Josh “Don’t f***ing touch my bed!” Mark “JOSH DID I F***ING SAY YOUR NAME?!”

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9pm Lounge room. Alex, Christmas, Matt, Raven and Ramses are studying what they remember from the videos. They head into the bathroom to continue studying. Alex – do not talk to Mark because he has been lying to our faces about some of it. A$$hole! Christmas – I think the best thing for us to do is break up into small groups and then mix up small groups. Alex – and if Ramses comes in just… Christmas – shut the f**k up. I’m not interested in giving him f**king information. Alex – he’s just going to run to the other side. Christmas – if Cody stays next to Mark and Elena… Elena remembered everything! Christmas – she graduated at the top of her class high school and college at a very prestigious school. That b***h is smart! So smart! Alex – she has a photographic memory. She closed her eyes and read all the tattoos. What the F**K Rain Man!? SH*T!

9:05pm In the bedroom – Elena and Ramses are studying. Christmas joins them.

9:15pm Alex comes out of the havenot room laughing. Josh – don’t say sh*t! Don’t say sh*t! Alex is laughing. Jason – why are you laughing? Alex – Marks bed is just on the floor. Like (Alex throws her pillows on the floor). Jason – oh no.

9:25pm Havenot room.
Mark comes out of the havenot room and asks – Alex, I am going to ask you once. Was this you?! Alex – no I did not touch your pillows! Mine are right here. Josh – don’t f**king touch my bed! Mark – JOSH DID I F**KING SAY YOUR NAME??!!! Josh – I don’t know who the f**k you’re talking to but all I said was don’t f**king touch my bed! Mark is standing by his bed looking at how all his pillows have been thrown on the ground. Josh – oh sh*t! Paul comes in and says I’ve been outside this room the entire time. I had nothing to do with it. Kevin – Mark, just be cool man. Don’t fight about it. Lets help him fix it. Mark – no, no, no its fine. Kevin – Who touched his stuff. No one touch my stuff. I’m not playing no more! F**king ridiculous man, we have enough pressure from everyone being everyone and then we f**k with each other still!? Who did it!? Josh – I just said nobody touch my bed because they’ve been playing with beds all day and I couldn’t even sleep last night. Kevin – who threw his sh*t on the ground. Josh – I don’t know. I packed my bags. Kevin – I was just in here and it wasn’t on the ground. Mark – I didn’t f**king blame anybody!!!
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Kevin – I know, its just disrespectful! We have enough pressure. And you got to make people get like that?! And then they’re going to have to do something with no choice. I just don’t want no fighting. It not worth fighting. Josh – I’m not going to let people address me disrespectfully. Kevin – who addressed you disrespectfully!? Josh – I just said nobody touch my bed and he (Mark) started screaming. Mark starts putting his bed back together. Paul comes back in and asks who did it? Mark – I don’t know. Kevin – you can’t touch peoples personal stuff. Mark – I know it wasn’t you guys. Paul – just keep it under wraps. Mark – Yeah, I’m not saying anything. Kevin – last night I didn’t sleep at all. Mark – yeah I f**king know! Its a b***h to get these beds set up. Its whatever, I don’t give a f**k. I know it wasn’t you Kev. Kevin – don’t get thrown out on something stupid. Get your sh*t and get them back!

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9:30pm Lounge room. Paul and Raven.
Paul – Okay so Elena knows this sh*t really well. I’m going to try and make her like .. what’s going on upstairs? And she was like I don’t like what Mark is doing with Jessica and Cody. So I’m not buying it but the f**king girl knows everything! So in the off chance she wins we need to plant. We need to do something. Right now Mark is flipping out over the pillows and she has her head buried in her hands like f**k. Matt joins them. Paul – Elena knows everything and even when I was trying to throw her off.. she knows a lot. I am going to try and slip in .. I was asking her what is going on with you up stairs. And she said I was listening and I don’t like what Mark is doing with Jessica and Cody. So she said this. Granted do I really believe it no. But is it worth planting that you’re not on the ins on the off chance that she does win? What do you think? Christmas joins them. Paul – In the off chance we can get her to throw it or not fire this way. Josh pops in and leaves. Paul tells Matt and Raven about how Josh threw Marks pillows on the ground and Mark went off. He is already starting to f**k with him. Paul – I think she (Elena) will try and separate from them. Josh comes back in and says – that is one of many! F**ker! (Throwing Marks pillows on the floor to mess with him.) Mark jions them. Paul – is that done? Mark – I took a deep breath. Its just immaturity and disrespectful. Paul – no one in here knew anything about that. Mark – no I don’t care. Its over. Raven – I’m sorry. Mark – its okay. Christmas – I thought that was going to escalate. Mark – no I let it go. Matt – thanks dude. Good job. Christmas – I thought he was going to keep talking sh*t. Mark – he leaves in a day. (Nope Ramses is leaving) Paul – it was him? Mark – it was him and Ramses. I don’t even care. Its whatever. Matt – oh I hate mental comps. I’m too old. (lol)

10:30pm Bedroom. Elena and Paul.
Paul – how do you feel about the situation tomorrow? Elena – like for the vote? Paul – I don’t care about the vote, I mean for the HOH. Elena – I know Mark wants to win. Paul – do you think he has the capability to win? Elena – no. Paul – do you think he would ever put me up? Elena – no. Paul – are you sure? Elena – yes, positive. Paul – if you keep associating with certain people .. its big brother.. its paranoia .. if he (Mark) is not receptive, I honestly think you are sinking your own ship. Elena – the only person I have stayed 100% loyal to is you. Elena – how can I now navigate more away? Paul – I do not know. Elena – he’s attached himself to me. I like the dude. He is cool.

10:40pm HOH room. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – do you know who are talking in the APSR (lounge room) room that’s kind of random? Josh and Ramses. Cody – watch me be like Mark, I don’t trust his a$$. And watch him in the diary room be like I really think Cody and I established a real trust bond. I’m all cynical. Yeah that f**ker! He thinks I’m ret@rded! Oh sh*t I said it, I said it. Everyone has. I’m not the only one. Jessica – doesn’t make it any better. Cody – I really wanted to avoid the offensive shit. Jessica – what if Paul had that conversation with Kevin to see if it would get out? Cody – I don’t think Paul is that good of a gamer. Jessica – he studies chess and how to control animals. Cody – I can’t say it enough your intuition is better than anyone elses in this game. Jessica – yeah but I don’t listen to it. I was trying to find the best way to move on by building an alliance but I need to give up on that.

11:30pm In the bathroom – Matt, Raven, Elena and Alex are chatting about random things. In the bedroom – Kevin, Paul, Jason and Mark are also talking about random things.

11:33pm HOH room – Cody – I love JJJJJumbo size jets. Jessica – that’s the best one you could come up with? Jessica hold up her mic to Cody and says I want to make sure they get it. Cody coughs and says I love you.

11:45pm – 11:50pm Bathroom. Matt, Raven, Paul and Elena.
Matt – why don’t you want to win HOH? Elena – I feel comfortable with other people winning right now that either want to win it more or have a reason to win it more (she points at Raven). So as long as someone else has a really strict agenda that I am okay with, then I am okay with not winning it. Like if it comes down to me and you (Raven), I would rather you win it to get a letter from your mom. Paul – same. Elena – I can go without a letter from my mom this week. Its not that I don’t want to win it. I know Mark really wants to win it so that he can get off slop and not be a havenot. If people want it more than me I am okay with sacrificing it. But if its someone that I don’t know their agenda or if I don’t feel that I am safe or the people that I need safe (she points at them), then I’ll stay. Paul – but we’re not asking you that.

Matt and Raven flirting all over the house…

12:15am Bedroom. Alex and Jason.
Alex – she needs to go and then we’ll get out Josh, Christmas. Jason – lets get out Christmas before Josh. Alex – done. Well depending on who brings in better information. Cody, Elena, Jessica, Mark… You have to try and stay in the game (HOH) as long as you can because if Paul gets one detail wrong he is out and we’re screwed. So try and stay in as long as possible. You or I need to win HOH. I think Kevin is throwing stuff. Paul joins them. Alex – you still agree that besides this we still need to get out Cody and Elena? Paul – YESSSSS! Jason – Cody, Elena, Jess? Paul – YESSSS! This is just temp… she’s saying she’s going to throw the comp. Jason – she throws the comp and then we put her a$$ up. Alex – no matter what me and him are with you, whatever you want to do.

12:20am Lounge room. Paul, Kevin, Matt and Raven.
Paul tells Matt, Raven and Christmas that they will assign half of them to answer true and half to answer false for questions that they do not know just to make sure some of them stay in the competition. Raven says she is going to go to sleep. Kevin – are you going to go grab a$$? You’re not going to sleep. You’re going to go play grab a$$ and then go to sleep.

12:38am Havenot room. Kevin and Josh.
Kevin – you know how much I’m the man? I don’t even care about winning tomorrow. Now when you don’t care about winning you’ve got to have some kind of thing going through your head, right?! And do you know why?! Because I treat everybody good. So who’s going to treat me bad. And when time comes to treat me bad, that’s when I win. Why strike now and have everyone dislike you or something. Or strike some guys girl or some guy and then they don’t like you… for what?! Josh – I’m going to throw them off mentally.

1am – 1:25am Lounge room. Elena and Mark.
Elena – is annoyed with Mark because she says he raised his voice at her. Mark doesn’t think he raised his voice at her. Mark – instead of asking me why I raised my voice, you just act pissed off towards me. Elena – you 100% did raise your voice at me and I said don’t raise your voice at me. Mark – you its like you’re annoyed about something but you won’t say it. Like I don’t know if its because I spend time with Cody .. which makes it look bad for me and then it looks bad for you. I don’t f**king know because you don’t tell me. Elena – I’m annoyed because you raised your voice at me and I said that. Mark – first and foremost I will be more careful.. if you truly think I raised my voice at you I am sorry for that because the last thing I want to do is use my voice or force especially against a female. That’s not the case. I raised my voice at Alex and Josh. I would never raise my voice at you. Elena – Alex is a female. Mark – Yeah but she is more like a f**k around. I think she likes that deep down. She’s weird. Christmas joins them and asks Elena if she can share her bed to stay warm. Christmas leaves. Elena tells Mark about how she doesn’t like how he spends a lot of time with Cody and Jess but says he can do what he wants because she isn’t his keeper. She tells him that she doesn’t like how he gets mad. Mark says everyone in the house raises their voice. Ramses does. Elena – you’re 250 lbs and you’re scary when you get mad. Ramses I could flick. Elena gets annoyed because Mark isn’t talking. Elena gets up to leave and asks if he want the door open or closed. Mark says he doesn’t care. Elena slams the door. Mark – oh my god!? Where did you find this girl!?

1:30am Bathroom. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – The best case scenario is you taking this (HOH). Christmas then starts studying the video with Josh.

1:40am – 2:25am In the kitchen – Mark – if you want to cut off your ties with me because of how I play this game and how I act that is fine. You’re here for a game and I understand that. You told me not to get attached and did. I’m sorry for having feelings for you. Elena – I am very confused at what you’re getting at. Mark – I am sorry that you’re in this situation. Clearly people perceive me in a certain way. Elena says she doesn’t want to have this conversation in the kitchen. I gave you the opportunity to talk in the room and you didn’t take it. Would you like to continue the conversation else where? Mark – sure. They head into the lounge room. They go into the room and Mark doesn’t say anything. Elena – dude!? Mark – I said my piece. Why do you want to make things harder on yourself? Elena – okay fine! Mark – okay fine what?! Elena – I won’t make it hard on myself. Mark – I have feelings for you and you said I shouldn’t and I did. Me personally I would like to keep this going. It hurts me like no other when the person I like ignores me. You flat out ignored me and it hurts me. How I felt tonight, I f**king hate. I really like you and … I don’t even know how you feel. The last thing I would want is for my personal feelings for you to mess up your game. I got excited and I got loud but its not that I yelled at you for what you said. And for the record the only reason I brought up your name and Paul’s name when Cody was thinking about making a big move in this game was to make it very clear to him that I would have nothing to do with it if had to do with you or Paul. Elena – I know you said that. Mark – I am freaking crazy about you. The last thing I want to do is hurt your chance in the game. Elena – In your mind you did not raise your voice at me, in my mind you did. Moving forward. Mark – people in the house can raise their voice but I can’t because then I have anger issues. Elena – I care if you raise your voice because I am clearly aligned with you. I could careless if Ramses or other people raise their voice. They continue to go around in circles talking about the same things over and over again. Elena – I think we’ve come to an understanding. We don’t both agree on what was said tonight. I would like to kiss you and go to bed unless you have anything else you would like to say. Mark gets called to the diary room. Mark and Elena kiss and she heads to bed.

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I want Josh to be careful with riding Cody and Mark because one of them just might attack and seriously injure him.

Michelle's Double Chins

Wouldn’t want Josh to get injured but if he can get Cody to throw a punch, would be a great way to get rid of Cody and bypass the hex. No more Jody cam.


Y’all should be honored to have Cody on this show! He’s a real hero unlike you all who have likely done nothing with your lives! Show respect to our military darnit. Unbelievable that these houseguests don’t respect his decision and don’t follow his wishes.


Honored for what?? cody cause he served?? get real, should the game just be handed to him for it?? he isn’t exactly carrying himself in such a honorable manner. If he can dish is he can take it and we’re all entitled to our opinions – just as you are. But you constantly posting about how we should be honored for cody being in there is wearing thin. please stop and give reasons why you think we should be good to cody without using how he served. please just once..


Like the real world. You talk constant sh*t at someone at a bar, you better be ready to throw down.

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

That would make for great TV. Josh getting clocked in his fat blubbering mouth. Real men dont make threats and say shit behind the scenes where no one can see/hear.
He is in his mid 20’s and acts/sounds like a 10 year old. He has to won his actions.


I’d love to see him get beat down.


Codys done the same and talked trash too. As Mark. All three of them are man-children


Josh is a disrespectful POS who then expects everyone else to respect him and speak to him nicely….He’s worse than a tv character little brother and a fugly loudmouth. I’m sry. I just hate his game play and just wish he was going out for real and crying like the baby he is bc he can dish it out but can’t take it at all. At one point he asked Paul if he was just their dog sarcastically. I thought of course you are their trash mutt lap dog and not as slick or smart as you think you are. He looks life Frankenstein and is dumb like the monster he is. I really want to slap him. I also HATE Christmas! all the talk of her being exceptional is crazy. She must not be that awesome if she constantly has to talk about how awesome she is and she’s looking old for 35. Elena is my fav. Paul misting everyone is annoying. This whole season just sucks bc nobody but Kevin and Jason and maybe Elena are like able. I just think that Paul side are playing like bullies and its not fun to watch bc its mean game play rather than clever smart game play. Plus there aren’t that many real competitors. I think Jason and Kevin are underestimated. I really hope Jess knocks them down with that Hex! I hated Jodi at first but at this point they are no worse than Christmas and Paul and Josh.


LOL Elena the Kardashian wanna be? Her over the top thirsty antics are disgusting. Her as* and boobs are all over the net now, puts her make-up on with a putty knife and probably sucks on a shot glass to get those fat lips plumped up. Josh is a douche but he is funny and besides what he did to Meghan he has been harmless and getting in peoples heads (even yours it appears) This morning he is banging pots and pans messing with Mark telling him “we only have 8 hours to bond” “come on man let’s talk about football” Mark was hiding and then went up to the HOH to hide. He is no Evel D but he is trying to be. He sure as hell is not my boy but I would rather watch this then Cody and Jess wrapped around each other “your my smoopy smoopy” ” no your MY smoopy, smoopy” “let me kiss your shoulder while you eat. I am so glad you didn’t bring any shirts” “I love you more then jumbo-jets” Pots and pans mofo’s pots and pans!!!

Red Marie

Take a deep breath. It will be ok. Cody & Jess act nothing like the troll, sloppy fest that Matt & Raven put on display constantly.


The feeds are lit right now because of josh, but I am kinda worried for his safety lol. He’s crazy though.


Paul, leave! but we might see the first time in history a house full of clueless r-tarde IF he does go! Minus season 16.

Paul's House

So Josh messed up Mark’s bed??

Wasting Time

Of course he did. Josh is a kindergartner, he’ssad really. Only cared for number 1 since day one, screwed team with the Golden Apple and blew up on Megan. I have a feeling he is the annoying cousin who is always tagging along, yapping that lip and then running to Nana and Popa when the cousins get tired of his jealous antics, and are ready to mellow that noggin. He is the only guy in there with no girl hanging on/around him, he’s cussed every girl in the house at least once, including the ones already voted out. No doubt there are plenty ppl wanting to meet him in a bar, on the street, to see if he’ll get in their face outside. He’s being used, and should be ashamed – he could have played better! I really wish he’d learn to whisper, too! ??


Plus they have said he has peeked at them in the shower although if true I don’t know if they would have let it go so easily. At least he adds some antics and excitement getting in Cody/Jess’s head compared to Ramses who is boring. Paul want to get rid of Ramses because he is not a Paul-Bot like the others.


That was Raven who said it and it apparently happened before the feeds started. As it was Raven, It may not have happened as that girl seems willing to lie about anything. She could simply be looking for attention and sympathy.

Bo Diddler

Yeah, it’s a strange accusation coming from a girl who is constantly saying, “Look at ME!”.

Fruitloop Dinguses

Have we not already agreed that Josh is likely on the spectrum for an intellectual disability? (meaning no offense to those that have one, of course) I can’t think of it any other way; he cannot interact or deal with certain emotions properly, and likely BB caught on but still pushed him through – so shame on them.
Shame on the house guests who don’t see it this way too. I have a feeling Christmas and Kevin see it.

Poor guy is lunch meat at a bar – don’t even suggest such a dangerous outcome for Josh! haha
This guy needs parental/guardian supervision, imo.

Its just a game

9:15pm Alex comes out of the havenot room laughing. Josh – don’t say sh*t! Don’t say sh*t! Alex is laughing. Jason – why are you laughing? Alex – Marks bed is just on the floor. Like (Alex throws her pillows on the floor). Jason – oh no.

Pauls linkedin

“…he studies chess and how to control animals”

Bunny Flop

Well, he’s great a controlling hamsters. Only seen him fail on, what, two or three.

Wah Wah wahhh

I’ve seen more bawling and crying out of Mark and Josh this year
than I have out of all the girls combined!


Josh either has an underdeveloped brain and is still a child or he did in fact ride the short bus to school.


Christmas had to mother both Mark and Josh early on. I thought it would turn into an alliance: Christmas and the needy Neanderthals.


Anyone else see Kevin’s pictures from when he won Mr. Massachusetts? He was a Hottie!!

Nose Knows

Why is Kevin’s nickname cheese? family business in Boston?

Just FYI

Kevin’s father (Andrew F. Schlehuber Jr. , known to customers as “The Cheese,”) was a major cocaine supplier in Boston. He and his wife were charged and convicted of trafficking in 2006. Pops got the minimum sentence of 10 years (probably because he was 69 years old and in bad health) and Mom got off with probation. Supposedly, Pops was also friends with notorious mobster Whitey Bulger.


I google searched it but can’t find any pics of Kevin back then….can someone post a link?


he looked like jonathan knight from news kids on the block


Still very much is, especially for those in his dating-age category *growl*


I am seriously wondering about these people in this house! I realize it is a show, and somewhat scripted but after todays feeds I am flabbergasted! lol The way they talk about others is coming way to easy for these people, which tells me that at least half must be real! (psych101) lol They all seem to talk trash about the same four (except Kevin), and although the four are not angels by any means, they are still people none the less! Kudos to Kevin for speaking up about Josh destroying Marks bed, at least one person in there has a moral compass within them! Sorry for the rant, but I am just curious if anybody else noticed the unusually more than usual mean talk in this years cast! I normally laugh this chit off, but this year I am just finding it a tad uncomfortable!


I am too. Not the game it use to be. I come to read the post every couple of days, unlike past years where I read them all day long. There are not real players this year, except Paul, so it is not entertaining. The HGs are mean and Raven is a ughhhhh. The couples are yuck. No game play. let us all do what Paul’s tells us to do mentality. Every thing is being ran through Paul. When the HG wake up and see Paul will not protect them as they think, it may get good again.


Josh is a mentally challenged idiot baby who throws tantrums every chance he gets. His parents are probably feeling blessed they don’t have to deal with this idiot all summer. Can’t wait to see his ugly ass face vanish from my screen for good.


He needs his breastfeeding


by the looks of it your intelligence is also questionable!

Sir Loin of Beef

Josh is the inspiration behind “twin beds!”


Nice RD reference

Sir Loin of Beef

RD! The One and Only!

“Hey, Judge Smells?!”


You took the words right out of my mouth heatherevans, completely agree.


I wish Elena brought even one bra (perhaps her bathing suit) so she doesn’t have to keep reminding us how she needs to breast-feed every few minutes. She clearly has no interest in one man (there’s enough to go around for the whole house). This is just like she’s auditioning to pose for Big Brother Jugs or something. Matt is clearly blinded by the facade of ‘making’ a wife out of an unlady-like woman. She’s lazy, whiiney and annoying. Raven the scam artist who’s mom must have been a Dance Mom at some point is scary looking and the ‘cinnamon-rolls’ have got to go.

Humpty Dumpty

Elena doesnt need a bra. She lets her girls rest on her protruding stomach. She should get that hump on her upper back checked out.

Bunny Flop

These people cannot have change very much from the way they are outside the house. In real life Baby Huey, is just that bad. Cody is just that intense. GnomeBeard the great, is just as foul mouthed. That is who they are. Can you imagine being around that? All the time.


Damn are we all stoned here? Those comments above are next level far out! I feel like
Raven is some sick and twisted stoned out of your mind joke the BB universe has inflicted
on of us. Matt must love that funky odor!!

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

Matt does like cheese!

Cindy Withanesse



Every time i turn on after dark i see elena trying to look sexy and desperately needing attention or i hear ravens fakeeeeeee and annoying voice/laugh. Big brother really these 2 make the show unwatchable!!!! Never seen two women on BB so fake and needing men’s attention, i can’t believe im saying this but id watch Jessica anyday over these 2 losers. Along with there dumb boyfriends! #googbye. Put a bra on elena your NOT hot you look like a fat slob!


Every time i turn on after dark i see elena trying to look sexy and desperately needing attention or i hear ravens fakeeeeeee and annoying voice/laugh. Big brother really these 2 make the show unwatchable!!!! Never seen two women on BB so fake and needing men’s attention, i can’t believe im saying this but id watch Jessica anyday over these 2 losers. Along with there dumb boyfriends! #googbye Elena you’re NOT hot you look like a fat slob


Attacking people’s looks? Attack their game but not their looks. That makes you petty and you are probably not easy on the eyes yourself

Jess Addict

No need to apologize. Jess is many times more the woman than either of them will ever be.


I swear there must have been a question on this year’s application to be on BB that read, “Are you, or have you ever been easily led?” And every single one of these idiots answered, “yes”.


I think the question was which former houseguest would you like to see return and they all said Paul. Except Cody who said anyone but Paul. Ensures that Paul has favor in the house and Cody was thrown in for a little adversity.

Follow The Leader

Yes, that question was right above, Have You Ever Been Institutionalized? Followed by Do You Feel The Need to Be Led around by the nose by a loud mouth, goat faced ego inflated man child, who sticks his hand up the back of your shirt and speaks for you? If these things apply to you, you are perfect for BB19,apply within!




I thought I was excited when Kevin tipped off Jessica about the vote. However now instead of my dream scenario where Jody/Marlena team up since Marlena would feel blindsided, Paul has the chance to turn Elena against Mark. I can’t deal with Paul any longer. Every episode I have to hear his screeching voice whether or not he pertains to the comps that day. You aren’t a mastermind Paul, you’ve just been setup with more advantages than anyone else. Also just saying Paul keeps bragging about how he can beat Cody, pretty sure he’s beat/outlasted him on all head to heads so far.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Paul is secretly and wholeheartedly jealous of Cody’s type. He is everythibg he wished he could be. His little stature would not allow him to grow, so he went and got the tattoos and grew out his beard to run with the whole, “Hipster” look. And if people think for a second that he wants to be sitting next to Alex in the end , they are sadly mistaken him. Also, for those people thinking that he is such a great team player, didn’t he have a whole year to think about his game play in this season? Anybody can play a better game ( if that is what you call his game) if they come back the next year.


Highly doubtful that he wishes he was Cody. That’s just laughable and ignorant. I think you are just jealous of Paul and his ability to befriend all kinds of people.


@Tarly, Jealous of Paul? LOL Befriending? What friend did he ever befriend, that he didn’t stab in the back or throw under the bus when it was convenient? Give it another 10 years and his look will be just as, “relevant”, as a tramp stamp…


Having already played an entire season, and Being able to evaluate how you played, is a huge advantage for Paul. I’m betting that he’s got his F4 picked: Josh, Xmas, Kevin. He knows he can beat any of them in the final physical comps.


@Franksfart, I don’t think he wants Christmas in final. The other day and as per his, “Usual” game play, he was talking about her and how she needs to go. So I’m sure he is setting up his next target to get her out after he clears his obsession with Cody and Jessica.


Cody and Jessica have had plenty of advantages themselves, especially Cody. The problem with Cody is he doesn’t use his effectively. He should’ve took his own advice and just listened to Jessica when he returned. He’s a good physical competitor, but that’s about it.

Personally I’m not mad at Paul. At least he’s playing the game. Although I am curious how he’s going to handle Elena if they vote to evict Ramses without telling her the plan first. Looks like she can easily win the next hoh, she had everything down from the video, no problem.


I’m hoping Paul pulls Elena aside right before the vote and tells her so she can change her mind if she wants to…and I think she will, she will side with the house I’m sure.


Waiting for the clueless to realize Kevin is a “mole” and turn on him. He is horrible at all challenges, so he will have no safety net when people realize he is a snake.




I don’t really like the way that Josh is acting and I hate to throw around the work “bully” but I think his behavior makes his a borderline Bully. When you say that you are going to go out of your way to piss someone off and make their life a living hell…….That is being a Bully. I am not that crazy about Mark or Cody and they both have been as$holes to Josh BUT I don’t feel bad for him anymore. IMO – His behavior is so much worse and I hope that by some miracle it a tie vote and Jessica can break the tie and send his a$$ out of here.


Mark is scary weird. Reminds me of the guy who killed 4 people at a motorcycle shop because they laughed at him. Years later, he got busted for keeping a woman captive in a storage box. Neighbors said he was a nice guy who kept to himself. Big anger issues. Steroids.


That happened about an hour away from where I live. It was crazy! He was also a real estate agent.


Say what you want about Cody, but he truly is the underdog. He and Jessica have no one in the house and haven’t since day one, or since Paul came in. Every day, is like a Paul day. The only reason I watch is to hopefully see the day that he gets canned out of the house. The only reason he is playing a, “good game”, as others have stated within these comments, is because he PLAYED before. Who wouldn’t? Why can’t for once, diehard fans have a new cast, and just a new cast! He is going to land either as top 3 or top 2 at the end. He potentially could win this game, because he plays a manipulative, sneaky, backstabbing game and these people are buying his antics hook, line and sinker. If you think he is loyal to anyone, you are sadly mistaken. If you watch him carefully week to week, he slowly shows his cards as to who he is going to gun against the week prior, friend or foe, he plants the seeds the week before. Guarantee, Christmas is next in line to get out via him. Which leads me to believe 75% of this cast didn’t pay attention to last year’s game or simply watched the, “TV” version. I’m thinking the latter.


Not true. Cody had a large alliance and played everything completely wrong, turning them against him. He would most likely be in a good position at this point if he understood the social aspect of the game even the tiniest little bit.


Cody never had an alliance, he had a following beva use he was Hoh, one in which Paul weaseled his way into. The only one he even remotely screws was Christmas who turns out is pretty expendable anyways. Had the couples and Dom not turned on him when he was really just protecting them they would all be sitting pretty. But qhat fun would that be?

Mark's game is better than Paul's

Now they all groveling back, b/c that lame Paul is poisonous af. Look what he is tryna do to Mark. I thought Elena had the juice?? Nah…she got that midgets junk in her mouth. Mark should keep her at arms length the rest of the game. Oh well, Ramses may have alex, jason, and kevin’s votes. So they don’t even need you. You’ll just over think it anyways.


Yes they had an alliance but “without a name” as Cody put it. He prefers to call them a “group”. Every single person within the “group” has voiced their distaste of Cody taking a shot at someone within the group when he had other people outside of them to target. Hence every single person aside from Jessica turning on him.


Dawg, Simon,
Are you sick of typing the word MEATBALL yet?
Same as Friendship last year..
Like Fu_k will be overload at the eviction tonite..enough is enough
these people are idiots if they dont get the F’head out!
I want to see Paul panic just as much
Change Josh’s name in face chart to MeatBall..and hopefully show he is evicted please?


I just wonder why No one has mentioned Josh referring to himself as “your boy” all the time. It was annoying when Paul did it last year, now it just seems pathetic for some reason.

Your Boy

Josh only says “your boy” because he needs to feel accepted in his own mind. Its a lack of self worth thing because in his own mind he is trying to justify his worth to others and anyone trying to justify their worth to others acts/behaves exactly like Josh. Only Josh can go around calling everyone a meatball then Jessica mentions he doesn’t belong in the game so he runs and cries in bed.

So lets recap, Josh can call anyone else a name and does it to show the others in the house his “man-hood”, but then Jessica simply says something and cries. Josh is simply lost in his own self worth.

Keith Urban

Overuse of meatball is no doubt annoying, however I have to admit that now I find myself internally referring to some people as meatball. *hangs head in shame*


Same.. lol three things have happened from this week
1) I’m using Italian foods to describe people
2) I found myself hungry this week more than usual
3) Meatballs, Stromboli, Linguine, Gnocchi is always on the mind when asked “what do you want to eat tonight”

Your Common Sense

Same. Same. We’re having Meatballs tonight because, well… it’s just the logical thing to be devouring since it’s been simmering (with random hilarity and annoyance) all week to our delighted (and amazed) perfection.

Josh has really surprised us, (with his natural, unrestrained, obnoxious temperament), by actually NOT blowing his sauce all over the place…


BIGGG props to Paul & Christmas for blowing me away with their expertise in keeping Joshy McMeatball simmering at just the right temps. all week by telling him to go full on boil NEXT week (at all the perfect times). Such juicy Meatballs indeed… despite Kevin’s lil spewage of sauce.

*gets bib ready for the sauce to fly*


cloudy with a chance of meatballs


I would love to see Cody win just to stick it to Paul. Paul is convinced that he is better at comps than Cody though that’s yet to be seen. He’s banking on Cody being bad at mental comps even though the last veto comp says differently. Does he not realize that a big part of military training is mental or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on his part. But I don’t see that happening. I am sure production wants the hex used sooner rather than later so I am sure that it will be Jess, Cody or both on the block this week.

Ian's Lament

Everyone keeps being surprised at Josh’s behavior in the house. His favorite player is Evil Dick!!!!!! He is trying to play that game but he just isn’t clever enough. Once Cody Mark and Jess are gone I wonder who he makes fake beef up with? Matt probably because he seems so submissive.


You have to look the part to pull off Evil Dick! Looking like Josh, doesn’t work…makes him look stupid and immature.

Red Marie

It doesn’t make him look “stupid” & “immature”–he literally is stupid & immature.

Homey Clause

Of all the guys in the house, Christmas plays around with Paul? He seems way below her and nothing like what she would go for outside the house. However, she has a somewhat pretty face but I’m not sure whether her body type attracts many guys.

Cross Fit Dude

I just love when someone calls another person “somewhat” pretty, it is rather laughable….so you go around comparing people to some standard in your own consciousness? Interesting.

Christmas’s body is smoking hot and the fact that she has and will continue to accomplish so many things in life makes her highly attractive quality. The only one who believe people are “below” others, is you because that is what you choose to see.

Homey Clause

Cross fit dude, I gave my opinion, just like you did. It is your opinion that Christmas’ body is smoking hot – NOT ME! Although your particular high horse considers Christmas attractive because she “accomplishes things,’ by that logic, if a woman chooses to stay at home and doesn’t accomplish as many things as Christmas, they would not be “rather attractive?” With your screen name cross fit makes you obviously biased toward fit women, I choose women who are not fit and they are sexier and prettier than Christmas. I would rather feel the warmth of a woman’s hug than that of a dude!

Cross Fit Dude

Wow dude, you are full of assumptions and those are your issues, you seem to draw conclusions. A stay at home mother is just as attractive as a cross fit woman. You assume just because I do cross fit, I am judgemental towards those that don’t do it, well that is your assumption, not mine so you can stop pinning your judgements through me.

What I was saying by the comment of “somewhat” pretty, is I was pointing out your own judgements and that it is was laughable. How about drop the “somewhat” and see people for their true selves, not just some outside exterior looks.

Homey Clause

My original post centered around why Christmas was playing around with Paul – scratching his back, feeling his hair, snuggling, etc., because she looks uncomfortable, out of her normal guy selection, and appears to be completely and utterly settling (like I said in my original post). He’s butt ugly and a troll-like figure that in normal circumstances she wouldn’t give him the time of day. The only thing I can think of is it gets awfully lonely in the house and the homely neighbors look good (kind of like after a 12-pack). I think she’ll regret what she is doing with Paul after the show.

Christmas Tree

Homey Clause, just stop while you can, you’re digging your own grave.


Personally, I think Cross Fit Dude is right. Christmas does have a smoking body, probably the best one in the house. Great hips and legs with a natural bust, unlike some of the bigger (natural?) ones in the house. As for her face, she resembles Ashley Judd, so I’d say she has movie star looks.


I dunno about all of you but I’m starting to get really sick of the Paul show.


But when Paul is gone you will find yourself saying “I never noticed how annoying he is” regarding 1 or 2 other HGs


But not tired of the neanderthal Cody and his bullying and the bore of the Jody show?


Not really.


@Tarly, Cody a Neanderthal? if that is the case, I’d much rather watch the Neanderthal than a cross between a tattooed Gnome and an evil Leprechaun running around the house. LOL

Fruit Loop Dingus

Who has Cody bullied????
Cody has told people what he feels to their faces while others have been fake and then talk behind people’s backs. That day when Cody told Josh about the victim noises Cody & Jess told Josh over and over to please leave them alone & Josh did not until Cody lashed out at him. That was what Josh was going for like a child does to their sibling to get their sibling in trouble.
The best part about them being in the house is that they are not Paul minions. Have you not noticed that Paul has bullied just about anyone that tries to talk to anyone that he wants out. Paul was doing it to Elana last night just so she can be a target next week so he can have someone else get the blood on there hands for him. Look at Dom if anyone tried to talk with her Paul created the paranoia about Dom scheming with whoever tried to talk to her. Wake up and realize it is the Paul show and anyone right now that he cannot control or asks to many questions in open forum becomes a target for him and his minions. Paul has to fight to keep Josh around til the end because Josh is such a loud mouth he will run his mouth about Paul and has the biggest potential to blow up Paul’s game.
Simon has it right it is the Paul Show. Paul’s whole attitude changed once Cody came back in because Paul had to go back to work because Cody can and has won comps. I bet Cody will continue to win comps because of the halting hex. If they pull out a double eviction this week then I say there could be an equal chance of Paul & Cody going home!


Simon i am 100% with you. It is insane that Paul plays everyone in the game to keep himself safe and no one has realized it except Jessica and Cody. If Paul tells the others to do something they do it. Then Paul goes and talks to Cody, Jessica, mark and Elena to make sure he is safe but no one else can or they are out the group. This entire house says they trust Paul, so shouldn’t that raise like 100000000 red flags.

Fruitloop Dinguses

I personally think it’s because Paul is just that much better at the game. He’s playing people like the fiddle.. what’s so bad about that in this game? Hes doing well!

I’m just trying to comprehend because there’s so much Paul flack, even though he’s playing the game, and people mostly like him/want to work with him/are afraid of him… is that bad play??
I’d be persecuting the sheeple and the ppl marking dumb moves more, and not the one putting in all the effort to direct the mindless monkeys in here….

Thanks again Simon and dawg for the site- love following the feeds!

Fruit Loop Dingus

You make valid points it just seems unfair because Paul is a vet and they only vet in the house. The way Derrik did it was great because it was his first go around and he was able to control everyone in the game. I bet Paul has a vet’s contract where he gets bonuses based off ratings hence Paul is also playing one of the riskiest games in the house. Paul has made so many deals that if people started putting the pieces together then everyone would be over Paul’s game play. The game right now seems way to easy for Paul some of us what him to be faced with a real challenge like last year.

Fruitloop Dinguses

I understand it was Derrick’s first go, and he was great – not trying to take it away from him. This game is just suited for the Paul types, and I actually enjoy his DR rants – I agree with what he’s saying 90% of the time cause it’s pragmatic, and of course, he’s great for TV.

Yes, he lies – but so has our beloved Kevin (#kevinftw), but it’s only to help his game! This is BB.
He’s also not a rude SOB (cough Jody, Josh, Alex, etc), he keeps his cool pretty well and gets along with most everybody – two thumbs up.
His theatrics can be over the top some times, but again, that’s what I feel he’s there for.

As a vet, he should be on EVERYONE’S strikeout list, but he’s not – and that is terrific game play imo. (how Nicole won is still beyond me tho)

Alright, feel like i’ve done enough paul butt-kissing.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Lying is apart of the game and those that get upset about it during the game I hope it stops once they get out of the house and get back reality. Look at past seasons with the vets. They seem to bring back vets that the house guests are fans of. Paul is a great player of big brother. I was hoping with Paul’s return we would see the likes of a Vanessa or a Derrik (the more recent great players) to help even things out. Paul has been playing a great game but these players are playing like fans with him rather than competitors so it has been pretty easy for Paul. If Jody would have a better social game then I bet Paul would be heading out the door

Fruitloop Dinguses

I agree with you there. Jody just have nothing to show; their social game makes me cringe and laugh though, I’ll give them that.

Go Away Jody

I agree. Paul is a master at big brother. He’s trying to be 2 steps ahead at all times.

Uncle Teddy

We need a shake up, dude. If his ass hits the block it could turn things. He might not necessarily go, but maybe everyone will stop looking at him like he’s God


I agree with this. Might only take him being on the block and exposed to shake things up enough to move the game forward.


Bring back Bridgette, for a tutorial. Alex, at least, would get it.


Speaking of Bridgette, Paul mentioned her the other night. He actually said she’s probably his favorite HG from his season. He said he absolutely hated her in the house, but loves her now. Would be interesting to see them in the house together again.


– Me too! The minute he walked in the house, I threw my hands in the air and said, “there goes the season!”, and I was right.

Madison Ave.

Dear Folks:
Do not let yourselves get caught up in the “fairness”,”bullying”or any other descriptive adjective of this “reality”show. CBS(Big Brother) is controlling all of the outcomes of this show. It is being aired in the doldrums of summer when all other network shows are on hiatus. It is filling a void(a successful void for many seasons) and for CBS to leave everything to chance, hoping for successful outcomes is not in the best intere$t of the network. Without controversy you may as well be watching a CSI rerun. Income generation is the name of the game.” Stir the pot” and take the viewers to the edge,but do not lose them!

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I couldn’t agree more with your perspective! This is a “reality show” which is far from reality, I think that is what gets twisted in all of this Big Brother show, the term “reality”. Many still believe this game is unscripted and if they want to spend their emotions on a scripted show, by all means, but me personally I gave up caring and now just laugh at everyone and how obvious production influences the game.

There has been many accounts where “slips” happen in Big Bro around the world. The UK celebrity season has a clip of “Big Brother” congratulating the house guests on a “good show” and then giving instructions for the next day and this season Kevin has said “why doesn’t production let us play our own game”.

Maybe it is the fact that it is the dog days of summer, but to do anything but laugh at Big Brother is just insanity. Some people get so stress out over a “reality” scripted show which is the farthest thing from reality.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I think “DUH” comes to mind. It is entertainment which we pay for by donating to Simon & Dawg!!!!
We know that so we allow ourselves to become immersed into the game and then talk shit on this page. Welcome to the group now play along or go keyboard bully elsewhere!!!!!


Wow, if you think someone giving their opinion and truth about Big Brother is being a keyboard bully, then you should apply for Big Brother and can play the role of “sensitive” guy next year! Move over Mark/Josh, we have our new sensitive guy next year….LOL


Elena is like a b1tch in heat. Why doesn’t she leave something to the imagination. geez.


They probably keep telling Josh in the DR
To keep saying “meatball.”


We already know who’s going to win anyway- Kevin.
That’s what most people watching want and that’s what they’ll get.
Kevin has said and done some creepy things but it gets glossed over.


I’m hopping the curse is that none of the houseguest get to vote. Julie announces that the live audience will be representing America and will voting to evict. This would be game changing.

Your Common Sense

Jessica is currently ranking at THIRD place today?!

WTF?! She has gone against all her instincts and is playing One Eyed Trouser Trout WAYYY more than Big Brother. Oy. *facepalm*

It is a game in case ppl forgot

I have a strong feeling we are going to see a final four of Paul, Xmas, Kevin and Alex. Paul like him or not knows how to play big brother. Plus he is trying to be 2 steps ahead of the game and production. We all know production meddles in the game for rating purposes but Paul knows this and is still trying to stay ahead. Jody needs to go find a hotel and make babies there. This is a game people lets not forget. I dont see Paul winning this season but i have a feeling he isnt going anywhere anytime soon. Lets get Mark/Cody/Elena out and then have a all out war!


Friends and Liars don’t wait for me..cuz I’ll get on all by myself.


Backseat Driver

I am not a Jessica fan…..screwing on TV is tacky…..however I do think this gal could win this if she’d dump Cody. I am not rooting for her, but if Cody gets evicted those other HG’s better watch out. Okay, okay I could be wrong…..I’m just sayin’…….


I don’t know what is going to happen tonight, and at this point, it seems to be Paul’s game, however… I would love, love, love to see Paul up on the block and out the door, BEFORE jury. I can only hope that this web of deceit Paul has cushioned himself on, slowly starts to get holes and one of these dimwits notice. Kevin has already started seeing that something isn’t quite right.


Josh is def bipolar and torn between being a man who wants to be a badass and the man child mommas boy that he is. He goes from a high of tearing down people to curling in fetal position and crying. He needs to go back to his mommas bosom where he seems happiest. Wish paul would leave but as long as he is pulling strings and these idiots allow it..he is playing the best game…i suspect the winner of this BB will be whomever geta out Paul


Did you all see when Jessica said she wants to drag Paul up there by his beard and kick him in the face?? Imagine if Paul had said that he wanted to drag Jessica up there by her hair and kick her in the face!!! He would have been crucified and labelled a violent abuser. I haven’t seen one comment of outrage from Jessica saying that. I know she only said it in angry but the double standard is ridiculous. Like some of them saying Josh was peeking over the shower yet Jessica has gone around pulling down the guys pants, sticking her finger up all the guys asses and I can’t remember who was holding Elena’s hand, pretty sure it was Jessica, when they placed Elena’s hand on Marks crouch and rubbed it all over pretending to look for his dick. I myself find it all kind of funny because I know it’s all in fun but I just hate how if the roles were reversed the girls would be screaming perv and abuser.


I HATE JOSH…HE IS TH EMOST ANNOYING CHARACTER ON THE PLANET AND HE THINKS AMERICA LOVES HIM…I also hate Christmas talking constantly about how exceptional she is… she must not think so if she constantly has to discus what a big deal she is and how she’s so exceptional she should be better at healing too….ugh

Senior Citizen

Am I the only only who thinks this is the biggest potty mouth season? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, but while watching BBAD, it seems like most sentences have at least one F-Bomb. Don’t these idiots realize that they’re on national TV, that their friends and families will see this? OK, maybe its just me and my age and F-Bombs are a part of normal speech for the younger (under 40) generation.

The Fock Bomb

Yes f-bombs are a common place, if you haven’t noticed, swearing has been on television for a long time and in movies for an even longer time. There is a paradox happening here, some people swear because words are loosing their meaning and really don’t put much thought into it, while others thinking swearing is a “sin”…but this is a paradox, when swearing is common place, people won’t give a fly fock about swearing…so you see that paradox. Really who cares if these house guest drop F-bombs, for many swearing no longer has a “sin” attachment to it.

Jess Addict

Just finished watching last night’s episode and I am even more pissed about Jess’ lost opportunity. All the fuc@ing signs were there. Her instincts TOLD her to use the veto. She could have put almost anyone up as a pawn (except Mark) and justified the move as a pawn. This would have put a dent in Paul’s armor. I still think Ramses was too passive. He could have lied and told Jess he heard the plan was to evict him. F*@k!!!!!