liza talks about her conversation with Jillian and says that it makes her sick just looking at her. That beauty I saw in the beginning is gone. Tom tells Liza about his conversation with Gary where Gary told him he wanted to create something more concrete moving forward. The conversation turns to Tom telling Liza jokes.

big brother canada march 20 2013 10pm

10:20pm – 10:40pm Alec, Gary, Andrew, Aj, Peter and Suzette are in the kitchen talking about random things. Andrew describes the big brother Season 2 incident where house guest Justin took a knife to anther house guest Krista’s throat asking what would you do if I killed you. Meanwhile Gary and Topaz wrestle and fool around in the backyard.

big brother canada march 20 2013 1030pm

big brother canada march 20 2013 1106pm
10:40pm – 11:15pm Topaz and Gary bring a couple of the pool noodles into the house. Topaz starts beating the Gary with it. Aj grabs one and fights with Topaz. Alec and Topaz move to the bathroom where Andrew is having a shower. Gary is trimming his hair in the mirror. Meanwhile, Emmett, Tom, Jillian, Aj, Peter, Liza, Andrew and Suzette are in the kitchen eating and talking about random things.

Meanwhile .. Talla is passed out on the backyard couch.
big brother canada march 20 2013 1115pm

11:20pm – 11:30pm Emmett, Jillian and Suzette head out to the hot tub room. Aj joins them to have a smoke. The conversation turns to talking about the house guest tasks. Alec & Gary join them. Suzette brings up how this week could be a double eviction.

big brother canada march 20 2013 1126pm

11:40pm – 12am Liza and Tom are sitting at the kitchen table. Liza and Tom start talking about their feelings about Talla and Topaz. Liza says that she can’t believe Topaz called me a wh*re.. because we both know who the wh*re is. Meanwhile out in the backyard: Topaz, Gary and Suzette are playing around in the pool. Talla and Aj are talking about Talla wanting to quit smoking. Liza and Tom talk about relationships. Liza says that she has a number that she would want to be spent on her for a wedding ring. Tom asks how much, you can tell me .. its not going to be me buying it. Tom asks what 25-30? 20-25? 15-20 Grand? Liza says yeah around 15.

12:10am Talla is out in the hot tub room smoking with Aj after she was just talking about trying to cut down and quit. Talla does a walrus impression but says its her whale impression.

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I’m streaming the episode here http://bit.ly/ZJWGeF


Gonna be an exciting Thursday night….Double Eviction Baby…..


jillian jillian u are so right a fake person like gary can cause much more damage to u then a real enemy …. i cant even fake a hello to someone i dont like …. i fear the enemy that attacks me ,,but the fake friends that hugs me makes me scared…. well emmett sometimes in life u have to keep ya enemy on ya side in order to avoid his backstabbing for your sake emmett i hope u made the right decision only time will tell…..


lord have mercy. your grammar is atrocious.


BBCan sure tried their hardest to give Tom and Liza a good edit…..to bad they have so little to work with!!


How was the episode?


Great Episode…some good laughs…I’ve only watched BBUS so I can’t compare to any others, but so far I think BBCA has done a really decent job selecting these houseguests…lots of variety…a little something for everyone to love and hate!


I have only seen a few episode but from what I’ve seen they don’t do as horrible job in the edits that they do in the US version. The US version will portray players completely different than they really are. With that said I’ve caught a couple tweets and comments about the Tom/Liza getting “Jeff” LIke golden edits


“Jeff Like golden edits”? This is the first season of Big Brother that I’ve kept up with spoilers/live feeds. How was Jeff edited? He seemed like an okay guy :/


This could fill a small book.. the Edit given to Jeff during BB13 was insane to the point where I felt what they showed to the TV viewers was a major fabrication of what really happened. BBUS does it almost every year with whatever housguest is popular with their target audience.

in the end I don’t think Jeff is a bad guy at all he was just edited in a way to never show his faults and only show his strengths. They did the same thing with Frank last year.


Hahah, they sure did try.

Liza talking about how chivalrous Tom is in her DRs is just killing me.


Well that’s rather hypocritical of Jillian. She has broke her word to Danielle, Aneal & Liza having brutally lied to their faces quite a few times.


So here are my picks for the double eviction….

#1 Tom is gone

#2 Liza is gone after they do the quick HOH/POV etc……

Gary and his folks only get stronger when its all said and done.


I hope that isn’t what happens.. I want Liza in the house for drama, even though I cannot stand listening to her I like seeing activity on the feeds.


Agree 100% but really doubt Liza will win either HOH or POV and the rest of the House will boot her…


Lies-a has been throwing every single comp since the beginning. She’s terrified of what she will actually do without having to use her p**sy for power.


I’m sorry Jillian isnt that what you did to Aneal looked him straight in the eye and told him “I would never put you up” And then out him up Canada doesn’t have a short memory sweetheart!!!!


If Liza wins HOH she’ll put up two of Gary/Topaz/Alec with the one left out being the replacement nominee..

Gary vs Topaz = ?
Topaz VS Alec = ?
Alec Vs Gary = ?

Who do you think goes home?


1. Gary goes home.
2. Topaz goes home.
3. Gary goes home.

That’s my guess. Alec has a lot of friends in the house, but I could definitely see a scenario where the house decides to take the opportunity to get rid of a strong player. Granted, it would definitely take some shifty strategizing to orchestrate that kind of POWERSHIFT.


if she does that she’s gonna lose her only fan
since she’s now aware of the quattro she should put up Emmett and Alec with Emmett being the target


For 20 minutes now the live feed cam#2 has been on Emmett and Jillian (then + Gary then + Topaz) in the back yard.

The audio however is Tom and Lizard in the bedroom. For over 20 minutes.
After 28 days, how hard is it to synchronize the audio with the people in the cam picture. This is NOT rocket science it is basic audio production. I know it is free but free does not have to mean bush league.
/rant off

Go Emmett Go.


They need to hire dawg and I The audio has been messed up too much.

I like the fact it’s free because it’s easier for us to post videos without having a company like “real networks” try to sue us. Though I am really hating that Ramada Inn ad and the 1 hour “Idle” reset


It’s surprising to see Jillian act like this. She’s basically a clone of Emmett.
It’s definetely hard to separate the real Jillian from Teacher Jillian. Clearly two different people.


Liza, Liza, Lies-a-lot – I don’t care anymore that this is “just a game”. This horse-faced woman gets on every little nerve in my body.


Did anyone else giggle when on the show Liza started to tear up when she described Tom playing the game with honour and integrity qualities she admitted she never had. That guy wouldn’t know either quality if they hit him right in his thick head. Interesting how Gary sounds completely different…much more serious and smarter in his diary room sessions. Tom saying Gary didn’t have balls to make a big move….please who the hell put you and your lizard girlfriend on the block. It wasn’t “the house” it was Gary you douche. I didn’t like Tom from day 1….will be so nice to see him go.


Lol effin hate that ramada commercial scares me every time… and btw AJs got a crush on Topaz no doubt


Ramada commercial = the devil


Do we seriously need to have two cameras on Tom and Liza? Bleh!

I would rather watch Emmett and Jillian make out (which I am soooo sick of) than listen to these two boneheads!


gary’s “tom-gorilla” impression in the dr was so funny, he’s so entertaining. sure hope he doesnt leave tomorrow.


Jillian is a hypocrite. She looked Aneal in the eyes and promised him he was safe 3 times, then she put him on the block without telling him first. Now she criticizes Gary for doing the same thing to Tom? Ugh! I just can’t like her. Peter is pissing me off too. Alec needs to rethink things. He thinks he can trust Topaz and Peter, but I don’t think he can. I would love to see Peter on the block soon. In fact I would love to see him and Liza up together for DE. Liza would go home, but maybe Peter would have to start playing out in the open finally.


that is the worst outcome possible
Liza leaving is gonna leave us with one sided house where everybody is playing for the shield
I cringe just thinking about it


What I want to know is why they keep bringing up that they may have a double eviction tomorrow. Production had to say something. Cause usually it’s later in the season.