“I keep the power all 6 of us stay and all we have to do is not put him up for 2 weeks, I feel like it’s a win”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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10:27 am wake up
Sam says he did his last night at 1 am it was really quick

10:35 am Bella and Sam
Sam – they all hang out with Jack and Michie and they are like ohh you are hanging out with them too much
Sam – Ohh I’m sorry it’s so weird (Yup it is)
Sam – I’m going to go shower

10:52 am Tommy and Holly
(Talking about what goes up “online” and Holly banging Jackson)
Tommy says there are videos of other people online
Tommy and Holly have both never watched any live feeds so they are basically totally unprepared

10:56 am Christie, Jack, Holly, Tommy

Christie – so basically .. I was just freaking out because Nicole came out to me. I thought for sure we would have 6 votes .. Including Nicole and kat .. Kat to seems to be on board.
Christie – I didn’t want to rely on Kat at that last final hour I know she’s close to Cliff and her and Jess have been saying all week that they are supporting Cliff

Christie – Nicole pulled me aside and basically said she feels like she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place because her heart and her morale and her soul and what she stands for is telling her to get out Bella but if she counts numbers is feels like she owes us the world in this game she’s indebted to us.

Christie – She’s not comfortable keeping jack even though she wants Bella gone. So I go into pure panic mode
Christie – Sam was being annoying .. I just knew I had to have a million conversations and I wasn’t prepared for it.
Christie – then Jackson was, I feel like Jackson wasn’t understanding .. yeah it’s clear cut Bella is the target give him the power he’ll put Bella up for me. It wasn’t about the blood. If I did it and still didn’t have the votes that’s what I was terrified of.
Sis joins them

Christie – realistically he could still put me up or any of you guys ..
Christie – we had an hour and a half conversations (with Cliff) .. it was such a productive talk. He went through the reason we went with the two of them. He basically said in retro spec .. I’m not an idiot I know he’s only regretting it now because one of them one the power and he knows I’m using my power and they are both going to stay.
Jack – he was trying to fish out my power two.. people thought I had it
Christie – he said for his game at the moment he wanted to put up one of and one of them and it is a numbers game and regardless of how much he dislikes Bella and regardless of how much he’s threatened by that trio we six voted him out
Christie – in the moment how can I not put up 2 of you because that ensures that they’re coming after me now for choosing sides he said, to be honest, I had to go with the biggest great in the house and JAck to me is the biggest threat socially, mentally and physically.. he said he’s an animal
Christie – he said in retro speck I think it was a mistake because chances of one of them winning the veto and coming off was big
Christie – these perfect plans were pitched to me and I couldn’t go with them (LOL the perfect plans were shit shooter plans)
Christie – he said I wouldn’t be surprised if I went up next week and went home .. he’s scared right..

Christie – I was going through all the reasons to use my power.. and I said it’s not about protecting the six we were an 8 that fell apart. (Jack interrupts Exactly)

Christie – I said we’re super flexible with working with people and you weren’t our target our targets it was the two outta the 8 that scummed us over. (Not our target yet we all voted you out XOMG)

Christie – I said you were not going to go up on the block by any of us and you probably wouldn’t go on the block this week if any of us were in power (Probably)
Christie – it was an isolated issue that the six of us voted you out it was more like an F* you to them then it was we want him (Cliff) out
Christie – we were standing up for Nicole and quite honestly we were terrified of Ovi coming back (ZOMG … .i hope cliff puts her up)

Christie – and he believed all of that

Christie (retelling what she said to Cliff) – truthfully I’m probably going to use the power i’m just keeping you in the loop about it I don’t want you bamboozled you have my word I’ll let you know on Monday morning
Christie – he’s like .. you can tell he was just scared because he now knows the two of them will be back so he goes.. how close are you with Jack ..
Christie – he said Jackson wasn’t his target .. JAck is his target ..
Christie – he goes how close are you to jack and do you trust him with promises you make to me
Christie – he goes if you were promising me you won’t put me up and Jack stays this week can you guarantee he won’t put me up

Christie – I was like if you are cool with me using my power and encourage the girls to vote Bella out than yeah .. the fear is if I use my power Bella might still stay
Christie – he said no I have no problem if you can guarantee my safety from him (jack) I will convince the girls and I will give them my support
Christie – I said Jack’s not this scary guy he’s a f*ing mush he’s cried more than me

Christie – He goes I just feel bad you earned this power Like you earned this power and I would hate you use it on someone that isn’t yourself. he goes what if you didn’t use it and like I let you pick who goes up so I was like, to be honest, I don’t feel really comfortable with that because you might put one of my alliance members up .. I didn’t say alliance I said one of us 6.

Christie – he was like if you are comfortable with coming to Nick with me and breaking the news to him that you are going to use your power anyway and Bella is going to go home anyway and that she’s bad for his game and that has nothing to do with him I will put up Bella you can save your power. in exchange for you saving your power for two weeks none of you six can put me up for two weeks can you promise me two weeks of safety in exchange for ou keeping me safe for two weeks once it’s done and your power is gone like it’s a fresh slate you can stay with me or against me I just want more time in this game and realistically if you are going to use your power in this game any way I’m screwed it’s the least I can do I need protect two as long as you can break the news to me and Nick
Christie – it’ll be a 10 -2 vote or 9 -2 how many people … 8 -2 .. Nick and Sam will probably keep her. I keep the power all six of us stay and all we have to do is not put him up for 2 weeks. Like no backdoor either.
Christie – I feel like it’s a win he probably realizes too sh1t they are both staying I need protection and if he can buy two more weeks in this house that everyone hates smart f*ing move genius move
Christie – he said to me we’ll have each other’s back for 2 weeks he said I can’t play for the HOH but the following I can and I won’t put any of you up
Christie – if he knows we’re keeping him safe he’ll throw them (HOH)

Jessica joins them … the game talk ends.

11:03 am Bella and Sam
Bells is wondering if she should put on her lashes just in case “sh1t goes down today so I look pretty”
Sam – this might just be a little hiccup right now we might still be doing good.

Bella – Sam I really think there’s a 75% chance I’m going up
Sam is going to give Bella his families contact information in case she gets voted out this week.



11:14 am Christie walking around manifesting sh1t
Christie tells sam she’s 7 days late .. and 10 lbs heavier .. I don’t feel stressed I feel out of my element.
Sam – what time do you wake up on a workday
Christie – 9

11:16 am Cliffs banged up leg

11:36 am Pineapple with Gloves
Holly in the background telling Tommy and Sis she cannot understand why Kat is allowed to sleep but the rest of tehm arent’

11:44 am cam Sis and Tommy
Tommy – we have to win next week
Sis – we have to
Sis – who do you not feel comfortable with winning
Tommy says “the one with Christie right now”, Sam
Sis – he’ll never go against us
Tommy – we’ll see, there are so many people we have in our team that we couldn’t beat in the end
Tommy – you have to align yourself with a good amount of people you can beat and couldn’t beat (sis would be in the beat column)
Tommy – especially me and you because we are playing Similar games
Tommy says Christie is a beast
Sis – she’s amazing
Tommy – at the end you know … at the end, it’ll be a fight which I love. If there is too many BIG people there then like I just don’t see a chance
Sis – mmmhmmm .. I feel like people will only take me along because they know they can beat me in the end which is a shitty feeling

Tommy says the cot in the Have nots is great he’s sleeping fantastic. “I covered the pad in three blankets so it wasn’t noisy it muffled the sound.. I woke up once and then feel right back to sleep”

Bella joins them uses the outdoor shower.

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Oh my gosh, how are these people not annoyed with Christie going over her talk with Cliff ad nauseam. Either use your power or don’t, just please shut up. If Bella goes up because she uses her power, I hope they still vote Jack off, that’d be sweet. If Christie doesn’t use her power, I hope she goes on the block. Bring the drama!


she has to use the power to not go up. this should be obvious to everyone and the more she talks about it hopefully the more obvious it becomes to cliff to put her up if she’s dumb enough not to use it.

Franks fumes

Cliff is sharpening the long knives…..


It’s hilarious that Christie swore to Cliff on her sister several times that she would only speak to Jack and Tommy…and she has now told the entire house. impossible for her to shut her pie hole. Every sentence must include “to be honest and I Love ____ to death but…

Dalia Hobelman

They are all worried about Bella and Jack when the most dangerous is Christine and Tommy they are the best players and stratagest. It’s good flush out all these dumb powers let shit hit fan so we can see real raw game play.

My Two Cents

Nah. If Christie was such a great player, she’d have kept her big mouth shut when she won the DPOV.

Dalia Hobelman

With all due respect none of them keep dam mouth shut

Guy From Canada

This season I thought they can’t keep their legs shut…..


Hilarious…I busted out laughing at that comment!

Ovi's tongue

I’ve watched BB since the beginning and I can’t recall anyone being as much of a motormouth as Christie. If she isn’t sleeping she’s talking, yap yap yap. She talks so much and says so little.

Jan Nan

Some of these people calling themselves super fans, when they had never heard of the show prior to being cast is laughable.In my opinion A super fan is someone who has watched for years , know who the greats are ( not Christie) , and looks forward to their summer guilty pleasure, plus we know how to play the game. I wish CBS would give us one season with just fans of the show being cast, but I guess it’s too much to give the audience what they want.

Dalia Hobelman

Same with some of the people that comment on here telling what they think should happen I’ve been watching twenty years

Jan Nan

Same. Been a fan since season one

Guy From Canada

They did that for a BBCan season and it was lame…..maybe they did pick lame superfans though with Tim and Niki G….

Franks fumes

Cliff is trying to pull off some major gaslighting double ninja sh1t (I hope)……if he gets Crusty to not use her power and puts her up when Jackjaw takes himself down and sends her and her power out the door…….it will be a move for the ages……not to mention her magnificent meltdown all week…..


Hmm — Cliff spoke to Nicole this morning and my original thoughts that he was playing Christie at least based on this conversation seem like they might have been wishful thinking on my part. It could be a situation where he’s feeling out Nicole since so many people are telling him she’s in tight with the 6S. They discussed if Christie didn’t use DPOV if he should put up Bella or “jump ship” & how it would behoove Christie to keep her DPOV to use for herself. Again, I’m not sure if Cliff is just feeling out Nicole but knowing he wants to work with Nicole it sure seems like he’s leaning toward putting up Bella.

Cliff confirms he KNOWS Kat is NOT with them so that assessment was accurate. And when they count votes they assume only Nicole, Jess, Nick & Sam would vote to keep Bella so Jack would stay in that event (based on not being able to rely on Kat obviously). That said, I still lean toward Cliff putting up Tommy or one of the 6S females if Christie doesn’t use her power. Hopefully he’ll talk to Sam and/or Nick today and they’ll get him to recognize the opportunity to put up/take out Christie if she doesn’t use the DPOV b/c that’s just an opportunity you can’t ignore. Conversely, at worst I would hope the guys can get Cliff back to recognizing how important it is (if Cliff does the renom) to put up one of the six.

I have to say it does feel this abrupt shift by Cliff sure feels like TPTB got involved (full on Kraken mode here) especially since his focus all week has been to take out one of the six. (BRUTAL). If I’m Cliff (& he’s being PUSHED by production) I tell Christie – look I trust you and Tommy but I don’t know if I can trust the others to not put me up and the worst part is then the other side will also feel they can’t trust me, perhaps it’s best if you use your power and do what you want with the renom – then at least you’ll get credit for taking out Bella & for protecting Jack. At least that way he flushes the DPOV, meets TPTB’s desires & doesn’t piss off the underdogs.

Btw, if TPTB happen to read the BB blogs/website if you’re going to interfere than tell Christie NOT to use her DPOV & pull in Cliff & tell him to put her (or one of the 6S up). That is what the majority of fans want!

Meanwhile, Christie (I’m inserting the biggest EYE ROLL here) is telling anyone who’ll listen how SHE is entirely responsible for getting Cliff to cave & how SHE is saving the 6S. Her “story” has taken on so many different iterations I can’t keep track. Suffice to say I’ve gone from thinking how great this week has been/was going to be to the complete180 of TPTB ruining the POTENTIAL to save the season.


Thanks Simon,

I used to write a daily update & cover strategy on another site, but decided to switch over here b/c I like the interaction with other fans & of course (let me insert most overused word of BB21) … I LOVE the KRAKEN which honestly should be only time/word we can associate love with this season lol


Cliff needs to speak up. Need to know his feelings about his convo with Christie and whether he was sincere or blowing smoke up her ass. I think he is smart enough to not listen to her and stick to getting Jack out.

Franks fumes

I wish Cliff would give us an edition of “Cliff notes” so we wouldn’t have to guess….he’s in the HOH maybe Crusty can’t eavesdrop lol.


Why do people get sidetracked from what they wanted to do when they first become HOH? I had high hopes Cliff would stick to his plan to get one of the 6 out. He can still do it if Christie doesn’t use her power, put her up!!! HAHAHA I know it puts a target on Cliff’s back, but maybe not once these people realize its actually GOOD to get a strong player out. I would love to see Christie on the block next to Jack. Hmmmm who would get voted out? Maybe Christie since she still has a power and playing extra hard.


Cliff has a target on his back already and he knows it. He is not afraid to put Crusty up.


He got voted out, if he doesn’t think he has a target then he’s even worse than FOUTTE.

My Two Cents

Damn it, Cliff! I had such high hopes for this week. Why the hell are you agreeing to leave the six alone?!?

another name

a typical morning in the big brother house:
“Hi Christie.” Christie spends the rest of the day telling people you think she’s a drug addict. She cries and she howls and says she fears for her life.
“Good morning Bella.” Bella spends the next week telling everyone you plan to kill everyone in their sleep because you’re crazy and you have 22 alliances in the house.
“How’d you sleep, SIs” she doesn’t answer. busy washing sheets.
“How are you feeling today, Tommy?” He doesn’t say much, but right before After Dark he’ll cartwheel in front of you and tell you just how SUPER his day has been as he does jazz hands while not looking you in the eye, but searching for a camera to smile into.
“morning Jessica.” for the next 45 minutes you get to hear about the nonsensical world where nothing makes sense, she ends with she just doesn’t know what’s going on.

Franks fumes

Tommy is the worst……


Crusty tried to convince Kat and Jess that the 6 was never a thing….. when Kat had to keep reminding the 6 that it supposed to be a 7 but they keep forgetting her. Can’t believe how stupid the 6 are. So horrible at BB game play and BB lying…… smh… hope Kat is solid with the expendables and won’t matter what Crusty does as a 6 will be gon if they stay solid0


Can the people who summarize this please stop posting their own opinion in the summaries?

My Two Cents

Um…well you could always go read summaries elsewhere. I, for one, get tickled at the stuff in parenthesis, as it usually lines up perfectly with what I’m thinking myself. Maybe you could pretend you don’t see them? Just sayin….


I see this site as much more interactive than a basic summary of the events. I think that why most people come to OBB as opposed to other sites. We like to voice our opinions and Simon and Dawg start off posting some of theirs in the actual summary.


I “LOVE” the (opinions) of Simon and Dawg. This year, they are one of the reasons I can tolerate reading the summaries! Keep up the great work guys! I’ve left one donation and will leave more next payday!


Are you for real?!? Maybe you should spend 24/7 watching the feeds at the expense of your own time away from family, friends and other enjoyments and not include some opinion… give it a try and let us know how it works out for you.

Dawg and Simon I love what you do. There’s a reason so many people visit your site!

Allies Mom

The notes from today sum up Jess’s entire involvement in BB: “Jess walks into the room and the conversation ends.”


Furniture in the BB house: lamp, table, round sofa, Holly, Anal, and Jessica