Elissa and Jessie want to save Candice “The sk@nk squad Vs the Rat B****”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


10:15pm HOH Aaryn and GM

Aaryn saying she really trusts JUDD now she knows he screwed them over twice but she thinks they can rely on him now. Aaryn mentions how Judd will put Jessie up if he wins the HOH.

Aaryn: ‘I’m going to sleep with JUDD tonight”
GM: ‘WHY.. I want you to stay with me.. Please”
A: “OK.. I’m starting to feel bad I don’t want you to feel like I’m taking over”
GM: “ ‘A’ you’re not taking over and ‘B’ I would totally 100% tell you I want to be by myself”
(earlier in the day when Aaryn was pissed at GM she told JUDD she didn’t want to sleep in the hoh anymore)
Aaryn: ‘Everyone has been so shady and Judd’s the only person that hasn’t been shady since he kept me”
Aaryn: “He conjured up that entire plan last week just so I can stay here”
GM: “I think he’s good Candice is leaving.. I don’t care what she comes up about it.. I’m going to be up everyone about it.. we’ll be fine”

Aaryn says she trusts McCrae, Andy and JUDD. Aaryn says that McCrae came up to her after Amanda went up as MVP and said he didn’t want them to use veto to take her off the block because Aaryn would go up. Aaryn and GM believe.
Aaryn: “The reason I trust Andy is everything Helen tells him he tells me”
Aaryn: “What if I win this next HOH”
GM: “Blonde on blonde on blonde action “
Gm says she’s worried she’ll be going up next week. Aaryn: ‘you are not going anywhere.. I don’t even want to hear that nonsense”


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here
10:40pm bedroom Spencer and Aaryn

Aaryn: “JUDD really wants to keep you for a long time I do to”
Aaryn: “Amanda and McCrae want to keep you moving onward.. and if they want you you stay”
Aaryn mentions that the BBQ would have been a perfect time to talk game and the other three girls refused.

Aaryn: ‘Helen, Elissa and Jessie are working together.. that is why there was no game talk.. that is why I knew something was weird today”

Spencer: “I am totaly free agent that’s no bullshit.. I’ve been trying to work on relationships.. I talk game with you more than anybody”

Aaryn is saying she thinks McCrea, Andy, JUDD, Amanda, Spencer and her can steamroll through the house. She starts to bash Gm a bit playing down how close she is with her

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:00pm Bedroom Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae
They are talking about Jessie’s attempt to flip the house.
Aaryn says she’s trying to get Jessie to freak out that is why she’s been closer to JUDD than normal, “She’s ridiculous” .
Amanda mention this is the fourth time she’s tried, “ridiculous”
Aaryn says Jessie “McCrae’s d!ck in her mouth so bad she wants to taste it”
Amanda: ‘You’re so lucky I haven’t drinked tonight”
Aaryn: ‘You said it tastes like coffee.. she really wants some coffee.. McCraes coffee
Amanda asks if Jessie’s brought up McCrae recently
Aaryn: ‘Just about how salty his b@lls probably are.. she’s just craving sodium”
Amanda: “You’re full of sh!t F****g a$$hole”

Amanda tells her to stop confining in Jessie. Aaryn says if Jessie is saying she’s confining in her she’s a “BAt sh!t crazy liar”


11:10pm JUDD and Elissa backyard couch
Elissa: “Do you like aaryn… do you think she’s hot”
JUDD says she’s attractive but wouldn’t date her
E: “because of her attitude”
J: ‘Not my type.. different looking”
E: “Who do you think is hotter Jessie or Aaryn”
JUDD says Jessie more his type
E: “I think Aaryn has pretty eyes but that’s it, Jessie is cute”
E: ‘She’s got lots of cellulite though…” Elissa adds to be that young and have cellulite.
J: ‘Ya”
E: ‘I’m a fitness freak .. but really to be that young usually the older you get.. she’s got the adipose the thick cellulite”
JUDD says when she has a couple kids she’ll be like (Makes a size with his arms)


11:27pm Cockpit Helen and Elissa
Helen thinks a lot of people are going to try and throw HOH but Aaryn is going to try and win it.
Helen says the best case scenario is JEssie wins HOH because she’s not afraid to go after Amanda.
Elissa: “If know one votes her out it doesn’t matter anyways. Helen says Andy won’t vote out Amanda. Elissa: ‘JUDD won’t do it”
Helen: “Nobody will do it”
Elissa: “I would put her up .. not next week but after”
Helen: ‘If MVP goes away we’re screwed.. She’s on the block right now.. why doesn’t anyone want to vote out the MVP nominee they are all scared”
Helen: ‘The problem is if MVP goes away”
Helen until the time is right they have to be loyal to Amanda and vote out Candice.
Elissa: ‘That sucks”


11:21pm GM, Aaryn with Amanda in the shower
GM is worried what Elissa and JUDD were talking about outside. Aaryn didn’t know says JUDD was laughing.. she had him cornered.
Aaryn tells the girls there was no game talk in the BBQ it was really weird. Aaryn says Elissa is going back to treating her bad the last 24 hours.
Aaryn says her name is getting thrown out a lot as a possible target and she’s getting nervous. Amanda says her name isn’t being brought up.
Amanda is worried that Helen, Elissa and Candice have been stuck together like glue for the past 48 hours.. and they have been up JUDD’s a$$hole.
Aaryn points out if Helen and Elissa can be manipulated by Jessie they have to go it just shows how stupid they are. Amanda asks them if they talk game with JEssie. Aaryn says no.
GM: “I don’t talk to that F*** b!tch she a f*** rat just like Candice .. she’s flip flopper and a rat B!tch ”
Aaryn says the only reason Jessie wants Amanda gone is because she wants to jump on McCrae’s d!ck.
Amanda: “Ok thanks.. can you stop saying that because it’s making me STEAM”
Aaryn: “Good I want you to get steamed you can’t go home”


11:34pm Elissa and Jessie
Elissa says they do not have the numbers they are screwed right now
They needs one vote to save Candice. Elissa is sure he won’t vote get Andy’s to vote out Amanda. Elissa is really worried if they lose Candice they will go one by one she wants to act. Jessie says the reason Andy doesn’t want to rock the boat right now is he’s covered on both sides. He’s in good with Amanda and McCrae and Elissa/Helen. Once those two sides start fighting Andy has to pick a side and that will make him a big target for some people.
Elissa says the worst move ever was taking out Kaitlin over Aaryn because Kaitlin would be gunning after Amanda and McCrae. Jessie: ‘At the time I wanted Kaitlin out because she was so strong”
Jessie: ‘You can tell now that Aaryn is devoted to Amanda.. She’s up Amanda’s a$$”
Elisas: “they’re kinda gross”
Elissa points out that She’s overheard JUDD and Andy talking Andy is not loyal to them he’s loyal to Amanda and McCrae. Elissa adds that Amanda and McCrae are making final 4 deals with everyone in the house Andy is solid with them.
Elissa knows now that they were using her for her MVP.

Jessie: ‘I’m so glad you see this.. “
E: “I saw this two weeks ago.. I wanted Aaryn gone but Howard, Candice and Spencer didn’t see it”
J: “Aaryn’s dangerous for everyone’s game”
E: “It’s the sk@nk squad up there”

Elissa says JUDD told her Jessie is hotter than Aaryn. She needs to get up opn JUDD big time they need his vote.

Elissa coaches her the things she should say to JUDD, “I got a crush on you.. I want to work with you” Elissa: “KISS him just do it.. say they need to get Amanda out because Amanda and McCrae are going to win”
Jessie: “Oh my god I’m going to do it.. Oh my god”
(LOL too funny.. I’m cheering for both sides right now)

Jessie asks what if Helen is going up as the replacement nominee. Elissa is certain Spencer is going up

Elissa: “are you solid with this you not going to change your mind.. “
Jessie says no
Elissa: ‘You need to work JUDD tonight”


12:26AM HOH Helen, JUDD, Amanda, GM, Aaryn, McCrea, Andy
JUDD stressing how him and Jessie are not a couple anymore. He feels wronged by how Jessie is handling winning the POV. (He gave Jessie the POV and took the cash prize)
JUDD is talking about how he regrets giving JEssie the Veto because now she is talking around like she’s the most deadly player in the game.
JUDD: ‘I’m a broke a$$ m***f****r but I would rather Have the POV than her gloating around the house with it”

JUDD: “She never talked to me she brought all these people into separate rooms and whispered to them.. she was like F*** JUDD.. F*** JUDD”
JUDD: “He gave me the POV but F**** him to hell he’ll do whatever I saY.. I look pregnant but I’m not I’m a hot b!t*h”


12:40AM BAckyard JUDD, McCrae and Amanda.
JUDD: ‘I can’t stand Jessie I f**** hate her.. not on a game level a personal level”

JUDD really feels slighted that Jessie asked him to leave the Cockpit when she was chatting to Elissa.
McCrae: “I’m worried Elissa is trying to flip the house”
JUDD: ”She is.. she might have to go before Jessie”
Andy joins them (Drink)
Andy says he’s just giving JUDD a heads up Jessie is sleeping with JUDD tonight.
JUDD: ‘I’m sleeping in the have not room.. i’m not sleeping with JEssie”

1:12AM Cockpit Amanda, MCCrea and Aaryn
Aaryn: Jessie is the biggest sl*t I have ever met in my life”


1:16AM Jessie and Helen Jessie says she’s going to try and keep Candice. Helen doesn’t think they have the votes. Jessie doesn’t care she has to try it’s there only chances. JEssie is going to work JUDD.
Helen: “I Don’t know if I can do it Jessie.. let me think about it”
Jessie: “You can do it”
Helen: “I don’t know if I can do it”


1:30AM JUDD and Jessie

JUDD explains he threw the POV to Jessie because he didn’t want to have to use it on her. This way she saves herself, he gets the money.
Jessie: “I appreciate you so much.. I want to go far in this game with you.. We have to trust each other… this week is a huge week.. if you want me to go home next week.. Vote out candice“
JUDD: “You want me to vote out Spencer”
Jessie: “I’m asking you to vote Amanda out”
JUDD: “why her”

Jessie: “Amanda and McCrae are solid.. Aaryn is loyal to Amanda GM is going to do whatever Aaryn tells her.. .those are a solid 4 .,. Andy is loyal to Amanda and McCrea over Helen”
Jessie: “thats five. Spencer and Amanda have made a deal I saw them talking this morning” She counts 6… this leave Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Candice. If Candice goes home this week it will just be Helen, Jessie and Elissa. They are going to get picked off one by one.
Jessie: “Amanda is a huge target in this game …she’s running it.. she’s been running it since day one you know and I know it..”
She tells him if he flips the vote and joins the girl they will be loyal to him to the end. Jessie thinks Andy will jump ship right before the vote once he finds out Amanda is going home.
Jessie: “We need to get her out.. “
Judd: “how many we need 5”
Jessie: “we need 4, ELissa, Helen, Me and JUDD”
Jessie: “Just think about it you don’t need to have to answer it right now”
Jessie: ‘If we don’t do it we are giving Amanda and McCrae the game”
JUDD: ‘I don’t think she’s as powerful as you think”
Jessie: ‘She is untouchable.. you know how badly she’s been treating me JUDD.. all those things she’s been saying about me”
JUDD: “Ya”
Jessie understands JUDD has previous loyalty to them from the beginning of the game but they’re over 1/2 through now.
Jessie: “They are the last Showmance.. nobody is targeting them because they are afraid of her”
Jessie: “By himself McCrae will not be as strong.. He will need people and you will be there for me. “
JUDD: “He’ll never partner up with me after that he’ll be after whoever did him wrong”
Jessie explains that once Amanda leaves there will be Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Candice on one side. Aaryn, McCrae, Spencer, Gm on the other side. THis leave Andy and JUDD in the middle both sides will want to work with them. JEssie adds JUDD is in good with many of guys on the other side, “they will want to work with him They will have to work with you”
JUDD: ‘Thats a good point.. “
Jessie: “It could change the whole game”
Jessie: “Me and you we can make it after the dust settles McCrea will be coming after me and Helen not you”
JUDD: “Do we need to distance ourselves. “
Jessie: ‘We can just do what we usually do… it’s a big move I know”
Jessie: ‘I will sacrifice myself for you.. if you would do this it would change the game.. if not we’re handing Amanda nand McCrae the game..”
Jessie: “they are two among very few people.. they made it this far.. the more they go the more power they get the more people are afraid of them”
Jessie: “McCrae is smart they’ve plane that is all from day one and it’s doing down flawlessly”

JUDD says they didn’t control his HOH they wanted Howard out and he got out Kailtin.
JUDD: “It’s all a good point I’m going to give it some consideration”
He asks her if Helen and Elissa are on board. Jessie says they were but they didn’t think they could get JUDD’s vote so they dropped it.
JUDD: “I don’t want you going anywhere.. I don’t “

JUDD says if anyone asks them what they were talking about they say they talked about where their loyalties lie with each other.
JUDD: “We’re not going to vote against each other, not going to put each other up, we’re going to watch out for each other”
Jessie: “and we’re going to vote the same that way they believe i’ll vote with you”
Jessie “think about it please”

Jessie: ‘Will you come sleep with me please”
JUDD mumbles something

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


CBS Interactive Inc.

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omg just one more vote for demanda. cmon elissa and jessie, do this for america!!!!

Uri Dequad

Elissa- Like, Like, Like
Helen- You know, you know, you know
GM- Axe
Judd- (mumble)(mumble)(mumble)
McCrae- ya…ya…ya
Demanda- I wanna kill (fill in the blank) Repeat
Aaryn- I hate that fu**ing bitch
Spencer- Uncomfortable “butterscotch” comments daily
Andy- Andy and his twin somehow in every room at the same time REPEATING EVERYTHING
Candice- keep my name out your mouth
Jessie- I like Jeremy. I like David. I like nick. I like Judd.


Lol. You forgot to add for Jessie: I Like McCrae!!!! Lol


You just made me giggle thanks, so damn true


holy fucking shit — i just realized what Andy looks like

he looks like one of the people from Whoville in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

shout out to LSA


Hopefully the next three weeks becomes a daniele, kalia, daniele back to back HOH win with Jessie, Helen and Elissa. They need to gain power and unless something happens it’s predictable that they will be the next three ones out.


TMZ is reporting that Ks$ha has taken another bath! That would be 2 months in a row! Stay tuned to CBS!


and hopefully no one gets brought back to hurt their game. If Elissa wins HOH for next week, I strongly bet there will be a Rachel Pandora’s Box.


Kalia was repulsive….At least these three don’t suck on their fingers when cooking other people’s food. Kalia is the amanda – annoying as shit


I try not to attack people on physical appearance but since Gina is one of the biggest offender, I’m just going to repeat what I read on this site a couple weeks ago. I think it was Judd or Spencer that said it in front of McCrae, Howard, and others:

Gina goes from Pamela Anderson to beetlejuice in 90 seconds (or something to that effect).

From now on Gina (sans makeup) is Beetlejuice.


What a great speech by Jessie. It’s obvious she sees through the façade of Andy, why can’t she make Helen see it?


brilliant speech from jess

judd would have to be the biggest moron of all time not to seriously consider it

team jess


Elissa and Jessie have just proven they have brains and see exactly what is up!! They also are smart enough, unlike helen, not to tell Andy…
Pull this off and they will be the two that made the biggest power move so far this season…


wow you are awesome jess

judd listening to jess saying what all of america is thinking…every point jess made was on the money

amandas fate is in judds hands

team jess




At first i disliked elissa and I’ve always been indifferent to jessie but if they pull off this move i will definitely be rooting for them this is the big move this season desperately needed


ew, she’s the worst. nothing she does can make me like her.


peter you are a vile individual and i loathe you

totes brutes

Roisin Dubh

Sorry ladies, you’re one week too late. Your buddy Helen screwed you guys by not getting into Aaryn’s ear and convincing her that the numbers favored Ahandjob leaving last week and playing the I saved your ass card. Andy’s definitely choosen a side and it ain’t yours.Candice didn’t help the cause by trashing Spencer either. But the key is Helen just sitting back not doing anything. Hate to say it but if Helen would’ve made a deal with Aaryn with the iron fist when she was on the outs, it would be a different game right now. Instead, she’s with Keychain and Ahandjob and is back to her normal,nasty self. Hell, if she would’ve kept Jeremy he would’ve been her pitbull. One of you two have to win HOH,that’s the only way but I’ve got a feeling that Andy’s time to shine is this week.


pssssh spencer wants amanda out! anyone who thinks otherwise is blind…hes just making nice because he needs to be certain and doesnt want to go down…if they get amanda out hed be on board


Aryan hatred of Candice will not go away and even if a deal was made before they are still outnumbered. GinaMarie also hate Candice these last two HOH have been controlled by mean girls. Their only saving grace is to win next HOH. Hoping Helen, Jessie and Elissa can win HOH on Thursday.

King Goldy

they have to win it and get out amanda, then gm or mcrae, they will then have power.


TMZ is reporting that Sally Struthers, Robert Smith of the Cure, Jabba the Hut,and Amanda Zuckerman walked into a bar. Stay tuned to CBS.


HElen wanted Howard out; she got him out. On to the next target.

I cknow you’re anything pro-Howard and anti-Helen (I’m anti-Howard and anti-Helen) but he was boring and a bad player. Without the race issue, Howard wouldn’t be such a fan fav. I’m glad he’s out. It was a smart move if you’re not Candice, Spencer, Jessie, GM.

Howard’s target was Helen/Elissa; he was too afraid to target Amanda/McCrae. Howard wanted Aryn on his team because she’s a strong competitor since Howard/Candice, not so much.

production rigged it

If she knew about Andy then why the hell didn’t Elissa tell Helen so she wouldn’t have told him about the plan to get Amanda out. Then Helen could have went to Judd and told him about Amanda’s plan to backdoor him. Of course she could still tell him but he’s not as likely to believe her now though.


That shit is not gonna work on judd, chances are he will get super mad at her and tell everybody she is using him!


call me crazy, but I think Jessie and Elissa need to work on Aaryn to vote out Amanda. production will have a field day using the angle of the racist saving Candice. I still think these idiots in the house will do nothing to evict Amanda, but there will be a shake up on the double eviction this week for sure. I see Helen leaving right behind Candice this Thursday.


Aryn, no way, will make any move that involves saving Candice. Aryn and Amanda have a common bond: hate. They are both toxic people who like to be around other toxic people. Aryn is just being very careful with her words; she’s using her filter. Aryn was talking about Candice the very first week during the have-not comp where Candice is ignorant and can’t stand her and how sheh was holding the ropes.

Judd is the key to getting Amanda out. Judd knows that Andy is reporting everything Helen’s saying to Amanda; Judd mention McCrae and Amanda not talking game to him.

Get Amanda out!

But I won’t be too disappointed if Candice goes, either.


Not yet until we know who will win HOH on Thursday. I see one of the mean girls Amanda or Aryan not unless they ein HOH.


I agree with those three had talked to Aaryn about it at the bbq they would already be on the way to getting Amanda out. They screwed that golden opportunity and because of it Aaryn knew something was up. Helen, Elissa and Jessie should of talked game and Aaryn would of been on board and it would of worked if they played it up as the All GIrl Alliance and Production would of just been clapping their hands. Opportunity thrown away by Helen!


Sad thing is Jessie is probably the best looking girl Judd will ever have in his entire lifetime.


Yeah, she has all of her teeth and different DNA.


Which group would I rather be with in the end….. Noe Elissa, Candice and Helen…… HELL NO….. Judd is not going to flip


Why do they keep changing their minds every 2 hours. Can they not just get a plan and go through with it.


Because Amanda changes it ON them….She has magical bitch powers that somehow remain on the show even though she’s the show’s biggest whore

Janelle pov queen

And they say Elissa dumb


Can’t wait for Andy to get outed as the biggest rat of them all.

Butters Mom

oh goodness… elissa just set jessie up to get yelled at and called a whore by amanda again… i hope jessie doesnt make a move on judd. :/


OK, now these people are starting to play. Bout damn time! Lets hope they can make something interesting happen this week.


I forsee the next big fight… anybody else? GM Aaron and jessie all fighting for Judd!! who should he pic??


cant some ocean’s 11 guys or something sneak into the house and like put the cams on loop and sneak up to elissa, helen, jessie, judd, candace, GM and say HEY-amanda’s gonna win this thing unless you guys get together and get rid of her. depose her like gaddafi. it would be so simple if all the people that feel threatened by her just took her out.


They should do it like season 8 and fly a plane with a big ass banner over the house again…


Elissa is in my good glaces but not completely I hope what ever plan they got coming will work. They’re starting to use the half a Brain they got.


I am confused. Is Amanda going to be voted out at this point or no. I thought I read in an earlier post that the plan was derailed.


They don’t have the votes for it. At best, Elissa, Helen, Jessie, and Spencer can vote for Amanda, but they need one more and will never sway Judd or Andy.


If they get Judd’s vote, they have enough. They only need 4 votes: Helen, Jessie, Elissa, Judd (if Spencer goes up, which is likely the case). That only leaves Aaryn, McCrae, and Andy to vote.


They only need 4 votes to evict someone. Spencer’s probably going on the block to replace Jessie. That leaves Helen, Jessie, Elissa, Judd, Andy, McCrae & Aaryn to vote. If Helen, Jessie, Elissa & one other person vote out Amanda she’s gone. It’s just getting that last person, I really hope Judd realizes how stupid it is to stay loyal to McCrae & Amanda.

Keri Helen

Holy shiz, yes. Yes yes yes, Jessie get on that STAT!!!


Wait wait wait………. does Jessie or Aaryn have the cellulite? Either way….. YUCK!!!!



Amanda has the cellulite and JEREMY RULES IN HELL!

special k

Who knew Elissa had such a good read on the house?


well jessie is the first person to really ask for her opinion…im actually not surprised at all, she is hiding behind helen to protect her but she knows the game way more than helen does!

Jessie, Oh Jessie

Suck in that gut and pucker up for 500K! It actually feels like a battle of good verses evil in this case with both cliques starting to converge onto each other with Andy as a special host (he never gets picked). I have to hurry with the post, Andy might walk in shortly…


Ok, the real BB theme tonight should be ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape’.


The star on the show on Sex and Videotape is AMANDA, on lies Andy fhe rat.


more racism? on big brother .com photo frenzy there’s dozens of pics of all the houseguests except…..candice…..not a single one of her…..is CBS stupid to post these? did they think no one would notice? do they want fodder for TMZ??? what???? I would love to have warned them but there’s no way to contact CBS Big Brother….

Hello -

In case you haven’t heard – Candice chose to isolate herself a lot and curse at people and she was practicing popping her pussy and pussy farts for her live eviction – Boo’s got class yo.


good lord i hadnt even dreamed someone could be so crass. what’s with the black women on big brother? they always pitch a fit and go anti social when up against it. there are dozens of strategies, alliances . plans. plots she could come up with…i guess the mentality of ‘I’m Owed’ is just not such a good thing after all. Take note Obama. Give people free shit and you take the fight out of them. And, make them angry when they dont get more free shit.


i find candice far more despicable than aaryn. you cant tell me she wont be saying all kinds of shit about white people when she gets back home.


No she won’t because you tend to forget Bob that she was adopted and newsflash they were a white family that she can’t contain herself to talk about (IN A GOOD WAY) As for Aryn I can’t believe you would stoop so low and say that a racist, ignorant conniving bitch (despite her age because it is inexcusable) is better than Candice. We clearly see who’s the one who will say a lot of shit about black people when she gets back home and that’s ARYN. I’ve got one advice for you BOB, think twice before writing some nonsense like this online. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Candace is going to be talking S**t about Aryan and GM, not the entire Caucasian population, for cryin’ in the night.


You sound silly. An example of a racist comment is when you take something one person is doing (a black woman in this case) and apply it to the whole race. Just in case you were unsure. Not all black people like free stuff, and all the free stuff isn’t just going to Black and brown people:)


TMZ is reporting that Hillary, Wiener Fartman and Helen Kim walked into a bar. Stay tuned to CBS.


Hey Bob, when is the next klan meeting?

Howard Fan

As a black woman…..I kinda understand..Its hard to be in a situation where you are the minority and sometimes to not GO THE HELL OFF ON PEOPLE its best just to isolate yourself…..(speaking from experience)…

Happy Now

Are you happy now Bob. You wanted to politicize a TV show. Everything boils down to Democrat vs Republican with you. In your world Bob, when you see a sunny day, is it because of a Republican? When Miami Heat played the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA Championship. Fill me in, which team was the Democrat and which was the Republican team. Bob, is God a Republican or Democrat? Bob does God wear the colors of red, white and blue? Mind if I ignore your future political characterization of this and any other show Bob. Bob, I am going to watch this TV show and for brief few minutes forget about political stagnation. Forget about groups of people trying to set an agenda and hate or enjoy this show on its merit.

But thanks Bob, for reminding me that their are people that see everything in Black and White, or in your case Red.

This Season Blows

The Cat People are downvoting you in droves but you have a point – Candice is shockingly trashy.


Elissa is now a pimp that is hilarious!!!!
Go get your man back Jessie!!


i am a little shocked elissa told jessie to go kiss judd for his vote!


You know, I think I’m starting to like Elissa and then she has to mention the way other women look, constantly. Like she’s some great beauty?? Mentioning Jess’ cellulite after Judd says she’s good looking… Why?? Jess looks great… And what’s up with Judd?? One minute he’s saying Jess is too clingy and he’d basically f*** her and chuck her, then he says he’d date her? I can’t stand anyone in this house, aside from Jessie and Candice. Ugh!!


It seems like the casting directors deliberately went after very insecure people this season. All of the women are very insecure and catty. And they’re all beautiful. I hope after this season is over they will all watch themselves on tape and realize they need to work on internal beauty as much as they covet external beauty. The guys even seem insecure. I hope these people all grow from this experience.


Before they make their move on Judd, they should wait to see who goes up, then make their move. I knew several weeks ago Elissa was up to something, but she couldn’t get any help. Elissa has tried to tell Helen things and Helen brushes her aside like she is a idiot, that is why she wanted to keep Howard. Elissa is not stupid, she does have a lack of communication skills, which is her down fall.

Roisin Dubh

Helen’s got control issues as well as insecurities about wanting to be loved and perceived as a power player. She only calls the troops when it suits her. But she’ll figure it out when they cut her before jury.


Hello Roisin Helen does not have control issue she is being realistic. As we see Andy and Judd will not flip. Andy is closer Amanda and a rat. They are always outnumbered no matter what they do even when they were trying to save Howard. Ginamarie and Aryan hate Candice and they are not going to vote Amanda out. They need to win HOH next week to flip it. The last two HOH has been controlled by Amanda and Mccrea. Their only hope is to win HOH on Thursday otherwise Amanda and Mccrea will go to the end. The last eviction was two people on their side was up ( Howard and Spencer ) and now also two ( Jessie and Spencer will replace her and Candice again ) so you see they are always outnumbered. Hope and they need to win HOH Thursday.


Helen knows they do not have the number even when They try to keep Howard they are outnumbered. As you can see Andy is on the other side also Judd. these two will not vote with them. Aryan hates Candice she will not side with them. Their only hope is to get HOH Thursday and they can flip. GinaMarie hates Candice.


Lol @ those who hated on Elissa and said she was a terrible game player. She has everything figured out and knows exactly what is going on!

Shiny Happy People



This nonsense about Amanda being pre-selected to win is garbage by the way. No evidence what so ever that that is what’s happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at CBS started that rumor themselves to give the Elissa haters watching a home a different target for their mvp votes. Hey, it worked. A matter of weeks later Amanda is seen as production’s puppet and is despised for it instead.

This Season Blows.

She IS a poor game player. Just because she’s only just now trying to make a big move at the last second when she doesn’t have the votes doesn’t make up for the first few weeks of her not knowing anyone’s name, barely keeping up with any game talk, throwing her alliance under the bus repeatedly, and needing a rigged twist from production to keep her safe.


the big move is from jess


Helen needs to roll the dice and tell Judd that Amanda/McCrea/Andy were seriously considering backdooring him not too long ago (altough Helen was down with this plan too, she can easily pretend otherwise) and they might then get his deciding vote to boot Amanda. I know Judd’s loyalties lie more with those three but he mentioned just earlier today that Amanda and McCrae don’t talk game with him anymore, like they used to, so he might have enough doubt there to be more receptive and believe Helen.

We need something to turn this season on its head.


I would love it if Jessie or Elissa won HOH during the double eviction and put up McCray and Amanda and there was no MVP nom so one of them had to go.


Well Elissa also knows this info. Why hasn’t she told him or Jess that. If they (Elissa/Jess), know Andy’s loyalty’s lay with Amanda/macCrae, they could frame it in the context that Andy approached Helen with that plan when Judd was thought to be MVP. If Judd goes back to MacCrae with this info it might cast further doubt Aaryn’s way (MacCrae doesn’t fully trust Aaryn). Jess and Elissa have enough info to plant the right seeds they just aren’t good schemers, yet.


alyssum I haven’t even better read on the house if she get all that flippin glue out of her eye lashes I’ve never seen her without them pretty sure she sleeps with the glue on it’s all gunked up seems like production would tell her.to clean it out she is so much prettier without makeup


i have no idea what you just said. try English next time.


Run the hot water, I am about to break out my rusty razor blades.
If I have to see Aaryn’s bitchy racist face one more time
I am going to slit my wrist!!!!!!!!!!


TMZ is reporting that Jasontrenton did not slit his wrists. Stay tunrd to CBS.


Hey simon and dawg do you think judd likes aaryn more than jessie and really wants to date in real life?? To be honest with you aaryn is much prettyer than jessie dont you think she is simon?? Tell me your opinion thanks:))) wooohoo goooo aaryn win this next hoh


Beauty is only skin deep. Aaryn is beautiful, but she starts talking,and she is no longer pretty.


while it hurts me to say it I DO think aaryn is pretty…but i cant see small town judd dating an aaryn in real life…think about it, think of his hometown…he wouldnt date an aaryn….


Sorry Jessie but its too late. When Judd really liked you and tried to get close you gave him nothing. He gonna see right through you. A kiss or two and a few nights of cuddles and he would have been puddy in your hands. Youve lost him now. Too bad because i would love to see Amanda walk out the door Thurs.

VA Vet

Don’t ever underestimate the power of that little furry patch between Jessie’ legs. She’s got a couple nights to get Judd thinking with his little head at which point the fat lady will start singing.


Aaryn: Jessie is the biggest sl*t I have ever met in my life”

So, she’s never met Amanda? ZING!!!


Can’t wait for Zing Bot! Aaryn might get a clue what America thinks. Amanda too.


buddhistgirl69 says: Everything you post is too late. You reply to people hours later. Wake up.
On top of everything else – you’re nasty and a Candice supporter. Candy pu$$y poppin, pu$$y farting supporters are probably one of her black daddy’s children that he spawned all over the country – white family adopted her ‘token black baby’ to show folks they aren’t racist so she got treated like a spoiled little bitch. That’s why she is the way she is. Just sayin’ – this ass clown’s out of tricks.


You have some serious f*cking issues.

Shiny Happy People

and you are a troll. Who cares if this person responds hours later? We can’t all live on these boards you know. Some of us have jobs…and lives…


You sound very intelligent Name. I think you are jealous that Candice even in a clown suit looks better that your 3 ignorant simple racist beetches. BTW she was adopted by a black family. You continuing bash Candice will not make your sister look better. They are toxic and ugly inside-out.

Keri Helen

The word ‘slut’ gets thrown around a hell if a lot in this house and by women that need to take a step back and look at themselves before voicing opinions like that.


girls calling other girls slut is like what you do in middle school or high school. its a very immature way to handle one’s self.


I find it funny, that they think Jessie is a slut for being flirty, but Amanda who was giving the 1st HOH HJs after few days of knowing him isn’t?

Last time I checked “flirting” never made anyone a slut..


How are people actually rooting for Jessie and Elissa? Ew. I hate them.


By wanting Amanda out, Jessie and Elissa are unwittingly acting on behalf of the majority of fans. That’s a good enough reason to root for them right there.


agreed!!! in a season when people are struggling to find people to route for and like this is something that people can at least gravitate to.

you dont think jessie will get the solid edit from production for winning veto and at least attempting to flip the house? As much as they like amanda, they like underdogs more and they KNOW that viewers love an underdog and do not like amanda.


im voting jess for americas favourite player


Got to love all this bantering.

Amanda Must Go!

Question: Why does it always say (drink) when Andy enters a room?? lol

I must’ve missed something!

I forgot my name

Yea, thanks a lot Simon, I’ve been in a drunken state for days.


i think its hilarious!!! cant participate or I would be drunk every night but I LOVE it! good work simon/dawg


Amanda stinks I bet.


looks like its kinda simple. IF Judd keeps his mouth shut about his talk with Jesse, he is at least thinking about flipping. Will Helen go through with it? Its always next week with her going after Amanda. Before too long “next week” will be the season finale and she is voting with the jury on who gets the cash.


Jessie is making a strategic move. It is just funny that she is not doing it for strategic purposes but because Amanda hurt her feelings. Helen is letting Jessie get blood on her hands so that she doesn’t have to.


people arent giving jessie enough credit!!! do you really think she is that dumb? No…its because she is realizing just where she stands in the house now and she needs to try something


I give Jess credit. She is a fighter.


Andy looks like ferguson off clarissa explains it all

Just a thought

Well Jessie is at least trying to get Judd to vote out Amanda .. I hope she at least made him think , because she’s right about what will happen if Amanda doesn’t go now. I guess we will see in about an hour if he is at least thinking about it. Otherwise he will just go and tell everyone the first chance he gets. I’m still hoping and praying that something changes soon.

My two cents

Judd will tell Amanda and crew everything – I’m still thinking Elissa may leave because she wants no part of jury and production will raise its ugly head to keep Amanda in the game and give Elissa what she wants.

Twisted Sister

Judd is going to tell…. I’m still guessing that because of this – Elissa may go up and go home (planned by production) she wants no part of jury… but I’m hoping she stays and for an entertaining show, wins HOH during the double eviction!


Where are Evil Dick, Dan or Rachel when you need them? I wonder what the script reads like this week for this ‘reality’ show.


Jessie is right. If Amanda doesn’t go this week they should all self evict and just tell BB to write her a cheque. I actually liked Amanda at the beginning but she uses personal lies, intimidation and bullying to get what she wants. She tells people what to do or not do. Subtle persuasion is the way to win this game quietly. Let them think it was their idea. You don’t confront people and tell them that if they don’t vote the way you tell them to then they will be the target next week. It was OK for her to brow beat everyone to get Howard out but god forbid someone even think of getting her out and she goes crazy. Next year there should be no prescription drug users allowed. If I am not mistaken, Helen told Elissa that they would vote out Kaitlyn and then get Aaryn out “next week”. Wasn’t that 2 HOH’s ago? Helen and Judd are 2 of the dumbest superfans ever.


Well Amanda was using subtle persuasion when she was outside and crying about how she thinks something is wrong and things don’t feel right. Her assertions to Helen, Gm, and Elissa that Amanda hasn’t been talking game was hilarious. She was gaming during that whole conversation. And the threat of either you are for me or you are a target was was no different than her threats to Spencer and Jess, just not as loud and angry. Elissa was the only one that caught it ( I hope she caught it). It went over Helen and GM’s head.


Voting out Amanda would be a great move. But it seems like the people who have been trying to flip are at least a week too late to change the house dynamics. It could have a lot to do with the MVP vote nomination and not really being able to completely strategize enough where some people fully see the benefit of getting certain ones out. I don’t believe the way Helen approaches the game is the way Elissa would but by default due to the initial house dynamics they are in an alliance. I hope Elissa wins Hoh next week so try to play her own game even if it’short-lived.


Elissa needs to get Spencer on board, he will vote bad body ass Amanda out !!!


You guys realize that GM is onto the Amanda plot and will up Elissa or Helen to take a vote away right? They really do not have the numbers and Jessie/Elissa are hurting themselves big time..


even if elissa or helen did go up they could still get amanda out

spencer, judd, elissa/helen(whichever one safe) and jess


King judd has fallen from grace…i get he is trying to build cred with mcmanda…but i had higher hopes!!! Best bet would be to get one out before jury…basically jessie and elissa have now become the only people to route for unless you are all for mcmanda dominating the game…which is annoying – i also just really want to see mcrae play without amanda!!!!


YEA! You go, Jessie. Finally she playing and is stepping up her game!! She could be a little more convincing with gathering votes against Amanda.
Jessie needs to get Judd and Helen talking to seal a deal.

Amanda's Mustache

my fave comment of Judd’s last night on bbad was when andy asked who would be your best friend/worst enemy based on pix, and when judd isn’t included in anyone’s answer he says “why wouldn’t you pick me?! I look nice as hell!!” ha Judd is my favorite this season, he’s the only one not in an adderrall induced state of paranoia


ONLY WAY for them to have Amanda out is if Elissa goes around (after the nominations ceremony) telling them that she never stop having the MVP (she just decided to lay low about it to remove the target off her) and threaten them that if they doesn’t vote her way (Amanda out) they will be on the block next week.

That is evil but that’s a game. It would be glorious!


I like that idea in theory but it has potential to really backfire on Elissa. If enough people don’t appreciate those threats (much like they didn’t Jeremy’s) they could STILL go against her and KEEP Amanda, then fire up a massive Elissa witchhunt. No bueno. I don’t want to see one of the only people trying to flip the house make a move like that and run the risk of getting evicted for it.