Big Brother 20 FEEDS are LIVE! Winston – “I blew Kaitlyn’s cover”

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10pm The live feeds go live..
HOH room – Rockstar, Faysal, Bay, Haleigh chatting.

Storage room – Steve, Winston and Brett. Steve tells them about how the girls. How the girls were getting into a fight or were upset.

There’s an announcement and Faysal goes to the front door to get a package. A Hamazon Swine delivery. (Its a punishment that Faysal received.) The others say this is going to go all night. Faysal brings it to the kitchen table. JC jumps on the table to see what it is. Faysal opens it up. JC says its ham again. Faysal eats it.

Bedroom – Winston tells Brett about how he caught Kaitlyn listening at the door so he walked up and smacked the hell out of that door. Brett she does it all the time. She’ll walk in and be like what’s going on?? Winston – then she got flushed and angry. It was their team and our team outside. It was me, JC and Angela. I said what are ya’ll doing ..sitting there whispering? I said that. It was Steven sitting there, Faysal, Rockstar, … it was all of them in there.

10:20pm Bedroom – Winston & Rachel. Winston – I blew Kaitlyn’s cover just about 10 minutes ago. Rachel – what happened? Winston – Oh… its going to get ugly! So its me, JC and Angela talking and I see feet by the HOH door and I’m standing there.. and so I’m going to run up and smack that door and keep running. And then I just did it. Someone was like this (ear to the door). So I just ran up and went POW!! And then the door opens and its Kaitlyn. She was blood red! And I said what are ya’ll doing?! Big Brother switches the feeds to the HOH room.

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10:45pm In the bathroom – Winston and Brett.
Winston – when I was in here with Swaggy and he was like how do you feel? I said I feel awful! I want him to think I’m weak. Brett – I know you guys wanted to pump him and make him feel real good about it. The problem with doing that is if you sell it enough people will start buying it. You say it enough people will start drinking the Koolaid. Winston – you’re right. You’re right! Brett – its fine if you want to do it but not to push it. Winston – I feel a bit bad about Kaitlyn. Brett – don’t. You can’t play both sides of the line like that. Winston – I want to confront her in the havenot room. Brett – don’t ..just let the paranoia eat her. We need to distance ourselves from Kaycee too. We have been way too lax..

11pm Kitchen – Winston talks to Kaitlyn about when he smacked the door with her on the other side. Winston – you were acting suspicious. Kaitlyn – you were acting suspicious my friend. If anyone was it was you. Kaitlyn – I was there talking to Haleigh. Like this. Winston – BS! Kaitlyn – who screamed? Winston – well I did. You’ve done it to us a million times. Kaitlyn – done what? Winston – bust in …you two talk?!

11:06pm The house guests got 2 bottles of wine and 6 beer.

11:10pm Bedroom – Winston and Brett. Winston – if Tyler puts up Bayleigh and swears to Swaggy and them .. I’m just putting her up to fill the spot. You watch, I’ll tell the house how to vote. Everyone will vote Sam out. It disguises him. In a way to where he knows .. Swaggy knows he is following through with his word. Winston – we need JC and Scottie’s vote. And I can’t trust JC. We need eight votes. We have our five. We need Scottie, JC, .. who’s the eighth? We ain’t got it man. We only have 7 and two of those are maybes.

11:40pm Tyler walks Sam (the robot) hand in hand to the storage room to put her to bed. She says goodnight. He pushes her in and leaves.

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I feel so bad for Sam… I hope she gets the perks from the voting


so… looks like current plan is to vote out sam with potential for backdoor of bayleigh or kaitlyn? doesn’t look like the votes are there to protect sam.

Swaggy P

My early favorites, probably totally based on looks, are Angela
Hayleigh. And the dudes, Skottie and Faysal.

Skottie because he’s the typecast nerd underdog. I can see him making it at least to final five based on smarts and athleticism.

Faysal is a meat shield. And Plug Hayleigh in there. Angela will probably go first out of my picks.

I haven’t had a chance to see any After Dark Videos or anything because they no longer carry it on TV here in Canada, so can’t really be the best judge in character outside of the weekly show.
What do you guys think?