Jack “I don’t want you to go home. Moving forward & your safety is absolute to me for weeks to come.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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12pm Backyard. Nicole and Cliff. Nicole – isn’t it weird the last time were out here we we’re like only 2 of the five of us are going to be left. Cliff – and it didn’t go the way I expected but it worked out. We need to talk later and see because I don’t want to make any decisions with out consulting what works for both of us. Nicole – okay, I appreciate that. Cliff – we can’t do this alone and there are different ways to consider. Nicole – I’ve been going through all the different scenarios in my head. Cliff – I have too. No one likes Bella. Nicole – I know.. so toxic! Cliff – its a sinking ship. And it comes down to do I try to force down one vote using her and then flip back the other way or do I just say screw it and go ahead and jump ship right now see if that buys us some faith. Nicole – have you talked to Jess at all? Cliff – no, I like Jess but I respect your opinion more than hers. I also feel like Jess could go back and forth and I know you’re getting pressure from the other side too but I trust whatever we say.. Nicole – I didn’t even give them an answer. They were like if Bella goes up what are you going to do. I said I didn’t know and then I walked out… so I don’t think they’re very happy with me. Cliff – and it probably is true that you and Jess could be the deciders on how it goes. You’ve got to play your own game. Before I make my call its better if I know what you’re going to do so it makes it easier to decide. So I don’t make any promises to Christie or not. Nicole – did Christie say if she is using it or not? Cliff – she doesn’t know .. that’s what the conversation was about last night. She maybe wouldn’t use it but she is getting a lot of pressure. I obviously don’t want her to use it but I think she is going to use it. If she hadn’t told everybody (about her power) then there would have been a lot better chance it wasn’t used. If she didn’t use it she would get a lot of hate from people and I don’t think she handles people being upset with her well and that makes me thing there is a better than even chance that she is going to use it. I just hope that she doesn’t use it and we can get the votes to get Jack out. If she uses it and Bella goes up .. that’s where it comes to you and Jess. Nicole – Kat would likely vote Bella out.. me and Jess would likely vote Jack out. Cliff – if Kat’s not with us .. that’s not enough. We’re screwed. Nicole – did she (Christie) speak to you about her dream team? Cliff – yeah, I love that but we have to get there. You would have to get rid of people in this game that are powerful to get to the dream team and I don’t know how you would do that. Cliff – the other option is to just backdoor Bella and tell Christie don’t use the power because I’m going to put up Bella instead. Jump ship and use that to get some protection for us. They will target Nick next week but then after that I am afraid we are.. Nicole – if you take away Bella.. I am afraid Nick and Sam would just fall into the cracks. Cliff – I think Sam comes in above us ..Nick could be a villain but as tight as he and Christie are he might not. I am willing to take some risk here and there. We will talk more. Final 2 I still feel comfortable with you. Nicole – same. I support you and will stay on your side no matter what you do. Tommy joins them. They talk about Cliff’s and Nicole’s jobs.

12:17pm Backyard. Sis, Nick and Bella. Sis – what’s the date today? Nick – the 21st. Okay that means I should be getting my period soon. Nick – oh that’s right I forgot you said you hadn’t gotten it yet. Sis – I need to. Nick – yeah for sure that would be wild! (Because she said she didn’t use a condom when her and Jack had $ex) Sis – I don’t even want to think about it. I think I am getting it because my b**bs feel weird and my face is breaking out. Nick – okay, you should be fine. Don’t even speak that sh*t into it.

Kitchen. Cliff, Christie, Jess and Kat. Cliff – at the end of the day there are four of us here and we all have our own objective and what we want to happen in this game. And there’s got to be some way to get all four objectives matched up. Christie – yeah 100% I agree with that.

Jackson, Nick, Bella, Sis are talking about relationships. Jackson tells them what his type is. Eye’s are his top priority. Sis – that’s a weird way to put it. He says that he thought he was into gym girls. He says there was one that was crazy that he stayed with for a year and four months. Nick – you lasted that long?! Jackson – I will put up with a lot. Nick – yeah you’re just a nice guy. Jackson – I will try and try and try until I reach my breaking point .. my breaking point was when I was wrongfully.. (domestic violence) Nick – oh that was that girl? Jackson – yup.

1pm Boat room. Kat, Chrsitie and Jess. Christie – I spoke to Sam this morning and I put my ear to every door and I’ve just been hearing that Bella wants me out and then someone else had come to me and also said it. So I kind of tried to setup Sam today by saying I don’t expect you to give her up because I know that she is your ally in this game. I don’t want you to think I am stupid and I know Bella is coming after me. He straight up admitted it and he said you’re right and she is loud about it. It is confirmed that Bella wants to come for me. Bella is a reckless player in this game and I am sick and tired of her coming between people. And anyone that associates themselves with Bella gets dragged down. Sis opens the door asking for something. Christie – I’m just filling them in on my hatred for Bella. Well not hated, that’s a strong word. Christie to Kat and Jess – I talked to Cliff a lot and I told him that I make a lot of decisions based on who is toxic and I know that might not be benefiting me personally but in this case it is because she is coming after me. I watch her spread her negativity around the whole house. She is a dangerous player. Maybe not competitions she’s winning but she is the type to come between people and break up friendships and bring people down with her. I’ve seen her do it on three occasions. She did it with Kemi, she did it with Nicole and now she is trying to do it with me. And she is doing it with you guys. We basically agreed that she cannot go to jury. She does not deserve to got to jury. She is not a nice person. Jack joins them. Christie goes into the conversation she had with Cliff yesterday . Jess – you don’t have to convince me and I am not just saying this because Jack is here. Jess – I don’t want to vote for someone who is playing the game completely against all my morals. Christie – I cannot play this game with her and she cannot go to jury. Jess – I completely agree that Bella shouldn’t go to jury. Christie says we can talk about it, I don’t have to decide until tomorrow morning. Christie leaves. Kat to Jack – I am not trying to put a target on your back but ..I really do think that you are a BB legend in the making. I want you to f**k sh*t up. Jack – I hope I continue to be okay. Its going to be a fight to the end for me.

1:30pm – 2:05pm HOH room. Cliff & Tommy. Cliff – I am willing to look at other options. Jack joins them. Cliff – I am not going to sit up here and say that it was a plan to backdoor Bella this whole time. I was worried about the numbers and felt like it was a shot across the bow when I got sent out. I don’t pussy foot around. I face a problem face to face. I also didn’t want to do a Sis and Holly because it wasn’t a manly thing to do. I rolled the dice and came up short but that’s okay. I willing to deal with that which I created. I think you are a huge mental and physical player. I have no love for Nick and Bella. Bella has killed Nick’s game as well. We’ve never said alliance it was a relationship of convenience. If Bella has to get cut loose this week I am fine with that. I told Christie she can save her power and I would backdoor Bella. I am worried about you and Michie both and our relationship going forward. Jack – I am a man of not many words. I feel like we do get along. I agree with your decision and I respect it from the beginning to the end. To be honest the way the veto went, I probably should go home. Bella has been a common denominator in a lot of peoples demise. I really respect the play you’re making and I respect how you express your feelings and how you plan to hold your word. Cliff – and I would never.. there are somethings I would never do in this game. Jack – I don’t want you to go home. Moving forward and your safety is absolute to me for weeks to come. You’ve proved your brass and I’ve enjoyed watching you. Cliff – when I give my word and I tell Christie we are doing this .. because there are many ways I could probably turn around and screw people over .. but I am just not going to do that. That’s just not me. Jack – you have my word. Tommy – same. Our plan was to always get to the 8 and then battle it out. Christie joins them. Cliff – I would like to tell Sam ahead of time and I will tell him that I am convinced you’re going to use your power. Christie – he is smart and won’t take it personal. Cliff – I’m not making any decisions yet.. I want to talk to Jess and Kat. Jackson joins them. Jackson explains how he has the utmost respect for Cliff. Cliff – I did put the both of you up.. does that make me a target moving forward? Jackson – if you’re willing to up Bella up and not have Christie use her power.. I say we break even and say we’re square. The best way to work together is to make it look like we’re not. Cliff – but you can’t keep putting me up. Jackson – I don’t have any intentions of putting you up on the block. Not as a target or a pawn. Cliff – I am just looking for the next few weeks.

Cliff and Nicole. Cliff – if Bella is up there either way .. its a done deal. It creates a little more risk for us because the power is still out there but with doing this I would gain some trust. And next week I can’t even play for the HOH. Nicole – this next one is mine.

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Nice Sis pic Dawg …


Seems we may have a Bayleigh situation with her…hopefully she was smarter and at least used plan b…well we may have a Jack Jr.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

How could you lay with either Jack without a hazmat suit? Lord only knows where they’ve been. Eww.


WHY would you lay with Anyone in that house and on live feeds???

An ornery mouse

Sis pic caption: “And I’ve been using these to get my way since puberty.”


Only when guys are stupid. Oh never mind…..lol when aren’t they stupid?


Unbelievable…I take back my sweetheart remark about her. Ya just don’t have unprotected sex with someone you know nothing about and have known for a few weeks. I hate when people get to morally preaching…and I don’t mean to…just wanted to back up why I’m takin back my sweetheart remark and now think she’s dirty. lol

An ornery mouse

Well, I grew up in a religious family….. and my pastor always said that it’s perfectly OK to have unprotected sex with a stranger you’ve just met as long as it’s on TV.




remember she said she doesnt hook up with guys . she just hangs out with them . she must be confused that hanging out means jumping on the first D that shows her some attention. she can do what she wants, i dint care. she cant make a statement that is the exact opposite of what she spews


In college…there was this chick who hooked up with everyoneeeee. Anyways…the day after…she would always say, “Oh I just went to so and so’s dorm, watched a movie, and we ate some chips.” We all used to laugh and would say “We just ate some chips,” whenever we were referring to sex.


Did Christie have a conversation with Cliff?


No way in hell this isn’t the Powers That Be orchestrating this abrupt Cliff change.

Makes me feel nauseous production would take what would’ve been a great week (AND presumably really helped their ratings) throw it out the door to appease their pre-show pets. Read: who Robyn Kass told during casting she’d help get to the end of game with a good chance of winning.

When things like this happen it only serves to make live feeders (who SEE EVERYTHING) feel like this show has turned into a casted & plot driven show.

Last season was highly enjoyable & perhaps b/c it was I didn’t see TPTB’s puppetry as much but this season especially with today’s events it akin to the bullet hole in the wall behind Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta in Pulp Fiction prior to the gun being fired!

J e t s jets jets jets

Couldn’t find the article. Do you have a link?


I’m trying to decide if Cliff is just playing the Six Shooters to get Christie not to use her power. It would be a smart move. Then he gets out Jack, shifts the power.

My Two Cents

“Kat to Jack – I am not trying to put a target on your back but ..I really do think that you are a BB legend in the making.” WTH?! Only if there’s a category for Legendary Douchebag!!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL Legendary D-Bag is a broad category in BB.


yeah… i worried cliff would not be smart enough to see that getting christie to burn her power is the bare minimum he must accomplish this week. bella can go home, but only if christie uses her power. otherwise one of the six needs to go and christie (because she has a power) should be at the top of that list.


Someone needs to stoke Christie’s paranoia and tell her that her badmouthing Jackson has gotten back to him and he’s mentioned re-noming Christie once she uses her power. This will convince her not to use it; Jackson takes himself off, Cliff re-noms Sis or Holly, and Jack eventually goes home on Thursday.

Franks fumes

Grodner’s monkeys want to punish us with both Jackhole and Crusty all season…..


No Cliff, no! Don’t drink the Kool Aid! Convince Christy NOT to use it and backdoor her!


Sounds great, but she would most likely NOT leave, Cliff would be public enemy #1…..Chrusty would b out for blood…..most likely Cliff would b out next but if it’s the wall comp, Nicole has a good chance to win. As annoying as Chrusty and little Tommy are, their social game is on point, everyone likes them ! I find them more dangerous than the Jackholes right now

Big Brother Fanatic

CLiff is going to puss out and put up Bella, why do these people not see if they band together they can get out some of the 6, it is not like the 6 is a secret, they repeatedly tell people about the alliance. WHY?????



Allies Mom

Oh man. Cliff sounds serious about keeping the 6 safe. The game would be so much better if a major one from there went home this week. Darn.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I can’t with these morons. Christie is apparently God Almighty, sitting in the throne to determine who is good and evil, deserving and not deserving to be in jury (eye roll). Jess… just shut up. Jack a man of few words? No Tyler was a man of few words. You are loud and obnoxious.


so is CLIFF now wanting to get rid of Bella over one of the six ? he needs to assure Christie he will put up Bella And then Put her (CHRISTIE) up ! THAT IS HOW YOU PLAY BB . PEOPLE .