JC – “You need to start flirting hardcore with Haleigh. You tell her romantic s**t!”

POV: ? Next POV: ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???


In the kitchen – Rachel and JC are talking to the camera. JC – show us your t!ts! JC shows his t!t. He then tells Rachel to show her t!ts! Rachel says no!!!! JC tries to grab for her t!ts. She runs away.

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11:48pm Bathroom – Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Kaitlyn – who would you rather Brett or Tyler? Haleigh – Tyler. Kaitlyn – good. Haleigh – Brett’s growing on me. Kaitlyn – I know he is, that’s why I asked. Haleigh – Brett is growing on me in a not expected way. Right now I wouldn’t .. I am equally with both. They continue playing the would you rather game. Kaitlyn – would you rather be on slop for 2 weeks or sleep outside for 2 weeks? Haleigh – sleep out side. Kaitlyn – if I play veto and win it is going to take a lot for me not to use it. Haleigh – we play for the veto and if we win, we use it. Tomorrow we need some goals for the day. We need to set some out and follow through.

12:05am HOH room – Swaggy C pulls Bayleigh in and they start kissing.

12:30am HOH room. Tyler and Rachel. Rachel – Don’t you think they would have told you if they had it? Tyler – yeah because they think I’m in. Rachel – did they pry to you if like we had it? Tyler – no. They don’t know I’m with you guys. They don’t know. Rachel – interesting. Don’t you think they would have told you? Tyler – I’m on the bottom of that side. Rachel – I think JC has it. When we were in the geometry room JC was like I am 90% sure that our side has it. And that they don’t have it. Tyler – he told me that he would tell me who he thinks has it and he acted like he knew. I need a one on one with him. Tell him to come up here. Rachel – Okay. Rachel goes to get JC.

12:33am JC comes up to the HOH room to talk to Tyler. Tyler asks you know who has it? JC – yes. Rockstar and Haleigh have already started to corner me and sh*t. I called Winston outside after he knocked the door .. I said you can’t judge me by who I’m talking to. Tyler – the ones that are saying you’re over there are Rockstar and Haleigh. Kaitlyn was defending you and I was defending you. JC – I have to talk serious game with you. Who has it .. I am the only one who knows it. That’s how you know people trust me here. If I tell you and it gets out.. you and me are done! They shake on it. JC – its Brett.

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12:40am Tyler – he told you? JC – no, I just know he has it. I am so smart. I went to him and said I was going to start saying other people have it.. and he was like boom (fist bump). Tyler – did he say he has it. JC – its confirmed. 100%. He didn’t even tell Winston he has it. JC tells Tyler that Steven has to go. Right now its in your hands for him to go. We need one more vote and that vote is Haleigh. You need to start flirting hardcore with Haleigh. You tell her romantic sh*t! I don’t f**king care if you F**k her. I am being completely serious right now. I don’t care what you do with her. You need to get completely 100% of her trust. So that when the moment comes .. in 1 week. You tell her you need her to vote for you .. and she’s going to do it. You have 1 week. Do whatever you have to do .. f**ker her, talk to her.. I don’t care. So start working your magic. Tyler – she is on the dark side. JC – the only one that has the power is you.

1:10am – 1:20am HOH room – Tyler and Rachel. Rachel – who was up here? Tyler – Haleigh and Bayleigh. They were just rubbing up on me. Rachel – RUBBING up on you!? Tyler – just hands on my chest and I’m like sitting here .. oh god! Tyler – you’re trying to tell me that it was Brett or Angela that won the thing (power)? Rachel – you don’t think its JC? Tyler – no I asked JC. Its not JC. He would have told me. I 100% believe him that it was not JC. . He told me and I believe him. And JC doesn’t know who it was. He thought it was Swaggy but its not. Rachel – Someone is f**king lying.. Brett has it then. He has to have it. Tyler – he might. Rachel – f**k! Haleigh joins them. Tyler gets called to the diary room. Heleigh asks if Rachel wants her to leave. I don’t want to ruin your swag. Rachel – no, I’m not trying to get with him, I just don’t want to sleep with Steve (snoring). She tells Haleigh she can sleep in the middle.

1:38am Bathroom – Faysal – who do you trust the most in this house? Kaitlyn – you. Faysal – promise? Kaitlyn – You and Haleigh. I trust you over.. Faysal – over Haleigh? Kaitlyn – no I trust you the same right now.. I love Haleigh and I know she is playing her own game and I see her talking. I trust her but you’re my day 1. Faysal – my plan is to stick with the alliance. I think we’re solid but everyone is playing their own game. Bay joins them. She starts crying. Kaitlyn – its okay! Bayleigh – no its not, because literally no one in this house has seen crazy Bay. And then you bring her out and she’s here to stay.

1:50am – 1:55am Lounge room. You think I am just going to forgive you for putting me on the block? In all actuality you put me on the block regardless if I am safe or not, if I’m a pawn or not. I am not just going to forgive you. I am going to put your a## on the block. I am going to put the bros in together and let them battle it out. They got me so messed up! Like try me?! And all because I am friends with Swaggy? That’s cute! You got me all messed up and I am taking all your friends. How you like this princess now!?

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What are JC and Tyler talking about? Brett has what?


The App Store advantage. JC is telling Tyler that Brett has it. We don’t know who has it though. Nobody said they had it since the feeds came on. All the HGs knew when they feeds went live but none have claimed it. It’s possible that it is Sam since she didn’t have non-robot time tonight to be able to speak to the Cameras.
Faysal got the punishment. He has to eat vegan ham for the rest of the week.


So Haleigh just basically admitted to lying in her cameo about working on the farm, and said she was embarrassed that “they” had her brushing horses and feeding cows.


All to typecast the stereotypical roles.

Like Literally

“Like Literally” is going to be the death of me this season.


When the feeds started the houseguests were trying to figure out who received a power from the BB App Store. While the recipient of the reward was not yet revealed to the live feeders, it was revealed that Faysal received a punishment from it. JC is telling others that Brett won the Special Power but Brett hasn’t said yet if he has.


Steve you are 40. You don’t have to try and fake act younger to stay in house. Chill dude.

We need to get Steve and Sam through this week or I’m telling you this is going straight BB15 haha. I know you all think I’m crazy, but listen to them when they drink. Vulgar as 15. And think they “cool kids” vs. The other side. Have not seen racism yet, but It wouldn’t surprise me with these fools. JC is funny at times, but he could end up hated on the outside. Just crude af.

I still have hopes for Angela and hoping she actually sees that the Winston and Brett led alliance is suicide to be in. Fessy and Kaitlyn’s alliance is better.


Except Kaitlyn wants Angela out, stat


Or Winston


Dawg/Simon? Can we get the feeds here in Canada ?? now? (Without hassle?)

Kandice Nagel

Yes and BB After Dark? I can’t find it in the listings???


You need a VPN so you can set your ip address to a US zipcode and I think there are a couple prepaid cards you can use to do it. If you check the spoilers link at the top of the page, there were instructions on how to get the feeds outside the US.


Dawg’s had success with a VPN + paypal account all US
I’ve had success with a prepaid American express.

there’s also this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/8ummj4/


Half brows schtick is already getting old and it’s only day 2. Hopefully we don’t see a repeat of the nonsense from last year.


Angela is already Top 5 smoke show of all time BB.

I seriously can concentrate on zero else when she is in room. She may have to go.


I feel bad for Sam. She can’t really play the game well as a robot. SHe can’t move around easily, people can’t look her in the eye.
TBH she is not my favorite character, but I still feel bad for her and find her punishment unequal to KC’s.


Of course they stick the hick white chick with the ridiculous punishment and “the other” with hardly a smack on the hand. That’s the CBS social justice execs at work….