Liza is determined to Win BBCAN Gary: “She’ll s*ck.. she’ll f**k .. She’s a s$x worker that’s the twists”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:15AM Tom and Liza in the hammock

Tom is feeling sorry for himself. He says that his mom knows that he’s unhappy with his life and she wants the best for me. One reason why he came on the show was to change how things were. Tom brings up that his mother had Breast cancer. The Doctors say there is a 70% chance of it coming back.

Tom: “Thats why it hurt me so bad that Suzette thought I was such a horrible person.. i’m not.. everyone thinks I’m this hard a$$ prick .. “

Tom: “I was fighting forest fires when I got the call from home that my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. I never told anyone and couldn’t make it home for 3 weeks”

Tom: “I promise that right after the show I will not leave Toronto without getting that Power Of Veto Tattoo with liza on it”


12:35pm Storage room Emmett and Garry

Emmett is trying to talk Gary into Getting rid of Liza he’s pretty worried about what happens with Tom gone.

Emmett: “I you would change it you would have Me, Jil, Talla, and Aj.. if you told Suzette..

Gary: ‘Suzette wants him gone”
Emmett: “When he’s gone people are looking at me..
Gary: “I know we have to win the competitions”
Emmett: “Gary as much as i want to say i’m a confident person we cannot go week to week.. “

Gary pretty much saying it’s too late to save Tom. Emmett says that Tom is his shield they need to keep him in the house to protect Emmett, “Tom will always go before me”
Gary: “And he’s going before you”
Emmett: “What does that mean”

Emmett warns Gary not to go tell Topaz too much because she goes off on rants.

Emmett tells him that Liza is pretty confident that she is staying. Gary: “I’m really worried that people are OK that she could stay”
Emmett: “She’s pretty and she’s nice.. and if she doesn’t talk shit for 2 weeks everyone will forget about it”
Gary: “She’s evil”

Emmett asks him who will Sue put up, Gary says Alec. Gary: ‘I dunno she’s crazy.. she thinks she’s smarter than she really is.. she thinks Alec is the mastermind.. she thinks people are throwing competitions. and that the guys are working together… she thinks competitions are fixed “

Emmett: “She thinks it’s fixed… she was the one almost out the door if anything it’s the people up there that are fixing things”
Big Brother gives them a warning to not talk about production

Topaz joins them and Emmett leaves.. Gary: “Liza knows she’s staying.. “
Topaz: “How does she know that”
Gary: “I don’t know.. he’s worried that people will forget about LIza and she’ll stick around.. He’s a little bit upset with you cause you blew up”
Gary and Topaz are both worried that Liza is going to get in good with the house again. Topaz: “I will never put her up against Gary, Peter or Alec”

Alec joins them.
Gary: “Emmett thinks he’s the target now that Tom is going.. Like c’mon it’s time to play the game and stop hiding behind Tom”
Alec: “Who does he think is targeting him”
Gary: “the house”
Alec: “We are the house”

They agree to start pulling the players into the HOH before the vote to lock in their votes against Tom.


1:04AM Couch Emmett, GAry, Topaz, Alec and Jillian

Emmett tells him that Liza is closer to Peter than they think. He says that Liza will flirt with him and get him to protect her and further her game like she did with Tom.

Emmett: “Pete really likes her”
Emmett: “Personally I do not find her attractive”
Alec: “me either”
Emmett: “She fuc*** evil man”
Alec thinks peter will just throw the HOH because he doesn’t want to win it and have to put Liza up. Alec says as long as Liza doesn’t win HOH she’s going up.

You can hear Gary in the background “You just have to make sure people don’t forget about Liza talking”
Emmett explains to them the problem with Liza is she will lay low and not talk game and everyone will forget about what she was doing.
Alec points out that Liza hasn’t talked any game since she was exposed.
Emmett: ‘I Kinda wish she hadn’t stopped”

Emmett is also worried that she’ll be put up against Andrew and will end up staying then build more relationships. Alec: “She’s not going up against Andrew”
Emmett is positive that pete likes Liza and somehow LIza knows that she is staying.
Emmett: “your Petes best friend you can talk to Pete and explain to him how dangerous Liza is”
Alec swears that Pete talks to him about Liza says that they are just friends. Emmett says that is how it started with Tom she gets into your head.
Both Alec and Emmett think that Peter is in danger around Liza. Alec says Pete claims he can control her but they are more worried about her controlling him.

Emmett: “She’s (Liza) playing him (Peter)”
Topaz and Alec say that Peter seriously is interested in Liza, Topaz: “That’s because she touched him”
They all laugh Topaz says she didn’t mean like that meant touched him with her words
Emmett: “She will she will touch him to get what she wants”
Topaz: “She’ll l!ck and sw@llow “
Gary: “She’ll suck.. she’ll f**k to stay here “
Gary: “She’s a $scort.. She’s a s$x worker that’s the twists”
Gary: “Peter is hypnotized by the t!ties”
Emmett: “What t!tties”
Gary: “She has a big a$$”


1:30AM Alec and Topaz Comparing notes
Topaz is worried that Tom is going to stay. She’s seen Big Brother before where people flip their votes or give sympathy votes and the wrong person goes home. Alec doesn’t see that happening at the most Tom will get Talla, Emmett, Aj and Jillian. Topaz: Suzette and Tom are getting close” Alec: No Way”


2:00AM Everyone is sleeping

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I am pretty sure Andrew and AJ are going to vote together so if they vote with Emmett, Jill and Talla – Tom will stay. Andrew is kinda like the swing vote b/c AJ will vote whatever Andrew does. This is going to be a pretty interestng Thursday double eviction…..Can’t wait!!


I hope your right but I kind of want Liza to stay to see what damage she can do.


Okay, so I went back and read a few updates from earlier that I’d missed, and it looks like Tom might have the votes to stay–or at least enough to keep it interesting. Is that right?


And for the record, I don’t want either one of them to leave for drama reasons.


I’m curious, Simon, do you have a preference this week? They’re both great villains, but IMO Liza can stir up more sh!t. I guess I’ll root for her to stay for that reason.


Why do some of these videos say they are not available and they just cut off in the middle? I was watching Gary and Emmitt in the storage room and the video just cut off.


I hope who ever stays wins the next hoh at double eviction night on thursday and takes out team quattro.


Do the houseguest know there is a double eviction? If so, wouldn’t both Tom and Liza be going home?


Getting a tatto with her name in it after knowing someone for 4 weeks? Can anyone say “bad idea”? I can see him doing it and then in a few months kicking himself in the rear because who does that? He is a future participant in Tattoo Nightmares trying to cover the thing up.

I also think he is trying to get the vote for favorite houseguest or whatever it is called that we vote on and they are rewarded on finale night. With all the talk the past few days about his mom really makes me wonder if he is trying to pull the same lie that one from BBUS pulled when he said his wife was dying when she wasnt. I really hope not because to use someones illness to gain sympathy is just sick and warped.

What would really happen if Tom stayed? Would he go after everyone in the house like he said or after a few days finally see how Liza was using him? I am torn between who should be evicted.


Emmett shouldn’t worrying about how Tom going home then exposes him. Emmett should be planning to sue BBCAN, for 100K, for promising protein to him, and then not providing him with the stuff that “works”. He clearly looks like Peter now. It’s startling to see the rapid change. One “before and after picture?” Any judge in CA will find BB Production guilty, and award Emmett first place prize $, whether Emmett wins or not! Why bring a muscle man in, and force him to “wither away” on TV?” Still again, much more than any HG, the entity that thinks they are *far* smarter than they actually are is BBCAN Production!!


Another option is whoever goes home gets brought back in a few weeks, but I think this will only happen if they don’t both leave. I think Emmett has cause to worry since Jillian and him will be the new targets.


People take things so seriously calling Liza a whore, do these bitches not hear the comments coming out of their mouths. Liza plays the game dumb shits all these hypocrites do is talk shit behind backs.


I love Topaz!!! She got the house all shook up and it’s finally exciting!!!!


Me too, Zoe, I LOVE Topaz!!!
I have a theory on Topaz’s haters… I think they just covet her eye color and wish a guy that looks like Alec will be infatuated with them! :P LOLLLL
Topaz FTW!


Why is it that every time someone dislikes a girl, people ASSUME that they are jealous. Sometimes people just really don’t like someone. Get it? I see nothing enviable about Topaz? After the first night, she looked like a crack ho.


By the way, there is nothing cute about Alec.


I think Alec might be in big trouble tonight. If Liza wins HOH, he is going up with Topaz or Gary. Liza knows that as long as Alec is in the house it will be harder to control Peter. He is her number one target. Suzette and Talla would also probably put Alec up, possibly next to Emmett. The only way he is safe is if Topaz, Andrew, AJ or Emmett win. Even if he survives the DE, he has to win HOH or he will be in danger. I would like to see the guys alliance demolished. I want to see Peter step up and show us his game. If him and Liza take control heads are going to roll. Peter knows that he won’t beat Emmett or Alec at the end, but if he is there with Liza, he will win because the jury will hate her. Peter and Alec need to start winning competitions. Honestly, as much as I would like to see Tom leave tonight, I think Liza is more of a threat. Tom thinks he is macho in control, but he is a whiny baby. He pisses people off just being himself. He will always be a target unless he wins competitions, which he has proven he can. Liza is another story. She has worked Peter and Andrew. I think Andrew has seen the light, but who knows how solid he is about that. Liza could do some serious damage if she stays. On the other hand, Alec needs to wake up and realize that Peter told Liza she is staying. He needs to rethink things and see that Peter is not as trustworthy as he thinks.


Those are pretty heavy conversations! Nasty! And I also know emmet is working hard to keep Tom…yikes scary because Tom is full of revenge and anger


Emm needs to get in Topaz & Andrew ears about Liza.

If Liza won HOH, she could Nom and BD any combo of Topaz/Alec/Gary and One of them goes.

Never mind saying she’s a threat to himself, what do they care?
Topaz needs more than just Alec or just Gary as a comp friend.
Gary, without Topaz or Emm is a lot more vulnerable.
Emm brings Jill to the deal more or less for sure, unless Liza stays, then he can’t be as certain about protecting Gopaz (he could say).
Topaz can work on Gary if Gary won’t listen to Emm.

As for Andrew, what does he care? He wants all the young dudes out!
If Emm could give him an Emm/Jill/Alec/Tom/amd maybe Topaz alliance (true or not), then Emm could point out sneaky Pete/Liza.
Andrew has to see that Gary doesn’t bring that much without Alec/Topaz/Peter/ beside him.

Plus, Emm can point out the risk of chaos if Talla/Suz wins HOH.
Who can win comps to protect Andrew better – Emm/Tom/Alec or Liza/Peter/Topaz?

Tom can talked down from targeting Topaz/Andrew easier than Liza can be talked down from Topaz/Andrew or Topaz/Alec/Gary.

Liza probably will go second, but it’s a good chance for Emm to begin targetting Quatro!!


Garry is one disgusting human being


Its so high school the way they talk about each other and bully each other. It stops being about the game and it becomes hurtful.


Peter has been THE BIGGEST FLOATER and going unnoticed for being so, just because of his appearance and assumptions that he is some super-genius they can use. He has does nothing, throws comps, and I’d bet he is not emotionally attached to anyone or any “allegiance”. They should be looking at getting him out next, in my opinion.


16:30 (Emmett & Gary in pantry video)
Emmett: Suzette shouldnt be worried about anything. she should be thanking people.? production kept her in this
Gary: *laughs*
Emmett: *laughs*
Big Brother: Houseguests, stop talking about production
Gary: *sarcastically* Canada did *laughs*

so what

I’m with you “Not that it matters” anyone who thinks any woman would be jealous of topaz, who does look like a crack ho, is delusional….I also think anyone who thinks eric is good looking, must come from a place of uglyness.