Helen: “My Friends really want Amanda out” Amanda: “No Candice is going home.. 100%”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


5:36pm HOH Bathroom GM and Helen

Helen: “You know I know you are close to her yo know I know that you are close”

Gm says she tried for three weeks to get Elissa out she has given up on it.

Helen: ‘You know I know Elissa rubs people the wrong way.. Yo uknow.. She has a good heart she doesn’t mean it maliciously you know.. that is what makes her her. you know .. OK “

Helen : ‘This is big brother YO know.. this is a different type of game you know.. YOu know”
Helen: ‘She likes you.. You know “
Helen says that someone like GM adds a lot excitement to the house. You know.
Helen: ‘You know Elissa is my closest friend in the house you know.. I’m trying to form more friendships in the house.. yo know “
Helen says that after Nick left GM was a real fighter so many other people would have just thrown in the towel You know


5:35pm Backyard Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae

Amanda says she’s heard Helen and Elissa talking about getting rid of her over Candice.

AManda: ‘If Candice goes this week and it’s some kind of Double eviction we have to be on the same page” She hints that perhaps Helen should go.
Amanda warns Aaryn if she gets another HOH people will start worrying because it makes her look strong, she’s already won 2. Aaryn says she hasn’t won a Veto and her first HOH was a half Jeremy the second HOH was a crapshoot.

McCrae: “As soon as MVP goes we can start winning HOH”
Aaryn thinks it will end once they get to six players, ”I think the first Pandora’s box will end the MVP

Amanda knows Jessie and Helen talk about splitting McCrae and Amanda up .
Aaryn: “Jessie talks about that a lot.. she wants to get on McCrea so bad she cannot handle it”
Amanda: “Jessie and judd are so scarey”
Aaryn: “I want GM to make it to Jury .. I do things that benefit all of us I have proven that”
Amanda agrees says she doesn’t think getting rid of Elissa right now it isn’t smart. Amanda says Elissa will not put up Andy and McCrae. She’s not worried if Elissa puts up Aaryn because they have the numbers to keep her in the house
Aaryn doesn’t like that arrangement she doesn’t want someone in the house that is targeting her especially when there are Pandora’s boxes on the horizon.
Amanda: “Helens loyalty is with Elissa and Andy” Amand adds that Helen wanted to get Jessie out but if Jessie isn’t on the block she will work with Jessie.

Aaryn says Andy is in the best position in the house.
Amanda agrees says it’s good for them.
Amanda wonders who will vote against her next week.
Aaryn says Gm will vote out Amanda .. “she doesn’t think straight she doesn’t get it”
Amanda: “Still.. “

Aaryn leaves

MC: “I still think getting rid of Helen soon is a bad move” He points out once Helen is gone the entire house will be targeting them at this stage of the game there are too many people.
Amanda: “The common denominator in all this is Jessie and JUDD.. “

Aaryn comes back Amanda thinks that the house will play it safe next week and put up Jessie and Spencer. Aaryn thinks it really depends on who wins the HOH but it a good guess.

Amanda asks her if they can get GM to put JUDD up as the replacement nominee.
Aaryn :”No way.. GM has a crush on JUDD 100%.. she promised him he’s not going up”
Amanda: “Elissa and Helen want to back door Judd”
MC: ‘It’s too tricky.. there’s no point to take out JUDD this week”

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Aaryn: ‘Do you really think keeping Elissa in this house is good for us”
Amanda: “She’s not a smart game player.. she hates Spencer.. he’ll be her target”
Aaryn: “We should keep Spencer here.. As long as Spencer is here that is all Ellissa can think of as a target”
MC agrees “You are off her radar as long as he is here “
Aaryn: “The problem is he’s kissing everyone’s asses so bad and lurking around us”

Amanda asks them to hear her out before they get mad at her. She brings up schemes to convince GM to put up JUDD.
McCrae again tells her this is not the best move for them not this week.
MC says GM only mission is to take out Candice, if she doesn’t get Candice out it’s mission failed for GM which could come back to them. They talk it out a bit and convince Amadna that Candice will put Amanda and Aaryn up if she wins HOH. Amanda agree they have to get Candice out this week.

Amanda keeps telling them they all have throw the HOH next week. THey are low on the numbers and need everyone playing for HOH the following week. She says they do not want the wrong person to win the HOH. Aaryn thinks Andy really wants to win it, So does JUDD. Amanda is afraid if JUDD wins it she’ll go up. Aaryn tells her no.

Aaryn asks them who Elissa will put up. Amanda thinks Jessie. Aaryn completely disagrees she thinks it’s going to be her and Spencer. Amanda tells her not to worry Spencer would go home.

Amanda: ‘JUDD is the common denominator of all our issues with us having our alliance broken up”
Aaryn doesn’t agree.

Aaryn: ‘How do we know for certain if he’s MVP”
Amanda: ‘get rid of him”
Aaryn :”That’s what we did with Howard and it didn’t solve the problem”

Amanda says that Helen confines with Andy so at this point she’s OK to keep in the house but soon they have to get her out.
MC leaves
Aaryn says she really thinks JUDD will go after Jessie

Aaryn says GM has told every single person in the house she is not coming after them. Aaryn mention right after Jessie won the veto GM was telling her “You did what I want to do.. “
Aaryn: “She said that right in front of Spencer.. GM isn’t smart”
Amanda doesn’t understand why people what to evict her from the house she’s the biggest target if they were smart they would take out MCrae nobody is targeting him.

Amanda: “I’m telling you the MVP is JUDD”
Aaryn: “Why does JUDD want you out”:
Amanda: “Because he doesn’t want me in the Jury.. He knows if he takes McCrae or Andy I would vote for them”
Aaryn asks if Spencer will leave if he goes up as the replacement.
Amanda: “No Candice is going home.. 100%”
They agree they have to keep Spencer. Amanda says Candice makes Helen and Elissa stronger. Aaryn suggest if Candice and Elissa go all Helen has is Andy so they would essentially control the house.

Amanda tells her Helen will backdoor JUDD if she wins HOH. Andy will put up Spencer and Jessie.


6:33pm Storage room Helen and Andy

Helen is saying Elissa, her and Jessie will all vote out Amanda this week they need Andy on their side. They will go to GM right before the vote and promise to get out Candice the following week. Helen adds that McCrae will be with no one at that point he’ll be scrambling he’ll have to work with them.
Andy obviously doesn’t think this is a good idea. he says Amanda and McCrae have not done anything to betray his trust. He doesn’t think right now is the right time.
Andy: ‘I’m going to be straight up with you I do not want to get Amanda out this week.. Amanda is more loyal than Jessie”
Helen: “My friends are strong about this.. ”
Andy: “I trust McCrae so much more than I trust Jessie.. it’s way too early to make that move.. if we get rid of Candice the waters are calm”
Helen says she will talk to Jessie and tell her that this is not the week to get rid of Amanda they will try next week.

JUDD comes in. They start talking about who they want in Jury. All three of them want Spencer in the jury. JUDD says Jessie will not be a good jury vote she’s just going to vote to whomever is nicest to her during the finale night.

Helen tells them they will have to all work together to get Amanda out. Andy says it’s too early right now. Helen points out that Amanda is not going to vote for any of them in the end. Andy: ‘I still think this week Candice has to go”
JUDD :’Ha but next week”
Helen: ‘maybe I don’t know”


6:53pm Storage room Helen and JUDD

JUDD is asking who she wants him to put up if he wins HOH. Helen wants Elissa to win it thinks JUDD should wait it out.
Helen: “Elissa will put up Aaryn and Ginamarie”
They agree that this week is too early to get out Amanda. Helen: “This week we got to do it for Ginamarie and Aaryn”


6:59pm Have nots room Andy, Aaryn and Amanda
Andy is saying they need to start talking to Helen more because she is starting to drift away.

Andy leaves, Aaryn says that Helen lied straight to her face. (during the conversation between Andy and Helen in the storage room Aaryn walked in. Aaryn asked them what is going one. Helen and ANdy told her they were chatting about Candice. Helen elaborated about how Candice is giving her puppy dog eyes etc etc.. Andy tells aaryn they were not just talking about Candice. Helen is thinking about keeping Candice and she is skeptical about Amanda and McCrae’s loyalty)
Andy leaves. (Andy does tell them that Helen is questioning keeping Amanda this week)
Amanda: ‘She want Candice to stay.. ”
Aaryn: “She’s trying to get the votes”

McCrae joins them. They start counting the votes, Aaryn says Elissa, JUDD and Jessie will vote against her. McCrae: ‘Why don'[t we put up Elissa then it’s the only way to be sure”
Amanda: ‘Elissa will not vote against me she will vote out Spencer. They wonder if perhaps Helen should go up as the replacement nominee. Aaryn says there is no way GM will out Helen up.


7:12pm JUDD and Aaryn Aaryn telling him something sketchy is going on she’s worried that Cadnice is not going home. Aaryn says Elissa, Helen and Jessie are voting against Amanda
Aaryn: “I need to know right now are you working with Jessie ”
JUDD: “NO.. It’s a act”
JUDD says he will vote out Candice. Aaryn thinks they have to put up Helen or Elissa as the replacement nominee it’s their only way to ensure Candice goes home.

Aaryn tells him Amanda is the biggest target in the house she needs to stay. JUDD says the thought of voting Amanda out this week never crossed his mind.

Aaryn warns him that word is going around that the fight between him and Jessie was fake. JUDD swears it wasn’t. Aryan instructs him to go to Jessie and tell her they can work together in secret this way he can still get in her head but won’t tip off the other players. Aaryn adds that the entire house wants Jessie gone next week.

JUDD says Andy is starting to make him nervous. Aaryn: “Andy is getting information from Helen.. he tells us everything from Helen” JUDD would rather wok with Spencer than Jessie. Aaryn instructs him to work with Spencer and Jessie this way they have the scrubs covered. She asks him who he will put up if he wins HOH. JUDD says it’s a terrible week to win HOH no matter who you put up you are drawing a line, He knows he will put up Jessie.

Aaryn: ‘Don’t put me up again JUDD”
JUDD: ‘I won’t”

JUDD points out that Amanda and McCrae never talk game to him anymore. JUDD knows that Amanda thinks he’s MVP but he swears he doesn’t have it, “A common person cannot win MVP”
JUDD: ‘Candice is MVP she gets it every f**** week”


7:14pm Cockpit Andy, McCrae and Amanda

Andy says that Helen is wanting to vote out Amanda this week because Jessie cam to her and told her there was a plan to Backdoor Helen next week. Andy says he will deal with it Helen just needs to be talked to. Andy: ‘Jessie has go to go”

Amanda says she is not going to talk any game this week she’s counting on McCrae and Andy. They start thinking perhaps Helen is the best person to get GM to put up.

Amanda is thinking that Aaryn started spreading the rumours about he plan to backdoor Helen next week. MC suggest that perhaps Aaryn, Specner, JUDD and Jessie are working together.


7:35pm HOH Helen and Andy Helen tells Andy she does not want to get Amanda out this week.. Andy says there was no play to backdoor Helen next week he thinks it’s Jessie grasping at anything.

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177 thoughts on “Helen: “My Friends really want Amanda out” Amanda: “No Candice is going home.. 100%”

    1. I know, I am starting to hate him, the idiot wants to be third wheel to a DAMN SHOWMANCE. IT’S A SHOWMANCE. If they get to the F3, does he think they will take him? I think he’s retarded. Always ratting out on people and people don’t doubt him. If Amanda stays again, screw nominatingng her, NOM ANDY.

      1. If in doubt, trust the gay guy. Now Helen will be going up on the block. Because she tried to save herself and indirectly Candice. It wasn’t the right time for this move that everyone was pushing for. Helen didn’t have the votes. She should of gotten the M&M’s from Aaryn to figure it out. There was not a fourth vote to get. Now Jessie, Helen and Elissa all have targets on their backs. Why couldn’t they wait for this week’s HOH comp. If they win then they would of had the votes. Save Candice! Save Candice! Candice put herself in this spot. The house meeting, the calling out Spencer, etc. None of Candice’s moves advanced her game. Then at the Eleventh hour, a game Helen has been playing for 45 days, she threw caution to the win and loss the game.

        So Candice still goes home this week. But its Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy, Aaryn, Spencer and Gina versus Helen, Elissa and Jessie. 7 vs 3, Does these odds make any sense to anyone? Oh well, I guess there will be a wedding next week.

        1. Also! I am confused. Helen has the votes. Her, Elissa, Judd, Jessie, VS Andy, McCrea, Aaryn. So she has it 4 to 3. Not sure what else she needs? Aaryn I think could also be convinced if she votes Amanda she will be safe one more week. So she can be bought for safety. So it could go 5-2. Am I missing something?

          1. Judd is not down with getting Amanda out. Judd is closer to McCrae then Helen. Judd loyalties lie with McCrae over Helen. Additionally, Judd is also is closer to Aaryn and Gina then Jessie. Judd is not going to turn on Amanda/ McCrae or Aaryn/Gina to save Candice. So you don’t have 4 votes. Now that Helen probably will go up as the replacement nominee, you don’t even have 3.

          2. At this point Judd will not budge so they do not have the numbers. The only way Judd might consider budging is if they figure out Andy. Judd is already questioning Andy’s role. If Helen discovers that Andy is not loyal to her, she will spill more to Judd.
            This week Candice is leaving.

        2. Its 7 vs 3, remember its a double elimination week. I agree tho, next week was the perfect week to get Amanda out. I may be in the minority but I really like Jessie… She’s the ONLY one who stands up to Amanda. Spencer is just a lap dog now.

    2. Don’t like him but Andy is the safest player in the house. Both sides trust him and he tells Amanda all. Helen is just playing so stupid and it is going to cost her.

      1. I don’t like him either! I’m glad Aaryn told Judd, how Andy
        Is informing Amanda and McG about Helen. Soon, Judd is going to
        Spill it when he finds out Amanda is also targeting him.

        Helen is so stupid, wasn’t she in the back yard for the fight? WHEN AMANDA TOLD JESSI HOW SHE KNOWS
        HER PLAN BECAUSE ANDY TOLD HER. why can she use her brain. It’s clear as day that Andy is working with the couple.

      1. I wonder if Gina knows that Andy is a rat. Gina hates rats and people that don’t try and win comps. I wonder if Gina has ever saw BB before this season. Dr Will and Dan didn’t try to win comps. It was a social game with them. Playing two sides, I guess Gina never heard of that as well. So everything you hate about Howard, playing two sides and not winning comps, you think he was the first to do it? Andy, playing two sides this season is so easy too do. With all this hate in the house between sides, they never compare notes and discover Andy is so very untrustworthy.

        Is this the first time a gay guy might win BB. Its so hard to find anyone to root far. I might as well root for the gay guy to make history. Before you say I don’t want Andy, what’s my alternative? Amanda no way! Aaryn no! Gina no! Judd no! McCrae, he’s an enabler to Amanda, so no! Helen, Elissa and Jessie I think are gone now that their plan has been exposed. Spencer is a maybe. Although Spencer may be a sexist, I think he’s a down to earth guy. So its either Andy or Spencer I am rooting for.

    3. This all started with Jessie, AGAIN. I’m telling you she is going down for the last two weeks. Helen will flip when the time comes, she always has. All the hopes are going to go down the tubes this week. Candice is going home when it is all said and done.

      1. Not sure what your point is. You say this all started with Jessie. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Amanda and McCrae were going to go after Helen, I am not so sure if it was going to be this week. Jessie may have made it up in order to get Helen into action. But Helen didn’t think it through. She knew that Judd has a better relationship with Aaryn/Gina then her. Did she really think Judd would put that at risk? Helen confided in Andy as the possible fourth vote. However, Helen not unlike Howard and Candice, trusts Andy unconditionally. The signs were there that Andy had earlier informed on Helen. Helen told Andy last week, this is just between me and you and its not to go anywhere, but Amanda has thrown me under the bus and needs to go. Next thing you know, Judd and McCrae are talking her down off the ledge and Howard is out. Helen never thought about how McCrae and Judd knew she was upset with Amanda.

        So its better now then later that Helen learns that Andy is a snitch. But maybe Helen doesn’t figure it out….all to her own detriment.

    4. He is the prototype of who BB should NEVER…EVER cast again.

      If he was actually trying to win the game, given his absolute loyalty to McCrea and Amanda, then he would have to be happy for one of them to be evicted before jury, since he could never get whichever one is evicted’s vote. Andy would see he was in good with everybody and Amanda completely gave him up as a rat to Jessie and he tendency to make a spectacle of herself puts him in danger. So if he was trying to win, he never says a word to them about Helen’s effort. Instead he just stays noncommittal, worrying it’s to soon, and waits to see if she can find a 4th vote. Andy could let Helen work and see what happens. Even if it gets back to Amanda, he has coverage with claiming not to know because Amanda showed him as her rat, so of course they wouldn’t share their plan to get her with him.

      And if Helen gets the votes, then great. Amanda goes, McCrea’s loyalty is solely to him, he’s still Helen’s most trusted confidant, with strong relationships to everybody, and absolutely nobody targeting him. And if Helen fails, she puts a great big target on herself, Elissa, and Jessie. All three will be outed as adversaries to McCrea, Amanda, Judd, Aaryn, and GM…while he can move between the two sides, actually start strategically revealing information in order to help assure the evictions he wants as the power shifts back and forth, and help steer Spencer to the end, who would be his absolutely ideal final two partner as he doesn’t have a single vote

    5. andy the absolute 3rd wheel submissive rat, following orders from his masters, and ruining the season

      production please step in and give us a pandoras box or second veto to shake things up

      hope it gives jess more time so she can make jury

      she may have to win veto on thursday then the hoh

    6. I agree about Andy, but I noticed Jessie fronted him with Amanda. And now Helen knows he runs his mouth. His game is going to put him in the jury when everyone realizes he’s a snake. Just give it time. All these guys wanted a household alliance and they are running out of people. Someone needs to go ahead and pull the knife out and end it. Helen is smart to turn the votes, problem is no one can be trusted to STFU for 24 hours and think it out. Once Andy is exposed he’ll be out of the loop and I guarantee you he will be the blunt of things that he didn’t even do once paranoid Helen puts it together, she’ll be saying he’s been MVP every week since Elissa lost it. His days are very numbered. I think THE BEST thing for everyones game is to break up McCrea and Amanda. It is amazing to me that no one has the balls to do it. These folks really think they will all stand up there on the last day with 6 seats!?!?!? Good luck with that. Helen as much as I hate her and Spencer are the only two people playing this game. Sad part is they won’t work together. Helen has a lot of faults, but good god, EVERYONE ask her who she want’s up? How can you deny that she’s playing a great game. Her paranoia is going to destroy her. Bet on it, if Amanda stays the two of them are going to have what we call “Come to Jesus moment” where they are going to turn on eachother, and it’s about the only thing that can save this season.

  1. Amanda: I hate cheap people

    Mc: When you deliver a pizza and cheap people stiff you for a tip it sucks.

    Andy shows up

    Judd: I can’t stand cheap people. It makes me real mad when someone says something like, “Hey, when are you going to pay me that $100 you owe me?” or “Do you have that $50 you borrowed?” Man, quit being so cheap!

    Mc: One time I was delivering a pizza and the guy who ordered it gave me a naked pic of his girlfriend as my tip.

    Judd: When I dated Lyn she got really mad, because she had e-mailed me a naked picture of herself — which is a nice thing to do — but then I messed up, and I accidentally forwarded that e-mail to both of my parents. Now, my girlfriend is furious, mortified, but I don?t even care, ’cause now I have to call up my mother and say ‘Mom, I am so sorry — that picture was just for dad.’

  2. helen is so stupid this is the only opportunity to get out amanda and nobody has the balls except for jessie to actually take advantage of it ! so many weak players in this house i swear this has to be the worst season ever !!

    1. The problem is Andy he’ll snitch every conversation to Amanda. Helen, Jesse and Elissa seem to be game to taking out Amanda but Andy’s loyalty to Amanda ruins the whole plan.
      Gotta love snitches.

      1. they all want andy but theyre better off with judd and spencer on their side…if judd hears about mcmanda’s plans i think hed be pretty easy to flip!!!

        1. i think judd is simply too dumb to realize he is better off losing amanda, splitting up the couple before jury, then having a 6 on 4 advantage

          judd you are soooooooooo dumb

  3. Uh Oh, Helen’s goose is cooked to the point of burning ROLMFAO
    Jessie just might’ve inherited another week or 2 in the house.

    Andy is playing for 3rd place big time.

    1. F U Andy and if we all vote his butt next week these idiots will keep him. If Amanda stays again this week none of these a$$es deserve the money!!! I am still gonna vote for her next week becuz she is on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown she gona lose it in 3-2-1 Lmao One more week on the block and she will have to leave that house in a St8 Jacket lol

  4. Really… It’s always “too early” for these people. When they run out of time and find themselves watching Amanda’s goodbye message on a chair next to Julie.

    1. Right it’s always too early why isn’t anyone connecting the pieces Andy is a rat and this might be the one shot of getting Amanda out if they don’t final five would. Be prediction Amanda MC Andy Aaron Gm

      1. in the season with ron how he was playing both sides and the houseguest found out and called him out these house guests need to figure it out and call andy out about going to amanda and telling the conversation he just had with the other houseguests but these people seem to be stupid and not see that andy is the rat hopefully someone like helen jessie or elissa will see it and call him out on it but i doubt it they just go with the flow

  5. ugh, its so close. helen, get some guts, quit talking to the rat, and talk to judd.

    and judd plz think more about how demanda isn’t talking game with you anymore and talking bad behind your back

    1. I second this sentiment. Candice has had a rough time in the house. She deserves a break. Please, production? :/

      1. I have no more pity for Candice. She calls people “rednecks” and wants the “boys” out. She threatens to get “ghetto” on people. She’s no angel.

  6. Andy is good if he’s on your side but very deadly if he’s not. Amanda is very lucky to have hin on her side. He seems to be the key to changing the whole game.

  7. Pure buzz kill !!!! I had my hopes up played some reruns saw Amanda crying, Andy playing his two faced game and now……. All is up in smoke. If you want to take out someone and parties agree then do it. Andy will be Helen’s downfall – don’t get second guessed make a decision and stick to it.

    Man I am sorry but this just blows – exicted for nothing. WHY is it too early Helen – you take out Amanda and make two allies in the process. Once Amanda is out you become a bigger voice. If Helen had done this I likely would have seen her differently but she is the ultimate flip flopper. You think you are running the game but so far Andy/Amanda/MC are playing you like a puppet.

  8. I’m really sick of Amanda. She goes around bullying everyone and telling them to “stop playing the victim” while she self-victimizes ALL THE TIME. Quit your crying. Much like Aaryn in the early weeks, she thinks that she’s America’s favorite. *eyeroll*

    1. this in response to the asinine comment:
      derick alaska says:
      August 3, 2013 at 8:02 am
      Well the motive of rigging could be for many reasons; balancing power, favoring certain house guests that are viewed highly to the audience, ratings (classic example, Brendan coming back in the game to be with Rachel). If you think that this game has no rigging whatsoever, then Bob you are sadly mistaken.

      yeah amanda’s viewed REAL HIGHLY by the audience.
      you are sadly mistaken bro….

  9. I can’t believe Jessie is not pissed at Andy for telling Amanda about the idea to get Amanda out last week. Jessie is naive, to her own detriment. If Candice goes home, I would nominate Andy and McCrae if I were the HOH.

    I’d say Andy- you seem to be the conduit of information to those in power about private conversation we have had. You pretending to be my friend along with a few others that have been on the block lately. It’s your turn to be in the line of fire.

    McCrae- You are also going up because you are well liked by all, which by being nominated, we will find how person in this house votes and where the true loyalties lie.

    In summary, intimidation and berating people is not going to work this week. Good luck to each of you because this will be a real battle of loyalties.

    1. im happy jess is getting the others to have a good think about changing the game

      i would love to see judd go up

      then amanda is gone with votes from helen, spencer, elissa, jess

  10. ***** Aaryn: “Andy is getting information from Helen.. he tells us everything from Helen” *****

    that right there should make Judd really think about taking out Amanda this week. Andy will be useless without Amanda, and Judd can work closer to Helen. these idiots won’t do anything though, just another predictable week of sheep thinkers.

  11. Andy is basically playing for a 3rd place finish at this point. It boggles my mind why he is so loyal/scared of Amanda and Mccrae…what an annoying weasel.

    1. Andy would be lucky to even get that, I think if McManda have it their way, Aaryn will be sitting with them in the F3.

  12. I think one of the reasons big brother has been boring so far is because everybody trusts ANDY. The crazy thing is, they all worked with him, so they know he’s a rat. I would of went to Judd first and told him about the plan to back door him. Then he could work with them. I absolutely positively can’t wait for Andy to be on the block.

  13. I swear I think Andy & Amanda are friends outside that house. She has never once questioned his loyalty,not ever & she has questioned everyone at one time or another, even McCrae & he is very protective of her & will not let anyone talk about her.

  14. Okay this is whats.bugging me and if you are a mother you may see my point of.view. A couple of years ago aI was in critical care for a monthand could not see my baby. I cried every day was the lowest time of my life not seeing my son. How are themom?m?ms on the show not missing their children ilyssa and Helen need to be at home with their children please send them home next I bet daddy needs a break

      1. AMEN, AGREED, DITTO! I seriously think thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I cant believe Tennesseegal wasted my precious 20 seconds on that crap! Get off the BB site, quit posting, AND PLEASE catch the first ship back to the 1950’s . Backwards hick breeders posting on BB about their backwards hick ways. WTF

  15. Candice may have said she threw the last HOH, but I think she was just saving face. Candice wouldn’t have won that HOH even if she tried. I think Candice knew she had to win it or go home and she lost. I am just confused about her play. Candice has the house meeting and place Spencer on blast and pouts the next few days. I thought she accepted the idea that she’s going home. However, Helen who originally said she was going to try and keep Candice, then said we have to vote Candice out because that’s what the HOH wants. Now is saying that we have to keep Candice. I wonder why? Because Helen thinks they are coming after her. Now Helen is rallying the troops to possibly save Candice again. What happened we have to do what the HOH wants? LOL!

    Now if you are saying because she didn’t try for the HOH win that she doesn’t deserve your sympathy. You have a right to your opinion. However, its three against one. Aaryn, Gina and Amanda versus Candice, and just her mere presence sets them off. I wish Candice either ignore them or bring it to a head. Candice getting in the gutter with Gina and trading barbs sullies Candice as well. The tit for tat thing never works.

    I watched BB11 again today. Chima in BB11 when confronted with what she thought was racism called out the house guest. She explained what happened and said where she stood and where others should stand. Granted Chima was later expelled from the house. However, my point is I think Candice and Howard didn’t handle this racism in the house right. Howard thought he could still play the game and ignore the comments. Howard you are Black! You were always going to be at a disadvantage with them in the game. Candice, handled it slightly different, she brought it up in conversations with Helen, Jessie and Elissa. Nothing became of it, the racism didn’t affect them. Candice should of taken a stand and made a stink of it on the spot and put CBS on the defensive. So now we at the point in the game and Candice is leaving. She is leaving for a variety of reasons. One she wasn’t very good at this game and two, Gina finally got an HOH and shot first. In hindsight Candice, you should of stood up for yourself publicly a long time ago. However, its to late now, just don’t get in the gutter with these girls and let me remember you as the lady you are.

    1. I wonder who will become their new “Black” sheep once Candice is gone. Howard left, Candice will leave… Maybe it will be Helen or maybe they will continue to revive again and again their “glorious” moments of hatred towards both of them (Howard and Candice)… Who knows?

  16. they need to just vote out amanda she is telling everyone who should go each week and andy needs to go he cant be trusted because if they keep on talking to him he is just going to go to amanda and mccrea and tell them what they said like he did with helen trying to vote out amanda least she knows amanda has to go soon and andy is a rat

  17. So since there is a double eviction thursday,do you think after the show on wensday they will let america vote for the 3rd nominee and whoever has the most votes thursday morning will go up?

  18. Helen talks to Andy about getting Amanda out. Elissa sees Andy and Amanda and Aaryn in have not room talking. Within minutes Amanda is crying in the back yard. How are these people so stupid? Do they not see that obviously Andy told her something. This will be the week that Helen looks back on when she is in jury and regrets not getting Amanda out. They need to convince Judd and it wouldn’t be hard to make him paranoid about Amanda. These people are gutless. Only one person wins and right now they are all playing for Amanda. Andy is an idiot if he thinks the showmance will take him to final 2

    1. why are house guests being this submissive and loyal to amanda…why? she hasnt done anything to deserve that

      it almost seems rigged, like alot of them have been told to protect amanda, give her all the info and keep her safe, even if it badly affects your own game

      its almost like andy, judd and aaryn would be happy to finish 3rd rather than have an actual chance at 50k or 500k

      house guests wake up…it is hugely important to split the couple before jury

      its all up to judd now but he is too dumb and too much of a kiss ass pussy to go against the grain and make a game changing move

  19. This season, big brother is just like The book 1984. Your not allowed to think freely in the book, just like in the house, and if you try to go against the government, you were sent away.

  20. Hopefully production realize that blindsiding Amanda would be TV gold and make it happen! she would probably be the type of person walking out of the house with no class at all!

  21. “Andy says he will deal with it, Helen just needs to be talked to.”
    As usual, Andy thwarted Helen’s effort to make a big move.. he completely controls her.

  22. I right here keeping hope alive i was playing candy crusher end my game just to see if amanda was going home thanks to this faggot ass andy yes i said it faggot i just wish i had a dick to piss on his ass … hellen has to talk to judd she is so stupid why hellen doesnt realize everytime she brings up amanda name ANDY shuts it down …

  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if McRae takes the whole show. By far the biggest threat. He wins or comes close to winning nearly everything. No ones even looking at him right now. Andy is in a good spot too but he’s definitely not strong enough to win some of the final competitions.

    1. im voting all 10 votes amanda to be 3rd nom

      at least andy deserves to be playing

      after talking about raping and killing house guests, amanda should not be in the game and on tv, in my opinion – i will vote her as 3rd nom until she is gone

  24. Hell ya good job Andy. Keep being an informant. Team Amanda loves you. Eat shit Helen I hope this blows up in your face!

    1. Seriously!! I can’t stand her game!! One minute this person need to go, the next minute she is on their side! She act like she is the best player of all time, two minutes later she tell everything to Andy, then listen to him!! Plus she is in a alliance with Elissa, who doesn’t understand anything and have to always explain to her everything they are trying to do 15 times! And the way she is talking to people just pissed me off! OK

  25. I don’t think Andy is playing a bad game! Maybe his going for a big brother Canada minus Topaz! Gary was the third wheel to the power couple and obviously should of won!

    1. jill was the deserving winner, won comps and had good social game, and was never voted out with a chance to come back in at the end

      i was happy for jill

  26. hellen is playing this game so wrong she’s acting stupid why talk about getting amanda out now before the veto ceremony dumb move never know if aaryn will influence gina to put elissa or hellen up to make sure the votes goes to evict candice

  27. Candice will leave the BigBrother House Thursday, back to normalcy for her, and good riddance to the house of bigots, racist and jealous pretend beauty queens.

    As for HELEN, shortly after Candice exits, you will be leaving as well…Goodbye to the Big Brother House for you Helen as well, and you thought the racist think of you differently than Candice and Howard.

    So when Aaryn, GM and Amanda send you home with a bowl of rice and fake nails and polish, you then will realize what Candice and Howard already know.

  28. It’s sad when your favorite player on the show is Spencer or Candice by default. I look at all these other houseguests’ game and can’t find one technique that would qualify them as playing a good game. It’s obvious the way to win Big Brother this season is to put out word that you want to backdoor someone and if the plan blows up, just lie and place the blame on another houseguest. For the first season that I can think of, I don’t see any player worthy of taking home 500k. This is all bad.

    1. Anyone that strikes Helen/ Elissa or McCrea/ Amand will become my favourite. I used to like Amanda but at this point a powershift is long overdue.

  29. helen doesn’t have the numbers, she only has elissa and jessie. what is she thinking following up on info from jessie, who was just against her earlier this week? she’ll lose andy, mccrae (want amanda to stay), gm and aaryn (want candice to leave) for sure, probably judd and spencer (same reasosns) too if they keep candice.

  30. I think Amanda only has a couple of weeks on her left at most. Until this MVP things is dissolved, she is going to keep getting put up, and the murmur to get her out is going to have a larger voice every week. Her paranoia is really destroying her.

  31. I really don’t understand any of their game play. Why not wait until after the veto and see who goes up in Jessie’s place, then start counting the numbers and see if they have enough before speading it to everyone in the house????? DUH

  32. Well, maybe Helen wins HOH and puts up Amanda & McRae. makes deal with GM not to put her up for vote for Amanda.(doesn’t matter , she will have no power if Mcrae goes.)She would throw McRae under the bus in a second. Maybe Judd will go back to Helen and tell her Andy is ratting her moves out to Amanda and join Helen to get out Amanda. It would be like Christmas coming early. The so called hot girls would be freaking out over Candace staying. Poetic justice

    1. not true

      the house guests just need to actually use their brain

      if ever there was a week to give america the power to control one of the house guests votes its this week

      america force judd to vote out amanda, then its done she goes 4-3, with the others voting her out being helen, elissa, jess

  33. Andy shat on the dream, but all these people lay down too quickly. They’ re so easily manipulated by Amanda it’s mind blowing to watch. Helen deserves to get F’d over by Andy and Amanda, at this point. She’s not as cut throat as she tries to come off.

    At this point, my only hope is Elissa will malfunction and go rogue again.

  34. I know that its always “too early”, but seriously….things need to gain wheels at the Tuesday night wed morning timeframe. So much shit is said too early and it gets back to others (looking at you andy). And then people find out and can’t control themselves (Amanda, who hasn’t handled on the block well) And by the way, people bitching about McCrea and Amanda will be in final two are delusional. If and only if either one gets to final 6, its who says what to whom to form a majority alliance. By that time its to do what you can and need to in order to make it to the next week. Remember final 4 is so important for anyone. But man, it seems as if these people have been in the house for 70 days. And Helen always overplays her cards. She has to realize when to keep that trap shut. When is the good time to choose and act. ….and McCrea is playing a good game. With the always abrasive Amanda, imagine him being able to play without the showmance. Man this season is full of people who’d rather bone than play.

    1. whoa! i just relistened to the andy/helen conversation and when she says “my friends are really strong about this” (about voting amanda out) i think she’s talking about production!! andy responds “how can they question you to make you consider that…” that sounds like they are talking about production, not just elissa and jessie…

  35. These players would obviously f’n suck at the game of CLUE. Are you kidding me, Andy!!! So far no one has picked up on the rat running back and forth with information. He’s got red hair and he’s right in the open!! Exterminate that little rodent!! How can they not see him? Oh right, he dresses like Mr. Dressup and plays the part quite right.
    UGH< Helen, take off that stupid outfit, you look ridiculous!!!

  36. Did anyone ever think the two people that each “side” of the house would ever be Elissa and Aaryn? Elissa trying to rid the house of Amanda and Aaryn trying to get rid of Elissa or Helen. It’s funny those two are the only ones that seen to be really thinking this week.

  37. andy is getting away with it now. but i promise you….helen KNOWS that her plans are reaching amanda via andy. she knows….and it work forever. jessie even said in tonights episode that Andy is telling amanda shit. so….its exposed. the roman empire is gonna crumble!!!

  38. RatAndy is lower than a maggot!! He is Demanda’s weasel-dog sucking for scraps. Judd should walk up to him and punch him into next Tuesday. GinaMarie called Jessie a flip-flopper then what the hell is that spineless weak-knee Helen. I do not understand why anyone would follow such a weak willed person (she at any rate thinks she has a following). Some really stupid blind people this year. You do have to hand it to Demanda for targeting Nick who would have chewed her to pieces.

  39. I would love to choke that rat Andy with his tale. What is he getting by saving Amanda the butch? What is it? A threesome after the show with pizza boy hut? You better when something soon Andy or Ill have to vote him as MVP.

  40. If these houseguests can’t see that Andy is the biggest flip-flopper-disloyal-player in the house, then not one of them deserve $500k.

    Again….FOOLS! He can’t be that good of a liar! At this rate, he will be crowned the winner! OMG!

    1. Andy is smart. The longer he can fuck around without having to definitively pick a side, the better for him. It just sucks for the Amanda haters and those without a favorite (like myself) who just want to see the most drama possible.

    2. I am not sure Andy has lied, verbally. He phrases his responses very carefully. He has a pat line for most situations that is very ambiguous. One of the reasons he is so annoyed with the Kaitlin eviction is that he personally lied to her, and it bothers him.

  41. Anyone else see the irony in Amanda pushing to get Judd up as the replacement nom? Such a move would seal her fate. Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Spencer would not pass up the opportunity to send Orangina out of the house.

    Oh wait. This is friggin’ BB15. The HGs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  42. GM can’t think about game cause she’s too busy patting herself on the back & saying JUDD voted out Nick! Everyone there voted out Nick! GM really has some kind of mental block going on, talking about how “America knows now I have balls” “I came here to play” “I will call people out on their sh** ” yeah, behind their backs, where I come from that’s not calling people out it’s just being a two-faced coward. She even made nicey nice to Jessie & Candice right after her “badass” nom speech, proving all she wanted to do was LOOK bada$$ on the TV show… I wish someone in there truly had guts! Helen is as bad as GM with claiming she says this & that to people & all she really does is cry. GM is still talking about someone else that voted out Nick! THEY ALL VOTED OUT NICK!!!!! OMG! what is wrong with her???????

  43. Anybody else get the feeling if Amanda is predetermined to win as previously reported on here that maybe Andy was cast to be her secret weapon in the house since he reports everything he hears back to her and obviously knows if they make final 3 he has not shot at final 2. It’s seems pretty obvious to me because if he actually cared about winning he would be on board with getting Amanda out.

  44. Although I think Amanda is despicable, Gina Marie just said something horrific about Candice:

    Sun 8:42 PM BBT GM about Candice: “She is such a degenerate that her own mom didn’t even want her.”

    My message to GM: You are so low class and ignorant that Nick didn’t even want you. I hope he makes that clear to you if you should ever see him again.

    1. Wow, she is disgusting. They need to show these things on the show, as Aryan and GM seem to be getting a more favorable edit lately, which is NOT deserved. Poor Candice, I don’t know how she hasn’t broken down completely by now.

    2. That is such a low, low comment to make. I do not like Candice, she is annoying and seems to be a snob person in real life, but, come on, that comment was really disgusting and uncalled for. I wish production will call her in the DR for that. I am tired of the all the hatred towards Candice, seriously….

  45. Man … GM is on a major POWER TRIP. Shuffling people in threatening people to take out Candice. GM you don’t win allies by threatening people. Just Hilarious!!! Power is a dangerous drug.

    1. GM : “I got the BAWLS to say what everyone is thinking… so PFFFFT”. She thinks she runs the world right now.

      1. I know, right? She’s got a big head about things and is making miniature moves like “taking out Candice, instead of making a play for the 500k”.

        Aaryn’s 2nd HOH and her’s a purely personal, damn shame.

  46. Wow, was impressed that GM got a little mad and told Aryan it’s her HOH and no one tells her what to do (wish that was true) and when talking to Judd she indicated to him that Aryan can’t be trusted.
    Judd needs to man up and quit being so jittery worrying about going on the block. MC drives me nuts when someone talks to him he continously says “yup.”
    Props to Helen for at least trying to get Amanda out, she doesn’t have the votes so why are folks here saying she’s stupid not getting Amanda out? Most they would have is 3 so why even do it if it won’t work, it’ll only put a bigger target on them.

  47. The jokes on Andy, if the final four are Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy, McManda will surely take Aaryn, because just in case Aaryn slips into F2 (not outside the realms of possibility) one of McManda will still win.

  48. This would’ve been a totally different situation if Candice was replaced with Chima. Chima would not stand for the racist commenst and would have tore Amanda, Gina and especially Aaryn a new one. Plus it would be a more entertaing show.

  49. OMG! GM now saying no can make deals right now, she is the HOH, she has the power & she is the only one that can make deals this week, who do they think they are trying to make deals when they ain’t HOH, She is HOH, she is the only one that can make any deals”…

  50. Amanda just said just by looking at the pictures she would think Aaryn or GinaMarie would be her best friends. I guess her racist radar went off they must be able to detect each other. Them racist bitches have to stick together YO!!

  51. I want to know why no one calls anyone out on the bs. Jessie tried (bless her heart) but she did not stand a chance against Amanda. She got eaten alive but most for what she said was true. I want someone in there to just start lighting fuses and stepping back to watch the fireworks. Shake it up people! Play for the 500k!

    1. wtf are you talking about?

      jess won the fight with amanda

      BB15 FIGHT: Amanda vs Jessie (08.02.2013 1:55AM CAM 1)


  52. First it was Aaryan and Amanda hating each other and Andy hating Aaryan

    Now it’s Amanda and Aaryan are like friends (with Racism) and Andy tells them everything.

    Expect the Unexpected for sure -_-

    P.S. WTF Andy >:/

  53. Has GM been in jail before? I swear she’s eating like someone that’s protecting their food. Just curious LOL

  54. I guess I don’t understand all of the Amanda hate…why does everyone fault her for being the best player in the house? Will she win…probably not, but nobody is playing as hard as her.

    1. 1. She has a big mouth…very RUDE and CRASS…seriously if she was a guy you would all think she is worse than Jeremy or Spencer…but since she a woman it means she`s funny and a strong woman??? WTF?

      2. CBS is giving her a great edit which is totally undeserved…showing all of Aaryn at her worst but barely touching Amanda`s personality flaws and not showing ANY of Amanda`s racist comments. TOTALLY NOT FAIR!

      3. She is a bully in her gameplay plain and simple. When things aren’t going her way in the game she gets in people’s face and verbally abuses them and threatens them. Seriously she already has the numbers on her side. Why does she have to attack people who dare to plot against her? Probably it’s her paranoia and insecurities coming out. The only reason she gets away with it is she has 3 people who are inexplicably and absolutely in her backpocket (McCrae, Andy, Aaryn, and to some degree Aaryn). Other people in the house sense this so they are loyal to her out of fear (Helen, Elissa, Judd). I have no idea why Andy is so brainwashed by her. That’s the one part of her game that I admire is that she has her own version of mist working on Andy.

      4. Her fans say that anybody who hates her just hate her because she is a strong woman. A strong woman??? A woman who routinely makes her disgusting and hateful remarks about other women in the house but doesn’t treally talk shit about any guys? This girl loves to pick fights with other girls but when she picks a guy like Jeremy she starts crying before the fight can even start. A girl who dumps her supposed “soulmate” outside of the house right away and jumps in the first HOH’s bed? A girl with no decency who parades around the house half-naked (this girl seems desparate for male attention) and sleeps with a pizza boy she just barely met and then calls other girls sluts? A girl who breaks down and cries in the corner when somebody criticized her stripper dance routine? Is this what passes for a strong woman?

      5. She parades around the house in underwear with her flat ass hanging out or only band-aids stuck around her fake plastic boobs and it’s not pleasant on the eyes.

  55. God, Helen is so annoying. She’s so stupid that she actually thinks she’s running the house! Newsflash, you only have Elissa and Candice (who you’re about to vote out) behind you.

    I actually liked Amanda up until a few days ago, but she’s too hateful and power-mad to root for. If she was just being strategic and not such a bully, I would think she was a genius. How she has these people flocking to her, I have no idea. She’s even got Helen, officially the town idiot, working for her.

    1. This is why her dumb a$$ should have flip last week. It would have been easier to get the numbers. But instead she voting out someone that she could have got to work with her, at least for a little while.

  56. I have a hard time finding one contestant that I truly like this season. My closest pick would be Jessie, Judd and Elissa but then again I am not totally rooting for any of them for the win.

    Jessie: Needs a lot of attention if not will break down
    Judd: He is hanging too much with Aaryn which makes him less likable to me
    Elissa: A good person, (one of the few in this house this year) but too soft to play this game. She is really not like her sister, imo

    1. i think your jess analysis is over exaggerated, and they all need companionship in there

      she has put up with alot of crap from many players throughout the season and dealt with it well, so i like her mental strength and heart

      im glad jess is looking to fight to change the game so its not so boring and predictable

  57. Did GM get a punishment of no food for a few days? She needs to turn the small end of the cone into her mouth so we don’t have to watch her shovel food into her mouth and smack every time she chews. Even a five year old knows to close their mouth when they chew.

  58. Can anyone in this game keep a damn secret? These people are constantly running and telling what someone just told them instead of keeping their mouths shut and using the info to their advantage . There is a reason mike and will did so well, they didn’t tell every one everything!

  59. Helens camp and Amandas camp both completely trust Andy.. Why the heck would he want to sever that relationship and cut one side earlier than he has to? The bias on here against Amanda is horrible. Next week Andy has a jury house full of friends.. That’s kind of a good thing non?

    1. the bias against amanda is horrible?

      she is horrible

      what sort of woman talks about raping and killing another woman on a tv show?

      i cannot believe anyone would stick up for amanda…each to their own, but still, she is clearly not a nice person at all

  60. GM is nuts. No one has any idea of who she is going to put up to replace Jessie. GM is telling everyone her I’ve got the power to put you up speech.

    GM just calls Jessie pig vomit then she belches. pure class

  61. First I.want to thank simonanddawg for this website_ this is my very first year watchin every episode, bbad,and reading ahead to see what happens. Yals site is the bestby far! Cbs should be paying yal a gratuity if there is a website where all of yals fans can write to in support of this let us know! Second want to say I really enjoy reading othet peoples perception on the game! Maybe not so much the personal attacks,but their are some reallyfunny people on here so thanks for the laughs! As far as my two cents are worth, im for judd all the way. He is from a smmall townclose to me and we good peeps down here! Just wish hedspit the dip out lol. Also I think u can tell alot about someoneby music preference and being a southern gal ilove love regina spector…sogood job mccrae! He must be kinda cool! If u have not heard her check it outz!

  62. i’m starting to believe the blog post from the girl who worked at CBS and pretty much said the Amanda is gonna win this game. She said there will be situations where you think Amanda will be going home but they save her. looks like another week of them saving her. these house guests are so dumb. clearly, they have to know andy is a rat and yet they still talk in front of him. i would lay a trap with the gingerbread man and put out fake stories and see if they get back to people and boom u have him trapped. kick his ass out! c’mon house guests grow some balls and shake this game up! right now this is the most boring season ever!

  63. I wish BB US would pull a stunt like in BB Canada this year and ask the audience to vote for one of the evicted house guest to go back in the house. I would like to see Howard, Nick or even Jeremy come back.

    Seeing their faces, it would be an epic moment! Hahahahaha!

    1. or do a powershift where america gets to take one nominee off the block and put up another

      then amanda could well be gone

      america save candice and put up judd or andy or mccrae

      then 4-3 amanda gone…votes are elissa, candice, helen, jess

  64. First off I want to thank simon and dawg for this site, this is thefirst year I have followed the show on after dark and online,and your site is the best byfar! Cbs should be payin yal and if there is a site or email where your fans can tell them howmuch you do for the show tell us! Since this is my firstyear watchin whicj seasons do yal die hard fans recommend I go back to watch? I have to root for my hometown boy judd. Yal need to expect some big things from himcause jwe may talk slow doesnt mean we think slow! But forcryin out loud get the dip out of your mouth! Ialso like mccrae. I think you can tell alot by someones muuusic prefereence and regina spector is amazing so he must be pretty cool! If I had to listen to spice girls or jessica simpson prettysure I would slit my wrists. Does anybody know what judd picked?

    1. Thanks! glad you are liking our spoilers.

      I would say they are all good except for BB13.

      BB12 was one of my personal favorites but i’m the only person that woulds say that.

      BBCanada was also great we have most the important feed clips on youtube

  65. Andy/Amanda/Judd –I always knew Andy was a mole for McManda. Judd doesn’t want to be associated at all with Jessie.

    Elissa/Helen/Jessie — 3 players that together don’t add up to one Amanda. I’m not talking morals and stuff, but complete ruthlessness and laser focus on who she wants out, morals and human decency be damned.

    GM/Aaryn…they will vote out Candice if the two other things on the block were herpes and SPF 50 suntan lotion.

    (Helen is a complete idiot for discounting the fact of how badly GM and Aaryn want Candice out. Sorry…they should have gotten one of these two out earlier). Spencer may vote against Amanda, but that would mean NO ONE is voting for the replacement nom if this is to be successful. I am assuming GM will put up Spencer as the replacement).

    If Elissa or Helen is put up, that is one less vote for the EHJ alliance. If Spencer took either of their place, there is still not enough votes to get out Amanda.

    1. Spencer = (2) Elissa, Helen — (could vote for Amanda, but will need to worry about McCrae coming after them. Both play it safe and vote out Spencer).

      Candice = (5) Andy, Judd, Aaryn, GM, McCrae

      Amanda = (1) Jessie

  66. thank you Simon I will check into those. what do I type in YouTube to watch the Canadian version? never seen it. I’ve only seen sporadic episodes like I remember Mike boogie being very very funny and I remember Dr will and that’s about it. I was a finalist for the Bachelorette and the last minute did not go judging by the people on the show I think I picked the wrong one to try out on to because they are not the sharpest crayon in the box to compare to them I’m like a sharpie! a lot of people say this season is dulll so it looks like I’ve got a lot to catch up to!

  67. I think America,if there is another MVP nom we should spend the votes in proportions of 6:4 for Amanda:Andy that way we make sure Andy comes in second. so that if one gets off the other comes up. I don’t think any house guest will put these two up. Andy is the reason this season is so boring, all big moves get foiled as soon as he learns of them.

    Helen too, messed up a major move last week Spencer was preparing to backdoor Amanda(which is why i think they need to go to him with the plan), if it wasn’t for Helen playing on Candice into calling that stupid meeting. I feel sorry for Candice but Candice has no clue how to play (She like Howard people just hate for no particular reason. Race a side, being a rat(Candice a rat and not Andy), dishonesty (tell me one honest person even Aryn had to throw Kaitln under the bus to save face )anyway all that is just bs birds of a feather will always folk together , which is why Helen thought for minute should could somehow blend in, but no matter what ; a leopard cannot change its spots and in the double eviction i expect to see Candice in Aryn’s clown suit(what a joker) and Helen with a bowl of rice.

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