Jessie the biggest flip flopper of Big Brother 15 or is she “Pot belly pig vomit”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

7:40pm HOH Helen, Andy and Jessie

Jessie says her name was being thrown up here by McCrae and Amanda that is why she was nominated. Jessie doesn’t feel safe next week. Jessie doesn’t understand why they were not sticking to the original final 7 plan.
Jessie: “Think of all the people she’s made cry i’m sick of her sh!t.. If I go before Amanda.. Andy my blood is on your hands because if we had your vote she would be going home“
Andy doesn’t think they have the numbers they would need JUDD. Jessie thinks they can get JUDD if they have Andy’s vote.
Helen says next week it’s possible but this week they need to get out Candice.


7:53pm HOH Aaryn, GM and Andy

Aaryn is worried if Helen and Elissa are coming after her now why didn’t she do the nomination last week like she wanted to.

Andy: “Helen is super emotional she hears something and flips out.. she does this all the time”
Andy: “Don’t worry she (Helen) is going to vote Candice out.. she’s not a idiot she knows if she votes to keep Candice she’ll gain a ton of enemies… it’s Sunday we have a lot of time until Thursday but I think Candice is going home”
Andy leaves..
Aaryn says Elissa, Helen and Jessie want to keep Candice and all they need is one person.. “you know how easy it is to get one person’s vote”
GM says Helen respects her HOH she will vote out Candice.
Aaryn: “I don’t care if she says she respects your HOH she told me the same thing my first HOH and look what happened”
GM: “Jessie is a flip flopper she’s going to flip flop next week and f*** someone else in the a$$ Helen knows that”
Aaryn mentions that Andy wants to stay in good relations with Helen because she feeds him all the information. She knows Andy is working with Helen to a certain degree. They cannot trust what he says about Helen is 100%. Aaryn is really worried that Helen is starting to think about coming after her and Amanda.
Aaryn: “He (Andy) could be lying to our faces like he lied to our faces the first 3 weeks”
Aaryn points out that JUDD f****** them twice as well. GM agrees mentions that JUDD screwed her and Nick over with the vote, she points out that JUDD promised her he won’t cross her again and she believes him.

Aaryn thinks they can trust JUDD but doesn’t think they can trust Andy 100%.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:07pm JUDD joins them.

GM says she’s getting a little vibe in the house she’s unsure what is happening. JUDD is worried asks her right away if he’s going up.
GM tells him basically tomorrow she has to put a new nomination.
JUDD interrupts: “You putting me up”
GM: “Since you were HOH I need to ask you a little advice.. if you were HOH this week who would you put up”
JUDD: “Spencer”
GM: “Here’s the deal I need solid people to stay off the block to vote out Candice”
JUDD: “I’m voting Candice out 100%”
Aaryn comes up they all agree they trust each other 110%. Aaryn’s only concern is how Elissa and Helen are starting to talk about doing something different. She knows they are not going to flip the house just the thought that they are changing things up is worrying her.


8:13pm Cockpit Aaryn, Andy, Amdana and McCrae

Aaryn is pissed at GM for pulling JUDD up into the HOH she thinks it shows to JUDD that she’s cannot be trusted. Aaryn says that JUDD told her he only trusts Andy, McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda. She believes he’s not MVP. Andy agrees he thinks that last week they were over thinking everything. Andy trusts JUDD again. McCrae agree that they went overboard last week they agree that Howard was just really bad a the game and it wasn’t all an elaborate plan byu JUDD to flip the house.

Andy says they squashed what Helen was thinking about voting Amanda out. Andy is going to stop telling people about Helen’s crazy paranoid madness because 20 minutes later he’s able to talk her out of it. He points out that Helen is so emotional that Jessie was able to tell her a little rumour and she blew it way out of proportion. Andy adds that every week he has to talk Helen down from “Flipping the house” or “firing the first shot” ( I like Andy but I wish he would stop talking Helen down)
Aaryn says Gm’s HOH is wht worst she’s ever seen”
Andy: “I dunno Helen’s was pretty bad”


8:40pm Aryan and JUDD Bedroom

Aaryn: “Gm has to go soon I can’t have her doing shit that rubs off on me”
JUDD: “Jessie has to go to”

JUDD points out that GM gave both nominees a bad speech you don’t do that you give one a bad speech and the other a good speech. One person always stays you don’t want them coming back after you.

JUDD says if GM put him or Andy up they will not have the votes to get Candice out. Judd is certain he would go home. Aaryn assures him he is not going to be nominated.

JUDD cringes at the thought Jessie running the house, “she will be skipping around the house like a 12 year old b!tch.. they will be running the house how disgusting is that”

They talk about how this season will be ruined if Elissa, Candice and Jessie get control the house. Aaryn says it will be the type of season where people stop watching. JUDD cannot imagine a more boring final 3.

JUDD says Jessie is the type of girl he would say he has to go to work early in the morning. Then he would drive down the road until she left then double back a side road sneak in the back of this house hop into his room to go to sleep.. (LOL)

JUDD says having Jessie win or getting to the end would be a travesty the worst thing since season 6 Maggie winning. “Makes me sick.. she’s the ultimate floater of all time”


8:57pm HOH GM, Amanda and McCrae
Amanda is shocked that just a few hours ago Jessie was going around trying to get teh house to vote her out. She tells them she isn’t oig to confront Jessie or even talk much game this week she is going to lay low. She’s confident they have the votes to get Candice out.
GM saying they have McCrea, Aaryn, JUDD and Andy the votes are there it doesn’t matter what Jessie does. Gm “F*** Pot belly pig vomit”


9:16pm HOH McCrae and Amanda
They are thinking Aaryn was the one that told Jessie they were going after Helen next week. They agree no more game talk with Aaryn.

McCrae: ‘We never have to worry about Helen because Andy can control her.. he squashed that quick”

Amanda seems to trust Aaryn a lot more than McCrea. Amanda says that Aaryn is really trying to make JUDD look trustworthy and he’s not MVP this makes her think that Aaryn is working with JUDD. MCCrae agrees.

Amanda can’t believe how flip floppy Jessie is she’ll make a deal with McCrae than 20 minutes later comes up to the HOH and is going against the deal.

Amanda: ‘Jessie.. god damn that girl wants me out bad” Amanda says she only really trusts McCrae and Andy everyone else is sh!t to her. McCrae: “Do not talk to Aaryn anymore.. she just wants to use the information against you for her own benefit.. I don’t know that her plan is”


9:50pm Bedroom Things have slowed down a bit. The plan to get Amanda out is now 100% squashed. Elissa has been going around acting like she has no idea people were talking about voting out Amanda. GM continues to spew dislike about Jessie and Candice. Aaryn has said on multiple occasions to Amanda, McCrae Andy and JUDD that she wants GM out sooner than later. And and Elissa have been teasing each other pretending they are enemies.. it’s kinda funny but not really.
Sounds like GM will put Spencer up as the replacement nominee tomorrow after Jessie uses the Power of Veto to save her.


10:00pm bathroom JUDD and Amanda JUDD says he’s worried one of them will go up as the replacement nominee and they won’t have the votes to get out Candice. Amanda is certain Spencer is going up. They Hug it out, JUDD asks her to stop bringing up that he has MVP he doesn’t. Amanda says she only brought it up that one time today and was joking.

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Helen: What’s the best gift you ever got?

Elissa: Last year for Christmas my husband gave me an emerald necklace. Its so beautiful.

Andy drops in

Judd: One Christmas, I told my girlfriend, Lyn for months in advance, ‘Baby, all I want from you this year is an Xbox. That’s it. Beginning and end of list: Xbox.’ You know what she got me? A homemade frame with a picture of us from our first date together. Which was fine — because I got her an Xbox.

Spencer: That’s a great idea. I’ll get Marilyn an Xbox this year.

Elissa: Spencer your so mean. Get her something nice that she would want.

Spencer: One year I got Marilyn an ironing board for her birthday then splurged for Valentines day and got her a weed whacker. But she doesn’t appreciate any of my gifts so that’s why I don’t get her anything anymore.

Judd: I gave Lynn some fancy lingerie, and she actually got mad at me. She said, Judd, I think this is more of a gift for you than it is for me. And I said, if you want to get technical, it was originally a gift for my last girlfriend.

Judd: My ex, Lynn had a twin.

Spencer: I wish Marilyn had a twin. How did you tell them apart?

Judd: Her brother has a beard.


Jessie: It’s too bad that there isn’t at least one person here from the military.

Judd: My grandfather fought in World War I and single-handedly destroyed the Germans’ line of communication. He ate their pigeon.


Anthony Jeselniks joke


im over judd and juddisms

the guy is not funny, just an ugly mumbling moron

the way he is talking about jess is disgraceful

judd is as fake as andy, and just like andy he is a submissive wimp


Is the definition of a floater a lost concept? jessie may not be heavily aligned with anybody, but she is clearly making the smartest game moves in the house by trying to get out a power couple. ugghh, this season makes me want to kick something/someone/amanda.


@Mokona…. Yeah Rachel kinda changed the definition of it. To her it was basically someone who didn’t win competitions or layed low. She was an idiot. A true floater would be someone who’s only allegiance is to whoever is in power at the moment, for being scared of going up. Come to think of it that explains mostly everybody. I cAnt stant people who play scared, and are utterly terrified of being targeted or nominated. That’s why I like players like dr will , dick, etc. Because they played with no fear. Even though I literrally despise Amanda, I kinda admire the fact that she has sand and doesn’t play like a frightened little rat like Judd, Andy,et al do


If Candy goes home on Thursday, I’m going to drive my car thru the BB house. So if you all see a white Malibu, it’s me.


LOL can u please drive into Amanda, then Aaryn, then drive over to production and run them over too, while you’re at it?

give me a break



Aim for the large carrot colored thing with droopy drawers, she should be pretty hard to miss! you funny!!!

Big Sister

I’ve got your bail money covered!


I find it funny that Judd thinks that if Jessie, Candace or Elissa won HOH, fans would stop watching. Isn’t it the opposite, I think the game would become interesting again if that happened. Jessie might actually be my favorite right now, since she is the only one willing to stand up against Amanda. In what world is Candace a bigger threat than Amanda. I’m still holding onto hope that Amanda will be walking out the door followed by McCrae or Andy.


I’m sorry but I have held my tongue for too long. Jessie is a little cry baby, Candice lives in some make believe world that lives on helium. Helen is Kim Jung the dictator “you know” And Elissa is as dumb as a box of rocks. I like Amanda she says what she means. Not to be racist but she seems alittle jewish queen. but I like her and I like Judd and I kinda like Aaryn, and love Andy even though he is the floater. I want Jessie gone. Spencer makes me puke in my mouth every time he speaks, he needs to go. Let the good players fight it out.


You are entitled to voice an opinion and please don’t feel like your opinion might be wrong… it is!!! And please don’t feel like you held your tongue for too long, you didn’t hold it long enough actually. p.s. lots of guys fall hard for orange women, you are not alone bernie.


I am a woman thank you!


you should be ashamed of yourself

jess is awesome

put amanda the monster in her place

jess gets my vote for americas favourite

That's the wrong thing to do

I think it’s funny how Judd thinks that Helen, Elissa, and Jessie winning hoh would ruin the show, and them being in the final three would be boring, when in reality the season was already ruined and is boring with his alliance constantly being in charged.

production rigged it

No no no you misunderstood Judd remember he said before he could count in 4 languages, well I think he was speaking in pig latin which I think is his native language since you can’t understand what the f*ck he is saying half the time. Either that or all the pills he pops has fried his last brain cell. The season will be ruined not that it isn’t already if Amanda doesn’t leave during the double eviction not if Helen, Elissa or Jessie wins. They are our only hope to shake it up and make things interesting for once.

Roisin Dubh

Forget about Helen. She’s so far up Ahandjob’s butt she’s punching her tonsils. Jesse and Elissa figured it out a week too late. Last week was the best chance to get rid of Ahandjob. Helen could’ve easily convinced Aayrn to flip it and would’ve had the votes. For some strange reason, I think Andy’s gonna win HOH this week.


Tonight on BBAD,did you hear GM talking about how many languages she speaks, she said “two”. Somebody guessed Eng. and Italian, she shook her head no and said the second language was Ebonics!!!!!! I hate this season so much… even if Amanda turned orange and gets voted out this week. We need a mass exodus of racists.


Why are so many of them on mind altering drugs? Seriously. Uncool.

Janelle pov queen

GM: “Candice is such a degenerate that her own mom didn’t even want her.


GM is krazy as hell! Why would she even think she was better than anybody in that house especially Candice. She is a joke! The more I listen to her I think she believes its not possible for a black woman to be better than her in general. She clld Candice a rat & Jessie a flip flipper. Now wasn’t she the same bitch that ran the other side that hd power when she was on the block. And she lies and then tries to be hard when she’s relaying her story. Candice hasn’t done anything that the other women in that house hasn’t done, except be black and speak her mind. True Candice’s voice is a little hard to take at times, but looks who’s talking. GM sounds ignorant, uneducated…..when she opens her mouth? She burps & farts all the time but has the nerve to say Candice has no class. Girl, please!

Roisin Dubh

You hit the nail on the head last night, the blondes hate her because she’s more accomplished in life than those two put together and it’s just killing them inside.


I had a hard time even watching Gina when she was on the episode last night and then Andy (who I don’t care for) comes out and says how she acts like a 12 year old and he nailed it on the head. She’s in way over her head.


Of all the things said/posted on this site, your comment was one of the most dispicable ever posted. You really showed your ignorant nature!!!!!

Linda S.

I don’t know if anyone else was like me last night during after dark, but I just had to turn it off when GM was eating last night. Just the grossest thing I have ever watched in my life. Nothing classy about that one.

Elissa's Botox

Judd is getting played by Aaryn, she is only flirting and getting touchy to get him hard where he naively trusts her & can’t think straight. Jessie would be loyal to Judd


Judd may mumble, but even I could tell he didn’t like Jessie. Hate to say it, but Jessie is probably the 5th most attractive person in the room right now.

production rigged it

You need glasses then Paul, she’s the most attractive by far on the inside as well as the outside. At least she’s not a racist bitch like GinaMarie, Aaryn or that disgusting bitch Amanda. Plus the only time she has made any really nasty comments about anybody was when she was defending herself to Amanda. That makes her better than all 3 of them combined.


I love how now everyone thinks Jessie is actually attractive, and a good player. She’s neither. Everyone who comments on this blog…just a bunch of old sad ladies with nothing better to do. This whole comment section is a clusterfuck, but I guess it is every season.

production rigged it

A bunch of sad old ladies huh? Let me guess your dream girl is Amanda, takes a fat disgusting bitch to know one I guess.


well said Production Rigged It

Peter and Paul above your comments are moronic

Jess is the finest girl there in terms of looks and how nice of a person she is combined

oh and she has the greatest ass in bb history

she is trying to shake the game up to bring some real interest to the season, and get out that disgusting b!tch aMANda zuckerMAN

jess will be getting my vote for americas favourite


That’s the game.


OMG Judd was my last hope for this season. He is turning into one of the mean girls. There is no doubt in my mind that he and Amanda and maybe even Helen want to take Aaryn to final 2 so they will win. They are all so mean. They go from trashing Candice to Jessie to Elissa and Andy and Judd are in on it all. Elissa will be very upset to see how Andy speaks about her because they seem to have a good “joking” relationship. It may crush her because none of what they say is about game play, it is all personal. Shame on them all. GM is the worst lately. She said Candice is a degenerate that even her own mother didn’t want her. I could just cry for Candice. She needs to get away from all this negativity. These people are despicable human beings.

Roisin Dubh

Judd’s on the DL. He would let Andy polish his knob and gladly return the favor under the right circumstances


what a stupid fucking thing to say!

Roisin Dubh

Straight guys don’t go around tickling other guys.


yeah andy and judd are competing for the biggest backstabbing, submissive rat of the season

they are male mean girls

both allow the racism talk and participate in the personal trashing of others

i think both their families will be ashamed of them

both andy and judd(with spencer, and i believe mccrae) were in the room and laughing when amanda was talking about knocking out jessies teeth, stringing her to a wall, slitting her throat, and sodomizing her

judd was nice to jess then turned his back on her for her wanting amanda out

i have zero respect for judd…the vicious personal attacks on jess are uncalled for, and just shows what a low class jerk he is…judds quite ugly, i think thats why jess never wanted to kiss him…judd is a dud


What a terrible statement to make about an adoptive family. There is usually alot of love made in that decision, and unselfishness… has nothing to do with an innocent child. GM is my new favorite for earliest admission to hell!!


Who was the 3rd invite to Helen BBQ?


If I’m correct, she only got it because McCrae let her have it?


Seems like the Amanda-hate is also souring people here on other players. I knew Andy wasn’t targeting Amanda, and Judd obviously dislikes Jessie that he would vote for the other person just to spite her. C’mon, obviously the Amanda hate in the house is more limited than the Amanda hate here!


Not, McCrae won the contest and gave it to wining Jessie.


Simon, technically Jessie was not the third invite. McCrae gave it to her.


McCrae traded the BBQ for a night in the HOH.


aquabernie – hey dumbass, mccrae didnt want the bbq, he wanted to sleep in a room with an orange disgusting mean spirited racist who wants to kill and her rape her fellow female house guests

the only reason why mccrae was joint 1st place with jess in the impersonation contest is because amanda, mccrae, aaryn and gina dont like jess

jess was clearly the best in the contest, and you can tell this, as gina reacted more glowingly to jessies impersonation more than any other, and that is why should chose jess as one of the finalists


After last night’s episode, I really like Jessie. Fuck Amanda, seriously. What a dulded fake ass bitch. After she told Jessie that she should be afraid of her, I LOL’d sooooo hard…ummm yeah sure, Jesse should be afraid of someone who hasn’t won a damn competition and only gets her “power” from her boyfriend. Without McPussy to rely on, Amanda would be NOTHING…can’t stand that bitch!!! Can’t wait till she walks out the front door!!!


She is going to be booed so loudly, the other houseguests are gonna be “WTF????”


seriously- nobody ever gets boo’d


Jessie : Big brother made Rachel famous
Elissa : She’s not famous. This game doesn’t make you famous.

I’m starting to really like Elissa. Some many fools who got on the show thought BB was going to boost their Hollywood career … they didn’t even end up being Z-list celebrities, yet they refuse to move on and they keep lingering around like a bad smell.


So how does this double eviction thing work? Especially when it’s a unanimous vote? Jessie will try to make a big move, then chicken out again and go with the house, which will be Candice.


Well, Jessie went into this thing thinking she would be the IT girl, and will end up being the girl that no man wanted.


And looking 3 months pregnant.


aquabernie the level of intelligence you showcase is that of a moron


but all the men there are assholes

so its no big loss for her at all

when jess leaves the house she will have many male fans who would gladly ask her out

she is gorgeous


They are all punks in this house!!! stop telling andy’s snitching a** info and work your magic and get amanda out!! staining toilet seats!!!


Though I agree, I must ask… Jeremy, is that you?


Watching people here and on Twitter hyperventilate about Amanda is becoming more amusing than the show itself.

Ians Beer

I’m seeing something developing before our very eyes. Judd is playing up both the Nazi and the Soprano wannabe, separately. This could be interesting. The Nazi is already giving him googoo eyes and the Soprano wannabe is crushing on him all of a sudden to. Judd is not as stupid as people think he is…he’s not doing this to have a showmance either, this boy wants to really win this game. The Nazi has been saying for awhile now how she would get rid of the Soprano wannabe, and this will add some fuel to the fire.


The funniest part is GM’s last name is Zimmerman…which means she’s a Jewgene.

As happy as I am Candice is leaving since she doesn’t deserve to be subjected to the scum that controls the house, I do find it funny how Spencer has gone from seemingly a dead man walking to one of the best spots in the game. All the guys want to keep him around, the girls all distrust and badmouth each other (which means girl power has officially died in the house), and the only person who might “target” him anytime soon is Elissa simply because she’s a bozo.

I would caution Amanda’s confidence in Andy’s ability to control Helen (and McCrea seems to be the only one with a fully functioning brain in the house, so I’m sure he will try to correct his bull in a china shop). If she responds to the slightest mention of a threat with paranoia and trying to “flip the house” against Amanda and McCrea, she is too easy to manipulate and as the numbers shrink and the votes needed for eviction are fewer, Andy will be shown to be much less powerful than she thinks.


Yeah…but they’re trying to work him too, so these efforts are all just a side show. If next week, the mean girls are on the outs, he will bash them like he’s bashing Jessie and if Judd is on the outs, they will bash him like they’re bashing Jessie.


Are Jessie and Judd really on the outs? How did they go from being so fond of each other to Judd totally hating her and wanting her out? *confused*


because judd is a submissive pussy brown nosing amanda

when jess wanted amanda out suddenly judd was annoyed

also jess didnt really want a showmance with judd, just some friendly flirting, so he felt rejected she didnt want him in that way

now judd looks to trash jess every chance he gets…judd is a joke

give me a break

Are their 3 Andy’s on this show, he’s everywhere….


Wouldn’t it be funny if Andy was an evil twin?


Big Brother 15 tagline: The Fear if a Big Move


BigBrother Theme This Year:
“Expect the Wildest and Best Cast Ever.”

Boy, was that unexpected.

Roisin Dubh

Yep Jessie’s gone, she knows Andy is a turd and Ahandjob has to go.


After watching tonight’d episode….WOW. McCrae is such a smart dude and I like him but he will lose this game because of Amanda’s actions. She’s such a rotten person. Jessie handled herself so well during that argument. Although trashy Amanda may have e
been louder and more obnoxious, Jessie came out on top. She’ll leave the house with her dignity. Amanda never had any to begin with.


Why get ride of people with no alliance? Simple common sense, get rid of aman, McRae, Helen!!!!!! Wake up house guests

give me a break

Elissa or Jessie needs to win HOH to shake up the house……

production rigged it

Exactly if the house is ever gonna be shook up it’s with one of those 2 winning HOH because nobody else wants to don anything. Helen acts like she does but then she always says next week, well pretty soon it will be too late you dumb bitch.



production rigged it

Hey look it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown, oh no wait my bad it’s just that fat ass amanda!!


LOL But I think it’s all those who thought Candice was staying and the Amanda was going.


Production Rigged…

I demand royalties!

production rigged it


Sorry I don’t read all of the posts so I didn’t know that you had already said that, my bad. Look at it this way great minds think alike.


If Andre the Giant had sex with an oompa loompa…Amanda would emerge 9 months later…

production rigged it

How dare you disgrace Andre The Giant like that he wouldn’t stoop that low… lol, he would have higher standards than that if he were still alive…RIP.


BBUk spray tan was funnier.


That was mean get a life.


This is life as we know it…You have entered the Twilight Zone. Nobody has a life…Simon and Dawg show us all we need to know, we ask no questions…this relationship is one of implicit trust. What is a life Simon and Dawg? What is he referring to?

production rigged it

Guess what GinaMarie you can talk all the shit you want and call people all the names you want but in the end they’re gonna get the last laugh when they and you find out your sorry racist bitch ass has been FIRED!!!


That’s the part I absolutely can’t wait for!! Them finding out how their lives are effected! Gm and Aaryn even Amanda !

production rigged it

I couldn’t agree more and the only reason Amanda hasn’t been fired is because her family owns or at least part of the real estate company she works for, otherwise she would be in the same boat as GinaMarie and Aaryn up shit creek without a paddle.


You people are so mean, they also have lively hoods outside of this game. And as I see it you are being just as racist.


You are correct again Bernie… Aaryn and GM have “lively HOODS” that are white and pointy and they love to take it to a nice bonfire at night.

not telling

I believe Aaryn already knows by many of the comments she has made in the house. Her parents hired a pr firm and have gotten gotten to her.


Andy just keep your mouth shut. Andy, thinks he is playing a cool game by telling on others in the house. Tattle telling is a weak ass move!

Gina Marie, honey stop using the bleach because I seriously think it is eating away your brain cells.

Who wears the pants in the BB fake engagement McPizza or Demanda?


I think it would be hilarious if Amanda was voted out and Jess and McPizza hooked up. Could you imagine Amanda sitting at home watching it unfold?? I think there’s a pretty good probability it would happen if Amanda was out of there too.


I can’t look at the giant Oompa Loopa anymore, they gotta let her wash that shit off. They’re punishing the TV screen more then her.

give me a break

Amanda: Jessie is asking Helen, do you like Aaryn more than me.
Aryan : Ewww that’s weird
Amanda: I know
Aryan : I would never say sh*t like that on national television.
Amanda: ya

WOW….. but racist comments is okay…..


Ok, Got A Question, Seeing GM Eat, Do U Think She Purges After??? She Ate For A Solid Hour And A Half And Now Doesn’t Want Anyone In The Hoh While She Goes To The Bathroom And Then Sleeps. She Takes Fiber Tabs Like Crazy. Her front Teeth Have Obviously Been Replaced. Sad If True

Andy the Ginger Rat

LOL, I know I sat slack jawed in utter amazement at the amount of grub that gal shoved down her pie hole in 30 minutes. It had to border on 4000 calories. An awesome display to be sure but my stomach aches from just watching. I don’t know where she puts it !!


Gotta Be In The Toilet. She Does A Few Stomach Crunches AndUses The Bands A Few Times, But She’s In Her 30S. PleaseHerFamily And loLoves Ones Needs To Intervene Here. If They Didn’t Know Before They Know Now.


Yeah, I caught that earlier in the season… she doesn’t even chew her food, shovel and swallow, shovel and swallow. Her skin is dehydrated and nasty too!


Why Do You Type Like This? It just makes you look stupid, if not for the things you’re trying to get across.


It looks like candice is on her way out the door. I’m sorry to say this …. you know what I’m not ….. Big Brother is not made for a Black person to win when the majority of the houseguest are always White. They need to flip that.

give me a break

I know when McPizza get’s back home; his parents are going to tell him to stay away from Handjob…..she’s evil….


I said uh flip flop flippy to the…what you hear is not a test I’m rattin to my peeps…
Well I’m here, I’m there, I’m big bad weasel that’s everywhere….
Is Andy see-through because people don’t even notice when he comes in and leaves rooms?


I’ve lost all respect for Judd and no longer root for him. I can’t wait till his alliance backstabs him.


judd is a f-ckin disgrace


This has to be the worse season yet. I think it’s time for new blood in the BB production room. Horrible cast and stupid MVP. The show should be called the wolf and the sheep….. Which makes for a very boring season… If Amanda went it would please the audience and make everyone else actually play the doggone came…


I can’t believe GM is talking about Jessie being fat when her big speech about how she used to be fat! I could tell she ised to be big by the way her arms are so droopy. girlfriend you’re not a blonde you don’t have big fake pretty boobs and you’re not a model so get over it and quit being fake she has her funny moments but she seriously needs to get her hair done is getting on my nerves now and has anyone else noticed and the diary room she has blue eyes instead of brown? anything else fake?

Roisin Dubh

The funny thing is that GM’s pretty chunky herself.


Her and Jessie have the same body. Jessie’s gut protrudes more though.


you are over exaggerating again peter

gina is a 32 year old slob

jess has put a small amount of weight on due to the junk food and slop there which is understandable

she will be normal weight a week after she leaves – fresh solid healthy food will do the trick


Ok! I knew something was off & that’s it! about the blue/brown eyes thing…Everything about GM is fake, her hair, eyes, that mouth! talking all tough when she ain’t sh**… She wanted that “crown” there so they would think she’s as pretty as she thinks she is! The more she talks the more she irritates me! I do believe she is very jealous of Candice…

give me a break

Im starting to think Spencer does not have a girlfriend…this guy is so perverted ……he talks like he never had sex before…

Spencer; Oh i would love to see her nipples
Judd can i smell your fingers if you ever touch Jessie vag
Andy still one of the girls panties so i can wear it after i smell it..


Well looks like GM will put up Spencer which will mean Candace is going home for sure. All we can do is pray Jessie wins the double evict HOH & puts up McManda & she wins POV to seal their fate :D

production rigged it

We can only hope, from your mouth to God’s ears.


Spencer or Jessie HAVE to win this next HOH. Someone has to have the guts to do something and these two are my best bet.



When the lede shows that is has been UPDATED how so? Does it mean you have added dialogue to that headline? Thanks.


Elissa & Jessie talking about how Andy can’t be trusted & Elissa just said “It’s just like the Skank squad up there” talking about GM,Aaryn & Amanda! HAHAHA Jessie & Elissa might just flip the script…


OMG! Amanda is all upset cause Elissa & Jessie wouldn’t let Andy in the cockpit to listen to their conversation… How dare them! I know I said this before but I swear Andy & Amanda were friends before BB. It was his “job” to run around the house into every convo & report back to Amanda! Andy & Amanda are completely TORE UP right now about E & J not letting Andy in. Finally someone is on to Andy!!!!


I wonder if they cast a partner for Amanda to do her spying and keep her apprised of things. Andy is very loyal to her so far.


more like a fake submissive slave rat


Simon I’m curious as a long time fan who are you rooting this year? Twd love to hear your opinion own who is the funniest with the IST smartest sexiest X cetera.. sorry for so many typos myr Android does not understand southern twang!


I’ll tell you what this is by far the worst show ever, Why don’t these idiots realize they need to get rid of Amanda, Aryaning and GinaMarie NOW!! don’t get it at all! Can’t wait for Amanda to finally realize that America HATES her, she talks about Candice and Jessie NO! you stupid ass its you! have to be there when they tell her and the other racist Bitches in that house, GinaMarie is just an Idiot, didn’t that gir
l go to school at all, some of the things that come out of her mouth are dumb, they gave that cone to the right person, she looks like an idiot and still thinks that Nick is waiting for her, shit he better run for the effin hills if he knows what good for him, besides that I actually thought he like Andy better! he would be better off with Andy than GM!


If Nick’s waiting for GM I will kiss a donkey’s ass…. wait, I have chickens so I will kiss one of my chickens butts.


and also did I miss something since I don’t have live feeds. why do so many people hate Amanda. I thi she’s pretty funnyidid anyone else like the after dark where her and Andy did the exercise routine and danced to the amadaids song? probably the funniest night yet


please do some research

amanda zuckerman is a mean spirited racist bully


I am convinced these people love being controlled by Amanda like someone else said on here get out her, Helen and McCrae and actually play for yourselves instead of doing what “the house” wants aka those 3. Although McCrae isn’t so bad without Amanda I actually like him as a person. Amanda annoys me with her constant power trips and telling people that they will leave the house because they wronged her give me a break I also respect Jessie and Spencer standing up to her she a ego manic and so is Helen!


Jessie, Elissa and Candice NEED TO GO! PLEASE! Especially Jessie and Elissa I cannot stand them!


uh oh, weve got a moron here


also was wondering do yal do any reports on any other shows other than Bb? would love to see a website dedicated to the show eastbound and down on HBO that’s the funniest show I’ve seen in years!!!! cannot wait for the season to start next month


I can’t believe Spencer is in there kissing Amanda’s a–. The best thing for you (stupid) is for Amanda to go home. Then you can get in an alliance with someone rather than standing on the outside looking in.GM is thinking Arryn is her friend all the while stabbing her in the back. GOOD. There you go again picking the wrong let your personal feelings get in the way.(the beauty contest you won compared to Candace is like little league compared to professional football.)I looked up your contest because I had never heard of it before(I see why) Ilooked up Candace ,she was Miss Louisiana and went to miss USA. You couldn’t even get a ticket to Miss USA. That’s why you hate Candace so much, because she’s smart and has won a whole lot more beauty contests than you ever could. Those who can compete, compete. those who can’t. teach. I think you need to see a therapist, I mean you knew Nick. (How long, maybe 2 weeks) and you are that crazy over him. If I was you Nick, I’d be working on that restraining order. ( you talk about fatal attraction!)

Keri Helen

I cringe every time I hear GM’s voice and now every time I read her mind-numbing logic and opinions etc. I read them in my head with her voice and now I just want to jump off my roof or run into traffic to make it stop! Every damn time she talks about how much Candice’s voice annoys her I get an epic case of the eye-rolls, because seriously wtf!? I would rather listen to a tape of cats meowing every christmas song ever all day everyday if it meant I didn’t have to hear GM assert her Italian-NY-whatever street cred BS anymore.


Just remember ladies, beauty fades and dumb is forever. Well Amanda never had beauty,so she’s just screwed all the way around. I have a 60 year old girlfriend they puts Amanda’s fat a– to shame. She has no waistline, flat and flabby a–, and fake boobs that she’s been showing around that not all the guys want to see. Amanda really has nothing going for her. He father approves of McRae, wait until he finds out that Mcrae is perfectly happy with his career choice. He seems like a guy who sleeps late, gets up plays video games,goes deliver pizzas, comes home ,plays some more video games,goes to bed, starts over tomorrow. Perfect life pal. I don’t think he wants to change a thing.


Amanda’s keeping him around on the off chance he comes home with 500k… she will spend the 50k too if he gets that!


I haven’t read all the comments but I’m telling u all Jessie was on slop for 3 weeks I believe. Now either she has a cantaloupe size shit hung up in her belly or her ass is knocked up. I can’t believe this hasnt been mentioned a lot more. Team Judd!!!


diane you have an evident lack of class, you should try be amandas friend, you would get on well

jess put on a bit of weight due to the bad food and slop there? who gives a sh!t? she will lose that weight in a week after leaving

you seem a very petty individual indeed


I’m sorry but this seasons Bb is making us Canadians look like BB wizards . I mean even us Canadians did not act like these fools are I’m sorry but did big brother stoop to new lows where did they find these middle school dropouts . Really if big brother is this bad I think CBS will need to find new sponsors because the ones they have now are dropping like flies . Amanda has been let go from prudential and I have a feeling she will soon lose her real estate license because being a racist is not what real estate agents do .


if its true amanda lost her job thats great news